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Coorg The Paradise: Great Way To Experience It Via Homestay Mysore is tantamount as the 'Cultural centre of Karnataka'. So visitors' can go down the lane visiting historical palaces, colonnades, museums and temples. In fact, Mysore has so much to see that travellers’ can happily look forward to explore something or the other on their way out. Coorg (Kodagu) is a rocky district situated in the south of India, known for its striking backdrop and friendly people. Dotingly called the ‘Scotland of the East’, the region of Coorg lies in the South of Karnataka. With its lush green flora and fauna, Coorg is a paradise for the people who love to be with nature. The forested slopes, antiquated villages, colorful scenery and rippling landscape have riveted sightseers until today. If you wake up early in the morning by the aroma of coffee then don’t be surprise as Coorg is the place where coffee plantation is the maximum. So as Mysore is an ideal tourist destination, there are many guest houses, hotels catering to all budgets, resorts and the interesting Homestays that has become the active part of Mysore. Homestays were more predominant in mountain regions. However homestays are now an integral part of cities and towns and have made place for themselves. If holidaying at Mysore, deciding to reside in a Coorg Homestay would be a worthy decision as it would undeniably enhance the gratification, zest and nostalgias of being stayed in this warm-natured city. The benefits of a homestay are that we get closer to the people and can savour their values, culture and traditions. Also it would be a great one time experience to taste the hot and simmering food straight from the house’s kitchen. Some of the Coorg homestays you can look forward is Homestay in Enchanting Forest of Madikeri, Independent Cottage in Chillipilli Homestay and many more like this. Holiday homes of late have become the popular choices of people going for travel. Holiday homes concept is a novel way where the host entertain the guest with all the basic facilities that a traveller tends to expect when on a holiday. Holiday homes can turn out to be completely a different and thrilling experience. In case of Coorg supposedly if the traveller who is from an urban area can get the crux of village life by arranging a holiday home in a quaint village. In this way holiday homes can provide a unique understanding of the people’s mind-set and their way of living. Holiday homes can shed the inhibitions of being not social and end up discovering a new persona which can add charm to your personality. Indulge in a more creative and satiating holiday spree with your loved ones by reserving a ‘Homestay in Timeless Tranquility of Coorg. For more information visit us at:

Coorg the paradise  
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