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Speaking Feedback Report – Test 1 The idea of this feedback form is to show examples of where you performed well and examples of errors that you made. These are noticeable examples in your test, and written here to guide you on where you could make improvements. This feedback form does not show every example of good speech or every mistake.

Fluency and coherence Score: 8

Comment In Part 1 you answer the questions with excellent detail, in Part 2 you introduce your topic and clearly present your information and are able to explain your story with sufficient detail for the full 2 minutes. In Part 3 you answer the questions well and express your ideas very fluently. You have used some excellent phrases for presenting your ideas and connecting your ideas: I think I believe For example On the other hand That’s why That’s due to the fact that In this way Similarly Although these are great phrases I think you could try something a little more advanced and appropriate for your level (which may even raise your level in this category). See the attached files in your email.



Score: 7

Another strong area for you as you are able to use an excellent range of vocabulary as well as more advanced words/phrases: Concept or recycling Challenging Express that feeling A few months back

However, there are mistakes with plural/singular nouns: Number of doctor(s) Professional works Online stuffs Lot of thing(s)

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7 5 speaking 1  

7 5 speaking 1