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Speaking Feedback Form – Test 1 The idea of this feedback form is to show examples of where you performed well and examples of errors that you made. These are noticeable examples in your test, and written here to guide you on where you could make improvements. This feedback form does not show every example of good speech or every mistake.

Fluency and coherence Score 6

Comment In Part 1 you express your ideas clearly, and are happy to talk at length giving sufficient details to each question. You use one or two nice linking phrases: I hope… I think… …especially romantic novels. There are many popular (types of) food, such as dates… As I said… In Part 2 you lose some of your fluency as you use a lot of ‘er’ and repeat yourself. This doesn’t affect your score of 6, however, it prevents you from scoring a 7. In Part 3 your fluency returns to the same level as that in part 1, so overall I feel your score should remain as a 6. To raise your score to a confidant 7 in this section you need to include some more advanced structures in your part 3, such as: First of all I think people buy second-hand goods because… Another reason is… On the other hand… As a result, … This presents your ideas very clearly, and even if you make mistakes with grammar and vocabulary, the examiner can still understand your opinions. For further advice and guidance on this subject take a look at this link where you can read a document about this and listen to me answering part 3 questions. I would also recommend looking at the section on part 2 on the website as it gives some useful information on this topic, as well as vocabulary and grammar. There are also some extra topics that you could practice with and record yourself.

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6 speaking feedback form test 1  

6 speaking feedback form test 1