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Speaking Feedback Report – Test 2 The idea of this feedback form is to show examples of where you performed well and examples of errors that you made. These are noticeable examples in your test, and written here to guide you on where you could make improvements. This feedback form does not show every example of good speech or every mistake.

Fluency and coherence Score: 6

Comment Overall your responses to questions are excellent – plenty of detail and all answers are relevant. You use an excellent variety of linking phrases that link ideas or introduce ideas very clearly. Specifically in Part 2 you introduce your topic very well. In Part 3 you answer the complex questions well and your ideas are very clearly presented.

The phrases that you use well are: For example By that I mean – although you use this too many times Additionally …as well Firstly Secondly Moreover I think I have two reasons why I love these… One thing they should do… Not only……too

Unfortunately you make some mistakes: Accordings to the global warming (because of global warming) In orders to If you could ensure that you don’t repeat – by that I mean - more than twice, and make no mistakes with the other phrases we could move your score to 7. Please continue to speak at the same speed (or very slightly slower) as this is appropriate.



Score: 6

Again you have an excellent range of vocabulary. Although this wasn’t apparent in part 1, you presented an excellent range in part 3.

Transportation Present Fluently Consult Exhibition Foundation Communication skill Academic Insert Analyse Young generations Imitate Repetition Consume Knowledge

As before, the main problem in this section is the form of the word. Sometimes you should use a plural noun rather than a singular noun. Here are some noticeable mistakes from your test:

The tree(s) Numbers of car(s) Sometime(s) Communicate with my friend(s) easier easily Communication skill(s)

This section is a clear 6. In order to raise it to 7 you would need to have greater control over your noun forms to show that you have basic noun structure control.



Score: 5

This section is still causing you some problems as you make a lot of mistakes with simple grammar and sentence structure.

Here are just a few examples of what is consistent throughout your test:

I like about the surround (I like the surroundings) I thinks To the October? It’s rain(s) all the time Approximately 15 years (ago) I receive(d) (a) news mobile phone from my mother I do not have any time to (for) reading I try to that is about?? When my friend cames to my home The weather is like the humid…it seem(s) (to) make me I meet (met) him when he goes (went) to the exhibition hall

Last time I suggested you should record yourself doing other practice speaking tests, or maybe just record yourself talking about a subject. The first time you should speak normally. Then listen and see how many similar errors (from above) that you make.

I still recommend this process to try and improve your basic grammar problems. You should repeat the task and record yourself again. You may need to speak more slowly as you think about your accuracy. Then listen to see if you have made less errors. The idea is try to get you to focus on improving your basic sentence structure.

You should still think about trying to include complex structures in your recording as the more practice you get the better.

You have included a variety of complex grammar structures this time and used them accurately which is great. For example: If you talk about….. If you want to be a good presenter… I am a person who spends a lot of time… My friends told me that… As a person (who is) as affect(ed) (by) from the migraine(s)… You should still think about using these structures carefully and practice using them as they push your score higher. If these are used accurately, as well as accurate basic structures you could even move to 7 – however, there needs to be lots of variety and accuracy.



Score 4

As before, the most noticeable problem is your lack of ‘endings’ to your words, which is a common problem for people from your country. For example you say like but I hear li. Also you say pisent but the word is present, and you say tow and the word is town. There are many other examples. This causes problems as the listener or examiner has to concentrate very hard and there are several times during this test where I cannot understand you – this pulls your score down to 4.

There are also problems with the correct position of the stress on the word – sometimes you should stress the first syllable, sometimes later syllables. Here are some of the noticeable problem words:

Approximately Traffic jam Fashionable Secondary Since Additionally Fluently Academic

To help solve these individual word problems check this online dictionary and when you type in the word, you can not only find the definition, but also listen to the pronunciation.

As I mentioned in my first report, you need to choose a program from TV with native English speaker presenters (I recommend BBC as they are widely available and speak more slowly than CNN). You can choose short news video clips from their website. Alternatively, anything that you can record or download that has a native English speaker is worth using. Play back the news/video/recording slowly – approximately 5 seconds, and repeat what the presenter says, really focusing on the sounds of the words and the shape of your mouth and position of your tongue as you speak. You can repeat this several times until you think you sound the same.

Just do this for approximately 5 minutes everyday – you can use your mobile phone recording- while you are waiting for somebody/something. In this way you are using your wasted time in a useful way.

If you are able to practice this technique everyday for about 5 minutes, you should find that over a few weeks you will start to improve your pronunciation. But please remember, this process takes time and you will need to work at this every day in order to see any progress. Results won’t be immediate!

Overall score 5

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5 speaking feedback form test 2  

5 speaking feedback form test 2