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hen you travel with Center for Holy Lands Studies (CHLS), it’s not just a trip—it’s an experience! Not only will you get amazing photo ops to fill your scrapbook, you’ll also discover a deeper understanding of what was said in the Bible and what the authors meant by it. Every tour is hosted by a highly qualified tour guide, and a Bible teacher or ministry leader. Together, these guides bring the Bible to life right before your eyes as you visit authentic historical sites and explore them through the four-part CHLS approach: • Culture—Discover, in original context, how the culture and language of the biblical story are interwoven in ancient society and daily life. • History—Find out what was said and done, and what was meant by it, in the biblical and historical context. • Land—See geographic landscapes come to life, allowing the land to have its own narrative in Scripture and biblical story. It is as much a character itself as any person in the text.

• Spirit—Explore the common beliefs of the biblical time period, and how the spiritual climate impacts our understanding of the story. See how one traveler experienced Israel through this approach on page 6, and find out how CHLS can turn your trip into the faith-centered journey of a lifetime.

Jericho Road



It’s so much more than a trip— IT CHANGED MY LIFE


On Easter weekend, I stood on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem among olive trees nearly 1,600 years old in what is today called the Garden of Gethsemane. It may not be the exact spot of Jesus’ prayer, but it is close.



rom the Garden, I could walk a short distance through the valley, past the Temple Mount, and through the winding streets to the Holy Sepulchre, the likely spot of both the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. However, with the Easter crowds pushing around me, I wanted to quiet my spirit and think on those things the Lord went through in His final days and hours. I opened my Bible and studied the Scriptures in their historical context. It seemed as if the words were sprawled out in front of me. I tried to focus on the things Jesus may have seen and heard. I smelled the trees and the animals, heard the noise dying down from the temple just across the valley, and saw the light of cooking fires and oil lamps dotting the surrounding area. I imagined Jesus tasting the dust and feeling sweat roll from His forehead as He prayed so earnestly that the cup be removed from Him. The next day, I walked from Jerusalem, past the Holy Sepulchre, through the Garden of Gethsemane, and up to the top of the Mount of Olives. The climb up the Mount took me no more than twenty minutes. I looked toward the unpopulated Judean hills and realized that Jesus could have easily walked those few minutes up the Mount of Olives and escaped into the desert filled with caverns, hills, and caves. My realization that Easter weekend, standing on the Mount of Olives, was not only God’s sacrifice, but also the great human choice that existed in the framework of those hours. As I gazed at the cloudless blue sky, my spirit felt overwhelmed with joy knowing death was conquered. I was struck by the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice and devotion to God—and to the people loved by God. With His human will and the Spirit of the Holy One in Him, He chose not to run. He stayed, bringing us all hope through His death and resurrection.

Dear Traveler, I’m Amy, director for the Center for Holy Lands Studies (CHLS). Thank you for taking the time to look through this guide. I know a trip to biblical places is a big investment. However, the truth is I don’t think any of us are satisfied with a black–and–white, two-dimensional view of the Bible, nor Jesus for that matter. I felt this tension when I was nineteen years old. I picked up a catalog on studying in Israel, and my spirit leapt. For years, I kept it on my bedside table while its edges curled and its cover crinkled. It was my commitment to one day go and explore the Bible in the very places where its stories and events took place. Two years later, I found myself living in Israel and studying the Bible in its geographical, historical, cultural, and spiritual contexts. Experiences like the one detailed on the left started the journey of a lifetime. CHLS is here so you can also have the chance to explore the origins of your faith, live out that faith in the present, and pass it on to the next generation. In these pages, I hope you’ll find the information you need, and I pray you’ll hear the Spirit speak. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our office at 1-855-700-CHLS (2457).

Amy Flattery



ISRAEL Journeys of Faith Tour—11 Days SAMPLE ITINERARY Daily highlights from a tour participant:


01 Depart from the United States

Depart for Israel! I was so excited and a little nervous, but I couldn’t wait to experience the land of Israel where Jesus lived. I appreciated the pretrip resources CHLS sent, so I could read up and remember to pack everything.

Arrive in Israel! When the plane landed, everyone clapped! I loved that CHLS made sure we were warmly greeted after going through passport control. Time to collect our bags, head to the bus, and adjust to the time change.



Beersheva, Ein Avdat

02 Tel Aviv, Beersheva

Abraham, Sarah, and other Old Testament stories. I can’t believe I’m standing at the place where, essentially, belief in the One True God was spread from. Here, where the Israelites wandered, the land is so barren, but then all of a sudden, a waterfall!

David and Goliath, Samson, Joshua. I was amazed to see the size of an actual slingshot stone. It looked like a baseball. Standing in the valley that separated the two camps, I could imagine how David must have felt.




04 Lachish, Elah Valley, Beth Shemesh

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Since my trip, I read my Bible and can picture where things happened . . . I can see the landscape and can imagine what exactly took place. [The Bible] comes alive in my head when I read it. ~SHELBY KNOBELOCH, student

Herod’s port city. Even though it’s in ruins now, Herod’s palace was impressive. Near here Peter met with Cornelius; Elijah confronted Baal’s prophets; and I went to Caesarea, Mount Carmel, Nazareth, the town of Nazareth, Sea of Galilee Jesus. So much to take in. Turn the page to see our sample itinerary




ISRAEL continued...



Capernaum, Magdala, Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee. From seeing a first centurystyle home like Jesus would have lived in to hearing the waves during our nighttime boat ride, I feel like I’ve stepped back in time to when Jesus lived here.

I have been to Israel on three trips. The one with CHLS was so superior to the other two that I would never want to take a group back without planning it through them. ~SCOTT WILSON, Pastor The Oaks Fellowship

The Dead Sea! Amazing views from Herod’s Masada palace of the long trek Naomi and Ruth took, caves that hid both David and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and then the chance to ride a camel. Incredible!



07 Masada, Qumran, Dead Sea, En Gedi


08 Israel Museum, Bethlehem

Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Seeing where the shepherds might have gathered as well as the huge outdoor model of Jerusalem in Jesus’ time gave me an amazing visual of where He lived and taught.

Old Jerusalem. What a full day visiting the ruins of high priests’ mansions, praying at the Western Wall, and climbing the temple’s southern steps— as Jesus did—to hear about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that He promised.



Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane



Temple Mount, Western Wall in Jerusalem

Jesus’ final days. As I walked down to the Garden of Gethsemane, I realized just how quickly Jesus could have escaped to the caves and hills. Instead He chose to die for me and you!

Going home forever changed. Pictures taken. Notes captured. Souvenirs bought. Yet the real memories aren’t in my suitcase—they are in my heart. I leave forever transformed. I can’t wait to visit again!



Arrive back in the United States

To find the Israel tour that’s right for you, go to or call 1-855-700-CHLS (2457).


Already been to Israel? Visit


Journeys of Paul and the


DAY 01 | Depart from the United States. DAY 02 | Arrive in Athens. Overnight in Thessaloniki. DAY 03 | Thessaloniki. Overnight in Thessaloniki. • Sites include: palace complex of Galerius, St. Demetrius’s Church. • See one of the cities where Paul preached to the Jews and Greeks.

DAY 04 | Paul’s ministry. Overnight in Thessaloniki. • Sites include: Philippi, Acropolis, Paul’s prison cell, Neapolis. • In Philippi, Paul preached his first evangelical sermon and baptized the first Christians on European soil. Enjoy free time in the city after touring.

DAY 05 | Berea/Athens. Overnight in Athens. • Visit Berea, where Paul and Silas were sent after being accused of treason, followed by free time in Athens.




Library of Celsius Ephesus, Turkey

Early Church—13 Days



Acropolis Athens, Greece

DAYS 06–08 | Cruise to Mediterranean Islands. • Ephesus (in Turkey): Paul preached to the Ephesians as well as lived and worked here for a number of years. • Patmos: where the apostle John wrote the Book of Revelation. • Santorini: one of the most breathtaking views of the Greek Islands.



Temple of Apollo Athens, Greece

DAY 09 | Athens. Overnight in Athens. • Sites include: Acropolis, Corinth, Temple of Apollo, Parthenon, Mars Hill. • Walk where Paul walked and worked to establish a thriving church.


GREECE & ITALY continued...

DAY 10 | Rome. Overnight in Rome. • Sites include: Piazza Navona, Hadrian’s Villa, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps. • Visit the Pantheon, where ancient Romans worshipped.

DAY 11 | Early Church. Overnight in Rome. • Sites include: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Caesar’s Palace. • Explore ancient Rome where early believers lived and shared the gospel.



10 Pantheon Rome, Italy

The Bible is in 3-D now. We were told it would be, but I didn’t understand the impact it really would have. It added dimensions beyond what I imagined! ~COLBY SCWARTZ, Student

an m Ro m ru Fo



Colosseum Rome, Italy

DAY 12 | Vatican City. Overnight in Rome. • Sites include: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Catacombs. • Tour Vatican City, including the presumed location of Peter’s tomb.



Vatican City Rome, Italy

DAY 13 | Depart Italy and arrive back in the United States.


What others are saying . . . OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME “ I still get goosebumps when the bus squeaks to a stop at one of the sites. Whether it’s the Sea of Galilee or the Garden of Gethsemane, I’m hit by the magnitude of seeing the landscape Jesus saw and feeling the grit of dirt that seeped into His sandals. I love that people come from many different denominations, but we all have the common goal to see the Bible more clearly.“ ~DR. GEORGE O. WOOD

SPIRITUALLY REWARDING “ This was one of the most challenging experiences of my life, but also one of the most rewarding. I came away with a clearer understanding of who Jesus was and is. I also have a deeper appreciation of Judaism and the Jewish people.” ~CRAIG REESE

WORTH EVERY PENNY “ I’ve been to Israel twice, once with CHLS and once with another company. That trip was bargain priced and took us to the traditional sites, but it wasn’t nearly the experience of my CHLS trip. The cultural and historical context we explored truly made the Bible come alive, and the number of sites we visited in just a few days was amazing!” ~GENE CRAWFORD

I FELT SAFE THE WHOLE TIME “ To be honest, I was a little nervous about visiting Israel, but I felt safe the whole time. Both our guide and bus driver really made me feel at home.” ~EMILY ORR

BRINGS REALITY TO YOUR KID’S FAITH “ My daughter has always had a devotional life; however, since our CHLS trip together, she is devouring God’s Word. This trip revolutionized the way she reads, understands, and talks about His Word!” ~PAUL HINZMAN


Old City Jerusalem



You can experience

WANT US TO DO THE PLANNING? Whether you’re planning a trip for a small group or just for yourself, joining a scheduled trip is the option for you! Each of these trips is tailored to provide a unique perspective on the biblical and historical stories you’ll explore.

What perspective interests you? For pastors and leaders

For anyone

As One with Authority Tour

Journeys of Faith Tour (see pages 6–9)

Discipler’s Journey Tour



An unparalleled journey focusing on leadership lessons from the patriarchs and life and ministry of Jesus.

A biblical journey of faith in the footsteps of ancient Israel, Jesus, and the Early Church.


For youth, parents, and youth pastors

For women


For anyone

An exploration of the origins of biblical discipleship, following Jesus’ footsteps. For students, educators, and lay learners

Women’s Faith Journey Tour

Emmaus Experience Tour

Bible Lands Study Program



A focus on biblical women who exhibited extraordinary faith amid challenges and obstacles.

A rugged, adventurous encounter with the lands and history of the Bible.

ISRAEL/JORDAN or TURKEY/GREECE/ITALY An intense, comprehensive study and faith experience for the life-long learner. • 1-855-700-CHLS (2457)

the lands of the Bible WANT TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR GROUP TRIP? With a group of 30 or more, you have the option of customizing your trip! Each of these trips is designed by working with the Center for Holy Lands Studies to tailor the itinerary needs of your group or church.

Where do you want to go?




Embark on a pilgrimage in the footsteps of the patriarchs, judges, kings, and prophets as well as Jesus and the Early Church.

Discover how Greek culture impacted Paul’s witness and letters to the people in cities like Corinth and Athens.

Explore the foundations of the Early Church in places like Rome where Christians were martyred in the Colosseum and Paul was imprisoned.

Core Israel sites: • Jerusalem • Sea of Galilee • Mount of Beatitudes • Dead Sea • and more!

Core Greece sites: • Athens • Delphi • Corinth • Thebes • and more!

Core Italy sites: • Rome • Pompeii • Naples • Vatican City • and more!

Got a few more days? Choose one more of these additional countries and add it to your existing tour!

What we provide our groups • Customized Itinerary

• Program and Logistics Staff

• Guide and/or Teacher

• Promotional Materials

• Planning and Logistics

• Pretrip Materials

• Registration

• Free Trips*

Jordan • Turkey • Greece • Italy

*Special pricing options available to include free trips for every 5 or 10 paying participants.


What’s included in the COST? ITEMS COVERED • Flight (optional) • All scheduled itinerary activities • Hotel accommodations • All inland transportation • Two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) • All tips, including the guide, bus driver, and hotel staff • Overseas medical insurance • Pretrip packet of resources with packing and study helps

ITEMS NOT COVERED • Daily lunches and beverages (including bottled water, coffee, and other drinks) • Personal travel insurance – recommended • Any incidental personal expenses for snacks, souvenirs, shopping, etc. • Any travel expenses outside of the scheduled itinerary (such as flights/accommodations for additional personal travel days)


BeitMasada Shean ruins over looking the Dead Sea

READY to plan your trip? HOW TO JOIN A SCHEDULED TRIP For individuals and small groups 1. Find out what trips are coming up. Visit our website or call 1-855700-CHLS (2457) to speak with someone directly. 2. Explore trip details. Find the trip that interests you the most by looking through each trip’s overview (includes itinerary, accommodations, cost, and other important details). 3. Register for your trip! Contact us online or by phone to reserve your spot.


Plan now to secure your dates!

1. Pick a date or time of year. We can help make recommendations based on weather, pricing, and availability. 2. Select one or more destinations. Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, and/or Italy 3. Estimate your group size. A minimum group of thirty is required for planning a customized program. 4. Approve your group itinerary. Work with our team to create an itinerary and schedule that meets your group’s needs and expectations. 5. Finalize logistics and invite people to register. Contact our office to start the registration process. • 1-855-700-CHLS (2457) 19

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It is always a joy to watch participants have “aha moments” as they journey through the land of Israel. The Center for Holy Lands Studies gives personalized attention to each attendee, to ensure that they will have a memorable and very meaningful spiritual experience as they interact in the land of the Bible. Our trips are better experienced than explained. ~DOUG CLAY,

Damascus Gate overlooking Jerusalem.


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