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Its beginning to look like Christmas It has been a long year for many of us and for some time has flown right passed. There are many who did not make it to see this day and we pray for all the families that lost their loved ones. There are also very many who have made new friends, started new jobs or businesses, started dating and even gotten married all in the year 2010, now we wound down the yea and enter into a very special time and season…Christmas. For many, Christmas is a time when we take leave from work, go off on holiday, have family get together and receive presents. What we seem to forget is that Christmas represents a time when all mankind received the greatest gift of all. In the town of Bethlehem, in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes was the little baby Jesus, The Messiah. This little baby was born with one purpose in mind, to redeem humanity, by dying on the cross at Calvary.

Through this little baby, we are made whole, healed, we are set apart from our sins, forgiven and given eternal life. His life was a gift that truly kept giving. His life took care

of every area of our lives that looked anything unlike the way God intended it. Because of that Jesus we are all given a second chance and the opportunity to have a beautiful relationship with our

father in heaven. We are given eternal life. During Christmas, we ought to ask ourselves what we can give and not what we can receive. God loved the world so much that he already gave us the greatest gift of all, his son; we need to focus on what we can give to others and let them know and feel the love of God. An act of love and kindness can be all someone needs to let them know God is alive and that he cares for them, it could be the difference between faith and doubt. It’s beginning to look allot like Christmas not because schools are closed, and we can go off Christmas shopping but because we brought some love to someone who really needed it, because you brought the light of God and shined it on someone who was in a dark place. It’s beginning to look like Christmas because of Christ, not presents.

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Inside this issue:

Live stream Not everyone is able to make it to church every Sunday and we understand that. We have created a page on our website, where we live stream Church every Sunday from Jubilee Christian Church in Parklands with Bishop Allan

Kiuna. For the ladies we also have something special for you, we will be live streaming the Daughters of Zion meeting with rev. Kathy Kiuna every last Saturday of the month.

Pastor Kathy aims to raise the standard amongst women. Here you will be able to hear what god has to say about you as a woman, about marriage and being all the woman God created you to be.



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Harusi Magazine


Talking spouses


House of Décor Kenya


Its beginning to look like Christmas

Free Advertising this Christmas The site is finally competed, and with all their products and services. As a service the various changes and suggestions that provider in the wedding industry you can you sent in. We are very appreciative for now enjoy our great December offer. your continued love and support throughThrough the month of December we will out the year. With your help we finally got be offering free advertising. the site where we want it , We would like to welcome and will keep developing anyone who is interested in as we go along. “Through the month of taking up this great offer to As you will notice as you contact us and we will tell December we will be offering browse through each page you what we require for FREE advertising.� on the site, we have creyou to enjoy the great offer. ated great room for service providers to advertise We mentioned that Christ-

mas time is a time to give not just receive and this is our gift to all those who work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure many couples out there have their dream wedding. Please contact us via email :

Music There are various genres of music out in the world and each one with an audience of its own. Today Gospel music comes in all sorts of rhythms and styles. If you like reggae beat, you can find the likes of Chevelle Franklyn, if you like that alls o rich Nigerian style, there is the likes of Uche, if you like the sounds of praise and worship from right here in Kenya, we have Jimmy Gaits and many more at the all at the click of a mouse.

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We have created a music page where was have chosen to share, showcase and promote gospel music from all over the world and especially right here in Kenya. we would like to invite you the browser and the musician to share your favorite gospel music videos with us no matter where you are in the world

Issue 2

Harusi Magazine God has been so good to us and connected us with all the people we needed to bring you the Harusi magazine. This magazine is aimed at the youth, the single ladies and guys. Whether you are in high school collage in college working, if you are young and single this is for you. We talk about relationships from a biblical perspective as we understand that God made us man and woman and if anyone knows how relationships work he does. We also go into talking cars with Karuoro Waithaka, we look into the latest boy toys and girl products in the market and we get into fashion with Jaffar Jackson. We believe in giving your young people a

chance to have their share of the lime light, so we are looking for young people to be our cover stars and for various young entrepreneurs to feature in our one on one interview sections and even the bachelor and bachelorette of the month as you select them. Harusi is an online magazine and is available to anyone anywhere in the world. If you feel you want to showcase your fashion works as a designer or you could be on the cover contact us. You could be our next cover girl or guy and your works could be featured in our next snap booth. Contact us via email:

Talking Spouses We would like to introduce to friends, children and you talking Spouses, a new any other people we Harusi TV Program that will be relate to on a day to “We are asking our members starting very soon. We underday basis. and friends to send in their stand that people need people The show is a combiquestions about relationships” and that human beings are nation of various relational creatures, as a result things, as we talk we have put together a ten min relationships we also internet TV show that allows us to talk relationships, talking spouses is discuss Homes and décor, we talk about not just about you and your spouse but eating out and visit some of the great you and everyone else in your life, from restaurants in town along with other fun the office to the gym. It all about family, spots and activities’ that there are out

there. We are asking our members and friends to send in their questions about relationships, that they would like us to discuss along with their favorite restaurants, fun spots or getaways and even pictures.

House of Décor Kenya We could also like to introduce to you House of Décor Kenya. This is an online magazine all about turning your home into a heaven. The magazine rings you the best tips on how to decorate your house from the kitchen, bathroom all the way to the gardens. We will also be working together with Hod Kenya on our upcoming TV show talking spouses to bring you the best tips on how to do all the above. Having a beautiful Harusi News Letter

home to come to can be achieved no matter how big or small you house may be. We also understand that there is a difference between a house and a home and would like yours to be a home. Hod Kenya also has blog posts that run on our group page on face book every day and we encourage all members, friends and fans to have a look and share your thoughts with them. Look out for more

from Harusi and Hod Kenya soon! And from the both of us Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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P.O. Box 49591 00100 Nairobi Kenya Email:

Our mandate “ To raise up a generation that cant help but wait on God.”

Our word Luke 12 : 35-36 “ be prepared—all dressed and ready for your Grooms (Lords) return from the wedding feast. Then you will be ready to open the door and let him in the moment he arrives and Knocks”.

“Preparing the Bride of Christ”

My Harusi gallery We would like to thank Victor and Irene for sharing their wedding pictures on our gallery in the month of Nov. we would also like to invite all of you to do the same and send us your wedding pictures as we celebrate the union of marriage. Simply email us your pictures and you could be the next couple of the month.

News Letter Nov/Dec 2010  
News Letter Nov/Dec 2010  

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