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As I was driving in the city, I came across a came advertisement that sated according to the Stedman group findings, 16 out of 19 million Kenyans are against legalizing abortion. Our government, my government has put together a new constitution draft and in it under reproductive health they have proposed that Abortion be legalized. To abort is to bring a plan or a process to its end before it is completed. In this case it refers to bringing a pregnancy to an end before its full term. This means that for one the woman was already pregnant or with child and that there is a plan and process in progression. An abortion is to prematurely terminate the child, plan and process that would have that child come to dwell on the earth out of its mother’s womb. Is the child already here? Yes the child or the process of life began the minute the sperm and the egg merged into one. The womb is a secure chamber God created for the child to go through the entire plan and process of growth and development. The womb would be no different than school where we as children are placed so as to grow and develop and prepare for the outside world. To abort a child from this environment would have devastating effects. Where a pregnancy is concerned it is fatal as the unborn child is not ready to live and survive outside the womb. There is a plan in place and a process too. Who’s plan? Gods plan. It is God who said go yee therefore and multiply. How did he plan for man to accomplish that? Through sex. Sexual intercourse is the only way man and women were created to convince. From day one, conception to the due date nine months later, God put in place a growth and development process which sees the embryo go from one stage to the other till you get a whole fully developed child. This life is no les alive on day one than at the third month. This would mean there is no ideal time to abort. An abortion is not something that leaves no marks and doctors know this. They insist that the woman or couple seek canceling before and after. There is a medical procedure involved in abortion hat requires theater and Anastasia. An abortion is by no means a small deal. If it was no big deal it would have been legal in the first place, it would have been no cause for world debates or protests and all else we see going on. God is the one who put this plan and process in place, he is the one who gives life and he makes no mistakes. You and I may make mistakes and indulge in sex before marriage but God makes non. When I got pregnant, when you get pregnant it is not just because you had sex. It is because God chose you. He chose life to come forth to be through you. You are a part of his divine plan and he has chosen you for this process. He is a faithful God is he gave it to you he will also give you the means to care for it as long as you need to. Do not abort his plan for your life. Do not abort the life he has planned for your child. The devil is a liar, you can do it, it does not matter the circumstances if God be for you no one, not your boyfriend, husband family friends can be against you. I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessings and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and thy seed may live.


Abortion in marriage When people think about abortions and all these discussions going on with the constitution, they think mostly of the single woman, the youth who are not married. To some it may be news but to there it is a well known fact that even married couples have abortions. As I thought about it I really could not wrap my head around it. Why would we have abortion in marriages? Is the child from another man? Did the man make another woman other than his wife pregnant? What is going on here? When two people get married they take on a new life together that has them committed to certain vows like, for better or for worse. I can understand how even in a marriage you can end up pregnant yet you had not planned on it. Things happen, but if you look back at all the things you have been through and gotten passed together should you not think of this the same way? Or is it the things you have been through that makes you believe that you can’t make this work? While researching I found that married couples may abort because they are ending their marriage and a child would change things. I also learnt that yes some pregnancies are from affairs outside of marriage while others come when the couple is too old and their kids have already grown and left home. Others are at the peak of their career and don’t want a baby getting in the way, while for some it’s the added expenses. Some husbands are not too happy about their wife’s attention being drawn away from them. The list is endless. Abortion in relationships has the same effects if now worse as in marriage. In Both cases the relationship is strained and often may lead to separation and break ups. Whether or not we see it that way abortion means a death has occurred and that is never easy to deal with, trying to ignore all this may lead to a crisis later in the relationship. Other effects are those of disillusionment after the abortion in the woman’s case, the couple may pull apart even sexually as a result of guilt, there is a dent in the identity of the woman as a mother and the man as a father. Against the list is endless. Not to mention he rewards of that promotion could never equal those of your child. When I look to all the above I find that the bad outweighs the good. While trying to avoid a break up, it occurs anyway and even worse with negative feelings and blame. Yes there is a lot to consider, there is a lot to think about and try to figure out, however at the end of it all ask yourself. “ Is there anything to hard for God?” In him all things are possible. He gave you the child you may not have planned it but he did. He does not make miscalculations or mix up names and addresses. Moreover he know exactly what time it is so it’s not a mistake. Nothing is too difficult for God. Trust him with this and he will see you through. He is Jehovah Jireh who provides for all our needs. Note I said all, not some all. Every single one big or small. It takes the same effort for him to give you 1 million as it does 1 shilling. The same way he took care and provided for you one or two or three children is the very same way he can and will do it for this one. Even more if you just let him. Keep the child, save your marriage and yourself a lot of grief. Call on God and lay down your burdens at his feet. He will take care of this and more.


Mission abort On the news the other day, there was a woman on and they were discussing the issue about legalizing abortion in Kenya. As she spoke she touched on how it is the woman who carries the child, how it is her body that undergoes change and the pain of child birth and she talked about how a man will never understand it all( she was for abortion). All these were facts. The fact also is that a woman does not break her voice; a woman will not grow hair in areas only known to man or experience the pain and discomfort on an involuntary of a hard on. All factual but none of which is a sound reason to commit murder. Yes I said murder. Murder is the unlawful, intentional killing of a human being. The only facts I need to consider in this case are; is the child the woman carries in her womb of the human species? Is it alive? Has the unborn child committed any crime that has lead a judge and jury give the death sentence? Did the child abort itself or did you make the decision to do so and have an abortion with the intention to terminate? If your answers were Yes, Yes, No and yes then it is murder. I do not believe the few facts that we state as reason for abortion would actually fly. Can we legalize the killing of someone from a fast food joint because their food was making us fat? When you ordered you knew that was a likely hood. Same with sex, you are likely to get pregnant when you have an order of it. (This does not apply to rape victims) Though I am not for abortion I did have one. After which I was even more for life than ever before. My reasons as to why I had one, will never justify what I did so I will not even bother. I aborted my unborn child. God placed a child in my womb and all I had to for nine months was carry it but I chose to abort that mission. At the clinic I wept, even as I signed the papers for consent I cried, as I lay in the theater bed I cried and many months later I cried. When I talk about it now I still cry. God has really worked on that part of me. He forgave me and even healed me with a promise to have children in future. (I still want to have another child). Whoever tells you that you do not have to live with that for the rest of your life is a liar. God loves people more than anything born or unborn. If he gave you a child in your womb he will give you the means and the meals to take care of the child. I have a child and not one day has gone by when I do not thank God for his provision. I don’t know how we would make it if it were not for his grace. Understand this, God forgives and even heals but we still have to endure the consequences for our sins. I did and you will too that I promise you. I am not anti abortion I am pro life. I will not fight against what I do not like to see, I will fight to see what I like. I once said that instead of making abortion legal, they should make premarital sex illegal. If you do not want a baby out of wedlock do not have sex out of wed lock. I was lucky that I got pregnant and not sick and I am blessed because he loved me so much, he had his son die on the cross for my abortion, my sexual immorality and guess what? Yours too. The only mission I have to abort is the lie of the devil that abortion is a means to some end. Remember God loves people more than anything. He loves the little children and it is he not we that take care of them. Dedicate that child born or unborn to him. Let him know you cannot do it without his help, and ask him to help you. Trust me he will. If you are like me and have aborted one time or more that’s ok, tell him what you have done, ask him to forgive you and heal you and ask him how you ought to get by and stay on the right path. Trust me he will.

exÄtà|ÉÇá{|Ñá Sex A friend of mine asked me whether sex is just for procreation. In most animal species it is just for reproduction. In human beings however there is more to it. Humans and dolphins have been known to be the only being that have sex for pleasure. I am not married, but I have had sex and I agree hands down. The only reason we are lead to have sex before marriage is the pleasure bit. We are not looking to have children; unfortunately, most of us are just children as it is and that is why we then take to abortion. So, no sex in human beings is not just for procreation. One of the instructions God gave Adam and eve was to go forth and multiply. We cannot accomplish that without having sex be it pleasurable or not. This is a principle of God that when a man or woman has sex there is a chance that they will conceive. Gods principles do not change because t he sex was good or bad or even forced. The principle does not change because you are young or old married or single. You are likely to conceive. What god does not give us anywhere in his bible is how, once we get pregnant ‘by mistake’ we can then abort the child we had not planned for. God had and still has no intention for any abortions. Miscarriage is not in his will either. In the Bible we find that women were barren but they never had miscarriages thus miscarriages or any form of termination of pregnancies is not his will. God can have a child be born but not live like he did with David for sinning against him and sleeping with another man’s wife, but still no abortions there. One of the reasons god created sex was as a means for procreation, and he intended for only a husband and HIS wife to procreate. This means that he wanted and desires children to have and be raised both parents living under the same roof in the institution of marriage. There is security, preparation, provision and all the child needs to grow up and leave healthy. When two people (male and female) choose to have sex, they are choosing to take the chance that they might conceive a child amongst having a good time becoming one. Family planning is for people married couples who are planning their families not for single. Sex is for people who are married and thus ready to go on and multiply. Abortion is not a means of family planning. Abortion is the termination of Gods plan and process. Termination of a life. If we do not take the responsibility to prevent the conception we cannot take responsibility for terminating it. Married couples are offered various means of family planning if they require it, none of which is abortion. Single people are offered one means and it is a full proof plan. Abstinence. The bible tells me that the wages of sin is death. Sex before marriage is sin, abortion is sin and the wages of it are death. If you have been there and done that, you will have to face the consequences, but you do not have to face death. God in heaven loves you, he knows you sinned and because of it he sent his only son. Jesus died so that at a time like this when you are facing the death sentence you can call on him and be saved. You do not have to continue living in sexual sin nor do you have to die. Choose him, choose life.

exÄtà|ÉÇá{|Ñá Weddings When a man and a woman are joined in marriage they have the go ahead to consummate that marriage. God said that for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one. To cleave is the act of clinging or sticking, joining. Sex is a means god created to cling, stick and join a man to his woman. The act of becoming one in this case is the act of having sex. This in a marriage begins on the first night and into their honeymoon and for life. On the wedding night, the couple books a room and is expected to go ahead and cleave, become one. There after the couple usually goes off on their honeymoon to a destination known to them and a friend or relative. After all the wedding planning and dating they have been through, the married couple go on a holiday together away from everyone else and get to know each other like never before. They get intimate, they get naked and unashamed, and they get uninhibited. During the honeymoon period things can go wonderfully, but things can also go sour. It is not uncommon to hear of people saying the very first time they had sex they got pregnant. This can also be the case here. The couple may get pregnant during the honeymoon or even the first night. Though children are a gift and a blessing, when not planned for it can be difficult for a married couple. It is therefore important for the couple when planning their lives together and talking about family to consider the honeymoon time as the best place to start applying. There are many things to plan for where a honeymoon is concerned. Where to go or the destination, what your budget is, there are the passports if necessary, some may require shots or medication or immunization of some sort if traveling abroad. There is the necessary clothing and suntan lotion if necessary. Pick up and drop off from one place to another, packing the works. With all that to bear in mind and looking forward to all the sex you can get, it is not hard to see why some measures of birth control may be forgotten. As we have mention severally in this month’s article, abortion is not a means of family planning or birth control. The couple must therefore plan ahead and even start the desired measures before hand if required to. I have been told that the honeymoon period has a lot of spontaneity when it comes to having sex, so it is not uncommon, if the couple is using only condoms for them to get pregnant. This is something that the couple needs to discuss not only with their doctors but their marital councilor before they get married. Marriage is made to be enjoyed not endured and without the proper planning things can get tough right from the beginning. Have a plan, have fun and enjoy the gift God has given you. From us at Harusi to all the newlyweds its congratulations and may you live happily ever after.

_x|áâÜx 9 cÄxtáâÜx Book This month we focus on abortion and we also celebrate love. When I thought about Love, real love that is describe in the bible I remembered one man whom god really took on a love trip. Hosea. For they that don’t know Hosea was a man in the bible whom God instructed to marry a woman who did not have a squeaky clean past. No Hosea’ to be bride was had been there and done that, she was what the bible called a harlot. It is one thing for man to call you a whore but when the bible calls you one, you are the real deal. The bible says that love covers sin and I trust that if all of us exercised true love in our relationships, abortions would never be an issue, premarital sex and all its hiccups would be

a thing of the past. It not easy to imagine what Hosea’ life might have been through, but thanks to Francine Rivers and her book redeeming love, we don’t have to. The book takes a fictional look at what Hosea’s life was like. What happens to a man, a good Christian, sanctified, and holy man of God when the God he loves and lives for asks him to do the unthinkable? How does a man who has never been with a woman take to marrying a woman who has been with just about every and any man? A harlot. Many men find it unforgivable for a woman to cheat, I can tell you after reading this book you get to see a whole new side to Love and just how far it will go. A whole new side to the

God of love and how his grace is sufficient. Rivers tells the story in a way that is so graphic, so real. A part of me could not put the book down and the other part was so enraged I just had to take a time out to cool down, but don’t just take my word for it, pick up a copy and take the journey for yourself.

Digital Photography Many men I know like to have their loved ones pictures but can be bothered to go out take the pictures, then go have them printed out buy a frame and frame each one individually. They also have the tendency to use some pictures as a table mat and may not recall where or what they did with certain pictures. The iConvert “8 digital frames with an inbuilt scanner makes life a lot easier. You can simply slide in the picture into the inbuilt scanner or scan the picture directly from camera, computer or memory card. This digital frame also plays music and short clips. What more can a guy ask for from a picture frame?

Wireless TV headset No matter what time of day even into the late hours of the night you can now watch TV, listen to music without interfering with your mates sleep or quiet time. The wireless headset means that you can move about without having to worry about the wires or limitation of movement.

Brookstone 4 in one charger There is no need to stress when out on business trips, with the new 4 in one charger you only need to remember to carry on charger for you phone, iPod n smart phones. You can use it on your Nokia, LG, Samsung, Blackberry and more and you can also charge it from your wall plug in, your car power socket and your USB cable.

Allure Homme Sports by Chanel Keeping in line with the world cup fever we choose to feature one a sporty cologne that evokes fressness confidence and masculinity all wrapped up in one.

This active wear scent has an orchestra of notes from Aldehydes, Woods, , White Musk, water Tonka, Amber, Vetiver

_x|áâÜx 9 cÄxtáâÜx Stamped thread earrings This new hot and colorful stamped thread earring designs is making waves from South Africa to the new York’s Gossip girls set.Girls love to have fun and the fact that you are in the office or in a place where you have some restrictions does not mean you have cant. One way for girls to have some fun is in the way they dress up and more specifically the way they accessories. One can turn around a dull and boring suit and add a splash of color, fun adventure and personality with a simple pair or earrings. The best thing about accessories or earrings is that you don’t need a big bag or a big change. Right after work you can let our hair down n put on this amazing range of colorful and patterned earrings.

Pink tooth wireless headset. We see the guys driving and walking around with their blur tooth headsets and most of them are not at all flattering to us girls. Fortunately, now there is one just for us girls. It is light in weight, with a stand by battery of 200hrs, and caters to our greatest hobby, talk time of six hrs. If you are like me that may not be much so thanks fully it comes with an interchangeable battery.

Nikita Buyanov laptop This is an ever seen before laptop come make up kit. This Hp- Intel not only does what a laptop was created to do but take sit a step further for the ladies. It has a built in makeup kit so you can always touch up before a meeting without having to get up and go to the bathroom. It also has a mirror mode that allows you to perfect the makeup touch up and ensure there are no smudges and no lipstick on your teeth. Juicy Couture This is one of the best sellers when it comes to the perfume market. Its fresh, its sweet, and its floral making it truly feminine. The bottle is old school and it all comes with a lover’s locket that you can actually wear. It is I deal to wear during the day time. The scent carries with it a cocktail of mandarin, pink passion fruit, green apple, wild rose water hyacinth, crushed leaves, tuberose absolute, , princess lily, marigold, caramel crème brulée, vanilla, precious woods and patchouli, watermelon.

_x|áâÜx 9 cÄxtáâÜx 2010 Toyota Prado The Toyota Prado is a vehicle that combines comfort with exceptional off-road performance. Range toppers come with all the toys but make no mistake, this vehicle is first and foremost a goanywhere off-roader. In a world where many “off-roaders” do not quite cut the mustard when the going gets tough, the Prado is one of the few 4x4’s that really equipped to deal with the rough stuff.

Engines Three engines are available: a 2.7 litre petrol which manages 8.5 km/litre, a 4.0 litre V6 that will do 8km/litre and a 3.0 D4D Diesel engine that offers relative economy at 12km/litre. The standard gearbox is a 5 speed automatic. Locally, Toyota EA only sell the 3.0 D4-D.

Whilst the new model (2009 onwards) makes some improvements in this department, the Prado is still not at the level of the X5 or even of the Discovery.

Off-Road Any on-road shortcomings the Prado may have are more than made up for once it gets off road. The vehicle has low/high ratio gearbox as well as limited Handling slip differential and locking Whilst its off road credentials cannot be questioned, the old diffs. Combine this with clever Prado was let down somewhat technological off-road systems by its on-road handling. Vehi- available on some models and cles like the BMW X5, Volvo you have a car that is as good XC90 and Land Rover Discov- as the Land Rover Discovery off road. ery were all better handling.

Interior The Prado is very refined with a well insulated cabin that blocks out road and engine noise quite effectively. Depending on spec chosen one can have all the creature comforts imaginable; from leather seats to TV’s, Bluetooth system, premium sound system etc. Some vehicles also come with 7 seats. Summary The Prado is a super star off road and a strong performer on it. It offers a combination of toughness, performance and refinement that is hard to find in other cars. It may not quite

_x|áâÜx 9 cÄxtáâÜx The Carnivore restaurant As kids we often visited the Carnivore restaurant. We would go there after church or on a Saturday afternoon. It was great because we could eat and spend the rest of our time there playing. It is good to know that nothing much has changed in that area. I am all grown up now and I am a mother. When I think of the stop spot where I can go out and have a great meal and my son can have a great time playing for no extra cost, it still has to be the Carnivore. The food The word carnivore means, meat eater and there is no place a Masaai girl like myself would rather eat. Their meat variety ranges from chicken, fish, beef and lamb just to sample a few. Regardless of the name the carnivore offers a wide range of food and beverages for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. They have a great salad bar that offers various types of vegetables and more than the usual lettuce and tomatoes salad. The carnivore meat selection has some selection of meats that you may not find elsewhere. Exotic meat, we are talking crocodile and ostrich , not to mention great condiments of sources to go with it all. We chose to go with a kilo of the Nyama platter, which catered to each person’s favorite meats all in one dish. Chicken, lamb, beef, sausages and some potatoes. Seating There is plenty of room and options when it comes to your preferred sitting. As it was cold this particular day I chose not to sit outside, however I was seated and a table that not only allowed me to be warm and sheltered but have a view of the play ground so I could keep an eye on my son. On this particular day there were three different birthday parties going on and yet there were no inconveniences where space was concerned and none of the three birthday parties were too close to each other for comfort. Service This was not one of the Carnivores busiest days. I have been there when the place is packed. The tricky part was that there were three different kids parties going on, van loads of tourists, families like ours just looking for a place to enjoy a meal and individuals catching a drink and a game on the screens. The sight of the class rooms of kids got me nervous. They can be a handful and they were all over. The stuff somehow managed to ensure every party area had customized decorations, food, and table set ups. All the kids got to have loads of fun playing on their play ground and even got their faces n other body parts painted. Taking into account all this, all our orders were taken swiftly, all the meals were served efficiently and the waiters had nothing better to do than to cater to your every wish.

Extra extra Each kid’s party had a different theme that was set up and decorated by the carnivore stuff. Each also had different things on their menu. We experienced when my own son had a birthday their earlier this year. All we had to do was show up, and if you are a mum or a host you can appreciate just showing up to your own party. The best part was when they bring out the cake topped with a sparkler and an entire band of what looks like the carnivore birthday choir to sing happy birthday in a unique African style. Birthday specials If you are looking for the perfect place to have your kid’s birthday party looks no further. The samba saloon will not only set it up for you and decorate it but they have all the things kids love to eat on their Toto menu. Kids can fill up on burgers and chips, pizza Toto burgers and fish fingers just to name a few. The entertainments and fun consists of clowns, face painting, trampoline a puppet show and bouncing castle which if you are like me you will enjoy too. I am not done yet, I saved the best for last if you book a party of over twelve kids you get a free birthday cake and meal for the birthday boy or girl! This month’s hot spot is definitely the Carnivore restaurant located off Langata road.

_|yxáàçÄx How to dress you baby bump For years growing up I would see pregnant women walking about n they looked like they ate a house. Don’t get me wring they do get bigger but they wear this ridiculously huge things that make things even worse. Maternity wear basically was like taking a bed sheet, cutting a hole in the middle and popping your head through it. In some places or cases it still is. The other thing I never did understand was trying to hide your bump. I would hear my aunts and all saying, “don’t go showing everyone your stomach” if they only knew the sheet theory only drew more attention. I don’t know about you, but I say out with the old and in with the new. You are pregnant, praise God enjoy it love it and show it off. The child growing inside you regardless of the circumstances at hand is a gift from God. No one ever got a gift and hid it. If you get me an Aston martin Db 9 I can assure you the whole world and their mother will know I got one, and yet that has nothing over the gift of a child. Maternity wear today is flattering and comfortable, not to mention it fits. Most of the maternity wear is made with stretchy material, is light if need be which allows for expansion during the 9 months and caters for any occasion. There is nothing a pregnant woman should skip out because she could not find the right thing to wear. From gym wear to beach wear, dresses, shoes, skirts pants and shorts it is all available. When searching for maternity wear, one needs to keep in mind that they will not be pregnant forever. With any fashion item remember things change what’s in now might not be in next summer so you do not want to go spending all your money for short term use. Also consider that the day your body will not return to its original shape the day you give birth if at all and be prepared for that. When shopping for maternity wear keep in mind your body is constantly changing so get something at will accommodate the change. Consider that you may want to use the clothes during and after the pregnancy. If possible choose clothes that you can still use when you lose the weight like the maxi dress or some stretch pants and tops. Lastly when shopping consider that what you are carrying is a gift, enjoy it, have fun with it, show it off. Big, drape, clothes make you look bigger wear something that fits and is comfortable. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You are not fat, you are pregnant. For the pregnant or expectant brides, not to worry as there is also a wide variety of exquisite wedding dresses for you to choose from. Again you don’t have to look like a house on your wedding day but going to pick out some huge white throw on cover. Wedding designers today are specializing in making wedding gowns just for that expecting mother and bride to be. It is your big day and you have every right to look as beautiful and elegant as any other bride. My bible tells me that every good and perfect thing comes from above. You are going to have a baby and that is a good and perfect gift from God above. Congratulations, now go on and look fabulous too!


IS IT A BABY OR A MASS OF CELLS? Abortion is illegal in Kenya. It has been said that this has been the cause of many deaths and injuries as women seek abortions in secret. In reviewing this, I wondered if there were any dangers to having a legal abortion. Those for the legalization of the same in Kenya have made it sound as if legal abortions will eliminate the dangers of having an abortion. Are they right or could this be misinformation to the masses? Abortion, legal or not, is usually carried out during the first trimester. Usually, one is informed that the embryo has not developed much and so they are really just destroying a mass of cells. You know, like taking out a tumor or growth. Once again the question becomes, is this true, or is it just misinformation to the masses. Embryonic Development Let us walk through the process of embryonic development to fully understand what goes on at this point. Week 1: The sperm and egg fuse and the embryo implants into the wall of the uterus. Week 2: The placenta forms and the cells continue to multiply within the embryo Week 3: Major organs begin to form namely the Central Nervous System and the heart. Week 4 & 5: The eyes and limbs begin to form. Week 6: The jaw and ears begin to form. Week 7: The palate and external genitalia form at this stage. Week 8: The brain and spinal cord form here. Week 9 – 38: This is the fetal period which focuses on growth and maturation of the fetus and the organs of the child. Between week 1 and week 8, the prime time to carry out an abortion, the baby is growing in leaps and bounds. At this stage many women do not even know they are pregnant and will only find out after the 8 weeks, especially if they have an erratic period. If an abortion is carried out at week 8 (remember no one can tell you are pregnant since your belly is still flat as a board), the baby at this point will have a placenta, a heart (an ultrasound will reveal a heartbeat), central nervous system that will have developed into a brain and spinal cord, eyes, ears, jaw line, limbs (both arms and legs), and even genitalia. This is not a mass of cells; this is a living being with a heart that beats. The hard truth is that terminating this pregnancy is murder. I am a fan of Greys Anatomy and House, basically if it’s a medical show, I will watch it. On these shows if the heart is beating, the person is considered to be alive and they do all they can to save the person’s life. Additionally, if the heart stops, then the time of death is called. If the heart determines whether or not the person is alive, and by the 3rd week the embryo has a heart, why then is the embryo called a mass of cells and not a life? Another sign of life in a human being is brain activity. If a person is on life support and has no brain waves then the doctors will usually “pull the plug” on the person because basically they will need to be on life support all their lives. By week 3 the embryo’s central nervous system has began to form and by week 8 the brain is defined. If the embryo has active brain activity and a heart that is pumping away, how is that just a mass of cells? Let no one deceive you. That embryo is a precious life. That is not a tumor you are carrying that needs to be cut out of you. Keep the baby. Choose Life.


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Harusi May/June  

collection of our May/June articels ont he web site