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Zen Color Schemes Zen means relaxation and meditation. This is the atmosphere you need after a long day hustling and bustling. It can be achieved through the use of accessories and color in the home. Zen color schemes make use of natural elements such as fire, wood, earth, water and metal. Each of this has a color assigned to it red for fire, green for wood, brown for earth, blue for water and grey for metal. A combination of two or three of these colors and their different shades and hues gives you an amazingly calm Zen color scheme. One thing to note though is that muted tones work best as dramatic colors interfere with the entire Zen concept of relaxation. White is a color that is used liberally in Zen color schemes. It signifies knowledge and learning and is the color you would opt for in a study or a space where you require deep thinking. It also represents purity and longevity. Being a bright color it is best suited for small spaces that you want to look larger. It also has a tendency to be stark when used liberally so go for off-white or beige with the same effect. Yellow is another Zen color that exudes cheerfulness and thoughtful reflection. It is classified with white in that it has similar effect on small rooms. Once you come up with Zen color schemes for your home establish the main color and let it dominate the room. Even a white room can still look quite magnificent and not impersonal when other Zen colors such as green, red or blue are added in soft furnishings. Make the Zen look complete by adding a water feature either as a picture, a fish tank or a small fountain. A plant or two makes it all perfect. Ultimately keep the Zen mantra of less is more intact. Harusi Magazine

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Harusi magazine Aug /Sep 2013  
Harusi magazine Aug /Sep 2013  

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