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arusi Magazine is under the umbrella group Harusi Enterprises. This is a Christian organization that is unlike any other and uses various mediums of communication to fulfill its mandate. This magazine is directed and put together with the youth and single adults in mind. The magazine has a new wine in new wine skin approach to fulfilling its mandate thus is a modern hip magazine that cover various topics. We have several categories such as Relationships- sex, marriage, dating, relationships, and talking spouses. Lifestyle- health, wealth, House and DĂŠcor, tours and travel. News- Global news, sports, events, celebrities. Leisure and Pleasurecars, fashion, music, movies, books boyz and their toyz, girl stuff. Special features- on the grill, one on one, testimonial. Letter from Miss Boss and the snap both.


ur mandate is to Raise up a generation that cant help but wait on God and is founded on the word from Luke 12: 35-36 Be prepared all dressed and ready for your Groom’s return from the wedding feast. Then you will be ready to open the door and let him in the moment he arrives and knocks. We aim to prepare the bride of Christ not only for marriage here on earth but the end time marriage to our Lord. We are aware that there are many things that pull this generation from living a godly life and Destroy their relationship with God and we intend to bring a change and help them get back their footing.


Our Mandate

e mostly dwell on the area of relationships as we have come to understand that the relationships we have affect our relationships with God. God made man and made him relational, however there is a way he expects us to carry ourselves in those relationships that will not tear us apart from him and his grace. In this magazine we discuss that and equip the youth and single adults and even that in marriage on working relationships as God calls us to. We are aware that the world has many experts when it comes to love, relationships, dating, marriage and sex and they all have been generous to share their opinion with us, but this time we choose to look to the greatest of all experts, the all knowing God and his word on the matter.

ur relationship on earth is to be a reflection of our relationship with God, We are the bride of Christ and we must teach our generation that to keep them from falling from grace. To allow them to be ready and prepared for the bride groom when he comes, for he is coming, we just do not know when. We want our generation to stay focused and determined to wait on God and not miss him when he comes as illustrated in math 25:1-13.


Thitu Kariba

Founder and Visionary

Editorial Executive Director

Relationships Dating, Relationships, Marriage, Sex, Talking spouses


Health, Wealth, Food and wine, House and DĂŠcor

Thitu Kariba


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f you are reading this copy of Harusi, take time to look back on all that happened and could have happened between the last issue and this one. Take time to thank God that you are still here. Many may take for granted the days and the life we have, but each one is a blessing. It is not your alarm clock that got you up this morning, but the grace of God. Thank you Abba, Father. Indeed much has happened between the last issue and this one. Much expansion and growth for us not just spiritually and in the soul, but in the numbers of readers we have reading our publications. With each Publication, God has granted us wisdom, new ideas, and aid that we could not have counted on. Indeed he has provided for us, met our needs and surpassed our expectations. Thank you Jehovah Jireh. As I look back at the past few months, also thank God for allowing me to be a part of something big. In high school, I was fortunate enough to be good friends with one of the children of the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior. Over the years I have thought of my old friend and his people, God could never have prepared me for the surprise I got this year to not only meet up with my old friend again and continue our friendship, but to celebrate the birth of a new nation, their nation. The nation of South Sudan was Born on the 9th of July 2011, and after all the fighting, the death, the sorrow, how can we not take time to thank God for peace, freedom and deliverance? Thank you Jehovah Shalom As we carry on through this issue, we bring you many new lessons the Lord has been gracious enough to teach me in the area of relationships and the new beginnings he has allowed us to enjoy in my letter from Miss Boss. I also know that as long as we live and walk this walk of faith and salvation, the battles are never over, however in the end we have the victory for He is our King. Indeed looking back from where we have come and forward to where we are going, we can say this far he has brought us and further he will take us. Thank you Jehovah Nisi. Enjoy your read! And give thanks.


Thitu Kariba







came to learn recently that human beings are three dimensional beings. Many times we hear about 3D when it comes to animated movies but today you get to find out that you are created in 3D too. In the past we have discussed dating, and we have made it clear that dating is not the relationship, dating it the period of meeting up, talking, and collecting data before you decide whether or not to enter into a relationship, and what type of relationship you will enter into if any. Today we go in a little deeper to allow you to understand that before you say yes to the relationship you have to ensure your three dimensions are in agreement or else it will fail.

The breath of life could be seen as many things. When we think about breath and why we breathe, we find that without Oxygen, man is brain dead. Breath gave life to the soul of man. The soul of man is where the mind, memory, emotions, desires and the like are found. So many times, when you look and like what you see, you then take time to get to know the soul, the mind, his memories, her personality, his likes and dislikes and all that. Many times, in dating we often find that people stop digging for data here and jump into the relationship but they forget the third dimension.

God’s likeness. When we talk about being made in Gods likeness we do not mean looks The bible said that God created man in his or personality but in the very spirit of God. God image and likeness. Many may think that its is holy, righteous, he is godly. His spirit is pure, all about looks here but it’s not. Man is a spirit sweet, uncompromised and much more. In that possesses a soul and is placed in a body. the garden we see Adam and Eve’s spirit being The worlds is very one dimensional in many tainted by sin and disobedience. Sin distances ways and looks on the outside at the body. We us from God because sin distorts the likeness will call this the first dimension. God formed of God within us. When we date, we have to dig man from the earth and thus the body of man deeper to find out what the man or woman’s was formed. In dating we often start with the spirit is all about. Is it the spirit of God or of outside and if we like what we see we take evil? You will know this because they will not it further. When it comes to dating we look share your’ and Gods values and principles. on the outside to identify that it is indeed This is a criteria for dating that is often looked a human body (man was not made to have over. Many do not even know of it but now you relations with animals) and that the human have no excuse. Do not just look to one or two body is a match (male to female). The man dimensions before you jump. Look with and at did not just wake up after that and begin to all three. live life. God had to do something else. God breathed his life into man.




How To Get Over It Being Over


id you ever date someone and break up and find that even after a long time has passed you jump at the sight of them or the sound of their name? I have this one particular guy I was dating whom even though the break up was the best thing that ever happened to me, (I should send him a thank you card) every time I saw them or heard their name there would be this bizarre chemical reaction of sorts. My heart would race, I suddenly had what felt more like hawks them butterflies in my stomach and I found myself holding my breath. The thing was the relationship was over, but I had not gotten over it being over. His is the case with many of us and you may not even know it. Thanks to Juanita Bynum, I got to understand that when you are with a man, when you have sex with someone, you are not just engaging on a physical and soulical level ( mind, emotions desires) For Women we receive what he deposits into us not just physically either but spiritually too. I learnt that we are literally walking about with deposits from every man we have very been with and that it will never be over till its over in our spirit.



Man is a spiritual being, in a body and possesses a soul, we are three dimensional thus everything we do affect us in all dimensions. Being with any one in any way means that you allowed them access to you, all of you and that means that they affect all three dimensions of you. When it is over, you have to also get it over and done with in the spirit. If you are reading this and you don’t understand why you attract married people, or attract members of the same sex, the same kind of guys or girls, well now you know. Someone deposited that spirit in you. I don’t know about you, but I for one had to ask god to cleanse me, give me a deep spirit cleansing off of any man I had ever been with in my past, any spirit that could corrupt mine in any way shape or form and seal all the exits and entry point that they may never return. I needed the pain of it, the weight of it, the tingling sensations, the temptations of it to all be over. How do you get over it being over? You cleanse, you consecrate and you seal off access points.

Marriage The Bible says that none shall lack their mate.


he bible also says that, when God made Adam he looked and found that Adam was alone. All the animals had their mate but not Adam. It goes on to say that God put Adam to sleep and then from Adams rib, went t ahead to form, fashion and create a SUITABLE helper for Adam. The Oxford Dictionary states a mate is a friend, a team mate, work mate, sexual partner and a pair of animals brought together for reproduction. After looking at this definition from man, I then took a look at it from Gods perspective and I was impressed. For us to be mates, friends we must have something in common, for us to be team mates we must have something in common (same team) for us to be sexual partners we must have something in common and for us be paired up to reproduce we must have something in common (like species) The fact that God used Adams rib, ensures that we are one in the same. We are common, this can be seen in the fact that Adam recognized eve and called her flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone. He looked and saw they were the same, they were common. Work or team mates may not be from the same family, schools or even neighborhood but they get together to work as one. Adam had a task that was to tend to the garden and subdue the earth and now God had given him a team mate. Adam may have thought he knew what kind of help he required or even may have through he needed no help, but God who knows all, knew better. When God made Eve he had knocked Adam out, so this shows there was no input from Adam as to how eve should be. God knew and created Eve with all Adam needed whether he knew it or not.

Match maker, find me a match We go on to see God saying she was a companion, a friend, and we also read that he required of them to reproduce and fill the earth. Adam had no clue about his reproductive system. He may have used his gadget for its other purpose but he was blind to what else it or he was capable of doing. Once again God had to knock him out so that he could create a woman that when paired with the man cloud reproduce and fill the earth. Every aspect about Eve from the outside in, was created SUITABLE for Adam by God. God made Adam so it would only make sense that God be the one to find him a suitable mate. It is crucial that today, with all the short lived relationships, homosexuality, and high rate of Divorce,we live the match making to he who knows best what we need. Like Adam, it would be beneficial not to awake love till it is time, it would be beneficial to stay out of Gods way and let the ultimate match maker find you a match.





any of us can recall the first crush we had, the first kiss, the first of many things. Many of us can also recall the second, third and many more times things have happened to us in life. The thing about experiences is that our memory records them. The memory will stir up different feelings depending on what happened. Every experience we have in life leaves a mark and imprint on our lives even though we do not fully recall the incident.

Sex leaves its own imprint on us too. The thing about our experiences that we may not know is that they do not just affect our mind and body. Human beings are three dimensional beings as you will find out in the dating article of this issue. It is not possible to make contact with the physical being without making contact with the soul and the spirit. Thus every experience we have affects every dimension of our being. God created Sex and any and all sexual experiences, to be between a husband and a wife. The reason for this is because sex is a fusion, a gluing mechanism. It makes the two one. The other reason is because he expected the marriage bed to be undefiled. He needed there to be no other imprints brought into the marriage.

Sexual Imprint

Our muscles, remember things from long ago and that is why when something happens our reflexes take over without us having to think about it. If you have ever experienced physical pain in any way, you will notice that if you have to face it again, you react from memory that is the imprint of what the experience left behind. A visit to the dentist, just gets me all stressed. That is all from the memory of the physical effects previous visits have on me. When it comes to sex, we find that they that have it or have had it in any way rely and act from memory. When you see something on TV, your body reacts because it recalls how it felt, when you are in that bed with someone, you do things you have done before because you are working from memory.



Every single person we have shared a sexual experience with left an imprint on us spiritually as well as the other two. In the soul realm one can witness this in what we call having baggage, a girl or guy can come into a relationship with baggage, issues, and that is the imprint I am talking about. In the spiritual realm, you are left with spiritual baggage, attracting married men, being addicted to masturbation, porn, sexual immorality, homosexuality and more. The reason why one could become a homosexual is because in the past they had a homosexual encounter, however small, that left its imprint. Women who are raped tend to have the desire to play out that fantasy in their relationships or lean towards bondage because their experience left that imprint. The list is endless but I hope I have made the point. You could be wondering what is wrong with you, you have a spiritual imprint that you need to repent of and be cleansed of. Do it today, recall every encounter, repent of it and ask God to cleanse any imprint it has made on you. Do it for even the encounters you do not recall. Until you do they will never leave and you will never be free.

Talking spouses The women were not very amused by my response and stated that there were girls younger than I getting married. I smiled and let them know what God knows my husband and even knows and has set my wedding date and that I was leaving it to him to bring to pass. I also mentioned that I was not even seeing any one let alone planning to marry. I added that I was single and free for now to do Gods work till his time comes for me to marry. I thought they were going to cry. My mother then stated that if it was a matter of time that I should at least get a man and then they could nurture him till I was ready to marry. I laughed, kissed her, said goodbye, and left.

Single and free?


he other night, my folks had guests, and I went over to the ladies to say hello. If you know African women, you know that they will always inquire as to your relationship status and as always they did. My mother pointed out that there were some of her friends present who had sons my age that were great candidates for husbands. Usually this would get under my skin, but not this time around. I said that I was glad there was an abundance of men I could marry and stated that it was an indication that there was indeed no hurry.

I have come to realize that we are not single without reason. If God wanted or needed us all married we would have been so from birth. There is a season for everything and for everyone individually. Right now, I am single and free to do that which God requires me to do for him. Right now I do not have to ask for permission, answer to anyone or be tied down by anything and can thus do his will freely. I know I am not alone in this; I know there are those that face the same pressure to marry isn’t that so? Is it wrong to be single and free if you are happy being single and free? Is there a time and age that we should marry? Do you believe there is an assignment in your singlehood that God has for you? Give us your feedback on our facebook fan Page Harusi Ent.



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Health Tips on How to Avoid Stress

Exercising is a great way to relieve stress. You should exercise for at least thirty minutes 5 ou should learn how to avoid stress at all days a week. Exercising is also advantageous cost since stress could lead to depression in that it prevents cardiovascular and other and to other conditions. Although stress diseases. Another way of how to avoid stress is quitting smoking and excessive consumption is not easily defined or measured, there are of alcohol . Although drinking has a nerve severals tips that will guide you on how to calming effect, there is a risk of a drinking avoid stress. problem later on. You should try positive relaxation techniques to avoid stress. You should set specific times for Seek treatment if the stress is threatening to get out of hand. The treatment could relaxation. Plan ahead to look forward to the relaxation. You should pick whatever makes you be anxiety management, medication, or counseling. Picking a hobby to keep your mind relax since we are all different. This could be a walk, your favorite music, or just sitting around. off things is another way of how to avoid stress. You should do deep breathing exercises and Another way of how to avoid stress is do muscular stretching and tensing to relax. surrounding yourself with the right people such Another way of how to avoid stress is taking a ‘time out’ on your daily activities. You could also as your friends and family members. If your job is too stressful, consider a career change. If try regular lunch and tea breaks, waking up a few minutes earlier to avoid the morning rush, the problem is your spouse, consider marriage counseling or divorce if things do not work out. and avoiding work over lunch.


‘time out’





s the old adage goes, ‘you have to spend money to make money’. There are several ways how you can spend money to make money.

• You could spend money on acquiring skills to make yourself marketable. After a few years, you will be in a position to start your own business or to get a job where you will make a lot of money. • You could spend money on buying tools that will help you in your trade. As an example, you should spend money on a good digital camera if you are a photographer. This will attract clients and you will end up making a lot of money. • Yet another way to spend money to make money is to train your employees. If you empower your employees, you will benefit financially in that they will be more productive. You could invest in research. This way, you will be a pioneer in whatever you come up with and you make a killing. • Yet another way to spend money to make money is investing in technology. Technology reduces your overhead in that you do not need as many employees. Investing in technology is also advantageous in that it streamlines your operations.



Tips on How to Spend Money to Make Money • You could build the necessary infrastructure to make money. An example of this is building a state-of-the-art factory to help you maximize your production. Substandard things such as old cars use a lot of your money and you should therefore spend money by upgrading them to avoid repair and maintenance costs.

Food and wine

Cooking Using Wine


ine has been used to cook and bake food for hundreds of years. However, you need to know how this is done. You should also note that wine is not ideal for every dish. Using wine in cooking and baking is advantageous in that it adds flavor and moisture to your food.

• You should not be tempted to use cheap wine for cooking – only cook with wine that you would drink. You need not use the same wine that you are serving in your sauce. You should avoid ‘cooking wines’ since they usually come additives like salt and flavor enhancers.

• When choosing between sweet and dry wine, note that dry wine is usually higher in alcohol and usually have very little sugars remaining while sweeter wines have more sugar. You should therefore choose depending on your particular likes and dislikes. • Consider the tannin and acid levels in the wine. Use acidic wines for mild foods like fish and use wines with high tannin levels for dishes that are strongly flavored such as juicy steak. • Consider how the dish is prepared, especially when it comes to meats. As an example, a meat dish that is spicy will go well with fullbodies wines and creamy or light sauce will go well with a drier and lighter wine.

• If your food is melon, pineapple, apple, citrus, pear, vanilla, olives, caramel, or mushrooms, use white wine. If your food is berries, currants, • Note that when you boil down the wine, peaches, cherries, oranges, plums, or chocolate, flavor will be concentrated and alcohol will be concentrated. use red wines.






ost people living in Kenya and the world live in small spaces: Small apartments, small rooms and small homes. This usually calls for much creativity when working on the interior dĂŠcor of such a space, as well as great organization, in order to fit all your stuff into the small space without feeling cramped. When it comes to furniture arrangement there are a few things you can do to make your living room feel more comfortable without bringing down any walls. The idea is to create some open space and to make your living room inviting and comfortable.

Before you can begin rearranging furniture, you need to know the size of the space you are working with. Additionally, you need to identify a focal point for the room. It could be that there is one already, such as a fireplace, or you may be required to create one. For most people, the entertainment centre forms a focal point and furniture is arranged in such a way that one can clearly see the TV from wherever they are sitting. Another decision you need to make is whether or not to have your furniture up against the wall. For small spaces, it is advisable to have furniture against the wall as it creates space that you can use for other things.

Home Arranging Furniture in a Small

Living R oom

Nothing makes a small space feel more cramped that having too much clutter. As such, it is important to have places where you can neatly arrange those things out of sight, such as shelves. The idea is to make the room feel open and orderly. Use various tricks to make the room look larger even as you arrange your furniture. Some great interior dĂŠcor tips such as using light hues and softer colors will make the room feel open and cozy. Additionally, use a color scheme that is monochromatic to provide continuity. Finally, use light drapes to let the light in. Light makes the room look larger.





hen it comes to the kitchen you need to focus on functionality along with aesthetic value. Meal preparation is the main function of the kitchen and you should ensure that you have the appliances that you need to make your work easier. Additionally, you should create sufficient space for your work in the kitchen. These two interior design aspects must be keenly considered when designing a small kitchen. To make a small kitchen both attractive and functional you need to consider color scheme and size of appliances. To begin with, forget large appliances and begin to scale down on size. This may mean getting a small microwave, a stove with 2 burners as opposed to 4, as well as a single sink. Additionally, instead of closed cabinets, work with shelves which will give the kitchen a feeling of being open and therefore larger. As a means of making an otherwise small kitchen look bigger, use glass on cabinet doors to enhance the feeling of having space. Use light to expand the room as well. Natural light during the day is excellent. However, at night combine fluorescent lighting with incandescent lighting to make the room bright and open. Color is a great way to make a small kitchen look larger than it really is. The colors you use can be used to change the atmosphere of the kitchen as well. Light colors or pastels combined with white are great for reflecting light and cause the eyes to be drawn up making the room look much taller than it is. However, one can add spice to a small kitchen with some bold colors as well that can be incorporated on the cabinetry, walls or counter tops. Either way, interior dÊcor for the small kitchen can only be hindered by one’s imagination.



Decorating & Organizing a Small Kitchen


Organizing a Small Bathroom use of your wall space. Install shelves that can be used to hold towels and cleaning supplies. You can also use caddies that hang from the shower to hold shower gel, bath scrubs and other related items. Over the toilet tank you can add a toilet paper holder, or put a hook behind the door for the same purpose.


small bathroom can be an interior dĂŠcor nightmare if you do not have a few tricks up your sleeve. Most houses, especially rental units, tend to have small bathrooms that in most cases are shared by multiple family members. Most bathrooms come with a toilet, shower stall and a sink with no cabinet space. However, this does not mean that there is no hope for you. There are quite a few things you can do to organize your space and make it fun and livable.

Your small bathroom will look beautiful with matching items that will pull together the overall look. Additionally, you can find accessories that also serve a purpose therefore providing beauty and functionality in one package. Get hooks that look good and put them in creative places where you can hang items such as a hand towel. Another great bit of advice is to shop in the office section for bathroom items. You can easily convert a pencil holder into a Q-tip holder or some other item. All in all, avoid clutter and throw away any empty bottles that may not be in use.

Start by getting rid of all the unnecessary things you have in the bathroom. Keep only what must be stored there. Next, invest in some utility caddies that can be tucked away under the sink or that you can keep in the bedroom and bring into the bathroom when you need to use them. Be sure to make good



Gardens Creating a Small Balcony Garden


ost people who want a garden don’t really have the space. However, that should not stop anyone from enjoying a beautiful balcony garden and by so doing, create a therapeutic space where they can relax and reflect. Flowering shrubs are the best for such a garden as they do not grow too tall and are attractive to look at. The best way to plant flowers on the balcony is in large pots and containers that also add aesthetic value to the overall dÊcor of the home. When choosing plants to plant in your small balcony garden take note of how much sunlight comes into the balcony. If you have much sunlight, you may want to plant sun loving plants such as cacti. However, if your balcony gets more shade than sun, be sure to choose plants that do not need much sun. Potted Palms are excellent for creating an oasis of peace on the balcony. Place River rocks around the different pots and containers you choose to create a more natural look. It may be advisable to use both large and small pots to create variety. When planting your garden, be sure to use soil that the plants will thrive in and ensure that the containers have drainage holes as well. Maintaining the small balcony garden you desire will mean watering the plants on a daily basis and weeding them. Find out what fertilizer you may need to use as well as pesticides if any. Create a focal point in your garden as well. This could be a large plant surrounded by smaller plants. You may also be able to put in a small fountain as a centre piece. Basically, you want to consider the space, making sure not to get plants that spread out too much are grow too tall.



FoodBathroom and wine




o petrol (when it can even be found) is now 115+ Kenya shillings per litre. Unless you are a Saudi sheikh vacationing in Kenya, this is likely to put a major dent in your pocket. Put into context, about 6 months ago, the same litre of petrol you now buy for 115 shillings was about 99 shillings. You are now paying 16% more for every litre of petrol than you did 6 months ago. As petrol prices rise higher and higher, it becomes more and more important to make every litre last longer. Below then are some tips to help you increase your fuel efficiency.

Plan Trip Again, this is fairly obvious. Plan your trip so that you don’t repeat journeys. Try to minimize your driving or better still, use public transport where possible. Avoid Driving Aggressively & Be in The Right Gear You love the shriek of your engine when it is being thrashed. You relish the feeling of being thrown back into your seat as you accelerate hard away from the lights. You feel a thrill when you get to test how effective your brakes are by braking hard and late everytime you need to stop. Sounds like a car advert right? Well, it could also be an advert for Kenol Kobil or Oil Libya. This is because what you are doing is increasing your need for their products. To maximize your fuel efficiency, accelerate gently, get into high gear as fast as possible and try to brake gently. I know, you are trying to stop the overlapping matatu cutting in front of you, but think of the long term picture, the more aggressively you drive, the more you will spend fuelling your car. The same applies to leaving your car in top gear too long (for example on uphills and corners). The common assumption is that doing so maximizes fuel efficiency. Infact, it reduces fuel efficiency. Be in the right gear at the right speed. Avoid Idling Turn off your car if you will be at a standstill for more than 30 seconds. Make Sure Your Tyres Are Properly Inflated

Keep your Car Aerodynamic and Lightweight Have you been driving around town with a sack of rice that you bought in Mwea and meant to drop off at your folks place but have never gotten a chance to? Do you have a table and chair set sitting on your roof carrier? Well, these items are definitely increasing your fuel consumption. The greater the weight your engine has to pull around, the higher your consumption will be. Make sure you carry only that which you need. It may also help to keep windows rolled up when cruising to enhance your cars aerodynamics. The smoother the airflow over your car as you drive, the greater your fuel efficiency will be. Tighten Your Fuel Cap If this sounds obvious, that’s because it is. Sometime when you have a spare twenty bob, head over to a petrol station and ask tha pump attendant to trickle some fuel on to the ground. See how fast it evaporates? Well, that is the same thing that happens when you ride around with a loose filler cap. You lose fuel. Tighten up.


Leisure & Pleasure

This isn’t so obvious. Tyres that are under inflated increase the car’s rolling resistance which means the engine must work harder to move the car and hence the car will consume more fuel. Check your tyres at least once a month. Air Conditioning Leave you’re A/C off whenever possible. It reduces efficiency by as much as 10%. Don’t Speed Next time your zooming along Mombasa Road, remember this: Fuel consumption at 110km/h can be up to 25% higher than fuel consumption when cruising at 90km/h. Regular Service This is probably the most important. Be sure to service your car at the correct intervals and using appropriate oil and service parts. A dirty air filter can cause the car engine to run much less efficiently. Using old oil increases wear and thus reduces efficiency.

Books Feeling Down or Frustrated? Read ‘Drive’: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us


f you are looking for a nice motivational new books to read this September, consider Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. The book is selling for an average of $16.00 in most online book stores (Hardcover Edition) and you get a discount when you buy in bulk in almost all these stores. You could buy the book as a Kindle Edition, as a Hardcover Edition, or as a Paperback Edition. The gist of the book is that the writer, Daniel H. Pink, tells the views that everything human beings think they know about motivation is wrong. The writer, using some of the latest discoveries about the human mind, puts it to us that we are not only motivated by the hope of gaining and the fear of losing. Daniel H. Pink uses several studies to show that the ‘carrot + stick’ mentality actually reduces the workers’ productivity and creativity. He puts across the point that after all our basic needs (such as shelter, clothing, and food) have been fulfilled, what actually motivates us the ability to develop and grow on projects of our choice whereby we get to do everything our way.

The book has a series of appendixes that include further reading should you want to explore the issue further. The writer, Daniel H. Pink, is a prominent American motivational writer and speaker as well as a speechwriter. He worked as a speechwriter for former Vice President Al Gore between 1995 and 1997. He has also written other critically acclaimed books such as Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, and The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need. He is set to release other new books.

Christian/ Motivational books out this Aug/Sep X2

Leisure & Pleasure


Books Be on the Lookout for ‘When Chicks Hatch’ this August


f you are into Christian literature, you should be on the lookout for When Chicks Hatch. The book is set to be released on paperback in August 2011 by Winepress Publishing. The book will cost you $11.99 and $14.99 on online bookstores. If you buy more than 36 new books, you will get a tidy discount in all online bookstores. The book will be available for shipping on the 13th of August 2011. The book is written by Heather Randall, and up-andcoming writer.

The book is 5 fragile women who face challenging days. The women are Jennifer, Nicky, Sidney, Alexis, and Kristen. The story is about how Jennifer and Nicky collaborate on an important production, about how Sidney struggles to reconcile her unexpected future with her self-centered past, about how Alexis faces rejection and grief as she works on her failing, and about how Kristen who is no longer sure that that she will ever get the love and the family she desires. The 5 women are friends, but they all deal with their personal struggles their own way. Nicky and Jennifer’s friendship is at risk and Sidney ends up making bad choices due to her self-controlled past.

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Although the author keeps on switching from one situation to the other from one chapter to the next and even within the same chapter (which can be attributed to the fact that she is new at writing), the book is a good read. The general moral of the story is that as long as you have faith and hope, God is capable of changing any situation that you may be going through. It is expected that Heather Randall will be releasing other new books.


Family Films Out This August (2011)


f you want to watch family movies this weekend, you are in luck because Spy Kids: All the Time in the World is set to be released on the 19th of August. The film will be directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by Robert Rodriguez. As ever, starring in the film are Jessica Alba, Joel McHale, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Rowan Blanchard, Mason Cook, Ricky Gervais, and Jeremy Piven. The movie had a budget of $40,000,000 and it will be released by Dimension Films. The action-adventure film is the fourth in the Spy Kids franchise. The film uses aromascope, allowing you to smell aromas and odors via Scratch & Sniff Cards, last used in Rugrats Go Wild!. Movies in Cinemas Aug/Sep x2

The film revolves around Cecil and Rebecca, twins with no respect for their stepmother, Merissa (played by Jessica Alba). Merissa is a retires OSS or Organization of Super Spies agent. Cecil and Rebecca end up joining Merissa in a warfare to save the world. Another of the cinemas out this Aug/Sep is The Smurfs. The movie is directed by Raja Gosnell and produced by Jordan Kerner. Starring in the movie are Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, Sofía Vergara, and Hank Azaria. The movie is based on The Smurfs by Peyo. The film has been shot in 3D. The film is set in the Middle Ages, with an evil wizard, Gargamel, (played by Hank Azaria), discovering the Smurfs’ village and chasing them into a wooded area. The Smurfs find their way into present-day New York The film is about the Smurf’s quest to return to their village and to fight Gargamel. The movie is made in the Sony Pictures Animation studios and is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

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Movies Thrillers That are Out This September


f you love your thrillers, you should really look forward this Aug/Sep. One of the most anticipated movies this September is Shark Night 3D. The 95 minutes movie is set to be released in the 2nd of September. The movie is directed by David R. Ellis and it produced by Chris Briggs, Mike Fleiss, and Lynette Howell. Starring in the movie are Sara Paxton, Alyssa Diaz, Joel David Moore, Kyla Pratt, Dustin Milligan, Katharine McPhee, Donal Logue, and Ving Rhames. The movie had a $28 million budget and it will be distributed by Relativity Media. The movie is about seven college friends who are spending a weekend at a Louisiana’s Gulf area lake house. The vacation becomes a nightmare with shark attacks which is unheard of in fresh-water lakes. These sharks have been introduced by locals as part of a sick and greedy plan.

Another of the anticipated cinemas that is out this September is Apollo 18. The movie is directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego and produced by Timur Bekmambetov and Ron Schmidt. The release date is the 2nd of September. The movie was made with a budget of $5 million. This is a found footagestyle film that is set in December 1974 about the post-Apollo 17 mission to the Moon and it tries to explain why NASA abandoned the Apollo moon missions. Apollo 17 had been the last official manned mission, but 2 astronauts were sent in a secret mission (Apollo 18) by the government. The movie is about government cover ups of the mission following the attack of the crew by parasitic lifeforms on the moon. The film’s distributors will be Dimension Films.

Movies in Cinemas Aug/Sep x2 Shark Night 3D.


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Buy a Records’ Vault Masters series this August


f you love gospel Bluegrass music, consider getting consider getting music from Larry Sparks which is due to be released this August. Larry Sparks started singing about 50 years ago. The album is titled Rebel Records’ Vault Masters series is a collection of 14 gospel songs that were recorded between 1974 and 2000. Some of the songs in the album are ‘Let Him Lead You,’ ‘I Am The Man, Thomas,’ ‘Gospel Train’, ‘Old Satan’, ‘Call Out To Jesus’, ‘Battle of Armageddon’, ‘That Awful Day’, ‘Great High Mountain’, and ‘When I Lay My Burdens Down’. Some of these tracks are by artists other than Larry Sparks. The album is released by Rounder Records.

Music Bluegrass music refers to a type of music that form part of American roots music. This is a sub-genre of country music and it has its roots in English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh traditional music. The music was first played in the Appalachian region where these immigrants first settled. This sub-genre of music was inspired by English and Irish immigrants to the U.S. and it was greatly influenced by AfricanAmerican music (there is a jazz element in the music). This type of music has loyal and diverse following from all over the world. The music was pioneered by Bill Monroe. Acoustic stringed instruments are used to play the music. The most commonly used instruments are the fiddle, the 5-string banjo, the mandolin, the guitar, and the string bass (the upright bass). These instruments are often supported by a resonator guitar and a harmonica.

Gospel Music Out this Aug/Sep

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Boyz and their toyz Tokyo Flash watch

Diversitile Dunk Nike Child’s Play Chucky Sneakers

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1


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Girl stuff

Vintage wristwatches. Chronometer

Floral Earrings

Limited edition Jasmin Noir By Bvlgari

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Dress Code


mart casual (which does not mean the same thing as business casual) is a dress code that is rather loosely defined. The term smart casual simply means that the dress code is casual and yet neat enough to conform to the set standards in Western social groups. Below is an overview of what this fashion trend comprises of. For men, smart casual could be a dress trousers with chinos which are long-sleeved shirts that you can wear with an optional tie. The outfit could go with leather loafers or your could wear dressy slip-ons. You could wear a pair of socks, a sport blazer or coat, and a belt if appreciate. When worn together with a dress shirt or a polo shirt, jeans count as smart casual.


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Smart Casual


or women, smart casual could be a skirt (short or long) or slacks together with a turtleneck or a blouse, a fashionable belt, a vest, a jacket,or a sweater that goes with the outfit, socks or hosiery with boots, and flat pairs of shoes (such as suede, fabric, or leather pairs of shoes) or a mid-heel pair of shoes. Women could buy jewelry such as necklaces and earing. Women could wear stylish knit tops together with black dress or khakis pants when going for this fashion trend. Mixing-and-matching is acceptable when it comes to smart casual dress code. Note that shorts are not considered to be smart casual for men, but long/capris shorts are acceptable for women. You could hire a stylist to guide you in your selection of smart casual clothes.

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Going on an Out of Town Picnic


f you are planning for an out of town picnic, you should have a checklist. This will ensure that you do not leave anything out, it prevents last minute rush, and it ensures that you enjoy yourself since everything will be ready. Below are the steps you should include in your checklist whenever you are going for an out-of-town picnic.

Next, start the preparations by visiting the picnic venue. Decide on where you will sit and book the venue if that is necessary. After you are done with the picnic venue, make the necessary logistical arrangements such as the necessary travel arrangements. After this, buy the food that will be taken and start making the necessary preparations. Your picnic menu choice should be guided by what the majority of the picnickers want. The first step in your checklist should be inviting the picnickers. You should not start preparations before knowing who will be available. This step will help you settle on the most appropriate date and venue. You should consider the weather of the intended venue when making the picnic venue choice.

Next, buy or borrow everything that will be needed in the picnic. These include paper towels, pieces of foil, thermos flasks, waste bags, hand wipes, plates, mugs/cups, paper towels, ziplock bags, sunscreen, insect repellents, hats, and a camera.

You should start the preparations weeks or Next, decide on what the picnickers will eat/ even months in advance. The picnic should be drink and on the day’s activities. You should get near where you leave if you want to attract a the input of the picnic goers when doing this. high number of picnickers.


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On the Grill


Italian Lemonade Ingredients:


• Two cups of sugar

To produce the flavored uncomplicated syrup, put sugar, basil and water into a saucepan. Place it on fire and heat until it boils and then reduce the fire for about five minutes till the sugar melts. Remember that the water must be clear.

• One cup of water • One bunch of fresh basil, stemmed and washed • Two cups of lemon juice(around twelve to fifteen lemons) • Two cups of sparkling water

Take off from the fire and remove the basil. If need be, empty it through a sieve to remove all the pieces of basil. Chill the mixture and keep it in the refrigerator. Squash the lemons to produce two cups of juice and empty the juice into a jug. Add two cups of water to the jug. Empty the cooled syrup to the lemon juice and cool in the refrigerator. Add ice and a lemon to every glass and empty in the lemonade. The beverage is now ready to serve.


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Caponata Picnic Sandwiches


This is a recipe for making caponata picnic sandwiches. It serves up to six people and it is very delicious and easy to make. It takes only fifty five minutes to make this main course and it is a very good option when going for a picnic.

Ingredients •

A quarter of olive oil

One celery stalk, slices

One medium eggplant, mince into half inch pieces


One red bell pepper, mince into half inch pieces

One medium onion sliced

One can chopped tomatoes

Three tablespoons of raisins

Half teaspoon dry orengo leaves

Fresh ground black pepper

Quarter cup of red wine- vinegar

Two spoons of sugar

One tablespoon of dried capers

One loaf of ciabatta bread, cut across into six equal pieces

Two garlic cloves, shelled

Six slices of dried clean water-packed mozzarella

On the Grill

Method: Warm a quarter cup of the oil in a heavy and bigger skillet over average heat. Add celery and beat until tender for around two minutes. Add eggplant and beat till it starts to soften. This should take around two minutes. Flavor with salt. Add red pepper and let it cook till tender. This should take around five minutes. Add onion and beat till translucent, around three minutes. Add the chopped tomatoes together with their juices, oregano, and raisins. Flavor with salt and pepper till it tastes. Simmer over average heat till the seasons blend and the mixture stiffen, whisking often, around twenty minutes. Add the vinegar, capers and sugar. Flavor with pepper and salt, to taste. Chop the bread slices across in half. Grate the bread cut in side down in a grill pan. Put on average heat till golden, around two minutes. Stroke the whole garlic cloves on the baked side of bread. Add a piece of mozzarella to the bottom of the bread, put the caponata on top, cover with the remaining 1/2 bread, then serve the picnic main course.

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On the Grill Recipes Foods to take on a picnic Dessert


Paper Cupcakes


his tasty desert recipe can serve up to twenty six people. A cupcake is also called fairy cake, cup cake or patty cake. This is a small cake shaped to serve only 1 person. It is commonly scorched in aluminum cup or a small, reedy paper. Like bigger cakes, cake decorations and frosting are used on paper cupcakes. Baking this desert takes two hours and fifteen minutes. Below is a recipe on how to bake a paper cup cake for your picnic desert. It is very easy to bake.

Ingredients: Two cups of multi purpose flour One teaspoon of baking soda One cup of unsalted butter, vaguely softened One cup of sugar One cup of brown sugar Four eggs Six jots of unsweetened chocolate, smelted One teaspoon of vanilla abstract One cup of buttermilk Twenty four paper cups(Dixie) For the frosting: Two egg whites Six tablespoons of cold water One and a half cups of sugar Half teaspoon ointment of tartar One teaspoon of pure vanilla extract


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Method: Warm at the oven up to three hundred and fifty degrees F. Sieve baking soda and the flour together and put to one side. In a blender with a lash attachment, beat the butter till fluffy and light then you add sugars and resume mixing to beat them together. Add eggs steadily and let them mix in thoroughly. Then add the smelted unsweetened chocolate and mix them well. Add vanilla and a third of the butter milk mix in properly. Add a half of the withered ingredients and mix in properly. Iterate interchanging wet and dry finishing with wet. Put papers which are not waxed on a sheet pan and stuff them three quarters full. Bake them till solid. Do this for twenty minutes. Making the frosting of the desert: Remove from the heat, mix egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar, and cold water to the highest point of a double boiler. Stir until smooth. Put over boiling water and stir constantly till the frosting is firm and holds ends. Put out of the heat and stir in the vanilla. Let chill, stirring often. Let the cakes chill in the pan, and then cool while in the cups.



One on one

Kerah Full Names?


The music industry presents allot of temptations even for Gospel singers, can you share yours and how you managed?

Everything is thrown at you like lust, pride, love I am a singer, I do voice over’s and commercials. of money but I saw that the more I got closer to God the less I struggled with any of this and and for fun? also I decided to look for mentors who I would Swim, work out and watch movies call anytime and they would be there for me. How did you discover your gifts in this area and begin to use them? I started singing when I was in primary school, at home and as we were washing clothes. What are some of the challenges you faced? Getting a studio, money to go to the studio and some churches kicked us out. How did you overcome? God gave us people who would help us in pushing our gifts like our parents and our first producer, ennovator.


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What are some of the mighty things god has done for you and your music either solo or in a group? First he brought people who believed in us to a point where they paid for our first song then ennovator our producer back in 2003 signed us and we did our album. With our second album our church Faith Evangelistic Ministries funded our entire zym- zaidi ya mziki album and also paid for our ticket as we were going to the states for our first tour.

One on one What can you tell us about the challenges of interracial relationships and marriage? There is a big difference in the way we were brought up and how we do things, plus she was always flying back and forth and we would spend 6 months away without seeing each other. But through good communication, being genuine with our feelings and God, we made it through. Any advice for the youth out there in trying to do what you do in the music industry? Put you trust in God maze, he knows what you desire and he gave you that gift so ask him what he needs you to do with it. What of youth , Love, Marriage and God any advice?

You look Just like Kora Kariba who sang Skamares with Madtraxx your names even sound the same any relation? (Laughs) yeah I get that alot, but we are not related, however I know his sister and she’s a good friend of mine.

For the youth, wacha moto mob and relax and enjoy your youth doing what is good in God’s sight. As for love and marriage, don’t arouse love before its time otherwise utalia but ask God to direct your heart he knows who your wife is. If you let God in your heart don’t hold back on seeking God for he says draw close to me and I will draw closer to you.

What Are your plans moving forward musically?

How will marriage affect your career?

Well, I am planning to release my solo album next year. More details later in the future.

It will make it better in away in a way only the future can tell.

I hear wedding bells chiming in your direction is this true?

Congrats Kerah.. any last words or shout outs?

Yes it is and she is the best thing that has happened to me.

Maze nawapenda wote and mwamba akuwe na nyinyi.

How did you meet and propose? We met at my mum’s church; she had come for a concert. I proposed at a garden in Karen where I always wanted to get married at.

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They say that each day holds something new for us to learn. I have discovered that the lessons are there, but we have to be willing to take hold of them. Many things can stand in the way of us learning what life has to teach us such as, anger, resentment, hurt, ignorance, pride and bitterness. I once heard that bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. In several soaps, we often see one person obsessed with bitterness and spend their whole life planning revenge on the one who hurt them, only for it all to lead to their own down fall. Throughout my life, people have taken advantage of me in one way or the other, they have used me and it hurt. Over the last few weeks, that seems to have been magnified and indeed it leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth. I am not a confrontational person. What this simply means is that while others would walk up to you, and be all up in your face about how you wronged them, I may choose to be less aggressive about it. I will let you know you wronged me and that I am hurt but I my approach is different. I find that more and more we are fighting over petite things, mostly over money. Today we find siblings, husbands and wives, friends, parents and their children parting ways, hating and cursing each other over money. With this new age, with the new generation, we have to find new ways to deal with matters. As I was sitting at a coffee shop, speaking to God he told me that, we are to forgive each other, that when someone takes an inch we should give them the mile, when they take your shirt you should give them your coat too. This is very hard to do when you are down to your last coat and the one taking has a walk in closet filled with coats, but we do it because God requires it of us. These instructions are not new, but they are new in this times we are living in. It is time for a new beginning. One where we recall who we are, that we are a new creation in Christ. That we are not our own and that we gave up our own will to take up his. The world may not change but I can change and by my changing I can change the world around me. It is time for a new beginning, where in every situation we strive for peace, where in every given opportunity to be angry, bitter and hateful we will love, forgive and honor and glorify God. See we are not longer just individuals but Christians, representatives of God and his kingdom. We must be willing to put away the old, and take up the new for his names sake.



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