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arusi Magazine is under the umbrella group Harusi Enterprises. This is a Christian organization that is unlike any other and uses various mediums of communication to fulfill its mandate. This magazine is directed and put together with the youth and single adults in mind. The magazine has a new wine in new wine skin approach to fulfilling its mandate thus is a modern hip magazine that cover various topics. We have several categories such as Relationships- sex, marriage, dating, relationships, and talking spouses. Lifestyle- health, wealth, House and DĂŠcor, tours and travel. News- Global news, sports, events, celebrities. Leisure and Pleasurecars, fashion, music, movies, books boyz and their toyz, girl stuff. Special features- on the grill, one on one, testimonial. Letter from Miss Boss and the snap both.


ur mandate is to Raise up a generation that cant help but wait on God and is founded on the word from Luke 12: 35-36 Be prepared all dressed and ready for your Groom’s return from the wedding feast. Then you will be ready to open the door and let him in the moment he arrives and knocks. We aim to prepare the bride of Christ not only for marriage here on earth but the end time marriage to our Lord. We are aware that there are many things that pull this generation from living a godly life and Destroy their relationship with God and we intend to bring a change and help them get back their footing.


Our Mandate

e mostly dwell on the area of relationships as we have come to understand that the relationships we have affect our relationships with God. God made man and made him relational, however there is a way he expects us to carry ourselves in those relationships that will not tear us apart from him and his grace. In this magazine we discuss that and equip the youth and single adults and even that in marriage on working relationships as God calls us to. We are aware that the world has many experts when it comes to love, relationships, dating, marriage and sex and they all have been generous to share their opinion with us, but this time we choose to look to the greatest of all experts, the all knowing God and his word on the matter.

ur relationship on earth is to be a reflection of our relationship with God, We are the bride of Christ and we must teach our generation that to keep them from falling from grace. To allow them to be ready and prepared for the bride groom when he comes, for he is coming, we just do not know when. We want our generation to stay focused and determined to wait on God and not miss him when he comes as illustrated in math 25:1-13.


Thitu Kariba

Founder and Visionary

Editorial Executive Director Thitu Kariba


Timothy Mwaura

Layout & Graphics Fred Tindi


Bobby Pall Mike Chege

Special Thanks Paleki Matthew Majok Athethei



Paleki Matthew



t is with great honor that I get to welcome you to read and enjoy yet another issue of Harusi Magazine. God has been faithful in all ways and we give him all the praise. This is a great season for it is the time we celebrate Easter and the pass over. It is also the Month in the Jewish calendar that sets the first month of the year, Indeed it is a new season. In the start of March the Lord asked that we pray for him to rain down his blessings on us, and I did not miss out on such a great opportunity. It was amazing to see that he opened the year, the month of April with a sign of rain, rain that we can all agree was long awaited for and long overdue. One other thing that I noted was that in our calendar, April is the 4th month of the year and the number 4 is the number of earthly manifestation. Indeed as it is in heaven it has come to be on earth and his blessing rain down on us. This is a great time of the year for us, it is a time when we get to recall the price that was paid for us on the cross at Calvary and more over the power and gifts that was bestowed on us after the resurrection. By his stripes we were healed, he conquered death that we may live life abundantly and he gave us the great comforter, the Holy Spirit. Many more occurred at the cross that I cannot get into, we just give all praise and honor to He that deserves it all. We take the time to recall the Passover too, the time when his people we set free from Egypt following a night when death passed over the land and took every fist born of they that were not covered by the blood. Yes it is a season for salvation, for life and not death, for celebration and not mourning. We thank the Lord yet again for the opportunities he gives us to meet new people, to have new experiences and we share them all with you in this issue. We were privileged to get a one on one with Paleki Mathwes from the south Sudan and we were honored to show case our at and participate in the art festival among much more. We hope and pray that you enjoy every page turning moment of this issue was we carry on in our mission to prepare the bride of Christ. Enjoy your read! And give thanks.


Thitu Kariba




Not long ago I was in church and the pastor mentioned how Dating in not found in the Bible; on his part it came across as though he was not for it and I can understand that. I heard one of the people in church say how God had revealed to them the one they were going to marry and how it all happened in record time. The man communicated and popped the question and she said yes and that was that. Many may be wondering how real that is or how practical. The thing is God can do anything and such a thing is very real and practical because you are trusting in God who knows all. Pastor may not feel that Dating is the way to go; however, God is not limited to the way He works. I have heard of couples meeting online and getting married, happily so. God is not a one way God, He is a God who has been known to do the same things in many ways. If you fell ill, you would have the option of going to a hospital and getting treated of having God miraculously heal you. As the Pastor once also said, if it is for us it is not against us. I would take the same approach when looking at dating, keeping in mind that dating is collecting data and not whatever it is the world does that even includes sex. Truth be told, we are not the same, we have all been given a measure of faith, but that faith grows and it may have grown for one more than it has for another. It does not mean that if you date a man or woman, find that after time spent collecting data, you have felt convicted, sure and confirmed that they are the one and marry them, that it is the wrong way to go about it. I know God answers prayer in various ways and it has been dating has been proved to work for Christians. Again in the words of the Pastor, if it is not against us it is for us. As a Christian living in the world, you are aware that there are two systems existing: that of the Kingdom of light and darkness. Darkness takes a good thing or a God thing and corrupts it. We see that all the


time and it is evident in dating. What is a great way to gather data about the other person, to develop a friendship/relationship has been corrupted; lines have been erased, moved, crossed and made crooked. The world system is all about “Me” and in dating the rules have been changed so as to now please “Me” instead of God. I am all for dating, I think it is important to know what you are getting into, to know the person you will be spending the rest of your days with, to be friends before you can be more, to take time to collect data and get to know each other. Time can also be taken to do the same in marriage. However, then you have to be absolutely sure you heard right, because once you’re in, there is no getting out. When it comes to dating, in the context where dating is spending time with the person and collecting information about them, knowing them, and not like Adam knew Eve, then you are also working as God would require to. His word says that His people perish for lack of knowledge. It applies very well in this case: when you go in blind for they who’s faith level is not that of the Pastors and other, a bad marriage could very well kill you. Many have died at the hands of abusive spouses and let’s not even mention the things that happen to the children. Dating is an option, medicine is an option, along with many other things. There is faith, and there is grace. God will not leave you nor forsake you just because you need to date or see a doctor.



Relationships I found myself in a situation where I had to look at my relationship and decide what was the priority, or rather whom. When we often get into relationships be it with a friend, or with more than a friend, we tend to get sucked in. By that I mean the new relationship and person in your life takes priority and if we are not careful we could over do it. I found myself having to ask, “Do I invest as much in my relationship with Him as I do with others?” The truth is there was a point where I had put Him on the bench or the back burner and it was time to make things right. When I say Him in this case I don’t mean the tall dark and handsome guy in my life. I mean The great I AM, God, Jehovah. It’s crucial that we take time, more time, to cultivate the He and I relationship. We tend to forge that He is a jealous God; by that we do not mean a God who breaks His own commandments and is what He tells us not to be(Jealous), but that You are Number One in His eyes and He needs to be Number One in yours. He wants to give you the very best of Him and to do that He needs your full and undivided attention. Do not get me wrong, I do not mean you spend all day every day just meditating (unless that is your calling) but it means that in all things, in your waking up and going to bed, in your going



out and coming in, in all you do and say, in your all in all, He is Number One. I work the job He calls me to, I am with the one He calls me to be with, I say the things He would have me say because He is my first love. The way we do all we do should be based; it should be a replica of the way we do it with Him. I got to a season where He asked me to press in, to get more and more intimate with Him, to forget all others and put them in the back seat and bring Him to the front, the center of my focus. It was not that I was not doing that before, but He wanted more of me as I did of Him. He wanted to teach me about the highest level of relationship so that I can replicate that with the man He has given to me. The way before, the way to have a successful relationship with others is to have a successful relationship with Him. This applies regardless of what level of relationship, as friend, father, marriage partner, even business. Whatever the case or relationship, He is the best Teacher you can get. Take the time today to focus, to invest, to work on the most crucial relationship there is, you will find that in that relationship you will learn and see how to handle all others. Work on the He and I and He will work on the you and they relationship.

He & I

You Do, but We Don’t Recently I found myself in a situation where a friend of mine has chosen to get married though many are not for it. I know that this is not the first case where this has happened- at times it’s your friends, family, or even parents. I had to go before God on this one and ask what the deal was, how can two say “I do” when the rest say “we don’t”? Is that God’s will?

Marriage Marrying the right person at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons is also wrong. The Bible says that in His time He makes all things beautiful; that means in God’s time, you will be joined but for His right reasons and having been prepared by Him. When it is in His time there will be harmony all round with friends, family, parents. In God’s time everything is in agreement. A marriage is to bring people together; including two families, not break them apart.

At times the couple takes I also had a conversation with my mum about the disagreement as an attack of the enemy and that and I mentioned that when your folks do yet these are the people God has put around not agree with who you are marrying, when you to protect you, to advise you, to be your they choose not to be part of the wedding, it eyes where you cannot see. But we even use should be a red flag. Mum told me that in any the word of God to justify our going ahead with case, the parents should show up and bless the things, only for the same God not to show up at children; I listened to her though I did not agree. your wedding. How can God celebrate what He If its wrong, if it is not meant to be, can you does not approve? How can He celebrate what bless it into being? does not please Him? As I went before God, He talked to me about His standards for a marriage. He requires each partner to be equally yoked, but it does not end there; He requires each partner to be the one that He created for the other, and He requires each partner to marry for the right reasons. Two people loving each other is not enough, God has to be at the core of it all and if He is not, then it’s a house built upon the sand. Recently, a wedding was canceled only a day or two before it was to take place, but we were all relieved. Yes there was heart ache and pain, but not as much as there would have been years later in a divorce court. Marrying the wrong person could literally kill you. A friend of mine shared with me how his bad marriage to the wrong person nearly cost him his life!

When you say “I do” while we are saying “We don’t”, take note, heed to the advise, listen because it truly is better to be safe than sorry and God hates divorce. A marriage that is not according to hHis standards, even if it’s done in a church, is not one He will approve of. God, however, is merciful, and if you are willing He will come in and turn things around, He will come in and correct the matter by making the couple and the marriage meet His standards, which would avoid divorce and pain. In His time He makes all things beautiful.



Sex When you learn the truth, the truth sets you free. It is an amazing thing, freedom. It seems that it is when you find it, when you are finally set free that you realize you were free all along, you just had to accept it. That is the trick; freedom is in your being able to accept the truths that come your way. One of the biggest enslavements that we face in Christianity is the failure to accept that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and mine and that he rose again, freeing you even further from death and ushering you into a position of eternal life that comes with power, abundance, prosperity, healing, deliverance, grace, miracles, signs, wonders and much, much more. Yes, we are free indeed, and yet we are our own jailers.

make a marriage; sex is not marriage, it is simply sex. Sex outside a marriage has many many complications that affect the body, spirit and soul, and that is why God put a condition on it; and it is a sin when it is done because it is done in disobedience to His condition. Just because you had/have sex together does not make you married, God does not care if you have lived together for years and have children; you are not married unless He alone joins you and under His condition and standard of marriage. There are times we hear of divorce cases that come about because one partner was not “giving it up”, and there are others that come about because one partner was “giving it up” but not to their spouse. Once again, sex cannot break a marriage. In the Bible this was given as grounds for divorce if you choose it. In reality sex cannot make or break a marriage- only people can. You choose to marry and you alone choose to divorce. Sex is simply a gift, a wedding gift from the Father to be enjoyed for as long as you want to.

MAKE it or BREAK it For a long time I was told that everyone I had slept with I was tied to. We are told that sex is crucial, that it is so crucial it makes a marriage. As I was reading a book by a great Man of God, I came to learn that this is not the case. Yes, there is a gluing mechanism to sex, true; but that can easily be unstuck by being saved. It is not by decreeing or declaring, prayer, fasting, deliverance and laying on of hands but simply by accepting Him that you are set free from every tie made in your past through sex. The day you got born again, you were set free. Accept it, and live it. Many are the times when a girl would get pregnant out of wedlock and would be made to marry the guy who did it. It was said that because they had sex, it was recognized as marriage, but at the end of it all the couple and the children suffered a great deal. Sex cannot



We have been made to believe that sex sells, sex is power, but here you are being told that sex has no power but that which you give it. In other words, you have the power and you choose what will be. This set me free because I can now look back at my past, the sexual abuse, the rape- all of it- and realize that sex cannot make or break me. Only I can give it the power to do so. When I understood that I was quick to take back that power and to simply look at it as a wonderful, amazing activity that I will enjoy with my husband but not even one that takes up all our time and perhaps not even every day. It will never be my reason to marry nor shall it ever be my reason to end a marriage. It shall never be sex. Hot, steamy, sweet, gentle, wild and passionate sex. You are free!

Talking Spouses


ot long ago I came to a shocking and hurtful realization yet again of how the world system has done us wrong. In the world as we know it, we have people that believe women ought to be independent. It started off well: it enabled women to have rights such as the right to an education, the right to work. It was not all that bad (although now they complain about going to work and working in the home too). What got out of hand was how they kept pushing and pushing to get more of what men were entitled to, to the point where it seems women are out to get the title “Men”. I realized that this world system has allowed us to disrespect our men and what they do for us, just because we think we can do that all by ourselves. Have you ever thrown your rights out at your man or as a man had his rights thrown in his face and been disrespected? The issue of respect nearly cost me my relationship and I really had to take a closer

Unfortunately, some men were waiting for women to get to work so they could lay on the couch all day and do nothing. This caused the woman to be the head of the house; to be the one who does it all because her man won’t do a thing. In this case, the man has abused and disrespected

look. When I told him I loved him, he found it hard to believe because I did not respect him. This was utterly confusing to me: how does love equal respect? I mean I love certain people in my family even though I do not respect them. I came to realize that I was in his seat, the driver’s seat, and that even though I loved him I did not trust him to lead, to carry and take me there. That was disrespect and where there is not trust there is no respect and no love. The world has told us as women to be independent, and each time we look at women like these we notice that they are alone or can’t seem to keep a relationship with a man. He is the head but we fought for the right to that place, he is to lead us and guide us but we also fought for the right to that. What on one hand looks like liberation in the world, in the Kingdom of God it is us being enslaved. We are held prisoner to the choices we make, or set free by them. Respect, surrendering the wheel to him is not being enslaved but being set free.





Health Cervical Cancer Vaccination Most cervical cancer strains are caused by the HPV (human papilloma virus). Cervical cancer is very widespread since HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. The fact that the cause of this cancer is known is a great advantage because preventative action can be taken. One such method of prevention is getting a HPV vaccination, which is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Most vaccines are made in the U.S. and you should therefore go for a vaccine that has been approved by such regulatory bodies as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The FDA has so far approved Gardasil and Cervarix as cervical cancer vaccines. These two vaccines can also prevent vulvar and vaginal cancers in women. Gardasil is also has multiple benefits such as preventing genital warts in both men and women. These vaccines are recommended for

both girls and boys aged between 11 and 12, but they can be given to nine year olds. Young girls and boys should get vaccinated before they are sexually active to ensure that they will not have been exposed to HPV, therefore making the vaccine much more effective. The two cervical cancer vaccines are given in three injections over six months. The second dose comes one or two months after the first one while the third dose comes about six months following the first one. You should not get vaccinated during pregnant or if you are moderately or severely sick. You should also inform your doctor of all allergies, especially latex and yeast allergies. Although Gardasil and Cervarix work best in individuals who are not sexually active and who have not yet contracted HPV, they are nevertheless useful in sexually active people, given that there are two main strains of HPV(HPV-16 and HPV-18), and they will prevent one if you have the other.




Tips on Budgeting this April April always comes with Easter festivities. Although not at the same scale as Christmas, the Easter holiday season comes with a lot of spending. The following tips will help you cut back on your spending this April.

Know the amount of money you need to pay as fixed expenses each month. Take into account such expenditures as mortgage/rent, insurance, electricity, water, food, savings and telephone services. Keep these figures in mind to stay within your budget since you will know that over spending on one expenditure means that another expenditure does not get enough money. For effective budgeting, use more debit cards and cash and less credit cards. Whipping out a credit card whenever you are making small purchases should especially be avoided. Using credit cards prevents you from adequately keeping track of your spending. You save on interest when you buy small items with cash. Consider eating in this festive season. A homemade meal costs as much as 200% to 300% less than in a restaurant. Homemade Easter dinners are also advantageous in that they tend to be more nutritious, are lower in fats, sugars and salt and are in the right quantities. Another important budgeting tip is looking for entertainment alternatives that are not as costly. You need not spend a fortune to have fun. You could spend your evenings simply watching DVDs or going bowling.



When buying clothes, buy styles that are not likely to go out of style fast. This will remove the temptation of replacing the wardrobe soon after buying the clothes. You can also do some of the domestic chores yourself, like cleaning the house, cooking and washing clothes to save money. Do seek help from a professional if you have been struggling with your budgeting. Finally, involve every family member in the budgeting to make it highly effective.

Food and wine

Matching for your Easter Special A great way to have a really memorable Easter dining experience this year is to match your food and wine. Some foods and wines just go well together.

If you are eating such bright flavored salads as spinach salad with red onion, bacon, and mandarins, consider going for Mionetto Prosecco Brut. The white bubbly is a fruitforward wine that is easy to drink. If you would prefer to go with tradition and have an egg-based Easter recipe, consider going for Little Black Dress Riesling which is a crisp, aromatic white wine. The Golan Heights Gilgal Chardonnay 2007 from Israel also goes well with such foods as seafood, pasta, poultry and mild cheeses. The kosher Chardonnay is a non-wooded wine that features natural fruit. Consider taking Luce Della Vite Toscana 2007 this Easter- a red Italian wine made from the blending of Merlot and Sangiovese. The Wine Spectator magazine gave the 2007 vintage a 95. The wine goes best with aged cheeses and roasted meats.

Another good option for your Easter dinner is Duca del Frassino Cabernet Corvina, which has a rich, lush fruit flavor. The robust Italian wine is ideally taken with entrees and red meats that have bold flavors. This wine comes packaged in an eco-friendly box, making it the perfect choice if you are mindful about your carbon footprint. Yet another option for this Easter is Voga Italia Moscato, a luscious dessert wine that lingers on your palate so that the rich natural grape flavors dances on your tongue. The wine goes well with light cakes and fruit desserts. Go for Argentinian Malbec if you have grilled, braised, barbecued or roasted lamb. This is a full bodied red wine characterized by a great tannin structure and blackcurrant, dried fruit and plum flavours. La Flor Malbec goes well with roast lamb and other red meats.






Living Room Easter Decor Easter is a time to liven up your home as you and your family get ready to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. Lots of food is to be expected as is Easter candy. Create a festive mood for your family by adding a few things here and there to bring the festivities to life. Decorating mantels, doors, walls and side tables will create the perfect atmosphere. Create wreaths to hang on your door or mantel. This can be made from colored Easter eggs, twigs and more. If possible, add some color by adding Easter eggs, bunnies and little birds. Flowers can also be added to the wreath for a burst of color. Get creative and use an old watering can to hold a bouquet of greenery, pastel colored flowers and Easter eggs. Tying a ribbon around the can will give it a more airy look. Another great idea is to take an umbrella, close it and tie a ribbon halfway up, then tuck in some tissue paper before adding fresh flowers, Easter eggs, greenery, moss and ferns to create a beautiful umbrella bouquet. Decorating the mantle is another great living room idea. Use faux grass and twigs and then add some Easter bunnies, eggs, birds, and flowers for a burst of color. If you have an old Easter card, you can frame it and put it up as a wall decoration. A narrow bookcase can be used as a decoration by arranging pastel colored bowls and china on it, then adding a vase of colorful flowers. For your side table make nests out of shredded paper and add faux eggs. Additionally, you can take some baking cups, put them on egg cups and pour in some jelly beans or small Easter eggs. There is much you can do to usher in the season. Get creative and enjoy!



Kitchen Decorating Your Table for Easter Easter is soon coming up and those of the Christian faith are looking forward to celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ. It’s not just Christians who celebrate Easter though. Others do too and decorate their homes with wreaths, flowers, greenery, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and more. Basically, Easter is a time to come together as a family and enjoy a long weekend. As usual, that includes lots of food and it would be great to include some Easter dÊcor to your dinner table. Some brilliant ideas include using natural plants. Greenery, petals, flowers and fruit make a great accessory for the dinner table. Getting a fresh bouquet of flowers for your breakfast table on Sunday morning or better still scattering some petals on the table will give a great fragrance, filling the room with early morning freshness. Your table cloth should have floral patterns as they give a feeling of brightness and joy. Color coded napkins, napkin rings and table mats also go a long way. If you choose a plain table cloth then work with a spectacular centerpiece that will draw the attention of those who sit down to dinner. A colorful bowl of fruit does the trick. You can also work with bowls or small baskets of Easter eggs or jellybeans. Generally, Easter calls for pastel colors so use white or pastel colored candles if you choose to have a candle lit dinner. Add greenery for bold colors and use twigs if you want to hold your Easter eggs in a nest. Colored dishes add that extra color to the table as well.




Decorating your Child’s Room for Easter Children love any kind of celebration and Easter is especially fun because of all the Easter candy, especially if they receive an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny. Decorating your child’s room during this season will bring the reason for the season home for them as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. Be sure that your décor includes things like a cross or a picture of the risen Christ as the centre piece that ties all your décor together. Most children will probably do some craft, painting or drawing at school that represents Easter. This is great to use in decorating their room. Put it in a picture frame and display it. Additionally, make other crafts with your child and use them to decorate the room. One thing you can do is to create paper mache eggs and paint them in pastel colors. Then make a nest out of shredded paper or twigs and put the eggs in it to place on the bedside table. Additionally, you can purchase a bunny lamp or night light for your child’s room. Print out colored pictures of chicks, Easter eggs and the Easter bunny and stick them on the child’s bedroom window. With this done, find some dry twigs, cover them in light glue and cover them with sparkly sprinkles. Using pastel colored ribbons tie the twigs to the child’s curtain rod after they are dry, and let them hang from there. When the sun shines on them they will look even more beautiful.



Gardens Easter Garden Decorating

Decorating your garden for Easter can be a fun project for the whole family. You can use wreaths, flags, lights and fresh flowers to create the festive atmosphere you desire. Use a craft kit that includes scissors, glue, paint and more to create various decorations. Begin by making cardboard cutouts in the form of large Easter Eggs, nests, the Easter Bunny and more. Once you have them cut out and propped up, use clear lights to frame them. You can use your Christmas lights. When those lights come on at night your yard will be a delight to look at. Easter themed banners and flags can also add that extra touch to your yard. You can hang them on your verandah along with pastel colored ribbons. Another decorative idea is to



use inflatables. An inflatable Easter bunny is a great addition to your yard that your kids will like. At the verandah you can hang some flower pots, or baskets filled with faux eggs. Make sure you have a wreath on your front door as well. Another idea would be to tie plastic eggs to pastel colored ribbons and hang them around porch. Plant fresh flowers in your garden and select colorful ones too. Additionally, potted plants come in handy at this time. Add some faux eggs at the base of the potted plants. If you can find an Easter themed doormat, that would be lovely too. Easter is to be enjoyed! Celebrate the risen Christ with joy and go all out.

FoodBathroom and wine




Books On Fire! And Other Stories you’ve got to Hear: A Christian Novel out this April As the old adage goes, we are what we read. Right from the start, choose wisely what your young ones will learn from. Buy your children novels that will guide their young minds in the right path. You should get your children a novel with interesting stories, rather than a journal because children lose interest fast. Go for short stories that will keep their interest in reading. One such book is a Christian novel out this April entitled On Fire! And Other Stories you’ve got to Hear by Irene Howat. In the book, Howat tells us how God has used fire throughout the Bible for different reasons. She points out that God used fire so that Moses could pay attention, He used fire to guide the Israelites out of Egypt and He used it to shut Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. She also reveals that fire is also used in the New Testament when solders were about to arrest Jesus, when Peter warms himself by a flame while denying Jesus, and when Jesus cooks a fish Barbie after resurrection.

Christian/ Motivational books out this Aug/Sep X2

This book comes in Trade paperback and has 112 pages. It was first published in January 2012 by CF4Kids, ideal for kids aged between 8 and 12 years. Irene Howat is also the author of Adoniram Judson: Danger On The Streets, Ten Boys Who Used Their Talents, Ten Boys Who Made History and Ten Girls Who Didn’t Give In, among others.

Leisure & Pleasure


Books The book is now a required reading for East Carolina University’s AVID Program and North Carolina State University’s Pack’s Pact Program. In the book, Dr. Washington details the best steps towards reaching success in life. He details the principles of success in a very clear and exciting manner, using a conversational tone throughout the inspirational book. Life is a Choice is uplifting, dynamic and inspiring, and the author uses practical examples to encourage readers, as well as social science research to expound on his points. Dr. Washington explains how he was able to rise above his childhood demons that suggested that he would not amount to much. The book was first published on the 6th of December in 2011, but it is expected to hit bookstores in Kenya and elsewhere this May. The paperback version, published by Washington & Company, LLC, has 170 pages and is available on major shopping sites such as Amazon for about $14.99.


Leisure & Pleasure

Life is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life Instead of a novel or a journal this May, why not opt to reading a motivational book? Such a book will leave you feeling encouraged and prepare you to take on all of life’s challenges. One great book you should consider reading is Life is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life by Dr. David Washington.

Movies Movies out April 2012

Several movies are set to be released this April. You could watch House at the End of the Street, a film about a mother and her teenage daughter, who moved to a new home only to find out that their neighboring house was the scene of a double homicide. To find out more, the daughter befriends a boy who escaped death on that horrific scene. The movie is directed by Mark Tonderai. Starring in the movie are Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue and Marx Thieriot. It will be released on 20th April. Another of the highly anticipated movies this April is American Reunion. This movie brings all your favorite American Pie stars (Jason Biggs, Tara Reid, Alyson Hannigan, Eugene Levy, Seann William Scott and company) back to East Great Falls for a high-school reunion. The movie will be released on the 6th of April. We Have a Pope will be released on the 6th of April. Starring in the Nanni Moretti movie are Michel Piccoli, Jerzy Stuhr, Nanni Moretti, Renato Scarpa and Franco Graziosi. The movie is a story of a cardinal who is elected Pope. Another of the movies set to be released this April is The Cabin in the Woods. Starring in the Drew Goddard movie are Richard Jenkins, Kristen Connolly, Bradley Whitford, Anna Hutchison and Chris Hemsworth. The horror movie will be released on the 13th of April.

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Action Movies in Cinemas May 2012 If you are love action movies, you are in for a treat this May. The Avengers is set to be released on the 4th of May (United States), with its world premiere on the 11th of April. The movie is directed by Joss Whedon and produced by Kevin Feige. Starring in this star studded movie are Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson. This is an American superhero film based on different Marvel Comics superheroes, among them Nick Fury, Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Thor. The action-packed film comes in 3D. Another of the much-anticipated action movies out this May is Safe. The movie is directed and written by Boaz Yakin. Starring in the movie are Jason Statham, Chris Sarandon and Catherine Chan. The movie is about how a former elite agent uses a safe combination to outwit corrupt NYC officials, the Russian Mob and Triads. Yet another of the action movies out this May is 4:44 Last Day on Earth. The movie, directed by Abel Ferrara and starring Willem Dafoe, Paz de la Huerta and Natasha Lyonne, will be released on March 23rd. The movie is about the end of the world from the disparate perspectives of a painter and a successful actor.


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Music New gospel album I Made It by Chuck Limbrick Are you searching for mellow music to listen to this Easter season? Do consider going for the new gospel album I Made It by Chuck Limbrick. Limbrick is known for such songs as “Sounds Amazing”, “I Must Tell Jesus”, “I Love You”, “Save Me Now”, “I Wanna Be Free”, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”, “Thank You My Love, Love, Love” and “Whatever You Want”. Others are “Jeremiah”, “#1”, “Time Won’t Change My Love”, “I’m Gonna Love You 4-ever”, “If I Never”, “Prelude”, “I Do”, “Prayer Time”, “Come To Jesus”, “Walk With God”, “I Worship You” and “Come to My Senses”. Chuck Limbrick was born with a passion for music, but a few bad life choices led to a life sentence in prison. He became the youngest person in a Colorado adult correction facility. He uses his life, his story, and his passion to bring glory to God. He was able to release two Christian CDs in his 23 years in prison. The album is a testimony of God’s redemption and incredible grace. I Made It has 11 songs that he wrote while in prison. You can get these songs and their lyrics and the new album as well from such online resources as iTunes

Gospel Music out this April

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Fashion Tips: How to be Hot and Cool at the Same Time! Ladies Hoses are must-haves when you want to look sexy and cool at the same time, but be careful and avoid panty-hose conundrum. You could also opt for self-tanning products on your legs, such as tanning creams and sprays that make legs appear bronzed without the damage caused by UV rays. You can also choose not to wear a hose for the sake of better ventilation during hotter days. Choose tops that have three-quarter sleeves which look hot and cool. A three-quarter sleeve will cover up your upper arm, as most ladies prefer, and still leave much of the arm uncovered and aerated. Cropped jackets are also a great addition to your wardrobe. Find a quality shell which covers undergarments and leaves the arms and neck areas aerated. A fitting designer jacket always looks hot but cool in your work office. The right accessories can make you look sexy and cool at the same time. Go for classy shoes, belts and bags that complement your sexy outfit. Wearing a loose fitting dress that is neither too long or too short always works.


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Fashion You need not look sleazy to look hot, as is the common misconception today. Here are some fantastic clothes and accessories for ladies and men alike.

Men For men, wearing a tight fitting jacket is one way of looking hot and cool at the same time. Do find well fitting jeans, shirts and even suits. Classy hats also look hot and cool. Women love men who have clean, shiny shoes. For both men and women, sun glasses add a final touch to accessorize. You can find inspiration for your own style from your favorite stars and media personalities, or you could enlist the services of a stylist to help you come up with a look that is hot and cool at the same time.

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Tours & travels

Easter Getaways in Kenya Kenya has several attractions that you should consider for you Easter getaway. Organized tours are simply ideal since you get a better package that is well researched. One great deal available online is the Mt. Kenya and Shaba Four Days Easter 2012 Getaway at Sarova Shaba and Treetops. The getaway, by Bonfire Adventures, will set you back Ksh. 28,500pp. The getaway starts on the 6th of April. The trip will start at Nairobi early in the morning, then the group will have lunch at Outspan in Nyeri and proceed for a game drive in Treetops and Aberdares. The group will leave for Sarova Shaba lodge after breakfast the following day. The group will have lunch at the hotel and go for an evening game drive at the Shaba Game Reserve. On the third day, the group will take breakfast at the lodge and proceed to the Samburu Game Reserve. The group will go on an early morning game drive, take breakfast, relax for some moments and head back to Nairobi.


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Another great Easter getaway is the Great Rift Four Days Easter Getaway at Elementaita, Nakuru And Lake Bogoria. This getaway is also organized by Bonfire Adventures and it will set you back Ksh 29,500 per person. The trip starts Nakumatt Lifestyle early in the morning headed to the Rift Valley. The group will stop over at Lake Naivasha for a boat ride. The next day will be spent at the Elementaita Country Lodge and Lake Nakuru National Park, the third one at Lake Bogoria spa resort and the fourth day at Lake Baringo. Other great Easter offers by Bonfire Adventures are Sarova Taita and Saltlick Easter 2012 and Madaraka Days 3 Days Getaways at Ksh 19,900 per person sharing, and the Amboseli Three Days Easter and Madaraka Days Weekends Getaway at Ksh. 17,000, 17,500 and 24,500 depending on the package.



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Easter Starter Recipes: Asparagus Samphire with Parmesan Cheese and Soft Boiled Egg The ideal Easter meal consists of the starter, main course and dessert, making it an all round celebration of the season. Do prepare an Asparagus samphire with Parmesan cheese and soft boiled eggs as a starter for your Easter meal. Samphire is a tasty sea asparagus that has a distinctive salty flavour and a crisp texture. The starter takes 15 minutes to prepare. The meal serves 6 people.

Ingredients: • 2-125 gram packs Asda Extra Special Asparagus • 6 large free-range eggs • 2- 90 gram pack Asda Extra Special Samphire • 50 gram shaved Asda Extra Special Parmesan • Crusty bread Method:


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Add enough cold water to cover the eggs in a large pan. Bring the mixture to boil and simmer for about 3 minutes. Use a slotted spoon to carefully remove the eggs from the source pan. Cool the eggs by placing them in a bowl of cold water. Peel the shells from the eggs carefully. Snap the asparagus stems by bending them. Do not use the woody ends. Place the asparagus in a large non-stick pan and boil the asparagus for about 1 minute. Add the samphire and cook for another 1 minute. Season the asparagus and samphire with black pepper after draining them. Serve the asparagus and samphire and scatter some of the Parmesan over. Gently cut open the eggs and lace the eggs on top of the vegetables. Serve with the crusty bread, ground black pepper and more Parmesan for the perfect Easter dinner.


Easter Dinner: Main Course Recipe If you are looking to prepare a unique meal this Easter, do consider a Moroccan-style lamb filo pie. This pie serves 4 and it takes around 50 minutes to prepare from start to finish. Note that this recipe also works well with leftover cooked pork or chicken. Ingredients: • 2 tablespoons of olive oil • 1 sliced red onion • 1 level teaspoon chili powder • 1 level teaspoon ground cumin • 2 level teaspoon flour • 400 grams canned chopped tomatoes • 150ml water or stock

On the Grill

Method: Start by preheating the oven to 200C or 180C Fan/Gas 6. Heat the oil in a saucepan (heavy-based). Add the onion and cook slowly until soft. Add the spices and cook for 30 seconds. Add the flour and cook for 30 seconds. Add the tomatoes and stock and season with salt and pepper. Bring to boil by covering and simmering for 6 to 7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the dates, meat and parsley and mix well until it turns into a casserole dish. Cut six pieces of the filo pastry about 4 centimeters larger than the dish you are using. Brush the layers with the melted butter and cinnamon mixture and then layer up. Score the top of the layer with a sharp knife. Put the pie on and scrunch the edges for it to fit, and bake for 20 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown.

• 400 grams cooked extra special Welsh borders • Fatless lamb that is cut into bite-size pieces • Roast lamb with vine tomatoes recipe • 100 grams of chopped dried dates • 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley • 270 grams of pack filo pastry • 25 grams Asda salted butter, melted with a large pinch of cinnamon

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On the Grill Easter Dessert Recipes: Easter Egg Cupcakes DESERT

A decadent dessert after your Easter dinner will definitely make it much more memorable. Since the Easter season is associated with eggs, you could try preparing an egg-based dessert. One excellent egg-based dessert is Easter egg cupcakes, which you and your family can enjoy this festive season.


This simple recipe makes 24 servings and uses ingredients that are readily available in your local supermarket. The amounts per serving are 196cal, 8g fat, 21mg cholesterol, 202mg sodium, 29g carbohydrates, 0.5g fiber and 2.6g protein. It takes between 18 and 20 minutes to make the cupcakes.

Cream the margarine, the white sugar and the brown sugar together in a large bowl until the mixture is light and fluffy.


Fill the muffin cups 1/3 full and then place chocolate eggs in the center of each.

• 2 ¼ cups all-purpose flour • 2 eggs • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract • 1 ¼ cups milk • 2 ½ teaspoons baking powder • 1 teaspoon salt • 2/3 cup of softened margarine • 1 cup brown sugar • ¾ cup sugar • 24 small unwrapped chocolate eggs


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Preheat the oven to 175 degrees C (350 degrees F). Use paper liners or grease 24 muffin cups. Sift the flour, salt and baking powder and set aside.

Beat the eggs into the mixture, one at a time, and then stir in the vanilla. Beat in the milk alternately with the flour mixture until the whole mixture is incorporated.

Top up the muffin cups with the remaining batter until the cups are 2/3 full. Bake the cupcakes in the preheated oven until golden brown and until the tops spring back when tapped lightly.



Paleki Matthew

One on one

When did you start singing? When I was thirteen in the church choir

Do you play any instruments? If so which ones?

How did people back home respond to your being on TPF?

I don’t play any instrument but would love to learn to play a violin

They were very proud of me and want me to go back for TPF 5 a lot of people encouraged & believed in me.

What inspires your music?

What have you been up to since then?

Many things, pretty much everything

Many things, recording, singing, developing my career as an advocate and journalist, basically keeping myself busy with many things

Being in Tusker project fame gave you an opportunity to represent your nation and people; do you feel you did that and given a What languages do you sing in? chance what would you do differently? English, Arabic, shulik and broken Swahili I did represent my country and people to the best I can, and if, given a chance I don’t think I’d do anything differently.


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What is the music scene like in South Sudan? It’s still fresh and has a long way to go, but promising

One on one South Sudan is a new nation, what does that mean to you as a citizen or an individual and what does that mean in terms of the music industry?

What advice would you give to beginners and others who would like to follow in your footsteps?

As an individual, to me it means a lot, because my family and my people fought for over twenty year to liberate this nation, and finally they did! In terms of music, it’s a new horizon and opportunity to try different and new things away from the old Sudan, in addition to doing things that would bring out our culture and traditions.

What Role Does God play in your life and in your music?

If you could work with any musician or producers what would that be and why? I would love to do a collabo with two individuals, Juliana Kanyomozi & Eric Wainaina. I love their music and styles when it comes to producers, I want to go far west and work with the like of Evans Rogers and Thaddis “Kuk” Harrell.

Your position gives you an opportunity, a voice to be heard, what is the one thing you would like for your music to say to its listeners? There are many messages I want to send out to people and its difficult to sum it all up in one message, this include peace, equality, love, humility and being oneself regardless.

Are there other musicians like you In South Sudan and what hopes are there of them being heard and seen outside the nation? There are many musicians in South Sudan, there are many opportunities for them to be heard outside the country, all it takes us courage, creativity and persistence.


God plays a role in everything I do for I ask his blessings in all my endeavors and always ask for his guidance.

How often and for how long do you practice? Every day, in the shower, in the car almost every opportunity I get.

What do you practice - exercises, new tunes, hard tunes, etc.? I first warm up my voice while doing my chores in the morning, then a breathing exercise; another I like doing is trying different techniques and learning how to perfect them. This is through listening to different types of music, from jazz to Rock to reggae. How do you balance your music with other obligations - mate, children, job? I don’t have kids and I am not married. With my job I always have my voice lessons in my computer so I practice and do my work at the same time. My friends and family are very supportive. What do we have to look forward to where you and your music are concerned? Well, all have just release my latest song “love aint enuf” produced by RKay and you should look out for the video, coming out sooooooooooon! Any last words?

Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?

Follow your dreams, never give up and stay blessed.

I do perform in public but not in clubs, I prefer corporate gigs, i.e. gigs for companies, banks, embassies and similar events. They are usually with a live band which I am trying to put together here.

Harusi Magazine would like to congratulate Paleki Matthew on recently winning the South Sudan Artist Awards for the best female tv presenter in south Sudan

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When I had my child, I was told that the one thing you can count on is that where there is life, death will someday come. I thought that was harsh, I mean I was there celebrating the birth of this new life and I was being told I can guarantee where there was life there will be death! I did not take kindly to it then but I get it now. I have also have heard people say “As I pass through this world�. I recently paid closer attention to this as I was sitting in the KBN class, where Mr.Wahome said we are temporary beings on this earth. He said that people get so caught up in permanent things when they are just passing through. Recently my one of my brothers got his arm (the entire arm) tattooed. I felt a pinch in me as I thought of how permanent the markings were. I too have tattoos and when I went to get them done a lot of thought went into what they would be and where. I knew as I did it that I had the rest of my life and most of it was unknown to me. I knew that the tattoos may make or break my opportunities. Today I am born again and the Word says that we are not to tattoo our bodies. I understand that: one, my body is not my own; and two, that my body is a temporary vehicle that I use to pass through this world. I realized that I cannot live my life tending to the flesh, the temporary, and neglect the spirit, the permanent. We invest so much, and so permanently in the temporary that it consumes the all our time. When time is up we are left with the neglected, malnourished, poor permanent spirit. I thank God for revelation; I mean how we can spend thousands on a shoe, millions to billions on houses and land and all manner of other toys? I know that God wants us to have all good thingsyes, the house, the car, all that- but He wants to give them to us as rewards. They are already His and He will give them to you when you seek Him and His Kingdom. Our job, our real work is in seeking first His Kingdom and righteousness. Our job is not to work for money to buy the things He will give to us. We are stuck on the temporary and have neglected the permanent things, the things we will be judged, measured and awarded according to. Unfortunately, this is not an issue that affects the world alone but the church too. I had mentioned in a FB update that some there seems to be not much difference between preachers (some) and rappers, they are all carrying on about the things they have, the cars, the ice, the house, and forgetting that all that they will leave behind. We will take not one item with us, not even our bodies. We cannot be temps in this world and behave like we will be here forever, we cannot make permanent choices based on temporary thinking or ideas, and we cannot miss the mark, the agenda, and the goal. We must Live the full measure of life we were created to. We are meant to leave something in the world, not take from it. Leave an inheritance, not take it with us. I heard a joke about a rich man who begged God to let him take his gold with him to heaven when he died. Upon arrival he told the gate keepers that he brought with him his most prized possession and that God had allowed him to do so. When he told the gate keepers what it was, they burst into uncontrollable laughter as they were amazed that he had brought Pavement (gold) with him. (The streets of heaven are paved with gold.) We have to come to an understanding that our bodies, this world and everything in it is flesh, is temporary and that we will take nothing with us, we must learn to invest where it counts, in the one thing we do get to keep and take with us, the one thing that is permanent. Our spirits, and mind His Kingdom for that is the next destination after this pit stop.



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