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In hair transplantation, the harvested hair is called a graft and consists of a bit of skin and tissue. Each graft contains one or more hair follicles with accompanying hair, skin and tissue. Each hair transplant procedure has to be customized to suit the individual head. The procedure to a large extent is determined by the scalp laxity which constitutes the flexibility or looseness of the scalp. More hair can be transplanted if the patient’s donor area has high hair density and the scalp is loose. Before proceeding, an understanding of all these small technical nuisances will help you in selecting the most effective hair loss treatment procedure.

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Effective hair loss treatment & hair transplantation  
Effective hair loss treatment & hair transplantation  

In America, the hair gain industry is a 3.5 Billion dollar industry – that’s a lot of folks suffering from the indignities of full or partia...