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123 West Main Street New York, NY 10001


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In America, the hair gain industry is a 3.5 Billion dollar industry – that’s a lot of folks suffering from the indignities of full or partial baldness. Of these, perhaps 20% accept their situation but the remainder 80% attempt some form of treatment or the other. Unfortunately for them, over 90% of hair loss treatment available in the US today is less than effective (read as ‘mostly useless’).

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Hair loss is an emotionally distressing disease especially for women. At least men can shave their heads and display it as their new avatar. A woman with a shaved head is usually suspected of having some disease or the other and this could lead to social ostracization the effects of which can be more devastating than baldness itself.

Effective Hair Loss Treatment There are two types of real and effective hair loss treatment: ďƒ˜ A hair wig ďƒ˜ Hair transplantation A hair wig is a non-surgical hair replacement treatment. It is quick and with modern day techniques, can be wonderfully effective. When it comes to surgical hair transplantation, not everyone is a suitable candidate. Therefore, a hair wig as a form of Hair Restoration Los Angeles is recommended as an alternative for such people.

We’ve helped a lot of men and women, just like you, permanently restore their | | natural, growing hair. We would like to do the same for you. 123 West Main Street New York, NY 10001

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Compare For Yourself The Difference Between FUE + FUG/FUT Compare Surgery

FUE Extraction

FUT Strip Method

Surgery Invasiveness

Minimally Invasive

Moderately Invasive

Donor Harvesting

Extracted one by one

Extracted from strip

Donor Scarring

Tiny circular scars

Long fine linear scar

Donor Healing Time

5 to 7 days

14 to 30 days

Donor Size Requirement

50 – 70 sq cm area

1 sq cm wide

Donor Closure type

None required


Pain Discomfort

None to Minimum

Minimum to moderate

Return To Work Exercise or Activities

Next day Start Next day

2 days None for 14 to 30 days

Haircut Length Graft Harvest Limits

Shave donor area 3000 max per session

Any length 5000 max per session

Procedure Time Cost Per GraftRange

4 – 7 hours $7 to $9

4 – 12 hours $3 to $5

Affordable |Hair Transplants and Hair Restoration Surgery High Quality | 123 West Main Street New York, NY 10001

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Overtime, due to the constant maintenance and care required, a good quality hair wig can turn out to be quite expensive. It is also very delicate, does not last for long and reaction with body acids reduces its life-span even further. Some Hair transplant surgeons Los Angeles recommends Polyurethane hair wigs. While these look very realistic, they are hot and uncomfortable to wear. Folks wearing hair wigs are known to spend upwards of $100 per month on wig maintenance alone.

Hair Transplantation Surgical Hair loss experts Los Angeles require several weeks before effective results are achieved. As of today, surgical hair transplantation can only be performed by harvesting DHT resistant hair from the back of the patient’s own scalp. Hair on the human head grows in different directions from the scalp and the back of the head is therefore the ideal area to select donor hair. It is not possible (except between identical twins), to transplant hair from one human to another without the use of a life-time of anti-rejection meds. MyHairTransplantMD is located in Los Angeles, Encino, San Diego, Long Beach, Orange County, San Jose, 123 West Main Street | P:F: 555.123.4568 Riverside, Valley| and San Francisco. With such a wide choice of locations you can walk into any 555.123.4567 New York, NYSan 10001 Fernando one of our affordable hair transplant clinics that is nearest to your home.

In hair transplantation, the harvested hair is called a graft and consists of a bit of skin and tissue. Each graft contains one or more hair follicles with accompanying hair, skin and tissue. Each hair transplant procedure has to be customized to suit the individual head. The procedure to a large extent is determined by the scalp laxity which constitutes the flexibility or looseness of the scalp. More hair can be transplanted if the patient’s donor area has high hair density and the scalp is loose. Before proceeding, an understanding of all these small technical nuisances will help you in selecting the most effective hair loss treatment procedure.

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