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ScreenTicket is dedicated to moving tickets and coupons onto the mobile phone, ensuring environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

Today mobile phones are a collection of highly fractioned technologies. This poses a number of challenges for companies leveraging the mobile channel, while keeping an acceptable and consistent level of delivered content across the user space.

The company is funded by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the private equity fund Energi Horsens. We serve clients and partners in the following industry sectors worldwide  • Retail • Public  • Transport  • Events

ScreenTicket is a web based ticketing machine that can send out tickets, vouchers and coupons to mobile phones on behalf of our clients. We use patent pending security elements for maximum mobile phone compatibility.

What we do

The difference

We provide advice, mobile ticketing and coupon solutions to businesses and public companies expanding into the mobile channel. Our web based ticket machine enables our clients and partners to deliver branded and recognizable tickets, vouchers and coupons to mobile phones.

Compared to existing mobile ticketing solutions, ScreenTicket provides a world of difference with a strong visual dimension and a collection of configurable security elements, while keeping a suitable balance between usability and security.



ScreenTicket is a world pioneer in visually engaging mobile coupons and vouchers. We provide retail companies and marketing agencies with a strong visual expression on the mobile channel. Our clients’ marketing and sales campaigns now include branded mobile coupons and vouchers, enhancing their brand value and increasing sales.


It is now possible for Public Transport companies to deliver tickets on mobile phones in a form similar to paper tickets. Unlike anybody else on the market we increase customer and staff satisfaction, marginalize fraud and reduce handling cost.


Event makers and venues use ScreenTicket as an easy and superior mobile ticketing solution. This gives end customers mobile tickets that are graphically in sync with paper tickets, secure and easy to verify. Ten different security features ensure the right security level for our clients, such as time limitation, changing control codes and device specific tickets just to mention a few.

Easy Integration with a Future Path Easy

ScreenTicket can easily replace existing text SMS delivery


New visual options are ready from day one


Security can be increased as situational demand develops

ScreenTicket ApS | Ă…bogade 15 | 8200 Aarhus N | Denmark | |

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ScreenTicket Office is located just outside Aarhus City Center. ScreenTicket ApS Åbogade 15 8200 Århus N Denmark For further information contact us at: + 45 87 345 670 • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ScreenTicket ApS | Åbogade 15 | 8200 Aarhus N | Denmark | |


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