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My Gospel Soul Magazine Jennice Daniels Editor and Chief Meet the Writers:

Testify with Mary B: I was born in Roxie, MS. Once I was four years old my beautiful Mother moved me and my siblings to Fayetteville, NC; where I attended school and started my own family. God has made my home Texas and has been great to me. It’s important to keep paying it forward, with Good Works. I will be sharing current day testimonies, experiences and truth with the intent of you being Blessed by it. Come on in let’s chat.

Chef Samuel Hankins attended the Lenote Culinary Institute in Houston Texas. There he trained in Classical French Cooking, Modern and Old World French Cuisine under World Class French Instructors. After graduation Chef Sam worked for the Houston Famous Brennan’s five star restaurant as the banquet Chef for several years he also graced the kitchen at the house of blues McCormack and Schmitt and N.R.G the famous Diamond Club at Minute Maid Park Chef Sam is currently work as a personal private instructor to individuals seeking instruction on cooking Classical French Cuisine and Culinary Diet for individuals living diabetes.

Broken Chains Making A Difference in Our Community

I’m Trainer Ray, and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Personal Fitness Chef, Certified IMPACT (Intense Mixed Performance Accelerated Cross Training) Instructor, Certified Muay Thai Fitness Instructor through N.E.S.T.A (National Exercise and Strength Training Association), Certified Pre/Post Natal Instructor through Cooper Institute out of Dallas Texas.

Biography for K-Mor (Kim-Messenger of rap) Kim grew up in a neighborhood where addicts smoked pipes in broad daylight; prostitutes worked the night and day shifts, and violence lurked around the corner waiting to claim its next victim. At the age of 13, Kim became a victim of violence, which subsequently led her to consider suicide. Through God’s grace and mercy, Kim was able to turn tragedy into triumph and wrote her first rap at the age of 16. After receiving salvation at the age of 20, Kim wrote her first gospel rap and has been diligent in her ministry for more than three decades.


Melba Moore made her recording debut on Mercury Records with "I Got Love", followed by "Look What You’re Doing To The Man". She starred in PURLIE, which earned her a TONY Award for her portrayal as “Lutiebelle". She was nominated for a Grammy Award for ‘Best New Artist.’ More recently, she starred with Beyonce and Cuba Gooding Jr. in the motion picture “The Fighting Temptations.” She is currently producing an album entitled, "Forever Moore" which will be released on her new label A'Moore Music, Inc. Presently, she is working on an autobiography detailing her achievements over the span of her career. She has a deep passion for children, especially those who were abandoned, abused, and born with AIDS and addicted to crack. She is committed to giving of her time to organizations involved with children.

Woke up on a saturday morning to a message from Melba Moore about an interview on My Gospel Soul Radio. I was so Honored to be asked to interview Melba Moore about her NEW Album …”The day I turned to you” Monday at 3pm central. Pre- order at Amazon. Release date 12-13-19 Song titled: Call Me duet with Melba Moore and Shirley Murdock Check out the interview… Click here -soul-recording-artist-tony-award-winner-melba-moore 3 Jennice Daniels

Oh My God. We are stunned here at My Gospel Soul Magazine. Absolutely Shocked. So hard to believe that he is gone. He made such a impact on and off the court. We are devastated. My writers are devastated. In tears‌ Like we know him personally. This is a great loss. 41 years old still young. We are waiting to hear who was accompanying him. Calabasas, California. Our Prayers go out to his family and loved ones! We Celebrate you Kobe Bryant!


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Short Film I absolutely loved the film. It was short,impactful and straight to the point. It’s so much to in-take in such a few minutes. One of the messages I received from the film is to BE RESILIENT, NEVER GIVE UP and that you are UNDEFEATED it just takes a little bit of work and a whole lot of love. One moment, one step at a time and you will succeed. -Rita Nelson

Picture on the left: Coretta Scott King and actress Cicely Tyson on the set of "King," 1977 Copyright:Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionCourtesyof Georgia State University


Dre OG

"Organized General"

Hailing from the "Lone Star State" in the tough inner city of Southeast Houston, Andre Flanagan has risen up in God's calling on His life thru Hip Hop Gospel. Labeled as a "Organized General" by his peers and worldly cohorts, Andre was involved in drugs, gang life and violence as He quickly became a man being the oldest of three in a single parent home in the projects of Dead End Tx. In the midst of sin, depression, and longing for a change, in January 2011 Andre was redeemed and removed from his flesh at the altar, began his campaign for Christ and was revealed a vision by the Lord to begin a outreach street ministry tailored toward reaching out to the "Lost, Hurt, and Unchurched which would become On God's Side Ministry. Living in times where the blind is being lead by the blind, with crime, violence and drug abuse at a all time high, as well the frustration of poverty leading families into depression,doubt and confusion, Andre, or known to the Christian and Secular community as DRE "O.G." seized the opportunity of a lifetime to join "The Fight" and be a soldier in the army "On God's Side". In only three years of outreach, On God's Side Ministry was branded and Upstarted its own independent CHH label Jehovah Gang Entertainment (DBA Houston Tx) and has been consistently spreading the Good news of our Savior at local and out of state church events, community and correctional facility outreaches, as well as school events. JG Ent. released it's highly anticipated Album "Tha TakeOva" on May 24,2015. Features include local and upcoming talent from the Houston area such as The New Cool, Phyre of The World Rejects, 2 Crunk 4 Jesus, Cole Rose, Ai1 Family , God's Son, Damon one God Mclemore, Educator, Blessed Child, Global Gospel and I am Justified, Just to Name a few.... ... Staying faithful to the foundation of existence from which it was built, Jehovah Gang Entertainment's Origin derives from the book of Ephesians ;Our Mission Statement is Scripture based on the Belief that we must share our many God given gifts to Serve The Kingdom of Heaven ........... Unified, One body in Christ Ephesians 4:3-7 diligence to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. 4.There is one body, and one Spirit, even as also ye were called in one hope of your calling; Lord, one faith, one baptism, God and Father of all, who is over all, and through all, and in all. 7.But unto each one of us was the grace given according to the measure of the gift of Christ. Today Team OGS is renowned across the State of Texas acclaimed for its generosity in the communities thru time, servantry, and financial seeds sown for various causes. Taking a hiatus on the album production after his first release gave Minister Andre the opportunity to become a ordained and licensed clergy strengthening Him biblically and even more spiritually to truly and genuinely preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the curbs, corners, and suburbs of Houston. 2020 Dre OG is back in the lab cooking up a gumbo of southern Gospel flava on his sophomore release "The Clay" an refreshingly upbeat mix of rhyme and harmonic blends showing Dre's versatility but still pertaining a straight line Christian message spirit lead to not only reach souls in his community and his region..... But around the world. The goal during and after the music is to become a fulltime operational ministry dedicated to saving souls..... reaching out to those who cannot be won traditionally, tending to "His" flock as would "The Good Shepherd" Our Lord Jesus Christ.


5301 Polk St. Build. 14 Houston Texas 77023 | | 832-992-9649 |

How to really Lose Weight! There are three components to losing weight. The three components consist of cardio, weight training, and nutrition. These components will help you reach your goals whether it’s for losing weight or building muscle. When you are trying to lose weight, ot can sometimes be very difficult. You have to be patient because it doesn’t happen overnight. Some people want to look at the scale everyday and that just makes it worse. You must keep your eyes on the prize and that’s your goal. Michael Ri’Chard is originally from Louisiana, but is definitely Houston’s very own “Black Smooth the Barber.” Ri’Chard is letting us in on the success he has received since giving up his six figure salary as a truck driver to become a future celebrity barber. His passion for growth, business and marketing is what caught my eye via instagram. Ri’Chard speaks about how powerful being a barber makes him feel. Helping people everyday, helps me to understand his passion. He understands the plight of parents who are unable to pay for their children’s hair cut. The average price of a haircut can go from $25 to $50 just for a child. Ri’Chard states, ” I want parents to be able to trust that their child’s hair is taken care of”. He runs several specials and his marketing is unparalleled for a Houston Barber. He uses his walking billboard to advertise and get returning customers in a trade that never goes out of style. If you are in the Houston area or visiting, make sure to go and check out Black Smooth the Barber. And ladies, he also does eyebrows. I started the, “Watch Me Grow Movement” for the kids, because we never know what their going to grow up to be. They are our future. – Black Smooth The Barber

You must have the dedication and the hunger to reach your weight loss goal. You must remember in order to reach your goal(s) safely, the recommended weight lose a week is 1 to 2 pounds. If you lose too much too fast, you can gain it back fast and more. Those three components will help increase your metabolism and in turn helps you lose weight. The three steps are: Cardio: What is cardio? In simple terms, anything gets your heart rate up like running, walking, etc….. You can use equipment like treadmills, elliptical, jumpropes or outside tracks. Cardio should be done at least 3 times a week for about 45 minutes to a hour. Weight training: Weight training consists lifting dumbbells, barbells and/or resistance bands. Weight training helps increase metabolism also. Anytime you increase your metabolism it helps you burn fat. Nutrition: this is the most important out of all three. Nutrition is 85% of the whole format. You should eat 5 to 6 small meals a day. This helps increase your metabolism also. I know it’s hard sometimes to eat that many meals but it can be done. You must dedicate yourself to reach your goals. In conclusion, Dedication Equals Transformation. If you dedicate yourself to reach your goals, you will live a healthier way of life.


Houston, Tx Base For Inquiry contact Derel@ 346-857-5810


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MY GOSPEL SOUL RADIO 219 Da Talk 6 Mar 2020 A group to conversate on everyday issues we are seeing in our communities and politics let's talk about it

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Love this Series by Ava Duvernay.

Cherish the Day

This a Beautiful fresh view of Black Love. The Meeting. The Attraction. The Denial. Then the Embrace. We all have things that make us different. But it is wonderful when those very differences draw us closer. This Series is a must see! Check it Out!

Eagles United Ministries 4 Mar 2020 It's Crusade Time.... 2 Chronicle 7:14 If my people which are called by my name‌ Busting Loose in Faith With Apostle and Prophetess Thibeaux 4 Mar 2020 A Seed of faith Evangelistic Outreach Ministry


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By Jennice Daniels on January 4, 2020 My trip to Community Artist Collective was so wonderful. I have begun a journey that I am pressed in my heart to walk through. It is a journey of Discovery. It is a journey of Recovery. It’s a powerful journey and I started with a place that changed my life when I was a teen mother. I want to introduce to you, my readers, this wealthy place. A place where art reigns and teaches and honors authentic creativity in Our Black Culture.


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Artists Leading Change. Mission: To provide the educational and cultural link among African American artists and all communities, inspiring unlimited creativity. Goals: Education – Make arts education more accessible to children and adults. Entrepreneurial – Assist artists in sustaining themselves through the provision of arts related services, training, employment and other support mechanisms. Community Development – Engage the talents and creative abilities of artists to solve economic, cultural and social challenges in the natural and built environment in which we live, work and serve. Exhibition – Promote the production of original work by living artists, young and old. Infrastructure – Provide the human and financial resources to support the educational, entrepreneurial, exhibition and community development goals. Vision: All of the people of Houston/Harris County and the region are happy, healthy and hopeful. Each and every individual is respected for the goodness, creativity and many other positive attributes associated with their creator. Everyone is fully aware of the marvelous opportunities, which exist at every turn, confident of her or his individual access to the wealth of resources readily available in our immediate and global communities. All of the residents of Houston/Harris County and the region have tools fashioned by the memorable experiences of human development. All of the children of Houston/Harris County and the region have a happy, healthy, hopeful childhood and are respected as the legacy they represent. All young adults respect the work of the previous generation, recognize and embrace their many choices as opportunities to give back to the community, from which they have emerged, and that which they are entrusted to advance. All adults welcome their unique roles as mentor/model for meaningful work and balanced, purposeful, sustainable living. All elders, at peace, take their rightful places in seats of respect, honor and dignity earned through their near-lifetimes of care, contribution and preparation for the legacy yet unborn. Michelle Barnes,Executive Director / Co-Founder


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My Gospel Soul visited the little quaint town of Crumbville, TX. A shop located in historical center of Third Ward in Houston, TX. Edubalicious Treats have brought a lot of people together for community and good music at the Sweet Lounge. We took our cameras and community to visit and had a wonderful time sampling the baked goods while Queeny sat down with Ella Russell and got the history of this Treasure. edubalicioustreats @edubalicioustreats Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies and Vegan Red Velvet•Chocolate Chip #stuffedcups are fresh outta the oven. Crumbville, Tx Storefront located @ 2316 Elgin (across from Emancipation Park)! Come get your crumbfix!! #veganredvelvet #veganchocolatechipcookies #upbaking #bakerslife #vegan #veganbakedgoods #vegancupcakes #vegansofig #vegansofhouston #cookies #stuffedcups #cupcakes #treatinsideatreat #brownies #edubalicioustreats #crumbfix #crumbheadz #homemade #houstontx #bakedgoods #bakery #bakingYogi #welcometocrumbville #houstontx #houstonbakery #popupShop #crumbvilletxstorefront 12

Houston On It’s Way To A Complete Shut Down

Is the city easing us into a total shut down. The Medical Center in Houston is one of the world biggest and best places for patient care. Nevertheless it too has been majorly impacted by the Coronavirus. This place on a Tuesday is almost like a Ghost town. Certain places are being section off from the general public. All you will see is scrubs. They are closing doors to visitors. The restaurants along the streets of the Medical Center have signs up listing temporary times of service as well as signs that so closed till future notice. This is not going to be resolved easily.


K-mor talk with Big Brother Jonah Youth Mentor and Gospel Rap Artist Steven Benson aka Big Brother Jonah, is one of the nicest guys you could meet. I met him a few years ago when we were ministering our music at the same event. I was able to catch up with Big Brother Jonah and here’s what he had to say: K-Mor: Who is Big Brother Jonah and how did you start working with youth? BBJ: Big Brother Jonah is a stage name I developed through the music ministry. I read the story of Jonah in the Bible and I feel like there were some similarities between myself and him. I felt like the youth were my modern day Nineveh. I ran like Jonah from the call of Gospel rap, but God eventually had His way in my life. I began working with the youth as a youth pastor at my church. I love to see them grow as individuals and surrender their lives to God. I always wanted to go outside of the four walls and reach out to the community, so I went back to school and after I graduated, I began exploring the non profit community based careers in which God led me to my current job at Change Happens. I work there as a Outreach and Recruitment Specialist. We are in partnership with the Obama Foundation and City of Houston to recruit young men of color that attend Jack Yates High School. The goal is to get them ready for college, prevent violence, and assist them with any academic and social needs they may have. The joy of my job is to recruit mentors who step in and help change the lives of our mentees one goal at a time. The program has been a success, glory be to God. K-mor: What has been the most rewarding and challenging part of what you do? BBJ: The most rewarding thing is to see the lives of young men changed by creating opportunities, giving them resources, and supporting the young men so that they can succeed and live a productive life. The challenge has been seeing some young men make the wrong decision and go down a road that you hate to see them travel. You give them warning but the destruction is the only thing that catches their attention which is unfortunate. K-mor: When did you know that this was your calling? BBJ: I knew this was my calling when I was younger. It was just God’s spirit that put a will in my heart to minister to people, especially our future generations. Plus I have had great examples in my life. I must pay it forward. My mother and father are my pastors and they have raised me to put God first. K-mor: What is your why? BBJ: The Why is because I have a revelation of the cross. I am a child of God and His sacrifice for my short comings through death, burial, and resurrection makes me joyfully in debt to His call and purpose for my life. I want to hear Him say Well Done my Good and Faithful Servant. K-mor: How can we contact you? What are your social media and music outlets? BBJ: You can contact me through my email:, also Facebook: Jonah Benson, as well as my Instagram : bigbrother_jonah K-mor: Where can we find more information on My Brother’s Keepers? BBJ: You can learn more about My Brothers Keeper on our website: 14

Jonas L. Hunter Jr. M.B.A., J.D | Attorney & Counselor at Law The Lyric Center 440 Louisiana St. Suite 900, Houston, Texas 77002| 713.236.7744

ELITE REALTY | Katy Kessler | 713.256.6455 | | 1644 W. Alabama St., Ste 100, Houston, Texas 77006 | http://www.nbeliterealty Accustom Nails & Facials Professional Nail Skin Care Eye Lash & Tattoo 5851 Scott St. Suite B Houston,TX 77021 713-741-1215 Auto Max Automotive Kelly Gubosh 3007 Texas Pkwy Mo. City TX 77489 281-835-8000 M-F 7am-6pm Sat. 8am-4pm Refuge Temple Ministries | Chief Apostle Wendell Archie | 15400 Old Humble Road | Humble, Texas 77396 | phone: 281-441-1031 God’s Word Holiness Church |5901 Southridge |Houston, Texas 77033 Pastor Jordan Gray BH Ranch Entertainment and Event Center Samuel Harris Jr. 14149 Buxley/Player Street 832-878-8535

TAB Electric Texas Absolute Best | Jack Johnson | off. 713-705-4987 | TECL 30587 HUB CERTIFIED 1471239745500 Deirdre Aldridge |Member Sales Agent| AAATexas,LLC|1225 Freeport Parkway Coppell,TX 75019|832-816-1555| Shape Community Center | 3815 Live Oak, Houston TX| 713-521-0641

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Living Water | Bryant Anderson

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Community Artist Collective 4101 San Jacinto, St, Suite 116 Houston, TX 77004 (713) 523-1616

Paracord Crafts by James Handmade Self Defense Key Chains 832-888-8498

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