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t’s that time again! This week we bring you not only lots of new info but a whole new newsletter! A lot of love and Ginger souls went into the making of this newsletter and so we hope you enjoy it. As always, we’d love to get your feedback. All you have to do is click one of the fancy new tabs up there.

Easter contest We only had a few entries to our decorate the Egg contest so we’ve decided to extend it for another week! Top prize is 100k. All you have to do is create a My Gaia or Gaiaonline themed easter egg using our template or anything of your own, as long as it’s egg shaped. Head over to the Contest thread to check out our current entries or submit your own. You only have until the 15th then we’re judging!

Premium memberships As we promised, Premium memberships will be available for their discounted prices until we have given out 150 badges. Currently the numbers stand 01 April 2012

at 84 confirmed members with badges which leaves only 66 more eligible for the discounted prices (4mill for Diamond, 50,000g for Platinum. Normal prices 8mill and 2mill respectively). For those of you who aren’t familiar, Diamond and Platinum members enjoy Free advertising, free tickets in the lotto, sneak peeks at articles, an early release of the magazine and tons more perks with even more coming! Check out the Membership badges thread and get yours today!

Your Spring break That’s right, MGers. We want to know what YOU did on your spring break! Send us your pictures and your hilarious Spring Break stories and submit them HERE. The best, the funniest and the most shocking will get in the magazine!



Important Stuff • Lotto Jackpot is currently 300,000g

There are only Four days left before the drawing and No tickets have been purchased. If no tickets are purchased before April 13th there will not be a drawing. The jackpot will remain 300k for the next drawing on April 27th. Tickets are always 300g and trades should be labeled and sent to MG Treasurer. Check out the Lotto Thread to see your tickets and our current random item Prizes. ( The more tickets purchased, the more random items we will draw for. More tickets means better prizes to win )

• Farewell to our friend Astrenose

Please help us in saying goodbye to our good friend and now former Journalist, Astrenose, who has left our team to protect our Country. Be safe, you will be missed!

tell us what you want to read We want to know what kinds of articles YOU want to read about. Give us topics, interesting Gaians, copyright, My Gaia Publications

My Gaia Digest Featured Avatar

Nymph Ivy How-To’s and recipes that you want to see! Help us make My Gaia everything that you want it to be! You can even submit your own articles! All you have to do is click the Newsroom tab on the first page of this newsletter!

Featured avatar See that awesome avatar above there? Is it yours? Well it could be! From now on every newsletter we will have a new featured Avatar. The person featured will be based on a secret formula thought up by our helper monkeys that is a mixture of Posting participation and pure epicosity. If you want to see your name up there, Post a lot, Play the games, Donate some gold (wink wink). The more we see your name around the guild, the more likely you are to be featured.

02 April 2012

Gift Shop That’s right! Soon You’ll be able to purchase your very own My Gaia themed merchandise! So far we’ve got Mugs, Keychains and Tshirts. Sometimes we’ll even have special Freebie items ( for a limited time of course )! Now the gift shop isn’t open just yet but we’ll have a special announcement when it is. Premium members will be able to view the coming merchandise before we actually open the shop to the public along with free samples of new merchandise. So if you want to be part of the privileged few, hurry and order your premium membership now! If you have ideas on items we can add to the shelves of the giftshop, please use the Feedback tab to give us your input! We’re also hiring a Permanent pixel artist to help us with creating new items. So if you have the skill, please send a PM with your shop or samples to MG IT Guy. That’s all for this week’s update, everyone. As always, be sure to watch for new updates and as ever, give us your feedback. We love to hear what’s on your minds! ~ Arisa Takera

Available jobs - Pixel Artist(s) ( items and doll makers ). PM MG IT Guy with samples for details - Journalists x2. Please view our Hiring thread to apply

copyright, My Gaia Publications

My Gaia Digest #007  

My Gaia Digest #007