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What is an MP5 Player?

New Format? No! •


It is not a new magical format and it is not a new version of our MP4. It is a term used mainly by the Chinese to define the DNP (download and play) feature of many MP5 players. These players can play video in a multitude of video formats without the need to preconvert them or downsize them prior to playing them on your player.

DNP? •

DNP stands for ‘Download and Play’. All the latest MP5 players support download and play. You can literally download your films/video files and drag them straight to your MP5 Player . Without the need for preconversion

So What is Preconversion? •


Well most portable media players cannot handle the latest video file formats without requiring the user to preconvert the file to a compatible format for the player. A typical MP4 Player may play all the same video file formats including RM/RMVB but does not support DNP. The screen resolution of most files is too big for the player to support so you will need to preconvert them

MP4 Player or MP5 Player? •

Well your MP5 player is also an MP4 Player! It plays MP4 files without needing to preconvert them. MP4 Players without the MP5 ability will usually cost less than its DNP supporting competitor, so may be a wise choice if you are happy to preconvert files. It doesn’t take long but is better suited to the more technical user

Extra Features – Most Mp5 Players include extra features such as: Support for all the latest video and music

formats including MP4/RMVB/AVI/MPG and MP3/MP4/MP5 RMVB OGG AMV Videp, WMA and WAV ASF & ACT Ability to act as an Ebook Reader, simply download your ebooks and drag them onto your player – no need to carry heavy books on holiday!

More Features.. • • • • • • • •

Calendar Stopwatch Adjustable Desktop Themes Several eq settings for music FM Radio Built In Speaker Video to tv output ability Expandable with Micro SD Card

Examples Some examples below of MP4 and MP5 Players, most including the features listed above at great prices. • MP4/MP5 Player Touch Screen with 4.3 inch screen/FM Radio and TV Out ability. Perfect for ebook reading


MP4/MP5 Player Touch Screen with 3 Inch screen and FM Radio. Nice and portable


MP4 Player Touch Screen 2.8 Inch screen with 1.3mp camera/FM Radio.

You can find a selection of MP4 Players and MP5 Players. At the following website: My Gadget Tree Author: Gareth Partridge Website: Thankyou for reading!

MP5 Player - a definition  

What is an MP5 Player? It is not a new magical format and it is not a new version of our MP4. It is a term used mainly by the Chinese to def...