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What is an MP5 Player? MP5 player is a term used mainly by the Chinese and usually refers to the generic unbranded MP4 players that you will see on the likes of ebay/amazon but only those that have the ability to play unconverted video files. Now the important point to make is not to get led into believing MP5 is some new magical music format because it is not. It is a term used to describe the functionality of the portable music player which can play video in a multitude of video formats without the need to preconvert them prior to playing them. Some of the latest MP5 Players will also play the newer Real Media video files such as RM/RMVB.

So what is preconversion? Well most portable media players cannot handle the latest video file formats without requiring the user to preconvert the file to a compatible format for the player. This is usually because the screen resolution is too big for the players so it has to be downsized. There are many free tools available on the web that will do this for you and if you know how to do so it can be just as good a solution. An MP4 player could be a wise alternative to its more expensive MP5 player if you are slightly more of technical mind! A PMP (portable music player) defined as a MP5 Player will typically also act as a usb memory stick/drive. So once connected to your pc via the usb connectivity cable provided it will appear as an extra drive on

your pc. Then all you need to do is simply drag and drop your MP4/RMVB/AVI/MPG files onto the player, then disconnect and watch them at your leisure. Simples!!

Extra Features Your typical MP5 Player may also be defined as an RMVB Player due to its ability to play RMVB (Real Media Variable Bit Rate). But its features don’t usually end at its video playing abilities. A good quality MP4/MP5 Player will typically also act as an Ebook Reader. Perfect for going on holiday when you don’t want to take big heavy books with you. Simply download your eBooks’ in PDF/TXt format, drag them over to your player and away you go. No more heavy cumbersome backs weighing down your handy luggage! This 4.3 Inch Touch screen Player is perfect for such a task. Its screen size is huge and it also has a built in speaker so you can listen to your tunes whilst reading your ebook without needing to plug in headphones. Let’s not forget it can also play all your favourite songs usually supporting all the latest formats such as MP3/MP4/MP5 RMVB OGG AMV Videp, WMA and WAV ASF & ACT. Most of the Touch screen MP5 Players will also include a built in speaker aswell as a 3.5mm headphone socket so you can blast out your tunes to your hearts content!

Some MP4/MP5 Players will also include a TV Out function. Your typical MP5 Player with TV Out will include a tv/av cable for outputting the films you have downloaded from your player to your widescreen TV. You will find many of the latest MP4 Players and MP5 Players at the following site:

What is an MP5 Player?  

So what is preconversion? A PMP (portable music player) defined as a MP5 Player will typically also act as a usb memory stick/drive. So once...

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