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HUNDREDS OF WORDS... august 2013

Legless. Hula hoop in crowded bus. Vacation shows. Dogs. Plastic bottles. Balloons. A crutch. Playtaneity. Early rise. Backseat sandwich maker. Worthless $100. Highway biscochos. Underground pyramids. Stargazers? Llama whistling. Salty hand licks. Powerful waterfall. Blows. Spits. Dance together. Splash water up. Feel weight. Cold hot springs. Otavalo braids. Sleepy passengers.

Street dancing. Masked characters. Honoured with bull mask. Dance bullishly. Mother in law lunch. Delicious avours. Plot jungle expedition. Hot spring express. Petroglyphic lunch. Monkey rejects mandarins. Smashes. Slurps Fanta. Rainbow chasing. Primary school seats. Zoo of insects. Pajaro Azul. Ensures we´ll return. Boa constrictor skin. My size gumboots. Home.

Headless chicken. Potatoes. Plantains. Before 6am. Ever running water. Girl in rain arranging pebbles. Two boys play with windcheater. In rickety classroom. Wood hauling horse. 8 year old time. Guided into jungle. Machete. Mud. River spiders. Therapeutic currents. Stretch for cacaos. Split. Suck. Spit. Starry nights.

Bus load of labourers. And us. Tena towards unknown. Vicente. A Don Juan nephew. Trek behind. Precarious bridges. Muddy sneakers. Not the Don Juan I know. Short cut river crossing. Angry ants. Night in Spanish backyard. Butterfly bus stop. Los Rios. Find Don Juan. Watching Cantinflas. Doùa Maria. Remembering. Napo´s sweeping current. Itchy legs.

Kitchen floor breakfast. Don Juan stories. River laundry. Supposed shaman meeting. Shaman credentials. Health Ministry fiasco. Delicious yuka empanada. Ride Ute horse home. Skipping stones. Splashing water. Swept away.

Shamanic initiation. Towel dress disaster Perfume burning mouth. Tobacco won´t light. Cleansing leaves swat ceiling. Sacred healing silliness. Provoke jungle downpour? Lightning tree silhouettes. Frightening thunder.

Slow rocky roads. Australian in Austrian hat. 50 cent treats. Fruit juggling yapa. Butterfly bus window. Cold city. Perform in Quito. Magnificent. Very excellent. Interrupted by lost child.

Falling leaves. Changing wind. Rainy aroma.

Three ice creams later. Soaking wet market. Beasts Southern Wild. Popcorn. Brilliant.

Papallacta hot springs. Monday morning. Free no more. Soak. Melt. Bubble. Sleepy Chinese healing music. Drift home dreamily. Tobacco hunting. Witchcraft women sell green. Cuban lady anti-contraband. Tattoo parlour pipe mistake. Withdrawals in rain. Caring for carers. Scottish nun. Chops down my family tree. Celtic eyes. Struggle in blood. Pilots. Doctors. Headmasters. Wine farmers. Land owners. Sheet metal workers. Market gardeners. Flying heart.

Early morning hospital queue. Tetanus arm. Icecream ache. Privatised nature. Sneaky humming birds. Caterpillar convoy. Cold currents. Yuka empanadas. Pig fat yuka. Japanese drum. Trembling back row bones. Brazilian orthodontist clown. Origami horse. Hold hands. Sing.

Indiana Jones hat trade. Potatoe peeler. Chuffed. Palm punch garlics. Roast vegies. Deliciously not enough. Spinach omelette. Garlicy mushrooms on toast. Yuka. Sweet Plantain. Fried. Beer. Eventually ďŹ ll invited carnivorous bellies. Trick trading. Horse Boy. Moving. The Imposter. Scary. Ten shows now two. Half price.

Hula hoop hunting. Missing piece. Sweet patacones. Soft singing busker. Smash hammer. Last show. Privately produced public space. The last lunch. Potato. Onion. Cheese. Milk. Soup. Spaghetti. Digest on the oor. Death on peaceful hill.

Stairs or slides. Culumpio competition. Brother farewell. Colombian roadblocks. Quiet in Quito. Weathered women aprons. Stuck. Uncertain.

Colombian campesinos keep border crossing closed. Motionless. Timeless. Undecided. In limbo. Spending sparingly. Neither here nor there. Nearly. Yet not really. Decide to destroy doubt. Cancel shady theatre festival. 6000 litres spilt milk. Meet tense faced cultural president. Religious receptionist. Loud security guards in silent museum. Sketch indigenously. No hats allowed. Launch clown clinic. Do all the things we should have done on arrival. Visit municipalities. Shake hands. Exchange contacts. Too much too late.

Patacon soup. Tastes like crab. Ecuadorian rice plastic bag trick. Swerving bus. Motel ambience. Low talking salesman. Who stole his chewing gum?

Four A.M. bread. Sleepy bus ride. Awake amongst indigenous faces. Bedsheet babies. Waorani man on porch. Brought three hours through jungle in a hammock. Tied to a bamboo. Lifted on communities shoulders. No ambulance. Carry him 200 metres with Jesus. My shoulder sobbed secretly. Boost him into public bus. His brother had died vomiting blood too. My two day fast had begun. Sit on fallen trunk. Watch wrinkly water. Vibrate with cicadas. Let magic happen.

Flow down evening river in canoe. Listen to fantastic ďŹ shing stories. Gold washers. Canoo Taxis. Fishermen. River business. Break fast with pineapple. Chucula. Life.

Leave behind Don Juan stories. Floorboards. River expeditions. Fruits from the branch. Machetes. Knives. Free politician tshirts. Travel with rain. Damp clothes. Lunch in market. Share table with funny drunks. Send oral message by bus to Doña Maria. Meet Marco. Juice lady tips us off. Abandoned river lodge. Little boy caretaking. Swim in dark waters. Sleep with it´s sound.

Wash self and clothes in first light. Bermudan tshirt triangle. Snake floats by. Shake more institutional hands. Spoon revolution lunch. Missahuali monkeys steal icypoles. Little girls cry. Sleep in military base. Boa constrictor in grocery store. Quito again. Traffic light coins.

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Hundreds Of Words... August  
Hundreds Of Words... August