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Today is. That is all. Fog. Fire. Sun. Fire. Night. Desert dawdling. Desert doodling. Desert dreaming. Giant floating chain. On giant floating fork. Mountains best viewed sideways. Resting on peyote pillows. Ancient designs. Trodden into mountainous paths. Less rush. And much more. Feed fires. Channels and winds. Burning branches dances dramatically.

Lights of love. Blend. Glide. Eventually burst. Beautifully. Train tramples tranquility. Rickety rhythms. Sleepless night. Twelve hour bus seats. Arrive. Dark. Pitch broken tent. By invisible river. Awake. Damp. Dew. Droopy. And deers.

Slippery rock scaling. Precarious paths. Opt for guide. Jump. Leap. Freefall. From fear. To water. Fall.

Electrical tape. Crotchet needle. Wool. And play. Fix broken tent. Tweezers. Plyers. Unnecessary. Mothers cross tight wire bridge. Babies abreast. Can only imagine. Besides roadside rubbish. Rescue fallen wings. Chameleon in palm. Buttery on shoulder. Momentous momentary mascots. No coins for toilet. Nowhere to leave bags. Almost poo pants.

Time moves slowly like fog. Hammock. Floating books. Write. Edit. Sleep in gnomes hat. Stairs to air. Cement playground in moist forest. House in clouds. Me too. Alone with the weather. Naked frolicking. Awake with a cold. Tea party island. Conversations behind plants. Harmonica and howling dog songs. Rivers. Trees. Homely.

Chess in a tree. Swing over the edge. Blue concrete finger points. Coffee maker floats. Bathtub in open attic. Sunken in comfy chair. Coffee after coffee. Leave in dark. Harmonious hitchhike. Bus arrived two hours early. Really really fast. Peak hour metro. Go backwards for forward seats. Duel with security. Slip in sneakily. Seconds before squash.

Half a pineapple. Halfway home. No soup for first timers. Reserved for regulars. Pizza and Brazilian train surfers. Miss the man by minutes. Meet him the next day. Everything timed. Fitted. And just. No discount taxi driver. Not even for compliments. Here we are.

Las Vegas lighting. In Mexican town. Sleep aside drunk karaoke. Bag of lollies. White school. Dark glasses. Or squint under sun. Roadside memelas. Secretly famous. Fermented pineapple juice. Under road side sun.

Cat smell. Public toilet turned real estate. Rescued dog. Shakes hand. Doesn´t poo. Whines mainly. Chinese vegetables. Organically Mexican. UFO sighting stories. Mexico´s bestselling author.

Cycle from city centre. Cross the railroad. And in countryside. Urban culture to Agriculture. Another wonderful eco village. Without villagers. Just the mayor and some contractors. Flower petal cigarette rollers. Rolling views. Ecologically sound. Economically quiet. The price of paradise? Nothing but work.

Regurgitating dog. Puppy face. Wrinkly hairless body. Eats on hind legs. Or vomits frightened puddles. Toasted stale tortillas. No gas. No stove. Just cold showers and candles. Wait on gutter. Watch sugar coated crumb. Tremble towards toes. Beneath an ant. Wobbles dramatic centimetres. Before companion relieves. Homeward bound.

Sticky tape coin towers. Change gold and silver for paper. Two blocks from corner. Makes destination sound warmer. But we were very cold. The taxi revealed. Niko. Margarita. Nauk. In sun drenched backyard. Sacred rock faces. Peer down. Shot glass of water. Peeled banana. A little girl’s tea party. On a platter.

Archaeological bathroom literature. Learn while pooping. About fossilised fish. Girl on swing. Dad keeps rhythm. Hula hoop opens minds. Collapsed on grass. Baby pants puppetry. Like fires. Children are centers of circles. Dream up futures. Farewell until then. Nahual. Cold impoverished chicken wing. Breathes like dragon. Vomits like fire.

Remember Collingwood Street Christmas party. Street closed. Neighbours together. Now a lost tradition. Alive in Mexico. Perform circus in the middle. Planting seeds in the street. Future memories for kids. Sweet black rain. Ride with family firewood expedition. Dive from fallen trunks. Waist deep in sand. Still can´t feel the bottom.

Water ran out. Shampoo ran out. We ran for bus. And stood in queue. Six hours for sitting. Rope magic for waiting room kids. Midnight bus. Taxi to combi. Combi to valley. Valley of wind.

Up. Up. Heave. Haul. Help. From a dream view. Fall asleep. Table. Pencils. Henry. Not Sammy. Chinese sticks. Surgical hands. Manila folder. Folded. Cut. Sewn down spine.

Gift born. And love too. Rabbit to left. Rooster to right. Humming bird hovers. For stationary I. What is together? When walking uphill? When wandering. No wrong way. No exact distances. Only here. One step. At a time.

Salty watercolours. Mezcal coffee. On balcony floor. Face to face with clouds. Painting in acquaintance. Heavy blankets. Deep sleep. Chubby puppies. Curly roads. Spanish gourmet butcher. Tourist taxi swindle. Nine years. Hammocks still hanging. Solo stars. Shine brightest. Unrecognised by day. Remembered by night. Turtle vigilantes. Mangrove lights. The UFO.

Row crookedly. Groom monkey. Monkey shakes hand. Bananas for monkey. Peels for deers. Shoe string showers. Sawdust flush. Truck into hills. Some kid walks us to door. Coyote Lupé. Remembers lonely painter. Sharpen machetes. Suck cacaos. River in underpants. Chocolate with chili. Liberate turtles. More like race. Humanities in crisis.

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