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Overview Elevator Pitch

Fora is a marketplace for accredited online courses targeted at young Africans. Our online courses are taught by leading instructors from around the world and accredited by already established African Universities as part of their degree or certificate programs. We share revenue with both the professors who create the courses and the Universities who accredit them.


Only 6% of young Africans can access higher education becuase of limited infrastructure and teaching capacity. For example in Nigeria, 1.7 million Nigerian students will apply to get into Nigeria’s 104 Universities every year but these Universities only have capacity to enroll 400,000 of them. In fact Nigeria must employ 20,000 new teachers this year to cope with existing enrolment growth. This is why Nigerian students like myself spend $10 billion every year to study abroad. It is our only chance at higher education. This isn’t just an African problem. It is the same for 150 million young people enrolled in universities in emerging markets.


Fora is a marketplace for accredited online courses targeted at young Africans. Here is how it works : • First we work with leading instructors to publish their online course content to our website. • Second, our network of African Universities indicate what courses they will offer their accreditation for. In one click, they can add any of our courses to a branded catalog of curated courses prominently displayed on their website. • Finally, students pay for life time access to the course content. Upon completion, they get accreditation from their local University towards a degree or certificate which is recognized by local employers.

Revenue Model

We sell our online courses to young African students and professionals at very affordable prices starting at $150 per course. We then share revenue from the sale of this content with content providers who supply us with online course content and local African Universities who accredit our online courses as eligible for course credit towards a degree or certificate program at their University.

Market Opportunity

Our timing is impeccable. Internet access in emerging markets like Nigeria is quickly rising as the price of broadband drops. In the next 3 years Nigeria will more than double its spending on self paced e-learning content going from $45 million to $96 million. We estimate an addressable market size of 2.5 million Nigerians. Once we have conquered Nigeria and the rest of Africa, we plan to expand to the 150 million students enrolled in Universities in other emerging markets.


We are launching our first set of courses in September this year. So far we have acquired 14 courses taught by big name professors from leading institutions like NYU, Harvard and Yale as well as top executives from successful companies like General Electric, Wolff Olins and BlackBerry. We’ve also established a content and technology partnership with Edx. We continue to add new courses and instructors to our catalog every week. . We’ve already signed on four Nigerian and Ghanian universities as accreditation partners and we have 30 more universities in the pipeline.

Management Team

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji (CEO) Ex-United Nations Nigeria’s top 20 under 20 (2011) BA Law & Econ (University of Waterloo)

Ian Carnevale (COO) Founder, Night Keys (acquired by Limelight) BSc. Comp Sci & Visual Design (University of Toronto)


Fora Inc. 151 Charles Street West, Kitchener, ON N2L 2A7

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, CEO 1.519.880.4879

Our Courses

VALUATION INTRODUCTION BY ASWATH DAMODARAN (PROFESSOR NYU) Valuation is a tool that is fundamental to business. Investors, managers, entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses all need to understand both how to assess value and what drives that value. In this class, we will look at the tools and techniques available to value assets, with an emphasis on practice rather than theory. My objective is that you be able to value any asset by the end of this class. This course is full course taught in NYU business school. Course content is covered in approximately 26 lectures of about one hour each.

STRATEGY & BUSINESS PLANNING OF PRVATELY HELD COMPANIES BY PETER MCCANN (AUTHOR) This course is suitable for bankers, entrepreneurs and university students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The strong emphasis is on practical application of knowledge, not theory. Students will acquire the ability to look at businesses with a 360-degree perspective, to identify what factors can be leveraged to increase company survival and prosperity, and to prepare realistic implementation plans. Students will do a maximum of two sessions a week and should 35 pages of reading per session. International Business Cases and textbooks authored by Peter McCann presenting a wide variety of real situations, ranging from simple to complex issues described in clear concise English are included with the course.


To win in business, you need two qualities: candor and integrity. These qualities are tested in how you communicate and operate in the workplace. In this course, you will learn how to inform, inspire, persuade, and engage people in person and in writing with candor. Through real-world examples, you will also understand how to discern the bright line between ethical and unethical conduct and to act with integrity. Combine the two, and you have a formula for lasting success.

GOING GLOBAL: SCALING A BUSINESS FOR INTERNATIONAL SUCCESS BY DEAN PACEY (FORMER VP GLOBAL RIM) Every company dreams of making it big and “going global�. However, successfully expanding an enterprise outside of its home market is a huge challenge. When is the best time to expand? Where are the right markets? What are the challenges to scaling a global enterprise? How is it done? What barriers will have to be overcome? Never has there been more opportunity to take a business to the next level but making the right decisions on these questions and more is fundamental to scaling a business globally. Investors, managers, and entrepreneurs all need to understand the key factors that will determine success. In this class, we will look at both international successes stories and failures and build a blueprint you can use to guide any company towards excellence. Course content is covered in approximately 26 lectures of about one hour each.

“One of the real challenges in education is finding ways to give more people access to brilliant teachers who inspire and excite with their ability to bring material to life.� - Bill Gates

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