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Miami Swim 2017




Welcome to our fourteenth issue of FASHION OBSERVER MAGAZINE!

The platform is open for inspection! ULTIMATELY fashion is one of my greatest loves and curiosity’s; it’s complexity my constant bewilderment. Fashion’s landscape is as wondrous as it is large and it is these inherit qualities that can simultaneously both capture and terrify the creative artist. We are living in an age where the industry is facing one of it’s greatest challenges as the once tight knit circle of influence is being forced wide open to make room for diversity of expression and inclusion to a degree previously unseen. It could be said, that fashion is facing it’s very own identity crisis; And while the industry considers it’s position, navigating it’s way around the new rules, demands and expectations in a season where a call to change has gone way beyond token measures, for the creatives in the industry, all of a sudden the ceiling of limitation has been well and truly lifted. The platform is open for inspection. There is no denying this is an incredibly positive outcome, yet this wide-open space is as noisy as it is crowded and ironically the challenge for creatives remains exactly as it was when the doors were still closed…. How do I legitimately get my foot in the door? This is where publications like FOM become your best friend and why I wholeheartedly jumped at the opportunity to be guest Editor for this issue. Fashion Observer Magazine has been created FOR YOU. It’s a space for the creative who needs a launching pad, a place to demonstrate unique expression and on opportunity amongst the noise and clutter to showcase your talents. Whether you are a model, photographer, hair or make up artist, a fashion stylist, videographer, or intern, whatever your specialty (or creative genre as I like to call it), FOM are passionate about supporting, connecting and celebrating new and emerging talent across the fashion industry and this space has been carved out with you in mind. Issue fourteen has been inspired by the raw art of beauty and is packed with inspirational content; from the stunning front cover show casing the beautiful work of Casey Hill to an ethereal convergence of form, texture & colour by fashion designer Marta Aranda. Of course we have coverage of Miami Swim MBFWA & VAMFF and don’t miss the MUST read article by Social Media Strategist Mackayla Paul who will teach you how to stay well ahead of the social media game. So many amazing features and so little space to mention them all! Grab yourself a coffee or a cocktail depending on the hour and allow the pages to transport you to another world…

As the FOM Team say,

“While nothing is sure, everything is possible”. Jenni xo Guest Editor p. 16



Disco Inferno

Photographed by Nikola Gerstner, modeled by Amelia Ross, make up by Casey Hill, Styled by Renee Roshene p. 5


Amazon Woman Photographed by Alessia Francischiello, make up by Elena Kan, designed Katya Silva.


The FitKit

Small changes make a big difference when it comes to being active.



The young artist Marta Aranda presents her fashion design Genesis


Tech Style

TECH for your Life featuring Snapchat spectacles, Iphone X, GHD Air Pink Blush Hair Dryer and more


Blogger Love

Presenting the bloggers to watch. Petite Perspective, Vikkipedia & The Silk Sneaker


Lucid Dreams

Photographed by Seray’s Photography, modeled by Maddison Coluccio, make up by Kimme Ji, Hair by Bess Hawkis, styled by Ell Ruh WIllward

87 Mary

Photographed by Studio Eighteen Photography, modeled by Mary, make up and hair by Anna Mathiassen Makeup

p. 42



Photographed by Dean Murphy, modeled by Carrie Fletcher, makeup and hair by Tom MCGaffin, designed Mandy Stewart-Murphy

Created by RAW Artists

Not Just a Hat


Miami Swim Week Art Hearts Fashion Featuring Hale Bob, Courtnery Allegra, The 8th Continent and Vichi Swim



Words by Mackayla Paul, Founder of Social Stylings

Photographed by Dean Murphy, modeled by Carol Larsend & Ash Brooks, makeup by Neeka Dewar

How Social Media is Changing the Fashion Industry



Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia

Featuring Active Collective, Akira, Alice McCall, Mariam Seddiq, Next Gen, Reffles International and more....

String Theory

p. 162



PHOTOGRAPHY: Alessia Francischiello MAKEUP ARTIST: Elena Kan DESIGNER: Katya Silva






RRP $49.99 w w w . r o c k w e a r . co m . a u Move your legs freely and smash those PB’s with our Drift Run S h o r t s , d e s i g n e d t o ke e p y o u feeling light and breezy during your runs. Th i s V i s o r i s l i g h t w e i g h t a n d h a s a n a d j u s t a b l e v e l c r o b a c k s o y o u ca n c u s t o m i s e y o u r f i t f o r t o t a l co m f o r t . Great while in the stands supporting y o u r fav o u r i t e t e a m , o n t h e co u r t o r b e a t i n g t h e h e a t o n y o u r n ex t r u n .


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kit RRP $30.00 s t o r e . n i ke . co m

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Small changes make a big difference when it comes to being active.


RRP $110.00 s t o r e . n i ke . co m

Th e N i ke L u n a r C h a r g e E s s e n t i a l Wo m e n ’ s S h o e co m b i n e s   i n n o v a t i v e e l e m e n t s f r o m s o m e o f N i ke ’ s m o s t popular styles to create a world-class lifestyle shoe with a smooth, cushioned ride.


RRP $159.99 w w w . l u l u l e m o n . co m . a u W h e t h e r y o u ’ r e co m m u t i n g f r o m w o r k t o w o r ko u t o r h e a d i n g o u t o n a w e e ke n d g e t aw ay , y o u ’ r e g o o d t o g o w i t h t h i s d u ra b l e , r o o my d u f f e l .


GENESIS Photographer Andrea Sartore www.fotografoandrea.it

Make-up: Díaz V Yai Model: Pille Alasi Fashion Designer: Marta Aranda Stylist: Marta Aranda Location: Madrid Clothing: MARANDA Shoes: MARANDA Sunglasses: ASOS Silk Printed Scarf: El Templo de Susu (vintage) Hat: La Favorita CB Earrings: La Mona Checa (vintage) Rings: Magpie (vintage)

The young artist Marta Aranda presents her fashion design Genesis Genesis (def.) Greek suffix element to enter the formation of female names with the meaning of “origin”, “beginning” or “compilation process”.

Marta Aranda, an explanation of Genesis: “Attached to land art and other artists such as Magdalena Abakanowicz, Alberto Burri, Ana Mendieta and Doris Salcedo, the artistic references of this collection are aimed at deepening the origins of matter, building through destructuring, Blend of apparently opposing chaos elements, and converging with a body of image formation and sense itself. By mixing textures and fabrics as different natures, such as silk or silk organza, and studying how these materials work together, I try to create this cohesive image of the reconstructed image to set it apart from deconstruction, while also helping versatile designs, those same garments can take positions and Different shapes. “ The word Genesis means “origin”, “start” or “compilation process”. Based on these concepts I intend to investigate the deconstruction creation process, that is Deconstructing accumulation. Reference to art movements such as Land Art, or artists such as Magdalena Abakanowicz, Doris Salcedo, or Alberto Burri and others, whose common point is the study of materials used and the relationships they create together, this collection aims to deepen the origins of matter In the seemingly opposing elements mixture starts chaos and converges with a body of image formation and sense itself.

By mixing textures and textures as different natures, such as silk cloth or silk organza, and studying how these materials work together, I try to create this cohesion of the reconstructed image by deconstruction, also helping versatile designs those same garments can take positions and shapes different. The location chosen to materialize this fusiรณn of elements apparently opposed, has been a tiny forest where multitude of textures, colors and envirnments converge. Through this fusiรณn of components, we wanted to recreate an image with sense by itself, drawing from the chaos and disorder, a procces of methaporphosis in which beauty finishes overcoming mess, overcoming the primal confusion of elements.



Sp Sn m Th Sp yo


TECH TECH for your Life




pectacles are sunglasses that nap! Tap once to make a memory — from your perspective. hen, relive it later in Snapchat. pecs make memories – from our perspective.


2 3

RP $220.00

THE IPHONE X Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience. And so intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice and even a glance. RRP $1579.00



SONY RXO SENSOR ULTRA-COMPACT CAMERA With boundless capability contained within a strong, miniature body, the RX0 combines cutting-edge imaging performance and rugged, ready-for-anything design for more versatile operation all around. RRP $1049.00


BEATS POWERBEATS 3 WIRELESS EARPONES Prepare for your biggest moments with Powerbeats3Wireless earphones in Trophy Gold. To fuel multiple workouts, elevate your training with powerful, dynamic sound and up to 12 hours of battery life.


RRP $199.95


GHD AIR® PINK BLUSH HAIRDRYER Featuring alluring pink blush accents, this limited edition professional hairdryer is the perfect fusion for ghd design and salon power, delivering a salon finish 2x faster*. RRP $200.00


Disco INFERNO Photography: Makeup: Fashion Stylist: Models:

Fashion Credits:

Nikola Gerstner Casey Hill Renee Roshene Amelia Ross from Que Models

Princess Highway Fur Coat Mossman Flares Forever New Belt Stardust Disco Earrings

Fashion Credits:

Maschek Designs Dress David Lawrence Necklace

Fashion Credits: Zara Top Lovisa Earrings Lovisa Ring

Fashion Credits:

Luxx Dress Missguided Coat

Fashion Credits:

Stardust Disco Top H&M Sunglasses Stardust Disco Earrings







ABOUT CLOSS FASHION Name: KIKI Blog title: CLOSSFASHION Age/ date of birth: 21-02-1996 Instagram: @kiki_x_tarik Do you prefer winter or summer? Why? I prefer summer ! I love my body getting tanned and I adore sandals, so summer is my favorite time of the year . What is your favourite movie? (Or favourite genre if you can’t decide) I love fiction movies like Star Wars , Harry potter etc. How long have you been blogging for? It’s about a year and a half now . What is the theme/ aesthetic/ style of your blog? Why? CLOSSFASHION.COM is a personal style blog. I am trying to create a place where all the fashionistas from all over the world can find inspiration . I don’t have a huge budget for my outfits , I mean I can’t wear a different runway outfit everyday . So in my blog there is a combination of luxury ,streetwear and trends. This combination is what I need in my life for my appearance and I believe what this what every woman in this century needs in order to be stylish and beautiful and at the same time ready to run for her work or family. Have you always been interested in fashion? It may sound a little cliche but yes , since a little girl! I lived in a small greek island and there were not any big brand boutiques there, so I remember myself calling a Marc

Jacobs boutique and asking if they could send me some boots over that I had seen in Vogue!! What contributed to your interest in fashion? Fashion magazines . When I was a little girl every Sunday morning I was going to the news stand with my grandpa who wanted to buy newspapers and I was always buying Vogue , Harpers Bazaar etc. These pages were like paradise to me with so many beautiful things. I knew that this is my world! Who are your style inspirations? Different from time to time , it could be anybody . My main inspiration board is definitely INSTAGRAM . I believe that INSTAGRAM is the biggest inspiration source in the world right now. . Have you worked with any notable names or labels? I have collaborated with SEPHORA and Cornelia Webb for her exclusive bridal collection with NET-A-PORTER. Do you have a message you try to get across in your posts? Be yourself , love your body and highlight the best parts of it . There are beautiful clothes for everyone out there , you just have to look for them! What motivated you to start blogging? My love for fashion and a seat in fashion weeks . What camera do you use? Currently I am using a NIKON D7200 Who takes your photos? My boyfriend and co founder of my blog , Tarik . What does blogging mean to you? Blogging is my life right now and I’m working everyday on it because it is what I want to do with my life !

Interviewed by Nicole Dicksen

THE SILK SNEAKER www.thesilksneaker.com





THE SILK SNEAKER MANIFESTO The Silk Sneaker is a source of inspiration for millennial women around the world. The stories revolve around fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle, aiming to showcase stylish living through a sense of laid-back luxury. Each narrative is created with warmth and authenticity and is both aspirational and attainable. Through unexpected combinations of high end and high street, they create a space that inspires and empowers women to feel beautiful in every moment of every day.

ABOUT SHLOKA With a strong sense of personal style and a yearning for creativity, Shloka Narang has been growing an online presence since launching her blog, The Silk Sneaker, in 2015. London based, Shloka flourishes most when given the opportunity to inspire through her style; a sense of laid-back luxury. For her, luxury is more than just a label, it’s that feeling of confidence and comfort in what you wear when you step out the door, no matter where it’s from or what it is. Shloka infuses this into the lives of women around the world through her bright personality and relatable commentary, all the while drawing inspiration from the silver screen, high fashion and the world around her. By creating narratives filled with warmth, authenticity and elegance with a bit of an edge, The Silk Sneaker covers topics in fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. Shloka is constantly inspiring woman everywhere through the world she has created here on The Silk Sneaker, whilst engaging with her ever growing global audience. If not capturing the hearts of her readers on her blog, Shloka contributes to publications such as Yoyokulala.com and Hello! India. The Silk Sneaker is always open to collaborations and has had the immense pleasure of working with a range of brands from around the globe. This includes Wolford, Thomas Sabo, Joe’s Jeans & Isharya, just to name a few.









/vik-ee-pee-dee-uh/ n. 1. An excuse to ‘make use of’ my online shopping.  “I’m THE girl that 98% of the office’s DHL delivery goes to. Why don’t I start a blog to make use of what I bought and give me an excuse to buy more stuff? I need a name that rolls off the tongue.  Vikki + Wikipedia = Vikkipedia (#micdrop)” 2. A fashion and lifestyle journal, where Vikki shares the shit out of what she loves and documents the evolution of her wardrobe until the day when it bursts at the seams.  “I’m gonna make Vikkipedia my own version of Wikipedia for fashion, travel, beauty, great eats… and who cares if I get this wrong? No one is there to revise my entries ha ha ha…”

ABOUT VIKKIPEDIA Well, it’s gonna start somewhere… Vikkipedia, a miniscule version of Wikipedia is born. It’s a desperate attempt to justify my addiction for shopping, hidden behind a fashion and lifestyle journal… (insert slow clap here) It only took about 3 years of owning the domain name and another 2 years of doing SFA about the idea before she started writing. She’d be telling her forever encouraging friends that she was ‘working on’ a blog idea, when really they’re too nice to say “stop fucking around”. In terms of style influence, she doesn’t have a favourite decade (80’s, 90’s, 2000’s), nor does she consider herself as part of a fashion movement (hipster, minimal, boho). She just wears whatever she feels like on the day. Perhaps, by not having a specific style she’s kind of created her own? Her question is, why are we so worried about getting it wrong? If you wanna wear your MC Hammer pants, wear your MC hammer pants NOW. You don’t have to wait ‘til your next dress-up party to rock them.

PETITE PERSPECTIVES petiteperspectives.com






ABOUT PETITE PERSPECTIVES Auckland based fashion blogger with Indian heritage, Sujata Singh, is the creative soul and face of Petite Perspectives. With her strong passion for creativity, art and fashion, Sujata is able to inspire petite women on how to love their body and who they are. Sujata dedicates her time to creating and directing photo shoots, flat lays and compositions which she draws inspiration for from both online and offline sources. Â Balancing both her full time work and blog is an immense challenge for Sujata, but her blog is purely driven by her love for fashion and styling. Her blog is her get away zone where anything is possible and art and creativity is the her main focus.




Makeup: Kimmie Ji Hair: Bess Hawkins Model: Maddison Coluccio Photography: Seray’s Photography Creative Director and Stylist: Elle Ruh-Millward




Model: Mary Hair and Makeup: Anna Mathiassen Makeup Photography: Studio Eighteen Photography

HOW SOCIAL MEDIA IS CHANGING THE FASHION INDUSTRY Words by Mackayla Paul, Founder of Social Stylings Where is your phone, right at this moment?

Perhaps it’s right next to you, or you may even be holding it to read this article. In this modern world, we are all guilty of a little bit of tech addiction. Our phones travel with us everywhere, and for many people, their phones have become a fashion accessory with unique and trending phone cases allowing for additional outfit detail. As an industry, Fashion has certainly become influenced by our growing obsession with Social Media. From luxury brands to fast fashion retailers, Social Media offers consumers an accessible way to discover and purchase from businesses that they may have otherwise overlooked. Social Media doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon, and the impact that it has on the Fashion Industry will only continue to grow over time. With 64% of Australian Consumers saying that they are more likely to trust a brand if they interact positively with their community on Social Media, there is now more than ever building pressure on brands to have their best foot forward 24/7.

Here are three key examples of how Social Media is impacting the Fashion Industry. HOW GUCCI BECAME A SOCIAL MEDIA SENSATION Perhaps you’ve seen the Gucci Belt, styled in various versions of Street Style snaps. Worn over dresses, coats, jeans and skirts. Or maybe you’ve noticed the flurry of interest for the Gucci Slides? As a luxury brand, it is interesting that Gucci has seemingly overnight become a Social Media sensation. With almost every Fashion influencer and their following absolutely lusting over the brand.

Many have attributed Gucci’s success to their tongue-in-cheek memes, targeted to the younger generations using Social Media on a daily basis. Others have noted that some Influencer Marketing Campaigns may have influenced their covetable status.

FASHION EVENTS FOR ALL TO ATTEND Events such as Mercedez Benz Fashion Festival

Brisbane have been inviting the world in by utilizing Social Media to live-stream the runway shows. According to the formal Media Release, “For the first time, the Fashion Festival is proud to announce a Facebook Live Stream of every runway show. Produced in partnership with Brisbane City Council, the Live Stream will not only allow audiences to tune in from anywhere in Australia or around the globe; it will embrace a new dimension of technology that is being utilised by some of the world’s top fashion brands.” Perhaps you have noticed when attending Fashion events just how many attendees are sitting there, even those in the front row, with iPhone cameras poised and at the ready to snap a photo that they hope will go viral.

ONLINE FASHION RETAILERS Due to the impulsive desire that drives fast-fashion purchases in consumers, Social Media has been a perfect platform for Fast-Fashion retailers to communicate to the public in droves and sell out stock within hours of listing on their websites. Brands such as The Bronze Snake Shop, Beginning Boutique, and Showpo have used Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to drive sales and build hype for new product listings on their websites. Using a mixture between outfit snaps, video content and humorous posts, these online fashion retailers have amassed large followings on Social Media and seen huge increases in sales due to their following.

What we can learn from the changes that Social Media is imparting on our industry is that connecting with the customer, and understanding what drives them to purchase, is going to be the key difference between which brands stand the test of time and which will begin to fade.

AUTHOR BIO Mackayla Paul is the founder of Social Stylings; an Instagram Marketing Consultancy based in Brisbane. Social Stylings offer a range of educational resources on her website, specifically designed for Fashion and Beauty businesses.




Not Just A

Designer: Photography: Model: Make up and Hair:

Mandy Stewart-Murphy Dean Murphy Carrie Fletcher Tom Mc Gaffin- Mirror Mirror Hair Artistry

BIO Mandy started her love of textiles and creative fashion as a young child designing for her Barbie Dolls and creating her own designs. This passion led her to studying and completing her Diploma of Visual Arts majoring in Textiles in 1986 at USQ. Over the past 30 years Mandy has continued her love of design, and creativity and has refined her craft to increase her knowledge and skills in millinery. Mandy has completed various commissioned headpieces, fascinators and unique headwear for clients. If you are wanting that something truly unique and also have a passion for wearable art, then please contact to Mandy to discuss.





Miami Swim Week Art Hearts Fashion HALE BOB

Miami Swim Week Art Hearts Fashion VICHI SWIM

Miami Swim Week Art Hearts Fashion COURTNEY ALLEGRA

Miami Swim Week Art Hearts Fashion THE 8TH CONTINENT


THEORY Makeup: Neeka Dewar Models: Carol Larsen and Ash Brooks Dean Murphy Photography:


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Active Collective

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Akira

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Alice McCall

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Mariam Seddiq

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Next Gen

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Raffles International

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Romance Was Born

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Swim

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Zivargo

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FOM Issue 14  

Issue fourteen has been inspired by the raw art of beauty and is packed with inspirational content; from the stunning front cover showcasi...

FOM Issue 14  

Issue fourteen has been inspired by the raw art of beauty and is packed with inspirational content; from the stunning front cover showcasi...

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