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Welcome to our ninth issue of FASHION OBSERVER MAGAZINE Thank you to all our supporters. FOM is dedicated to promoting new and emerging creatives including contributors, editors, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, models, stylists, Hair and Makeup artists and interns. Our publication places equal significance on all creatives and acknowledges each individual for their efforts and contribution. We all work together to inspire and learn from our fellow creatives. Issue nine is inspired by Summer and its reflection of life and light . . . including an editorial featuring Miranda-Lee Aston, photographed by one of the very best in the game, Dan Molloy. Inside you will also find showcase material Going2Mungo, Finder Seeker, RAW’s Merge, Summer Swim Fashion, Fashion Reviews, Music from - The Tempus Elexir and many other features and images from a transformational pool of creative talent. Journey with FOM as we discover a growing trend of self discovery pursuits and the courageous determination to follow the true passions of creation, and especially hand made fashion and accessories. Being true to yourself and trusting in your talents will set you apart! FOM is #4thecreatives . . . submit your material or ideas for review. Fashion Observer Magazine is for you, no matter your stage in life, no matter your dreams or ambitions. While nothing is sure, everything is possible. Love and Success from Team FOM To keep the connection, follow us . . .

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What does your future self look like

positive purposeful influential exciting successful unstoppable fearless generous ambitious inspirational creative satisfied super bright integrous tenacious unexpected me

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Models: Asha and Nicole Assistant/Stylist/MUA: Giulia Photographer: Francesco Camillo www.francescocamilloph.tumblr.com Video/Timelapse: Filippo Rivetti www.filipporivetti.com



How hard is it to define Beauty? These days we are bombarded by many different theories on aesthetics, but we miss the real truth… “Beauty is - as the Greeks told us back in the 3rd century BC . . . in the eye of the beholder.” Frames of Beauty is a new collaboration based in Sydney between two Italian photographers who share the same passion for nature photography and curiosity to discover incredible places around Australia. Francesco and Filippo created this project to explore and restore the concept of natural beauty and merge it with the world of fashion. Each location has its own identity. They have attempted to capture that through the expressiveness of the models in response to the natural, cultural or traditional surroundings they have placed them in. That is the leading driver. Capturing the passion and the emotions that shine through the eyes of the models.



Photographer: Nikola Gerstner www.facebook.com/Studio-Ardour-168442616576369 Model: Brooke Ramsamy www.facebook.com/bramsamy Model: Lucy Dowling www.facebook.com/lucy.dowling.5 Hair Stylist and MUA: Chelsea Brown www.facebook.com/MakeBYChelsea

Designs PLAY

What does your future self look like

positive purposeful influential exciting successful unstoppable fearless generous ambitious inspirational creative satisfied super bright integrous tenacious unexpected me


Images courtesy of RAW: natural born artists



“These artists are on the cutting edge. They are forming and shaping the future with every work and performance�

Miranda-L ASTON

Instagram: @mirandaaston



Photographer: Dan Molloy www.facebook.com/DanMolloyPhotography Hair Stylist and MUA: Chelsea Brown www.facebook.com/MakeBYChelsea Stylist: Miranda-Lee Aston www.facebook.com/mirandaleeintimates

FOM GETS INTIMATE WITH MIRANDA-LEE ASTON Recently FOM sat down with budding mogul, designer, model and entrepreneur ‘Miranda-Lee Aston’ who designs, creates and hand makes her own line of women’s intimates lingerie. For 20yr old Miranda, life seems to be a juggling act following on from an already successful modeling career, Aston is CEO and face of “Mirandalee Intimates” her self titled brand of luxury women’s lingerie. FOM sat down with Miranda to talk about business, her inspiration, modeling and how she goes about managing it all . . . Q: What inspired you to start designing your own lingerie line & how long have you been sewing for? I’ve been sewing for a while now. I remember when I was really little my Nanna gave me a pink toy sewing machine and I would try to make little Barbie outfits. Ever since then it was something I was always passionate about. The inspiration for the designs come from being a naturally small busted girl to begin with, and a strong dislike for wearing real bras haha! I’ve always been a fan of the more delicate pieces in my lingerie draw and one day just decided to sit down and figure out how to create my own, and I’ve always had a love for lace! Originally it was just for me, then a couple of friends wanted them, and all of a sudden photos of my creations were circling social media with 1000’s & 1000’s of reposts. From there my very first MLI line was created and has developed to what it is today. Q: Do you find it difficult to source materials for these beautifully handmade pieces, and what insopires your designs? My inspiration comes from everywhere :) I find it in almost everything . . . I love fabric shopping and finding the most intricate lace, falling in love with it, visualising designs before I can even get home to sample up new pieces. I also really love scrolling through the internet with my morning coffee, reading articles or little snippets of other people’s lives and journeys. It’s inspiring to hear about people from all walks of life doing, something with their time and passion, and being successful because they’re living life with that passion. Whether it’s in the creative industry or not - I love hearing and being inspired by people who have that passionate drive in life.

Q: I love and admire that like so many entrepreneurs before you, you are the face and name of your own brand - was that something that felt like a natural step for you because of your modeling career? And how has modeling helped you in your business journey? I wanted to be a designer long before I wanted to be a model. I just never imagined my label to be lingerie! In saying that, the modeling side of things has definitely been a huge help with organizing MLI photo shoots and being able to collaborate with awesome Creatives. It’s such a surreal feeling to see shots of other babes wearing my line. Q; How has social media helped promote Mirandalee Intimates? Has it helped you to reach a wider audience? Social media is the best marketing tool of the 21st century and I can happily say it has been the biggest help in getting MLI out there and without it I wouldn’t have been able to connect with industry Creatives or collaborate with other amazing local businesses. It’s helped MLI gain attention on such a large scale which in turn has exposed so many opportunities. Q: What is your biggest strength and struggle as a young independent designer? At times life gets in the way of the creative side of things. Unfortunately there’s bills to pay and assignments to do (especially this week ahhhh stress city!!) and it’s easy to get caught up in it all. It’s nice to take a few steps back and remember why I’m doing this . . . because I’m genuinely in love with the fashion industry and in love with creating beautiful things. I’m blessed to be able to do what I love at such a young age and know that I have so many years ahead of me to be living my dream. Q: Where do you see Mirandalee Intimates in the future? And is there any celebrity you’d love to be ambassador for your label? I’m hoping to see MLI blow up in the near future - there’s a lot happening behind the scenes at the moment and I’m so excited to watch it all unfold . . . so watch this space!! Kate Moss is all time perfection but I also love Rosie HW. Please don’t make me choose between them! (ok we won’t, but I am a huge Kate Moss fan too, hahaha) Q: What’s your summer fashion and beauty philosophy? Do you have any secret tips? SPF SPF SPF! If you asked me, last year at a naive 19 I would have said get some sunshine but this year I’m all about protecting my skin. Fake tans these days can look flawless! Less is more. Moisturise, prime and use SPF! Drink lots of water and then even more to counteract the coffee. Well groomed brows and a little mascara can go a long way and is reasonably effortless. By: Chelsea Brown

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Stylisty: Mary Hecker www.facebook.com/maryhecker.model

Model: Samira Dara www.facebook.com/samiradaramodel

Model: Keely Greinke www.facebook.com/keelymodel

Makeup: Sarah-Jane www.facebook.com/muasarahjane


Photographer: John Pryke www.facebook.com/JohnPrykePhoto

Model: Anja Christoffersen www.facebook.com/anjamodel


Seeker Finder Seeker is a style and concept shot in Melbourne, Australia. A theme in which the modern woman is in a search for something within and seeking an alternative way of life to fulfil an ever-present feeling of restlessness with modern day society. A style that reflects no restraints.

Photographer: Jamie Dale www.facebook.com/jamiedalephotographer Stylist: Lucia Gertos www.facebook.com/lucia.gertos Model: Chloe Hunt www.facebook.com/chloe.hunt.547 Hair & Makeup: Amelia Webb www.facebook.com/amelia.webb.37 Wardrobe: Tree of Life and Lucia Gertos



Photographer: Nikola Gerstner www.facebook.com/Studio-Ardour-168442616576369 Model: Melissa Davies www.facebook.com/melissa.davies811 Hair Stylist and MUA: Chelsea Brown www.facebook.com/MakeBYChelsea Assistant: Shannon McKean www.facebook.com/shannon.mckean.75

PLAY A slightly modern take on vintage, this photo shoot highlights the work of fashion designer Leearna Saunders’ label, Blossom Betty, with hand printed swim and play suit bespoke range.



Photographer: John Pryke www.facebook.com/JohnPrykePhoto Model: Annalise Salm www.facebook.com/annalise.salm Model: Charlotte Swanson www.facebook.com/charlotte.swanson1 Makeup: Gemma Loiuse www.facebook.com/gemmalouiseduncan Stylist & Jewellery: Gina Lopez Instagram @marcelasaccessories Clothing: Kabel Apparel www.facebook.com/kabelapparel

Marcela’s Accessories are handcrafted necklaces made by Gina Lopez, based in Brisbane Australia. From a young age Gina has always liked colours and art. Gina always intended to create something from her own unique style and creativity to colour the world with her artistic flair, inspired by Colombian passion, life and culture. Gina, discovered her talent in creating and designing small pieces, such as necklaces using stones, crystals, corals and other beautiful things derived from nature, as well as her own inspiration. She draws her creativity from her Latin heritage; the necklaces, are unique one off pieces and ideal for any occasion. In developing her skills Gina attended a few courses, learnt from her husband, as well as her friends and peers in the industry. Based on her main motivation which is her family, she finally decided to start her own jewellery line. Creating her own brand and sharing her passion, and talent through the pieces she hand makes. Marcela’s Accessories, seeks to provide people with a creative and innovative product that reflects a unique style. The pieces are beautiful and modern, with a purpose of providing quality accessories that highlight your outfit and express who you are, with each beautiful piece.


Festival 2015

Makeup insight

Kylie Eustace of Kylie’s Professional recently enjoyed her sixth year as makeup sponsor for the Sunshine Coast’s Fashion Festival. As Makeup director Kylie has always enjoyed planning for the event and is excited to have the opportunity each year to be a part of the successful fashion industry spectacular, featuring Runway shows, a fashion forum, Design awards, a trade lounge and a VIP touch-up lounge. Event director Jacinta Richmond who loves supporting Australian products and brands has once again provided a fantastic platform for all the designers showcasing in the event as well as for Kylie’s Professional’s products and artists. Kylie’s largest ever team of 24 makeup Artists looked after a massive, 56 models plus VIPs. Her team comprised of very talented, experienced artists and exceptional students and graduates that were chosen from Beauty schools in Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coast. The looks for the runway shows were influenced and inspired by the Australian summer and naturally Kylie’s, Mineral Goddess products suited perfectly. With the first looks being Rose gold and earthy tones, think of the summer sun glistening on golden sandy beaches and the rich red Australian earth. Such a wonderful, wearable look, we can all try to recreate this Summer. With the evening looks being inspired by dusky twilight skies, the summer 2015 evening makeup looks showcased a smoky navy blue eye. A hint of colour on the lips representing Australian wildflowers completed the look. Kylie created stylish looks we can easily wear ourselves. www.kylies.com.au Photographer

Paul Fletcher www.facebook.com/paul.fletcher.16144 Back Stage images courtesu of Kylie Eustace www.facebook.com/kyliesprofessional


Koko Mariko Davies

Photographer: Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com Model: Koko Mariko Davies Instagram: @k_o_k_o_m_o_k_o Hair & MUA: Rebecca Kate Amoroso Instagram: @beccibabesmakeup Designer: Vincent Li - Designer www.vincentli.com.au

In Conversion with Australian emerging Designer Vincent Li In 2014, Vincent Li established an alternative Label in Melbourne. The designer has his agenda to break the rules established in Menswear, and provides a variety of different products and services. As any emerging fashion label, there was a huge amount of hard work, the struggle and the tears often with very little rewards or recognition.

To bring new ideas to any established market is always a challenge. Also, there were many more added difficulties when Vincent Li decided to start his label with a niche style in Melbourne. Five years ago, it was a brave move when the designer, Vincent Li, switched his career to Fashion from the very different industry, IT. Vincent Li always has so much passion accompanied with his clear vision for designing since the beginning. “While I was still studying Fashion Design, I always asked myself why the fashion world needs another designer, like me. What is the special point about myself?” says Vincent. He dislikes the literal, always seeking the intellectual viewpoint that translates into silhouettes that emphasize the theme of each collection. In this conversation, Vincent Li shares his experiences about starting his label, and also his personal views on Australian’s perspectives on Fashion. Vincent said that he had learnt so much about the local Fashion industry, the market, and the consumers after living in Hong Kong over the past four years. After the designer undertook part-time study in the Melbourne School of Fashion, he continued to finish his course later in Hong Kong.

In 2013, he also took his internship at the international brand, J.W. ANDERSON in London. “Since I did not work in Fashion before I lived in Melbourne and also I studied Fashion Design mostly overseas, the first big challenge for me was to find out the right contacts and resources for my brand in Australia.” says Vincent, “As any new business, you learn new things every day, and sometimes the tasks may probably go beyond what you can manage. In the end, running a Fashion label is a 24 hour, 7 days job.” Consumers rarely take much notice on how much work is actually involved in fashion and how much it costs for the products to reach the retail store, season by season. The cycle of the Fashion industry in the 21st Century has been totally changed since High Street fashion chain stores, such as Zara, H&M, or Top Shop opened. Today, most fashion designers have to work on a terrible agenda with horrendous timelines. One successful show is never enough. It goes from haute couture, spring/summer and autumn/winter ready-to-wear, cruise, resort, capsule collection, and collaboration design to advertising campaigns, exhibitions, trade shows, interviews, and social media – it never ends.

“There were many things that I did not expect, such as some rules and regulations that applied to the fashion business, the costs of making certain things locally, and also the consumers’ lack of understanding on the pricing.” The designer found that the majority of consumers are confused with the pricing which has been strongly influenced by fast fashion chain stores. “People don’t really know what actually happens behind the door, so it is very easy to compare the price from an emerging Australian fashion label with some bigger chain stores. Actually there is no comparison between them. They operate on a different scale, resources, and market segments. “

Running an Australian-made fashion brand is similar to operating any other type of business in Australia. Says Vincent, “As a small business, the production size is smaller, which means the costs of manufacturing are much higher, especially for a made-in-Australia label.”

“As an emerging fashion designer, it is important to target a particular “As an emerging fashion label, niche market and establish a you will face the challenges such unique and distinguished style at as lacking manpower, founding the beginning. Those upcoming the company, and the resources designers, who are the future of the to perform all these tasks, not to Fashion industry, could bring new mention producing one collection ideas and innovations, and help the after the other. The designer needs industry move towards an exciting to be very passionate, be flexible future. It means that the design with the many unexpected situations, development or manufacturing and also needs to be open to accept process will experience something the critics’ comments or negative non-conventional, which will also add feedback. However, Vincent says, to the costs of the business.”

“A good designer should be creative enough to adapt to new situations quickly and can still deliver his/her vision within the limited resources and time.”

Also, Australian consumers or buyers are a bit different here compared with places like Hong Kong. Shopping is not a major part of the lifestyle in Australia. Even though the designer received great feedback

or a lot of praise for his innovative design, but it does not necessarily reflect on the subsequent commercial returns. Sometimes, a fashion label has to wait for 2 or 3 seasons until the consumers or its followers purchase the products. It is unlikely agencies are willing to take on a new brand, because they need the guarantee on the sales commissions. In Australia rarely will investors walk into an upcoming designer’s studio, and say, “ I will look after the rent for you”, which may happen in Europe. Therefore, all designers should prepare for all these things before they decide to start their labels. It could take two and a half to five years to find success.

“Be Patient” and “Resilient” are the keywords. “Am I happy with the situation? Or Do I agree with it?” Says Vincent, “ I think it will just kill the future talent and kill the creative industry in Australia. If you love the designers’ work or believe in their talents, they need the support from you. Therefore, the designers can focus on what they are best at.” Australian consumers have much more exposure to global fashion brands recently, which also have a large impact on the local fashion business. The designer Vincent says, “It is actually an opportunity for us to focus on creativity, not only for Australian designers, Australian Fashion Business, but also for fashion education, and the industry platform that specifically supports fashion. “ As a young fashion brand, it will experience the struggle, challenges, unexpected opportunities, or the excitement of a new adventure. Even sometimes, it may feel a bit lonely. However, many fashion designers, like Vincent Li, still devote everything from themselves to let us become inspired, and make our lives much more creative and fun.

“The future of Fashion is about quantity, individualism, and creativity.”

t a h t s l e d n o o i M h s a f e k a m POP

MODEL spotlight


What does your future self look like

positive purposeful influential exciting successful unstoppable fearless generous ambitious inspirational creative satisfied super bright integrous tenacious unexpected me

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FOM Issue 9  

Issue nine is inspired by Summer and its reflection of life and light . . . including an editorial featuring Miranda-Lee Aston, photographed...

FOM Issue 9  

Issue nine is inspired by Summer and its reflection of life and light . . . including an editorial featuring Miranda-Lee Aston, photographed...

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