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2015 MSFW

Koko Mariko Davies MBFF

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Welcome to our eigth issue of FASHION OBSERVER MAGAZINE Thank you to all our supporters. FOM is dedicated to promoting new and emerging creatives including contributors, editors, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, models, stylists, Hair and Makeup artisits and interns. Our publication places equal significance on all creatives and acknowleges each individual for their efforts and contribution. We all work together to inspire and learn from our fellow creatives. Issue eight is inspired by Spring and the soft colours including an editorial featuring Koko Mariko Davies, photographed by our long time supporter Sunny Lim. Inside you will also find showcase material Sometimes Sundays, Ballet dancer Tasha Woods, Behind the Scenes, Fashion Reviews, short films and fashion - The Tempus Elexir and many other features and images from a transformational pool of creative talent. Jouney with FOM and follow the many creatives as they evolve to take their place in an industry where hard work, being true to yourself and trusting in your talents sets you apart . . . FOM is #4thecreatives . . . submit your material or ideas for review. Fashion Observer Magazine is for you, no matter your stage in life, no matter your dreams or ambitions. While nothing is sure, everything is possible. Love, Team FOM To keep the connection going follow us . . .

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Tasha Wood


Courtney Gledhill




The Shadow of Itself


All Comes From Nothing


MSFW 2015


MBFF 2015


Behind The Scenes


Sometimes Sundays


Model Spotlight


Ayesha Rose


Spring Special


Tech Style


Lady Brass Steampunk


Photographer/Stylist: Anna Krivenkoff www.AnnaKrivenkoff.com Make-up and Hair: Anastasiya Pavlova Model: Marina Afrikantova

Tasha www.facebook.com/tasha.wood.5074


PLAY Leroy Gordon Photography www.leroygordonphotography.com Hair & MUA Danielle Gordon

Photography is a creative pursuit that takes up most of my leisure hours outside my working week as a public servant. I have shelved for the moment my love of fine art landscape for the controlled creative discipline of Portrait and fashion and Dance photography. My first start was to try to understand how the established masters engaged with their craft. What was involved technically and how to look to see. I am fortunate to be a resident photographer at the K Photographic Studio in Coomera and ably assisted by my wife and Makeup Artist Danielle Gordon. I am trying to understand by careful study. Not just the subject but more importantly to me how to see and interpret light. I therefore looked towards established portrait photographers such as the late Herb Ritts, Annie Leibovotz, Matthew Jordan, Smith National awarding photographer Peter Coulson , Robert Coppa I am slowly learning about how to

develop a following through dedicated use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram 500px etc by having as many images published as possible I started TFP with local meet up groups and learning from peers and fellow amateur photographers. I now try to select models to the studio on a TFP basis where we all benefit from the experience as well as trying to attract dress designers to collaborate with. I would like to become more immersed in Wedding Couture, Evening and Elegance Couture Photography and the beauty and dynamism of dance photography, especially Ballet and Contemporary dance.


Gledhill Instagram: @Courtneygledhill

Photographer: Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com Hair Stylist and MUA: Rebecca Kate Amoroso Instagram: @beccibabesmakeup Stylist: Bee Hongsa Instagram: @b_stylist_official

Caterpillar blazer, Dr. REY shapewear underwear and Siren shoes

Stylejury Boutique and Bond

Bodysuit from Rose Chong costume shop, Lumier by Bariano blazer and Siren shoes

Lumier by Bariano dress and Siren shoes

Keepsake pants and Siren shoes

Seed and Bond sock

Bodysuit from Rose Chong costume shop and Siren shoes

Mariko KOKO

DAVIES Instagram: @k_o_k_o_m_o_k_o

Slide Show tops

Photographer: Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com Hair Stylist and MUA: Rebecca Kate Amoroso Instagram: @beccibabesmakeup Stylist: Bee Hongsa Instagram: @b_stylist_official

Stylejury Boutique and Bond

Seed and Bond sock

French Connection tops, Fore

ever new skirt and Kvoll shoes

Topshop tops, Zara pants and Novo shoes

The shadow of itself

Photographer: Victoria Art Stylist: Victoria Nozhenko Make-up/Hair: Dara Dukhnovskaja Model: Marina Polkanova

Photographer: Jackie Zhang

MUA: Arisa Kawamura Hair: Ken See

Model: Jennifer Pugh





Review 2015

Photographer Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com




Photographer Leroy Gordon www.leroy-gordon.squarespace.com


Festival PLAY

Photographers Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com Leroy Gordon www.leroy-gordon.squarespace.com





Photographer: Russell Thomas Hair & Makeup: Suzan Tomczyk Mode: Jamie Aspillaga Label: Sumtimes Sundays by Berit Schneemann Stylist: Berit Schneemann

t a h t s l e d n o o i M h s a f e k a m POP

MODEL spotlight




Photographer: Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com Hair Stylist and MUA: Rebecca Kate Amoroso Instagram: @beccibabesmakeup Stylist: Bee Hongsa Instagram: @b_stylist_official

E le me n ta l

Fur vest from Gasp and ICE underwear

BARIANO dress and Target collection leather jacket, London Rebel shoes

Caterpillar jacket, ICE pants and gloves from Rose Chong costume shop

Jacket and shorts from Keepsake, Novo shoes

The All Rounder “I didn’t know I wanted to act. I just knew I wanted to have a voice that told a story” Born of humble Eurasian origin Ayeshah Rose grew up surrounded with acres of green and endless amounts of imagination. Ayeshah found an escape from being a mixed raced girl in a rural area in her love of animals, which gave her a sense of freedom. This was the perfect recipe to be moulded into a storyteller. But it was almost as though one path was not quite enough to pursue a life of no limits. The tomboy joined the Naval Reserve Cadets as a teenager and found the focus and discipline she needed to hurtle a career in the arts. “I feel I can create a whole new me when I’m modeling or in a character. A picture tells a story too when you look into it”. Ayeshah later went on to study acting full time and had her first break in Underbelly, A Tale of Two Cities and later worked in the U.S. on various projects as a model and actor. This year was marked as one of Ayeshah’s most significant yet when completing the original wartime Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea. It was 148km of the most difficult terrain and altitudes of 2700m above sea level. “This ten-day adventure tested all human reactions to the elements, and was by far one of the most difficult experiences both physically and mentally any person can take on, but its on the life time bucket list for sure”, she says laughing. The adventure was filmed for the documentary Life Challenge and will be the first ever footage of this wartime trek aired in August on Channel Nine. Amongst juggling an acting career and her modeling jobs Ayeshah has a talent for art and has started her own business painting murals for various establishments across Sydney city. Since establishing herself as an artist she has been focused on having her own unique modifications on each piece so that there’s a little bit of herself she can spare to share in her works. Ayeshah is set to continue her journey as an actor, model, adventure addict and artist in Australia and over in the states next year. She says she has mastered multi-talented, tasking and she cannot wait for the next mountain she climbs! “Life is a rhythm, you just have to understand the melody” Ayeshah Rose

Hair Stylist and MUA Karoline Josevski Kollar

Hair Stylist and MUA Karoline Josevski Kollar

Hair Stylist and MUA Karoline Josevski Kollar

Hair Stylist and MUA Karoline Josevski Kollar

SPRING Special

Photographer: Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com MSFW 2015



1. Samsung Galaxy Gear This watch brings the essential features of a Samsung mobile phone to your wrist. As long as you’re in range of the compatible mobile it can answer calls, display texts and emails and let you reply to them on the 1.6in screen. It also has a built-in camera so you can quickly snap a scene, which can be quicker than pulling a phone from your pocket. It still has a lot to improve on and having to be in range of your mobile for certain functions to work is a bit pointless, but it is handy when you can’t hear your mobile or want to keep your hands-free. RRP $289.00 www.samsung.com 2. Sensoria Fitness Socks No ordinary sports socks, these are infused with textile sensors that communicate with an electronic anklet to tell runners everything they want to know about their cadence, weight distribution and foot landing. Through a dedicated app, the socks can help identify running styles that could lead to injury and guide runners to better technique. RRP $150.00 www.sensoriafitness.com 3. Oculus Rift For immersive gaming like you’re in a scene from Lawnmower Man the Oculus Rift is just the ticket. This virtual reality headset delivers 3D viewing and head tracking so you can look around a game. Being strapped to your face, the built-in display offers the impression of a massive cinema-sized screen and a wide 110-degree field of view. RRP $300.00 www. oculusvr.com 4. Cuffs Press your CUFF to discreetly send an alert in case of an emergency. Be available to important people in your life—like your babysitter or husband—without constantly checking your phone. The CUFF apps work for both CUFF owners and their family & friends. RRP $30 to 159.00 www.cuff.io 5. 3D Printed Nails 3D Printed in Stainless Steel: Bronze-infused stainless steel with visible print lines and rough feel. Gently peel off nails starting from back to front. Clean off the mounting tape and residue with acetone. RRP $52.00 www.shapeways.com 6. Charge IT Someday you may be able to charge your smartphone with your clothes. Flexible solar panels have inspired designers to come up with clothes and accessories that can power electronics. Start-up Wearable Solar is using the technology to make lightweight wired garments that enable the wearer to charge a smartphone up to 50 percent if worn in the sun for a full hour. Coming Soon










k n u p m a te

Photographer: Carena Pelentsov www.facebook.com/carena.pelentsov

“THE TEMPUS ELIXIR” Short-film A story about love and time

Film, art and fashion: Also known as the Seventh Art, filmmaking is intrinsically related to the fine arts and as an artistic medium it becomes an amalgamation of art techniques, media, movements and theories, film is art in motion. And with a film like “The Tempus Elixir” which is filled with fantasy and mythology, the importance of a strong, creative Art Department comes to light. The emerging film director Augusto Mak portrays a magical story with this film. Inspired by Greek tragedy and German Expressionism Augusto explores love, time, life and death through the mysterious world and mythological characters of “The Tempus Elixir”. The film intends to look into the human condition and the common question humanity asks: what is the meaning of life? In a highly visually enjoyable way, the director takes the audience through a highly energetic journey next to a young hero who is trying to save his fiancé by defying time and destiny.


“The Tempus Elixir” had an overwhelming support from local and international artists, shops and film industry professionals during its artistic development. Production Designer Daniela Lopez created a unique world for the camera, where sets, dressings and props helped to tell and craft the story by giving life to the script. Daniela, a Colombian filmmaker now based in Queensland started her career in music videos at her home country, in 2010 she moved to Brisbane where she is been working as an Art Director/Production Designer in film projects and where she also graduated from a Masters Degree in Fine Arts with Honours at the Griffith Film School.

Alongside the project designer, the experienced Jen Hetherington from Architecture of Fashion joined the team and www.facebook.com/jen.hetherington1 created the costumes for the project. From a high fashion dress for the mystical “Hecate” to grungy style looks for the mysterious and fearless “Furies” Jen helped to give an identity to the characters and to improve the film’s artistic style. Jen has a long trajectory in costume design and has been part of many collaborations with creative individuals, bridal projects, students, stylists, film and music production teams, she has also teach about fashion and design and is currently working with musicals at QPAC.



Make up artists Chelsea Brown (of Make-up by Chelsea) and Suzanne Kilgour (of Killer FX) added the final touch to the craft. Both women have a wide range of experience in film, fashion shoots, TV and movies. Designing highly expressive and artistic ideas for the underworld characters and soft and delicate concepts for the real world their work enhanced the characters attitudes, personality and roles in the story. More over, the make-up team created tricolour blood, splashes of white, yellow and pink blood filled the screen and gave the characters a magical conception.

One key business that helped create the world of ‘The Tempus Elixir’ was the fabulous Deb and her brand LADY BRASS STEAMPUK GARNISHES. Providing small details such as old books to feature pieces such as a steampunk Telescope created from scratch, her unique items helped the Art Department team to create one of the project’s most magical sets, Dr. Cronus Office. Set in a forest in the middle of the night the Doctor’s office was filled with Victorian style furniture and dressings, which were in its majority borrowed from the LADY BRASS shop and utilized in conjunction with items acquired from several antique centres.

“Steam Punk as a theme was a big source of inspiration for the Tempus designs and thanks to Deb and LADY BRASS we managed to bring to life what I had on paper”.

Daniela Lopez


Deb is an assemblage artist in Sculpture, pottery and crafts who is enchanted by Steam Punk, costuming and finery worn. At her shop LADY BRASS, located at the Boundary Street Markets in West End, she brings her art skills together to the making of Steam Punk garnishes. Surrounded by art pieces, Victorian dĂŠcor, old books and a beautiful collection of clocks LADY BRASS sells unique pieces of Steam Punk inspired earrings, bracelets, lapel brooches, hair slides, rings, fob chains, top hats, pocket watches, corsets and jackets among others.

Her support was vital to the project’s overall look and also inspired the Production Designer, Daniela with other creative aspects required for the film.

For an independent short film project with such an importance laid on the shoulders of the Art Department each of the team really got a chance to shine and showcase their talents. The production really came to life visually through the help of this group of talented women whose backgrounds cover everything from fashion to art. The film, which started preproduction in November 2014 and was shot over seven days in April and May of 2015 on several locations along the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Being successfully finalised in June the project also held a private industry preview at New Farm Six Cinemas in Fortitude Valley where local film industry members attended and has also started being submitted to a variety of national and international film festivals with hopes of a successful run of the festival circuit.

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Fom issue 8  

Issue eight is inspired by Spring and the soft colours including an editorial featuring Koko Mariko Davies, photographed by our long time su...

Fom issue 8  

Issue eight is inspired by Spring and the soft colours including an editorial featuring Koko Mariko Davies, photographed by our long time su...

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