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Welcome to our sixth issue of FASHION OBSERVER MAGAZINE Thank you to all our supporters. FOM is dedicated to promoting new and emerging creatives including contributors, editors, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, models, stylists, Hair and Makeup artisits and interns. Our publication places equal significance on all creatives and acknowleges each individual for their efforts and contribution. We all work together to inspire and learn from our fellow creatives. Issue six is inspired by Autumn and the geometric shapes of the Autumn leaf including an editorial featuring our longest running collaborator, Begitta Couture and Bridal. Inside you will also find articles showcasing RAW Brisbane, Emerging designer Harriet Sutherland, Creatives Uncovered, Music by Deena, Blogger Love and many other features and images from a transformational pool of creative talent. Jouney with FOM and follow the many creatives as they evolve to take their place in an industry where hard work, being true to yourself and trusting in your talents sets you apart . . . FOM is #4thecreatives . . . submit your material or ideas for review. Fashion Observer Magazine is for you, no matter your stage in life, no matter your dreams or ambitions. While nothing is sure, everything is possible. Love, Team FOM To keep the connection going follow us . . .

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BESPOKE Our world of obsessive consumerism and individuality has lead us full circle, fashion at our fingertips with global shopping a click way, right back to the beginning, with the ateliers designing and making custom products, the world and work of Bespoke is rapidly trending. Not only do consumers ‘want it now’ but ‘want my own’ , reflecting a strong sense of possessing uniquely personalised timeless goods incorporating the individuals tastes and style, and this trend of customisation is rapidly growing with Bespoke ateliers popping up with services from fashion to footwear and accessories. Society trend is driving the bespoke market in the pursuit of the individual, unique and personalised fashion, footwear and accessory market. This trend a bit like ‘I’ll have what she’s having’, is driven by consumers growing tired of global trends mass produced, brand after brand pivoted at the haute couture heights trickled down to saturation point. Consumers are looking for the return of the exhilaration, the shopping buzz of owning that special piece, that personalised item, the feeling of being proud and special – think back to the days of ‘your best Sunday outfit’, where forbid, no one rarely arrived in the same style or outfit.

The internet brought us the direct route to supply and demand; however it also brought ‘massiness and sameness’, where individuality and uniqueness has faded somewhat resulting in a homogeneous fashion market which is reproduced and copied almost immediately as soon as the high end fashion shows release the lasted looks for the season. I am a lifelong maker, a qualified couturier; my world of fabric, notions and design is driven by an innate passion nurtured in infancy beside my mother as she mended and fixed. I am fortunate to have formal training, qualifications and industry experience which supported a career which flowed and darted with the trends of society and our economy, from creative industry to educational and mentoring in my discipline. crafted. This demonstrated experience has led me to have ‘a hands’ on understanding of the current trend of fashion consumers’ face value needs, wants, desires and eccentricity. A skilled couturier, knows their client almost immediately sighting them, their style, colour palette, figure, insight to their fashion personality, certainly upon the design consultation an understanding of the function, event and their personal needs… form and function the basics to good design. Customisation may come at a price perhaps however clients express seeking the refined, personalised, garment which is designed and custom made with them as the nucleus, where there designs are personalised to suit not only fashion trending but incorporating the client and lifelong fashion couture skill set experience, no longer requiring the add on sales cost or effort of alterations or internet returns.

The client involved in the centre of fabric and lace selection, the design detailing, cut and fit, and the experience of the creation. Bespoke puts the ‘fun’ back into the experience of shopping and certainly in the journey of Wedding preparation and the dream gown pursuit. Bespoke couture fashion is every Bride to Be’s ultimate experience and every girls dream to be the Princess for the day dressed in an affordable couture gown working with their budget as the foundation, enriched and embellished often hand Bespoke couturier creativity for the atelier is passion, variety unique to each client and their one off design. Bespoke services are a one stop shop accessible to all sectors of society, a truly unique and intimate way of treating ourselves.

Joanne Borgatti SewBespoke Studio www.sewbespokestudio.com joanne@sewbespokestudio.com

RAW It was a night full of artistic magic and impressive performances. The annual RAW showcase was held on the 29th January at The Met Brisbane with artists from all genres in each showcase. RAW is a worldwide phenomenon where creatives of all shapes and sizes come together to celebrate their work. It runs from early February to October and tours 60 major cities all over the world ending in Hollywood for RAWards.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the buzz of energy and excitement in the air. Masses of local talents including artistic film, fashion, music, visual art, hair, makeup and performance art where all there to showcase their work. It was indeed an extravagant affair with talents coming together to form a “circus of creativity” as the directors of RAW have put it. There was a unique blend of fashion from talented designers showing off their elaborate collections. Cassandra’s Closet by Cassandra, a designer from Ipswich, specialises in corsets, alternative clothing and formal wear. Her collection that was showcased at RAW was inspired by the romance of the Victorian era and features many traditional silhouettes. She told FOM that she likes to experiment with a lot of different colours and hoped that the crowd of RAW would appreciate the artistic flare to her designs.

BRISBANE www.rawartists.org/brisbane


Alexandra Fashion was another amazing collection at RAW which featured extravagant lingerie pieces that also incorporate “a mix between day wear and lingerie that is a bit edgy but feminine at the same time”. Her collection was definitely a crowd pleaser and had everyone on the edge of their seats to see more. The hand crafted collection was inspired by a desire for others to see the aesthetic in the lingerie along with a mix of street style and music. FOM sat down with another talented designer, Rose Penberthy from Love and Light The Label. She described her collection saying “it’s very bohemian and has a beachy feel to it”. The ambitious designer hand knits all her pieces and has seen her home brewed collection take off all over the world. She told FOM that she wants to open her own boutique clothing store one day and with her experiences travelling and interpreting culture she can continue to produce high quality fashion. Maraki Intimates was another lingerie collection designed by Leasha Yates. The collection included feminine night gowns with built in support, decadent robes and lingerie sets. The collection was designed to help fill the gap in the market for a fashion forward lingerie label that is dedicated to fitting sizes 8-14 in cups DD to G. Leasha is greatly inspired by the women who wear her intimates—these are women who have dramatic proportions, effortless femininity and adventurous soul.

Overall it was a grand affair and the team at FOM had a spectacular night celebrating with some of Brisbane’s best local talents. It really showcased how the gap between creatives is slowly starting to close and everyone is now working as one. The industry is changing so rapidly that there is no one formula that will suit all but from recent experiences and considering the way things have been going, there is a good argument that challenges the traditional norms and shows that often creatives come together as one team working in unison. By Adelaide Lodder www.facebook.com/adelaide.lodder


Sutherland The Elegant Lost She swanned up the stairs and through the doors to the gallery dressed like some kind of fabulous wonderment from a Bjork video clip. Beautifully and elegantly dressed in a white top with long, draping sleeves and a cut-out back, accompanied by a sleek, leather neck collar, Harriet Sutherland is a fashion designer with a unique style and a vision that goes beyond the walls of Brisbane City.

Recently graduated from QUT’s Bachelor of (Fashion) Design, Harriet’s final showcase for her graduate collection was a roaring success. Harriet was presented the The Vaughan Award by Suzi Vaughan, who launched the fashion design program at QUT a decade ago. Inspired by Eileen Gray an alchemist of architecture and interior design through till the late 60’s, Harriet’s collection, The Elegant Lost is homage to the modern day gentlewoman. “…My aim was to design clothes that are equally comfortable as they are seductive… Fashion is more than just making clothes, but I think it’s more about the wearer of the clothing attaining and being apart of an idea that a designer seeks to convey through their clothes.” Harriet’s designs are elegant, sleek and iconic and encapsulate certain femininity, despite being quite loose fitting. With high necklines, un-even hemlines and bellowing sleeves that elongate and lengthen the female figure, her high-couture designs are equally comfortable as they are seductive. “The collection was inspired by strong and independent women so there is definitely a strong sense of femininity within my designs... it’s just subtle, nothing too overt.” With her sights set on London or New York in the next five years, Harriet Sutherland is an incredibly talented designer who will without a doubt take the fashion world by storm. By Irie Langlois Photographer Irie Langlois www.irielanglois.com


PLAY Photographer: Lexi Smith www.facebook.com/MrandMrsSmithPhotography

Model: Samara Thompson


Hair & Makeup: Ashley Brooke Makeup Artistry www.facebook.com - link

MODELS Create a portfolio of all your work Add a show reel Sell your own images directly with a full ecommerce platform Showcase you videos Fans can share and interact via your App Stand out and take control of your business Send your App Store download link to potential clients and agencies Many features to choose from - contact us to discuss features and how your App will take your business to the next level www.appetising.com.au info@appetising.com.au

Creatives Uncovered is a link-up event platform for small

business owners, entrepreneurs and sole traders to meet the creative industries that are vital in getting a business off the ground. With 6 events in Sydney per year they recently launched in Brisbane in 2014, hoping to take the concept to other states later in 2015. . Creatives Uncovered is all about first, exposing new brands , holding event in never been done before venue’s, often at secret locations recently showcasing a new fashion brand for the Hijab women with models from all backgrounds strutting down the catwalk presenting this exciting new collection along with other fabulous up and coming designers .

The Creatives Uncovered ‘Showcase and Awards’ event attracts designers from all over Australia, from couture designs, avant garde head pieces and ready to wear looks for everyone. There are no boundaries to what fashion is showcased. The events also feature live music, art & photography exhibitions, dance , the written word, Projections. Creatives Uncovered is so much more than an event platform for emerging talent. Since 2010 the Creatives Uncovered concept has evolved to become a broad arena, showcasing creatives and start up brands from various countries and cultures and across many different creative spheres. www.creativesuncovered.com.au

DAN DAN The Label launched its first collection, Scarlette, at Canberra’s inaugural FASHFEST in 2013. Since then, designer Stephanie Tallos has continued to be inspired by current street style, resulting in elegant yet comfortable and highly wearable garments. Her designs embody sophistication through strong design aesthetic, allowing an easy transition from daywear to nightwear. The effortless and chic style created by Stephanie Tallos makes DAN The Label timeless and an essential in every woman’s wardrobe. DAN The Label’s current collection, Neverland, fuses elements of work wear and longer length garments with bold prints and everyday street style. Through the use of classic styles, pieces can stand alone or can easily be incorporated into your pre-existing wardrobe.

One of the earliest influences in Daniel’s life was his grandmother. An elegant country lady, Daniel fondly remembers her constantly busying herself with some kind of sewing or craft project. The beauty and singularity of his grandmother’s handmade garments had a lasting impression on the young Daniel, and is an integral part of his couture work to this day. “I have always been a fan of 50’s and 60’s Hollywood, the jet set life style. I love the kind of clean, dramatic glamour of the period, strong silhouettes in luxurious fabrics like silk shantung, brocade, duchess satin and Chantilly lace, as well as the beautifully tailored day wear in wool, crepe and tweed.” This influence is apparent in all of Daniel’s designs, although he also finds himself fusing old Hollywood with a more contemporary edge.

Daniel Learmont

PretiQue is a brand for fashionable and modest clothing, to cater for the hijab/ headscarf wearing women, however many of our pieces can also be worn by women from all over, PretiQue aims to help Muslim womens express themselves through fashion and style, inspire and build confidence in those that find fashionable clothing hard to find, dress modestly but yet fashionably and make shopping much easier. PretiQue offers a wide range of beautiful dresses, skirts, pants and many more pieces of clothing to choose from, Hijabs/ headscarfs made from gorgeous soft and delicate fabrics with vibrant prints, pretty colours, and a variety to choose from whether being floral or patterned as well as plain. Nez and Fatin are the founders of PretiQue who’s love for fashion and have a strong passion about the hijab and its dressing up, came up with idea of sharing the love with all women who want to express themselves and make hijab fashion shopping easy when they shop at ours, share tricks and tips on how to dress beautifully and modestly.


Tatiana Light

Teresa’s passion is to make women feel gorgeous in her unique cover-up garments that will take them from the beach through to the night, and summer through to winter. Pacific Breeze Australia’s cover-ups are designed to flatter; skimming over bumps and bulges, and providing multiple levels of coverage that suit the wearer and the situation. This year sees the range expand into the highend market with the addition of exclusive prints on fine silk fabrics via collaborations with talented artists, along with renowned contemporary Aboriginal artist, Robyn Caughlan who is painting her unique designs directly onto the silk fabric, resulting in one-of-a-kind creations. All cover-ups are proudly Australian designed and made, and now digitally printed and hand painted in Australia too.

Pacific Breeze

Mombyry Drawing on inspiration from Australian and Paraguayan roots, my vision is to create a distinctive line of women’s and men’s apparel and accessories. Traditional artisan techniques are executed with a contemporary flourish, the quaint reciprocating the progressive. Mombyry is the brain child of creative Jacqueline Molina, born in Broken Hill and raised in Adelaide to Paraguayan parents. She spent 10 years in Paraguay and is currently based in Sydney. In 2014 two of her designs were worn by Tana Schembori, Paraguayan Film Director at the Platinum Awards for International Iberoamerican Cinema Awards gala presentation held in Panama and the ADEC Awards held in Asuncion, Paraguay. Mombyry is proud to be a 100% Australian owned business.


Photographer: Laura Daria Pezzini www.lauradariapezzini.com Model: Aimèe Hurst Joy Model Management www.joymodels.com

Makeup: Serena Palma www.serenapalma.it Stylist: Cherry Blossom www.paolobaroncelli.com with Andrea Miliotti www.artside.it


Model: Chelsea Sciretta Brazen Models Photographer: Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Kate Amoroso www.facebook.com/rkmakeup



info@appetising.com.au www.appetising.com.au

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actively balanced HAYLEY PICOTO Hayley Picoto is an up and coming Queensland identity who is quickly making her mark on the industry. We spent the day with Hayley for a photoshoot in some killer Rockwear gear to get an insight into the juggling act that is her life, and find out what keeps her grounded. www.rockwear.com.au

Photographer: Camilla Kirk www.camillakirk.com

Hair & Makeup: Chelsea Brown www.facebook.com/makebychelsea

Hayley, this photoshoot is just one of many sides of your life, what else fills yours days? Well that depends…how much time do you have?! I’m the sort of person that needs to keep busy and I cling to my motivations like a religion. My full time work is about telling stories. I work for TPD Media as a producer and we create all sorts of video content from television shows like Queensland Weekender, to corporate sales videos, television commercials, live event highlights and graphic animations. If it’s video, we do it! So within that job I get a great range of diversity that keeps me busy. Sometimes I travel for work too. Outside of work I also present the National Lotto broadcasts on Channel Seven and pick up some modelling, MC and presenting gigs too. And you’re also the first ever Miss World Queensland? Yes! I earned that title last year and I love it. I just recently got married so I’m kind of a ‘Miss’ and a ‘Mrs’ now! So what does Miss World Queensland do? Well there’s actually a lot more too this title than winning a beauty pageant and wearing a sash and tiara. And that’s why I entered; I was really motivated by the criteria we get judged on to be the best version of myself inside and out. It’s very fulfilling to me. You need to demonstrate that you are fit and healthy, showcase a talent (mine is videography/producing) and use communication skills in a variety of ways from answering an unknown question on stage, to public speaking, presenting on camera, interviews, social media and writing. Most importantly, in Miss World (the largest and longest running beauty pageant internationally) you need to demonstrate Beauty with a Purpose. This involves fundraising and generating awareness for charity.


Are you working with any charities at the moment? I continue to work with Variety since being a part of Miss World finals and I’m walking the runway in an event called the Variety Red Carpet wearing a gorgeous gown by Keooula Designs which will be auctioned off at the event. My other charity work is in an Ambassadorial role with Fresh Start Rescue to help give a voice to a smaller, local charity finding homes for dogs and cats that have nowhere else to go. For our wedding we actually decided to donate to Fresh Start Rescue instead of buying expensive bonbonnieres for our guests. In February I hosted an ‘Afternoon Teal’ to raise funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Australia and I’d like to do more of these in the future too. Busy girl! How do you stay on top of everything?! Balance is a word that’s very commonly thrown around when it comes to questions like that! I often don’t feel balanced at all. But I have my husband who keeps me grounded and always reminds me of what’s fundamentally important when I go through a bout of ‘not being able to say no’. It’s not always easy to find time for exercise, but I always make sure I do because it keeps me sane too. You’re obviously into your health and fitness, do you enjoy it or is it a chore? A chore?! No way! I really am genuinely addicted to the endorphins created from an active day. It’s a feeling that’s hard to know unless you get up and get going with whatever fitness activity you’re into. But once you feel it, you’ll keep coming back for more! And I love the social aspect!

So you’re addicted to exercise!? [laughs] No, not really, but I suppose you could say I’m addicted to feeling great! It must be hard to stay on top of your beauty regime with frequently sweaty hair and not much free time? I’ve got it down to a fine art! I use a vegan, chemical-free makeup called Bare Blossom which prevents my skin from breaking out, gives me a great finish and feels really light too so I don’t feel the need to wash it off before exercising like I used to. I’m also an ambassador for ProjectSPF and I’m big on looking after my skin in the sun. I always have a hat in my car, run with a visor, use SPF50 moisturiser and sunscreen if I’m outside shooting or at the beach and I’m a shade seeker. Sunnies are a given of course and they often double up as a fashion accessory if I haven’t had much time for eye makeup!

Top tips? 1) Drink lots of water – a tip I constantly have to remind myself of but gee-whiz it’s worth it! 2) If in doubt about an outfit, put on some high heels and rock it anyway! 3) Look after your body, it’s the only place you always call home. If you want to (try) keep up with Hayley, she’s all over the social media thing and her website; worldofhayley.com sums it up nicely.

Hayley in 30 seconds Nickname: “H” Pets: Blue American Staffy; Chevay (who I adore!) I used to have 2 chickens but they attracted too many snakes…And I didn’t want a snake as a pet! So we gave the chickens away to friends. Favourite colour? Green Handbag essential items? Lucas’ Paw Paw ointment, portable phone charger, sunglasses, Bare Blossom mineral powder. Comfort food? Nutella and vanilla yoghurt (together!) Fashion failure? Buying a dress too small and having the zipper completely expose me at a dinner event! Luckily we were staying at the hotel and someone could run and get me a change of clothes! Moral of the story? Buy the garment size that’s comfy and fits you - don’t worry about the number on the label. They’re all different anyway!


PLAY Photographer: Dean Andrew www.ninderrystudios.com

Model: Nichhia Wippell www.facebook.com/nichhia.wippell Designer:

Begitta Stolk www.begitta.com

Hair & Makeup: Chelsea Brown www.facebook.com/makebychelsea Headpiece: Sarah Andrew


Claudia Edwards www.facebook.com/claudia.edwards.39

Like many people, traveling to Europe has always been a dream of mine. The culture, the fashion, the sights and the food seem to lure people in by the millions. After travelling to both Thailand and America in recent years, I finally took the plunge and decided to spend the holiday season in various cities across Europe. Rome was the first stop, and arguably the most historical of the trip. The ruins

were breathtaking, with thousands of years of history at every turn. It was incredible to see these landmarks scattered around the bustling city, with locals casually going about their day. At night the tourist spots died down, but the shopping area became a maze with the streets filled to the hilt with both locals and tourists eating at cafes and shopping to their hearts content.

Venice was the second stop of the trip, and although hard to navigate at first, it was breathtaking. There is no other city like it – it is over 180 islands all connected by numerous bridges and as we all know, it is slowly but surely sinking. The pathways were covered in stores selling Venice’s most renowned goods – Murano glass and handmade masks. Venice was beautiful, and surprised me in the very best way.

The next destination was Lucerne in Switzerland. Not knowing what to expect, I arrived to find a wonderful city located on a lake with the snow-covered mountains in clear view. My only regret was that I could not stay longer (I only stayed for a couple of nights), but I left knowing that it was somewhere I must return. Upon leaving Lucerne I traveled to Paris, finally living out my dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower, French fashion and eating any pastry I could get my hands on. I was not disappointed. I was there for 8 days and I could have stayed for 80 years. Of course I did the tourist things – the Louvre, climb the Eiffel tower, Moulin Rouge, the Arc de triomphe and the Palace of Versailles (also Disneyland!). But, I also shopped my heart out along the wonderful Champs Elysees and Galeries Lafayette. Paris single handedly reawaked my fashion desires, with inspiration at every turn.

As the trip started drawing to a close, my second last destination was Amsterdam. I had always heard wonderful things about this place, but was slightly unconvinced that it would live up to the expectations. Stepping of the train I was quickly put at ease. Although the temperature was freezing (coldest of all the places visited), it lived up to the hype. Everyone rode around on bikes, the locals were always friendly, there was amazing museums, boutique stores and cool cafes everywhere. Again, I

was unfortunately only there for a few days, but look forward to returning in the future (preferably summer) to ride around the tulip fields and see more of the city. Last, but most certainly not least, was London. It was wonderful to see the famous landmarks with my own eyes – Big Ben, the London tower, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly and the London eye. The entire city was amazing to see, but there were a few things that stood out for me. The

first being the Warner Brothers ‘Harry Potter’ Studio tour, another dream come true. I spent the day wondering around Diagon Alley, and drinking Butterbeer. A highlight of the entire trip. Another stand out was the day trip I took out to Bath and Stonehenge. It was completely picturesque, the most beautiful English countryside (apparently Jonny Depp and Matt Damon both own houses out there), and Stonehenge was surreal to see. And last but not least, the famous Oxford Street. I was unprepared for

the Topshop alone. I spent days walking around the area, and still think that I did not see all there was to offer. Like Paris, London had set a fashion fire upon my heart. I could not pick a favorite moment or place if I tried. The entire trip exceeded my expectations, and I know that this is not the last time I visit any of these cities. I returned back home to Australia inspired, with a renewed sense of style and filled with determination to return again.


Photographer: Michael Teo www.michaelteo.com

Model: Sam Frew Elite Models Australia

Designer: Kav Singh

Hair: Phoenix Ly www.facebook.com/phoenix.ly.71 Makeup: Priya Alexander www.facebook.com/PriyaAlexanderMakeupArtist


Photography, hair and makeup: Sarah Elizabeth photographer www.facebook.com/SarahElizabethPhotographer Model: Elle B Elite Model Managment

Spirit of the SEA


Based in Perth, Keiko Uno is an avid scuba diver along the West Australian Coast. It is here, in the depths of the ocean, immersed in the magic of the underwater world that Keiko finds much of her inspiration for her luxury ocean motif jewellery. And Keiko’s profound connection with the ocean is the catalyst for her latest series of jewellery, “Spirit Of The Sea.” Keiko has a rich inheritance of Japanese culture that is traced back to Samurai Lords, there is a mountain in Japan which bears her ancestor’s name, meaning the sacred place of gems. Keiko’s passion for gems and jewellery was ignited at a young age while observing the powerful transformative effect jewels had on the wearer. Some time later, in her teenage years, Keiko began her career in jewellery at her mother’s gem and jewellery emporium in Perth, Western Australia. Combining both her Japanese and Australian culture, infused with her love of the ocean, Keiko creates exquisite collections of jewels that are continuously evolving and carving out a path that is unmistakably redefining modern luxury jewellery. With a harmonious composition of rich textured metals and colours complimented by opals, pearls and semi precious stones, Keiko’s “Spirit Of The Sea” jewellery expertly captures the essence of the sea. Keiko Uno Jewellery is renown for sophisticated and alluring statement pieces, and “Spirit of the Sea” is unequivocally all that is Keiko. ‘My “Spirit of the Sea” series is about interpreting through jewellery the invigorating and liberating spirit of the sea. I’ve depicted this through the vibrant use of sparkling colourful gemstones, the playful waves of metal work, the romance of pearls, and the bold eye-catching contrast of black and gold finishes,’ says Keiko. Keiko’s “Spirit of the Sea” jewellery certainly caught the eye of seven times world surfing champion, Layne Beachley, who commissioned a stunning opal neckpiece that encapsulates a bond they both share for the ocean. By Sylvia Giacci



1 theblondesilhouette.com.au




I’m Ashleigh, although when it comes to the bloggersphere, I’m known as The Blonde Silhouette. I’ve always had a distinctly feminine style and when combined with my creative flair, a style diary was born, aimed to express my love of fashion and to educate and inspireVISIT women, BLOGone stiletto at a time. My style is particularly feminine with a classic twist. While I prefer tailored pieces to compliment my petite frame, I cannot resist a flirtatious, full volumed skirt, or a touch of tulle. As a selfconfessed print queen and colour enthusiast, my double wardrobe reveals a vibrant, whimsical world, much like Narnia…. assuming Narnia is laced with pastels, neon and a sprinkling of sequins. Born and raised in Brisbane, I’ve always admired the colourful fashion landscape, which is brought about by the endless warm weather. Brisbanites embrace summer with colour and aren’t afraid to be bold. I live in a city that’s paved deep with historical context and the iconic architecture creates a beautiful juxtaposition against the thriving fashion scene. Not to mention, we’re home to a one of a kind fashion event, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, which showcases our best designer talent from innovative emerging designers to acclaimed wedding designers. We really do have it all.



2 catcore.blogspot.com.au



My style is very much dictated by my passion for being active and my work as an instructor of Pilates, Body Pump and Ballet Sculpt. I’m also all about feeling comfortable and chic.


I love colour and print but I am sensible about making sure the outfit is flattering and eyecatching without trying to look like Cher in the 70s! I’m very feminine and I love makeup, skincare and the ritual and romance of looking and being groomed. I don’t wear heavy makeup. I prefer to take really good care of my skin and then VISIT wearBLOG concealer, tinted moisturiser or foundation with skincare benefits with a dash of eyeliner and lipliner. I find lipliner stays in place during a workout and classes. I am a sneaker lover but I’ve curbed my spending habits and currently have three pairs on rotation, mostly Nikes. My true addiction is activewear. I’m all about sports luxe! I have a collection of Onzie capris and leggings, as well as Anahata Yoga Clothing capris and crop tops and Funkita does a new sportswear range that is all Australian and gets a lot of compliments. My blog began as a passion project and it still is. I am excited by yoga, dancing, working out and the science and spirituality involved in it. I’m also very fortunate to meet people and have the opportunity to interview them about their lives, their vocations and their expertise. I also get to share things I’ve tried as far as beauty products, food and cookbooks, fitness classes, books, DVDs, events and websites. I am an enthusiastic advocate for anything that inspires me and has value for my readers. I’m still very much growing my audience for the blog. It is 3 years old and has come a long way. I’d love to do more collaborations with other bloggers, brands, organisations and also fitness, health and fashion magazines. I have been reading Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and i-D for the past 16 years and I still love them and dream of writing for those staples of the fashion sphere. I’m looking forward to writing more in general – it’s the love of my life, just as teaching and being active and creative are. I am always looking for opportunities to contribute to magazines both print and online. I am also a media junkie and would love to work in radio. I think there’s definitely scope for a fitness, health and lifestyle show on the mainstream airwaves.



3 opinionslave.blogspot.com.au



BLOGgER I’m a 24 year old, fashionmarketing-mind from Brisbane who started blogging in 2010 as a means of creatively documenting my fashion lusts, purchases, and other daily musings. Back then, “fashion blogging” and blogging in general hadn’t fully developed as an influential medium, and it’s crazy to see how much the blogosphere has changed! My style is largely dependent on my mood, but mainly my style can be described as ‘minimal with a twist’. I currently work fulltime in the advertising industry, so that largely takes up my time, but I’d go crazy if I didn’t have my blog to offload my brain creatively.




Quay Eyeware: Neverland Sunglasses Gold RRP $45.00 available from www.peppermayo.com

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Lulu & Rose Black Sheer Check Tee RRP $49.95 available from www.gluestore.com

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So what is SCENTSY? Scentsy offers a variety of home and personal fragrance products, including scented wickless candles and decorative ceramic warmers, which together provide a safer alternative to burning wicked candles…. no wick, no smoke, no soot! Nice! So why did you get into this and how did you? A good friend introduced me to Scentsy. I signed up as a consultant for $152 and received my starter kit which included a free web page for three months, catalogues, order forms, and a Consultant workstation where I can enter all my orders and keep up with the latest Scentsy news. For me there is nothing better than having a clean home, with a beautiful fragrance. As a young Mum I used oil burners with tea lights, but with three young boys I was always on edge because I was concerned that they might get inquisitive when I wasn’t looking. When I learned about the Scentsy system I got excited because I knew others would also appreciate the concept. Scentsy sounds as if it is safe and is great for the senses, so can you make money out of it as well? You sure can. Scentsy is a direct sales business, similar to Tupperware. As a Consultant I have the ability to set my own schedule and determine how much or how little to work my business. The great thing about Scentsy is there are incentives for everyone. If you buy you have a wonderful product, if you host a party you can earn free and half price items, and if you join you have the opportunity to own your own business while having the best time of your life! ! Scentsy seems to be the BIG BUZZ in Australia right now, how long has it been here? Scentsy opened in Australia 2 September 2013, and Australia has fallen in love with it! I signed up on the opening day, and while I was waiting to see the products in person I remember thinking, “if they’re ugly then I’m not putting my name to them”. To my delight Scentsy Warmers are very stylish, so I just fell in love more! I know it’s only just been over a year that Scentsy has been in Australia, but are there any stand out moments? Too many, but I’ll share a few – partying for a living with my husband, Stanford Forbes (yep, he’s a Scentsy man), becoming a Director within six months, working with the best team, Scented Memories, earning an all-expenses paid incentive trip for my husband and me, and travelling with six of our team members to the Scentsy Family Reunion, held in the United States, and contributing financially to our family budget. But best of all, I love watching my team members as they build their business, and seeing them realise their potential and achieving their goals and dreams! It sounds scentsational!! How does someone go about signing up? Check out my web site www.cherief.scentsy.com.au or message me on my Facebook page Cherie Forbes Scentsy Independent Director

Jing Zheng

Model: Jing Zheng Brazen Models Photographer: Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Kate Amoroso www.facebook.com/rkmakeup

Tech for your LIFE 1. PARROT’S ZIK 2.0 HEADPHONES Less is more.The positive side of human production always tends towards less, nature as well. The less material there is, the more human it becomes. Do less to have more. This is what the Zik 2.0 is about. Finer, rounder, more sensitive. It comes close to us, until it becomes us, our sound and nothing else. RRP $499.95 www.parrot.com


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6 4









Small changes make a big difference when it comes to being active.


F R E D DY W R .U P ® PA N T S Pa n t s t h a t a r e m a d e t o a c c e n t u a t e a w o m a n ’s n a t u r a l c u r ve s . T h e i r s t y l i s h s p o r t , fashion & denim pants are cleverly designed t o g i v e yo u a g o r g e o u s l y r o u n d e d & p e r t b e h i n d . W R .U P ® S p o r t a r e t e c h n i c a l l y designed for the active woman and contain D. I .W.O ® f a b r i c t o k e e p y o u r s k i n v i r t u a l l y dry and at a constant temperature. R R P $ 7 5 -1 7 5 . 0 0 w w w. f r e d d y s t o r e . c o m . a u


THE FITNESS AND H E A LT H E X P O I f yo u ’ r e b o r e d w i t h yo u r training schedule, want to start a new fitness kick or need va l u a b l e t r a i n i n g a n d diet advice then head to the ultimate workout for fitness, wellness and h e a l t h – t h e Fi t n e s s & He a l t h E x p o, Me l b o u r n e Co nve n t i o n & E x h i b i t i o n Ce n t r e , A p r i l 1 0 -1 2 – a n d find the best new fitness s o l u t i o n f o r yo u . RRP $30.00 w w w. f i t n e s s e x p o . c o m . a u

2 MICHELLE BRIDGES formulated by B L AC K M O R E S M i c h e l l e B r i d g e s , o n e o f A u s t r a l i a ’s highest profile health and fitness personalities, has partnered with Blackmores to develop a range of nutritional supplements and food products to help meet the needs of people who consider regular exercise and healthy eating as c o r e t o t h e i r h e a l t h a n d w e l l b e i n g. R R P $ 1 9 . 9 9 w w w. b l a c k m o r e s . c o m . a u / michelle-bridges

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Expressionism Deena







WINNER OF RAW AWARD FOR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S FAVOURITE 2013 NOMINATED FOR RAW AWARD FOR MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR 2013 WINNER OF TRAXX RADIO’S AUSTRALIAN INDEPENDENT ALBUM OF 2012 WINNER OF STAR CENTRAL MAGAZINE’S MUSICIAN OF THE MONTH (AUGUST) 2012 PART OF CALOUNDRA MUSIC FESTIVAL PANEL 2014 Two years after the release of her debut album Lone Wolf, Brisbane-based Deena returns with a new single ‘Cupid’. Stepping away from her acoustic-folk sound and with the help of a fullyfledged band behind her, Deena has dived head first into a new musical direction of indie blues-rock.Her sound is bigger, grittier and darker than ever. With her forthcoming sophomore album Black Cat due for release early 2015, Deena has collaborated with Yanto Browning (Art of Sleeping, Jac Stone), Brendan O’Neill (Big Scary, Saskwatch) and Graham Ritchie (Holy Holy, Emma Louise), who have all lent their unique talents to chisel a darker tone without compromising Deena’s dulcet voice – a voice that transmits raw, intense emotion. ‘Cupid’ is the first single off Black Cat, in which Deena sings about knowing full well the danger of falling for a certain person but giving in to temptation anyway. Her voice beguiles listeners into an almost lullaby until demanding focus when the song breaks into a wail of high notes and grungy guitar. ‘Cupid’ is a song with cheek and soul.

Self-styled and self-taught, independence is what sets Deena apart from the rest. Born in Japan to a Taiwanese mother and an Irish father, her musical influences are as eclectic as her cultural upbringing – Johnny Cash, KT Tunstall and Jeff Buckley. Having started her musical journey only two years ago, Deena is already a seasoned performer. For ‘Lone Wolf’, she completed a tour of national shows and festivals as well as internationally in the USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Now in 2014 and in early 2015, Deena has plans to bring the album to Japan, Malaysia and right at home in Australia to a town near you.




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