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Welcome to our thirteenth issue of

FASHION OBSERVER MAGAZINE Thank you to all our supporters. FOM is dedicated to promoting new and emerging creatives including bloggers, editors, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, models, stylists, Hair and Makeup artists. Our publication places equal significance on all creatives and acknowledges each individual for their efforts and contribution. We all work together to inspire and learn from our fellow creatives. FOM encourages you and your creative aspirations no matter what trends you create or follow, we want you to be passionate and determined to follow a career that you love. FOM is #4thecreatives . . . submit your material or ideas for review SUBMIT NOW Fashion Observer Magazine is for you, no matter your stage in life, no matter your dreams or ambitions. While nothing is sure, everything is possible.



1 Can Melbourne’s Independent Frock Designers survive? 2 From Audrey with Love 3 Tech Styles 4 Wilson’s Promontory p4.


5 Blogger Love

6 Ethical Shopper 7 Lake Garda with Amber 8 Military Influences on Fashion 9 The FitKit 10 Diary of Pearls 11 Summer Solis



12 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 13 Retro Girl 14 Shahr Art 15 LA Fashion Week p74.






SURVIVE? Lucy Laurita

Designer Lucy Laurita Photographer Maurice Rinaldi Style & Personal Brand Authority Henry Weinreich Roth Jewellery Celeste Billinge Hair & Makeup Alarna Bell Models Jessica Parish, Nyadier Apech

Designer Lucy Laurita, focusing her creative edge on re-branding and her collection of new classics. We get an insight on location of her latest photo shoot with LA based photographer Maurice Rinaldi.

Top 10


FASHION WARS Apparently I should have, could have and would have made a great ACCOUNTANT - a natural teacher in the making I could hear the soothing thought patterns others had for me - out of love - out of career vocation , school , in my soup --out of what made plausible societal sense -- the want for my stability YET - and certainly I don’t think it was misguided at all - it just was not where my determined mind and my thirsty creativity was at. The road has often been amazing, and equally tough. I’ve had my highs including the Melbourne

creative designers, such as myself are what I would call the David’s of style.

It does make me smile, when I think of some people’s perceptions of a life of champagne, red carpets, velvet ropes, and frivolity. A world where evaporating air kisses meet with sustainable lipstick, and tattooed eyebrows. Where you can’t say darling too much, or capsule too little. But what room is there, for the likes of Lucy Laurita vs Zara, Myer, Sass & Bide, Chanel, Tiffany & Co, David Jones, Carla Zampatti, Prada? Certainly, it makes sense in Manhattan, London, Paris, population can support so much. However, when the world arrived to Australia, our fashion has taken a giant competitive leap forward requiring a giant leap forward of faith, tenacity to remain buoyant in what we do. I pen this in the spirit of David Lawrence and Collette Dinnigan, and others that I find provides my insights, my passion, my love.

Here are the top 10 tips to remain sane, cash flow liquid, creative, and still here next year. 1. My network - first and foremost for me that's family, I am adamant that you need close support as running any small business can at times be very isolating and lonely. I am blessed to have a supportive husband and two beautiful children that light up my life with happiness which is reflected in my work 2. My business network - Collaborations with like minded creative's is the most effective way to lift your brands profile. For most of us this has not happened over night. For me it has been years of hard work and word of mouth that has connected me and my brand to the most

wonderful creative talent in the Australian Fashion Industry. 3. Personal branding - Align yourself to your brand ! Designers are shy by nature. I was running around in circles for years, I had tried various mentors but felt they did not understand me, I struggled to connect with business mentors. My light at the end of this cycle has been Style and Personal Branding Authority, Henry Weinreich Roth. You may know him as the mentor from Project Runway Australia He now runs his own Melbourne based branding company. He has taken me right back to my beginnings, to find myself and where my strengths are and taught me that it is possible to create a sustainable balance.

4. Tenacity - determined - never give up. Focus on your market, there is room for niche. Surround yourself with positive people that support your vision. 5. Projections and budgets - plan ahead, do not overspend on stock, grow organically. Over stocking of fabrics, trims packaging is very risky. Set short payment terms with buyers and understand their buying patterns. 6. Know my niche - study your target market, get to know everything about them and their buying behaviour, what are their emotional triggers. What problem can you solve for them

7. Compare realistically within the overall market and your point of difference. 8. Marketing - Talk to your audience, involve and engage with them through social media and embrace their feedback. 9. Personalise - meet your clients, spend time with them and understand their needs. Respond quickly to market trend and demand 10 a drop of good luck. Well luck is what you make it

From Audrey with



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AirPods will forever change the way you use headphones. Whenever you pull your AirPods out of the charging case, they instantly turn on and connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac.

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Our award-winning ghd curve® range has had a winter makeover in the new arctic gold gift collection. Featuring the ghd curve® classic wave wand wrapped in a warm white roll bag and arctic gold gift

5 box.

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Photography | Nikunj Madaia Designer | Pereeia Couture Makeup | Danielle Ebeyan Models | Jolene Farrell, Cassie Munchow, Sophie Shinkarenko

WILSON’S Promontory






Emily Suresh ‘She Does…’

Emily Suresh is a Perth born fashionista with a love for peonies and lovely Summer days at the beach, but that’s not all! She also runs a fabulous blog by the name of ‘She Does…’ which offers affordable style tips and inspiration to those looking to expand their wardrobe.


‘She Does…’ has been a passion of Emily’s for the last six years. It all started with her showing people how to style vintage pieces for a clothing business she had, that sold these style garments. However, Emily’s online presence has evolved through time to which her blog has become more of a personal style piece where she shares advice, reviews trends and posts about her life.

Last year Emily revamped and relaunched her blog as ‘She Does…’, the amazing, diverse blog we see today. From being incredibly nervous about letting anyone read her blog to working with brands such as Cotton On, Boohoo, Volvo, H&M and the Perth Fashion Festival, Emily has really cemented herself in the blogging community. This lovely lady draws her inspiration from other fashion blogs and stylish Instagram feeds and describes her style as a mix of minimalist and trend driven with a particular tendency for neutral colours coupled with denim. However, Emily always aims to encourage others to try new things and experiment with fashion, just as she does. This dynamic Perth local is not only a blogging bombshell but also works a corporate job and mothers her lovely four-year-old daughter, so you can imagine she’s quite busy. Fashion is a real passion for Emily, proven by the fact that she’s been designing clothes since she was seven years old! With her husband as her photographer, Emily Suresh is building her own personal brand and hopes that one day, she will have the opportunity to collaborate with other brands to design a clothing collection of her own. She’s a woman passionate about sharing her style and connecting with other, like-minded people in the blogging industry. She is Emily Suresh of ‘She Does…’ By Nicole Dickson





Lei Lei Clavey ‘Lei Lady Lei’ A lot of people want to find that fashionable line between retro and glam, modern and vintage, to conquer the art of staying on trend while holding onto the beloved styles of their past. An incredibly talented and welltravelled lady named Lei Lei Clavey and her blog ‘Lei Lady Lei’ encapsulate this ideal.

such as Margaret Zhang as style inspirations, Lei Lei herself has worked with labels like Charlotte Tillbury, CottonOn, Marks & Spencer, Volvo, kikki.K, Pandora, Simone Pérèle , General Pants and more!

Lei Lei’s blog is a platform in which she can document her life while doing something she loves as well as being an avenue to express her creative voice. She aims to inspire readers to try new Having started her blog while things, whether that be through living in New York for just her beauty, style or even travel. Lei friends and family to read, this Lei herself would love ‘Lei Lady glamorous globetrotter made the Lei’ to give her the opportunity gradual move from a personal to to travel to more places, whisk a now, very public blog. Outside her away to all the major fashion her blog, Lei Lei also traverses weeks in London, Paris, New York the world having caught the travel and Milan and ultimately allow bug at a young age and has so her to launch her own creative far lived in Paris, Santa Barbara, business. New York and Perth. She is also a This connected creator has said Digital Marketer for Forever New that her blog has opened up a which she describes as inspiring though very different to her blogs whole new world of opportunities and has met some incredibly aesthetic. inspiring people through this To turn her dream into a reality line of work. Lei Lei loves Lei Lei attended the Melbourne seeing the finished product School of Fashion to receive her of her posts up on the screen Fashion Business Certificate. As after all the hard work has paid a woman of many talents and off, meshing together what is a experiences she has also worked perfect combination of concepts, in retail so as to understand the photography, styling and writing. fashion market and volunteers Lei Lei, however, did not get at fashion festivals to continue to where she is today without to learn and be immersed in the determination, motivation and environment. This lovely lady persistence being quoted as three also cites New York as the place where she first really learnt about important elements of blogging. She encourages her readers to get fashion and found her style. Lei Lei was however, ultimately drawn out there and give it a go, to be proactive, be consistent and ask back to Melbourne where she for what you want, there’s no use adapted and utilised what she’d in waiting around. learnt in the Big Apple. While naming Buro 24/7 creative director, Mira Duma and bloggers

By Nicole Dickson






Caryl ‘The Caryl Edit’

inspiration everywhere and it can change from week to Have you ever been staring week, so it is more about at your screen wondering feeling confident than whether or not you should feeling confined. buy a certain product? Of course you have! We’ve all Having grown up in the been there. Well, fear (or Philippines before moving ponder) no more! Let me to Sydney, Caryl loves the introduce to you ‘The Caryl season of summer which Edit.’ provides the opportunity to wear free-falling clothes Run by Caryl herself, ‘The and spend some time Caryl Edit’ is a raw and outdoors. Other than honest beauty, makeup and blogging, this naturally skincare blog that provides quiet though incredibly a unique perspective of the talented lady also loves products you love (or will creative writing, reading soon love!). Caryl has been romance novels and blogging for just over three watching the occasional years now and has built her TV show. On top of all this, brand from the ground up Caryl is also a full-time in order to help her readers mum with a lovely little make informed decisions one year old son. about the products they buy. This solo blogger started ‘The Caryl Edit’ in 2013 as ‘The Caryl Edit’ is a an escape from the neverminimalist themed blog ending study at university with the mentality of and as a way to explore less is more, quality over her interests. While Caryl quantity (especially in herself confesses that regards to her gorgeous her blog didn’t take off photography, which she as quickly as some of the shoots herself!). This others in the community beautiful blog is all about she still loves writing feeling comfortable in and reviewing and is now what you’re wearing before contributing largely to jumping straight for the the beauty community trends. You can find style having collaborated with


more brands, attended launch events and met more bloggers in the past year. Caryl was initially nervous about making her blog public as not everyone understood the whole ‘blogging’ thing. However, through hard work and determination, Caryl eventually got her blog to a place she was comfortable with and became confident approaching brands citing her main motivation as her passion for writing and beauty. To Caryl, blogging is an escape from the everyday, a step back into another world where she can be herself from behind the screen. Blogging means being able to express ideas to her readers and write about the things she loves. Caryl hopes that her blog will continue to grow and is up for exploring new avenues and trying new things through her blog. She also hopes to engage in more collaborations with fellow bloggers and expand her ever-growing network. By Nicole Dickson


SHOPPER Fast fashion is one of the dirtiest and most polluting industries in the world, only beaten by OIL. Think about it; huge production lines, significant agricultural input, use of animals, excessive shipping, excessive consumption and huge wastage – is it really that surprising? Well before we make you feel guilty about those 30+ pairs of shoes in your closet and the 85% of your wardrobe that hasn’t been used in 12 months; Socielle has put together a list of some very easy ways you can start to do good for the planet, it’s people and of course – yourself!


Buy less / buy better. Start treating your clothing/accessories/ homewares purchases like investments, each having a special purpose and place in your life. It is easy to get caught up in impulse purchases and ‘saving it for a rainy day’ moments. There are three questions you should ask yourself: a. how much use will I get out of this item in 12-18 months’ time? b. who made this and how was it made? c. are there any other practices behind this brands that support a better planet?


Do your research. Question the brands you buy from. Where are their items made? Are they fair trade? Do they employ people above minimum wage? Do they give back? Do they use sustainable materials?

seasons not just an occasion. I think this works best by not buying into “trends” and selecting simple or eye catching pieces that can easily be matched with a number of other items. You can’t go past the perfect long lasting little black dress or a custom made trench that would last a decade!


BYO bags. Go treat yourself to a big bag that you can take when you go shopping so that you can say NO to plastic bags, the last thing you and the planet needs are extra bags going into landfill.


Go organic/non-toxic. Going organic isn’t just a fad, it is also an essential way to help preserve our planet and refrain from using harsh chemicals. Cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop consuming 25% of Repurpose and salvage. Some of the the world’s insecticides. These contain greatest pieces of fashion history are cancer causing carcinogens and when used vintage so don’t be in irrigation and agriculture are heavily afraid to bring out items pushed to the back damaging. Choosing organic cotton voids of your wardrobe or stored in old suitcases. the use of these harsh chemicals and whilst You can restructure your old items to fit being better for the environment it’s better into a new style or to better fit your shape for you too! Choosing non-toxic and organic by seeing a seamstress. Or go to your local products is often reserved for beauty and Vinnie’s and do some searching for preskincare but with clothes stuck to your skin loved items, you will be amazed at what you day in and day out – void the harm and can find. choose non-toxic.



Buy for quality not quantity. Yeah we’ve all been through a phase buying the cheapest fashion and wearing once and not feeling bad about tossing it away. Imagine adding up all of those $30 to $50 items you bought over a couple of months and the amazing well-made designer wear you could have purchased that would see you through

The ultimate Socielle mission is to educate consumers across the globe to make more ethical purchases. Every purchase allows you to earn shopfunding points which fund worldwide projects delivered by our charity partners including poverty alleviation, homelessness, women’s rights, animal rights and more.


with Amber


Jane Iredale Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner Highlighter

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Kit


Frank Body Creamy Face Cleanser

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

Frank Body Body Balm



Photography | Sunny Lim Hair and Makeup | Nuna Nguyen Stylist | Bee Thomas Model | Jade Nightingale


Small changes make a big difference when it comes to being active.

S h e m ay b e w ay m o r e f l e x i b l e t h a n y o u ’ l l eve r b e , b u t w h e n i t c o m e s t o g i f t s f o r yo u r yo g a - l ov i n g f r i e n d , she definitely has her preferences.


LA VIE BOHEME MEDINA YO G A M AT RRP $86.00 l av i e b o h e m e y o g a . c o m

N i k e ’s f i r s t r u n n i n g s h o e r e t u r n s i n t h e N i k e B e a u t i f u l x Co r t e z U l t r a P r e m i u m Wo m e n ’s S h o e w i t h t r a c k - i n s p i r e d l i n e s a n d b r i g h t ‘ 8 0 s c o l o u r s h o n o u r i n g Jo a n B e n o i t Sa m u e l s o n ’s transcendent 1984 marathon win.

N I K E B E AU T I F U L X C O RT E Z U LT R A P R E M I U M RRP $160.00


3 LJ RETRO B O M B E R JA C K E T RRP $129.99 w w w. l o r n a j a n e Sporty meets stylish in this m u s t - h ave B o m b e r Ja c k e t ! The sports stripes and vintage floral print blend beautifully making this a statment piece for any a c t ive w a r d r o b e !

4 N E W B A L A N C E A C C E L E R AT E T U N I C GRAPHIC RRP $45.00 w w w. n e w b a l a n c e . c o m . a u

A 1 0 0 % p o l ye s t e r t o p d e s i g n e d f o r r u n n i n g, i t f e a t u r e s b u i l t - i n m e s h t o h e l p k e e p yo u ve n t i l a t e d — a n d m ov i n g.

5 SW E AT Y B ET T Y P OW E R 7/ 8 LEGGINGS RRP $110.00 w w w. s w e a t y b e t t y. c o m If you only buy one pair of leggings this season then make i t t h e P o w e r.

Make a statement on the m a t i n a p u l l ove r s p o r t bra with a bold high-neck t h a t ’s p i e c e d a n d l i n e d with airy mesh.

VICTORIA SECRET HIGH-NECK S P O RT B R A R R P $ 2 7. 2 0 w w w.v i c t o r i a s s e c r e t .com


Model: Lucy Mae Makeup Artist: Dimple Arora Hair Stylist: Helen Thomson Headpieces: Feathers by Faith Clothing: Vinnies Australia – Vinnies Victoria Creative Director, Editor and Photographer: Belinda Matheson Photography

DIARY of Pearls


PHOTOGRAPHER: Barbara O’Connell from @studioeighteenphotography MAKE UP: Anna Mathiassen @mathiassenmakeup MODEL: Leelah Tamaira from Que Models PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT: Lucy Brown









Ruby and Lucy Brownless

Haviana Brown

Brit Davis

Elyse Knowles

Nadia Fairfax and Kate Waterhouse Sam Harris

Jasmine Howell

Renee Enright

Brooke Hogan

Steph Claire




Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016


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Fom issue 13  

Contents include - 10 Tips to remain sane From Audrey with love Tech Styles Wilson's Promontory Blogger Love Ethical Shopper Lake Garda with...

Fom issue 13  

Contents include - 10 Tips to remain sane From Audrey with love Tech Styles Wilson's Promontory Blogger Love Ethical Shopper Lake Garda with...

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