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Welcome to our twelth issue of


Thank you to all our supporters. FOM is dedicated to promoting new and emerging creatives including contributors, editors, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, models, stylists, Hair and Makeup artists and interns. Our publication places equal significance on all creatives and acknowledges each individual for their efforts and contribution. We all work together to inspire and learn from our fellow creatives. Issue twelve is inspired by the movement of self expression ... including an editorial featuring Olivia Wells and Erin Williamson (cover model) photographed by Nicola Gerstner . Inside you will also find showcase material Miami Beach Swim, MSFW, Fit Kit & Tech Styles, Consumption Chic shoot, Splendour in the Grass fashion, up close and personal with Paulina Ciurzynska and many other features and images from a transformational pool of creative talent. Journey with FOM as we discover a growing trend of self discovery pursuits and the courageous determination to follow the true passions of creation. Being true to yourself and trusting in your talents will set you apart! FOM is #4thecreatives . . . submit your material or ideas for review. Fashion Observer Magazine is for you, no matter your stage in life, no matter your dreams or ambitions. While nothing is sure, everything is possible. Love and Success from Team FOM

Special Thank You Josie Bobbermen Graphic Art & Writer

CONTENTS ISSUE 12 1 Road Trip 2 Blogger Love 3 Jasmine 4 Fit Kit p49.


5 Model Spotlight

6 Edge Wise 7 Splendour 8 Paulina 9 Miami Swim



10 DM Couture 11 Consumption Chic 12 Into The Woods 13 RAW Reveal p115.

14 Tech Styles


Photographers: Dean Murphy & Sarah Stewart-Murphy @sarahelizabethphotographer Stylist & Headpieces: Sarah Elizabeth Creative @sarahelizabeth_creative Makeup: Siminee Campbell Hair: Sarah Elizabeth Creative @sarahelizabeth_creative Models: Jessica and Sarah Cummings









Madeleine Qiu is a Hobart born but

Brisbane raised blogger with an obsession

for clothing that hangs off the shoulder (even better if it has ruffles). Madeleine’s blog ‘Lily


and Blush’ has been running since early 2016

and is all about outfits that are glam, feminine and have a contemporary edge.

She credits her mother and grandmother as

her fashion inspirations having grown up with these two ladies who were both obsessed with fashion, getting her good eye for style from

her mother and her ability to make an outfit her own from her grandmother. However,

Madeleine also draws inspiration from other fashion bloggers and their Instagram feeds.

Just as these bloggers have helped inspire the unique and fabulous style of Lily and Blush, Madeleine hopes that her blog will also go

on to inspire other up and coming bloggers starting in the industry.

Blogging is something takes a lot of time and effort, learning about photo editing, website

management and marketing. After this once

shy girl conquered her fears of making her blog

public she has since proven herself as a fashion

blogger and hasn’t looked back. Her only regret is not starting her blog sooner!

While blogging is her passion, this fashionista also works in HR but hopes to one day turn her love for combining fashion and writing into a creative business. With help from her supportive boyfriend who not only helps motive her but also takes the beautiful photos that appear on her blog, she continues to use her blog as a form of self-expression and hopes that it will help others find their own personal style and remain authentic just as she has done. Blogging – to Madeleine – means following your dreams and not letting anything hold you back. With an upcoming trip to Europe planned, in which there will be an abundance of outfit spotting and shopping to be had, Madeleine hopes that both her and her blog will continue to grow, and inspire others to do the same. By Nicole Dickson





Meet Bridie, the author of The Online Issue, who combines her eclectic, feminine style with her passion for communications, then adds an entrepreneurial approach to the mix. Feeding her readers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content through her online blog and Instagram, the well-travelled 22-year-old dabbles in the depths of international trends. This budding blogger is all about observing fashion locally and around the world, bringing her own touch of NYC, Stockholm, and even Spanish fashion culture to Brisbane. The Online Issue’s minimalist, accessible layout contains noticeably well-cultured posts that have been inspired by diverse influences. A significant influence is Bridie’s love for

its appeal being a student herself. Her entrepreneurial approach allowed her to then expand on this idea, as she explains, ‘I didn’t want to pinpoint myself into one category, so I decided to make it a space dedicated to all elements of my own style, which are also influenced by lifestyle and beauty’. Ultimately, Bridie aims for The Online Issue to be a destination for women who crave daily fashion content, as well as pieces on beauty, lifestyle, and potentially pop-culture. We asked Bridie all about breaking into the world of fashion blogging for readers of FOM hoping to kick-start their career in the industry. Take note, as Bridie seems to know exactly what she is doing.

Spanish fashion bloggers, who mix an

She says, ‘start with a clear idea of

array of styles and patterns, pushing

what you want to do and how you

boundaries and single-handedly

want your blog to be positioned to

creating new trends. These influences

the reader, and as cliche as it is, be

include Maria Bernad and Sara from

yourself! I changed my focus a few

Collage Vintage, as well as Pernille

times, and now that I have a clear focus

Teisbaek and Leandra Medine.

of where I want The Online Issue to

There’s one thing we know for sure about Bridie: she keeps herself busy and values hard work. The hustling Brisbane personality is currently working as a social media coordinator and stylist at James Street’s Calexico whilst simultaneously coordinating her own website and studying at university!

head and I am literally just exhibiting my own style and inspirations, I have found that I have gradually started to attract a larger audience.’ She also notes the importance of working hard, particularly within a busy lifestyle. Bridie explains, ‘be persistent. Despite being ridiculously busy and often working 7 day weeks, I have never let this get in the way of blogging and

However, she wasn’t always planning to

expressing my creativity.’ Keeping

go down the fashion trail: Before Bridie

humble with her head down, Bridie

began her degree in communications,

claims she is still ‘breaking into’ the

she studied music with a major in

fashion industry and that ‘it isn’t easy,

classical singing and opera. It wasn’t

but if you show that you are prepared

until the multi-talented blogger began

to work hard then it will be recognised’.

to desire further creativity that she came up with the idea of making a site dedicated to affordable products for university students after recognizing

For all the instagram-savvy readers of FOM who know of the importance of social media within the industry,

Bridie has some advice for you too. The young creative supports the instagram trend of posting in a certain theme and keeping up a particular aesthetic, recommending the smartphone app ‘VSOCAM’ to achieve your desired colour scheme. Using chromatic filters and minimalist, artistically situated pictures shot by own personal photographer (her boyfriend!), Bridie aims for her feed to ‘look vibrant and inspire’, and she makes clear, ‘I will never post a photo if I don’t 100% love it’. Follow Bridie’s blogging journey and keep up with her content at, as well as on her instagram @bridiemcphie. By Holly Hartley Geddes






Small changes make a big difference when it comes to being active.

B r i n g p r i n t s i n t o yo u r g y m wardrobe with the snakeskin p r i n t ve s t , w h i c h i s a s l e eve l e s s , c a s u a l f i t d e s i g n .


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The design of this reversible, extra long and wide version of the The Mat is for tall yogis and those who want to really stretch out during practice. The natural rubber base gives us plenty of cushioning and t h e p o l y u r e t h a n e t o p l aye r h e l p s u s g e t a g r i p d u r i n g sweaty practices. LU LU L E M O N R E V E R S I B L E M AT RRP $89.00 w w w. l u l u l e m o n . c o m . a u /p r o d u c t s /c l o t h e s - a c c e s s o r i e s

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Fo r u l t i m a t e s p o r t s - l u x e c h i c , w e ’ r e l ov i n g t h i s Ad i d a s O r i g i n a l s c r o p . C r a f t e d i n a r i c h j e r s e y b l e n d , it features a logo motif to the front and colourful all-over floral print. Style it back with a denim mini and trainers for casual-cool.

T h e a d i d a s P e r f o r m a n c e P e r f e c t Gy m To t e h a s a m u l t i - p o c k e t d e s i g n s o y o u c a n k e e p a l l yo u r g y m a n d training gear organised.


UA S P E E D FO R M S L I N G R I D E FA D E RRP $99.99 w w w. u n d e r a r m o u r. c o m

t a h t s l e d n o o i M h s a f e k a m POP

model spotlight

Vet Fee-Help Available 1300 ORION1

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Wise Photographer: Nikola Gerstner - @nikolagerstner_photography Stylist: Renee Roshene - @reneeroshene Hair and makeup: Chelsea Brown - @chelsea_brown_hmua Model: Olivia Wells from Vivien’s Models Model: Erin Williamson from Vivien;s Models


Fashion In The Grass

This year saw my second experience hustling from stage to stage at the three day Splendour in the Grass festival that took over

the dusty Byron Bay Parklands from July 22nd to 24th. From the towering amphitheatre to the tipi forest, dancing punters continued to impress me with their ability to experiment with their own style and image, proudly exposing their inner flower child through both their spirit-dancing and wardrobes. Not only did the festival showcase the biggest national and international acts in music at the moment, the fashion scene saw a rebirth of the 70’s and 80’s with a modern twist. Featuring an abundance of oversized denim jackets, statement sunglasses, and excessive boho accessories, the sea of 30,000 festival attendees inspired a range of noticeable trends. I have identified the five must-haves of the weekend. 5 Things You Must Have To Attend SITG 2016 1. Overalls One of my favourite 90’s trends made a loud return this year during Splendour. Long or short, denim or fabric, understated or full-on hippie, these convenient one-pieces could do no wrong in a crowd of festival-goers. They were surprisingly most popular in the menswear, often paired with a casual baggy singlet, a floppy felt hat and some muddy vans or lace-up boots. I wore my Topshop black overalls over a Topshop white lace crop tshirt for a more feminine, dainty look. 2. Face & Body Jewellery An outfit was not complete without paying close attention to one’s own face! After copious hours perfecting their bright, colourful makeup, a majority of girls recognised they needed something extra. Positioned accurately with eyelash glue and tweezers, diamantes and glitter decorated the cheeks, foreheads, chests, and stomachs of many. The essential addition of sparkle allowed everyone involved to embrace their inner spirit-child, fire-dancing, fairy-princess selves. 3. Mesh/Crochet dresses There were a considerable number of these dresses around the parklands during the festival. I love the fact that these dresses blur the line between provocative and conservative – no matter how little you wear underneath, the beautifully detailed see-through lace illustrates the wearer’s body in a way that upkeeps elegance and style, that tastefully exhibits their bralette, crop top, or chosen undergarment. 4. Tassels Tassels. They appeared on every piece of fabric that had room available. Brand new or mud-dipped, the funky 70’s feature was an addition to suede or leather skirts, bags, vests, boots, and jewellery, and added a hippie flare to every outfit. My tasseled over-the-shoulder bucket bag was an impeccable match to the entirety of my Splendour wardrobe! 5. The Hat While many festival-goers were busy rocking the renowned festival fun-buns and braids in their hair (guilty), an equal amount opted for the floppy festival hat. Mostly appearing in camel or black felt, this headwear was a splendid addition to anything from floral maxi dresses to studded denim shorts and band singlets – I couldn’t fault it! 6. GUMBLING Alright, alright. Admittedly, this is an extra one that I’ve made up. But I couldn’t resist the perfect combination of gumboot and bling in these bad boys I scored on ASOS! However, after last year’s constant rainfull and 10 centimetre-deep mud, the attendees were thrilled to be given the opportunity to wear a plethora of footwear to the festival. This included a range of gladiator sandals, high top converse paired with knee-high socks, and the classic 80’s style suede boots. After a weekend of being forced to familiarise myself with a sense of sleeplessness and a life without phone reception, I will miss having an excuse to dress like a free-spirited bohemian – apparently it isn’t as socially acceptable once you’ve left the festival - unsurprisingly, I haven’t found a reason to wear my Gumbling since. Until next year, Splendour! by Holly Hartley

Paulina Ciurzynska is a Polish

beauty who has been modelling for many years. Paulina became an SP Tools Grid Girl in 2010 & traveled Australia with her V8 team for 4 adventurous years! After modelling she decided to jump into business, starting a modeling promotions agency to then jumping to bringing the infamous Smartboard Segways into Australia & turning it into a business with her partner. For the past two years Paulina has been passionately studying acting & plans to stay in the artistic world to tell amazing stories for as long as she can :)



PLAY Photography: Sunny Lim - Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Amoroso - Editor: Peter Campbell Videographer: Ivan Krpan

SWIM Mercedes-Benz

MIAMI BEACH Fashion Week Australia 2016


Dominique Mearns

Couture Photographer: Elouise Van Riet Model: Brittany Bloomer Model: Claudia Guiterez Makeup Artist: Nuggett McCabe Dominique Mearns Couture

The Australian Designer Making a Difference Designer Dominique Mearns found shopping for her bridesmaid dresses a depressing experience. She wanted to dress her favourite women in bridesmaid gowns that were elegant and refined - in dresses which complemented the style of her own wedding gown, but all she could find were disappointing dresses that were either poor quality, poorly designed, or both. Dominique, who is well known amongst celebrities and pageant queens for her chic and flattering red carpet gowns and cocktail dresses, knew she could do better so she created a collection of gorgeous bridesmaid dresses which are show stopping for all the right reasons. DMC gowns are designed to make a woman not only look amazing but feel sensational. You won’t have to worry that your bridesmaids will accidentally flash too much cleavage or leg in your wedding photos because Dominique understands how to make her clients look feminine and sexy without showing acres of flesh. Curves are accentuated through clever cutting and fluid fabrics, and there is nothing that makes a woman walk taller or feel more confident than knowing she is wearing an outfit which flatters her perfectly. A feature of many DMC outfits is the exquisite beading. Beads are hand stitched individually by sought-after artisans, making every outfit wonderfully unique. Imagine walking down a sandy aisle at your beach wedding wearing Summer of Silk with its handcrafted coral and onyx neckline, or showing off your playful side in the Studio 54 jumpsuit with its classic lines and delicate hand beaded lace back. Holiday in Hawaii is another fantastic option with

soft, floaty silk that feels amazing to wear, and a playsuit design that ensures no unfortunate mishaps should it catch the breeze. Formal dresses are for special occasions. They are not something women have the opportunity to wear every day and it is with this in mind that Dominique sources the materials for her collections. She only works with fabrics, beads and gemstones of the best quality, obtaining them from ethical suppliers around the world. Silk, for example, is hand loomed at a fabric house in Thailand which has its own silkworm farm and which was loved and supported by Princess Diana. Dominique has worked hard to create collections which are good for those who wear and produce them. Buying an item from a DMC collection means you’re helping break the cycle of poverty and enforced prostitution in Thai communities through charities like Destiny Rescue - an organisation which seeks to find and smash sex trafficking rings which prey on poor, underprivileged girls and young women, and provide them with sanctuary and hope for the future. So much of the fashion industry is shallow and profit driven but Dominique Mearns Couture goes against the grain to produce affordable dresses of fantastic quality which make the wearer feel incredible about how they look. and which nourishes their spirit by knowing that their choice has made life easier for a young woman or girl who deserves the opportunity to be safe. A DMC outfit will make you feel better body and soul,

and isn’t that what fashion should be about?

Photographer: Dean Murphy Photographer, Stylist & Headpieces: Sarah Elizabeth Creative @sarahelizabeth_creative Hair: Tom Mc Gaffin Mirror Mirror Hair Artistry @hairbyTom Makeup: Fleur Liu @MakeUpByFleurLiu Model: Tarsha Talebi Model: Heidi Sun @heidisunmodelling


c i h C

Art imitates life The romantic Victorian era and its fashion inspire beauty and grace and up hold femininity. But there is a dark side to this history. The bond between culture, life and the impacts upon our society is reflected in how each of us choose to represent ourselves. Fashion is our outward expression of our understanding of the world, and is shaped by our experience. It is hard to imagine that fashion was influenced by disease in the Victorian era and this impact is seen today. Strange as it may seem but in the 1800’s little was known about diseases and the concept of germs had not yet been discovered. By the mid-1800s, tuberculosis had reached epidemic levels in Europe and the United States. The disease, now known to be highly infectious, attacks the lungs and damages other organs. Before the advent of antibiotics, its victims slowly wasted away, becoming pale and thin before finally dying of what was then known as “consumption”. The Victorians romanticized the disease and the effects it caused. For decades, many beauty standards emulated or highlighted these effects. It was viewed as a slow and noble death. The upper class woman in the Victorian era was considered attractive if frail, pale, thin with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes, the symptoms caused by tuberculosis or consumption. We can see the development of these elements in fashion that either highlight symptoms of the disease or physically emulate the impact of the illness. The height of this so-called consumptive chic came in the mid-1800s, when fashionable pointed corsets showed off low, waifish waists and voluminous skirts further emphasized women’s narrow middles. Middleand upper-class women also attempted to emulate the consumptive appearance by using makeup to lighten their skin, redden their lips and colour their cheeks pink. It was in the early 1900’s that fashion was again influenced by this disease, as they started to believe that the long bustle skirt was picking up germs from the street and bringing Tuberculosis into the home. This led to rising hem lines and with it, women’s shoe fashion was born. Corsets that had created the thin waist line became unpopular as the impact on the movement of the lungs and circulation of the blood. Health Corsets were created with elastic to free women from the bone corsets. The Victorian ideal of looking consumptive not remained in fashion but the impact has, the rising hemlines have continued to ensure women’s shoe styles remain important and doctor’s advice to treat Tuberculosis through sun bathing led to our ideal of tanned healthy women. To understand what we wear, what we see on the catwalks, we must understand the world around us and the history that came before us. To quote my favourite fashion movie “ The Devil Wears Prada” . . . “’This... stuff’? Oh. Okay. I see. You think this has nothing to do with you.”

Photographer: Emily Flynn of Flynn Creative Photography


Photography: Elliot Tonks



TECH Tech for your LIFE

1. OLLOCLIP 4-IN-1 LENS Take pictures worth 1,000 likes with the perfect social 4-in-1 Lens for iPhone 6/6s & iPhone 6/6s Plus delivers the experience in a compact, easy-to-use design. RRP $79.99

media accessory. The award-winning most versatile and premium mobile lens

2. ULTIMATE EARS ROLL SPEAKER UE ROLL is the 360-degree wireless Bluetooth speaker that brings unapologetically awesome sound to beaches, cliffs and mountains. It was meant for a life of adventure, a life filled with trails, caves, lakes and mountains. Awesome sound for awesome adventures. RRP $149.95 3. SWAROVSKI ACTIVITY CRYSTAL SLAKE SET The Swarovski Activity Crystal is designed to be always on — it has a four-month battery life and is water resistant. And it is designed to help you look great throughout your day, whether playing sports or celebrating a special occasion. It automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, light and restful sleep. RRP $233.07 4. SAFELET BRACELET In an emergency it’s often impossible to reach for your phone. Safelet is a ‘smart bracelet’ that lets you instantly alert your friends and family where you are and that you need help. RRP $129.00 5. MIMCO SUPER HARDCASE FOR IPHONE 6 Protect your tech in style with our Super Hardcase for iPhone 6S Plus. Crafted in textured Saffiano leather with our iconic Supernatural motif, it’s perfect for gifting to yourself or others. RRP $79.95 6. MYCHARGE ALL TERRAIN PORTABLE CHARGER The IP68 military grade All Terrain portable charger is water-proof, temperature-proof, dirt-proof and shock-proof. RRP $39.99



2 3 4


10 beauty ‘cheats’ Any Australian woman can attest to

the fact that with our lives moving at the pace they are, beauty is one of the first things to move down the priority list. As much as we may want 24/7 sun-kissed skin, perfect nails and blow-dried hair, time simply does not allow it which is why beauty cheats are the modern woman’s best friend. The founder of Sydney’s newest spray tan salon Beach St, Lauren Capelin is an expert in quick beauty fixes. Lauren has been in the tanning business for years, previously having owned successful Bondibased salon Tan Temple and having cofounded popular tanning brand Sunescape.

1) “A manicure in your lunch break is an

absolute luxury, and most would agree that it’s simply not realistic. An at home mani will suffice provided you’re equipped with high-quality polish and a steady hand. Avoid ruining all your hard work in a matter of seconds with this sneaky tip – dip each hand in a bowl of ice water for one minute each to dry nails and go about your day with full use of your hands!”

2) “Many people agree that the signature

sign of health, beauty and confidence is glowing, sun-kissed skin. However, most would agree that they do not have the time to lounge about on the beach all day building up a healthy glow – not to mention the health risks involved! A spray tan is the quickest, safest way to feel like your best self. Some of our customers swear they look 10kgs lighter after a spray!”

3) “Dry shampoo – enough said! This

god-send should be in every busy woman’s bathroom cabinet and work drawer.”

4) “You were born with hands for a reason

– use them! If you’re in a hurry, put your brushes away and apply eyeshadow with your index finger, blush with two fingers (moving in a circular motion on the apples of your cheeks) and foundation with all four fingers. Most beauty-lovers are either for or against using fingers over brushes or beauty blenders. The big pro of applying foundation with the hands is that the heat from our skin melts the product and allows it to be applied smoothly and seamlessly.”

5) “A fabulous winged eye can be the bane of a woman’s existence, evidenced by the amount of memes online stating ‘Never ask a woman with winged eyeliner why she is late’. You’ll have no excuse for not

being punctual if you use a small amount of sticky tape applied along the eye. It acts as a guide to ensure your liner is straight, even, and going in the right direction. You can be as messy as you want as the excess ink will fall on the tape.”

6) “The worst thing to realise before a hot date is that you’ve forgotten to shave your legs. Thank goodness for on-the-go shaving cream! You can simply apply the cream and shave in five minutes flat. Always avoid dry shaving, even in dire situations, because it can cause serious skin irritation.” 7) “Embrace the 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1

nature of some beauty products. Most nude eyeshadows with a shimmer make excellent highlighter and illuminator for cheekbones and cupid bows. Glossy pink or orangetoned lipsticks make for creamy, lasting blushes and a clean mascara brush works as a brow brush in a pinch!”

8) “My new favourite thing is micellar

water. Some nights cleansing the face just seems like far too much effort and it’s easy to fall into the trap of sleeping with your make-up on which most people know is torture for the skin. Simply apply micellar water to a beauty pad and swipe over the face.”

9) “Limit salon visits by investing in

a product such as the Beach St Body Conditioner. It extends the life of your spray tan or, if used daily, you can build a gradual glow.”

10) “If you know you have an event the following day (or you just feel like looking fabulous, no event necessary), sleep with your hair in braids for easy, wavy in the morning. For a less dramatic look, twist your hair into two Princess Leia-style buns and spray each with sea salt spray. This will result in a beachy effect and you can literally say you did just ‘wake up like this’.” For more information visit

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Fom issue 12  

Issue twelve is inspired by the movement of self expression ... including an editorial featuring Olivia Wells and Erin Williamson (cover mod...

Fom issue 12  

Issue twelve is inspired by the movement of self expression ... including an editorial featuring Olivia Wells and Erin Williamson (cover mod...

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