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Welcome to our tenth issue of FASHION OBSERVER MAGAZINE Thank you to all our supporters. FOM is dedicated to promoting new and emerging creatives including contributors, editors, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, models, stylists, Hair and Makeup artists and interns. Our publication places equal significance on all creatives and acknowledges each individual for their efforts and contribution. We all work together to inspire and learn from our fellow creatives. Issue ten is inspired by the darker sides of beauty ... including an editorial featuring Michelle Bagarra, photographed by our experienced and worldly, Nicola Gerstner. Inside you will also find showcase material Music Affair, Femme Fatale, RAW’s Future, Fit Kit & Tech Styles, Honey Hartley, Gina Lopez, Modern Mod and many other features and images from a transformational pool of creative talent. Journey with FOM as we discover a growing trend of self discovery pursuits and the courageous determination to follow the true passions of creation. Being true to yourself and trusting in your talents will set you apart! FOM is #4thecreatives . . . submit your material or ideas for review. Fashion Observer Magazine is for you, no matter your stage in life, no matter your dreams or ambitions. While nothing is sure, everything is possible. Love and Success from Team FOM

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What does your future self look like

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gina Lopez

Model: Gina Lopez www.facebook.com/marcela.lopez.9047 Photographer: Jared Taylor www.facebook.com/jaredtaylorphotographer Makeup Artist: Hafsa Ali www.facebook.com/divaheadwraps Designers: Alice May Designs & Annabelle and Eve Hi




Photographer & stylist: Anna Krivenkoff www.facebook.com/AnnaKrivenkoffPhotography Designer: Elena Kerasirova Make-up and Hair: Elena Demidova Model: Natalia Andros







Photographer: Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com @cliqphotography Model: Isabel Tonelli Rodriguez @ISABELTONELLI


Tonelli Rodriguez

the road less travelled

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M.SCOTT PECK wrote the book. It is a description of the attributes that make for a fulfilled human being. What does the notion of DISCIPLINE mean to you in your every day . . .



Honey Hartley burst onto the scene in 2004 with the grand opening of the punk-glam Miss Honey boutique in Paddington, Sydney’s fashion-forward capital. The label was critically acclaimed at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week, grabbing the attention of US and European agents. Impressive, considering Hartley began her education at the famed East Sydney Design Studio in 2002. Hartley combines figure enhancing silhouettes and detailing to inspire the cutting edge consumer. Most fabrics incorporated in the collections are hand dyed and printed with original artworks. An extensive use of panelling and top stitching is incorporated within the garments in order to create an enhanced silhouette. Luxury fabrics are sourced from Europe. Hartley’s inspiration for ‘hard glamour’ was drawn essentially from the late 70’s new York punk movement and Avant-garde French film from the late 60’s and 70’s.

Hartley is a seasoned professional, having successfully pursued a career in advertising, graphic design and education before following a seemingly inevitable path towards fashion. Hartley returns to the runway at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, after a sojourn from fashion, following the birth of her daughter and Post Graduate study. The new collection is inspired by the Surrealist movement featuring Salvador Dali. This will be the first international showing, following six previous runway shows at both Mercedes-Benz Australia Fashion Week and Rosemount Australia Fashion Week, to critical acclaim from both local and international media. The label has been profiled in leading publications including Vogue Australia, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, FHM, Cleo, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The New Jersey Times and French Mag France.

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TechStyle Tech for your LIFE

1. VINAYA ALTRIUS SILVER & BLACK RING Keep your smartphone out of sight, out of mind. Your Bluetooth enabled ring will send you subtle vibrations whenever you wish to be notified. Itis is the perfect modern statement piece that plays well with others. A real conversation starter, this bold and beautiful smart accessary will empower you to embrace the moment, wherever you are. RRP $475.00 ww.vinaya.com 2. ESQUIRE MINI COACK LIMITED EDITION Elegance, sophistication and extreme portability to fit your style. Harman Kardon Esquire Mini is a bold, state-of-the-art solution exceeding the needs of the on-the-go professional. No attention-to-detail has been spared – from the lineup of premium materials utilized by master craftsmanship to the chic, urban styling of its sublime, uni-body design. RRP $175.00 www.harmankardon.com 3. BOSE SOUNDTRUE ULTRA IN-EAR HEADPHONES Bose® SoundTrue® Ultra in-ear headphones are small and lightweight for comfort, but deliver deep, rich sound across a wide frequency range. And the sealed acoustic design provides a more immersive listening experience to let you hear every detail of your music. RRP $199.00 worldwide.bose.com 4. LUMO RUN WOMEN’S CAPRIS Lumo Run is a small and discreet sensor that measures and coaches you on your running form to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. It incorporates the personal attention of a running coach with the professional data of a running lab to help you achieve your best. RRP $99.00 www.lumobodytech.com 5. FITBIT ALTA Fitness and fashion on display. With a collection of metal, leather and classic accessory bands, Fitbit Alta™ makes it easy to create a look that fits the occasion. Find more inspiration everydat with the All-day activity, reminders to move and smarttrack featutres. RRP $199.95 www.fitbit.com 6. GHD LIMITED EDITION V GOLD CLASSIC STYLER The ghd V gold classic styler has been dressed for winter, with a bespoke arctic gold finish. Featuring advanced c eramic heat technology and smooth, contoured plates, the ghd V styler gives ultimate shine with effortless styling. RRP $270.00 www.ghdhair.com




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Photographer: Nikola Gerstner www.facebook.com/Studio-Ardour-168442616576369 Model: Michelle Bagarra www.facebook.com/michellebagarra Hair Stylist and MUA: Kaitlyn Teasdale www.facebook.com/kaitlyn.teasdale




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Photographer: Nikola Gerstner www.facebook.com/Studio-Ardour-168442616576369 Model: Moesha Johnson @moeshajjohnson Stylist: Danae Hill www.facebook.com/danae.hill.3 Hair Stylist and MUA: Sorcha Bruce www.facebook.com/sorchieee

L a ’ace de-vries

Model: La’Ace De Vries @laacedevries - Viviens Model Management Photographer: Daryl Wheeler @Daryl_Wheeler - Illuminate Management Stylist: Karmyn Thomas @KarmynThomas_Stylist - Illuminate Management Hair and Make up: Mindy Wheeler @Mindy_Wheeler_Mua - Illuminate Management

One of my jobs as a fashion stylist is to look for something unique, something fresh which is sometimes harder than it sounds but what better place to look then the next generation of fashion designers. They still have all their metaphorical doors and windows open to them, they’re encouraged to expand their mind and outward thinking is what they delivered. At the end of the year Kelvin Grove QUT students showcase their final graduating collections and this really was a show to remember. The night was entitled MUSE // REFRACTED and I’d actually never attending one of these shows before so my mind began to bubble and image what I may encounter. Would there be in one corner a group of designers wearing all black pledging allegiance to Daria while smoking Vogues and in the other corner a crew of technicoloured futurists with hairstyles that would make Blade Runner proud? Or would it be a sea of hypnotic same same that makes you feel like you’re a sane person accidently locked away into a padded cell. If either of the first two scenes happened I would be pretty excited. When I arrived there was none of that, I was faced with a sea of bright eyed and fresh faced designers that had an air of easy going coolness about them surrounded by their proud as punch if not a little confused by what they would encounter, families.

After the show I left feeling enlightened, like the light from their hope reached in my mind and made all the neurons become electrified, my mind was on this buzz for days. When photographer Daryl Wheeler from Illuminate Management approached me with an idea for our recent collection of nude series I knew exactly where I would start. I wanted to create something that wasn’t your typical baring all, which I do love and appreciate when it’s executed in an artistic manner and not just for the sake of doing a nude, but I thought it was best to have the brain take this concept back to basics. Our moodboard was a collage of inspirations and it’s my job to decipher the code, what jumped out was raw beautiful texture, in all it’s frailty and simplicity, the perfect accompaniment to complexities of the female form. Now to start speaking with the designers. Once I finished stalking and scrolling and emailing (way to make your job sound easy and creepy at the same time Karmyn) I finally compiled my fantastic four ladies on board and organized a day to pick everything up. When people for the first time I love asking about their journey to this point and if we’re working with a particular collection then it’s meaning so that a little of their character is interwoven in the final story. Karmyn Thomas

Cielle Marchal What Follows Northern Rivers native Cielle Marchal began to specialise in traditional hand crafted techniques such as knotting, macramĂŠ, print development and leather/wire work during her BFA (fashion) /Business (Marketing) at the Queensland University of Technology. Her works touch upon ideas around post-apocalyptic worlds and remnants, such as found objects, as well as abstract art forms, developed by her father Jean-Jacques Marchal. The techniques that she utilises serve to create clothes that are both shielding and fragile, but the character she designs for conflicts with the beauty of her technique. Long-term goals include efforts in creating designs in collaboration with ethical and sustainable supply chains, supporting and enabling the survival of fine arts within and around fashion communities from around the world.

Rhinnon Thomas Talisman Collection “As I was making my collection, I was really interested in how we always dress with an awareness that we are being observed -- there’s an assumed audience in everything that is worn. I wanted to make garments that showed vulnerability, agency and awareness of display. I looked at the work of Francesca Woodman and Vivian Maier, artists who really harnessed both object of gaze and creator of that gaze, and also the palettes of Pierre Soulages. The collection was called Talisman, the top is called Perspective, and while I no longer have a label, I will be making adapted pieces from my collection to order. I’m going on to do Honours next year so I’ll be working on resolving my work and adding to what I’ve achieved this year.”

Seon-Im Control Series The series was to do with how we create the illusion of control. Despite our best efforts we are never guaranteed complete control but we develop habits that we feel will deliver the end result. I wanted to create wearable art that gave the illusion of being uncomfortable and restricting but actually easy for the wearer to wear, take on and off.

Courtenay McVicar Winner of the New Zealand Light Leather award The Protective Layer Collection The human body is a personal Blank canvas to express one’s own individuality. We all are able to find certain factors that we like and don’t like about our figure, that in which we find ourselves being insecure about. The Protective layer collection has been designed to both highlight and conceal the body’s natural form, showcasing the art of leather drapery to create a fabrication experience.

Modern mod

Top by Mina & Katusha / Skirt and Bag by Magdalena Duma / Bracelets by Meena Song

Photographer: Tara Leigh www.facebook.com/taraleighphotography Model: Amber Mackenzie (Brazen Models) www.facebook.com/amber.mckenzie.507 Makeup: Paula Neophitou www.facebook.com/paula.neophitou Creative Director: Katya Ellis www.facebook.com/ekaty7 Clothing from Gusto & Elan www.gustoandelan.com.au

Top by Elliott Label / Skirt by Pelle D’arte / Bag by Wendy and Holly

Sunglasses straps by Sintillia / Sunglasses by Michael Kors / Top by Oroceo Castro / Leggings by Mina & Katusha / Bag by Magdalena Duma

Shorts and shirt by Timi Alaere / Sunglasses strap by Sintilla / Sunglasses by Alexander McQueen / Bag by Magdalena Duma / Shoes and headscarf stylist’s own / Location Grub Food Van, Fitzroy

Dress by Timi Alaere / Necklace by Elle Louise / Case by Trunk and Orderly

Skirt and top by Oroceo Castro / Bag by Jessica Bratich/ Sunglass strap by Sintilla / Sunglasses by Michael Kors /Lace gloves by Dangerfield

Dress by Tatijana Dress by Doliche/ Clutch by Jessica Bratich / Necklace by Meena Song

Photography: Elliot Tonks www.liveexposure.com.au




Photographer: Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com @CLIQPHOTOGRAPHY Model: Yasemin Islek www.facebook.com/yaseminislekmodel @YASEMINISLEK_ Hair & MUA: Rebecca Kate Amoroso www.facebook.com/rkmakeup @BECCIBABESMAKEUP


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M.SCOTT PECK wrote the book. It is a description of the attributes that make for a fulfilled human being. What does the notion of DISCIPLINE mean to you in your every day . . .

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Fom issue 10  

Issue ten is inspired by the darker sides of beauty ... including an editorial featuring Michelle Bagarra, photographed by our experienced a...

Fom issue 10  

Issue ten is inspired by the darker sides of beauty ... including an editorial featuring Michelle Bagarra, photographed by our experienced a...

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