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Tiffany Wong Special thank you for assisting with the magazine layout and graphic artwork: Josie Bobbermen Amanda Apro Clinton Shilliday

Photographer - Maurice Rinaldi www.mauricerinaldiphotographer.com Model/Celebrity - Pettifleur Berenger www.pettifleur.com Jewelery www.celestebillinge.com

Designer - Lucy Laurita www.leiela.com.au Hair Stylist - Fatima Musai Makeup Artist - Malama Bobotis Written By Nikki Chamberlain

MENTORS Makers & the


Fashion; from its muses and stars, its artists and makers, its vehicles and vessels to the world. On a fresh Melbourne day we gathered a select bunch of people together in a magnificent and lively collaboration to bring you their exclusive words of wisdom. Topics from fashion and the limelight, breaking into the scene and candidconversations on how to stay current, respected and true to your craft. Our leading lady and muse for the day was credited to Pettifleur Berenger, Season 2 addition to the Arena and Foxtel hit reality television show, The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Coined as being determined, feisty and glamorous it’s true what they say, Pettifleur is no shrinking violet. On the contrary Pettifleur does have another side to her TV persona, knowing she is blessed to be on the show, she has also been humbled by the experience of writing her first book, Switch The Bitch. The book is a collection of her own experiences and real stories from real women which comments on their relationships and common self-sabotaging conversations and behaviours, her book formulates ‘Switch The Bitch’ as her tried practice in regaining control, finding inner peace, happiness, confidence and empowerment for all discussed scenarios. As they say, when you’re onto something good, share it, and that’s exactly what Pettifleur’s current aim is, to spread the message that it’s never too late to change and that everyone can achieve and deserves to live freely, graciously and above all happily. Similarly the aim of the shoot is to share and celebrate Melbourne’s talent, and to pay it forward so to speak. Standing proud in the heart of the Melbourne CBD our locations were set. Pettifleur’s sumptuous penthouse, and the iconic surrounds of Collins Street made way to our playground for the day.

What does every leading lady need you ask...a rockstar photographer! Veteran in his craft, photographer to the stars, queue, the man himself, Maurice Rinaldi. Literally think LA meets Melbourne, the man behind the lens for the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias, the captain to the careers of up and coming and successful models, not to mention having shot for the coveted likes of Vogue to Playboy. What people often forget is to make magic you need a team and a leader, and as Pettifleur exchanged over friendly banter as we were getting ready to rock and roll, was that he’s the boss, and indeed Maurice was.

Only a seasoned photographer can project energy onto the shoot before any photos have even been snapped, I have a good feeling, a buzz, yes I’m all excited and spoken like a true professional we’ll wait for the first frame to see how the talent feels. Maurice was exuding energy the whole day but his main focus was on preparing for the next shot and keeping the talent happy. Maurice quickly gauged how to bring the best out in Pettifleur in front of the camera, this involved open light hearted conversation, and gentle direction. Here we go – gentle – little smile, no lunar park – make a story in your head – feel everything, you’re not a mannequin, you’re a real person – move – tell me the story through your eyes Coupled with shouts of encouragement which seemed even louder out in the public domain of Collins Street in front of passerbys and even the impromptu, well suited male stand-in we pulled off the sidewalk: Wow – amazing – stunning – woahhh – again, again, again – one more time!!!

Words of wisdom for all of the budding fashion and celebrity photographers out there, it pays to keep in mind that you never know what people are bringing onto the shoot, you may be lucky to have a well rested, professional with a can do attitude or unlucky enough to have a world-class diva with a whole carload of baggage, unexplained and plain bizarre. It is your job to delegate to your team members to ensure the job gets done. You need to remain in control, accommodate, keep an open mind and DO NOT piss off the talent. Pettifleur, our muse and fearless trendsetter showcased her wonder woman-esque, go-to designer’s dazzling and charismatic gowns. The Leiela collection through the combination of luxurious materials, standout embellishments, timeless style and unique finishes does this woman and any woman true justice. Leiela’s designer Lucy Laurita has a finesse about the range that engages every quality that women possess; the soft feminine pink side, the radiant and classic gold, sophisticated and content earthy tone, the statement, powerful and angelic white, the flirtatious and edgy lace, fringe and cheeky hints of flesh to the divine and dazzling all over sequin pieces. It’s easy to see why Pettifleur goes red carpet with Leiela. Why does Leiela warrant the Pettifleur tick of approval? Firstly the gowns are stunning. Secondly, Pettifleur continues to explain that Leiela gowns suit her style and body, if she’s not 100% happy, feeling gorgeous and special she won’t wear it. Thirdly, which is what sets Leiela and designer Lucy apart is her natural talent to connect with people, hercan do attitude and thirst for creative challenge - however crazy they may seem at the time. With label Leiela celebrating 10 years this year, and industry-focused event service Art du Jour by Leiela in the mix, the brand continues to evolve. As a designer, it’s very inspirational to collaborate with other industry professionals, and I created Art du Jour to connect like-minded creative’s. Leiela paired with one-of-a-kind jewellery sourced from across the globe by Celeste, Jewellery and Resort Wear, was a perfect combination for Pettifleur, sophisticated and exotic, current and timeless, modern and Melbourne. These women, business owners, mothers, designers and labels have dreamt big, worked hard and done it all. In former Sale of the Century and New Price is Right model, Celeste Billinge’s case, the proof is in the sourcing. Her unique and ever changing collection hails from trips of a lifetime; vintage pearls and silver necklaces and chokers from undisclosed locations across America, pieces from Paris, Milan, Murano glass beading from Italy to Moroccan handmade, statement silver cuffs and pendants. This collection has everything including your staple bling, trending layered bracelets and gold costume necklaces to daring sparkling earring cuffs, studs and bold, brassy, colourful single drop earrings. Carried away with jewellery from Celeste, indeed we confess guilty. Celeste Jewellery and Resort Wear is only fresh onto the scene. Celeste’s words of wisdom to designers breaking into the scene, is to firstly know your target market, secondly find your point of difference and share away through social media. Her target market currently falls around the 30+ age bracket and her point of difference lies in her one-off pieces and limited run collections. She has many likes and followers on Facebook and Instagram, she posts up her Jewellery and Resort Wear and shares from her website and voila her posts convert to sales. I know it sounds easy but taking time to develop unique, consumer specific content really can reach the masses, also make it in your practice to like and follow away.

Moving on from the makers we return to the magic, further to add to the team we had makeup artist Malama Bobotis and hair stylist Fatima Musai. Brought to us by Pettifleur and the industry’s true form of communication, word of mouth, this duo was what you would want in every makeup and hair team. An observant eye, attentive ear coupled with a gift for colours, blending, styling and many ‘you read my mind’ moments, these two were a delight to work with. Having only been briefed once, they immediately understood Pettifleur’s look, style and preferences and worked seamlessly and passionately through the different looks for the shoot. These two were definitely in tune. Tips and Tricks from Hair and Makeup? Stay passionate, on the scene and connect with likeminded people. The industry runs off referral, that’s how they got this job and how they’ve since lined up future jobs. Keep current, Malama teaches and Fatima works in a salon on top of freelancing, like anything practice makes perfect. Malama and Fatima met through a brother/friend and have been working jobs together ever since, once you find people that compliment your skills keep them around, collaborate with them, in a highly competitive industry, two heads are better than one as is the exposure and reach to potential clients. Thank you to all involved and the Behind The Scenes crew made up of Andrew Fenaughty from Bottlebrush Films who shot the Behind The Scenes footage of the day, Chelsea Hilsberg who edited it, Nikki Chamberlain from ART du JOUR by Leiela and Jenni Anne who covered the Behind The Scenes for the Melbourne. Arts. Fashion blog, with out you our above and beyond approach wouldn’t be possible. In a day and age where everyone is after a hand out ART du JOUR by Leiela believes in giving a hand up. Collaboration as the way of the future with innovation and creativity at the forefront, we hope you join us in Celebrating Melbourne’s Unique Culture soon.



Megan “Birdy” Peacock has recently graduated from a Bachelor of Photography from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. Growing up her creative instincts were mainly satisfied through her interest in dance, which has now become the subject matter in some of her photos. She presents herself well and is very interested in fashion and fashion photography. www.birdypeacock.com

On Thursday, 28th May SENSORY brought together 40+ local emerging artists spanning fashion, music, visual and performing arts, music and more for a one night extravaganza at The Met in Fortitude Valley. SENSORY is the third of six emerging arts showcases to be run by RAW Brisbane in 2015 and this showcase is packed wall to wall with Brisbane’s best emerging creatives.


Brisbane presents

Sensory Showcase Director Caitlin Hultgren was thrilled to be bring you another group of Brisbane’s best emerging talent at the upcoming SENSORY showcase. “Art and creative expression have a tradition of holding a mirror to society. At RAW showcases you get an incredible picture of the world around us conveyed through a myriad of mediums and a diversity of cultural and sociological

points of view.”

of mediums and a place where the fringe is at the “So many emerging forefront.” creatives feel like a square peg in a round hole. “When is the last time you Their artistic endeavours went to an art show where don’t fit into the boxes there was a line up to get in? institutionalised art has laid and so they struggle to RAW showcases are aiming find value in what they do. to bring the talents of emerging creatives out RAW doesn’t lay out of their segmented boxes boundaries for what defines and into the spotlight with art, fashion or music. We crowds of admirers where believe strongly in freedom they belong.” of expression, diversity

Lucy Mae www.facebook.com/lucy.mae.90

Modelling came to me out of chance. I’d always dreamt of it as a child, but never did I think it could ever be a reality. Since starting out, I’ve gained a huge amount of confidence through modelling, not to mention having met some amazing creative, talented, like-minded people. I’ve always been creative, and never had many goals or direction with what I wanted to do after finishing school. Modelling is becoming more and more of my life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! I ’ve already reached small goals I have set myself, and will hopefully only move up from here.

I love the glamourous side of it – the fashion, the makeup, other gorgeous models, but I never expected it to be as hard as it is. Never let anyone tell you modelling is easy; it’s strenuous, tiring and sometimes painful, and at times disappointing, but nevertheless I enjoy every second of it. My goals for the future is to work more with well-known designers, and hopefully begin to get more paid work. I’d love to be able to fully support myself through modelling alone. Leroy Gordon Photography www.leroygordonphotography.com Hair & MUA Danielle Gordon



Elegance TRUE

“Between Here and There 2” By Mimi Yoon http://www.bluecanvas.com/art-detail/367683

“Elegance is refusal” - Coco Chanel -

Recently I discovered the etymology of the word Elegance. It comes from the Latin word “Eligere” meaning “to choose”. With our progressive society comes a medley of endless options in the consumer landscape - we have never before been so spoiled for choice. Between our fast paced lifestyles and the enticement of marketing, it can be easy to lay wayside the importance of the journey these products took to make their way into our shopping carts. Money talks, and every purchase speaks as a vote. We are voting, essentially, for which businesses should continue to thrive and keep supplying us with their goods. Among these businesses is an entire spectrum of ethical contribution, ranging from solely economic goals to social enterprise influence.

It’s fascinating how far the impacts of our choices can potentially voyage. The domino effect of our actions can be witnessed in our daily activities such as the sharing of a humorous video which later goes viral to more serious issues like global warming. Our actions have consequences we may sometimes never see. And sometimes, the effects aren’t apparent until much later.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world after oil.

The second largest polluter of clean water, after agriculture. Professor Sass Brown argues that because the growing of crops for material can be filed under the agricultural umbrella, fashion can be considered the number one Common sense can recognize the culprit for polluting water. fashion corporation is not always the most frugal or caring in terms of resources and the environment, being an entity that thrives on trends and hot competition, and I have been compelled to find out more about its effect. Ensuing my curiosity and concern were some interesting illuminations about the reality of fashion, including:

The textile industry is the third largest consumer of water in the world – behind the paper and oil industries. 25% of chemicals produced worldwide are used in the fashion industry.

Some companies will undergo harmful practices to achieve a certain aesthetic, such as sandblasting jeans to give

them a “worn-in” look. Sandblasting causes silicosis which the World Health Organization states leads to lung

fibrosis and emphysema. In later stages the critical condition can become disabling and is often fatal. Levis, H&M, Gucci lack of interest to and Versace are change their jean among those that production. have ceased this method, while Dolce & Gabbana have expressed a

This is not to say the fashion industry is fated as a relentless, polluting miscreation. Some fashion practices

are merely habit, almost tradition, and have been so long-standing that to deviate from their familiar way of production

takes bold innovation and many potentially risky changes. Thankfully, amongst the seemingly turbid

scenery, there is a relatively small but strong force changing the game. And things have come a long way since hemp bags

and organic cotton shirts with political slogans plastered across the front.

In 2011 Greenpeace spearheaded the “Detox” campaign challenging some of the world’s most popular clothing brands to eliminate

all releases of hazardous chemicals. Only months into the campaign major retailers including H&M, Puma,

Adidas, and Nike committed to eliminating discharges of hazardous chemicals across their supply chains by 2020. Ever since, the ripple effect has continued to expand. their supply

Futurists and trendwatchers highlight some interesting permutations. Dr. Ray Kurzweil, inventor, pioneering

I was pleased to find many goodwill advocates, from Ecodesigners to social enterprises

computer scientist, and director of engineering at Google predicts: “By 2025, 3D printers will print clothing at very

in fashion, within close reach who were more than happy to share their stories which I will begin

low-cost. There will be many free open source designs, but people will still spend money to download clothing files from the

to highlight next time. Trends fade, but style remains and it’s been said that elegance never goes out of style.

latest hot designers just as people spend money today for eBooks, music and movies despite all of the free material available.”

Benefits of this innovation include a smaller carbon footprint, less offcuts/wastage and recycling materials. Enkindled by action being taken globally and the overwhelming sea of information available, I set on a quest to discover

what I can do as an individual and find those on the leading edge of responsible fashion who are acting locally.

“Trends fade, but style remains and it’s been said that elegance never goes out of style” Lalita Green www.facebook.com/miss.lalita.green


Review 2015

Photographer Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com



Photographer Clinton Shilliday www.digital-shift.com








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Fresh from,tincynJust finished my course in Specialist Makeup Services at the Australasian College in Broadway and found my love for body art. I work freelancing but my dream is to work on Cirque du Soleil. www.tashihonnery.com www.facebook.com/tashihonnerybodyart


Tashi Honnery, an international body artist based in Sydney Australia, first discovered the world of art and colour amongst the grey city life - deriving creativity and individuality throughout lifelong inspirations and motivations. It wasn’t until Tashi’s perseverance through a speciality make up course that she discovered the ability to apply radical, characterised art to the body’s natural canvas, creating what she calls “live art”.  Her career took off after representing Australia in the World Body Painting Festival of 2014 in Austria. Upon her return, she knew her destined career path belonged to the industry of body painting, expressing her inner concepts and subjective expression through colour, character and vibrancy on human subjects.



PERKINS www.facebook.com/PrincessPerkins I am a QUT double degree student studying a bachelor of business majoring in marketing and creative industries majoring in fashion. I work part time at Terry White Chemist and am a big fan of yoga and dance as a fun and relaxed way to stay fit and healthy. I am a believer of Jesus and a strong advocate for standing up for what’s right. My kind of fun is sunny days spent at the markets overdosing on shopping and dessert; I would take an extra slice of cake over a glass of wine any day!

I was born and raised in South Africa and from the age of 13 I took an interest in modelling. My mom never allowed me to explore it but promised that after immigrating to Australia when I was 15 that I could join an agency as compensation for the big move. Since then modelling has acted as a kind of hobby; something I enjoy as a break from work and study. When uni gets really stressful or work becomes tiring, I love having opportunities to be in front of a camera or on a runway where I can escape into new worlds.

Modelling allows me to play different characters and meet new people that I otherwise would never have met in my day to day life. I think it’s important to love what you do, and no matter how long the day has been or how exhausted I am after a shoot or a show, I always feel proud of what I have accomplished and am excited for the next job. I’m also a big believer in taking things as they come and always being open to new experiences and opportunities. Most of the shoots and shows I’ve been a part of have been organised just days before and it is common that further jobs will spring straight from there. So I don’t have a set plan for exactly where I want to go with modelling, but I definitely take every opportunity I can to boost my career further. There’s a lot more I have to offer and a lot more I want to achieve. Leroy Gordon Photography www.leroygordonphotography.com Hair & MUA Danielle Gordon


Doll HOUSE Photographer - Sunny Lim www.cliq-fashionphotography.com Model - Sally Barry ( Brazen Models ) Hair & MUA - Monique Lively

MODELS Create a portfolio of all your work Add a show reel Sell your own images directly with a full ecommerce platform Showcase you videos Fans can share and interact via your App Stand out and take control of your business Send your App Store download link to potential clients and agencies Many features to choose from - contact us to discuss features and how your App will take your business to the next level www.appetising.com.au info@appetising.com.au


@ BYRON BAY INTERNATIONAL FASHION FESTIVAL 2015 w/ Makeup Artist, Kylie Eustace In Byron Bay on a perfect autumn day for fashion, enthusiastic Makeup Artists guided by Makeup director, Kylie Eustace worked their backstage magic. Kylie has been running makeup teams, designing the looks for runway shows and directing makeup at events for many years. She has also had over twenty years in the Hair and Makeup industry and was a Finalist for Australian Makeup Artist of the year 2014 and now again in 2015. This years Byron Bay fashion festival was the first year of a planned regular annual event. Beautiful Byron Bay has long been renowned for catering to an eclectic mix of trendy, alternate and even off-beat styles and this event didn’t disappoint. A wide range of quality designers and performers from near and far

Be fore designing the looks for a show, the first thing Kylie does is work out the time her team will have the models for. Then design a look that will suit the theme and also be suitable toe rapidly changed for the following show. As the models are shared between all the designers it is also important the looks will bcomplement the widest range of styles possible. Kylie will then do a run through of the looks prior to the shows to ensure all the artist in her team are 100% confident with the look and on the same wavelength.

Bryon’s event was extra exciting for the makeup team as the festival’s Director, Clint Hurrell was determined to see, ‘colour on the runway’ and in Clint’s words “An impression of individuality is very Byron” With the main guidelines being, ‘be colourful and creative’ the makeup artists were in heaven!

For the first show being swim, Kylie was asked if she could use yellow! The very colourful eye created for swim reflected the fabulous Byron bay sunrise. Kylie and her team naturally loved getting to use the super bright, Mineral Goddess eyeshadow shades.

The second look was more of a classic style makeup consisting of a Gold eye and Red lip. The look worked well with the relaxed earthy and also shimmery designs in the following

The last show was red themed and so all the designers wanted to see lots of red. A simple red eye look was created as a base that all the artists were then able to play with and present their own distinctive variation that would suit the outfits Kylie’s makeup team on the day was made up of Artists from Kylie’s regular team, local Artists and also exceptional student artists. The whole fashion and runway experience is such a fun way for artists to work as a team and enjoy creating exciting new looks they would otherwise, rarely be asked to do. This is a unique workshop-like experience, in an intense real-world, professional situation. An experience guaranteed to get the adrenaline and creative juices flowing!

As with other fashion events that Kylie sponsors, only products from Kylie’s own product range are used backstage. The Byron event provided a wonderful opportunity to again show off the versatility and intensity of Kylie’s Professional makeup range. The stunning results helped to again prove that just because you wish to use a product that is safer, natural and vegan, you don’t need to accept lesser quality or features. From ‘Every day to the Runway’ this is makeup that boldly holds its own, up there with the biggest names in the industry. The Byron Bay fashion Festival was Kylie’s First Fashion event for 2015 and it was a beauty! A fabulous time was had by all involved. It was a stunning debut for an event that is sure to grow and prosper.




Small changes make a big difference when it comes to being active.


3 R U N N I N G B A R E FO R E V E R T I E DY E S P O RTS B R A She GOT game! The musth ave s p o r t s b r a h a s a r r i ve d . T h i s t i e d ye i n s p o bra is stunning in superior p e r f o r m a n c e f a b r i c . Fe a t u r i n g r e m ova b l e c u p s , adjustable straps & accomodating up to a size C - yo u r g i r l s c a n m ove i n t o their new home & settle in RRP $64.99 w w w. f i t n e s s e x p o . c o m . a u

A B I A N D J O S E P H C Y B E R P E R FO R M A N C E JA C K E T Pa r t o f o u r d e s i g n e r r a n g e , t h e C y b e r P e r f o r m a n c e Ja c k e t i s d e s i g n e d w i t h o u r l i m ited edition Cyber all over embossed high p e r f o r m a n c e t e x t u r e d f a b r i c . Fe a t u r i n g a high stand collar to break the breeze, flattering panels with performance mesh for breathability and thumb hole cuffs for comfort. RRP $119.00 w w w. a b i a n d j o s e p h . c o m

2 N I K E F LY K N I T LU N A R 3 T h e N i k e F l y k n i t Lu n a r 3 Wo m e n ’s Running Shoe features a seamless Nike Flyknit upper on top of soft Lu n a r l o n f o a m f o r a n i n c r e d i b l y l i g h t w e i g h t f e e l a n d s p r i n g y, r e s p o n s i ve ride. The upper conforms to the foot for lockdown and an integrated fit, while an innovative outsole design allows for a smooth transition with every stride. RRP $220.00 w w w. n i k e s t o r e . c o m

4 FA B L E T I C S L A B A E E PA N T S Relaxed fitted pair of exercise pants. WIth features that include a S l i m S l o u c h Jo g g e r, Je r s e y Fo l d - O ve r Wa i s t b a n d , S i d e P o c k ets and Single Zip Pocket. The perfect balance between comfort and class. RRP $59.95 w w w. f a b l e t i c s . c o m

5 R E B E C CA M I N K O F F YO G A N Y LO N D U F F E L B AG Rock Rebecca Minkoff even while you’re at the gym with this durable nylon carryall that holds everything you need— including a mat—for your next sweat session. Multiple interior and exterior pockets, along with a removable mesh pouch, organize y o u r c l o t h i n g a n d g e a r, a n d an optional padded shoulder s t r a p o f f e r s c a r r y i n g c o nv e nience as you go from work to workout. RRP $339.56 w w w. s h o p . n o r d s t r o m . c o m


LO R N A JA N E J U N G L E F E V E R E X E R C I S E M AT Make the ultimate statement with this new 100% natural, lightweight and durable exercise mat! W i t h Ja c q u a r d m e s h grip that provides excellent performance and cushion. RRP $99.99 w w w. l o r n a j a n e . c o m . a u



1. MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS DURACELL POWERMAT KIT Exclusively ours. It’s never been easier (or more stylish) to keep your PHONE charged while out and about. This sleek tech-cessory is stamped with our signature logo and finished with a high-shine plaque, while a pre-charged back-up battery and wireless powermat combine to keep you powered up and polished 24/7. RRP $140.00 hwww.michaelkors.com 2. GHD PLATINUM WHITE STYLER Finally, a styler that takes the guilt out of heat styling, the NEW innovative ghd platinum® white styler gives you ultimate results without compromising the health of your hair. RRP $315.00 www.ghdhair.com 3. JAWBONE UP MOVE Move more. Get fit. Get fit, LOSE WEIGHT and have fun doing it. UP MOVE™ comes in a bunch of brilliant colors that you can mix and match with clips and straps. Put it on and wear it anywhere. And with an LED display and Smart Coach to guide you, the UP MOVE tracker doesn’t just count your steps and track your sleep—it gets you over the hump and moving on your path to a better you. RRP $69.00 www. jawbone.com 4. SONOS PLAY:1 WIRELESS SPEAKER New compact wireless speaker from Sonos with crystal clear audio, compatibility with other Sonos components, control via Sonos App. Custom-designed mid-woofer & tweeter deliver a big low end, & crisp mids & highs minimizing distortion. Stream Your Entire Music Library, iTunes, Music Services, & Radio Stations.Projects a wide field of sound, delivering a great listening experience. RRP #328.00 www.jbhifi.com.au 5. EARIN THE WORLD’S SMALLEST WIRELESS EARBUDS The Instant Lab Universal isn’t a printer. It’s a camera. It exposes the images on your smartphone or tablet’s screen onto Impossible’s Polaroid™-format instant film via a photographic process – mirroring the traditional darkroom environment. Just load the camera with your film, download or update the Impossible Project App and you’re ready to go! RRP $119.00 www.shop.earin.com 6. BEATS BY DRE BEATS X MCM Special Edition Beats x MCM Tour earphones and custom case lets you take your style on the go. RRP $249.95 www.beatsbydre.com







Model: Tiffany Wong Photographer: Tony Chen HMUA & Designer: Nikki Zhang Studio: White Ladder (Taiwan)

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Fom Issue 7  

Welcome back to another issue of Fashion Observer Magazine. All creatives play a vital role in the final production outcome, including Hair...

Fom Issue 7  

Welcome back to another issue of Fashion Observer Magazine. All creatives play a vital role in the final production outcome, including Hair...

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