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Pili Pala

Jewellery Review Knotlace

Pili Pala is a line of jewellery that has a real earthy and organic feel. Each piece is a fine crafted wood decorated with intrinsic designs made in Hobart, Australia. The vintage patterns are from the 1800’s to early 1900’s. The new age twist gives these pieces a real quirky look. The FOM team recommends the necklace would best dressed with a white tailored button up.

The Knotlace is a versatile piece of jewellery that allows you to become the artist and create your own accessory. This piece can not only be a cool necklace but can also be worn as a bracelet. The simple design allows for you to wear it with anything! FOM absolutely adores this creative piece!

White Tiger Designs Sally Green Sally Green has created a line of jewellery that is made from coloured glass. The glass used gives these pieces a unique look along with the fine detailing. These pieces will make any outfit stand out. They are statement pieces that will never out date. FOM is amazed by the incredible detail and craft.

White Tiger Designs has displayed a new way of mixing old with the new. This necklace is uniquely made up of a mix square cats eye beads in ice, knotted on black silk cord. The dash of an antique look silver heart pendant gives an edgy look to this beautiful work. By the designer herself, White Tiger Designs, where everything is made by hand with passion and enthusiasm by a real person. FOM could not agree more!

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