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Aicha’s powerful combination of originality, confidence and humbleness will catapult her fashion career. Rather than racing to the top and pulling other people down, she is courageous enough to take the steady climb and lift up the people around her.

Can you tell us how you got What advice would you give the job writing for the Digital to other bloggers seeking the confidence to start? Fashion Platform?

Pretty simple and lucky story, my editor Florence noticed my work on e-lance this online freelance job listing site and offered me the job. It was a perfect Do not be fooled by the name. The match! She is absolutely amazing and Fashion Heist is not about stealing I love international emerging talent so style. Aicha’s look is her own and her it was perfect. biggest thrill is in the chase.

When did you first fall in love with fashion? First time I officially fell in love with fashion, mmm so hard to think! I feel my mother has always been a real influence on my style and love for fashion. But the real trigger was Gemma Ward in Vogue, many years back she was so young and fresh, in the middle of a Morocco (I believe) in this photo-shoot it was so magical. I instantly fell madly in love with the ideas of dressing up and loving all things fashion!

What or who inspires your style? My style inspiration is definitely MaryKate and Ashley Olsen, I honestly couldn’t think of any better true style icons. Along with a touch of Anna Dell Russo and sometimes I bit of old school Bianca Jagger.

I think just do it and own your style. There is always room for another fashionista!

How did you come up with The Fashion Heist name?

Good question! I am an e-bay-a-holic! Which leads me to grabbing amazing Can you describe the writing pieces from around the globe, which and photography process when reminds me of man repellers approach you are putting together a to fashion. So I kind of felt, I was metaphorically speaking “heisting” story? women’s wardrobes! If that makes sense. Well I normally just getting a feeling and vision in my mind, sometimes from a movie or shoot I have seen. I didn’t know that you are also Then I write the story, I feel it’s just an amazing singer! What are finding something intriguing but full your plans for Singing With of passion when it comes to writing Coco? What is your favourite about designers or photographers. song to sing? My writing inspiration is Lesly Arfin, she had a column in Russh magazine Singing has always been my number a few years back and I would die to one passion, I plan to pursue my career read them. So casual but she really in song writing and maybe down the resonated with me. track get my album completed. So all fingers crossed! My favourite song My photography process is far different, would have to “When You Believe” as I mostly do the photography myself. Mariah and Whitney Houston duet, I get in the mood with my vision and Prince of Egypt really got to me or just do it and go with what works with anything from Anastasia the movie! the clothing, and then I edit the image myself. It is mostly done in the space What is your next big move for the of one day. future?

What has been the biggest Has styling in the Topshop Three big things! breakthrough in your fashion personal shopping suite career so far?

changed your style at all?

I feel I am yet to have one! I feel all my moments so far have been steps towards a bigger dream, landing a job with The Digital Fashion Platform would be one! And going to fashion week in Sydney, oh and helping backstage at a secret Chanel show in Brisbane with the amazing Kimberly Gardner is definitely on top of my list!

Starting a basics clothing line

If anything Topshop has taught me Album work to be more daring with colour, which is definitely not my strong suit! And Paris Fashion Week! (Thankfully to Adele it is now) Also it has instilled a lot of confidence in I’ll keep you posted, if it all works out! myself, I am very thankful for the experience.

Fom issue 4  

Welcome back to another issue of Fashion Observer Magazine. Each issue is a fashion-forward exposé that supports all creatives worldwide! FO...

Fom issue 4  

Welcome back to another issue of Fashion Observer Magazine. Each issue is a fashion-forward exposé that supports all creatives worldwide! FO...