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FIR Heat Therapy Claims

Want to know more about neck pain relief using heat therapy? Just visit the links given! Even before the development of technology and science, heat care or thermotherapy has been traditionally used as a remedy to all sorts of pains. The practice of heat therapy goes all the way back to the ancient times. Back then, people solely trusted on the art of palm healing, though they were not sure how it worked. The

fact that it seems to improve the health and overall wellbeing of the patients was enough explanation that palm healing is an effective remedy. With the help of modern medical technology, scientists have identified why palm healing is so effective. Because of natural body warmth and friction, the healer’s hands produce Far Infrared Rays (FIR) that heal and relieve discomforts felt in the patient’s body. This is the same FIR produced by the sun, making it all safe and natural. Want to know more about neck pain relief products using heat therapy? Just visit the links given! According to German medical researchers, 60 minutes of FIR exposure can significantly lower high blood pressure, as well as improve the blood’s viscosity. Its gentle heat is the antidote

for the negative effects of electromagnetic field frequencies (EMF) to our body. Chapter 9 of Healing Heat and Cold, 4th Edition claims that FIR’s capacity to penetrate deep into the body yields beneficial processes in the body:  It increases the extensibility of collagen tissues to speed up the body’s ability to self-heal  It fortifies the immunological system by reinforcing white blood cell function  It excites the hypothalamus gland that controls the production of neurochemicals concerned in biological processes like sleep, moods and agony sensations The body is a reservoir to many bio-toxins that get stored in our system and are tough to expel. FIR safely flushes out these poisons which root dangerous health issues by speeding

the blood circulation and increasing the blood flow. Because of its numerous health benefits, Far Infrared Rays are known as the “light of lights�, and because it is all natural, FIR are free from damaging complications that may be associated with modern medicine. Experience the benefits of Far Infrared Rays heat care claims and improve your health with this technologically advanced cure.

FIR Heat Therapy Claims