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Newsletter Issue # 2, 23/12/2011


The name of all the continents ends with the same letter that they start with

Vision Mission Values


If a statue of a person in the park on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle. If the horse has all the four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.

Know your plant: TKP plant: M/s Auro Mira Bio Energy Madurai Limited (AMBEML) has implemented 10 MW biomass based power project at T-Kallupatti village, Madurai district in Tamil Nadu. The power plant comprises of one travelling grate boiler of capacity 46 TPH at 66 kg/cm2, 4950C and condensing type turbo-generator. AMBEML is Located at T.Kallupatti, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu. The site measuring about 67 acres. The road adjoining the project site connects T.Kallupatti out 8 KM from site. The plant is located at Madurai to Rajapalayam main Road. Madurai Railway station is about 40 km and the nearest seaport is at Tuticorn about 350km from the project site. The nearest airport is Madurai and is about 40 km from site. Plant was set for commercial operation on 05th May 2009. Total 130 employees working in this including contract labour 80.

Plant News: IMS awareness training: Integrated Management System (IMS) awareness training was given to plant people by Senior Consultant Mr. V. Venkateswaran of Nathan & Nathan Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Training was conducted in Pudukottai on 13th December 2011, 14th December 2011 in Madurai and 15th December in Tirunelveli. Training was conducted in 2 batches in morning and evening to cover all the people in plant.

CFT Training:

5S Implementation:

Fire Fighting Training & Mock Drill: Fire fighting training and mock drill was conducted in head office-Chennai on 16th November 2011 by FYRE MASQ AGENCIES. The entire evacuation was done in less than 3-1/2 minutes, ahead stipulated standard of 4 minutes. Types of fire and handling different types of fire were trained. A fire extinguisher to be used for different types of fire was trained.

First Aid Training: First aid training was given to HO Employees by Mr S S Ramadoss of St. John Ambulance on 30th September 2011. The training gave appropriate good practices of first aid for every hazard.

Eye camp: Eye camp was conducted in Madurai and Pudukottai Plants on 30th November 2011 and 01st December 2011 respectively. The eye camp was done through Agarwal’s Eye Hospital Limited for staff’s, contract labour and nearby people.

CDM International Photo Contest: UNFCCC has launched 2011 International photo contest and 2 submissions was done by our company. One was submitted by Mr.Amalanathan for PDK project and other by Mr.Senthilvel for TKP plant. The photo sent by Mr.Senthilvel has been selected as one of the Top 25 Submission. Let’s all congratulate him!!!

Green Quiz: 1. Kyoto Protocol specifies reduction of green house gases in the period 2008-2012 to an average amount of 5% below the levels of the year a) b) c) d)

1997 1992 1990 1995

2. Most abundant green house gas in the atmosphere is a) b) c) d)

Carbon dioxide Water vapour Methane Nitrous oxide

3. Among the following green house gases, name the gas which has the highest global warming potential a) b) c) d)

Carbon dioxide Water vapour Methane Nitrous oxide

4. Name the country which has the highest installed capacity of grid connected wind power generating systems (at the end of 2010) a) b) c) d)

United States India China Germany

5. Name the country which has the highest installed capacity of grid connected solar photovoltaic power generating systems (at the end of 2010) a) b) c) d)

United States Japan Germany Spain

General Quiz 1. Which among the following is most energy efficient? a) Incandescent bulb b) Fluorescent tube light c) Compact fluorescent lamp


2. Solar cells are manufactured from the element? a) Bauxite b) Silicon c) Calcium 3. The first mini hydel plant was set up in 1897 at the following place. a) Shimla b) Dehra Doon

The only Food that doesn’t spoil:

c) Kulu d) Darjeeling 4. This energy is the heat generated by the hot rocks, magma, geysers, and hot-springs. This form of energy is known as a) Solar energy b) Geothermal energy c) Ocean thermal 5. Which sector is the single-largest consumer of fresh water in India? a) Industry b) Power c) Domestic d) Agriculture 6. Name the gas released from landfills, decaying organic matter and has 21 times more global warming potential than a molecule of CO2. a) Sulphur dioxide DID YOU KNOW? b) Methane c) Ammonia d) Nitrous Oxide The only animals 7. Which sector in India is the largest energy consumer? that can’t jump: a) Agriculture b) Commercial c) Industrial d) Domestic 8. Which sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in India? a) Transport b) Domestic c) Agricultural d) Electric power generation 9. One of the following is a hazardous waste that is generated in the house. a) Paper b) Leftover foodstuff c) Old batteries d) Plastic bags 10. Match the following: a) Acid Rain b) Lignite c) Environmental Day d) Adulterant to petrol e) World Wildlife week ends on

i. 08 October ii. Naphtha iii.Carbon dioxide iv. June 05 v. Neyveli vi. Sulphur dioxide









6 3 2 4


Across: 1. It is a renewable form of energy which is abundantly available on the earth in the form of firewood, cattle dung, garbage or agricultural residue.(7) 2. It is a part of our body and also is a piece of metal pointed at one end which is hammered in to hold things.(4) 3. The largest type of water body on the earth’s surface.(5) 4. The Event of something burning.(4) 5. Action of putting something to use again.(5) 6. Built across rivers to hold back the water for irrigation and other purposes.(3) Down: 7. It is the fast growing grass species (100 cm (39 in) in 24 hours) and used for construction purpose.(6) 8. The layer in the atmosphere which protects the earth from the harmful effects of the sun.(5) 9. This is a gas found in abundance under the deep sea floor but is not very easily accessible and also in decaying organic matter.(7) 10. Type of rain that occurs when sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides combine with water vapour in the air.(4) 11. It gives energy to the earth and at present is the biggest source of energy in the earth.(3) 12. Spider is an _______.(6) 13. Renewable energy harnessed from sun.(5)

New Members to AME Family: Family

S Pranesh Asst. Executive – HR Chennai Office th DOJ -16 Nov ‘11

Arokia Antoine Engineer – Instrumentation Pudukkottai th DOJ -9 Nov ‘11

Bharath Kumar D Officer – Safety T Kallupatti th DOJ -14 Nov ‘11

Rajasekar R Asst. Executive – HR Pudukkottai th DOJ -17 Nov ‘11

Karthick Kannan Engineer - Instrumentation Chennai Office st DOJ -1 Dec ‘11

Marriages: Mr. Soundappan L Shift Incharge of our TKP plant was married to Ms. Nithya Priya on 27th November 2011. Mary Shiji.P.J – Sr. Executive ecutive Quality of HOHO Chennai was married to Mr.B.Manikandan on 05th December 2011.


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