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Campaign Manager Tool Kit Your campaign should be fun and a way to bolster employee morale – all while providing critical funding. This kit provides information and tips to help run a successful giving campaign. Let’s get started!

EarthShare of Georgia – your one-stop shop for environmental giving… is the “ Workplace-giving vehicle for individuals to connect

to charities in a tactile way and for employers to empower their employees to change the world. For many, it is also an introduction to the charitable sector and the concept of philanthropy and community service, offering a convenient path to learn and connect.

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Hello, Campaign Manager! You are the person inside the company running the combined campaign. If you work for a large company, you may designate “ambassadors” or “team captains” to work within each location, department, business unit or group. This will ensure that everyone across the company is aware of the campaign and will distribute some of the campaign administration and promotion duties. If you work for a small company, you may decide to manage the campaign independently. In the past, campaign coordinators have found that group presentations to introduce the campaign, information fairs, speakers from EarthShare of Georgia, posters and regular communications with employees have all built awareness for environmental issues and increased contributions. All that EarthShare of Georgia requires is results reporting at the end of the campaign.

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Tool Kit

1. Develop a strategy: • Know your budget and potential number of employees participating. • Get others involved to help you run the campaign. • Make it personal! Choose a campaign theme (consider current trends & company’s history/culture/intersts). • Set campaign dates and timetable. • Decide on campaign activities and events. • Design the structure of your employee campaign team (see right).

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It’s not possible to have our employees come to a presentation. What else can I do? To ensure that all employees at your workplace gets the information they need to make their charitable decision, you can host information fairs, hold lunch-and-learn sessions, post flyers or posters, provide success stories on your company intranet, send e-mails or intra-office memos.

Campaign Team: CEO & Senior Management can show their support in many ways, including: • Sending a letter to each employee either in their pay envelopes or separately. • Putting a memo to the employees on the Intranet or send a broadcast email. • Writing a note in the company’s newsletter. • Attending the initial campaign meeting. • Choosing chairpersons in branch locations to lead those campaigns. • Filming a lead-in to the campaign video. • Making a “pacesetter” donation prior to the start of the campaign. • Attending the campaign kickoff. • Allowing employees to attend events. • Encouraging employee involvement in the campaign. A Campaign Chairperson should believe in the value of the campaign and have good rapport with most of the staff and/or be well respected. • Endorse the campaign & show company support for the campaign. • Motivate employees to want to give. • Attend the kickoff. • Thank key employees. Ambassadors educate groups of employees about the campaign and promote participation. The more your employees know about the charities they can give to, the more likely they are to give. They can raise awareness with group presentations to introduce the campaign and speakers from EarthShare of Georgia, or ”lunch and learn” sessions about environmental issues, supplemented by flyers, posters and regular communications with employees in your group.

Tool Kit

2. Set Goals • Know your organizations’ culture, plans and constraints. Take into consideration developments like restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. Note: Holding a campaign during a rough time can be a great way for employees to come together for a good cause. • Set goals that are achievable and measurable, yet challenging. • Goals may be set on overall dollars, dollars by department or division, participation rate, average gift, and/ or per capita gift. • Publicize goals so that employees know what they are aiming for. • Establish a pledge period with a kick-off event to launch the campaign. Your workplace campaign is the most convenient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to give back.

3. Plan a kick-off event • Set a date with adequate lead time for employees to attend. • Decide on a budget in order to watch costs while planning the event. • Coordinate with EarthShare of Georgia staff to attend with compelling information for the employees on how their contributions make an impact. • Ask for volunteers to help coordinate the event. • Have fun creating a theme for the kick-off. Ask your campaign team for ideas, like an icecream social, a barbeque or picnic. • Encourage employees to make their pledges at the kick-off. Employees experience greater satisfaction when they are able to give to organizations that address issues that are important to them.


Tool Kit

4. Motivate Employees • EarthShare of Georgia staff can assist in training, attend events or meet with employee groups. • Have the CEO or other senior manager publicly endorse the campaign by letter or other means.

The #1 reason people don’t give is that they were never asked!

• Have senior management attend the kick-off/ training and encourage them to make their pledgesat the kick-off. • Encourage top union leadership, if applicable, and encourage them to be key participants in a campaign which benefits everyone. • Encourage employees to participate, but always stress that it is a voluntary giving program. • Use incentives such as raffles for prizes. Often companies, like restaurants and airlines, will donate items for this good cause. • Food, like donuts, cookies and coffee, can encourage employees to attend a meeting or draw them to an information table.

Aside from the kick-off party, foster team-building and achieve corporate sustainability goals with other events: • A company volunteer day with one of ESGA’s member groups. • Contests, such as golf putting or trivia. • “Lunch & Learn” presentations by representatives of member groups.


Incentive Ideas Tickets to sporting events, concerts, plays. Preferred parking space for a week/month/year. Prizes for 1st 100 pledges received. Gift certificates.

Tool Kit

Frequently Asked Questions What is EarthShare of Georgia? Vision: EarthShare of Georgia is working for the day when our air, land and water are clean, abundant and healthy. Mission: EarthShare of Georgia is a nonprofit that raises funds through employee giving for more than 60 environmental member organizations dedicated to conserving and protecting our air, land and water. Since the first campaign season in 1993, Georgians have generously donated more than $3.9 million dollars to protect our precious natural resources. Can one person really make a difference? Each person’s contribution gets us one step closer to addressing our environmental problems. What are your overhead costs? How much of the money actually goes to the groups? EarthShare of Georgia is proud of its continued commitment to running a lean organization with low operating expenses. Overall, EarthShare of Georgia’s overhead costs are less than 10 % What materials do you have for employees? We have an EarthShare of Georgia brochure with information on the campaign and a complete list of our member organizations, as well as posters that you can put in break rooms, restrooms or anywhere employees spend time. Additionally, we will routinely send brochures, seed packets and bookmarks. For a paperless option, try directing people to EarthShare of Georgia’s website for more information and to sign up for our e-blasts or post our information on your company’s intranet. To request materials, please contact the Andrea Hansberry, Development Consultant at 404-873-3173,

What organizations does EarthShare of Georgia support? Employee contributions support 67 of the world’s leading environmental organizations protecting our air, land, water, wildlife, and public health. Twenty-seven of these organizations are working directly on issues that affect Georgia. These organizations are also working on issues of alternative energy and energy-efficiency, elimination of toxic pesticides, environmental justice and sprawl. For a complete list of member groups click here. How is the money distributed to the member organizations? Employees have the unique option of making one gift to EarthShare of Georgia (to be shared among all member organizations) or designating a pledge to one or more organizations of their choice. Many employees like to designate their gift, thus EarthShare of Georgia will honor all designated contributions to specific member groups. General contributions are shared among Georgia organizations (60%) and national organizations (40%). What if an employee has an issue with supporting one of our member organizations? We allow employees to designate their gifts to specific organizations. If a question or concern about a specific member organization arises, we encourage and facilitate research about the group. All EarthShare of Georgia organizations have strict guidelines they must adhere to regarding their policies and practices. We can provide additional information. How do we set a campaign goal? Our Campaign Manager can help you set a goal that will be achievable, substantial enough for employees to feel they have made a difference and worth your time investment in the campaign.


Tool Kit

5. Wrap-up & Follow-up

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Are there other ways to be involved with EarthShare of Georgia? Our member groups and our staff are available any time during the year for special “Brown Bag” educational sessions. Additionally, EarthShare of Georgia leads Earth Day hosts three key events in April. There are many volunteer opportunities timed with Earth Day, including Green Day, a morning of corporate volunteering. Beyond Earth Day, there are volunteer opportunities for activities and events all year long with our member groups.


ESGA Campaign Manager Tool Kit  

This kit is designed to help campaign managers to run a successful campaign within their workplace.

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