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The Editors Welcome Welcome to the Valentine’s issue of Student Style; in partnership with - Student Fashion at Student Prices. In this issue we have an exclusive interview with Louis Riccardo (guitarist for Professor Green & The Overtones), some fabulous articles on how to dress and style yourself for that special Valentine’s date and we unveil our very first video! We also have some other great interviews with Buffie from MixPixie (featured on BBC 3’s ‘Be Your Own Boss’), travel recommendations, look books, celebrity fashion inspiration articles and much more! This issue’s chosen university town is Huddersfield; read more about where to go, what to buy and who’s wearing what on pages 27-37. The focus of our work is on student fashion & style that is affordable on a shoe-string budget! All our articles, interviews, hot picks, reviews and information have been carefully selected to reflect real student trends, lifestyle and interests. We know how important it is to save the pennies and get a good bargain as a student, so we are always looking out for great student offers, discounts, reviews and competitions to help you save more. That’s why we have made sure to include the very best in this issue! So sit back, relax and have a good read! We hope you enjoy. X Join in the fun and share your thoughts on our student communities - when you follow us on Twitter you’ll be updated on bargains every day!

Joanna Jaeger-Booth Graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University and Owner of




We would like to give a huge thank you to all the students that contributed to this month’s issue! The Sub Team Clara Lonsdale University of Lincoln - Magazine Layout Designer. Articles – Date Night Shoes for Him, Date Night Heels for Her, Virgin Media Pioneers. Daisy Craydon University of Northampton – Sub editor. Articles – Luke Hodson Interview.

Ali Cheng Sheffield Hallam- Magazine Illustrator.

Article Contributors Ayisha Hameed, University of Northampton –Islam and Fashion Article Abigail Dunn, University of Northampton –Valentine’s Article, Fashion Through the Ages Emily Knott, University of Bedfordshire - SB’s Little Treasures Sophie Jeffery, University of Bedfordshire - MixPixie Article, Brett Jackson Interview David Reilly – London Fashion Week Article Chloe Smith, University of Huddersfield - Naomi Quarrinton Interview, Student Seen, Top Places in Huddersfield. Alexandra Hepworth, University of Huddersfield - In the Willows Boutique, Sitting Pretty Article, Crafty Praxis Article. Laura Maguire, MMU - John-Louis Riccardi Interview. Julianna Brougham –Sweet Look Article. Lily Taylor, University of Northampton – Rita Ora Article, Pretty Little Liars Article. Kimberley Barr, University of Bath- Dinner for Two. Kate Ng Shu-Yi, University of Northampton –The Bare Necessities Article.

Behind the Scenes at and Student Style At & Student Style we are always thinking about how to get students and young entrepreneurs involved with what we do. We also love having fun, being creative and taking pictures! This is why we organised our latest photo shoot… We built our team using two photographers, Daniel Godfrey (student) & Rowena Carhart (young business woman), cinematographer, James Copson (recent graduate & young entrepreneur), and our very own makeup artist & creative director, Thea Hanson-Orr. We invited young student models to pose for us and used a local pub as our student setting. The aim of this shoot was to capture fabulous photos for this issue of Student Style, get creative images for our banners and highlight the beautiful nail designs of But we didn’t want to stop there. We also wanted to show you what really goes on behind the scenes of our shoots and share with you the fun and creative madness that takes place by filming the entire day and bringing you our first ever video! The day kicked off with our photographers and cinematographer setting up equipment and building backdrops. Whilst the scenes we being created, Thea and Jo (owner of & Student Style) selected outfits for each model. Thea then got to work on makeup; this process can take up to an hour! Setting up, getting ready, styling, posing and shooting is all a lot of fun. Let us show you what we do…

By Joanna Jaeger-Booth Owner and Editor

Huge thanks to the Fashions for letting us use their song 'Slip Away' on our video. To hear more of their music see their website, follow them on Twitter: @fashionstheband & like them on

As you can see a lot goes on and there are so many people involved with the organisation and preparations. But it’s all worthwhile as we now have the wonderful video and fabulous photos to show you! The first set we did were styled for our banners and the focus was to have a more casual feel to the images.

The next we did were for this issue and focused on couples and Valentine’s Day:

We then moved on to our glossy mag style photographs:

And then finally we did our shoot that features; who offer hand painted nail art inspired by current and upcoming fashion trends. Lucy, designer & producer of Nailedit nails, takes inspiration from the top catwalk shows and checking out what’s hot on the high street. She says ‘if we haven’t got a design for it, it’s not on trend!’. All her sets are hand painted in the UK using the top polishes and Seche Vite to give it a professional finish. The set she provided us with were inspired by the huge trend for all things crosses! This Gothic inspired 90’s grunge trend can either be seen being worn subtly as jewellery or with statement clothing such as big knitted jumpers and all over patterned leggings. The trend is perfect if you want to add an edge to a plain outfit or if you want an excuse to embrace you inner Goth and rock the look from head to toe! We styled the nails with two outfits. The first is this more traditional gothic rock chick look: The second outfit though is where we went a little more creative:

As you can see, Toni’s makeup is more bold and intense; her outfit is less conventional and more chic, giving the pictures a more Voguesque look. The nails themselves feature a black shiny base colour, enhanced with fine gold crosses and one statement nail (which has been big trend in the nail world). Lucy says ‘I think it works really well, and has proven to be one of our most popular sets! So much so I have now done them in black and white too! Check out the site for more on trend high fashion nail looks.’ So, now you know what goes on behind the scenes of a shoot! We hope you enjoyed our first video and our new photos; please feel free to add comments and let us know what you think! We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make the day a success and to our readers for inspiring us to do more!

Competition time! Enter now for your chance

to win!

Win this gorgeous necklace and these stunning earrings worth £40! So gents why not win this for your girl this valentine’s, and ladies why not treat yourself! To enter, simply RT a tweet about the competition & follow @Past_Times & @UKfashionshop on Twitter! We are running the competition from the 4th-6th Feb. So follow @Past_Times & @UKfashionshop and look out for the competition opening on the 4th Feb! Best of luck!

Accessorize for So it’s getting to that time of year where the single ones sit in and watch Bridget Jones, have a little cry and eat lots of ice cream. The couples enjoy a romantic day together filled with presents, flowers, dining out and just having a jolly good day. But it doesn’t have to be that way for all the single ladies (and men) out there. Who is to say you can’t get all dressed up, get a group of friends together, exchange Valentine’s Day cards and go for a meal? So chin up, it can and will be a special day for everyone. To set you up for an excellent day here are some accessories to help you get into the spirit of love and friendship.

These cute love heart earrings are perfect for getting into the Valentine’s Day mood and can be used all year round to add some sophisticated glamour into everyday life.

Belts are always good too. They finish off an outfit and can be used all year round. They can also be paired with a dress, skirt or playsuit, and help you look and feel great whilst promoting your singleness or trying to impress your partner.

Although it’s a day to get all glammed up to meet the person of your dreams, remember it’s still winter. And even though that Summer Dress looks excellent, you should probably wrap up warm. With the help of this heart Fairisle hat, you can still look lovely, but practical.

Valentines By Abigail Dunn

And for the guys, you don’t get away easy either. There are lots of things you can do to impress your partner, or flaunt your single status. First off, buying them lots of presents. Everyone loves presents so it’s probably a good idea to buy a rucksack, to fit them all in. A tie will always impress. It shows you’ve made an effort and definitely looks better than a pair of joggers and a hoody. This dark red fits perfectly into the love theme of Valentine’s Day and can be complimented with a shirt and chinos, or if you’re going for an even smarter look, branch out and put on some trousers. Go all out this season.

If you’re not a fan of ties, you can still look smart and prepared for Valentine’s Day with this jazzy scarf. Plus it’ll keep you warm. Win-win situation.

Hopefully you’ll be giving and receiving presents so you’ll need somewhere to store them. Alternatively, you’ll have a lot of ice cream to buy so you need something big that you can fill with all the tubs. You may as well do both these things in style. As lovely as an ASDA bag of presents or ice cream looks, I think the rucksack would be much nicer and will finish off any outfit with a cool and casual look.

And so, those are a few things to get you started. I’m sure you can find a loveheart dress, trousers, ties and shoes – if you really want to - but smart and casual combined is always a good look to start with. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day whatever you’re doing, but remember to do it in style.

Happy Valentine’s Shopping!

Gents, Boot up for that Perfect Date Dating, oh dating. Such a strange phenomenon! It’s so amazing and simultaneously horrifying. Who knows where the night will begin or where it could all lead. Want it to go well? Then, it's time to prepare to impress. The way to our hearts isn't as complicated as you think, believe me, we’re easily impressed! If you pay attention to the following pieces of advice, you're well on your way to getting a second date - and maybe even a goodnight kiss. So let’s talk outfits, and the easiest place to start... the shoes. Now gents trust me when I say that once you decide on the shoes, the outfit pretty much sorts itself out, which in the long run, saves you a lot of last minute shopping hassle! Here at we plan to get you well and truly on your way to wowing her …

By Clara Lonsdale

Tan Chukka Boots £15.00

Shoelab "ATTACK" Hi Top Boots £30.00

Tan Leather Desert Boots £38.00

Banks chukka boot brown leather brown suede £64.99

"LOAM" Boots £75.00

"MILLER" Herringbone Slim Soled Loafers £60.00

Happy Shoe

Shopping! "DR MARTENS" Original 8 Boots £90.00

Ladies, step out in style for that Perfect Date Well, it's finally happened! You have that all important date for the weekend, the one you have been waiting for, who isn't Ben, Jerry, a vampire, or an impossibly handsome business man with the surname Grey. Anyway... whoever he is, he wants to go out with you! Now girls, we all know dates can be nerve wracking. From wearing the right outfit, to talking the talk, it can take the toll on any of us. But fear not, here at we plan to get you well and truly on your way to wowing him. First thing’s first, we all know that no outfit is complete, or can even begin without those statement date night heels, and the ones we’ve hand selected for you will without a doubt help you make it to the second date... and beyond!

Happy Shoe Shopping!

By Clara Lonsdale

Kitsch Couture Holly Peep Toe Heels £25.00

Sardine Nude Black Leather £27.00

Gretta Suede Platform Heels Fuchsia

Kitsch Couture Caroline Cork Heels



Anniken Suede Spiked Platform Heels In Red £35.99

Josette Slingback Glitter Platform Heels £35.99

Valentine’s Day: the day of sweethearts and a sweet look to match This look is about subtle and sexy and pretty all in one, where most men can find bold makeup intimidating I thought a beautiful look would be flawless base, a soft brown smoky eye with a powder pink lip and cheek accentuating all areas like a natural goddess. The Face 1.Always prime your face as it makes your foundation hold for longer and appear more airbrushed you can use different ones depending on what look or skin type you have. L’Oreal studio secrets is perfect for most. 2. Apply a blend easy base that gives you coverage but looks like skin. L’Oreal true match adapts to your skin and is amazing for a flawless look. 3. Depending on skin type and again if you want a powder smooth or a dewy look apply a setting powder on the T Zone this will set your makeup for the night. Maybelline do a gorgeous one called Fit Me. 4. Set off that beautiful look with a pretty in pink blush that makes you look radiant Lily Lolo does a mineral blush for rosy stained cheeks. The Eyes and Lips 1. For the eyes blending is key if you can get a Rimmel one like the one above that has a few shades in it will work wonders! Coat your eye with the palest beige shade to give your lid a base, sweep the mid tone brown across your lid and the darker shade in the crease of your eye blending out wards. 2. Next lightly shade in your waterline with a black kohl pencil and blend outwards to just emphasise the Bambi eye look. 3. A white eyeliner will also help with highlighting key areas I used it under the black kohl in the outer and inner corners, also use it under the brow bone for that instant lift. 4. Finish of your eye fame with brilliant brows a powder gives the most natural but shapely look and you can't go wrong with benefits brow duo! 5. For the lips a rose or pastel pink stain will give that natural look , Rimmel do the 1000 kisses lip stain pain which is amazing ( and thought to be appropriate ) Run a slick of gloss of the top to seal the deal and you’re as good as ready. All products used where at budget price and on Feel Unique

By Julianna Brougham

Dinner fit for your King or Queen... Hey there lovers. It’s that time of year that everyone either loves or hates...Valentine’s Day! Well for those of you like me you are celebrating Valentine’s this year, and I’m here to provide you with a variety of dishes tailored to your financial situation. Pasta with Pink Cheese Sauce and Hearts Anyone struggling for cash but would really like to make something a little special for their partner this year then this first recipe is one for you: Ingredients for one pint of sauce (change accordingly) 25g butter 25g plain flour 1 pint of milk Salt and pepper 1 large beetroot Mushrooms (optional) As little or as much cheese as you desire And of course pasta. One handful per person as a general rule but it also depends how hungry you are.

Method 1.

First remember to put your pasta on. When will depend on how long it takes so it is ready at the same time as your sauce.

2. 3. 4. 5.

Peel beetroot then slice and cut it and the mushrooms into heart shapes Melt the butter in a saucepan. Stir in the flour and cook for 1-2 minutes. Take the pan off the heat and gradually stir in the milk to get a smooth sauce. Add beetroot and mushrooms. Return to the heat and, stirring all the time, gradually add cheese and bring to the boil. Simmer gently for 8-10 minutes and season with salt and white pepper. The beetroot should turn the sauce a pink colour and your hearts will look pretty. Serve and enjoy.

6. 7.

Lovers’ Chicken For anybody with a little more cash to spend then the following recipe might be appropriate for your romantic meal: Ingredients 8. 2 chicken breasts 9. 2 slices of bacon 10. Cheese (mature cheddar is best if you’re a cheesy person ;D) 11. BBQ Sauce (sticky BBQ is especially yummy) Method 12. Preheat oven to 180. 13. Place the chicken on a baking tray. Squirt on some BBQ sauce and a slice of bacon. Cover in foil and cook for 25 minutes. Remove the foil and put a slice or two of cheese on top of each chicken breast then leave in the oven for a further 3-5 minutes until the cheese has melted. 14. Have whichever side dishes you would like. Some suggestions are broccoli, chips, roast potatoes, peas, asparagus, sweetcorn, baked beans and so the list goes on...

By Kim Barr

Sexy Steak with Sausages and Rocket Salad For those lucky students with few money concerns I am going to suggest one of my favourite dishes that I will possibly be cooking for my boyfriend this year, hopefully he won’t remember that I did it for him last year too! Ingredients 15. 2 steaks of your preference. Eg. Sirloin, fillet, rib eye, T-bone etc. 16. Sausages (I recommend either ‘pork and apple’ or ‘caramelised onion’; very tasty indeed!) 17. Rocket salad 18. Parmesan cheese 19. Balsamic vinegar or glaze 20. Onion 21. Salt and pepper Method 22. Rub some salt and pepper into your steaks and leave them to reach room temperature before cooking. 23. Consider how you like your steak cooked and perhaps look online for how long to cook it on each side. I recommend grilling the steak although frying works well too. 24. Depending on how long you need to cook your steak for work it around the sausages. They should take about 8-12 minute depending on the size. Double check on the label. 25. Chop up your onion, put a little oil in a frying pan and fry the onions until they start to brown. Sprinkle some sugar on for caramelised onions (optional but very nice). 26. Plate up the rocket salad, sprinkle on some cheese and balsamic vinegar/glaze. 27. Plate up the steak and sausages then pour the onions onto the steak and it’s ready to serve!

Starters for all Budgets If any of you want to make even more of an occasion of this Valentine’s Day then you might like to have a starter. Here are a few ideas to cover all price ranges: 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

Garlic Bread Dough Balls with garlic butter Soup with a toasted roll Pate and onion chutney on a chiabatta roll Scallops fried in garlic butter on a bed of salad

I hope this has been helpful to you all and that you enjoy cooking and eating my meal suggestions. I’m positive you’re other half will be delighted with their special treat...especially if it means they don’t have to cook it ;P Happy Valentine’s to you all! 

Exclusive Interview with

In this February issue we interviewed guitarist John-Louis Riccardi who has played with Professor Green, The Overtones, Nadine Coyle, solo artist and many more. Louis talks about his musical influences, passions and how he got into the music industry and in true ‘My Fashion Shop’ style a section on Louis’s personal style. Have you always wanted to be in the music industry or did you have any other aspirations growing up? L.R: I started playing when I was 10 so I sort of knew what I wanted to do, although I did want to be an actor when I was younger. But pretty much as soon as I started playing that was it, I knew that I wanted to be a musician. And how did you get yourself into the music industry? L.R: Working really hard getting out there gigging and building up a reputation- slowly but surely really. You seem a very mysterious presence in professor green's ensemble- could you tell me an interesting fact about yourself? L.R: The guitar that I play with Professor Green is made of aluminium it’s called an Alusonic and its serial number 0 so it’s the first one ever built. So that’s a bit of a geeky fact for you there. I’m a real geek when it comes to my gear. I absolutely love all my kit and pedals. So much time and money and joy have gone into it, I love researching stuff like that. I guess thinking of another fact, I lived over in Los Angeles when I was 17 and I had my 18th birthday in Hollywood in a Jacuzzi. How did you get involved with Professor Green and The Overtones? L.R: I had done a little work with Professor Green previously, but my audition was Glastonbury so I had like one rehearsal to learn the whole set, but as always before a gig like that there were lots of other things to be done so the last consideration was what I needed to do obviously. But Glastonbury was basically my first gig and my audition to see if the guys liked me and that was it. For The Overtones it was a recommendation from someone I'd worked with before.

John-Louis Riccardi By Laura Maguire

I read your brother is also a successful guitarist, are you two close? L.R: Yeah we’re very close he does play guitar but he’s not really a guitarist he’s mainly a drummer. He's playing drums and MD for Tulisa at the moment. Yeah we are very close; we’ve always been very close. We grew up playing music together and we were both inspired by watching our Dad do his gigs. When we were kids he was learning drums as I was learning guitar, then he started learning to play guitar as well and so of course I had to start learning drums. I wasn’t having him getting better than me. We’re still just as competitive, but always love to see each other doing well. So yes we are really close and we try to work together as much as possible. What’s your personal music taste do you enjoy listening to your own stuff? L.R: To my own stuff? Of course I love listening to the stuff that I write. But as far as my taste goes I like anything with the truth and that’s the most important thing for me. I don’t care what style it is, if I can hear that it’s real and that there’s truth behind it that’s what I search for. What are your influences and who have you always looked up to? L.R: Yeah, my dad for one. I have a lot of guitar influences there’s a guy called Django Reinhardt from the 1930’s who played with two fingers. He lost his other fingers in a caravan fire. He’s an incredible guitarist who carried on playing despite losing the rest of his fingers and for me he’s an absolute inspiration. Clapton was also a big influence and I loved all my rock stuff when I was growing up I was really into Van Halen and all those guys. Lots of bands too I love U2 and Coldplay. I also love my Drum and Bass, I look for a certain sound with that, where it's rhythmical and musical and not too random and noisy. I actually played guitar on Goldie's last single "Freedom" which I was really pleased about doing. Merging more guitars with Drum and Bass/Dubstep is something I want to get in to more. Could you tell me a little bit about your personal style? L.R: Ok for Pro Green we have to dress in Puma, we’re endorsed by Puma so we don’t have a lot of say. I love shoes, at the moment. My favourite pair of shoes are by Hudson, there a really cool pair of brogue boots. I do like a bit of the rocky thing going on but it depends how you feel though. Sometimes I feel like being a bit more sharp and smart and then other times you just want to let the rock in you come out a bit. I love my jewellery; I have a bracelet from The Great Frog which is a really cool contemporary jeweller in London. I like my necklaces as well; I've got a cool one from Thomas Sabo that I love. Are you working on anything at the moment, you’d like to tell us about? L.R : Yeah I’ve been in bands for a long time before I started doing the session thing, that’s taken over the last few years of my life really, but before that I was in a band with my brother and 2 other friends. I am starting to miss that creativeness now. As much as it’s lovely to play with different artists, I very much love being creative within a band. So this year I’m going to start working on my own thing again.

BBC’s Be Your Own Boss Star

Success Story of Mixtapes used to be the ultimate symbol of romance, and now thanks to they’re being brought right back up to date. The company has been described as ‘Moonpig meets iTunes’ and their website is the only one in the world that lets you design your very own album cover and then pick the songs (out of a possible 13 million!) that go onto it. You may recognise the company from BBC Three’s Be Your Own Boss, where viewers saw Buffie du Pon pitch the idea to Innocent co-founder Richard Reed. They then received the biggest investment that had been given on the show to date, a whopping £100,000. Buffie took some time out of her busy schedule to have a chat with me about the company. What first gave you the idea for MixPixie? I returned home one day to find a hand-delivered package marked for someone called Sarah. Inside was a crudely made mix CD. Each of the songs chosen had been carefully done so as a heartfelt gesture from the person who’d made it. It was such a far cry from the compilation CDs, the record company I was working for was churning out. The following day, I met with friends Adam Goodyear and James Perkins. I showed them the CD and we started talking about the possibility of creating a website where customers could create professionally printed individual CDs and the rest is history. How did you go about turning that idea into a fully-fledged business? The biggest challenge was finding the right machinery to make highquality CD packaging but on a one-by-one basis. Most CD manufacturers work in a way that they require a minimum print run of 300 copies of a CD. We took a long time to source the right machinery to do each job. Secondly, we sought out top website developers too, specifically to write some bespoke software to make the process of making the CD packaging as automated as possible. The biggest and most important challenge however, lay with getting the licensing clearances from the record companies. It took up to 18 months to get all of the contracts signed with the four major labels but it was crucial to get these in place in order to give our customers as much choice as possible in terms of songs to choose from. How nerve-racking was it pitching your idea to Richard Reed? I have to admit that I didn’t find pitching to Richard any different from a pitch to any other potential investor or business partner. Although the adrenalin is certainly pumping when you meet with any individual or company that could further MixPixie’s potential, Richard was no exception to this. By Sophie Jeffery

How has your appearance on Be Your Own Boss affected your business? Sales have certainly increased since Be Your Own Boss has been aired. What we’re really proud of at MixPixie is our repeat customer percentage which is incredibly high for a brand new company. So we know that our customers are incredibly happy with our products, so it’s just a matter of telling people about MixPixie and what we do. Be Your Own Boss was a good step in that process. In the show we saw you meet Joe McElderry, how was that? We often meet with many of the artists that we work with and the meeting with Joe McElderry was no exception. Joe’s a very honest and humble guy (which you don’t often find in artists who have been through the X Factor process), so it was a pleasure to meet and work with him. Have you met any other celebrities through your business? I have been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest names in the industry throughout my time working for record companies and also at MixPixie. From The Wanted through to the late, Pavarotti, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work some of the greatest legends of our time. Is there any artist that sells particularly well? As well as creating your own mix CDs we also provide personalised versions of artist albums. Our best-selling titles to date include Westlife’s Greatest Hits, McFly’s Greatest Hits and Step’s latest Christmas album! What's the most popular track on the website? The most popular track that people choose to go on their personalised CDs is currently Adele’s Someone Like You. What's coming up in the near future for MixPixie? We have so many plans for the future. Some more personalised versions of artist albums from more big names, plus we’ve got some top secret partnerships which we’re launching in the next few months, so watch this space. Where would you like to see the company in 10 years? We have so many dreams, aspirations and plans for MixPixie. We can only hope that our customers continue to be as pleased as they currently are with our personalised albums and that the business continues to go from strength to strength. And finally, what songs would feature on your ideal CD from MixPixie? Ah – that’s a good question! The team recently made me my first MixPixie CD for Christmas. It reminded me why we started up the business and how good it feels to receive such a personal and thoughtful gift.

This issue’s featured

University City is… Huddersfield!

Student Seen in


It is a well-known fact that the best fashion show is on the street. Huddersfield’s street style has a lot to offer, and the students were out in force for this issue.

By Chloe Smith

Top Student

places to go in Huddersfield

Shopping Although Huddersfield isn’t as large as its neighbouring cities Leeds and Sheffield it has everything to fulfil your shopping needs. If its high street shops you’re after the Kingsgate Shopping Centre houses a variety of shops ranging from Office, Apple, River Island and H&M to name just a few. However, if you prefer shopping at independent stores and boutiques, the Byram Arcade is the best place for you. The Victorian building offers an interesting and unique shopping experience while the quirky shops offer stylish and original clothing for both men and women. Many of the shops in Huddersfield do offer student discount so make sure you don’t miss out. Eating Out For those of you who aren’t the biggest fans of cooking or need something tasty to cure your hangover, Huddersfield has a number of restaurants and bars, with a range of different foods from around the world. The number one place for most students is of course Nandos which is located on John William Street and with the Nandos loyalty card you can save yourself money by earning free chicken. Along with this the lively atmosphere makes Nandos a great choice of place to go with friends. Revolution and Verve are both trendy bars and perfect places for students who want a quick bite to eat, with Revolution offering half price food every Monday and Verve offering good food at student prices. However, if you want a slightly more expensive meal, maybe even for a first date, the award winning Discovery Bay offers delicious, high quality Caribbean food and the rum punch is certain to make you see double. Going Out Going out and partying is the highlight of University life and in particular for the students of Huddersfield. The largest and possibly the most popular club in Huddersfield is Tokyo. It plays a wide variety of music including House, R&B, Indie and chart music, fitting for all preferences. Wednesday nights are the biggest student night here with 1p entry and £1 drinks before 12am. Another popular club is Camel. It’s not only a cheap night out but extremely fun and probably not like any club you have been to before. There are a number of different nights at Camel that play different genres of music, even including a 90’s night playing all of the cheesy classics.

By Chloe Smith

Interview with Naomi Quarrinton So firstly what is it exactly that you do and what is Wot The Frock all about? It’s a unique fashion label that focusses on creating bespoke dresses and shoes. It offers a tailor made service that fits the designs to the client’s size and measurements. All of the products are designed and handmade by Naomi How long have you been doing this for? 2 ½ years So how’s it all going? Are you enjoying it? All going very well, business has picked up really quickly and I love it! I’m hoping for this year to do much better as I’m opening up a small shop this year near to Huddersfield town in Moldgreen, also taking part in Top Model Runway which leads onto London Fashion Week. Currently I’m in the process of changing the name, Wot The Frock and also updating and really pushing the Facebook page. What made you want to start running Wot The Frock? I started off altering/ adding things to my own clothes and realised I was actually quite good at it so decided to start making clothes for others. I didn’t study fashion or anything so I am self-taught. Where about do you get your inspiration and ideas from, do you look at other designers and if so who? I don’t really look at other designers for inspiration I tend to get it from fabrics and objects; I look at the colour, pattern shape etc. Although I do look towards 60’s style fashion but then with a more modern twist.

By Chloe Smith

Sitting Pretty Boutique One of Huddersfield’s own hidden treasures opened its doors just under a year ago. The Sitting Pretty Boutique, based in Aspley, prides itself on being unique and putting designer, Kerry Hirst’s own stamp on what is currently being strutted on the catwalks of Paris and London. Kerry Hirst, 35, started out at the Huddersfield College of Art & Design at the ripe young age of 16. After 2 years there she decided to further her fashion education at the Batley College of Art & Design. After 5 months of attendance she fell pregnant with her first son, John. Juggling both motherhood, working a full-time job at New Look, the popular high street chain and then sowing after hours making her own garments. This often meant not getting to bed until 1am most nights. She carried out this busy routine for a further 10 years and then decided it was time to change. From the money she had been making from selling her own garments in her lunch hour, Kerry had managed to save enough money to contribute towards opening her own shop. Firstly the Tyne Shop, for approximately 8 months, where she again built up her own clientele and money base in order to invest in a larger space. As luck would have it she knew a property that would be coming available soon, she grasped the opportunity with both hands and hasn’t look back since. Sitting Pretty Boutique is an intimate boutique that has a feel of both modern fashionista with a twist of vintage. Kerry believes strongly in “real girls with real curves” and as a result caters for girls of all sizes. Most dresses being available in sizes 6 to 20. The designs of dresses predominately focus on the waist that sculpt and flatter almost any figure. The quality of the material is obvious and the heavy use of fabric shows that no expense has been spared.

By Alexandra Hepworth

It was refreshing to hear that nearly all the garments were made in house, in fact by Kerry herself. She took me on tour around the shop and the sowing station upstairs where she deals with alterations and orders from customers. Flipping through a look book you could see heavy influences from designers like Vivienne Westwood and Aqua Couture, although on reflection of the price sheet it was obvious that it was at a more student friendly budget. Store prices range from £10 to £90. The idea that Kerry is a women of many talents juggling being a mother, designer and working in the shop full time was reinforced when her nanny came to drop off her daughter India who is only 14 weeks old. India is already dressed head to toe in designer clothing, from a Dior headband to her tiny uggs. One cannot help be jealous of the potential of clothes this little girl will have access to. “I do a kid’s clothing line in the summer months starting from around March time” informed Kerry. When asked to describe her clothing in 5 words, she replied “individual, elegant, edgy, funky and effortless.” Not only designing what you would deem going out attire but everyday clothing. “I like to cater for all ages, I would say my clothes can be worn by anyone really but my target audience is stemmed from those aged between 15 – 50. Then again we had a woman come in last week and she bought a dress and she was 65. I like to not only design clothing but also like to advise those coming in what looks good and what doesn’t depending on people’s varying body shapes and sizes. We’re all different right?” Not only does Kerry do clothing but also orders in real leather accessories like handbags, cuffs, belts and shoes. When she manages to find the time she also makes jewellery, I really don’t know how she does it. The most important question to end on, what’s next Kerry? “Well as it’s Valentine ’s Day soon lots of fabric shopping of red material over the next few weeks and create a valentines themed window display. In the next month or so I’ve got a few fashion shows, photo-shoots and plenty of sowing in between for the new collection. Plus I’m doing 5 bridal gowns this year, along with some formal dresses for bridesmaids and proms.” If you would like to check out Sitting Pretty for yourself, please see the contact details below… Sitting Pretty Boutique 141 Wakefield Road, Aspley, Huddersfield, HD5 9AN

Phone:- 01484 768346 / 07411255548 (out of hours) Email:- F/B:-

In the Willows Boutique Tucked away in the top floor of Redbrick Mills in Batley is the newly opened boutique of designer Samantha Rounding, In the Willows. Oozing a natural and vintage vibe, both in the décor of the shop and also the clothing racks. Sliding open its industrial doors back in August of last year. Samantha is only 22 but is managing to run her own business and work a part time job. Not forgetting, designing and making all her fabulous bespoke clothing for her line. She says “I knew from an early age I wanted to be a designer, well, after that phase every girl goes through of wanting to be a vet. I used to do a lot of creative stuff mostly drawing and designing. Me and my grandma would make doll clothes when I was really young” Attending Batley School of Art and Design for her foundation degree in Fashion Design and Manufacturing for 2 years and then continued on for a further year in order to receive her BA honours degree. “It was in my first in between my first and second year that I knew I wanted my own business.” As luck would have it, “I knew there was a space opening up in the mill as I had been working with the previous owner selling some of my designs before. They offered me the space; I then had to go to the management of the mill and explain my intentions with the shop, showing my business plan and designs. Thankfully they seemed to really like it, so here I am.” The In the Willows name came from the inspiration that Samantha draws for the clothing designs in nature and the surrounding environment. Now on her second collection with a third in the works and her one off bespoke pieces the shop displays a vast range of clothing, ticking the boxes of both casual everyday wear all the way to glamorous full length dresses suitable for a black tie event, it also covers a vast age range with the fashion nod’s at classical looks, “I guess my target audience are those between 18 – 30 but I had a lady came in and bought something and she was 70 so I guess it’s suitable for everyone.”

By Alexandra Hepworth

Samantha makes all garments in house in the studio next door to the boutique. We carried out the interview in there while I perused a fashion mood board on the far wall. “My clothes are influenced by any number of things, something I’ve seen in a magazine or on the high-street. Then I think of how I can adapt it more to my taste and style. I’d say my favourite designer is someone like Valentino and Isla Shaw, I just love the flowing, elegant dresses from their collections.” Apparently creativity runs in the family as Samantha’s mum knits all the knit wear in the shop herself and her sister makes the jewellery. You will sometimes find either of these lovely ladies shop sitting when Samantha is out working a part time job in order to support her clothing creations. When asked to describe her clothing in five words she replied; “natural, vintage, feminine, bespoke and elegant-ish” Though perhaps worded quite decadently the prices are in fact student friendly. Daywear will cost you on average between £20 – 60, jewellery £5 - £25 and bespoke dresses can be anything from around £100+ due to the nature of design and alterations etc. Every designer envisages their perfect celebrity to wear their clothes, “Oh, it would have to be Emma Stone. Everyone loves her at the moment and I think she would be the closest to the style I try to create from the more casualwear all the way up to the evening dresses.” I had to admit she did seem to fit the crafted mannequin of In the Willows perfectly. Given the time of year I asked if she had any Valentine’s Day themed ideas for In the Willows, “well actually I’m designing an evening dress as a surprise for a work colleague’s girlfriend, they’re going to a ball and he thought it would be nice to give her a one-off dress.” Who says romance is dead? What’s next Samantha? “Well I’m still in my first year of opening so just to expand and branch out to more people. Eventually I want to streamline to just do bespoke pieces as I just love the whole design process; design, pattern cutting and sowing. I think you can be a little more creative and eccentric with formal wear.” If you like the sound of In the Willows, here’s how to get in touch… In the Willows (Top Floor) Redbrick Mill 218 Bradford Road, Batley WF17 6JF Email:- F/B:- http://www.facebook.comsamanthabethroundingfashion Twitter:- @InTheWillowsBoutique

Crafty Praxis Nestled in the heart of the Byram Arcade in the centre of Huddersfield is new kid on the block, Crafty Praxis ran by local girl Elisa Etemad. An intimate shop sitting in the far corner on the ground floor of the arcade. It sells an assortment of homemade jewellery and décor for the house like candles, paintings and ornaments. With over 60 suppliers and a fair few being current students and graduates from the University of Huddersfield, it is definitely worthwhile to have a look. Elisa describes herself as a textile jewellery maker, grasping a new kind of niche market mixing the use of both materials like yarn and wool with metal wiring. “It certainly leaves a more memorable stamp on the brain and raises plenty of questions for people; I think it attracts more customers due to curiosity of what it is I actually sell”. “I always knew I wanted to make a living out of being creative, I did Art and textiles at college for my a-levels so it has always been a strong presence in my life. It was at University, in around my first or second year that I really started making and designing my own jewellery. I suppose with the budget every student is on and the demand to socialise presents problems of wanting to buy a lot but not necessarily having the money.” Most things in the shop range from £3 - £20, there’s even a bargain bowl where everything inside is a £1. However there are items in there for £200+ for those who have a bit more money available. Elisa is very much a local girl, as she has opened up shop near her old stomping ground at the University of Huddersfield. It was here that she studied Textile Crafts, a four-year course in which she took a sandwich year in industry, a popular choice for those of a business orientated course. “I’d already started my own business before I took the year out so I decided I would benefit more from submerging myself in industry. I worked alongside Maria Lau and Eve Redmond, whilst still producing my own jewellery.” Her creative designs have already received recognition. In 2009, she won the Rowan Yarn Competition in which she came away £200 worth of yarn at wholesale price. Now that is a lot of Yarn. “Yeah, I remember it came in a massive industrial sack. I’m still making my way through it all and we’re now 3 years on.” Elisa also was recognised by Kirklees council by being awarded the Youth Enterprise Award for both her jewellery and the shop itself back in November of last year. We first met Elisa at the Virgin Young Pioneers of Yorkshire and Humberside Meet Up at the University of Huddersfield Business School on 18th November. Organised by Jacob Hill, founder of the Lazy Camper, with the aim of gaining entrepreneurship through both collaborating and connecting with likeminded peers. ( click on the link to see the original My Fashion Shop press release) “It was a little intimidating” says Elisa, “you were pitching your business plan and ideas to Richard Branson’s right hand man. Nerve wrecking would be an understatement.”

By Alexandra Hepworth

Looking around the shop at the craft-filled shelves I asked where Elisa drew her inspiration… “I just get an idea in my head and then have to make it. Sometimes it will be something I see at a craft fair and I put my own spin on it. I like to think I set the trends more than follow them though. I normally keep the original prototype and then review and try to improve it. I like quirky brands like All Saints and try to think of something they would sell.” It was then she showed me an intricate light bulb design necklace, which you could definitely see on the shelves of All Saints. (I very nearly bought it if I’m honest.) When not in the shop, which she works full time and making jewellery orders, Elisa, runs crafting workshops with the Kirklees council at the Huddersfield library around once or twice a month. There are two coming up in February and if you and family members are visiting she is running a children’s workshop on the 18th February where she is showing people how to make hot air balloon decorations. When asked to describe the shop in five words, she responded, “homemade, art, craft, local and individual. My jewellery seems to be increasing in sales and popularity. It is definitely something that I want to streamline in and maybe buy in more jewellery making equipment to sell on to others. I really want a bigger shop in which I can branch out more, hopefully that will come in time.” What’s next Elisa? “Well I’ve only officially been open a few months so I’m still ironing out the kinks. Valentine’s Day is my next holiday that I want to influence into the shop making cards and jewellery, maybe even decorations. Hopefully lot’s more workshops too and keeping an interesting mix of suppliers.” Like the sound of Crafty Praxis? Crafty Praxis (Ground Floor) 10 Byram Arcade Huddersfield HD1 1ND

Website:- F/B:- Twitter:- Tumblr:-

Want the Pretty Little Liars look? Have you been keeping up with the latest teen drama that has been a global sensation? We have, and it's clear that Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hannah all have a sense of style that we all want to copy. They also carry this style through into their real lives. Ashley Benson, who plays Hannah Marin, she shows how she can go from grungy and casual to elegant and feminine, a perfect style icon. This particular look is simple to replicate without the major price tag, so you can be pretty without having to lie about how much you've spent. The monochrome outfit I have chosen, worn by Ashley at the People’s Choice Awards is right on trend and I’m going to help you get this look yourself… For this look I have used an ivory white dress from Dorothy Perkins that’s £12.00, with a high neck line that goes in at the waist and flares put in the skirt. If you want the back edge to the skirt, to make it look even more like Ashley’s choice you can a plain black skirt that is slightly longer than the dress and where it underneath, I’ve chosen this pleated skater skirt from Urban Outfitters for £32.00, if you were looking for a more shaped skirt, to give more flare you could buy a black netting underskirt. Ashley has kept the monochrome theme going by accessorising with a black waist belt and clutch. The accessories I have chosen are a black silver studded belt from Select for £2.50 and a clutch from Dorothy Perkins for £20.00, which also has a silver chain strap, so if you don’t fancy carrying a clutch, you can put it on your shoulder. For the shoes, you could go simple with the shoes I have chosen from Office for £50.00, which will be easy to wear as they’re a wedge. To finish this outfit add a pop of colour to this look with a bright nail colour and some cute earrings and you’re ready to go.

By Lily Taylor

Interview with Brett Jackson Student Style first met Brett Jackson back in November, when Editor Jo Booth pitched alongside him at the Virgin Media Pioneers Meet Up. He owns 24 Degrees Audio Services and Studio 24, and a recording studio based in Yorkshire. We spoke to Brett about his businesses and his exciting plans for 2013. Can you sum up what 24 degrees Audio Services does in your own words? My wedding entertainment business is 24 degrees audio services, and we provide professional DJs, acoustic performers and bands for weddings. Studio 24 is the recording studio where I used to practice with my own band and I ended up buying it. At the minute it’s just getting started, it’s had a full refurbishment and we’re just working on a marketing campaign to launch it. What inspired you to start your own business? I think I’ve always had a sense of entrepreneurship, when I was 13 I wanted to buy a guitar and a friend and I went out on the streets cleaning cars so I could afford one. I’ve always wanted to work for myself and in previous jobs dealing with annoying managers gave me the push I needed to start my business. What is your own specific role? My degree is in Music Production so I’m able to do all the studio work. I also have help from Andy Jenkinson, who is head engineer of the studio. He has worked with artists such as The Script, and Katy B so his experience is really useful. With weddings, I DJ and then I also do all the admin work, promotion of the company and marketing. What are the advantages of being your own boss? It’s a perfect situation; it means that I don’t have to go out in the snow we’re having at the minute. I can work from home with the marketing and admin and you never know when an idea is going to come to you, I’m not inspired sat behind a desk. I also like to know exactly when I’m getting paid and who I’m working with and for. As a guitarist, DJ and music producer, what do you enjoy more, producing or performing? Producing. I love being able to make music, especially now I have a studio because I can go to the studio and just spend a full day making music. I’d prefer to concentrate on the business and make money rather than going on tour for three years and maybe not make anything.

By Sophie Jeffery

What was it like setting up your own business straight after graduating? I’d already done a lot of work at weddings whilst at university, so I kind of just fell into it. I can imagine that it would have been intimidating otherwise. I always said that I wanted something to go into after uni as I know people who finished their degree and then just went home and worked in supermarkets. I think you definitely get out what you put in. What was it like pitching your ideas to the Virgin Media team at the Virgin Media Pioneers Meet Up? Nerve-racking! It was the first time I’d ever pitched the business and I was expecting loads of people to be there. I was scrambling around for a week before trying to think of interesting things to say. When I got there, there were only about 10 people but I think that made it even worse. 10 people in a small room were intimidating but it’s all a learning curve. What would you say has been your most enjoyable moment in your career so far? It’s a weird enjoyment. It’s satisfying knowing you’re providing music on people’s special day. This is my first year so it’s all building up to getting the studio off the ground. Ask me that again in a year and hopefully I would have been recognised as a respected member of the music and entertainment industry. Where would you like to be in five years’ time? My girlfriend asked me this question the other day. I’d like to be respected and recognised with a record label and studio. I’d like to be sitting at award ceremonies with acts because Studio 24 helped them succeed. We’ve just been working with a young girl who should be on The Voice this year on Will.I.Am’s team, so hopefully that will give us some publicity. Do you have any advice for students who might be interested in setting up their own business? Stop talking and crack on and do it. There are enough people who say I wish I could do it and have an idea but you can’t be scared. Make sure you have a good idea, start slow, and get contacting people who are already in your chosen industry to ask how they got started. A lot of people and schemes will offer advice, finance and guidance.

Interview with Luke Hodson Luke Hodson co-owner of started the company up in 2005, before he left home for University. The company claims to be the UK’s best value source for personalised merchandise and printed items. Luke’s inspiration behind the company was inspired by a gig he attended where a band played a song called ‘A-W-E-S-O-M-E’ and the word just popped out to him from then onwards. He and his partner have contributed to the company equally and watched it grow from a University funding project to an established company worldwide. I spoke to Luke to find out what makes so awesome, and discover more about the amazing merchandise world. Do you and your partner both make an equal contribution to the company? Yes we have built the company up together over the last seven years. Starting a business in your bedroom means you have to do every job yourself so Charlotte and I have both done worked much every role at Awesome Merchandise at some point or another. These days we have different roles within the business, I deal with the managerial and development side of things and Charlotte deals more with the creative side. We also have a team of 26 awesome other people that really make it happen day in, day out! What is your most popular product? In terms of volume made it is probably still badges (this was our first product) but T-Shirts and stickers are also really, really popular and may overtake the badges in the next year or two... I understand you can personalise many of your products, what is one of the weirdest requests or questions you have ever been asked to create or do? Indeed nearly everything we make is personalised! We have a lot of strange requests that come through as we deal with over 20,000 different orders every year. We have had a couple of really mental jobs that are probably too weird to mention but we always enjoy getting work for things like wrestling events as the artwork is more than interesting.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your educational background to inspire the student readers of MyFashionShop? I finished my A-Levels and did pretty well but didn't know what I wanted to do with my life after school. I guess this was one of the reasons I started a business the week before I went to university. I went to Leeds University and did a year of Law School but I didn't like it so started again and did a year of a Politics degree. At this point the business started to take off and so I actually left university to do it full time and didn't end up going back (I did make sure I had the option to return for 2 years if it didn't work out). I am glad to say that Charlotte, who runs the business with me, did qualify with a Law degree though! What events have you recently supplied products for or too, or can you tell me a bit about some of the most exciting events you have played a part in? We make stuff for loads of people and events all the time so it is a tough one! Well known events like Children In Need are always nice to do things for and we do a lot of work for Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as smaller independent festivals such as RedFest, Butserfest and of course Freshers Week across the country when things go crazy with promotional print and merchandise everywhere. We also do a lot of work for well know bands and DJs as well as big brands. I understand you bring people's artistic ideas to your products, what is the most exciting item you have dealt with? We make stuff for loads of people and events all the time so it is a tough one! Well known events like Children In Need are always nice to do things for and we do a lot of work for Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as smaller independent festivals such as RedFest, Butserfest and of course Freshers Week across the country when things go crazy with promotional print and merchandise everywhere. I have had a look at your prices and they are extremely affordable, is this to particularly appeal to a student audience? We try and keep all of our prices on the reasonable side but at the same time offer great quality and service for all of our customers! We don't really concentrate on just one group of customers in terms of pricing or how we approach our work at Awesome Merchandise but it is very important to us that we are accessible to a massive range of people and able to help them create something amazing with the products that we offer. We deal with bands, students, artists, big businesses, small businesses, universities, charities and loads more so keeping the prices reasonable certainly helps but our main focus is just to create an interesting company that offers a service and product that people enjoy, talk about and hopefully come back to when they need more! Your main word for your company is awesome. Expand on why your company is so awesome? Ha ha! This is a tough one. OK, so we are use the word awesome because that is the standard we set for ourselves‌ We want people to look at Awesome Merchandise and walk away after they have dealt with us saying 'hey they actually are awesome'. It is difficult for me personally to say we are, because as someone that is passionate about what I do I know that we can always improve. What I know for sure is that we are working hard to try and be as awesome as possible and we are grateful that a lot of people seem to like what we are doing. Basically we try and offer flexibility, a great service, an awesome product as well as being friendly and having fun with what we do, it makes for a more enjoyable type of business and so far it has worked well for us.

By Daisy Craydon

By Emily Knott

Siân Bostwick’s Little Treasures

The Wonderland Spiral Heart

Interview with AWARD-WINNING, HOT 100 2012 Jewellery Designer

AWARD-WINNING, HOT 100 2012 jewellery designer Siân Bostwick, former jewellery and Silversmith student at UCA Rochester, is the perfect example to all students that hard work pays off. With her partner Fred by her side as her graphic designer, Bostwick has hit the jewellery industry with a bang, creating uniquely elegant and delicately detailed jewellery to be treasured. Bostwick also loves to create one off bespoke pieces. Bostwick said: “I had found the one thing that I felt I was meant to do and I love making jewellery- it’s so completely wonderful. I used to dream of working with Johnny Rocket in Greenwich, who is now amongst one of my top stockists. The shop is a real store of jewellery delights and that’s why I love it”. Her latest collection is inspired by fairy-tale and fantasy. The fantasy encrypted work of author, Warren Ellis, has also helped her in the lead up to creating her three new beautiful collections. The delicate springtime collection is based on enchanted woodlands and features butterflies, spring flowers resting on silver vines, as well as anodised titanium in purples and blues. The Wonderland collection, influenced by the classic Alice in Wonderland is intricate, elegant and full of detail, with 3D silver hearts displaying a repeated playing card pattern punch-holed into Wonderland’s royal crest.

The most recent of Bostwick’s collections is The Nautilus collection. This line takes its inspiration from Jules Verne’s 20, 000 leagues under the sea, with Art Deco portholes, nautical rope detail and bold forms creating an overall striking collection. Bostwick gets in the element when she is in her workshop at the Nucleus Arts centre in Chatham, Kent, where she hand crafts her jewellery and places them in beautiful vintage display cases. She says: “It’s wonderful to have my own creative space. It’s how I want it and I feel relaxed and at home there so can happily work and make beautiful jewellery”. Bostwick has been named as a ‘future star’ in industry voice ‘The Jeweller’ as well as being a finalist for the 2010 Clothes Show Young Accessory Designer of the year, and awarded a place on the kick-start stand at IJL. She is also a member of jewellery designers collective JeDeCo, which marks her status within the industry as a rising star in jewellery design. With her family still in shock at all the success she has gained through a jewellery-making career, and is still continuously growing, she is currently looking to expand internationally. Bostwick says she would love to be recognised in the States, and in Japan where she has already been featured in fashion publications and blogs. However, she explained how her success didn’t blossom overnight but through sheer hard work and determination. Even after rejections from various exhibitions, stockists, competitions and awards she never gave up. Her advice is: “Just take rejection and feedback and turn it into something you can use. Don’t let it get you down”. She is undoubtedly a determined jewellery designer and one to watch out for. Her story of success is one to inspire.

The Nautilus Earrings Back and Front.

The Spring Butterfly Ring.

Get inspired by Rita Ora Rita Ora has quickly become a huge name within the music industry. Achieving two number one singles, and gaining the number one album spot on top of that, but the reason we love Rita is because of her unique sense of style. One of her staple looks is a feminine take on a masculine influenced outfit, for example a leather dress with the masculine influence of Nike trainers or a beanie hat. She still manages to look feminine by pairing it with leggings and red lipstick which is the look I will be helping you create for yourself... To create this look I have used the Nedisia Leather Look Leggings from Missguided which are £9.99. I have teamed them up with a plain white crew neck t-shirt from Topman £7.00, but are also widely available in women’s shops if you prefer a more fitted t-shirt rather than a baggy one. This is just one of the styles Rita usually goes for; you could also customise your t-shirt by dip-dying it using a home dye kit. For the accessories I have chosen the grey turn up beanie from Burton, again you could buy one that already has a motif on like some of the ones Rita wears or customise it with studs. Add a gold layered Juicy Couture woman’s multi chain jewel necklace for £42.49. This Rita Ora inspired look is right on trend, completely affordable on a student budget and can easily be adapted or customised for many occasions.

By Lily Taylor

The Bare Necessities Pre-fall? Spring? Winter? Which season is it? If you're like me, and are utterly confused about what season it is and what the current trends are, then this article is to clue you in. But really, who cares what season it is when you can just wear them all. We're checking out five major trends this winter.

By Kate-Ng-Shu-Yi

With the cold comes a whole crop of new trends and ways to keep warm, and rearing its squishy head above them all is the puffer jacket. The comfy style can be spotted almost everywhere – from the streets of London to university campuses to outdoor markets. We like it when we can keep nice and toasty, and still have a punch of colour in our ensemble. In all honesty, I thought the puffer jacket would give off a rather unflattering Michelin Man silhouette, but I've been proven wrong time and time again by these stylish pieces: Another jacket that's been sneakily making its way into our closets is the leather motorcycle jacket. You definitely don't need to know how to handle a bike to slip into one of these. Designers are getting creative with the fashion staple this season, playing with studs, collars, zips and quilting. Here are some of our favourites: Timberland Women's Earthkeepers Short Down Parka

Monsoon Franscesca Puffa Coat in White

Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Moto Jacket

Select Black Belted Puffa Coat

Miss Selfridge Eyelet Detail Biker Jacket

Urban Outfitters Vintage Renewal Leather Biker Jacket

Winter used to mean wearing pants all the time just so your pins don't feel like they're going to go numb and freeze off. Now, with the advent of all kinds of awesome geothermal technology in tights and leggings, skirts are making a comeback in the colder months. No one hates wearing pants more than me, so I'm all for the new skater skirt trend. They're cute, flirty and come in all kinds of colours and patterns, which add a point of interest to your everyday outfit. Even better, there's no need to pack them away when winter is over – they're the kind of versatile piece that can be carried forward into any season. Pair them with cosy tights, boots and your favourite sweater, and you're good to go.

Miss Selfridge Jaquard Skater Skirt

Select Black PU Skater Skirt

Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Eyelash Skirt

Speaking of sweaters, we've been spotting some seriously cool statement sweaters around. Sweaters are a must-have this season, for obvious reasons, but who says you have to stick to boring monotone colours and cable knit. There's much more choice going around than a five-course buffet, so just take your pick of baroque, animal prints, block letters and Bart Simpson's head sweatshirts. We know it all sounds so hipster, but it's so much fun. Don't deny your inner hipster, mister. Or miss. Check these babies out.

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The next particular trend is only just starting to make its mark on the streets, but it's already a favourite in the stylistic photographs of fashion bloggers such as Jenny Ong (Neon Blush). Coated jeans are the new leather pants, and we're happy because they're so much more affordable. What exactly is coated denim, you wonder to yourself. Well, coated denim feels as though it's been waxed over. The coating is generally done using pigment, acrylic or polyutherane, and makes darker denims shine – coated black denim looks almost like leather. Affordable- check. Comfortable- check. Stylish- check. All systems go! We like these pairs:

Miss Selfridge Berry Leather Look Coated Jeans

Select Burgundy Coated Skinny Jeans New Look Black Dakota Coated Skinny Jeans


London Fashion Week Showcase A student from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) will show at London Fashion Week next month.

By David Reilly

Lucinda Roberts, a third-year BA (Hons) Fashion Design student at UCA Rochester, has been selected to showcase her work alongside household names, such as Burberry, Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith. The 22-year-old will take her collection onto the catwalk at Vauxhall Fashion Scout on 19 February 2013 after making the final of FAD’s (Fashion Awareness Direct) prestigious talent competition. Lucinda, who is 22 and from Buxton, Derbyshire, said: “I’m incredibly excited about showing my work at London Fashion Week – it’s a dream come true. “It’s amazing to be able to show my work at an event as big as LFW, especially while I’m still at university. It’s a great opportunity for me to have my work seen by a huge audience and to network and promote myself before graduating from UCA.” Donna Ives, UCA Fashion Design course leader, said: “We are thrilled that Lucinda is through to the final of FAD. “She is a very talented student and produced a really strong design package for the competition and we all have our fingers crossed for her.” Described by Vogue as an ‘undeniable springboard’ the FAD Competition has a track record of showcasing and supporting young talent from a broad range of institutions and backgrounds. More than 100 students submitted their designs this year but only 15 get to bring their sketches to life and show them on the catwalk in front of a panel of judges at LFW. Lucinda said: “I took influence and inspiration from minimalist architecture, so I’ve used clean lines, sharp corners and cut-outs to create designs which are minimal and use simple colours and silhouettes. “I also wanted the fabrics that I use to reflect my concept, so I opted for neoprene and leather which are hard-wearing and longlasting.” London Fashion Week runs 15-19 February 2013. UCA graduates Christopher Raeburn and Raffaele Ascione, as well as lecturers Marcus Wilmont and Jean-Pierre Braganza, will also be showing their latest collections during the world-famous London event. UCA's Fashion School has produced household names including Karen Millen and Zandra Rhodes. Two graduates recently designed for the likes of Rihanna, Kanye West Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole in Sky Living's Styled to Rock and in 2009 Myrto Stamou won the prestigious Gold Award at Graduate Fashion Week.

Lucinda Roberts, LFW/FAD finalist. Photo by Robbie Munn.

Fashion through the Ages Boom! You’ve now entered into the Student Style time machine in which we’re going to take you on a journey through the decades! Don’t worry though; we have the essential fashion for you for each era so you can look the part.

By Abigail Dunn

50’s Our first stop is at the 50’s with style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley inspiring the nations with their careless attitudes and excellent fashion. The 50’s were home to the ‘teenager’ and created the stereotypical look we see in films like ‘Grease’. Black leather jackets and denim jeans were essentials for the boys. And with the introduction to Levi’s and James Dean modelling them, people just couldn’t resist! The dirndl and circular skirts were a necessity for girls for the neat and preppy look that we see in the films. As well as these two trends, there were also the ‘Teddy Boys’ with their long wool jackets, velvet cuffs and drainpipe trousers. Along with a pair of suede shoes; following Elvis’s style nicely. Basically, if you’re wearing floral, checks, spots or stripes with jeans or big skirts you’re sorted for any 50’s party! 60’s Our next stop is the 60’s and although the preppy and Teddy boy looks still exist, there’s more to fashion now. The hemlines are higher and there’s much more flower power! With fashion icons such as the iconic look of The Beatles and Twiggy, the jeans are more flared, hippy beads are in and kipper ties are essential. Shift dresses for the girls, and enough psychedelic swirls and paisley for everyone! The preparations of the era of the Hippies and Rockers have started.

Illustration by Clara Lonsdale



Next, the era where nothing matters! Flower power is still around and clothes are pretty much unisex with enough flared jeans and big collar shirts to go round. To spice things up however, the 70’s saw the beginning of ultra-short shorts, hot pants and braces. White long socks and floppy hats. It all sounds bit mishmash really. Girls had the option of long, medium or terribly short bright dresses and boys had their excellent flares and shirts. Apart from the flower power revolution catching the attention of icons such as Joni Mitchell, and the preppy look ongoing from the 50’s worn by Olivia Newton-John, along came the punks. With the Rolling Stones and David Bowie, along came ripped shirts, bright hair, printed t-shirts and even more black leather. Bright pink Mohicans and bondage dresses or pants would be perfect for this look. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Our penultimate stop is the 90’s! Here the fashion icons are people such as Rachel from friends, Will Smith and Gwen Stefani. Wear whatever and it’ll probably be right. Grunge attire included rock concert t-shirts under shirts, bright and baggy jeans and chunky shoes. Another classic look would be the overalls; letting on strap dangle down to give that carefree look. As well as these, girls could also go for the cute babywear look with high socks, puffed sleeves and slip dresses over t-shirts – relating back to the preppy looks from the 50’s-60’s. Essentially, fling on anything add some overalls or a shirt and you’re done!

80’s Now we’re at the 80’s and with style icons such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, the decade is home to a selection of ‘alternative’ fashions. It’s the era of colour and possibly too much of it. Shoulder pads were in, as well as leggings and legwarmers in clashing colours, jelly shoes and high top trainers. Whip on a ‘Frankie says relax’ t-shirt with some acid wash jeans and you’re sorted! Alternatively, turn up in purple leggings, pink legwarmers and a baggy sweater and you’ll also look the part. That’s for girls or guys…

2000’s-present Our last stop is back in our own decade. Were pretty much everyone has a different style. Lady Gaga, Jude Law, the Olsen twins and even the President’s wife Michelle Obama are seen as style icons this decade and there’s just no stopping the constant advances in the fashion world. From tasselled parachute pants in the early 2000’s, to dipdyed jumpers and studded collars in 2012, we’ve come a long way from the 50’s and it’s great. The past eras have been a true inspiration to today’s fashion culture; with everyone taking bits from every era and adding them together to create today’s style.

Islam and Fashion: Do they really complement each other? Since when could fashion and religion be combined in such a way that would be acceptable to society? Well that is debateable; religion has always been that controversial topic that seems to get us into more trouble than anything and it is something that we tend to leave out of the public platform. However, to many people this is not the case, religion is what tends to define what fashion means to them. In Islam, the element of modesty is practiced from very early on, in all aspects of ones’ life. And in fashion, it is this element that allows people to understand what fashion means to each individual. In regards to women’s fashion, the common misconception is that they all are supposed to cover in a black cloak from head to toe. However, that is just a stereotype. Yes, Muslim women are known for the wearing of a black ‘cloak’ which goes by many names such as the abaya, jilbab, and burqa. These terms just refer to a garment that covers the body from head to toe. Islamic fashion has taken a real turn especially in the last few years. Up until many years ago, Islamic fashion was not something that society was accustomed to, you were either very ‘religious’ and you wore this abaya which could be any colour, but many people stuck to wearing black as it was the safest option. And the other group of people were those who felt that you couldn’t express your religion through fashion, as many people were under the impression that Islam restricted people from being able to form an identity for themselves. Walk down the street and you can see Muslim women from all generations changing their way of dressing, without losing the element of modesty and breaking stereotypes. We have come a long way since then; people are more open-minded. We are slowly learning that there isn’t a problem with religion and fashion, as they both can complement one another.

By Ayisha Hameed

A really simple outfit that you can easily put together is with a plain black maxi dress, it covers well. A blazer also gives a really classy look, depending on the design of the blazer add a printed scarf and you can accessorize according to your taste. You have something simple yet classy that easily.

Black Flats Black Embroidered Maxi Dress

Floral Dress


Black Maxi Dress

Cropped Blazer

Satin Maxi Dress

Happy Shopping!

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