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To All Pageant Contestant,

On behalf of the Abria’s Chase Foundation, Inc. and the Lewis Family, we would like to thank you for participating in the 3rd Scholarship Pageant and Baby Contest in memory of our children Abria Jhune’ and Joshua Chase Lewis.

We hope that this experience has truly impacted your life. Always remember to keep God first in all that you do and nothing will be impossible.

We pray for your continued success in all of your future endeavors.

With Love, June & Ayana Lewis & Family

The Foundation…… The Abria’s Chase Foundation, Inc. was founded in December 2009 to honor the memory of Abria and Chase Lewis who both lost their lives in a tragic house fire on November 9th, 2009. Both children were bright, energetic, and full of love. This truly was an enormous loss to all those who were touched by their lives. To prevent similar tragedies, the foundation educates and informs others about fire safety. We provide assistance to families who have been victimized by fires. We promote Cancer Awareness to honor two of Abria and Chase’s grandparents, who fought the disease. Some of our other initiatives include providing scholarships to deserving seniors and sponsoring a support groups for parents who have lost children. We have partnered with the Vance County Fire Department and the Red Cross to assist the community in any way we can. For more information or to make a donation, please contact Ayana Lewis, Founder & CEO at 252.226.0799.

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts!



The 3 Annual Scholarship Pageant 2013 Program Order Welcome/Purpose & Intro of Mistress of Ceremony

June & Ayana Lewis

Introduction of the Judges Special Entertainment Introduction of Contestant Baby Contest Crown of King & Queen

June & Ayana Lewis

Special Entertainment Scholarship Pageant Dress for Success On Stage Question

Talent Competition Mistress of Ceremony & Contestant

Crowning Ceremony

June & Ayana Lewis

Final Words

June & Ayana Lewis

Victoria La’lonie Yancey

Victoria is the daughter of Lonnie D. Yancey and Anzella M. Tunstall. Victoria enjoys dancing, playing with her brothers, cooking the kitchen, and eating different foods. Victoria’s grandparents are Ms. Mable Beamer & Jesse Hawthorne, David & Gladys Hargrove, Otis & Nicola Ricks and Larry & Mary Alston. Victoria has been a wonderful addition to our lives, our special little gift.

Sariah Monique Taylor

Sariah is the daughter of LaRhesa Whittley & Michael Taylor. Sariah enjoys food, music, books, television, and playing with her favorite cousin, Darius. Sariah is the granddaughter of Elizabeth Ricks, James Whittley, Tara Taylor & Mr. James & Mary Ricks. She receives home care from her greatgrandmother, Mary Ricks. Sariah loves spending time with her two siblings Mykel and Kyra.

Shiquasha Williams


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We Thank You For Your Continues Support of the

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