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TOP 13 Superyachts with helicopters

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Superyacht delights | Illusion V

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For charter | 55

8 | Superyacht delights

Sou r ce: Cam per & Nich ol son s In ter n ation al

Illusion V

Elegant and contemporary, Illusion V is the latest masterpiece from celebrated design duo Green and Mingarelli "Everything onboard has been artfully crafted to offer the finest in barefoot luxury."

has an abundance of dining, entertainment and relaxation areas, a full bar and beach area on her lower deck, and the latest technology in stability and noise reduction.

Designed to represent the epitome of elegance, Illusion V's contemporary interior incorporates exotic materials such as walnut, onyx, Lalique crystal, parchment and silks, all of which create an inviting backdrop to the stunning vistas viewed from the full height windows.

Up on deck, her spaces have been carefully planned for optimum privacy and comfort. Her sun deck is perfectly setup for ?at sea?entertaining and houses a large Jacuzzi, which is surrounded by sunpads, loungers, bar and barbecue.

Boasting a massive master suite with study, full-width VIP stateroom and four large additional staterooms, she comfortably accommodates up to 12 guests. What's more, she WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

With such a long list of artfully crafted features - as well as an incomparable selection of water toys comprising a Jetovator, a Flyboard, Snuba and Scuba gear, fishing equipment and inflatables - there is no

arguing Illusion V offers the finest in barefoot luxury.

Superyacht For charter delights| |55 9

SPECIFICATIONS Length: 58 m Beam: 10.8 m Draft: 3.27 m Gross tonnage: 963 Tonnes Engines: 2 x Caterpillar Engine power: 94,000 hp Speed: 15 kts Construction: steel Built: 2014 Builder:Benetti Exterior designer: Green and Mingarelli

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10 | Heritage

The monst er ships t hat changed how we t r avel The beauty salons, swimming pools and even wireless communications of today?s huge cruise ships all got their start with the ?floating palaces?of a century ago. By Kat Lon g Sou r ce: BBC When the world?s then-largest ocean liner embarked on its first transatlantic voyage in September 1907, thousands of spectators gathered at the docks of Liverpool to watch. ?She presented an impressive picture as she left, with her mighty funnels and brilliant illumination,? wrote one reporter. Cunard?s RMS Lusitania had been outfitted with a new type of engine that differed from that of its rivals ? and would go on to break the speed record for the fastest ocean crossing not once, but twice. Between 1850 and 1900, three British passenger lines ? Cunard, Inman and White Star ? dominated transatlantic travel. Toward the end of the century, as increasing numbers of emigrants sought passage to the US and a growing class of Gilded Age travellers demanded speed and luxury, corporate rivalry intensified. Pressure from other European lines forced the British companies to add amenities like swimming pools and restaurants.

process, they launched the modern age of leisure cruising ? and developed innovations and technologies that continue to be used on cruise ships today. Comfor t class In the mid-19th Century, there were two main players. Inman?s inaugural steamship, launched in 1850, made it the first major British line to replace traditional side-mounted paddlewheels with a screw propeller ? an apparatus with fixed blades turning on a central axis. With the added speed and fuel efficiency this brought, plus a sleek iron hull that was more durable than wood, Inman established itself as a company unafraid to try new technology for faster crossings.

Inman?s main rival, Cunard, focused on safety instead. ?The Cunard way was to let competitors introduce new-fangled technology and let them deal with the setbacks,? says Michael Gallagher, Cunard?s company historian. ?Once that technology had proved itself, only then would Cunard consider using it.? But Cunard risked being left behind both by Inman and by a new rival which burst onto the scene in 1870 ? the White Star line?s splashy debut included five huge ocean liners, dubbed ?floating hotels?. Their flagship, RMS Oceanic, launched in 1871 and had efficient compound engines that burned just 58 tonnes of coal per day, compared with 110 tonnes consumed by Inman?s ships.

Not unlike today's rivalries between, say, aircraft manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing, each raced to make its ocean liners the largest, fastest and most opulent. In the The Lusitania, shown here on its arrival to New York City in 1907 (Credit: Alamy) WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

Heritage | 11

"Building the world?s top ocean liners was now a point of national pride."

The freestyle dining seen on today?s cruise ships dates back to 1905 (Credit: Alamy)

That gave White Star the budget to invest in comfort. The contrast with Cunard was stark. ?Where Oceanic had bathtubs, Cunard offered a basin; where Oceanic had central heating, Cunard offered stoves; and where Oceanic had lavatories, Cunard managed with chamber pots,? says Gallagher. Architects for Oceanic also moved first-class cabins to mid-ship for less rocking on the waves.

"A first-class passenger may indulge in Turkish and electric baths, take recreation in the gymnasium or divert himself in the swimming pond." In the 1880s and 1890s, each of White Star?s new ships captured the Blue Riband, an unofficial accolade which recognises the passenger liner able to make the fastest average speed on a westbound Atlantic crossing. In answer, Inman built SS City of New York and SS City of Paris. The City of Paris won the Blue Riband several times thanks to its expensive but fuel-efficient triple-expansion engines and twin screw propellers. The innovation was a first for an ocean liner, and meant that if one propeller broke, the other could compensate ?

finally ending the need for auxiliary sails. This suddenly freed up a lot more space on deck that would later be put to good use by providing luxury facilities for their passengers. Cunard, meanwhile, ventured into the new world of telecommunications by installing the first Marconi wireless stations, which allowed radio operators to transmit messages at sea, on its sister ships RMS Lucania and RMS Campania. First-class passengers could even book European hotels by wireless before reaching port. In 1897, Germany entered the fray. Shipping company Norddeutscher Lloyd unveiled its colossal Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse ? which shocked its rivals by taking the Blue Riband from Britain after 52 years. Another German liner, the SS Amerika, wowed its well-heeled guests by introducing the first à la carte restaurant at sea: the Ritz-Carlton, brainchild of Paris hotelier Cesar Ritz and renowned chef Auguste Escoffier. It allowed guests to order meals at their leisure and dine with their friends rather than attend rigidly scheduled seatings ? a forerunner of the kind of freestyle dining seen on today?s cruise ships. Suddenly, the battles weren?t only in the boardrooms: building the world?s top ocean liners was now a point of national pride.

With the help of a £2.6 million government loan (equivalent to more than £261 million today), Britain?s Cunard line launched the massive twins RMS Lusitania and RMS Mauretania. Both had the first steam turbine engines of any superliner. To reach its sustained speed of 25 knots (46.25 km/h), the Lusitania had ?68 additional furnaces, six more boilers, 52,000 sq ft of heating surface, and an increase of 30,000 horsepower,? reported the New York Times. ?If turbines had not been employed, at least three 20,000-horsepower engines would have been necessary.? A first-class passenger ?may indulge in Turkish and electric baths, take recreation in the gymnasium or [with] a squash racket or divert himself in the swimming pond.? History changed course when Titanic hit an iceberg on 14 April 1912 and sank on her first transatlantic voyage. As a result of the tragedy, safety regulations were updated to require lifeboat berths for every passenger and 24-hour radio surveillance (rules which are still in place). But there were more challenges to come. World War One broke out in 1914 and European governments requisitioned liners for war service. Then a German submarine torpedoed Lusitania off the coast of Ireland on 7 May 1915, killing more than a thousand of those on board. Cr uising on Despite a post-war liner-building boom, US anti-immigration laws reduced the number of transatlantic emigrants ? the liners?bread and butter ? in the 1920s. ?Ships only made money when there were passengers aboard,? says David


12 | Heritage

Perry, a maritime historian. ?The companies needed to do something to stay afloat, so they created the tourists.? Cunard modernised the aging Mauretania to burn oil instead of coal (most liners were converted to burn oil after World War One), painted its dark hull white to reflect the sunlight and sent her to the tropics as the first cruise ship catering to the new class of passengers: US vacationers who wanted a holiday at sea, replete with the nostalgic glamour of yesteryear. ?Cruising offered a way for steamship companies to keep using their older transatlantic vessels and [make] additional revenue,? says Roka. After the Depression forced a struggling Cunard and White Star to merge, the new Cunard-White Star built the immense RMS Queen Mary and RMS Queen Elizabeth. To compete with German, American and French liners, designers ratcheted up the creature comforts, like

"Cunard sent the Mauretania to the tropics as the first cruise ship catering to the new class of passengers." air-conditioning and private bathrooms in every stateroom. The Italian liners Conte de Savoia and Rex featured the first outdoor swimming pools ?with real sand around them to make it look beachy ? completely over the top,? Perry says.

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Cunard modernised the Mauretania and gave it a white hull, as shown in this 1930s illustration (Credit: Alamy)

By 1957, more people crossed the Atlantic by ship than ever before. But by the following year, jet passengers outnumbered them. ?Cunard said flying was a fad,? Miller says. ?But if, like the company slogan said, ?Getting there is half the fun?, then getting there faster was a lot more fun.? Air travel and high operating costs doomed most transatlantic liners by the 1970s ? only Cunard?s RMS Queen Mary 2 makes regular transatlantic crossings now.

"The feeling of the deck under your feet is the transformative power of a voyage at sea." But the most important similarity may be the most basic. ?The feeling of the deck under your feet is the same,? says Perry. ?That?s the transformative power of a voyage at sea.?

Even so, cruising itself grew more popular over the ensuing decades. And not only does the idea of leisure cruising stem from these early days of competition, but so do many of the specific features of today?s massive ships. Today?s vessels still feature oil-burning engines, though the power and propulsion systems are much more sophisticated. Modern perks like barbershops and beauty salons, freestyle dining, pools and libraries all were introduced on the original ?floating palaces.? Even internet communication has its roots in the wireless rooms aboard the great ocean liners.

By the late 1950s more people were flying than taking ships to their destinations

Celebrity yachting | 13



Sou r ce: Boat In ter n ation al 1. Foot baller Mario Balot elli Italian footballer Mario Balotelli posted this beautiful sunset image of himself unwinding on the deck of a luxury yacht with the caption "#relax" in April 2017. Although Balotelli did not reveal where he was taking time out, as a striker for French club Nice, Balotelli is no doubt well acquainted with the superyacht lifestyle and, indeed, was spotted enjoying vacations on board along the Italian coast numerous times in summer 2016.


3. F1 driver Lewis Hamilt on F1 champion Lewis Hamilton was spotted relaxing before the Hungarian Grand Prix on board 46.8 metre sailing superyacht Roxane in St Tropez in July 2016. Hamilton is a well known fan of the yachting lifestyle but this is the first time he has been seen on board a sailing yacht and he made good use of Roxane's classic features to create envy-inducing snaps for social media.


2. Boxer David Haye

Earlier in the year Hamilton was seen celebrating his win at the Monaco Grand Prix 2016 on board a luxury yacht in the French Riviera where he was joined by fellow sports star Dwyane Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union, as well as model Barbara Palvin.

British boxer David Haye was spotted on board 57.91 metre Trinity Yachts Skyfall in Miami in February 2017. Haye was in the American yachting hotspot for a training camp ahead of his much-hyped fight with fellow Brit Tony Bellew in March and turned the yacht into his personal gym trying out the many sports you can do on board, including boxing on the aft deck, sun deck yoga and testing out Skyfall's basketball court - which unfortunately resulted in the ball ending up over board. Those wishing to follow in Haye's footsteps can charter superyacht Skyfall from $275,000 per week with Thompson, Westwood and White Yachts. Instagram/@lewishamilton WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

14 | Celebrity yachting 4. Foot baller John Terry Far from the wild parties he may have enjoyed as an up-and-coming young footballer, Chelsea captain John Terry treated his family to a holiday aboard O'Pari 3 in Montenegro in summer 2016. Terry was joined by his wife and children on board the 71 metre yacht, which is available for charter with Atalanta Golden Yachts Athens from ?550,000 per week, and the family made good use of her extensive toy box. The Terry family enjoy superyacht vacations on a seemingly annual basis and were spotted spending time on _O?Pati _in 2015.


7. Tennis pro Rafael Nadal Tennis star Rafael Nadal took time off from the hectic Grand Slam schedule to spend time with his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello on board the 22.9 metre motor yacht Avanti in Mallorca, Spain. The sporty couple made good use of the yacht's tender and enjoyed frequent scuba diving trips.


5. Foot baller Crist iano Ronaldo Portuguese footballing star Cristiano Ronaldo made the most of his time off before the start of the European Championships 2016 with a luxury yacht charter in Ibiza. Ronaldo was joined by a group of friends on board the 36.5 metre Palmer Johnson yacht Ascari and was spotted enjoying her superyacht slide, jet skis and other water toys. Ronaldo is known to be a superyacht fan and frequently charters luxury yachts in his time off from Spanish football club Real Madrid.


8.Rugby st ar Sam Burgess British rugby star Sam Burgess took time out from duties at Bath Rugby Club to holiday on a luxury yacht charter in Greece with girlfriend Phoebe Hooke summer 2016.

Instagram/@samburgess Instagram/@cristiano

6. Ex-NRL player Ant hony Minichiello Ex-NRL star and founder of children's fitness scheme MiniFit, Anthony Minichiello, celebrated Australia Day on January 26 aboard a luxury yacht in Sydney. The ex-rugby player was joined by his wife Terry Biviano on board host John Symond's 26.21 metre Horizon Xanadu. WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

9. NBA st ar Scot t ie Pippen Retired Chicago Bulls star and six-time NBA winner Scottie Pippen is rarely seen off his 30 metre Burger yacht Lady Larsa. Named for his wife ? Real Housewives of Miami reality TV star Larsa Pippen ? the couple bought the custom yacht in 2001.

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16 | Designed by car manufacturers



Sou r ce: Yach tin g M agazin e

From Bugatti to Aston Martin, these big-name luxury car companies are dipping their toes into the yacht market. There are some people who want to take their sports car with them on their yacht, and there others who want their yacht to be like their sports car. Luxury car builders from Aston Martin to Bugatti, are venturing into the world of yachts, and with a clientele that can afford cars like the Bugatti Chiron at $2.9 million, sport yachts seem like a natural progression for these luxury brands.

Con cept Speedboat by Jagu ar Car s


Ast on M ar t in 37

Designed by car manufacturers | 17 There are some people who want to take their sports car with them on their yacht, and there others who want their yacht to be like their sports car. Luxury car builders from Aston Martin to Bugatti, are venturing into the world of yachts, and with a clientele that can afford cars like the Bugatti Chiron at $2.9 million, sport yachts seem like a natural progression for these luxury brands. Aston M ar tin The Aston Martin 37 was designed by Mulder Design. The company?s gone and built a boat, in equal -partnership with Holland?s Quintessence Yachts. The Aston Martin 37 should have any number of suitors who are looking for

something sporty and a little bit different.

M ercedes-Benz The polarized windows, engineered by Vision Systems, are electronically Bugatti dimmable. Her interior includes many Bugatti's venture into the yacht industry of the same materials and components was first announced with renderings of in S-Class vehicles. The 3-D wood the Niniette in 2015. Now, we have the veneer by German firm Danzer allowed first yacht in the Niniette line, a designers to shape the interior 66-footer to look forward to. eucalyptus panels into curves that Palmer Johnson has released new follow the hull form. And silver renderings of the Bugatti Niniette 66, a exterior paint gleams in the sunlight. 44-knot carbon design that is scheduled Silver Arrows Marine plans to build 10 to launch in March 2018. models in the 460 Granturismo series before collaborating with The Niniette 66 is the first model in a line that is expected to range from 50 to Mercedes-Benz Style on future projects. 80 feet length overall. The first renderings were presented in late 2015, Jaguar and updated renderings were released This concept sport yacht is described at in 2016, with the look of the yacht "Seductive Design" by Jaguar Cars. more closely matching Bugatti?s new She was designed to complement the Chiron vehicle. Jaguar XF Sportbrake and she has a Palmer Johnson is building the Niniette carbon fiber fin inspired by the Jaguar 66 with a main hull and two sponsons D-Type. Jaguar collaborated with Ivan for stability and roll dampening at high Erdevicki Naval Architecture & Yacht speeds. Design Inc. and Seventy Seven Design to draw up the concept. Now, we wait to see if she comes to fruition. L exus Lexus is stepping into the yacht-design world with its 42-foot Lexus Sport Yacht concept. A sleek, speedy, carbon-fiber vessel, this design takes Lexus luxury into a whole new realm.

Ar r ow 460 Gr an t u r ism o

Bu gat t i Nin iet t e 66

Lexus revealed the Lexus Sport Yacht concept in Miami, Florida, as a one-time build, with no production intent. Marquis-Carver Yacht Group was selected to build the yacht ?based on their in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities and their skill in large hand-laid composite structures,? writes Lexus. Indeed, the Sport Yacht?s hull was constructed using large pieces of hand-laid carbon fiber, making it nearly 2,200 pounds lighter than a similar-sized, fiberglass yacht. Additionally, her hull is stepped, in order to reduce drag and improve high-speed handling.

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18 | Superyacht delights





By M ar ia Kor otaeva Sou r ce: Ch ar ter wor l d

With plenty of various amenities, superyachts offer comfortable and truly opulent travel experience, while yacht helicopters are an essential part of it. Just imagine: you can reach the most remote destinations to explore some hidden gems in the finest yachting locations in the world or land in busy city centres. All that includes total flexibility of point-to-point travelling, getting you to places you need to be at in luxury and style. Let?s take a look at the top 15 private and charter yachts with helicopters. 1. Amar ula Sun (ex. M ine Games) 50m charter superyacht Amarula Sun offers everything her guests would wish to have on a charter yacht: a spa pool with a swim-up bar, huge sun pads, BBQ area, gym, Xbox, Playstation, Plasma TV with satellite connection and luxury dining spaces are among her outstanding amenities. Amazing yacht charter experience is guaranteed. The guests have the opportunity of travelling to and from Amarula Sun by helicopter, as her sundeck area can serve as a touch-and-go helipad. Amarula Sun can sleep 10-12 charter guests and is available for charters in the Bahamas and Florida from US$ 195,000.

Motor Yacht Cloud Break ? top view. Photo credit @brandondax

Amarula Sun (ex. Mine Games) with helicopter


2. Cloudbreak Cloudbreak is certainly one of the most popular superyachts of 2016. There is no wonder, as the team of acclaimed engineers and designers worked on the naval architecture, as well as her interior and exterior. She is a 72m expedition yacht, capable of cruising anywhere in the world. This head-turning floating masterpiece has some special features including a Jacuzzi, exercise

Superyacht delights | 19

equipment, an elevator operated on all deck, and a large tender garage. Charter Cloudbreak in North America this summer from ?750,000 per week plus expenses. 3. L ady Chr istine The bespoke Dutch shipyard is best known for building exceptional quality superyachts. Motor yacht Lady Christine is one of those. Not only Lady Christine provides absolute comfort to her guests, but she also has an enormous storage space for a rescue boat, a large tender and a small sailing boat. This section of the vessel also serves as a helipad and stores two helicopter fuel tanks. 4. Attessa I V Upon her re-launch in 2010 Attessa IV became the largest superyacht in North America. She made it to the top 25 largest yachts in the world, and back in 2010 was at the 23rd position. Originally built by Hayashikane Zosen Kk in 1999 and called Evergreen, she was sold to a new owner in 2007. She underwent an extensive rebuild by Washington Yachting Group, where she was also extended by 30 feet. Attessa IV accommodates 36 guests, assisted by 21 crew members. This massive five-level yacht measures 100.60 metres and features a helipad on the upper aft deck and forepeak.

Attessa IV. Photo credit @rickyracer

5. Gar รงon Although Garcon is not an opulent superyacht but a fast yacht support vessel, she deserves the praise for carrying a huge luxurious helicopter, as this is what support vessels are for. Built specifically to serve Lurssen mega yacht Ace and to carry her water toys and tenders, Garcon measures 67m LOA. Garcon also features a fully SOLAS certified helipad with 5,000 kg take-off weight for commercial use. Garson was built and launched in 2012 by Damen Shipyards, and in 2013 was honoured with the ISS Awards of Distinction for Innovation.


6. Sunr ays Motor yacht Sunrays was launched in 2010 by Oceanco, and in the same year received an award for the ?Best Power Yacht over 65 metres?. Her striking teal coloured aluminium hull is a work of Bjorn Johansson Design, while the interior styling is by famous Terence Disdale. Sunray?s heavenly interior design is unique, and have an airy and welcoming ambience. Indulge in luxury and add a helicopter ride when booking Sunrays this for charter in the Mediterranean. 7. L una If you are into yachts and luxury travelling, you probably know by now that the 155-metre mega yacht Luna is one of the largest yachts with some extraordinary features. She carries a submarine, multipurpose limousines and has not just one, but two helipads. Her 20-metre swimming pool is another wow characteristic. We wish Luna would be available for charter one day, as this expedition yacht could take her charter guests to breathtaking Galapagos, Alaska and the Pacific. 8. Samar Motor yacht Samar is a 77m steel-and-aluminum luxury motor yacht designed by Laurent Giles and built by Devonport Yachts of England in 2006. She is a very large and luxurious charter yacht which boasts everything that can be offered on a private motor yacht. Samar is capable of extended global cruising, where her charter guests will never get bored. Samar has a helipad, a large Spa Pool pool, an open bar, large outdoor living areas, a garage, as well as a movie theatre.

Attessa IV. Photo credit @rickyracer WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

20 | Superyacht delights 9. Skyfall (ex. M i Sueno) Skyfall is a symbol of a high-quality motor yacht, which features the latest marine technology and exquisite styling. Launched in 2010 by Trinity Yachts, luxury yacht Skyfall measure 58 metres and offers accommodation for a party of 10. Her cabin configuration consists of a master suite, 2 VIP cabins, one double and one twin. Her name comes from the James Bond famous movie series, which implies that this superyacht surely has an outstanding feature. 10. I CE (ex. AI R) Motor yacht ICE became the Superyacht of the Year at the 2006 World Superyacht Awards. No doubt that the title of one of one the best yachts in the world implies that ICE is a very special vessel. The two famous designers Terence Disdale and Tim Heywood worked on her interior and exterior respectively. The result is the striking exterior profile and divine interior decor. ICE can sleep 14 guests in 7 well-appointed cabins. She has been spotted in various locations with her massive helicopter.

Winch. She has 6 lavish cabins to accommodate 12 guests, and 18 crew cabins to sleep 36 crew members. This floating masterpiece was photographed in Port Vell in Barcelona where is always a very welcomed guest.

Attessa IV. Photo credit @rickyracer

13. Tr iton Back in 2004 motor yacht Triton became the largest composite yacht built in the U.S. upon her delivery. Her capabilities include prolonged cruising distances, as well as cruising in the most distant locations. Triton was built for her owner, who is passionate about sports fishing, deep-sea scuba diving, and water games and various activities. Hence, the yacht was built with an advanced hull laminate schedule utilising carbon fibre to ensure strength and durability.

Superyacht ICE. Photo credit Julien Hubert

11. Serene At 134 metres, motor yacht Serene boasts a huge beam of 18.5 metres. Can you image how much luxury living space is offered on board this beauty? Serene provides a full seven decks of exterior and interior space. With an abundance of amenities, this mega yacht stands out among other luxury yachts. The two helicopter landing platforms, an enormous internal sea water pool, several spa pools, plus storage for a large submarine are some of the superb features. Serene has enough space to accommodate 24 guests and 52 crew members. 12. M adame Gu Madame Gu is a superyacht that has it all for a luxury vacation in style. A helipad, excellent water toys and tenders, a spa pool and a night club guarantee lots of entertainment to her guests. Although Madame Gu is not available for private luxury charters, we still admire this vessel. She was built by Feadship to the design by De Voogt Naval Architects. Her interior is by Andrew WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

Triton and Helicopter

13. Tr iton Back in 2004 motor yacht Tritone became the largest composite yacht built in the U.S. upon her delivery. Her capabilities include prolonged cruising distances, as well as cruising in the most distant locations. Triton was built for her owner, who is passionate about sports fishing, deep-sea scuba diving, and water games and various activities. Hence, the yacht was built with an advanced hull laminate schedule utilising carbon fibre to ensure strength and durability.

22 | Sailing


Sou r ce: BBC Why get into sailing?

Can I take it to another level?

It's a sociable and fun way to get fit and escape from your day-to-day worries and concerns.

The majority of clubs offer a programme of races if you fancy competing.

Who is it for ?

I s there a disability option?

All ages and abilities. Whether you want to join a crew on a big yacht or get a buzz from racing, there's something for all.

Sailing is one of the very few sports in which able-bodied and disabled sailors can participate on equal terms.

I s there a cheap option? Small-boat sailing is one of the cheapest ways to get afloat and many clubs provide vessels to members. What if I want a proper wor kout? Many disciplines, such as windsurfing, require an extreme level of physicality.


I s there a family option? You could sign up to a family sailing course and learn the skills together. Whether racing, exploring places you wouldn't otherwise be able to see or just having a muck around out on the water, sailing can be a great way to get active.

There are plenty of Royal Yachting Association Training Centres to get you started, and if you progress to racing, sailing can give one of the most comprehensive workouts around. Find an inspir ing role model For instance, Sir Ben Ainslie is Britain's most successful Olympic sailor after winning gold medals in four straight Olympics between 2000 and 2012. I learned to sail for fun so it's been a long road but I have had a lot of support over the years and I am just so glad to have done it. Sir Ben Ainslie is Britain's most

Sailing | 23

successful Olympic sailor after winning gold medals in four straight Olympics between 2000 and 2012. Sailing It is the perfect way to experience tranquillity and freedom on the water, or you can get your competitive juices flowing, from clubs to the Olympics. You don't need to be fit or able-bodied to participate, as there are boats to cater for everyone. You don't even need to be a strong swimmer - although you should be comfortable with being in the water in a buoyancy aid. Yacht sailing is a relaxing and enjoyable way to discover new places. It's great for the whole family, because there are opportunities for everyone to participate. There are plenty of RYA Training Centres, sailing clubs and companies throughout the world that offer taster days, or you could book on to a course to learn the basic principles of sailing.

Windsur fing Windsurfing is the fastest of all the sailing disciplines with speeds of over 50mph possible. It's often seen as an extreme sport and it provides a great physical and technical challenge. You can choose to ride big waves, race, or simply chill out and have fun with the whole family. Dinghies, small keelboats and multi-hulls are one of the cheapest ways of getting on the water and learning how to sail.

sailing each year, with many going on to sail on a regular basis at RYA-recognised clubs and centres up and down the country. Youth Sailing Sailing is accessible to anyone, regardless of age.

They are easy to handle and very responsive, making it ideal for the whole family, plus they are suitable either inland or at sea.

Many young people begin sailing by participating in the RYA Youth Sailing Scheme, RYA OnBoard or through taking part in taster sessions at their local clubs.

Disability Sailing

Coaching and Volunteer ing

There are many opportunities for people with disabilities to get afloat in all types of boats.

There are many ways you can help others learn about sailing. From being a windsurf instructor to teaching people how to handle a dinghy, sailing offers many opportunities to get into coaching.

Sailability is the RYA's national programme to support and encourage and people with disabilities to take up sailing. Through the project, over 53,000 young people and adults with disabilities are introduced to Ben Ainslie awards collection

"You don't need to be fit or able-bodied to participate, as there are boats to cater for everyone."

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24 | Superyacht delights

Desir able Alessandr o 40 met ers of graceful and sleek design

Sou r ce: M ir ya Yach tin g Launched in 2011, the Alessandro is in a class of her own. She offers a great deal of features on board, leaving guests with plenty to enjoy during their holidays at sea. This beautifully crafted yacht has logged many exciting nautical miles in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean, leaving guests to take back home, some of the best holiday memories. Ever so graceful

and sleek lines in design, the Alessandro is a 40 meter motorsailer. She is fully equipped with many of the luxuries many travelers could expect from an affordable high class yacht. The aft is a unique part of this fine yacht as the alfresco dining is divided into two tables where seating is on both the port and starboard. This area also features a swimming

platform and plenty of water toys. The aft leads directly into the home-style creamy white and wood saloon with large screen satellite TV. From the starboard side, a set of carpeted steps lead to the 5 star luxurious accommodation. The whole feel of this yacht is light and airy ? and quite refreshing. The color scheme portrays as though there is always continuous daylight. The forward deck area

features a fantastic jacuzzi under shade when desired, surrounded by large sunning mats. A calming soak in this tub may do wonders after an eventful day in the water and ashore. Further up, guests can enjoy cooling cocktails in the practically designed deck level. Ideal for multiple families, couples only, or a group of up to 10 friends, there is a 1 twin cabin, 3 master cabins and one double VIP. Each equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, and marble en suites. Based in the charming town of Gocek, Turkey; the Alessandro yacht offers cruising areas in Turkey as well as the islands in Greece. All throughout guests will feel the spaciousness of this impressive yacht. Private Mediterranean sailing holidays are certainly meant on board the Alessandro yacht.

"Ever so graceful and sleek lines in design, the Alessandro is a 40 meter motorsailer. " WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

Marina spotlight | 25




Sou r ce: Yach tin g Pages

With a number of emerging marinas offering spectacular unexplored locations and world-class facilities to challenge for superyacht custom, research has emerged to show that a cruising destination is largely chosen for its heritage, history, status and privacy, meaning there are arguably only a handful of iconic superyacht destinations in which the world?s elite will constantly gather. 1. M ar ina Gr ande, Capr i, I taly Marina Grande on the island of Capri has been reported to be on average the most expensive marina in the world. With a real feel of unique exclusivity, berthing will need to be arranged many months in advance here, especially during peak season. With over 300 berths in total, the facility can accommodate superyachts of up to 60m LOA.

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup Regatta in September.

Credit: Amura World

Credit: Charter World

2. M ar ina di Por to Cer vo, Sar dinia, I taly Possibly the most expensive marina in the world is located on the northern tip of Sardinia on the famous Costa Smerelda. Offering up to 60 superyacht berths, daily berthing fees can exude over 2,500 euros during the high season. Among the most expensive periods for berthing are the Deluxe Fair in June and the Maxi Yacht

3. M ar ina di Por tofino, Genova, I taly With only 14 berths for superyachts, and an average berthing price of well over 2,000 euros, Marina di Portofino is one of the most, if not the most, discrete ports in the world. Again, due to the lack of berths, reservations will need to be made many months in advance, especially during peak season. Marina di Portofino has become an ultimate playground for the super-rich, including royalty and movie stars. Only accessible by one road, the preferred route to Portofino tends to be boat, creating a secluded and highly exclusive vibe.


26 | Marina spotlight 4. I biza M agna, I biza, Spain With only a limited amount of superyacht berths, Ibiza Magna in the Balearic Islands has a certain feeling of both luxury and exclusivity. While certain marinas?main allure may be their scenery, surroundings and views, there?s no doubt that the main draw of visiting Ibiza Magna is the atmosphere. There are berths for yachts up to 60 metres here, while larger vessels can drop anchor outside of the main harbour. The most popular (and expensive) time for visiting is in September when Ibiza plays host to the dance parties which signify the closing of the summer season.

Credit: Marina Ibiza

Credit: Yachting Pages

7. Por t Hercule in M onaco, Fr ance Monaco?s Port Hercule enjoys an impressive setting and provides opportune access to Monaco?s range of attractions. Experiencing the views of the marina and town at night, when the twinkling lights of boats and buildings combine to create a truly spectacular sight; it is a must for anyone involved in the yachting industry. Highlights include the Monaco Grand Prix in May, where superyachts can berth to watch the action from on board, and the Monaco Yacht Show in September - the world?s most luxurious boat show. Though generally not the most expensive place to berth, during these times the mooring rates are nothing short of extortionate.

5.Puer to BanĂşs in M ar bella, Spain Having firmly established itself as a hallmark location for luxury yachts, Puerto BanĂşs in Marbella is another must-visit location for owners, guests and crew alike. With over 900 berths in total, and a total surface area of 150,000 square metres, there is a beach either side of the marina. Beware though; it may well cost over 2,400 euros per day to berth in the marina.

Credit: Lebunetel Architectes

Credit: HOLA Homes

6.Por t de Saint Tropez, Fr ance A jewel in the French Riviera, and one of the most famous ports around the world due to its heritage, Port de Saint Tropez offers over 700 berths for boats with an area covering 22 acres for yachts up to 70m . A favourite destination for celebrities, models, millionaires and superstars, the sophisticated St. Tropez has become the iconic place to be seen in since the 1950s. WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

8. Yas M ar ina, Abu Dhabi Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi has now firmly established itself as the premier Middle Eastern destination for superyachts. The 227-berth marina caters for superyachts up to 150m LOA and gives visitors access to pristine coastlines, uninhabited islands and the nearby cosmopolitan cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. One of the major attractions of Yas Marina is the Yas Marina Circuit, home to the annual Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, as well as a calendar of various other motorsport events and experiences. The development of this luxury port includes a Ferrari theme park, a water park, and residential areas with houses, hotels and private beaches.

Credit: A Boat Time

9. Yacht Haven Gr ande, St. Thomas, U.S. Vir gin I slands Yacht Haven Grande is situated alongside the magnificent Charlotte Amalie Harbour in St. Thomas. Offering 47 berths for yachts up to 200m and above, the marina offers a plethora of dedicated services to crew, owners and guests.

Credit: Yachting Pages

10. Por t de Gustavia, Saint Bar ths During high season, Port de Gustavia in Saint Barths is one of the most select marinas on earth, due to its exotic location and climate during the winter period. It offers fantastic berthing opportunities for superyachts due to the amazing atmosphere of the area, modern facilities and scenic landscapes. It is particularly popular during the winter season and Christmas and New Year, where the rich and famous flock to see in the new year, under the fireworks and glorious surrounding Caribbean setting. With only a small number of berths for large superyachts, it?s no surprise that it?s almost impossible to

Credit: Le Figaro

28 | Interior & styling

Best moder n yacht int er ior designs Sou r ce: Tr en dir

Yachts may differ in size but their interiors are as luxurious as they get. Crystal chandeliers, ultra chic furnishings, and lacquered wood will make any boat look and feel lavish. Just like most resplendent residences these yacht interior designs boast marble bathrooms and sprawling dining rooms, tiered ceilings and hardwood floors along with amenities of boutique hotels. Super yacht L ogica 147 is a stylish black and white boat designed by Brenta Yacht Design. Its interior, however, is a whole other world telling a story of luxury living with sprawling dining areas, outdoor decks, and light-filled bedrooms.

It?s hard to stay away from CRN yachts for long. They are luxurious from inside out. 55m M /Y Atlante luxury yacht is the proof that yacht facilities such as bathrooms can be as glamorous (if not more) as the rest of the interior.

Decorated by Martin Kemp Design the luxurious yacht has a neutral color scheme, sophisticated furnishings, and statement lighting fixtures in the dining area that create an overpowering luxurious feel in the entire room.

Dressed in black and white veiny marble the wood-clad ceiling bath has a metal-framed glass shower stall and an amazing built-in sink. Atlante definitely has one of the most luxurious yacht interior designs out there.

K halilah is a world?s first superyacht made entirely out of a carbon composite. The golden boat may look like a sports car of yachts from the outside but on the inside you?ll find it is designed with a surprising boho chic aesthetic and a hint of retro.

Palmer Johnson?s Dr agon yacht has one of the best yacht interior designs by Nuvolari-Lenard. Taking cues from the boat?s name the designer cleverly organized space into divided zones and used dark wooden accents to accentuate the reds in the color scheme.

White walls and tiered ceiling have a warm contrast in hardwood flooring and mostly white furnishings are accented with bright throw pillows and hot pink curtains. And in the middle of it all is a metallic octopus-shaped chandelier.

Using ceiling details and wall paneling the designer plays with red, white, and black creating layers and layers of color.


treat when it comes to luxury. Just its spacious formal dining room could compete with a half of one of these yachts. The backlit columns with realistic-looking patterns and amazing printed floors set a green color scheme balanced with black and white walls and ceiling.

swimming pool, a formal dining room, a gym, and a sauna. Furnished with the most luxurious materials the boat is definitely made for exuberant millionaire vacations and parties with a bar, a hot tub deck, and all the water activities.

Among other amazing features there is a cinema and an atrium that turn this boat into an ultimate sailing resort. If you are truly into luxury a $1 million/week Solandge Superyacht is a way to go. 93 meter (280 ft) boat is designed with such extravagant luxury it?s ridiculous. And it?s probably the most expensive one of all charters. Aside from the marble-topped nightstands there is a

Among the most mind-boggling yacht interior designs is M y Nir vana by Sinnex Yachts that is a real

Solandge Superyacht

Sinnex Yachts My Nirvana


halilah First All-Carbon 49 Superyacht Superyacht Logica 147

Palmer Johnson?s Dragon Yacht

CRN 55m Atlante Luxury Yacht

30 | Boat building

An algor it hm of sk ills By Al an H ar per Sou r ce: Power & M otor yach t Boatbuilding is a skilled business. We take that as a given, of course, but if pressed as to why we think so, we might prefer to point at the beautifully varnished mahogany creation on the other side of the dock rather than tap the shiny plastic shell of our own pride and joy.

Living in t he Digit al Age has come t o mean solving problems wit h t echnology. Learn how many boat builders have brought comput er cont rols and aut omat ion int o t heir product ion lines.

But make no mistake: Fiberglass boat construction is every bit as skill-intensive as any other kind, even though today those skills are increasingly being transferred to machines. And labour-saving and cost-saving automation is not the whole story: The boats that result are often better quality too. Plug-makers used to be the ultimate skilled craftsmen in any production boatyard, producing the prime objects of our expectations: Any flaw in the plug is reproduced in the mould made from it, and then echoed endlessly in every molding produced. Even mahogany with 12 coats of varnish doesn?t reflect its imperfections as ruthlessly as a correctly cured crosslink polymer? or gelcoat, to you and me. So the plug has to be flawless, and it was always the most skilled shipwrights who got the job. But even though such labour-intensive and exhaustive work doesn?t come cheap, with the increasing pressure on boat companies to produce new models every year, it is becoming increasingly cost-effective for boatyards to replace those superlative craftsmen with expensive machines. Model Art is one such yard. You probably haven?t heard of these Polish fiberglass maestros, but they


build for some of the biggest European boat brands, and recently picked up a contract to create three models for particularly quality-conscious Windy Boats. In 2011 Model Art invested in a computer numerically controlled (CNC) five-axis milling machine for plug-making. If that sounds complicated, wait until you see it in action: The cutting head can not only move along the X, Y, and Z axes? side to side, in and out, up and down? but also rotate around the X and Y axes. This enables it to carve complex shapes, typically out of polyurethane foam, faithfully following directions from digital files to translate the designer?s vision into reality. Model Art?s CNC mill can

"Labor-saving and cost-saving automation is not the whole story: The boats that result are often better quality too." manufacture hull plugs up to about 49 feet by 16 feet. Other tooling suppliers around the world can create plugs with even greater dimensions. ?I had no doubts that we could provide the quality that Windy demands,? says Bartek Jursza, Model Art?s production director. ?They trusted us to make their molds, and now they trust us to build boats.? Molding technology itself has also advanced exponentially in recent

Boatbuilding | 41

"We can now mold to the same strength using less material, so delivering a lighter product. " years. In England, Princess Yachts has been developing resin-infusion techniques designed to ensure that the resin and glass, liquid and solid, which create the fiberglass laminate, are perfectly bonded to each other, with no gaps, voids, or dry spots. It?s a technique that involves encasing the molding in a carefully tailored jacket, injecting the resin into every corner via a spaghetti tangle of tubes, and using vacuum pressure to saturate the layers of glass mat. The benefits of such automation are legion: ?Resin infusion improves both quality and performance,? explains Julian Spooner, head of composites at the Plymouth shipyard. ?We can now mold to the same strength using less material, so delivering a lighter product. Because we use less material, we can, and do, use higher-quality materials.? There are also environmental benefits, not just in using less material, but in keeping emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to a minimum.

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32 | Expert tips

Bet t er t o st ay in por t t han t o become a st at ist ic Sou r ce: Kavas

One of the reasons we go to sea is that it isn?t as predictable and safe as life ashore. While a sailing holiday on Greek waters is safer than driving to work every day, there are times the sea could kill you. "Neptune doesn?t care if he kills someone who is stupid." Bounty sinks in Hur r icane Sandy In 2012, the tall ship Bounty went to sea despite warnings that Hurricane Sandy was on its way. The ship was over 50 years old and had no doubt weathered some horrific weather conditions. If you are far out to sea in most boats you will survive even 80mph winds and 10 metre seas. The problem is largely how close you are to shore. The forecast was for a hurricane coming from the southern US to collide with a winter storm heading south from Canada and a massive storm to smash the daylights out of the US Northeast. Captain Robin Walbridge set sail anyway. The ship sank and they never found his body. They found the other crewmember?s body his poor decision making led to drown. The US National Transportation Safety Board found, ?the probable cause of the sinking of tall ship Bounty was the captain's reckless decision to sail the vessel into the well forecasted path of Hurricane Sandy, which subjected the aging vessel and the inexperienced crew to conditions from which the vessel could not recover.?


Credits: movie "All is lost"

"If you take care you will 99.999% of the time come home intact. " I knew Walbridge in the 1990?s when he was Second Mate on the tall ship we worked on together. Sadly for him my biggest memory was when we were sailing the 186ft sailing ship off Cape Cod. The winds were brisk and the conditions were prone to white squalls, where the winds would pick up by 20 knots or so for 15 minutes and die back again without warning. My watch officer was sailing conservatively with just enough sail for when a squall came through. We were below when the squall hit, and the ship leaned hard over. There

wasn?t the need to have All Hands called as we forgot our lunch and ran on deck to find a foremast forestay had snapped after Walbridge had set too much sail. I took a team of three people 100 feet up the foremast to take in all sail and reduce the risk of the mast going over the side. It was a dangerous job. On our return to deck the crew had jury repaired the forestay and a pod of Minke whales dived under the ship, blowing a fish smelling salute to us as they came up for air. It seems that, as well as several other incidents my old shipmates and I have discussed since, didn?t teach Walbridge the simple lesson: it is better to sail conservatively than to risk killing

Expert tips | 33

"If you are at sea when the weather builds, then take in sail. " yourself and others. The lesson applies to every sailor looking at a weather forecast that makes them feel uneasy ? caution is the better option. Very few people reading this blog will ever need to sail in more than a Force 7, and that in quite extreme circumstances. I have sailed in a Force 9 gusting 12 and one of those gusts nearly killed me. Does that mean I would take my family out in a Force 9? No. If I had a day left before the boat had to be back at my yachting base and there was a Force 9 Meltemi forecast? I would call to my yachting, base and tell them I will be delayed by 24 hours due to the forecast weather. The yachting base would prefer to receive their boat and you back a day or so late than have to deal with the paperwork and negative press coverage that comes with a wrecked boat and dead bodies.

As a skipper you need to make a number of judgements when considering leaving port into big weather: I s the boat up to it? The answer in most cases will be yes as we keep our vessels in excellent condition. Are the crew up to it? If you are a group of well built men who have tens of thousands of miles experience then that will lead to a different judgement to one where you had your two kids and wife aboard, none of whom had sailed much before the week you have chartered our yacht. What are the local conditions in such weather ? If you don?t know, look at the charts ? if your destination harbour has a narrow entrance facing the direction the wind is coming from, then that might not be a good idea. If it is a wider entrance or you have to go upwind to get in, it may be more comfortable.

smaller than in shallower seas. What about you? Can you handle the stress? Are you confident in such weather? Don?t ask yourself that late at night after six whiskies. Ask yourself that in the cold light of the morning after you have had your coffee. If you can?t do it, then don?t risk your family or friends. That goes without saying. If you are the last into the marina and have to berth by the loudest bar there then you can sleep that night knowing that you got into port intact and with no one injured. You?ve come sailing for a laugh and fun ? not to win the Volvo Ocean Race. Leave the racing boys and girls to take risks with life and limb ? don?t take the risks they would do.

What about the depth of the water ? If it is very deep right close to the harbour the seas will be


an d CASHMERE & RARE FIBRES to th e w orld?s m ost luxurious superyach ts, h om es & aircraft.

+44 (0)1943 467353 | en quiries@gillian w w w w .gillian w

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SDSI is an engineering studio specializing in Luxury Sailing and Motor Yacht Interiors. Our Clients?Yachts range from forty to hundred plus meters for new builds and Refits. The following services have been provided for 20 years:


Eye-catching | 35

Cr uise ship on a clif f

is act ually a hot el

Sou r ce: Dail y M ail At fir st glance, it looks like millions of pounds of ocean liner has r un aground on rocks. Thankfully, the ship's setting is deliberate, as someone decided to take the full cruise experience and drop anchor on dry land for the first hotel of its kind. The Sun Cruise resort in Jeongdongjin, South Korea, is perfect for those who find the motion of the ocean leaves them feeling sea sick. The hotel measures 165 metres in length, 45 metres in height, and 30,000 tons in weight. The Sun Cruise Resort has 211 rooms, both condominium and hotel style, a Western and a Korean restaurant, revolving sky lounge, a night club,

"The resort was designed to give tourists a realistic feel of a cruise ship without the motion sickness. "

a karaoke, and sea water pool. It also offers six state-of-the-art function rooms for seminars and workshops. The resort was designed to give tourists a realistic feel of a cruise ship without the motion sickness. Overhead speakers play sounds of crashing waves around the ship and even bird calls. Also they have portholes for windows for the authentic feeling of sailing away to sea. Opened in 2002, it quickly became one of the most popular attractions in South Korea.

The town is said to be one of the most popular spots in South Korea to watch the sun rise across the Sea of Japan, especially on New Year's Day. The resort also contains a park located adjacent to the hotel. Prominent within the landscaped gardens are "The Hands of Promise", two giant hands rising from the ground, along with a variety of other sculptures. There is also an observation area with a glass floor suspended above the sea, an exhibition hall, and a lake.


36 | Future

Fant ast ical super yacht s of t he f ut ur e: how soon? Luxury yachts are becoming bigger and more sophisticated. Let's take a look at some of the most intriguing new designs. Sou r ce: CNN Glass - it's the inspiration behind this unusual six-bedroom vessel from American architect L uj ac Desautel, who was also nominated for the 2014 Young Designer of the Year by Boat International Media. Sleek, space age, and sparkling. If these naval architects have their way, the superyacht of the future will resemble more of a floating piece of art, than a traditional boat. From glass cubes inspired by Lego, to spiraling decks modeled on opera houses, these are some of the dream designs of industry insiders. "Paying homage to the skyscraper and acting as a canvas to the sea, GLASS is organized vertically in three cubic floors stacked upon each other like Lego blocks." L.Desautel explained. STAR - designed by I gor L obanov, in collaboration with James Roy of naval architecture company BMT Nigel Gee and Alex

M alybaev of branding agency FIRMA. "Most yacht clients, whilst they like to have a unique design, tend to be pretty conservative and don't want to be too different from the majority," explained Lobanov."There is no doubt that an owner who would commission STAR would be one who wanted to 'break the mould." At 132 meters long, and 60 meters high, it would accommodate 36 overnight guests and feature a helicopter landing pad. The STAR would have a price tag "somewhere in the region of ?450 million ($562 million)" said creator. JAZZ - London architect Zaha Hadid has designed a family of superyachts for German shipbuilders Blohm+Voss. Z.Hadid designed six luxury

Superyacht Project - Jazz

vessels, ranging from a 90-meter version called "Jazz" to a 128-meter "master prototype." "As a dynamic object that moves in dynamic environments, the design of a yacht must incorporate additional parameters beyond those for architecture ? which all become much more extreme on water," said Hadid. "Each yacht is an engineered platform that integrates specific hydrodynamic and structural demands together with the highest levels of comfort, spatial quality and safety." X R-EVOL UTI ON designed by Stefano Pastrovich. At first glance, it might look as though there are five vessels in this picture. In fact, it is just one. The 77 meter superyacht X R-Evolution features detachable floating decks which can be deployed away from the main boat. "I wanted to have a boat that was able to access the

islands from very close -which isn't always possible in superyachts of this size." "I do very extreme designs, because that's me, that's my personality," says Pastrovich."My customers are very genuine, brave, challenging people. They don't want another white piece floating on the water. They want something incredible that does not exist." Characterized by a harmonious combination of elements, luxury motor yacht Project Symphony has been beautifully designed by talented Raphael L aloux from France ? a winner of the Young Designer of the Year Award 2014 at the recent ShowBoats Design Awards. Superyacht Symphony answers to a very

Superyacht Project - Glass

Superyacht Project - Star

specific request from the owner to design a luxury yacht based on unusual 60m commercial vessel SWATH. Being a fan of classical music, the owner, internationally renowned conductor, wishes to explore the world with his family. Luxury yacht Symphony proposes a unique experience in harmony with her surrounding environment. Thanks to curving promenades spiraling around the superstructure, the owner can go for a walk in the most beautiful seascapes of the world and discover all family activities at leisure. Inspired from the opera world, a dramatic staircase provides access to all decks. Twinned with a slide finishing in ball pool, these two elements ? the staircase and the slide ? are spiraling around the climbing mast. Superyacht Project - Symphony

Superyacht Project - X R-EVOLUTION

38 | What's new

VARD secur es cont r act t o build a new 182.60 m Resear ch Expedit ion Vessel Source: Charterworld

"Marine research focused on finding solutions to pressing environmental challenges." Norwegian shipbuilder Vard Holdings is building the largest superyacht in the world, the 182-metre research expedition vessel REV. This project is due for completion in 2020. The leading superyacht Designed Espen Oeino and Vard teamed up to develop the innovative design of this magnificent vessel. Her owner, the Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Røkke has been working in collaboration with WWF of Norway with an idea of building this vessel for research purposes. It is believed that REV will become a "platform for gathering knowledge", which will WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

provide a workspace for researchers, environmentalists and institutions. REV will be offered for world marine expeditions, as she will have outstanding capabilities. With a maximum range of 21,120 nm, REV will be a very fuel efficient superyacht with an energy recovery rudder system. In addition, she will be built as an environmentally-friendly vessel, fitted with a direct drive diesel-electric propulsion system and an exhaust cleaning system. REV will be able to provide space for more than 60 scientists and 40 crew and is expected to have up to 114 days of full autonomy. Laboratories, auditoriums and a moon pool for researching marine life will be provided on board. Mega yacht REV will also be available for private use of her owner and luxury yacht charters. Up to 36 guests will be accommodated in 18 lavish staterooms. A professional crew

of 54 will take care of daily errands while on a private charter vacation. REV will be equipped with luxurious leisure and entertainment amenities, expected from a yacht of her scale and class.

"Autonomous expeditions all around the globe, to explore, document and collect." At 183 metres, with a beam of 22 metres and a gross tonnage 16,000 GT, REV will receive the title of the largest yacht in the world upon delivery. Yacht Accommodation During luxury private charters REV will be able to accommodate 36 guests in 18 cabins, and assisted by a crew of 54.

"The vessel will be built to the highest standard making it suitable for charter to private individuals, companies and institutions. This will generate research funding. "


40 | Water toys

By Sh een a M cKen zie Sou r ce: CNN

Personal submarines, jetpacks, even a fantastical "walking" boat are all on offer for a new generation of thrill-seeking millionaires.


Younger than ever before, today's super rich are no longer content to spend their holidays lounging on sundrenched superyachts. Instead, they're willing to pay millions for high-tech water toys unimaginable when the prestigious boat show first launched 24 years ago. Ocean race favorite aims for gold Final test before sailing's toughest race "Fifteen years ago a person who owned a superyacht was usually 50 years old," explained Monaco Yacht Show managing director GaĂŤlle Tallarida, in her lilting French accent. "Now we're seeing people who are 30 years old owning one." Hailing from emerging economies such as China and South America, this new generation of wealthy holiday-makers are looking for unique adventures at sea - from exploring the ocean floor in a submarine, to zooming 10 meters into the air with a jetpack. "These toys attract them because they have a special way of enjoying yachts, compared to their parents who perhaps had to wait until they were older to buy one," said Tallarida. "They like sports and really enjoy being in the sea - not just sailing and lying on the sundeck." The most eye-popping toys on show below:





DeepFlight Super Falcon Price: $1.7 million Is it a jet? A sports car? What about a submarine? At first glance, the futuristic DeepFlight Super Falcon is hard to pin down. But the unusual two-person electric submersible, which can plunge 393 feet under the sea, appears to be to the taste of millionaire owners Richard Branson, and Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz. "Just as private individuals are now able to explore space, we see our submarines as opening up the oceans for private exploration," said Karen Hawkes, who founded the DeepFlight company with engineer husband Graham in 1996. "Except unlike spacecraft, these owners get to the pilot their own vessels." The Falcon follows an earlier model, the DeepFlight Dragon, valued at $1.5 million. Both are positively buoyant, meaning they always float back up to the surface, rather than sinking. Tr iton Submar ine Price: $2.35 - $4.89 million The giant squid is real. How do we know? The Triton Submarine caught it on camera during an expedition to the bottom of the ocean last year. The brightly-coloured vessel is

DeepFlight Super Falcon

"The DeepFlight Submarines were originally inspired by quadcopter drones." available in 11 different models, and able to plunge anywhere between 1,000 and 36,000 feet under water.

Water toys | 41

"It gives clients the opportunity to see a part of our planet that no human has ever visited before," said Marc Depp, the company's sales and marketing manager. "Many of our clients are also concerned about their legacy and the condition of the oceans, and make their submarines available to marine scientists." The company expects to build between four and six submarines a year. Triton Submarine

"Generally people are getting more adventurous with their luxury toys," said Josh Richardson, managing director of Superyacht Toys & Tenders, which first launched three years ago. Around 200 of the water-based jetpacks have been sold.

Jetlev Flyer Iguana Yacht

buying it simply to show off." Regardless of their intentions, new owners will certainly be part of an elite group -- six of the unusual yachts have so far been sold. I guana Yachts Price: $388,000 - $518,000

Jetlev Flyer Price: $35,600 - $129,400

Part speed boat, part rolling tank, the Iguana Yacht has unsurprisingly elicited some curious looks from passersby as it "walks" out of the water.

Bond fans who watched their jetpack-wearing hero blast into the sky in 1965 film "Thunderball," can now relive the scene -- at a price.

Featuring two hydraulic "legs," the amphibious vessel can travel for around 800 meters on dry land though it's not intended for public roads. "All of our customers bought the yacht because they have a legitimate use for it, such as entering or exiting a waterfront property," said the company's sales manager Steve Huppert. "We haven't had people

The Jetlev Flyer is powered by water shooting through a 10 meter hose, and can travel through the air for up to three hours. It is one of dozens of high-end accessories -- including inflatable slides and jet skis -- available through Superyacht Toys & Tenders, who have stall at this year's Monaco Yacht Show. Jetlev Flyer WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM


AIRPORT PICKUP & After arriving at Palma International Airport let Balearic Helicopters fly you straight to your villa or hotel. ?980.00 APPROX. TRIAL LESSONS It is a unique and fantastic experience but explanations come nowhere close to the experience itself - it is simply something ?199.00 (30 MINS) HELLI DINNING Balearic Helicopters in Mallorca has teamed up with several of the islands most exclusive Country Hotels and Restaurants to offer a fantastic island helicopter tour FROM ?549.00

Tel: +34 971 794 132 w w w.balear ic-h elicopt er

CLICK HERE e! to lear n m or

Eco sailing | 43

Eco-f r iendly sailing Sailors see the havoc that mankind has done to the world?s environment: warm water fish are heading further north up the coast, while colder water fish are retreating. Plastic is everywhere, while sailing at dusk a few miles offshore you can see the filthy air of cities just over the horizon. Living with the environment, it is only sensible to protect it, right? Sou r ce: Kavas Green technology is really advancing these days, to the point that many multinational companies are bringing in renewables to their energy use for a guaranteed power supply where once they would have chosen fossil fuels. Electr ic motor s Electric motors are coming of age now. They are efficient and weigh the same overall as a diesel system. A 2015 article in Blue Water Sailing summed up the advantages: ?A complete system weighs about the same as a comparable diesel with full tanks, but the batteries can be located nearly anywhere that the weight serves the boat. And unlike diesel, which is consumed, the batteries can be used in place of ballast, thus making the entire boat lighter and more nimble while freeing up internal storage space.? Another thing is the silence ? you won?t have to shout over the noise when you are running under propeller power even when going flat out.

L ithium batter ies? The next thing you should consider for your yacht is a good set of lithium batteries. They are lighter than lead acid. One expert explained it it this way: ?100 to 250 watt-hours per kilogram for lithium-ion cells, compared to about 45 Wh/kg for the most energy-dense lead-acid cells available and about 18 Wh/kg of usable capacity in a typical deep-cycle marine battery.? Lithium batteries also take

a far quicker charge. While lead acid batteries can take around 0.25 amps per amp hour, lithium batteries can be charged at around 100 times faster. There are two drawbacks ? lithium batteries are less safe than lead acid and they cost a lot more. You just need to look at how the Samsung phones took to exploding to get an idea of what can happen if mishandled! This can be offset by taking proper precautions in the area of

the boat they are kept. As to their cost? This is plummeting every year. Hydro gener ation A new technology is coming to maturity in sailing yachts, where you have a special propeller dragging in the water. Instead of driving the boat, it spins as you travel and the spinning generates electricity that is put into the battery bank. Yacht racers have been using these for years but the technology is starting to

Photo - Pacific Yacht Systems


44 | Eco sailing carbon emissions in this blog. For every 400 litres of fuel your yachts uses, you will pay less than US$1 to offset your carbon emissions used while afloat!

Photot - Merri Mar Yacht Basin

"he cloudy and stormy UK could cut around 50% of its fossil fuel emissions if it took solar seriously using available technology." reach the cruising yacht market. For around 3800 euro you can install a Watt and Sea cruising hydrogenerator on your boat. This will start putting charge into your battery at about 2 knots and works well at around 5 knots. Let?s face it, 7 knots is a good clip on most cruising yachts! Solar sails Tested on racing yachts, solar cells are laminated to the sailcloth. A solar energy supply blog described the system: ?These cutting-edge, light-weight films can generate electricity in low light and indirect sunlight. They are supple enough to handle the sail being luffed as well as folded. The panels will be put in the upper part of the main,


above the third reef.? Unless you?ve furled your sail you will have energy supply. Not a bad gig that is it?! Solar cells have been around for decades, but the technology is just about reaching maturity. The whole of the cloudy and stormy UK could cut around 50% of its fossil fuel emissions if it took solar seriously using available technology. Wind gener ation

While focused primarily on the superyacht end of the market, the company Yacht Carbon Offset will happily deal with smaller cruising yacht sailors as well. Under the international carbon trading system, ?carbon credits?are generated by emission reduction projects such as renewable power stations that need supplementary funding to get off the ground. The quantity of emissions saved as the result of each project is calculated by an auditor and this drives the number of credits issued. There is now a well-developed set of international standards governing this. Carbon traders buy these credits and sell them to businesses and people who wish to

Yachts have had wind generators for years. Now the technology is what it is, for around 1200 euro you can buy a piece of kit that should keep your battery refreshed in most conditions. In a recent product review, Sailing Today recommended the AirBreeze range of wind generators in terms of quality and the most reliable energy output.

There are other projects around the world too. You can support the regeneration of wetlands and sea grass habitats through a charity in the US. The 2015 Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Newport, Rhode Island offset their carbon emissions by paying for around an acre of wetlands to be regenerated. The chief criticism of these schemes is that you are emitting carbon in the first place. Not all carbon offsetting schemes are very good either. For example, if your carbon credits come from a hydroelectric plant in Brazil, thousands of indigenous people may have been thrown off their ancestral lands and millions of trees may have been cut down to prepare the project. Not so environmentally friendly after all? Overall?

Car bon offset for the lazy Did you know you could tap into the commercial carbon trading system when you go sailing? This is by far the cheapest approach to tackle your

neutralise their fossil fuel environmental impact.

Watt & Sea Cruising Hydro-generator

It is possible to go carbon neutral or even carbon negative by spending a little money. While the cheapest way is to go through high finance, the best way may be to spend a few Euros on making your boat generate no emissions at all. Ultimately it is down to your conscience and the world you want your children to inherit from you. Do you want climate change calamity for your kids to mop up or do you want to minimise your impact from your hobby in the first place?

Superyacht delights | 45

By Ch r is Jeffer ies Sou r ce: Boat Italian yard Azimut used the recent Versilia Yachting Rendezvous to give a public debut to its new flagship, the Grande 35M. Hull number one was launched earlier this year for a Middle Eastern owner and hull number two is nearing completion, the yard added. Exterior styling is by Stefano Righini, while the serene interior dĂŠcor is courtesy of Achille Salvagni, with an emphasis on flowing lines and classic features that have been reimagined in a contemporary style. Key materials include brass, bronze and stainless steel, while a variety of wood finishes adds interest and texture.

The Italian yard adds that the Azimut Grande 35M features two superyacht beach clubs, one in the stern and one in the trapezoidal bow, which measures 30 metres square, excluding the walkways. This space has been put to good use with a hydro massage spa pool flanked by sofas and sunloungers. This entire area can be hydraulically raised to provide access to the winches and fender racks below.



In a first for this segment of the market, the upper deck will be available with a 30 square metre raised observation deck. The main deck master suite features floor-to-ceiling glazing and has been fitted out with what Azimut-Benetti claims is the largest fold-out superyacht terrace on the market, complete with pop-up stanchions. Accommodation is for a total of ten guests, with four more guest cabins below decks, arranged as two


doubles and two twins. A spiral superyacht staircase with backlit oynx steps connects all three decks on the Azimut Grande 35M. Meanwhile, the crew quarters is situated in the bow, with room for up to six crewmembers. Power comes from a pair of 2,400hp MTU 16V2000 M93 engines for a top speed of 25.5 knots. The hull has been optimised for cruising across a wide range of speeds from 10-21 knots.

"The Azimut Grande 35M has a top speed of 25.5 knots "


Tech at sea | 47

Best apps for boat er s


Testing apps for boaters isn?t something one can do very scientifically, but having the chance to give many of them a test drive at one time gives some pretty good comparisons about their usefulness and ease of use. We didn?t test any losers here but noted each had By Ran dy Van ce Sou r ce: Boatin g M agazin e At one time, we scoffed at the idea of using a tablet as the primary navigation device. You can get some very basic Bluetooth sonar devices, but you can?t connect an autopilot to a tablet (yet). Tablets aren?t waterproof or built to take the G-force impact of boating, either. You?ll have to look at this BoatingLAB comparison to see the cases we found to mitigate those woes, but remember, navigation apps are all battery hogs and waterproof tablet cases usually don?t accommodate watertight charging. Nevertheless, we were impressed with the navigation power and weather tracking these apps exhibited. U.S. Coast Guar d M obile App Use this app to look up all the pertinent boating safety info for your state. The app provides a lot of important information and services, including a safety equipment checklist for your boat. You can also request a free safety check for your vessel. Taking a short trip or a long cruise? File an official float plan that your friends and family can see too. Need to brush up on your navigation rules? They?re in the app. If you?re on a cruise and you spot a previously unreported hazard to navigation, you can use the app to report it. You can

also report pollution or suspicious activity and get up-to-date weather reports from the National -Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather buoys that are closest to you. What?s the most important feature? Should you need immediate help on the water but can?t get to your radio, the emergency assistance button can call the closest Coast Guard command center or dial 911 to connect you to emergency services and get help. (To work best, location services must be turned on.) The Coast Guard app is free on both iTunes and Google Play. ? Pete McDonald Optima Batter ies Vir tual Reality App I now know how it feels to race in the Baja on a race boat and have a whole day of tournament fishing with Nitro Boats?fishing pro Edwin Evers, looking around and seeing just what he sees, knowing what it?s like to find and hook bass from his Nitro boat. Then I can click over to the passenger seat of Mark Stielow?s 1969 Camaro on the new M1 Concourse track in Pontiac, Michigan, and hang on through dizzying turns. But Corey Weller?s SR1 off-road racing truck is the one that gives you the feeling of flight. From your virtual passenger

seat, you?ll feel your stomach fall as her truck soars over one dirt berm after another. Did I mention this app is free? If you don?t have a cardboard reader, this is the best excuse to get one I?ve seen. Get the Optima VR app and buy a Google cardboard viewer on Amazon or Google Play. ? Randy Vance I NavX How did it work? This may be the most powerful, seamless navigation app we?ve tested on a smartphone. Download NOAA raster charts and navigate by contours, markers, and all the detail you?d expect on a chart plotter. Set a course and navigate to it. A navigation bar provides data, such as speed over ground, course, ETA and more. Here?s the deal maker: INavX even allows you to download and overlay weather radar, satellite SSTs, and other GRIB data at will. It?s a revelation to use on your phone or tablet. $24.99; ? Randy Vance

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48 | Tech at sea

RaceL ogic Vbox Spor t Boating?s known for impressive test gear, but trying to measure braking and deceleration stats for a recent PWC - comparison taxed even our mighty bag of tools. Enter RaceLogic?s Vbox Sport. A spinoff of the Vbox that data loggers commonly use in performance auto testing, the Sport is a bright-blue, water-resistant gadget about the size of a deck of playing cards that samples GPS readings at an impressive 20 times per second. Controls are two-button simple ? power it on, then toggle between record and pause. Indicator lights -monitor power, GPS signal, Bluetooth, and SD-card activity. Data ? such as speed, acceleration and deceleration curves, lap times and more ? is stored on the included SD card and can be interpreted by VBox?s Windows-based software or displayed in real time via Bluetooth on the company?s free, simple-to-use apps for iPhone or iPad.

localized winds. The more you zoom in, the more weather stations appear.

in GPS mode, or up to six weeks in watch mode, without charging. The onboard three-axis compass and altimeter make it the ultimate personal-navigation device. INavX

Garmin Quatix 3 and Garmin Connect App

U.S. Coast Guard Mobile App


FishWeather Wind forecasts help in avoiding the worst winds, and the more localized and detailed the forecast, the better. That?s where FishWeather excels. This mobile app offers access to -Fish--Weather?s exclusive weather station network and crowdsourcing, plus 50,000 other weather stations around the world. FishWeather covers lakes and rivers, as well as ocean and bay waters. The basic app is free, but you can also pony up for premium service levels. The proprietary hour-by-hour forecast models have proven very accurate in terms of wind speed and direction, giving me the guidance to pack it in (if the forecast calls for strong winds) or the confidence to fish longer (if the forecast is for mild winds). FishWeather gives you the ability to pan around its map of weather stations to compare forecasts from area to area that give you an idea of WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

Optima Batteries Virtual Reality App RaceLogic Vbox Sport

Gar min Quatix 3 and Gar min Connect App If a smartwatch is on your radar, don?t jump until you?ve looked at the Garmin Quatix 3 Marine GPS smartwatch and the Garmin Connect IQ app. More than a watch, it combines powerful boating with multisports widgets and text, email and social notifications, along with audible and vibrating signals. Wirelessly connect to your Garmin navigation suite to stream location, sonar depth, water temp or any engine data. The Quatix 3 is waterproof to 328 feet, and it?s impressive battery power keeps it running up to 20 hours

The Garmin Connect app captures workout data and steps and stairs climbed, giving an hourly update of your fitness efforts. Widgets enable snazzy watch faces, navigation data and cool weather notifications that keep you apprised of changing conditions with a vibrating alarm. It?s a durable, smarter choice for boaters and anglers ? especially when you see the current tides right on your casting wrist. $599 for Quatix 3; app is free; -Randy Vance The NOAA, Plan2Nav, Navionics Boating, Garmin BlueChart Mobile and rest apps in the next issue!

On board | 49

How t o succeed in a yacht job int er view

By Sar ah Rowl an d Sou r ce: Yach tin g Pages

As with many professions, it can be difficult to get a ?foot in the door?to start a career in the yachting industry, with many first-time yachties finding the yachting interview process a little different to navigate than that of the corporate world that they are used to. With the marine recruitment industry currently being deemed by many to be a candidate-short market, there has never been a better time to take the risk. Laurence Lewis, director of YPI Crew gave top tips for succeeding in yacht job interviews, and common mistakes that many crew may make when trying to secure that elusive yacht job.

Secur ing a yacht j ob inter view As in the corporate world, skilled candidates are always at a premium in the yachting industry with there often being serious competition for newcomers to face. However, there will also always be entry-level yacht jobs available. Whether you?re a newbie or experienced yachtie, it will be helpful for you to

find and hold on to a good yacht crew agent to secure that perfect yacht job. With the right contacts, a crew or marine recruitment agent will be able to get your CV into the hands of the right people at the right time, and to advise on the ways in which to succeed at your yacht job interview. It?s important to understand that, even once you have secured the opportunity for interview, you are not

fooled by the invitation for a ?chat?with the interviewer: Yacht job interviews may often be a lot less formal than those in the corporate world, but they are still interviews nonetheless. Laurence explained, ?An interview is never really a ?chat?. If you are invited to go for a chat, you may set yourself up for failure. An interview is really a screening process, whereby WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

50 | On board a yacht owner, captain or head of department will evaluate a potential crew member: They have already decided that your CV is interesting, and now they want to know more about you and decide whether you are the best person for the job.? But, it?s not all doom and gloom; whether formal or informal, interviews are a chance for potential crew to get a feel for the job, as much as it is a chance for the owner, captain or department manager to get to know the candidate. Laurence continued, ?In an interview, both sides are screening each other. In most cases, there is a clear power imbalance inherent in the interview, but it?s not as one-sided as you might think: The crew or captain needs a job, and the owner or captain needs someone to do the job. So, whilst the interview is not a chat, it will become a conversation between two people who each have something that the other wants. The key is therefore for the candidate to come across as competent, confident and friendly.? I nter viewing for your fir st yacht j ob An interview will typically set out to distinguish a candidate?s strengths, motivation and cultural fit on-board. Questions (and therefore answers) should therefore be indirectly formulated to prove the following points: Can the candidate do the job? Will they enjoy doing WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

"The key is to come across as competent, confident and friendly." the job? Will they be easy to work and live with? So, how do you prove that you have potential as a candidate? Laurence said, ?By definition, as a junior stewardess or junior deckhand, you will have little or no experience in the yachting industry. But don?t see this as a weak point ? we all have to start somewhere. ?As you cannot back up your application with a lot of experience, and even if you have worked in hospitality before, it is unlikely that you would have knowledge of such a luxurious environment. You need to capitalise on other strengths and attributes: How you present yourself, how you communicate and relate to other people, and how you show flexibility and willingness to learn.?

Laurence explained, ?This is a common interview question, and is not just an ice-breaker, but your chance to really shine. If answered well, it will unquestionably increase your chances of obtaining a job offer. ?A lot is at stake here, and like most things in life it is about preparation. You will need to provide a coherent answer that has been prepared well in advance of the interview. Practice at home or with a friend and keep your answer straight and to-the-point. Two to three minutes is a good starting point.? The interviewer (likely to be the captain of the yacht) is really looking to find out what is in it for him/her should they hire you; what you will bring to the job and that you will be a good fit to the current yacht and its crew/activities. Why do you want to wor k on a yacht? Do not say that you want to work on a yacht because you want to travel, or to

You should usually: - Wear a clean, crisp whit e polo shirt or t -shirt wit h beige or navy t rousers or skirt - Wear your hair up and neat and t idy - Look nat ural, leaving heavy make up at home - Have clean, shaped nails and be well groomed - Convey resilience, commit ment and t eam spirit - Demonst rat e commit ment t o t he job, so it is clear t hat you will not quit halfway t hrough t he season Common inter view questions for a yacht j ob Tell me about your self

rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Either of these answers focus on you and

your needs rather than that of the yacht. Remember, you are there to highlight what it is that you can help the captain with. Why should we hire you? Laurence said, ?Often asked at the end of the interview, this question is critical. It is often make or break time. Here, the interviewer is giving you the opportunity to sell yourself one last time, so that you can convince him that you are right for the job. ?This is particularly great if the interviewer has already mentally dismissed you as a viable candidate, giving him chance to consider you one last time. If you answer the question well, it can put you back in the running for the job.? M ake sure to: - Convey that you are a solution to a recruitment problem; - That your skills set, set you apart from the crowd; - That you meet the employer?s needs. Do you have any questions? Think about appropriate questions for the yacht job in hand. Laurence advised that you do not ask about the salary as soon as you arrive at the interview. Instead ask about the yacht, the crew, your duties and the itinerary. M oving into your next yacht j ob

On board | 51

"How you present yourself, how you communicate and relate to other people, and how you show flexibility and willingness to learn." Of course, once you make it into the industry, it?s great if you can quickly progress up the hierarchy on board, moving into new and exciting roles with a little more reward and responsibility. As an experienced yachtie, you may find that you?re skills are in great demand in the industry, but nevertheless, the same rules apply to you as to first-time candidates - and a crew agent with industry experience is a helpful aid

yacht jobs are usually short-notice or sometimes same-day recruitment requests.

in any yacht job search. Remember to keep your training skills up to date, in order to progress. Five key tips to succeed in a yacht j ob inter view Turn your mobile phone off before the interview Show that you are eager to learn Remember to thank the captain for his or her time If you are keen to take the job, say so and communicate that you will represent the yacht well Be ready to move quickly, Credit:

Multilingual Our chauffeurs speak the following languages French Riviera - Cannes - Nice - Monaco - St Tropez

TRANSFERS from airports, hotels, villas, yachts or from your residence to the destination of your choice. short distance | mid distance | long distance AT YOUR DISPOSAL half day | full day One or more vehicles for short, medium or long term.


an d lear n m o r e!

in f o@ak k alim ou sin

w w w.ak k alim ou sin

52 | Cruise ships

Is t his t he wor ld's coolest new cr uise ship? By Jam es Litston Sou r ce: Tel egr aph Miami may be the world's busiest cruise port, but there's more to adventures afloat here than the voyages themselves. At the Innovation Lab - an unassuming building just a stone?s throw from Miami?s docks Celebrity Cruises were revealing how ?magic" happens. Via full-size cabin mock-ups not dissimilar to the ?rooms? at IKEA, and a 3D virtual reality simulator, cruise line representatives were breathing life into designs for the new cruise ship Celebrity Edge, launching next December. Whether it?s a new dining concept, first at-sea attraction or a one-of-a-kind innovation, the evolution of cruising continues apace. The reveal of Celebrity Edge, the first of a new class of ship, raises that bar one notch higher.

"The ship doesn't launch for another 20 months but over 800 bookings were taken within hours of the launch."

As one might expect from the ?modern luxury? brand?s first new ship for six years (and its first fresh design in a decade), Celebrity Edge features industry firsts that the company?s CEO, Richard Fain, reckons ?will establish a new baseline for cruise ships.? Billed as ?a ship designed to leave the future behind?, Edge features Kelly Hoppen interiors, enlarged cabins and a uniquely versatile Magic Carpet among her many USPs. Architectural rules have been rewritten to create an ?outward-facing? aesthetic that breaks from traditional ship design and promises to be the envy of the industry. Central to the concept is a desire for ?greater connection with the ocean?. This is realised most dramatically in the Magic Carpet - a platform that slides between decks. At its lowest position, it?s the Destination Gateway: an embarkation station that makes for more comfortable tendering. Raised to Deck 5, it?s an al-fresco restaurant, or additional entertainment space higher still at Resort Deck level. At its highest elevation,it becomes a speciality restaurant for an intimate ?Dinner on the Edge?.

Credit: Celebrity Cruises WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

Billed as ?a ship designed to leave the future behind?. This game-changing innovation is the work of British architect Tom Wright, whose most talked-about project until now, was Dubai?s sail-like Burj al Arab hotel. Wright?s influence extends to Celebrity Edge?s Resort Deck, whose double-height cabanas and figure-of-eight jogging track further embody the outward-facing brief. Equally ingenious are the Infinite Veranda Staterooms, where balcony and living area are merged into one continuous space. At the touch of a button, guests will be able to expand their stateroom by almost a quarter, stretching it to the water?s edge. For celebrity designer Kelly Hoppen, this was new ground. Her first cruise ship commission, it is also her biggest project to date. ?I?d never been on a cruise before, but felt this would be a great challenge,? she said at the launch in Miami. Refusing to scope out other brands for research, Hoppen ?wanted to come from a different angle so that I could really push the boundaries.? She has transformed the onboard environment, even redesigning the emergency exit signs. The result is thrillingly chic: staterooms dressed in elemental tones (including Hoppen?s signature taupe) lifted by splashes of colour, plus public areas that rival any luxury hotel on land. Especially noteworthy are the two new suite categories, with six split-level Edge Villas and two vast Iconic Suites situated above the bridge for views even better than the Captain?s. Does it work? The ship doesn't launch for another 21 months but over 800 bookings were taken within hours of the launch. Not only are revolutionary designs good for business; they?ve put Celebrity Cruises well ahead of the game.

Credits: Celebrity Cruises

54 | Women in sailing

Female sailor s ar e as good as men since power is not everything Sou r ce: Kavas The M agenta Proj ect

Ellen MacArthur

Sailing is unnecessar ily perceived as a male spor t with meathead 25 year old men gr inding the winches and bur ning 5000 calor ies a r ace from their upper bodies alone in an after noon.

solo circumnavigation record on the trimaran B& Q. Her record stood for many years too. She became a household name and has gone on to make a fortune on the motivational speaking circuit.

At the end of this article you will come to understand that while there are hardly any tasks in elite sailing where men have the grunt women don?t, the chief reason women aren?t at least 50% of the elite yachting world is because of blatant sexism and patriarchy.

Dee Caffar i sailed solo around the world against the prevailing winds in 2005, and got the record of 178 days aboard the 70ft Artemis.

Recor d breaker s Nearly everyone in the UK will know who Ellen M acAr thur is after her Vendee Globe success followed by her


As we have discussed before at Kavas Yachting, this is the most brutal and unforgiving way to go around the world and only 4 other men have succeeded in getting that record. In 2008-09 she came 6th in the Vendee Globe where only 11 finished.

The Magenta Project is an organisation dedicated to changing the sailing scene in women?s favour. Its aims are as follows: * Increase the percentage of professional female sailors from less than 3% to 10% by 2020 * Promote global female role models within the sailing industry * Showcase the differing pathways for women to achieve in sailing * Influence organisations across the globe to develop opportunities for women They run coaching programmes and support teams, including one in the Extreme Sailing Series and racing the flying GC32 catamarans, as well as supporting women into the global ocean racing scene.

"The chief reason women aren?t at least 50% of the elite yachting world is because of blatant sexism and patriarchy." So you?re a leisure sailor ? Not all of us even want to be an elite sailor, men or women. Your cruising yacht isn?t designed for 21 year olds as most people can?t afford a boat until they hit their mid 30?s and most cruising sailors are a lot older than that. Strength really isn?t an issue for bombing around the buoys on the Sunday racing circuit or even sailing

Women in sailing | 55

Sailing Scuttlebutt - The Magenta Project

in a Force 7 Meltemi in the Aegean while on a Greek yacht charter. Being switched on when something happens and being able to get home with a smile on your face and no one injured is again, something for the mind not the body. For most jobs on most yachts, you don?t need a huge physique to get by. In most dinghy and yacht racing fleets

you will often find that the women are as quick or quicker than the men. Sailing is a sport that requires a high level of skill from being able to assess the perfect trim of the sail to working out the Voyage Made Good calculation for the best route down the course. Crossing a strait an ocean, do you need muscles to work out the weather patterns for the next few days ahead?

"For most jobs on most yachts, you don?t need a huge physique to get by." Why then aren?t women properly represented in sailing? The answer is the patriarchy at the top of the world?s sailing clubs. These men have their clubs and clubs control the yachting world. Sailing is a spor t where the best minds win, and sadly too often women must use their minds not to compete with men on the water but ashore to even get aboar d those boats. I t doesn?t need to be this way at all?

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Good to know | 57

EU Roaming Changes For superyachts, travelling in multiple countries is a part of reality. A superyacht owner might decide to go on a trip across multiple European countries, across the Atlantic Ocean, or in any other combination that they wish. Sou r ce: Su per Yach t Tech n ol ogy This reality of travel across multiple countries, however, comes with its own challenges. Aside from the fact that rules and regulations can change from one country to the next, there are other practical difficulties too. Specifically, roaming charges have always been a challenging aspect, particularly for crew members.

Obviously, changing SIM cards is not the most efficient or viable solution. This is even more true for on-board devices such as iPads which often use data for a variety of services. Changing cards on numerous devices or dealing with charges which are hard to calculate are not long-term solutions.

Roaming, data, and changing SI M car ds

EU and roaming char ges

When there is a set destination in mind, superyacht crew members can attempt to manage their roaming beforehand. In many occasions, they will be able to acquire different SIM cards which will have to be swapped out every time the vessels enters a new country.

"Rroaming charges have always been a challenging aspect, particularly for crew members." Those who only wish to use a single plan across many different countries may incur the wrath of telecommunications carriers in the form of roaming charges. This has resulted in a phenomenon that the UK has called ?bill shock? where mobile customers have no idea what their roaming charges are and are subsequently shocked when the bill arrives.

While those services were certainly a viable alternative to the data roaming Women in sailing charges set out by most phone carriers in Europe, they did not represent the best solution. The European Union has been trying to stop roaming charges from carriers for years and their work has finally borne fruit. In February, the EU finally came into an agreement over the regulation of roaming charges between networks. In essence, they agreed upon certain caps over what one carrier can charge another when one of their customers uses their network in another country. What they agreed upon was that voice calls will be 3.2 cents per minute and texts will cost 1 cent between operators. As for data, there will be a continuous reduction in price starting from ?7.70 per GB in 2017 to ?2.5 in 2022. June 2017 ? the end of roaming In addition to the plans above, the EU has detailed its decision to abolish all roaming charges starting from 15 June 2017. Carriers will no longer be

able to charge additional fees specific to roaming charges as the EU will be considered as a single entity for the purposes of data and mobile costs. While some carriers attempted to circumvent this decision the minute the EU made its announcement, the official response was swift; there will be no loopholes here. After many years of trying, the EU will finally achieve an end to roaming charges in June 2017 and they will not allow any single company to undermine the process. Super yacht Roaming What this means for superyachts is simple: if an owner, guest, or crew member wishes to use their own phone and data plan abroad, they will now be able to do so without fear of accumulating exorbitant fees. Of course, this does not mean that standard data plans will suddenly work better in the high seas. It merely means that anyone on a superyacht cruise will be able to use their phone normally without being charged simply for being in a different country. Importantly, the rule only applies to member states of the European Union. For instance, the UK will be exempt from this rule in 2019 after they leave the EU and any other European country which does not belong in the Union will still incur roaming charges as per usual.


58 | World

Dubai set t o build $1.7b man-made islands Mar sa Al Ar ab by 20 20

By Th om as Page Sou r ce: CNN

Dubai is growing again, and again it's building into the sea. Global investment company Dubai Holding unveiled this week plans for Marsa Al Arab, a four million square feet pair of man-made islands either side of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the city's iconic sail-shaped hotel. The project, estimated to cost $1.72 billion, will add 1.4 miles of beach to Dubai's coastline. With ground breaking scheduled for June, Dubai Holding say the islands will be completed late 2020. Geared towards tourists, one island will include family-friendly resorts, a 2.5 million square-foot WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

marine park and a custom built 1,700-seat theater, home to the Middle East's first Cirque du Soleil show. It will also house 300 seafront apartments. The second, private island is set to host 14- luxury villas and marina for residents, along with a boutique hotel. Marsa Al Arab will add 2,400 hotel rooms to the Jumeirah Group's portfolio. The group is part of Dubai Holding, which is majority-owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai. Jumeriah Group have

experience when it comes to man-made islands. They manage the Burj Al Arab, located 280 meters off Jumeirah Beach on artificial land first constructed in 1994. Other artificial islands of grander scale and logistical complexity have followed the Burj, with varying levels of success. Palm Jumeirah, 9.6-square miles and constructed between 2001 and 2006, is now home to hundreds of family residences and at least two dozen hotels. Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira are both set to eclipse the Jumeirah, but have

suffered setbacks stemming from the global financial crisis of 2008. Construction of the former began in 2002 but it remains incomplete, while the latter, still in construction, has been scaled down and rebranded Deira Islands. Luxury 300-island system The World was constructed 2.5 miles off the Dubai coast between 2003 and 2008. Most islands were sold off to contractors to

"Dubai is building two new artificial islands to cater for families and luxury travellers."

build private residences in 2008, but thus far the archipelago remains largely unoccupied. Jumeirah Group will be hoping Marsa Al Arab will avoid this fate, positioning the project as a tourist-friendly locale happy to host the influx of visitors expected to descend upon the city for Expo 2020.

Photo credit: Dubai media office


60 | Awards

Galact ica Super Nova and Amor e Mio winners at t he World Superyacht Awards

Amore Mio

Galactica Super Nova

Sou r ce: H eesen Yach ts On May 13, 2017, both Amore M io and Galactica Super Nova received the coveted Neptune Trophy at the Wor ld Super yacht Awar ds, the Oscars of the superyacht industry. This prestigious event was held at Palazzo Vecchio where the industry leaders, designers, and superyacht owners gathered in the fabulous Salone dei Cinquecento to celebrate the finest yachts of the year. These awards recognise the remarkable ingenuity and innovation demanded by the design, engineering and construction of the world?s finest luxury yachts. Attended by the elite of the superyacht world, owners and industry leaders came together to recognise the finest superyachts launched throughout 2016. Amore M io (Winner


Semi-Displacement or Planing M otor Yachts 40m to 49.9m) This class tested the judges? analytical skills and every yacht was treated to detailed scrutiny and discussion. Following this, the secret ballot proved the 45 metre Heesen Amore Mio to be their favourite. The judges admired the versatility of this vessel, which offers an unusual blend of 30-knot performance and a 2,750 nautical mile range at its 12-knot cruising speed. Her owners?requested a ?summer house on the sea? and the judges felt this to be well met, with spacious open decks offering admirable dining and lounging areas on two levels aft, while the foredeck offers additional sun-lounging and seating. The technical aspects of the

yacht were also praised, particularly the build quality, the gyro-stabilisers that provide low speed and ?at anchor?stability, and the possibility to deploy life preservers at the push of a button. Galactica Super Nova (Winner Semi-Displacement or Planing M otor Yachts 50m and Above) This vessel is an example of a newly developed category of fast yachts whose hull form provides optimum performance at both full displacement speeds and well above. Whether this 30-knot yacht has a full-displacement or a semi-displacement hull is arguable, but it has been placed in the Semi-Displacement Class for this event because, being a high performance

vessel, she shares a semi-displacement yacht?s need for lightness of construction, in that any excess of weight will seriously detract from her performance. Given this decision, the judges also felt that, because Galactica Super Nova is 20 metres longer than the next largest yacht in her class and therefore able to pack in far more luxury, it was impossible to compare her with the smaller boats. She was, therefore, put into her own category and the judges applied the test of whether she is worthy of a Neptune. In view of her build quality, appearance and high level of superb facilities, she passed this test with flying colours and was rewarded with a Neptune.

62 | Interview

An int er view w it h Pen Mar ine?s Oh Kean Shen on t he yacht ing business in Penang By M ik e Der r ett Sou r ce: Lu xu o

Pen Marine?s Oh Kean Shen divulges his secret to success in the boating industry: choose a job you love. Simple.

"Remember, during that time, there was no GPS and we only had a compass. I had never had any navigational training or idea of navigational rules!" Oh Kean Shen is one of the stalwarts of the leisure boating industry in South East Asia, passionate about boating and a dynamic personality. Shen always has a ready smile and a cheery greeting for anyone, not just his customers. Spending all his life in Penang, but having studied and obtained a degree in mechanical engineering in Australia and having travelled a lot in Asia and Europe, Shen has a vast knowledge and understanding of boating in Asia. He has been one of the key personalities behind the growth of the industry, not only on his home ground of Malaysia, but across other South East Asian countries where he is well respected. The brainchild of Shen and his friend Pheh Hoe Huat, Pen Marine is a leading player in the pleasure boat industry in the region, representing leading international shipyards as well as manufacturing its own boats to WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

meet the specific needs of its clients. How did you get into the leisure boating business and what were your fir st memor ies? My father had a new shipyard in Penang that was started in 1982. Two years after I graduated from university in Adelaide (1980) I was working at a steel factory in Penang. In 1984 my father asked me to manage the shipyard at Batu Maung in Penang Malaysia, this involved the repair of military boats. When I arrived at the shipyard, I remember one Royal Marine Police patrol boat, and a 40 ft wooden hull motor yacht on the slipway. My first impression was that I should expand from military craft to the pleasure and commercial market. While repairing military boats I began to research pleasure boats and eventually advertised to sell small outboard

motor boats, Yamaha hulls from Japan. I was joined by Pheh Hoe Huat, an automobile engineer and keen angler to promote pleasure boating, and so in 1988 Pen Marine was formed. What was your fir st leisure boat exper ience? I wanted to tender for a government order to build a 17 ft outboard motor boat for the Customs and Excise. I bought a boat from Gordon Robinson of Marlborough Fibreglass in New Zealand and took the boat out to a nearby island. On the way back to Penang, a storm kicked up and we couldn?t see land. Friends who came along on the trip were white-faced, yet I was comfortable in the knowledge that I had bought a good seaworthy boat and should not worry. We got back to Penang safely, but it was a rapid learning curve for me. Remember, during that time, there was no GPS and we only had a compass. I had never had any navigational training or idea of navigational rules! How has the business side grown for you? I have been involved in an advisory role with the banking and yachting

Interview | 63

"Travel certainly broadens the mind far more than books, films or the internet.? industry to remove the import duty on boats and help the industry grow, and it has. I was also involved in the formation of AMIM (Association of Marine Industry Malaysia) and was Honorary Treasurer for eight years. I assisted the Malaysian Government in the formation of Langkawi International Yacht Registry and was an advisor to the EPU (Economic Planning Unit) on the development of marinas in Malaysia. A big move for Pen Marine was when we went into the superyacht business as an area representative for the Dutch builders Heesen. I sold the first yacht in South East Asia for them in 1996, with an additional four more since. I have always felt that being a direct representative for a shipyard presents a better picture to a prospective customer than being a broker with no strong ties to any shipyard. Where do you see the industr y and Pen M ar ine going in the future? 35 years ago, Pen Marine set a goal for five years, then another five years and another five years. We may not have been completely accurate with our forecasting, but the yachting industry has grown and we will continue to grow. I am confident that our range of products and our outreach across the region will continue to be our focus at Pen Marine. There are several challenges to overcome and the next generation will need to work on them. In the near future, there is a need to develop yacht financing for the middle class market, provide professional captains and crews to satisfy the yacht owners, and develop a world class infrastructure for yacht repair,

skills and knowledge.

snorkelling and diving.

The world is becoming smaller and more global and many people in Asia are looking for new activities that have an element of challenge and adventure.

I have owned my own yacht, sailed as far north to the Similan Islands in Phuket and as far east as the Anambas Islands. All these experiences are mild in comparison to many others in this industry, but what counts is the enrichment to my yachting lifestyle. This couldn?t have been achieved without some of my yachting friends, some of whom were with me when we went through the Tsunami in Phuket and we now refer to ourselves as the Tsunami brothers. I have also had the opportunity to travel all over the world to visit boat shows and meet manufacturers, designers and yachting personalities. I can say that all the experiences have been really valuable and have helped me develop my business. Travel certainly broadens the mind far more than books, films or the internet.

What are your memor able exper iences in the industr y? I shall start with the bad and get that out of the way first! I ordered a stock boat and it was on a trip to Penang from Singapore with a delivery skipper (I was not on board) just before Chinese New Year in the early 1990s. Unfortunately the boat caught fire due to a fault in the engine room and sank some 40 nm from Kuala Lumpur. But the gods shone down as everyone on board was rescued by a US Navy ship passing by the Malacca Straits. Moving on to the good things, everything else in my career in the industry has been wonderful. Meeting interesting people, visiting the best yacht builders in the world, sailing in a mega yacht in Mediterranean waters, spending quality time with clients who are all wonderful and successful people and most of all having the ability to go yachting,

"I have always felt that being a direct representative for a shipyard presents a better picture to a prospective customer than being a broker with no strong ties to any shipyard. ?


64 | Vacations


What sort of information should you be looking for when seeking a private gulet charter? Sou r ce: M ir ya Yach tin g If this is your first time looking for a private gulet cruise holiday, there are a list of things that is good to know, before making a final decision on the boat as well as the itinerary. Referring to an gulet cruise F.A.Q. page which contains are the most often asked questions is a good start. Over time agents have collected these questions in order to assist clients in making a suitable choice of gulet for their cruise as well as what to expect and how to prepare for their trip. It is also beneficial to know the regions. Where to go, what is there to see and the activities that you and your guests can do. Gulet cruise blogs are also another great source of WWW.YACHTCREWCLUB.COM

information. Information such as destination choices, what can be found in these breathtaking places, when to go, what type of boats to look for, and so much more. Are all gulet cr uises the same? Not one gulet trip will be the same as the next ? even if you have experienced a gulet charter holiday more than once. Also not one group of guests will have the same interests as the other. Gulet holidays are an altogether completely custom planned and organized holiday that is aimed at your interests, requirements and other criteria. I s it easy to plan a gulet

holiday? Well, it can be if you and your guests know what they want and expect out of their holidays. There are so many combinations. These types of holidays may be flexible, in order to cater to everyone?s needs. Gulet holidays are really about taking it easy, having fun, seeing interesting places and enjoying the delightful dishes from the Turkish and Mediterranean kitchen, while the crew take good care of you and your guests. What are the boat char ter itiner ar ies like? There are many pre-planned itineraries to choose from in every key region that gulet charters are available. It?s usually

best to choose from these because they have been designed according to popularity, feasibility for various weather conditions, places of interest and more importantly; the safety of the guests, crew and boat. However you are welcome to alter them as long as it passes by the captain?s ?ok?. An expert gulet charter agent will be able to guide you regarding your itinerary. Also once you have boarded your gulet charter, it is always a good idea to place a map on the table and go over your route with the captain of the boat. They are usually the best people to ask as they know the waters rather well.

Credit: Prestige Boat

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