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The characteristics and uses of Etrog fruit Etrog is actually the fruit on Citron trees cultivated mainly in Israel. It has a thick peel which is faintly ribbed and yellow in color. It resembles a lot to lemon in appearance, taste, color and scent. The fruit has great role in one of the greatest Jewish rituals, the Sukkot. This fruit is one among the four species which are used during a waving custom at the time of Sukkot. Etrog along with Lulav, hadas and aravah are held while doing the Hoshana and Hallel prayers. The fruit is really light weight when its size is considered; a same sized lemon would have weighed much more. This is because of the rind nature of fruit with too little juice or pulp. A typical fruit has highly dense, huge core which is too rare for citrus fruits. Though the pulp area is formed as segments, it cannot be separated easily. In earlier days, the fruit was used in treating abdominal ailments, respiratory troubles and seasickness. Nowadays these fruits are used in making baked goods, candies and jam. The main use of these fruits however is for the ritual purposes as mentioned earlier. As per the customs, the fruit used in the rituals must abide to some quality norms or else they are considered unfit for usage. It is commonly

seen that people fall for the offers by unauthorized suppliers who sell the products which lack the needed quality. They offer the Etrog fruits at amazingly lower rates but when they are examined carefully, it is usually revealed that the fruits you purchased are not eligible for doing rituals. Certain things must be checked about the fruit before purchasing it if you are purchasing it directly from the vendor. The first thing to be assured about your product is that there should be some genuine guarantee that the fruit is pure one and not a hybrid variety. It should be in perfect shape and no part should be missed. The stem should be intact, skin unbroken and Pitom undamaged. You can use the fruit which are elongated and not entirely round. It is a kosher fruit if the pitam is shed in course of growing phase. But if the pitam breaks of on the holiday, the fruit is regarded as damaged and with it rituals can’t be performed. But unfortunately it is many times not an easy task for you to identify the fruit meeting the required standard norms. There are lots of websites from which you can order genuine products. The special team concerned with the online sellers monitors the entire things from growing up of the fruits to its delivery thus assuring youonly the best products. Find more information at or call us on +1 888969-3776 Follow us:

The characteristics and uses of Etrog fruit