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Whether you are in the market for a new home, rental or investment property, or summer residence, one of the most important relationships you can build is between you and your real estate agent. Even when you are not actively seeking to purchase property, your real estate agent can keep you alerted to trends in the market that you may very well like to take advantage of. In today's troubled economic times, real estate remains to be a safe and solid investment. This is proven by Canada Mortgage and Housing statistics, showing that despite the economic slowdown, property is still moving, with increased numbers being reported on a regular basis. If you are one of the lucky ones, you may want to seek investing in real estate as a means to keep your money safe, and a good strong relationship with a real estate agent is the place to start. As in any relationship, you'll want a foundation that is based on honesty, integrity and trust. Be up front and open about your intentions. Just because you don't want to buy right away, doesn't mean an agent won't take you seriously. Don't believe the hype...yes, us agents like our quick sales, but any good agent knows that it's the relationships you foster that keep you in the business, and the good name you build by helping your clients. Ask to have a meeting to discuss the options available to you in today's market. Use your agent to help build your action plan by looking at where you are now versus where you want to be. The wealth of knowledge available to a well established agent is an integral part of any solid, real estate investment plan. Ask your agent to set you up to receive email notification for any properties that may suite your plan. They will be sent directly to you, allowing you the time to research the investment possibilities, and should it prove interesting, your agent will be able to set up a personal tour of the subject. As your portfolio grows, you have access to equity and income that you will be able to invest elsewhere. Your agent will also be able to keep you alerted to buyers that may want to do business with you. This doesn't mean that your property is kept listed on the market...simply that if you have the property and the agent has the buyer, a profitable resale for you could be just a phone call away. Communication is vital in this relationship as well as any other. Keeping in touch and staying on top of the trends in your community is they only way to ensure you maximize your profit potential. Start growing your relationship here and get to know the agents of Hants Realty Ltd. The key to securing real estate investment properties in Central Nova Scotia.

Natasha Head has been a licensed Realtor in Nova Scotia since 1993. A resident of the Town of Stewiacke, Natasha enjoys the wonderful small town charm and friendly helpful people that abound in this quaint Nova Scotia town. If you would like to learn more about real estate investment potential in Nova Scotia, feel free to contact her any time

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==== ==== All your Nova Scotia Real Estate needs met at East Hants Realty ==== ====

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