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==== ==== Never pay for products you can resell again. ==== ====

With so many things now available online and digitally it makes sense to use the opportunity to create an online business selling these products. The thing is how do you go about selling these products? This short article gives you a brief outline on how to get started selling products online that you have the rights to sell. It is surprisingly easy to do and inexpensive. Digital products that you may have the rights to sell include ebooks, audio books, videos and software. Step One: Sign up for membership with a site that offers resale products. This site should provide you with all the material required to sell each product including a small certificate that gives you full resale rights. These sites are updated and added to on a regular basis and cost as little as 11 cents a day to be part of. The really good membership will provide you with free information on how to start selling the digital products online as well as a heap of other free information that will help get you started. The membership site should be easy to navigate and professionally built. Many are just thrown together and are totally unprofessional. This can lead to you getting corrupted files, messy downloads and even viruses on your downloads. Step Two: Decide what you want to sell. You can sell products in packages, singularly or from a purpose built online shop. You can even sell on eBay as long as you put them on a disc. Step Three: Download all the digital products or some of the digital products your membership offers you free of charge. The membership site should offer you unlimited downloads so your savings are massive and your profits are huge. It is important before you resell a digital product you read/listen or install the product so it is tested by you. That means you can comfortably promote it and understand what it is about in turn ensuring you can provide any customer service as required. In most cases you don't require any special skills to sell your products as there are numerous online sites that offer you a "shop" to sell digital products and even create an online shop. Every day thousands of people sell digital products. The competition does not lay in price but how you promote yourself and offer your product. That is why it is important you utilise the information that is provided with your membership to download products.

Katherine Quirke is a successful Australian based business entrepreneur with an IT background, has owned a number of businesses over the last 20 years. Sharing her business knowledge is a passion.Get a resellers membership from:

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==== ==== Never pay for products you can resell again. ==== ====

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