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you create greatness.

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Creating Opportunities


Creating Legacies


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Creating Experiences


Please note that this publication represents gifts received during calendar year 2011. Every effort has been made to recognize our donors accurately. If you notice your name or giving society is in error, please contact the EIU Foundation at 217-581-7388.

EIU Foundation Board of Directors 2011-2012 Ex Officio Members

Board Associates

Julie Nimmons

Leslie A. McDaniel, CPA Executive Officer

Timothy Burke ’71, ’72

EIU Board of Trustees Representative Litchfield, Illinois

Vice President Evanston, Illinois

William L. Perry

Executive Assistant, Assistant Secretary

Jason Anselment ’97 President Springfield, Illinois

William Robinson ’76

President Eastern Illinois University

Treasurer Scottsdale, Arizona

Robert K. Martin

April D. Marchuk Nancy R. Zytka Outreach Coordinator

Vice President for University Advancement

William J. Warmoth ’71

Christine Reid Robertson ’62 Secretary Naperville, Illinois

William V. Weber

Paul A. McCann

Vice President for Business Affairs

Foundation Assistant Treasurer Treasurer and Director of Business Services Eastern Illinois University

Mike Cunningham ’70, ’73 Marietta, Georgia

Judy Ethell ’82

Julie Sterling Alumni Association Board Charleston, Illinois

Chesterfield, Missouri

H. Michael Finkle ’62 Naples, Florida

David J. Maurer Charleston, Illinois

Sue C. Payton ’72 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Charles W. Witters ’68, ’70 Las Vegas, Nevada

Foundation Attorney

Tami Babbs ’87, ’96 Interim Assistant Comptroller Eastern Illinois University

Sara Harwood ’01 Foundation Accountant

Sandra Wheeler Accounting Technician

Wendy Hershey Principal Mercer Investment Consulting

Patrick Harrington Farm Manager First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust

Mission Statement The Eastern Illinois University Foundation exists for the following purposes: To encourage and provide private support to Eastern Illinois University, including the region which the University serves, and to promote the ideals of volunteerism and philanthropy among alumni, friends and employees of the University; To assist and support Eastern Illinois University’s educational and cultural mission through encouraging philanthropic gifts of cash, property and other materials of educational and artistic value; and To enhance the educational activities of Eastern Illinois University students and employees by participating in and supporting academic and artistic programming through scholarships and grants. 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Jason Anselment

President, Eastern Illinois University Foundation

I am honored to serve the Eastern Illinois University Foundation as its president. This responsibility has particular significance for me. Were it not for the generosity of EIU and this Foundation some 20 years ago, I could not have afforded a college education. So, I am keenly aware that this organization truly serves as a “foundation� for EIU and its students. Sadly, in recent years, college students have become more and more reliant upon financial assistance to fulfill their dream of a higher education. As state support has diminished, our students and their families have been asked to pay or borrow more and more. The current job market, or lack thereof, has only increased this burden. As you know, EIU has a proud history of providing one of the most affordable higher educations in the Midwest. In my view, a student body with a diverse socio-economic background is one of Eastern’s advantages and a critical part of the educational experience. For EIU to thrive and remain affordable, it is critical that those who benefitted from a firstclass education do our part to ensure its future success. Fortunately, many have already


2011 Honor Roll of Donors

answered the call to help achieve the greatness expected by the current capital campaign. But growing the Foundation’s portfolio and the scholarships and grants it funds is not the task of a few. An astounding number of us are satisfied with the education we received at Eastern. I suspect as many received some financial help. Each of us has an opportunity to pay some of our benefit forward. Every contribution will help our next generation of alumni. The more that join our efforts, the larger the impact. The greater our successes today, the sooner tomorrow’s students can help join our ranks as benefactors. For our part, the Board of Directors will endeavor to continue to minimize the risks associated with your investment while maximizing returns. We pledge to keep our administrative costs low even as our workload increases. My decision to attend Eastern Illinois University was among the best I have ever made. I know many if not most of you believe the same. Let’s all commit to providing the same opportunity for future alumni in the generations to come!

Jason Anselment

President, Eastern Illinois University Foundation

William L. Perry

President, Eastern Illinois University

Throughout the “EI&U: Expect Greatness” campaign, I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our alumni and friends. The return on your investment of time, energy and financial gifts is impossible to quantify – it will be measured in improved lives and communities for generations to come. On behalf of the students, faculty and staff, I thank you for your support. You are an integral part of the success of Eastern Illinois University, and we are grateful for your partnership.

William L. Perry

President, Eastern Illinois University

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


2011 - 2012 EIU Foundation Membership Alabama Alabaster Gene Newport ’57

District of Columbia Washington Ellen L. Eardley ’99

Alaska Anchorage Wayne M. Pichon ’68

Florida Bonita Springs William O. Browning ’74 Gainesville Allyn A. Cook ’48 Longwood Karen L. Schnorf ’80 James R. Schnorf ’76 Marco Island Dale H. Holt ’62 Miramar Beach Jon M. Laible Naples Judi S. Finkle Mike Finkle ’62 Conrad A. Kies ’59 Orlando Jane A. Lockett ’76 Saint Petersburg Jon E. Tuft ’83 Winter Park Rudolph G. Hlavek ’64

Arizona Flagstaff Rex D. Cooley ’59 Phoenix Suzanne R. Ashmore ’86 Scottsdale James P. Evans ’68 Gordon L. Grado ’74 Carol A. Richardson ’73 Bill L. Robinson ’76 Sedona Tom L. Gilomen Arkansas Hot Springs Village William F. Connelly California Beverly Hills Craig Titley ’89 Carlsbad Donald M. Johnson ’49 Lakeside Joan M. Embery‑Pillsbury ’86 Lakewood Barbara R. Roberts ’49 Los Angeles Jan Tarble Oakland Edward J. Escalante ’74 Susan E. Escalante ’74 Pls Vrds Pnsl Howard H. Skidmore ’42 San Diego Dwight H. Kensil ’81 West Hollywood James Bryan Curtis ’79 Westminster Robert Lester Mitchell Jr ’75 Colorado Colorado Springs Sue C. Payton ’72


2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Georgia Alpharetta Ross A. McCullough ’87 Marietta Shari L. Cunningham ’68 Michael W. Cunningham ’70 George A. Paulik Jr ’70 Peachtree City Larry D. Smith Richmond Hill Jeffrey G. Scott ’68 Idaho Boise John H. Keiser ’58 Illinois Algonquin Cheryl M. Crates ’70 Arlington Heights Carl Thomas Mito ’72 Ashmore Jane Lasky ’67 Herbert M. Lasky Auburn Michael William Conlin ’70

Aurora Identa M. Austin ’34 Belleville Nathaniel J. Anderson ’73 Martin J. Coleman ’71 Bolingbrook Roger C. Claar ’66 Burr Ridge Jean M. Galovich ’77 Champaign Barbara Hundley ’65 Gary A. Kling ’76 Dave Kuhl ’72 James K. McKechnie Betsy D. Mitchell ’75 Paul A. Ruedi ’82 Dennis D. Spice ’78 Charleston Alan Baharlou Ken J. Baker ’72 Roger B. Beck Ann F. Beck ’77 Martha S. Brown Calvin B. Campbell ’72 Steven L. Childers ’77 Mac Corley Max E. Cougill ’51 Mary L. Cougill Mary M. Coutant ’52 Dan R. Cunningham ’73 Jane P. Dawson Joseph R. Dively ’81 Steve R. Drake Martha Drake Mary K. Drake Howard Eads ’57 Charles G. Eberly Betty G. Elliott Janet E. Ernst ’63 Garry E. Ernst ’64 Bill Furry Mary Lou Gaskill ’52 Ronald E. Gholson June B. Giffin ’48 Lillian R. Greathouse Kenneth E. Hadwiger Jerry D. Heath Carol Helwig Louis V. Hencken Jr ’66 Barbara E. Hilke Stanley R. Huffman John Inyart Vaughn Jaenike James K. Johnson Richard L. Keiter Ellen A. Keiter Keith K. Kohanzo ’69 Helen J. Krehbiel‑Reed ’67

Bill D. Lair ’70 Ronald M. Leathers ’60 Patrick M. Lenihan Genie O. Lenihan ’74 Blair M. Lord Stacia L. Lynch ’88 Jeffrey P. Lynch Joyce A. Madigan ’80 Matt J. Madigan ’78 Bob Keith Martin Timothy I. Mason David J. Maurer Tim D. McCollum ’73 Rita J. McCollum ’73 Shirley B. Moore ’76 Carol L. Myerscough ’75 Jerry Myerscough Jagdish L. Nanda Harold D. Nordin John T. Oertling J. W. Oglesby ’58 Alex J. Peck ’68 William L. Perry James R. Quivey Elise Ramsey ’77 Gail J. Richard ’77 James D. Riddle Jean Rinefort ’68 Foster C. Rinefort Stanley G. Rives Ferne M. Rogers ’74 J Sain ’75 David Sardella Phyllis M. Sardella ’77 Alice Shawver ’45 Eli R. Sidwell ’58 Julie G. Sterling ’76 Robert W. Sterling ’51 Scott Stevens ’76 Carol D. Stevens Patti A. Stratton ’79 Judith A. Sunderman ’75 Therese Supple Kincade ’80 William J. Warmoth ’71 William V. Weber C. E. Whalen ’70 Wesley Whiteside Norma J. Winkleblack ’83 Thomas Woodall Charles W. Wootton Don W. Yost ’04 Jake L. Zane ’58 Chicago Robert F. Glover ’82 Dennis M. Grannan ’84 Brian Hurst ’92 Rick L. Ingram ’78

Danville William C. Burnside ’59 Decatur Dick D. Cain ’64 Robert E. Dunn ’79 Thomas A. Evans ’68 Bob Sampson ’71 Dunlap Stephen A. Gosselin ’79 Effingham Peter M. Bonutti John A. Dively Jr. ’80 J. R. Elder ’91 Christy B. Elder ’93 Tom Grunloh Charles Keller ’62 Jack Schultz Elmhurst Helen Price Evanston Vickie L. Burke ’72 Timothy L. Burke ’71 Fairview Heights Marilee S. Oglesby Evans ’86 Forest Park Victoria S. Markley ’99 Frankfort Patrick J. Mangin ’86 Harvard Marilyn J. Gerdt ’74 Hindsboro Noelle J. Greathouse ’70 Hinsdale Robert C. Manion ’66 Lawrenceville Sandra L. Paddock ’63 Le Roy Christine M. Anderson ’11 Lerna Sara J. Preston Libertyville Susan L. Nied ’73 Litchfield Julie I. Nimmons ’77 Mahomet Susan L. Young ’84 Marion Harry L. Crisp Mattoon Roger W. Dettro ’53 Ralph W. Foley Jeanne L. Foley Timothy D. Gover Steven L. Grissom ’74 Marilyn Hoots Bob D. Kovack ’58 Richard H. Larson J. R. Livesay

Richard A. Lumpkin Betty E. Miller ’54 Burnham E. Neal Dale A. Righter ’88 Roger Sorensen ’49 Mary Ann Uphoff ’74 Michael L. Weaver ’73 Robert Webb Mount Olive Roger L. Kratochvil ’60 Mundelein Daryll D. Fletcher ’75 Naperville Charles Dow ’86 Ruth Dow Jeffrey P. Knezovich ’79 Mark R. McGee ’91 Kevin T. Piket ’97 Christine E. Reid Robertson ’62 Paramjit S. Sidhu ’91 David E. Thomas ’77 O’ Fallon Leo Welch ’62 Oak Brook Jack R. Pine ’64 Oblong Allen R. Price ’69 Olympia Fields Jan S. Spivey Gilchrist ’73 Palos Heights Jack L. Payan ’52 Paris Eric V. Bradham ’75 Carolyn A. Brown Hodge ’72 Park Ridge Susan L. Gilpin ’76 Peoria Carl L. Dolson ’76 Rochester Stephen B. Schnorf ’66 Ruma Jarrod T. Scherle ’11 Schaumburg Brenda R. Harbaugh ’69 Stephen L. Harbaugh ’67 Seymour Jim R. Edgar ’68 Brenda M. Edgar ’98 Shorewood John B. Waggoner ’54 Somonauk Brent Manning ’75 Springfield Jason A. Anselment ’97 Jeffrey M. Augustine ’74 Patrick Coburn Thomas W. Faller ’55 Gina Giffin Garcia 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


2011 - 2012 EIU Foundation Membership (continued) Todd K. Hamerlinck ’87 Richard H. Levi ’69 Chalmer Moore Jr Alison M. Mormino ’02 William G. O’Rourke ’74 John G. Wargo ’50 Sullivan Gary W. Melvin Tess Melvin Toledo George L. Cutright ’67 Bill Prather Tolono Charles W. Huber ’64 Wilmette Richard W. Dodson ’66 Indiana Bloomington Catherine A. Smith Brownsburg Jennifer C. Brehm ’06 Carmel Gregory A. Bonnell ’71 Pamela C. Savoree ’81 Kevin Savoree ’81 Evansville Ray Hoops ’62 Indianapolis Jo A. Henderson Lafayette Dale R. McHenry ’58 West Lafayette Bill N. Hatfield ’56 Westfield Mike Morrisey ’92 Iowa Iowa City Claibourne I. Dungy ’62 Kentucky Philpot Cindra K. Stiff ’79 Louisiana Baton Rouge Kenneth E. Damann ’66 Michigan Bloomfield Hills Joseph K. Knollenberg ’55 Niles Joan K. Schmidt 6

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Sturgis Gary A. Hansen ’68 Warren Robert Zabka

Oklahoma Tulsa Myra M. Jeffris Ron D. Jeffris ’59 Ike Kennard ’44

Minnesota Dellwood Stanley C. Hollen ’72 Minneapolis Paul L. Snyder ’70

Tennessee Brentwood Dwight T. Baptist ’51 Loudon Jerry Griffith ’54 Smyrna David R. Carey ’73

Missouri Chesterfield Judy A. Ethell ’82 Saint Albans Roger L. Archibald ’79 Saint Louis Bina Jo Walters ’46 Wildwood Morrie Reece ’72 Nevada Las Vegas C. J. Bradham ’62 James V. Bradham ’62 Jerry N. Dye ’59 Charles W. Witters ’68 New York Manhasset Donald L. Calvin ’54 North Carolina Durham Bob A. Ingram ’65 Raleigh John P. Coffey ’69 North Dakota Grand Forks Raymond L. Fischer ’54 Carolyn A. Miller Fischer ’55 Ohio Columbus Floyd Akins ’86 Findlay Charles J. Younger ’54 Mariann L. Younger ’54

Texas Dallas Tom S. Hunse ’71 Westlake Sean Payton ’87 Virginia Fairfax Thomas R. Maskey ’75 King George Victor F. Balasi Reston Janet M. Treichel ’63 Washington Bellevue Mary J. Gher ’73 Donald L. Gher ’73 Wisconsin Lake Tomahawk Ramona Roberson Roger T. Roberson ’64 Milwaukee Maura A. Robertson Ontario Saint Catharines Kathy Currey ’64 John D. Currey ’62 Hong Kong Luke Wang

Burnham & Nancy Neal Philanthropy Awards Founded in 1953 under the leadership and direction of H Ogden Brainard, the Eastern Illinois University Foundation has, since its inception, been dependent upon the generosity of volunteers to fulfill its mission of support to the University.

2011 Outstanding Philanthropist Awards

Beginning in 1993, the Foundation has recognized and honored philanthropists whose spirit and overwhelming generosity demonstrate a sincere dedication and commitment to the academic and cultural well-being of Eastern Illinois University. In 1997, the Philanthropy Awards were named after Burnham and Nancy Neal in recognition of their leadership, gifts, and steadfast dedication to Eastern. Dr. Helen Krehbiel-Reed and Joan B. Stough

Dr. Helen Krehbiel-Reed (left) and Janet Fraembs, who accepted the award on behalf of Joan B. Stough

2011 Honorary Lifetime Members

A lifetime membership in the Foundation is bestowed upon donors, alumni and friends of the University who have brought significant recognition and attention to Eastern, have provided substantial lifetime contributions, or who have attained national or international prominence and prestige in their careers, public service, or humanitarian efforts. Nathaniel J. Anderson Joan Embery Rudolph “Rudy” Hlavek

Left to right: William Hine (accepting for Joan Embery); Nathaniel Anderson, left, and Donald Gher; Jacqueline Joines (accepting for Rudy Hlavek) and Donald Gher

2011 Outstanding Foundation Members This award is bestowed upon individuals who demonstrate the ideals of membership in the Foundation through their volunteer service to the Foundation and to the University’s academic and athletic programs, providing the leadership, expertise, and knowledge essential for the work of its advisory and governing boards, administrative councils and committees, and its executives-in-residence programs. Jonathan F. Gosse and Sylvia R. Nichols

Pictured left: Jonathan Gosse (left) with Donald Gher Pictured right: Sylvia Nichols with Donald Gher

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


During her time as a traditional student, Karen Medina ‘97 took full advantage of opportunities to get involved on campus. She worked as a writer and editor for The Daily Eastern News and its Minority Today publication, earning her a scholarship via the journalism department’s Talent Student Award. She also founded the Hispanic Student Union, now known as the Latin American Student Organization. In fact, she was so involved on campus that she received a prestigious Women of Achievement award from the Women’s Studies Program in 1991. While working for a publishing firm in suburban Chicago, she completed her degree through the Board of Governors Degree program (now known as the Bachelor’s in General Studies program) at EIU. She was then able to begin her graduate studies at DePaul University, which further benefited her career. Medina was hired as an analyst for the Chicago Transit Authority in 2002, and she has now worked her way up to the role of manager, thanks in large part to the communication and teamwork abilities she honed at EIU. “Those skills really benefit me on a day-to-day basis in my management career,” she said. “I’ll always be grateful for those years at Eastern.” Medina guides her employees to be committed to public service, both in their jobs and through charity work. One of the ways Medina is giving back is through her creation of the Karen D. Medina BGS Leadership Scholarship for nontraditional EIU students who are active on campus and in the community. Medina, who was named the 2012 Philanthropist of the Year Award by the EIU School of Continuing Education, is working to get her scholarship fund fully endowed. She is energized by the fact that her contributions will help not only EIU, but also students who are following in her footsteps.

“It’s very exciting to strive to reach a goal that I know is going to help others reach their leadership potential while getting an education to help their future careers.” – Karen Medina


2011 Honor Roll of Donors

“It’s very exciting to strive to reach a goal that I know is going to help others reach their leadership potential while getting an education to help their future careers,” Medina said.

you create

Karen Medina (right) supervises for Chicago Transit Authority

opportunities 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Lifetime Giving These donors have made a substantial commitment to the University that will be felt for generations. Their inspiring vision provides an unparalleled example of the generosity of the human spirit.

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors those unique individuals and corporations who have reached a lifetime giving level of $5,000,000 or more. Newton Tarble Family Their vision and munificence translate into a lasting legacy that provides an unequaled commitment to the future of Eastern Illinois University. Their gifts have made a profound difference to the University, its students and the surrounding community, now and well into the next century. Honoring those who have made this ultimate commitment to the financial and cultural well-being of the University is the purpose of this distinguished society.

Trustee’s Society

The Trustee’s Society honors individuals and corporations who have a lifetime giving level of $2,500,000 to $5,000,000. Burnham and Nancy Neal Rosemary Neal

Richard and Gail Lumpkin

This distinguished group of donors has demonstrated a sincere dedication and commitment to higher education that is essential to the future of our free society. Their philanthropic spirit and overwhelming generosity will serve Eastern Illinois University and its students in untold ways far into the future.

Ivy Society

The Ivy Society recognizes and honors those individuals and corporations who have given $1,000,000 to $2,500,000 during the course of their lifetimes. Florence Ballenger Estate Lectra USA Inc. Harry L. Crisp

Lumpkin Family Foundation Harold and Lois Joseph

This society represents a prestigious group of philanthropists whose benevolence will influence the development of Eastern Illinois University and its programs well into the 21st century. The leadership provided by these donors is essential to the future of the University and the students it serves.

Castle Society

The Legacy Society honors individuals and corporations who have made significant lifetime contributions of $500,000 to $1,000,000. Jessie H. Allhands Max and Mary Cougill

Charles Jacob and Mariann Lee Dana Younger

Their genuine philanthropy and generosity will ensure diverse opportunities for the University, its students, faculty and programs. Their lasting gifts have established a secure foundation that will impact the University community for many years to come. 10

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Class Leaders Throughout our lists you will see names in blue. These recent graduates are entering the workplace with new knowledge and skills that will help them become the economic and cultural leaders of our society. However young in their careers, they realize the benefits of giving back now to the University which is preparing a new class of students to enter the global economy and become effective members of our society.

Old Main Society

“The Old Main Society was established in 2010 in conjunction with the first comprehensive campaign for Eastern Illinois University, recognizing those distinguished donors with cumulative contributions of $100,000 to $500,000. This society represents a select group of donors who, through their investment in Eastern Illinois University, expect greatness from the University and themselves.” A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co Jessie H. Allhands Estate Allied Telesyn Inc. Identa M. Austin Timothy and Vickie Burke John and Ruth Buzzard Caterpillar Foundation Charleston Area Charitable Foundation Cimcorp Inc. Citizens for Jim Edgar College Access Foundation of CA Consolidated Communications Inc. Lewis and Rose Coon Harry and Rosemary Crisp Cultural Foundation of United Daily News Group George and Dorothy Cutright Robert and Mari DeBolt Charles and Ruth Dow Steve and Mary Drake Lee E. Dulgar Ray C. Duncan Estate Charles and Lois Elliott Howard Esbeck First Mid-Ill Bank & Trust – Mattoon James F. and June B. Giffin Frances M. Hampton Estate Dottie M. Hart

Allan D. Heath Jerry and Margery Heath Nancy E. Henn Living Trust Rudolph and Kathryn Hlavek Mack and Margaret Hollowell Author and Marjorie Hughes Illinois Consolidated Illinois Press Foundation Inc. International Business Machines Corp. Ron and Myra Jeffris Lois C. Joseph Totten Trust Philip and Peggy Kepp Walter and Lucille Klehm Robert G. Knollenberg Koerner Distributors Inc. Herbert and Jane Lasky Patrick and Genie Lenihan Levi Ray and Shoup Foundation Levi, Ray and Shoup Inc. John and Patricia Luther Marathon Oil Co. Foundation Harold F. Marker Estate James and Karen McKechnie Helen J Mellin Trust Gary and Tess Melvin Carl T. Mito William R. and Wilma E. Morris Estate Jerry and Carol Myerscough

Newman Catholic Center J. W. and Marilyn Oglesby Phoenix Cardinals Peter C. Rapp Trust John S. Redden Estate Tony and Candice Romo Ronald McDonald House Charities Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center Michael and Peggy Shanahan Donald and Alice Shawver Harry F. and Beulah H. Sockler Trust State Farm Companies Foundation State Farm Insurance Co. Joan Stough The National Christian Foundation Mildred Timmons Estate D. Keith Walden Estate E. Errett Warner Estate Lorie and Esther Watts Wesley Whiteside Willow Springs Foundation Marian Wozencraft Randall and Brenda Wright Don and Denice Yost

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Lifetime Giving Keystone Society

The Keystone Society recognizes individuals and corporations who have made a lifetime contribution to the University of $50,000 to $100,000. Whether through an endowment, annual giving or planned gifts, these donors are providing critical support and financial leadership that will have a ripple effect far into the future of the University, essential to its tradition for academic excellence. Robin and Lynn Adams Friend Anonymous Bank of America Peter M. Bonutti Bonutti Orthopedic Services LTD James and C. J. Bradham Chlora B. Buckler Estate Robert L. Carringer Charleston Food Inc. Chevron Texaco Comer Nissan-Mazda Community Fndtn. of Central IL. Depository Ruth Cook Estate Dario and Madeline Covi Credit Union 1 Dow Jones Newspaper Fund Inc. Drake Homes Lee Dulgar Estate EIU Alumni Association Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Gerald and Jean Forsythe General Electric Foundation Donald and Mary Gher Lillian R. Greathouse Grunloh Construction Inc.


2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Vincent and Pamela Gutowski Residuary Trust H Ogden Brainard William E. Hawkes Living Trust Carol Helwig Bertha Hoedebecke Interim Trust John Ullrich Foundation Trust Jeffrey and Kimberly Knezovich Kenneth J. Kohanzo Trust KPMG Foundation Violet D. Lanham Estate Richard and Geraldine Larson James E. Martin Mattoon Food Inc. Mattoon Precision Manufacturing Co. David and Joyce Maurer F. Raymond and Sue McKenna Warren and Helen Mellin Mooney Motor of Charleston Inc. Neil and Shirley Moore W. D. Morgan Trust John Oertling and Gail Richard Mary F. Pauley Estate Jack and Ann Payan Diana J. Peckham Estate Wayne and Barbara Pichon Margaret D. Podesta

Poland Pontiac Buick Prairie State Bank and Trust Roy and Helen Price John Reed and Helen Krehbiel-Reed Rachael Richardson Estate Stanley and Sandra Rives Roberson Transportation Services Inc. Bill and Susan Robinson Ronchetti Distributors Robert W. Rupel David and Phyllis Sardella Shelby County State Bank C. Roger Sorensen Towne Square Jewelers US Bancorp Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program John and Bina Jo Walters Luke Wang Lorie and Esther Watts Trust William V. Weber Glenn and Joan Williams

Cornerstone Society 1895

The Cornerstone Society recognizes those individuals and corporations who have made lifetime contributions to the University of $25,000 to $50,000. These donors have made commitments to the University that truly make a lasting difference, providing a solid base that will benefit the University and its students for generations.

A2 Sales LLC Accenture Foundation Inc. Adams Memorials American Legion Premier Boys State ARR Promotios LLC Association of Schools of Journalism & Mass Communications Charles O. Austin Ken and Sandy Baker William and Lois Bonine BP Foundation Inc. Bradford Supply Co. Inc. Bright Start College Savings Program Gordon C. Bunge Donald and Louise Calvin Carle Clinic Association Carle Foundation Hospital Caterpillar Inc. – Peoria Waneta Catey Central Illinois Public Service Co. Charitable Flex Fund James and Janice Coartney John and Renee Collie Community Care Systems Inc. Communityworks William and Mildred Connelly Allyn A. Cook Rex and Nancy Cooley Cathryn A. Cothren Estate Country Catering Inc. Country Insurance and Financial Services – Bloomington Mary Coutant Francis E. Coyle Douglas and Susan Dhom Joe and Sheila Dively Donald G. Dotzauer Leonard and Olga Durham

Jerry and Clare Dye Jim and Brenda Edgar EIU Chemistry Department EIU National Residence Hall Honorary Carl and Marlys Fallen H. Michael and Judith S. Finkle Doris F. Fleming Daryll and Janice Fletcher Fox Ridge Foundation Frank and Janet Fraembs Friends & Family of Robert “Dink” Smyser Ronald E. Gholson Michael Garcia and Gina Giffin Garcia Tom and Andre Gilomen Gordon and Mary Grado Sara J. Gray Steven and Teresa Grissom Kenneth E. Hadwiger Hance Utz and Associates LLC Dale and Mary Anne Hanner Jack and Marjorie Hatfield Irma W. Hays Estate Charles Clark and Barbara Heise Clark Louis and Mary Kay Hencken Robert and Nancy Hennings David and Teresa Hering Dolly Hesler William and Barbara Hill Bertha G. Hoedebecke Jean L. Holley Bertrand and Janet Holley William and Marilyn Hopper Forrest W. Howell Charles and Elizabeth Huber Stanley and Maggie Huffman Richard H. Icen Estate Illinois Women’s Golf Association Bob and C. Jeanie Ingram

Diane H. Jackman Vaughn and Ruth Jaenike Justrite Manufacturing Company Robert and Shirley Karraker Charles and Doris Keller John E. Kelley Emma C. Kelly Ken Diepholz Chevrolet Inc. Ike and Joan Kennard Dwight H. Kensil Peter Kniskern and Arpi Hagopian Litchfield Community Trust Terry and Carol Lundgren Matt and Joyce Madigan Robert and Sally Manion Ronald and Carol Martin Daniel and Maxine Marvin Gene and Dolly McFarland MCP Management LLC Mid-Illinois Newspapers Inc. Midland States Bank Moore Business Forms Ranjeev and Belinda Nanda Ne-Co Asphalt Co. Inc. Neal Foundation Hank and Jill Nilsen One Inc. Augustine and Jacqueline Oruwari David and Sandra Paddock James and Mary Palmer David and Jennifer Pankau George and Janice Paulik William and Dee Pennybacker PepsiCo Foundation Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. William and Linda Perry Prime Computer Inc. Protect A. Cover

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Lifetime Giving Cornerstone Society (continued) R R Donnelley and Sons Co. Mark R. Rogstad RR Donnelley Foundation Aldo and Julie Ruffolo Mel Rushton and Tom Polgreen Rutledge Olds Cadillac Inc. John and Kathreen Ryan Kevin and Pamela Savoree John D. Schmitt James and Karen Schnorf Jeffrey and Lila Scott ServiStar Corp. Shell Oil Co. Foundation Howard and Lois Skidmore Scott Smith Paul and Katherine Snyder Bruce and Joni Speer Robert and Susan Spoo St. Louis Cardinals David and Carol Stevens STIX S B B R Inc. Paul and Sandra Stone Terry’s Clip and Chip Daniel and Adrianne Thornburgh Trailmobile Inc. United Graphics John Venczel John and Carol Wade Buel and Lovelle Walters Bruce and Susan Webster Andrew M. White Williams Companies Roy and Ruth Wilson Robert and Norma Winkleblack Robert and Carolyn Witters Charles W. Witters X-Rite Corp. Yost Management Co. LLC Robert and Shirley Zabka Zenith Data Systems Zeta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi


2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Benefactor Society

The Benefactor Society recognizes those individuals and corporations who have made lifetime contributions to the University of $5,000 to $25,000. These donors are investing in the future of higher education, making a significant impact on Eastern Illinois University and the students who will be the direct beneficiaries of their generosity. Acme-Wiley Corp. John and Carolyn Adkins Advocate BroMenn Medical Center Jamey and Sara Aebersold Agracel Inc. AgriFab Inc. Mark and Kristina Ahern Eugene and Betty Aikman AJ’S Residential Enterprises Aker Realty Corp. Thomas and Joelyn Akers Alamo Steakhouse and Saloon Alberto Culver Co. Ray and Joyce Allen Allstate Foundation American Trucking Association Inc. Eulalee L. Anderson Christopher Anderson and Josie Moore Albert and Carole Anderson Nathaniel and Tanya Anderson Larry and Maureen Ankenbrand Alumni Anonymous Anonymous Faculty Welcome Fund Jason and Katie Anselment Austin A. Apgar Apogee Medical Products Archer Daniels Midland Company ARCO Foundation Verna L. Armstrong Jack and Lynette Ashmore AT&T Foundation Dennis W. Aten Robert and Kathryn Augustine Jeffrey M. Augustine AVNET Contributions Council Gary E. Aylesworth Kent and Tami Babbs Terry and Ann Bacon Gregory Baggerly

Alan and Carlene Baharlou Randy Bailey and Lisa Cheng Grace T. Bair Victor and Christine Balasi Ernest C. Ballard Jerry and Marlene Ballard Bank of America Charitable Foundation Joe and Jane Baptist Dwight T. Baptist Robert and Judith Barford Gary and Rebecca Barnett William and Linda Barter Gene Remmers and Cecile Batchelor Batten Batten Hudson and Swab Inc. Gary and Vicki Baumgarten Elisha H. Baumgartner Estate Baxter International Foundation Eric and Phyllis Bayles John L. Beabout Beals Ford-Mercury Roger and Ann Beck Jerry and Jacqueline Bennett Bertrand Hopper Memorial Foundation Mike and Kathy Bess Beta Gamma Sigma Hank and Ellen Beurskens William D Bevis Trust Jeffrey and Tracey Bierman Biological Sciences Grad Students Assoc Harold and Mary Blackford Alfred and Marilyn Blatter Blaw-Knox Construction Blimpie Subs and Salads Bloomington Country Club Blue Cross Blue Shield Bob Oetting and Associates Doug and Sally Bock Paul and Virginia Bodine Donald and Andrea Boerema

Joseph and Rosalyn Boero Timothy Bondy W. T. and Debbie Bonine Gregory and Donna Bonnell James and Deborah Borders BorgWarner Foundation Waldo and Margaret Born Mark and Catie Borzi Jeffrey and Karen Boshart Douglas and Mary Bower Mike and Treva Bradd Stan and Dee Braden H Ogden Brainard Estate Brainard Law Offices Larry and Ann Brandon Edward and Natalie Brankey Branson Ultrasonics Corp Dean B. Brauer James and Susan Brodack Donald and Barbara Brodie William and Brigitte Brown Martha S. Brown Edna Broyles Ewen and Mary Ellen Bryden David and Susanna Buchanan Joseph Ibanez and Betty Burfeind Daniel and Dana Burke Barbara A Burke Adam and Ashley Burkhardt William and Lola Burnside Joseph Butler and Naomi Donnelley Charles and Joan Buzzard Byrd’s Cleaners Cabot Corp. Dick and Sue Cain John and Margaret Cant Canyon Leasing Cardinal Health Foundation Cargill

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Lifetime Giving Benefactor Society (continued) Carlyle Management Co. Carpenter’s Local Union 347 Patrick and Monica Carroll Casey Tool and Machine C. Ronald Cassity Estate Cellular One of East Central Illinois Charles J. Younger Fund Charleston Business and Professional Women Charleston Country Club Charleston Inn Charleston Moose Lodge No. 1388 Charleston Service Center Charleston Stone Co. Ping and Brigitte Chen Steven and Thelma Childers Murray and Frances Choate Michael H. Chron Michael and Phoebe Church CIGNA Foundation Margaret Ciocatto Estate Circle Group Holdings Inc. Citizens National Bank City of Bloomington City of Charleston City of Mattoon Roger and Pat Claar Frank and Wanda Clark Luis Clay Mendez and Penelope Clay Frank L. Clayman-Cook Maxine Clayton Clinker Classic Elaine B. Clough Lois D. Cloyd Coca-Cola Foundation Cody’s Road House John and Mary Coffey Colcon Corporation William and Mary Cole Martin and Mary Coleman Coles County Sanitation and Recycling Randy and Pamela Collins Commercial Electric Charles and Ferne Compton Joni B. Comstock ConocoPhillips 16

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Consolidated Community Medical Center Joan Coon Cooper Bumpus Ins Agency Inc. Mac and Barbara Corley Country Financial Country Inn and Suites Calvin and Dorothy Countryman County Office Products Michael and Melanie Cowling John and Joy Craft Walter and Florida Crawford Cross County Mall Merchants Matthew and Thida Crouse Crow’s Hybrid Corn CRST International Inc. Gabriel and Joanne Cuadra Bob and Pamela Currey John and Kathy Currey James B. Curtis Eleanor Cutright Billy and Linda Dabbs Lynn R. Dale John and Lisa Dallas Donelda A. Damann Darad Cleanup Tank Removal Systems Inc. Kirby Darling Mona Y. Davenport Dave’s Decorating Center Terry and Kathleen Davis Roger and Lisa Davis Jonathan and Barbara Davis Hank Davis and Nanci Newstrom Donald Dawson and Mary Lou Hubbard John and Debbie Day Decatur Food Inc. John and Dana Deffenbaugh Deloitte Foundation Forrest and Norma Denton Denver Broncos Football Club Christopher and Nancy Desmond Roger and Rosie Dettro Ginny DiBianco Earl S. Dickerson John C. Dickey Ken and Ann Diepholz Diepholz Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

Dimond Brothers Insurance Agency Robert and Teresa DiPietro Paul Stapp and Chris DiPietro Ira Satinover and LuAnn DiPietro Joseph and Deborah DiPietro Alphonso and Luisa DiPietro Dirksen Food Inc. John and Joyce Dively John and Ronda Dively Richard and Joan Dodson Doris Dolson Mark and Cathy Dolson Carl and Marsha Dolson Dorothy R. Donnelley Charitable Trust Madeleine L. Doubek Quincy and Winifred Doudna Jay and Jill Douglas Dow Chemical Company Robert and Carolyn Doyle Larry and Martha Drake Drake Roofing and Siding Inc. Sean M. Drendel Roseann W. Drew Joel S. Dryer Tom and Kimberly DuBois Kevin Duckworth Dean and Marilyn Dudley Dunn’s Service Center Mary Durkin Dye Family Trust Christopher and Patricia Dyrhaug East Central Illinois Development Corp. Charles and Sharon Eberly Frederick and Becky Edgar Edward Jones Co. Bob Edwards Effingham County Treasurer EIU Annuitants Association EIU Art Department EIU Booth Library EIU Carman Hall J. R. and Christy Elder Eli Lilly and Co. Eli Sidwell and Associates Elizabeth A. Franklin Living Trust Chuck Elliott and Margaret Sullivan

Tom and Betty Elliott Joseph and Kirstin Emmerich Encad Inc. – a Kodak Co. Norman and Helen Endsley Rich and Cathy Engelkes Caleb and Kelley Englehardt Enterprise Rent-A-Car James and Judith Erdmann Ericsson Inc. Garry and Janet Ernst Ernst and Young Foundation Edward and Susan Escalante Rick and Nancy Eskew Robert Glatz and Judy Ethell Ethics and Excellence in Journ. Fnd. James and Sheri Evans Kenneth E. Evans Trust Exxon Mobil Foundation Fabrics N’ More Inc. Stephen and Diane Falk Thomas and Mickey Faller Murad Family Family Foot Care Center Farmers Insurance Group of Companies Fast Access John and Brownie Faust Kim and Patricia Fehrenbacher Joyce L. Felstehausen Ferrellgas LP Patricia J. Fewell Regina M. Finnegan First Bank First Federal of Champaign-Urbana First Federal Savings and Loan First Mid Insurance Group First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust – Charleston First Mid-Illinois Bancshares Inc. Charitable Foundation First National Bank First National Bank of Berwick First National Bank of Mattoon First Neighbor Bank Raymond Fischer and Carolyn Miller Fischer M. Lorraine Flower Ralph and Jeanne Foley Edward and Marjorie Foley George and Susan Foote

Ray G. Foote Estate Richard A. Fox Kenneth and Sara Freeland Charles and Gloria French Anonymous Friends Friends of Lake Mattoon Board Albert and Anna Frommel Estate Jack and Joyce Frost Harry and Gladys Frost Liru Fu Robert W. Funk Glen and Joyce Gabbard Gamma Theta Upsilon Michael and Kathy Gandolfi Don and Suellyn Garner Renny and Jennifer Garshelis Mary Lou Gaskill Gateway Liquors Hillel and Julia Gauchman GE – Mattoon Lamp Plant Bob and Bonnie Gehrig Mark and Patricia Geninatti Gary and Marilyn Gerdt Jon and Diana Giffin Jerry and Susan Gilomen Global Impact Globetrotters Robert F. Glover Robert and Brenda Good Christine E. Gordon Gossard’s Painting Inc. Jonathan Gosse and Jodi Hoffman-Gosse Stephen and Bonnie Gosselin M. Joan Gossett Jeff A. Gossett Timothy and Marilyn Gover Dennis and Nancy Grant Roy and Mary Jo Grasl Graywood Enterprise Inc. Maria R. Graziano John and Dorothy Greathouse Kelly Green Curtis R. Green Vincent and Doreen Gregory Donald and Marjorie Griffin Patricia E. Griffiths Edward and Patricia Griffiths

William and Roberta Griggs Karl and Dorothy Grisso John and Ursula Grud Marko Grunhagen and Melody Wollan Samuel Guccione and Linda Tooley Guru Nanak Sikh Mission of Greater Chicago H & R Block Foundation Habco Partnership Inc. Martha T. Hamand Jim and Bess Hanks DuWayne and Dorothy Hansen James and Pamela Harkness Gary and Kim Harris David Hart Helen D. Hart Sue Harvey Norman C. Hatfill Michael and Kathy Havey Bill and Susan Hay Hay Construction Hazel Watson Foundation John and Sheila Heath Frank and Edith Hedges Mike and Kathie Heimerdinger Hilda A. Heller Larry and Christine Helsel Obed and Jo Ann Henderson Bill and Florence Heyduck HGI of Effingham LTD Roger and Mary Hibbs William and Melissa Higelmire Melvin and Mary Higgs Glenn and Susan Hild William and Betsy Hine Historical Administration Program Assoc. Holiday Inn Express Stanley and Elizabeth Hollen Chris and Janet Homburg Waunetta Hood Harold and Eleanor Hoopman Dale and Marilyn Hoots Clay and Sandra Hopkins Teri L. Hoppensteadt Brian and Merri Horn David and Carolyn Horsman William and Gloria Houseworth Adam and Laura Howarth 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Lifetime Giving Benefactor Society (continued) Howell Asphalt Company Inc. Robert and Betty Hubbard Cicely D. Hubele Estate Jem Hudgins Dale and Shawn Huisinga Richard and Kathy Hummel Bruce Hunt and Mary Ruth Carleton Brian Hurst Robert and Laura Hussey Ned Huston and Bonnie Irwin Hutti Chiropractic Center Schellas and Kami Hyndman IBM Corp – Endicott, NY IBM Corporation Ickes Chevy-Olds-Cadillac Ike’s on Lincoln Inc. Illinois Broadcasters Association Illinois Congress of Parents and Tchrs. Illinois Farm Bureau Illinois Tool Works Inc. Dominic and Marsha Imburgia Iroquois County Retirement Center IT Travel Ted and Judith Ivarie J & J Ventures Coffee Service Robert and Elaine Jachino Jacqueline Bennett Dance Center Richard D. Jacques William and Judith James James Jones Literary Society James S. Copley Foundation Jennifer Kennedy, DDS Jerry’s Pizza and Pub John S Spencer Charitable Foundation Gregory and Tricia Johnson Timothy A. Johnson James and Wanda Johnson Sarah L. Johnson Donald and Martha Johnson Johnson’s Automotive Service Michael and Jacqueline Joines Charles Joley and Gail Huffman-Joley Allan and Mary Jones Annie Lee Jones William and Sherry Jones James and Diane Jordan-Wagner 18

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

David and Audrey Jorns Judys Hallmark Shop Earl and Mary Julius John Jurkovic Howard and Laura Kamerer Florence Kaplan Charitable Trust Ebrahim and Donna Karbassioon David G. Karraker Trust Tom and Jeanette Katsimpalis Susan Kaufman and Marlaine Francis Sue E. Kautz KC Summers Richard and Ellen Keiter Keller Oil Co. Kellogg’s Corporate Citizenship Fund Rob and Judy Kemp Kemper Matching Gift Program Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co. Michael K. Kennard Mark and Tamara Kesler David and Deborah Kidwell Jerry E. Kimball Edwin M. Kinderman Albert and Jesusa Kinderman Jim Kline Gary and Susan Kling A. J. and Betty Kluesner Ko Fusion Phil and Carla Koerner Keith K. Kohanzo Kenneth Kohanzo Donald Kojich and Betty Ralston Karl-Ludwig and Judith Konrad KOST Broadcast Sales Janet M. Kowalski KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation Kraft General Foods Woody and Mary Kramer James and Barbara Krehbiel Kristin A. Krukenberg Kurt W. Krukenberg June M. Krutza Dave and Barb Kuhl L S Heath and Sons Inc. Gaylin and Ulla Lack Joe Blackburn and Ann Marie Ladner

Frank and Julia Ladner Laidlaw Waste System Lakeland Radiologists Ltd. Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Lanman Oil Company Kevin and Kathryn Lasley LD Mechanical Contractors Inc. Brian and Carol Lee Lottie L. Leeds Glenn Q. Lefler Lefler Trust First Union Natl Bank Dorothy Leggitt Gloria A. Leitschuh Lender’s Bagel Bakery Leona Stanford Vollintine Charitable Trust Lincoln Heritage RC and D Lincoln Trail Orthopedic Clinic Linda Nugent Realtors Frank M. Lipousky Little Caesar’s J R Livesay II Londa’s Sewing Etc. Blair M. Lord Lori’s Pins N’ Needles Pete and Anne Love Walter and Margaret Lowell Margaret A. Lowery A.J. and Linda Luckett Luckett Ford Inc. Luxury Homes Peter and Marianne Lynch Family Trust Priscilla R. MacDougall G Mike MacGilvray Steve and Karen MacLellan Russell Mader Estate Hal and Edie Malehorn Patrick and Christine Mangin Brent and Cathy Manning Marion Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Charles and Karen Maris Mildred L. “Billie” Markee Patricia S. Markowski Edward and Nancy Marlow MARS Petcare James S. Martin Marty’s P B H Inc.

Thomas L. Marvelli Timothy and Gail Mason MassMutual Financial Group Phillip and Ellen Maton Mattoon Broadcasting Co. Mattoon IGA Max Market - IGA Bud and Sandra May Larry and Linda Mayse William J. McCabe Mary R. McClay Bill McClay Mary B. McClay Estate Tim and Rita McCollum Frances L. McConkey Estate Frank and Christine McCormick Sherry L. McCoy Ross and Cindy McCullough Thomas and Linda McDaniel Gene and Dee McDivitt Walter H. McDonald McDonald’s McDonald’s – Mattoon Richard and Judy McDuffie Jason and Julia McGahey Mark and Sarah McGee McGladrey and Pullen William and June McGown David G. McGrady Larry and Melody McGrath McHugh Hospitality Group Inc. Richard and Deborah McKay Sue McKenna Estate McKesson Foundation James and Kathleen McKirahan Richard and Jeanne McMurray Mark and Sara McSparin Mead Westvaco Foundation Grace M. Meier Merck and Co. Inc. Merck Partnership for Giving Merrill Lynch and Company Foundation Glen and Lois Merritt Merz Sheet Metal Inc. John and Margaret Messer Andrew Methven and Cheryl Noll Michael J. Metzger Douglas and Joann Meyer

Midas Muffler and Brake Shop Miles Chevrolet Robert and Lori Drummond Gary and Sharon Miller Harry and Carol Miller Bobby and Marilyn Miller Bob and Betty Miller Timothy and Melanie Mills Mitchell Chevrolet Oldsmobile Marvin J. Mizeur Estate Floy Modesitt Estate Edward Modglin and Carolyn Kluesner Frederick and Jacqueline Moler Donald and Judy Moler Edward and Judith Moll Ronald and Barbara Monge Matthew and Shantha Monippallil Monsanto Company Robert and Sue Montgomery Jeffrey and Linda Moore Lucile M. Moore Chalmer Moore Bill M. Moore II Eugene and Cindy Morgenthaler Ali R. Moshtagh Motor Transport Underwriters Inc. Mount Zion Food Inc. Dennis and Deborah Muchmore David and S. Lynn Murphy Frank and Margaret Murphy Mike and Libby Murray David L. Musgrave Jack and Arlene Muthersbough Brian and Trina Myerscough Nancy’s Lettering Shop National Council of Professors of Education Administration National Museum of Natural History New Orleans Saints News Gazette Inc. Susan L. Nied Niedringhaus Trust Gary and Rebecca Niehaus Kenneth and Julie Nimmons Noble Flower Shop Janet L. Norberg Harold and Barbara Nordin Becky R. Norris

Northwestern University NOVA Sundeep and Suji Oberoi Obertech Inc. David and Nancy O’Brien Odom Industries Bob and Carol Oetting Jeffrey and Trina Oetting Mary F. Olsen Hans Olsen, Jr. and Diane Durbin On Campus Marketing LLC Orange and Blue Distribution Company Organizational Resources Edward Otrusina Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Bill and Jayne Ozier Ronald and Lila Paap Pacific Life Raymond and Lynn Padovan Pagliai’s Pizza Panther Distributing Co. Panther Paw Bar and Grill Paul A Funk Foundation Paul and Kathy Snyder Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Payan-Stitt Corp. Gary and Sue Payton Sean and Beth Payton Peace Meal Seniors Alex and Susan Peck Ruth R. Pence Alice E. Pennybacker Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Personal Finance Co. Charles and Mary Peterson Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Phelps Map Publishing Co. Minnie A. Phillips Charles and Joycelynn Phillips Ruth Phillips Estate Piatt County Nutrition Program Matthew F. Piescinski Pilson Auto Center Inc. Frank and Patricia Pitol James and Paula Pogue Deborah M. Polca Frances M. Pollard Victoria Polman 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Lifetime Giving Benefactor Society (continued) Steve Porter and Sandra Bingham-Porter Porter Auto Body Poteete Property Rental Joseph and Joan Pound Practice Solutions Prairie State Bank and Trust Precast/Prestressed Producers of IL + WI Debra A. Preisser Fredrick and Sara Preston Gary and Terrie Price PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Marla M. Pringle Public Affairs Television Inc. Public Broadcast Marketing Inc. QQ Buffet Quad/Graphics Inc. Quail Unlimited – Embarras Valley Chptr. Kevin and Emily Rabbitt Michael and Susan Radloff Charles and Marjorie Ramsey Rodney and Erin Ranes Rantoul Fast Foods Inc. Arthur and Pamela Rathjen Shirley N. Rawls David and Susanna Raybin Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund Reader’s Digest Fndtn. Matching Gift Pgm. Record Swap James Van Popering and Nancy Redenius Dale and Katherine Reed David and Sara Reed Regional Office Of Ed. 11 Christine E. Reid Robertson Virginia M. Reklis Residence Hall Association Robert and Theresa Rice Steve and Cindy Rich Judith E. Richards J. David and Linda Riddle Foster and Jean Rinefort Lawrence and Viola Ringenberg Kraig and Kelleen Ritter Roger and Stephany Rives Roger and Ramona Roberson Robert D. Roberts 20

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

James H. Roberts Linda S. Robertson Tony and Cecelia Robison Rockome Gardens Kent and Lisa Rodgers Moose and Marilyn Roe Donald and Ferne Rogers Charles and Janice Rohn Todd and Angela Romine Kathryn A. Rooke Estate Chris and Debbie Rotramel RTBWW, LLC Karl and Ann Rudert Paul and Cynthia Ruedi Edward and Sarah Bust Ryan, Bennett and Radloff S and K Air Power Tool and Supply S and K Chevrolet Oldsmobile J. Sain Robert and Markay Saltmarsh Blaine and Margaret Sampson Samuel Music Company Rick and Janice Samuels J. W. and Carol Sanders William and Alison Sanderson Sandvik Coromant Sara Lee Foundation Sara’s Sewing Center David and Lella Schaaf Donald and Jackie Schaefer Schallert’s Sewing Center Lahron and Phyllis Schenke Wolfgang and Barbara Schlauch Ruth Schmalhausen Estate Joan K. Schmidt Eric and Wendy Schmidt Margaret S. Schmidt Estate Thomas and Patricia Schnick Stephen Schnorf and Jane Elmore Jeff and Sonya Schuette Alan and Becky Schuette Larry and Wendy Schuldt Jack and Betinha Schultz Adam Schuster Justus W. Seaman Charitable Trust Grover and June Seitzinger

George and Valee Selby Ruth Ann Sellers Thomas and Amy Seward Doug and Kathlene Shank Rachel Shaw Maurice and Rose Shepherd Mrs. Edward O. Sherman Bryan and Nikki Sherrick Stephen and Ramona Shrake Carl and Mary Shull Paramjit and Washinder Sidhu Eli and Ann Sidwell Sign Appeal Rod and Lori Sink Thomas Siwe SJB Promotions Inc. SMI Investment Corp. David Smith and Joy Kammerling Kevin and Judy Smith Bob Smith Calvin and Nancy Smith John and Deborah Smith Smith Walbridge Clinics and Band Products Harry F. Sockler Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation Angelo and Beverly Soyangco Lawrence and Patricia Sparks Tony and Debbie Sparks Boyd and Cathy Spencer Larry Spillman Estate St. Louis Post Dispatch Stadium Grill Helen E. Stahl Jimmie A. Stapp Russell and Marjorie Stark Dick and Lucy Stark Donald R. Starwalt State Farm Insurance - Charleston State Of Illinois Sidney and Harriett Steele Dennis and Diane Sterchi Stevens Industries Inc. Louis Stivers Stix Restaurant and Sports Bar

Calvin and Judith Stockman Mark T. Stoner Joel Stoner Jim F. Stratton Patti A. Stratton Strawberry Fields Inc. William and Carol Strode James and Anne Struebing Subway Raymond W. Suddarth Gerald and Barbara Sullivan Tony and Judith Sunderman Don and Pamela Sundheim Carol D. Surles Charles and Marilyn Switzer Samuel and Mary Taber Henry and Nancy Taitt Max and Miriam Tarble Earl and Meg Tarble Tawani Enterprises Peter and Gretchen Taylor Taylorville Food Inc. Tee Pak Co John Alenduff John and Edie Terwilliger The Boeing Company The Capital Trust Company of Delaware The Graywood Foundation The Michael Andretti Foundation The P and G Fund The Senter Group Inc William and Lillian Thiel David and Alice Thomas Natalie Thompson William and Laurel Thornton James Tidwell and Muriel Everton Times Mirror Liz C. Tingley Craig and Brooks Titley

Harold and Alice Tolle Don and Barbara Tolliver Janet M. Treichel Trinity Lutheran Church J. Steven and Ellen Unger Union Pacific Foundation Unique Home Properties United Way of McLean County University of Wisconsin-Extension Upchurch Group Inc. Fred and Mary Ann Uphoff Valco Awards and More Inc. Valley Vistas Management Co. Inc. Yolanda VanAusdall Reginald and Mary VanEekeren Vesuvius USA Corporation Villa Pizza Village Stitchery Wachovia Securities Robert and Leyla Waddell Walden T.V. and Appliance Inc. Wal-Mart Supercenter – Charleston Bradley and Kathleen Warble Jon D. Ware William and Barbara Warmoth Tom L Waskom David and Karla Watson Michael and Barbara Watts Watts Copy Systems Inc. WCBH Radio – Casey Shorty Weaver Robert and Lourdine Webb Cindy D. Webb Joseph and Margaret Weber Frank and Wanda Weber WEIC-AM 1270 Solid Gospel Terry and Louise Weidner WEIU Radio-TV Center

Louis and Dean Weston C. E. and Mary Whalen What’s Cookin’ John and Karen Whisler Charles and Mary White White Consolidated Industries Foundation Harry K. White Estate James and Elaine Whitkanack Robert and Luz Whittenbarger Paul and Donna Wieck Thomas and Amy Wiesenmayer William Randolph Hearst Foundation John and Carol Willingham Elizabeth E. Wilson Stephen and Julia Wilson Ronald Wilson Estate C. Byron and Donna Winn Gerald and Dorothy Wise Robert and Nell Wiseman Herold Witherspoon WMCI, WHQQ and WWGO Ronald and Donna Wohlstein Dale and Deborah Wolf Thomas and Marge Woodall Ken and Mabelle Wooddell Raymond and Susan Woods Bonita J. Woodyard Lincoln and Florence Woodyard Woolard Marketing Consultants Inc. Charles W. Wootton Harry and Aileen Wright Robert T. Wright Wrights Furniture Linda M. Wunder WW Grainger Inc. Yoder Advertising Group Susan L. Young Michael and Jane Ziegler

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Lifetime Giving Pillar Society

The Pillar Society recognizes a unique group of donors not only for the sum of their gifts, but also for their longevity of giving. Whether through payroll deduction, gifts to the annual fund, or regular donations to build an endowment, these special friends have supported the University for 20 or more years. 1st Federal of Central Illinois 3M Foundation Abbott Laboratories Fund Accenture Foundation Inc. James and Cynthia Acklin Kay M. Acklin John and Leona Adams Adams Memorials AEP Service Corporation Arthur and Sammye Aikman Ray and Joyce Allen Patrick and Susan Allen Allstate Foundation William and Susan Ambrose Robert L. Anderko Nathaniel and Tanya Anderson Steve and Mary Ann Anderson Eulalee L. Anderson Coy and Jane Angelo Larry and Maureen Ankenbrand Archer Daniels Midland Company Alfred and Betty Armstead James and Racheline Arnholt Michael and Sandra Aronson Robert and Janice Arvin Larry J. Ashley Jack and Lynette Ashmore AT&T Foundation Dennis W. Aten Russell C. Atkins Howard and Gloria Atkison William and Elsie Augustine Jeffrey M. Augustine Lyetta F Awalt Kent and Tami Babbs Gregory Baggerly William and Evelyn Bailey Ken and Sandy Baker Bill and Donna Bandy BMO Financial Group Karl and Mary Barnes Joseph and Diana Bascio Gary and Vicki Baumgarten Michael and Mona Bays 22

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Robert and Linda Beachey Robert L. Beavers J Richard and Lois Becker Dennis and Diane Beedy Wallace and Lois Beeler Thomas and Ellen Begler Marla S. Belden Stephen and Deborah Benefiel Butch and Kathy Bennett Bruce L. Berry Stephen L. Berry Warren and Ruth Besing Ken E. Bidle Richard H. Bidle Robert and Jane Bielenberg Doit and Elnor Biggs Jimmy and Ruth Biggs Darlene K. Bingham Morris and Wilma Birkhead Cheryl L. Birkhead Roger and Deborah Black Clark and Luanne Blade Robert and Barbara Blagg Wendell and Julia Blair Jeff and Nancy Bloemker Frank and Linda Blum Bob Oetting and Associates David and Denise Boente Jeffrey and Karen Bollman Rupert and Therese Borgsmiller Jeffrey and Karen Boshart Ronald Alexander and Judith Bova Douglas and Mary Bower Robert and Pamela Bowman A. Nadine Boyer BP Foundation Inc. Thomas and Jane Brackemeyer Mike and Treva Bradd Donald and Mary Brauer Gary and Sharon Brinkmeyer Robert and Diana Briscoe James and Anne Bronson Wayne and Dolores Brooke David and Kathryn Broquard

Martha S. Brown Jeffrey Hodge and Carolyn Brown Hodge Jack and Barbara Browning Jerome and Susan Brummer Glenn and Wanda Brussell Samuel and Peggy Bryan Ewen and Mary Ellen Bryden William and Ann Bryson David and Susanna Buchanan Jerry and Eloise Buffenmeyer Joseph Ibanez and Betty Burfeind Timothy and Vickie Burke Thomas and Carolyn Burke Virginia E. Burmeister William and Lola Burnside Carole Burris John and Shirley Burton Roderick and Toni Butler Scott and Linda Butler Tammie Byers Byrd’s Cleaners Donald and Louise Calvin Michael and Lorene Cambruzzi Calvin and Betty Campbell David and Janelle Carey Bradley A. Carr Patrick and Monica Carroll Keith and Lea Ann Carson Dennis and Pamela Carte Dan and Susan Carter Patrick and Frances Carter Norma J. Carter Gary and Carolyn Case David and Neva Casstevens Caterpillar Foundation Richard E. Cavanaugh Century 21 Hutton and Matheny Realty Inc. Charleston Food Inc Charleston Service Center John and Marjorie Checkley Anthony and Gail Jelinek Chevron Texaco Gregory and Susan Christakos Jack and Barbara Christensen

Caroline A. Christian David and Juliann Christine John and Pam Christy Michael H. Chron Michael and Phoebe Church Roger and Pat Claar Clarence Miller Insurance Michael and M. Gail Clayton Maxine Clayton Robert Clements Coca-Cola Foundation John and Mary Coffey Paula L. Coker Calvin and Beth Colclasure Martin and Mary Coleman Coles County Democratic Committee Donald and Cynthia Collins Randy and Pamela Collins Camille J. Compo Catherine A. Conder William and Mildred Connelly Dennis and Kathy Connor Mary E. Connors David and Martha Conrad Consolidated Communications Inc. Richard and Mary Coombes Mac and Barbara Corley Max and Mary Cougill Mary Coutant Jack L. Coventry Dario and Madeline Covi Jeannine Covington Bob K. Cox Francis E. Coyle Richard and Ruth Craig Credit Union 1 Jeff K. Creighton Margaret J. Cress Larry and Cheryl Crews Ollie and Karen Cromwell Cross County Mall Merchants John and Cathy Cullen Culligan Water Dan and Jeanne Cunningham Fred and Carolyn Cutlip Mark and Pam Dagestad Gary and Nancy Dalpiaz William J. Daniell Kurt and Renee Daniels Dorrence and Carol Darling Carl and Barbara Darlington John and Emma Daum Jonathan and Barbara Davis

Hank Davis and Nanci Newstrom Jon and Linda Davis John and Debbie Day Dominic and Susan DeCarlo Decatur Food Inc. Robert and Peggy Decker Carol A. Deibert Joseph and Joanna Delaney Sr. Jahala J. DeMoulin Donald and Rosalie Dennis Thomas and Dorothy Dersch Paul H. Deters Roger and Rosie Dettro Edward and Carolyn Dever John C. Dickey Tim and Debra Dimke Alphonso J. DiPietro Greg and Carolyn Ditman John and Ronda Dively Joe and Sheila Dively John and Joyce Dively Bruce and Kathryn Dixon Michael and Angela Doll Madeleine L. Doubek Mark and Debby Dougherty Ronald and Maralene Downs Robert and Carolyn Doyle Donald and Sandra Drennan Tom and Kimberly DuBois Ron and Judith Duncan Robert and Diane Dunn Leonard and Olga Durham Jerry and Clare Dye James and Sheryl Eadie Mark and Patricia Ealy Phillip and Judith Ealy David and Mary Eberspacher Frederick and Becky Edgar Joel D. Edgington John and Sherry Egan James and Deb Eisfeller Joyce L. Eisold Chuck Elliott and Margaret Sullivan Steven and Diane Elmore Dean and Nida Elmuti Martin and Mary Elzy William J. Emrich Sue E. England Rick and Nancy Eskew Robert Glatz and Judy Ethell William and Karen Ettinger Janet A. Evans Exxon Mobil Foundation

Ross and Sherry Faris Carrol and Karen Farmer Frank and Marsha Farr John R. Faust Patricia J. Fewell Christie and Theresa Fields Benson and Marsha Finfrock James and Ila Finley First Federal Savings and Loan First Mid Insurance Group First Mid-Ill Bank and Trust Mattoon First Neighbor Bank Brian and Susan Fischer Steven and Christine Fisher David and Elizabeth Fisher Sara B. Flaherty Randal and Sandra Flesch Robert and Ann Flick M. Lorraine Flower Stephen and Margot Forsyth Richard A. Fox Frank and Janet Fraembs Leon and Ruby Francis William and Susan Francour Norman and Donna Franke Clyde and Jane Frankie Eric and Pamela Frick Robert and Susan Friend Jeffrey and Vicki Furry Bill Furry Stephen Sum and Jean Galovich Don and Carol Gardner Randall and Linda Gardner Larry E. Gariepy William and Carol Garver Byron and Carole Gaston Steven and Nancy Gates Gateway Liquors John and Nannie Gatewood General Electric Foundation Edward and Martha Geppert Allen and Ann Gerhold Ronald E. Gholson James F. and June B. Giffin Thomas and Teresa Gilbert Bob and Barbara Gilhaus Adrienne V. Gleason Robert and Ginny Gochanour Frank and Lisa Goldacker Chester and Jacqueline Golightly Douglas and Laura Golowski Michael and Elizabeth Goodwin M. Joan Gossett 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Lifetime Giving Pillar Society (continued) Ned Gough Timothy D. Gover Terry and Sue Grabb Scott and Lisa Gradle Dennis and Nancy Grant Lillian R. Greathouse Gene and Carolyn Greek Gordon and Linda Green Lylburn A. Greer Ted and Terri Gregory Vincent and Doreen Gregory Jeffrey and Jill Greig Laura M. Griffin J. Kay Griffy William and Roberta Griggs Ronald and Linda Grissom Steven and Teresa Grissom Robert and Rita Gronemeyer William and Debra Gross June C. Ground Thomas and Elizabeth Grubaugh Grunloh Construction Inc. Joan Guciardo Gary and Judy Gueldner Gregg and Ellen Guinard Gary and Glenda Guthrie Richard and Valerie Haberer Ronald and Mary Hagenow Leslie and Ellen Hall Perry and Marilyn Hall William and Vivian Hallett Jerry and Linda Hamilton Jim and Bess Hanks Dale and Mary Anne Hanner Robert and Cynthia Hardig Thomas and Peggy Hargis Joseph and Jennie Harner Kurt and Geneve Harris Rosemary A. Harris Clarence and Carol Harrison Mary L. Harshman Dottie M. Hart Brian and Susan Hartke Neil and Anne Haseman Daniel and Marian Hatfield Jack and Marjorie Hatfield Bradley and Polly Hatfield Michael and Carol Hatfield Gary Hawker Bill and Susan Hay Allan D. Heath 24

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Donald and Linda Heath Frank and Edith Hedges Jeffrey and Sallie Heintz David and Jean Helm Louis and Mary Kay Hencken Tom Henderson Robert E. Hennings Michael and Colleen Henry Michael and Judy Henry John and Colleen Hepner Mark and Annette Hepner Kurt and Margaret Herbst Robert and Rowena Hesler Alan and B. Elizabeth Hewey Wayne and Joan Hibler C Michael and Joyce Hicks Glenn and Susan Hild William and Betsy Hine Jean K. Hines Daniel and Mary Hinkel Galen and Barbara Hinkel Royce and Jean Hinton James and Myra Hinze Dan and Lois Hockman Timothy and Karla Hodge Roy and Karen Hodgeman Thomas R. Hoehn Roger and Patricia Hoffman William and Marsha Hoffman Kyle and Gail Hoke Margaret C. Hollowell Waunetta Hood Clay and Sandra Hopkins Jeff and Jody Horn Brian and Merri Horn Don P. Horn David and Carolyn Horsman Kenneth and Gloria Horsman Howell Asphalt Company Inc. Robert and Janet Howrey Mary C. Tiegs HSBC Philanthropic Services Charles and Elizabeth Huber Nadine Hume Harvey and Mary Hurst Robert and Laura Hussey Hutti Chiropractic Center IBM Corporation Gregory and Susan Ikemire Jim and Ann Isbell J & J Ventures Coffee Service

Virgil and Marianlee Jacobs Vaughn and Ruth Jaenike William and Judith James William and Melody James Paul and Carolyn Janka Scott Flickinger and Janelle Janssen Judith A. Jefferson Ron and Myra Jeffris Donald and Carole Jehling Kenneth and Rhonda Johnson Gregory and Tricia Johnson R. Bradley and Dawn Johnson James E. Johnson Michael and Jacqueline Joines Annie Lee Jones Jerry and Margaret Jones Joseph B. Jones Robert and Patricia Jordan Mark and Marie Joy Judys Hallmark Shop Steve and Joyce Jurgens Richard and Patricia Justice Cleve and Karen Karch Robert and Shirley Karraker Tom and Jeanette Katsimpalis Sue E. Kautz Richard and Ellen Keiter John E. Kelley Joseph A. Kelly Ken Diepholz Chevrolet Inc. Ike and Joan Kennard Michael and Patricia Kerner Robert and Linda Kerness David and Carol Kessler David and Deborah Kidwell Tom and Sally Kilhoffer Charles and Gertrude Kincade Thomas Kinsella William and Linda Kirk Henry and Vera Kirts Roy and Jeannine Klay Thomas and Barbara Kleiss Kenneth and Karen Kloess Matthew and Cherie Klosterman Jeffrey and Kimberly Knezovich Joseph and Sandra Knollenberg Cary and Marge Knoop Edward and Barbara Kobel Jane E. Kochis Steven and Susan Koebel Alice J. Koenecke

Koerner Distributors Inc. Keith K. Kohanzo Bruce and Susan Kohnz Mary E. Komada KPMG Foundation Stanley and Rita Kramkowski Daniel and Katherine Kramper Helen Krehbiel-Reed Claire E. Krukenberg Thomas and Mary Kunz John L. Kuruc Jr. Julie A. Labhart Donald and Clara Lackey Jared and Linda Lacy Vernon and Louella Lamb Lucille M. Lance Joe and Sandra Landeck James and Kabra Langen George and Susan Lankford Lanman Oil Company Richard and Geraldine Larson Herbert and Jane Lasky Mary A. Lauer Linda M. Lauwerens Eddie and Darlene LeCrone Leisure Pools Gloria A. Leitschuh Michael and Mary Lester John and Elizabeth Lewis David E. Lewis John M. Lewis Donald C. Leynaud Todd Lindsey and Martha Cooper Rick and Kari Livesey Randall and Diane Lloyd Lorenz Wholesale Company Lori’s Pins N’ Needles James and Janice Louthan Walter and Margaret Lowell Jerry and Lisa Lowery Kenneth and Jeanne Ludwig Lumpkin Family Foundation Ralph and Tomoko Lutz Norman and Madeline Lutz Luxury Homes David and Paula Maciejewski Matt and Joyce Madigan Dennis and Kathleen Madix Roger and Merry Malcolm Hal and Edie Malehorn John and Tracey Malkovich Peggy Manley Lloyd and Lucy Mann

Patrick and Kathy Manning Dixie L. Mansker Marathon Oil Co. Foundation Carol L. Margerum Charles and Karen Maris Patricia S. Markowski Becky S. Markwell Edward and Nancy Marlow Robert and Nancy Maroney Gary and Barb Marquis MARS Petcare R. Gene and Katherine Marshall Gregory and Treasure Marten Mark and Mary Martin Cecil and Kazuko Martin Richard and Shirley Mason James and Caroline Matson Janet K. Matteson Mattoon Food Inc. David and Joyce Maurer Ralph and Joan McCausland Kevin and Debora McCleary Frank and Christine McCormick Russell and Lila McCulley John and Ruth McDaniel Larry and Becky McGrew Dale and Judith McHenry John and Peggy McInerney James and Karen McKechnie Lawrence and Shirley McKinney Willis and Marianne McKinney Richard and Jeanne McMurray John and Connie McNary Gregory and Mary Meador Keith Richmond and Melissa Meador Eleanor L. Means Bill and Darlene Medler Charles and Faith Meece Robert and Kathleen Megginson Paul H. Meier Alvin and Leanne Menninga Chris and Christine Merenowicz Nicholas C. Merrill Jr. Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation Ralph and Gelaine Messick Michael J. Metzger Douglas and Joann Meyer Midas Muffler and Brake Shop Mid-Illinois Newspapers Inc. Jack and Doris Miller Bob and Betty Miller Bobby and Marilyn Miller Clarence and Linda Miller

Fred Miller and Karen Brookwell-Miller Glenn W. Miller David and Sheila Misselhorn Steve Mitze Melba H. Mobley Donald L Moler Donald and Judy Moler Ronald and Barbara Monge Peter and Mary Moody Steven and Marsha Moore Marvin and Marie Moore James and Donna Morgan Mark J. Morrow Ron and Janet Mozelewski John and Josephine Muchmore Dennis and Deborah Muchmore John and Sharon Muendel Paul and Christie Mugerditchian John and Eunice Mumm Gregory C. Mumm Richard and Cynthia Murphy Jack and Arlene Muthersbough Alan and Judy Myers Michael and Eloise Myers Warren and Joy Myers Nancy’s Lettering Shop Anna C. Neal Ronald K. Negley Allen and Carol Newlin Hank and Jill Nilsen Kenneth and Julie Nimmons Noble Flower Shop Harold and Barbara Nordin Northern Trust Northwestern Mutual Foundation Jerry R Nyckel J. W. and Marilyn Oglesby George and Marilee Evans Luis and Judith Ordonez Dave C. Orr Howard and Alice Osborne Gregory and Pamela Oseland Don G. Overton Maurice and Marie Owen Bill and Jayne Ozier Ronald and Lila Paap James and Mary Padgett Raymond and Lynn Padovan Pagliai’s Pizza William and Phyllis Paine George and Janice Paulik Jack and Ann Payan Ron and Susan Peadro 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Lifetime Giving Pillar Society (continued) Ruth R. Pence Robert and Jennifer Pendley Neil and Mildred Perington Denise D. Peterson Michael A. Petrouski Matthew F. Piescinski Rodney and Judy Plackett Stephen and Diane Platt Rick and Deborah Popely David and Julie Potenziani Thomas and Lynda Potter Joseph and Joan Pound Robert and Neva Powell Prairie State Bank and Trust Charles and Megan Price William and Jean Prince David and Teresa Pritchard John and Tara Pruden Roger and Vivian Pscherer William and Cindy Pufahl Carol and Rosemary Pullen Elmer and Frances Pullen Sheridan and Arlene Pulley Margaret A. Pulliam Kenneth and Marcia Pyburn Pamela D. Quade Philip and Ronda Queen Zane and Patricia Quible Michael and Susan Radloff Gilbert and Megan Rainey Donald Kojich and Betty Ralston Richard and Ann Ramsey Gus and Polly Rapp Richard and Lori Rebholz Richard and Laurie Redeker David and Sara Reed David and Therese Reid Sara E. Rennie Edward and Nettie Resch Willis and Patricia Rezba John Oertling and Gail Richard Patrick and Mary Ellen Richards Randall and Linda Richardson George S. Richmond J. David and Linda Riddle Foster and Jean Rinefort Carolyn S. Ripley Roger and Stephany Rives Stanley and Sandra Rives John L. Roberts Gary and Librada Robertson 26

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Donald and Ferne Rogers Allen and Deborah Rogers Ronald and Janet Roglis James and Redonda Rominger Ronchetti Distributors Paul and Linda Roosevelt Tom and Jean Root Paul and Verlyn Rosenberger Daniel and Jane Rozek RR Donnelley Foundation Ken and Therese Rudolphi David and Kathryn Ruff Barbara A. Runde Robert W. Rupel Ryan, Bennett and Radloff S and K Air Power Tool and Supply John and Nancy Saatkamp J. Sain Myron and Peggy Salmon Robert and Markay Saltmarsh Rick and Janice Samuels Bud and Joann Sanders J. W. and Carol Sanders Sara Lee Foundation Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center David and Phyllis Sardella Linda K. Sarracino William and Marilyn Satterwhite Kevin and Pamela Savoree Wilbur and Tana Saylor Donald and Jackie Schaefer Rodney L. Schaefer William and Crystal Schafer Roger and Jean Schaffner Wolfgang and Barbara Schlauch Edgar W. Schmidt Cinda L. Schmidt Joan K. Schmidt Robert and Joan Schmitt Darrell Schmitt Raymond and Carol Schmudde James and Karen Schnorf Stephen Schnorf and Jane Elmore Gary and Roseanne Schollmeier Joni E. Scholwin Gary and Pat Schroeder Dennis and Paula Schwark Jeffrey and Lila Scott Richard and Sue Scott Robert and Kathryn Seaman Brad A. Seaton

Harold M. Seip Thomas and Carol Seng Joe and Lisa Sexton Doug and Kathlene Shank Shell Oil Co. Foundation Beverly J. Shelton Donald E. Shepardson Maurice D. Shepherd Mrs. Edward O. Sherman James and Frances Sherrick Charlene C. Shields Mary C. Shouse Eli and Ann Sidwell Betty A. Simon Douglas and Linda Simpson Rod and Lori Sink John and Deborah Smith Milburn and Helen Smith Donald R. Sniegowski Jeanne R. Snyder Keith and Elizabeth Snyder Harry F. Sockler C. Roger Sorensen Bruce and Cathy Sorenson Steven and Connie Sorn Joseph and Rita Spannagel Ruth Sparkman Pierce and Patricia Spencer Robert and Susan Spoo Joe and Sharon Sportsman James and Joyce Staff Paul and Marilyn Stalets Stan McMorris Insurance Gary and Teresa Stanfield James and Joann Stanford Carroll and Alma Stanhope Dick and Lucy Stark Russell and Marjorie Stark Donald R. Starwalt State Farm Companies Foundation Robert and Rebecca Steiner Darrell and Jennifer Stephen Dennis and Diane Sterchi Beverly J. Sterling John and Karen Stinson Thomas and Martha Stinson Dike and Roxann Stirrett Louis Stivers John and Anne Stole Richard J. Story Galen and Marilyn Strain

William and Carol Strode Joe and Vicki Strohm Mark and Karlene Stuart Bill and Lana Stull Kevin and Margaret Sullivan Richard L. Sumption Mary M. Sur Keith and Barbara Sutorius Stephen and Jacalyn Swango Lowell and Joan Swearingen Shirley S. Swiatek Alan D. Swim Charles and Helen Swinford Susan M. Swinford William and Jamie Swisher T A Bacon Auto Rebuilder Max E. Tarble Anthony and Barbara Tegenkamp Terry’s Clip and Chip Michael and Carol Terstriep Gary and Heidi Thacker The P&G Fund John and Sandra Theriault William and Lillian Thiel Thomas and Rosemary Thode Gregory and Ruth Thom Bob and Evelyn Thomas Harvey and Ruth Ann Thompson Daniel and Adrianne Thornburgh Robert and Barbara Thrash Kenneth W. Timmons John and Kathleen Tingley Robert D. Tipsword Chuck Titus John and Barbara Tolch Towne Square Jewelers Robert and Bernardine Travelstead Eldon and Karen Triezenberg Les Trotter III Rhonda R. Trower Neal and Barbara Tucker

Terry and Marcia Tuley Cheryl K. Miller Richard and Pamela Ulrich UPS Foundation Jerry and Elizabeth VanDyke Daniel and Mary Venters Verizon Foundation Mark and Darlene Drilling Gary and Judith Vest Vesuvius USA Corporation Dennis and Mary Vidoni Dale and Virginia Vogel Mark and Maureen Voss John and Stella Waggoner Mike and Carol Castellon Wesley and Carolyn Walker Roscoe and Jeanie Wallace Wal-Mart Supercenter – Charleston John and Suzanne Doyle James and Jean Walters Terry and Charlotte Walther Michael and Pamela Wampler Charles and Renee Tunt William and Barbara Warmoth Michael D. Warnick Michael and Barbara Watts Kevin and Suanne Waymack Linda A. Weaver Bobby and Josie Webb Frank and Wanda Weber Curt and Pamela Wehrmann Terry and Louise Weidner Steven and Linda Wente Mark and Beverly Richardson Michael and Linda Werling Mary J. West Dean J. Weston David and Tracy Wetherton What’s Cookin’ Charles and Mary White Gene and Eileen White

Robert and Luz Whittenbarger Paul and Donna Wieck Daryl and Melinda Wieland Edward and Marjorie Wiessing Allegra Wilber Wilbur and Nancy Wilhelm Richard and Margaret Wilkin Russell and Carol Wilkinson Raymond and Cheryl Wille William Randolph Hearst Foundation Helen I. Williams Marolyne S. Williams Wanda L. Williams Williams Companies Paul and Susan Willms Robert P. Wilson Joan J. Wilson Patrick and Terry Wingate Eric and Elizabeth Wingler C Byron and Donna Winn Gary and Marianne Wintersteen Robert and Nell Wiseman Ronald and Donna Wohlstein Dale and Deborah Wolf William and Patricia Wolf Dean and Linda Wolz Thomas and Marge Woodall Gary and Marilyn Wooddell Ken and Mabelle Wooddell Gary and Leta Wooley Charles W. Wootton Jacqueline L. Worden Robert and Pasqualina Wrenn Donald and Janice Wright Randall and Brenda Wright WW Grainger Inc. James and Lynn Yarbrough Richard and Michelle Zath Linda C. Zerkle David and Lynda Zuege Ken and Karen Zumbahlen

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Randall Wright ‘70 has helped many Eastern students and community members look to the stars – literally and figuratively. Wright and his wife, Brenda ‘70, have given back to EIU in many ways, including helping to fund the construction of the state-of-the-art observatory in 2004. “We certainly found that to be really a pleasant experience, to be able to offer a resource for the university and the community,” said Wright, who is executive vice president and chief operating officer at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. Though they’ve long been away from the area, the east-central Illinois natives – he’s from Charleston, and she’s from Taylorville – have maintained ties to the region. “Eastern has been very good to us in terms of providing a foundation for our careers and what we’ve been able to accomplish,” Wright said. “We take pride in our relationship with Eastern. It’s giving back, not just to an institution, but to a community and to an organization we believe adds value to the region.” For example, to pay tribute to influential physics professors and department chairs Bill Butler and Glenn Q. Lefler, the Wrights funded scholarships in their honor. Endowments are a great way to “multiply your money and put a legacy in place for the future,” Wright said. The Wrights also have given back through service. Wright is currently an honorary member of the College of Sciences Advisory Board, and he and his wife are EIU Foundation members emeritus and members of the Alumni Association. In 2004, he was honored with an honorary Doctor of Public Service degree from EIU. In an EIU commencement address a few years ago, Wright encouraged the new graduates to stay connected to Eastern throughout their careers. Regardless of the size of their gifts, alumni should make the effort to give back to the programs that mean the most to them, he said.

“We take pride in our relationship with Eastern. It’s giving back, not just to an institution, but to a community and to an organization we believe adds value to the region.” – Randall Wright


2011 Honor Roll of Donors

“Times have changed, and college educations are more and more of a financial burden on individuals,” Wright said. “Think momentarily about what Eastern has done for you, and find something about Eastern that resonates with you. Take the opportunity to return a little bit of what you took from Eastern. You’ll be glad you did.”

you create

experiences 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Annual Giving Annual giving to Eastern Illinois University is the lifeblood of the University. These donors recognize the importance of making an annual contribution to continue the tradition of excellence at Eastern Illinois University and to ensure EIU is a place where learning never stops.

President’s Society

The President’s Society recognizes individuals and corporations who made contributions of $1,000 or more during the previous calendar year. This distinctive society pays tribute to those who, through their financial leadership, enable the University to educate and shape the leaders of the 21st century. Robin J. Adams Adams Memorials Alamo Steakhouse and Saloon Alberto Culver Co. Allstate Foundation American Enterprise Investment Services Inc. Dora C. Amos Angie’s Nine Patch Larry and Maureen Ankenbrand Jason and Katie Anselment Harry and Anne Anthony Austin A. Apgar Archer Daniels Midland Company ARR Promotios LLC Arts Connection of Central Illinois Jeffrey M. Augustine Robert and Kathryn Augustine AVNET Contributions Council Gary E. Aylesworth Kent and Tami Babbs Alan and Carlene Baharlou Ken and Sandy Baker Victor and Christine Balasi Daniel and Nancy Balz Bank of America Charitable Foundation Dwight T. Baptist Christopher and Adrienne Barber Robert and Judith Barford Gary and Rebecca Barnett Gene Remmers and Cecile Batchelor Eric and Phyllis Bayles Mark and Jodi Beci Roger and Ann Beck Bella Vein Laser Center and Medical Spa Steve Porter and Sandra Bingham-Porter Alfred and Marilyn Blatter Bob Oetting and Associates Donald and Andrea Boerema Mark and Carol Bomball Gregory and Donna Bonnell 30

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Peter M. Bonutti James and Deborah Borders BorgWarner Foundation Margaret J. Born Mark and Catie Borzi Jeffrey and Karen Boshart Douglas and Mary Bower Brainard Law Offices Dean B. Brauer Dagni Bredesen Mike and Linda Brncick James and Susan Brodack Brookstone Estates Barbara A. Burke Timothy and Vickie Burke Adam and Ashley Burkhardt William and Lola Burnside Byrd’s Cleaners Cardinal Health Foundation Carle Foundation Hospital Phil and Janet Carlock Patrick and Monica Carroll Caterpillar Foundation Caterpillar Inc – Peoria Cellular One of East Central Illinois Charleston Area Charitable Foundation Charleston Food Inc. Chenoa Elderly Service John Cherry and Janet Marquardt Chevron Texaco Steven and Thelma Childers Brian and Beckie Christensen Michael H. Chron Clinker Classic John and Mary Coffey Martin and Mary Coleman Coles County Sanitation and Recycling Community Fndtn of Central IL Depository Joni B. Comstock William and Mildred Connelly

Consolidated Communications Inc. Joan Coon Cooper Bumpus Ins Agency Inc. Mac and Barbara Corley Lori D. Cotton Cougill Senior Apartments Country Insurance and Financial Services – Bloomington Mary Coutant Dario and Madeline Covi Francis E. Coyle Cheryl M. Crates Craig and Melissa Cunningham Carleton and Nancy Curran Curry and Associates LLC Paul and Kelly Curtis James B. Curtis George and Dorothy Cutright John and Lisa Dallas Mona Y. Davenport Dave’s Decorating Center Jonathan and Barbara Davis Terry and Kathleen Davis Hank Davis and Nanci Newstrom Days Inn Robert F. DeBolt Roger and Rosie Dettro Douglas and Susan Dhom Ginny DiBianco Robert and Teresa DiPietro Ira Satinover and LuAnn DiPietro Paul Stapp and Chris DiPietro Joseph and Deborah DiPietro John and Joyce Dively Joe and Sheila Dively John and Ronda Dively Richard and Joan Dodson Mark and Cathy Dolson Dorothy R. Donnelley Charitable Trust Charles and Ruth Dow

Dow Jones Newspaper Fund Inc. Larry and Martha Drake Steve and Mary Drake Drake Homes Roseann W. Drew Dean and Marilyn Dudley Leonard and Olga Durham Mary Durkin Christopher and Patricia Dyrhaug East Central Illinois Development Corp. Charles and Sharon Eberly Effingham County Treasurer EIU Annuitants Association EIU National Residence Hall Honorary EIU Student Community Service EIU Subway Betty G. Elliott Caleb and Kelley Englehardt Enterprise Rent-A-Car Garry and Janet Ernst Edward and Susan Escalante Aaron and Kelly Eubanks Exelon Corporation Carl and Marlys Fallen Thomas and Mickey Faller Family Foot Care Center Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund H. Michael and Judith S. Finkle Regina M. Finnegan First Mid-Ill Bank & Trust – Mattoon Raymond Fischer and Carolyn Miller Fischer Daryll and Janice Fletcher Gerald and Jean Forsythe Richard A. Fox Fox Ridge Foundation Frank and Janet Fraembs Jack and Joyce Frost Robert W. Funk Ronald Garrity and Kathleen BromstrupGarrity Mary Lou Gaskill General Electric Foundation Mark and Patricia Geninatti Marilyn J. Gerdt Donald and Mary Gher Ronald E. Gholson Michael Garcia and Gina Giffin Garcia Jonathan Gosse and Jodi Hoffman-Gosse Gowin Parc Gordon and Mary Grado D. Michael Gragg and Donna Plummer Carlyle and Noelle Greathouse Lillian R. Greathouse

Kelly Green Edward and Patricia Griffiths Steven and Teresa Grissom Marko Grunhagen and Melody Wollan Grunloh Construction Inc. Samuel Guccione and Linda Tooley Joseph and Kristene Gugliuzza Vincent and Pamela Gutowski Kenneth E. Hadwiger Thomas and Shirley Hallaron Dale and Mary Anne Hanner Stephen and Brenda Harbaugh Hardiek Family Foundation James and Pamela Harkness Gary and Kim Harris Michael and Kathy Havey William E. Hawkes Living Trust Jerry and Margery Heath Mike and Kathie Heimerdinger Barbara Heise Clark Carol Helwig Louis and Mary Kay Hencken George Hendrick Nancy E. Henn Living Trust William and Melissa Higelmire Melvin and Mary Higgs William E. Hill William and Betsy Hine Jean L. Holley Margaret C. Hollowell Dale and Marilyn Hoots Adam and Laura Howarth Julia D. Huddleston Charles Hundley and Barbara Shelton Hundley Brian Hurst Robert and Laura Hussey Jerilyn Hutson IBM Corporation Illinois Farm Bureau Illinois Press Foundation Inc. Illinois Women’s Golf Association Ned Huston and Bonnie Irwin J. M. Schultz Investment Co. Diane H. Jackman Vaughn and Ruth Jaenike Ron and Myra Jeffris Timothy A. Johnson Gregory and Tricia Johnson Donald and Martha Johnson Brian K. Jones James and Diane Jordan-Wagner Earl and Mary Julius

Ebrahim and Donna Karbassioon Sue E. Kautz Richard and Ellen Keiter Charles and Doris Keller John E. Kelley Ike and Joan Kennard Belayet and Syeda Khan Albert Kinderman Ron Mertz and Nancie King Mertz Gregg and Graciela Kirkland Jeffrey and Kimberly Knezovich Peter Kniskern and Arpi Hagopian Koerner Distributors Inc. Donald Kojich and Betty Ralston Thomas and Linda Komes Janet M. Kowalski KPMG Foundation Kristin A. Krukenberg Kurt W. Krukenberg June M. Krutza Frank and Julia Ladner Lakeland Radiologists Ltd. Michael Langeler and Debi Arch-Langeler Herbert and Jane Lasky Thomas and Donna Lawrence LD Mechanical Contractors Inc. Gloria A. Leitschuh Leona Stanford Vollintine Charitable Trust Levi Ray and Shoup Foundation Lincoln Trail Orthopedic Clinic Blair M. Lord Lori’s Pins N’ Needles Margaret A. Lowery LT Occupational Health A.J. and Linda Luckett Lumpkin Family Foundation G Mike MacGilvray Matt and Joyce Madigan Main Street Quilt Company Manghattan LLC Patrick and Christine Mangin Brent and Cathy Manning Harold F. Marker Estate Patricia S. Markowski Bob and Donna Martin Ronald and Carol Martin Maxine Marvin Timothy and Gail Mason Mattoon Food Inc. Tim and Rita McCollum Gene and Dolly McFarland James and Karen McKechnie McKesson Foundation 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Annual Giving President’s Society (continued) James and Sabina McNutt John and Margaret Messer Douglas and Joann Meyer Midas Muffler and Brake Shop Midland States Bank Gary R. Miller Carl T. Mito Chalmer Moore Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts Program Mike and Libby Murray Jerry and Carol Myerscough Newman Catholic Center Dale and Sylvia Nichols Hank and Jill Nilsen Kenneth and Julie Nimmons John Oertling and Gail Richard Bob and Carol Oetting Jeffrey and Trina Oetting J. W. and Marilyn Oglesby Michael and Diane Oliberos On Campus Marketing LLC Dennis and Elizabeth Ondyak Opportunities for Access Our Redeemer Lutheran Church David and Sandra Paddock Pagliai’s Pizza David and Jennifer Pankau Bonnie Pashkow Estate Paul A Funk Foundation Paul and Kathy Snyder Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation George and Janice Paulik Jack and Ann Payan Gary and Sue Payton Peace to Meece PepsiCo Foundation Roger and Karen Perkins Wendy Perrow David P. Perry William and Linda Perry Charles and Joycelynn Phillips Piatt County Nutrition Program Steven and Jane Pierce Porter Auto Body Poteete Property Rental Brian and Patricia Poulter Roy and Helen Price Marla M. Pringle Michael and Susan Radloff Michael L. Rafael Rodney and Erin Ranes 32

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

John Reed and Helen Krehbiel-Reed David and Sara Reed Christine E. Reid Robertson Thomas A. Reitz Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. Steve and Cindy Rich Foster and Jean Rinefort Kraig and Kelleen Ritter Linda S. Robertson Bill and Susan Robinson Thomas and Mary Rodgers James Roehm and Bonnie Pashkow Donald and Ferne Rogers Mark R. Rogstad Charles and Janice Rohn Ronchetti Distributors John and Kay Ronchetto Kathryn A. Rooke Estate RTBWW LLC Aldo and Julie Ruffolo Robert W. Rupel Joy L. Russell Edward and Sarah Bust John and Kathreen Ryan Paul J. Saegesser Donald and Debra Sandercock II Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center David and Phyllis Sardella Wolfgang and Barbara Schlauch John D. Schmitt James and Karen Schnorf Alan and Becky Schuette Jeff and Sonya Schuette Justus W. Seaman Charitable Trust Michael and Peggy Shanahan Doug and Kathlene Shank Alice Shawver Shell Oil Co. Foundation Bryan and Nikki Sherrick Steve and Kim Shirar James and Linda Short Calvin and Nancy Smith Smith Walbridge Clinics and Band Products Sondra A. Hays Life Health Annual Charity Event C. Roger Sorensen Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation Angelo and Beverly Soyangco Tony and Debbie Sparks Bruce and Joni Speer Robert and Susan Spoo

St John’s Hospital State Farm Companies Foundation State Farm Insurance – Charleston State Farm Insurance Co. Eddie A. Stephens Dennis and Diane Sterchi David and Carol Stevens Stifel Nicolaus Stoner Consulting LLC Joan Stough Strawberry Fields Inc. Tony and Judith Sunderman Troy and Patti Swinford Christopher and Kelsey Swing TAGA Productions Henry and Nancy Taitt Edward and Connie Taylor Peter and Gretchen Taylor John and Edie Terwilliger The Capital Trust Company of Delaware The Sewing Basket William and Lillian Thiel David and Alice Thomas Threads of Time James Tidwell and Muriel Everton Towne Square Jewelers Jerry A. Trannel Janet M. Treichel Union Pacific Fund for Effective Govt. Unique Home Properties Universal McCann Valley Vistas Management Co. Inc. Village Stitchery Betsy Vosburgh William Vrettos William and Barbara Warmoth Mike Shelton and Linda Warmoth-Shelton David and Karla Watson Cindy D. Webb Robert and Lourdine Webb William V. Weber Bruce and Susan Webster Ken and Irene Werner C. E. and Mary Whalen John and Karen Whisler Andrew M. White Wesley Whiteside Thomas and Amy Wiesenmayer Marty Wilder and Gayle Sparenberg Wilder WILL Corporation William A. Sunderman, Attorney at Law

Walter and Jean Williams Williams Companies Willow Springs Foundation Stephen and Julia Wilson Roy and Ruth Wilson Norma J. Winkleblack

Charles W Witters Robert and Carolyn Witters Robert J. Wochner Dale and Deborah Wolf Deborah A. Woodley Kaye Woodward

Woolard Marketing Consultants Inc Don and Denice Yost Yost Management Co., LLC Susan L. Young

Patron’s Society

The Patron’s Society recognizes those individuals and corporations who made contributions of $100 to $1,000 during the previous calendar year. This society, whose membership continues to grow, recognizes those who have made sustaining financial commitments to Eastern Illinois University. 1st Federal of Central Illinois 3M Foundation A. J. Walker Construction Company A Quilting Bee Abbott Laboratories Fund Jennifer P. Abernathy Ivan and Elizabeth Adames Charles and Linda Adams Ann M. Adams Adams Funeral Chapel Verne and Joy Adkins John and Carolyn Adkins J. Neil and Rebecca Admire Advantage Tree Service AEP Service Corporation Lawrence and Francine Ahern AIG Sunamerica Life Assurance Co. Aker Realty Corp. Thomas and Joelyn Akers D. E. Alblinger Daniel and Selam Alemu Dennis and Beth Alldridge James and Nancy Allen Ray and Joyce Allen Patrick and Susan Allen Allen Construction John and Melody Allison William and Sandra Alltop Cindy L. Almon Tozer Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Phi Alpha-Care Health Professionals LLC Phil and Brenda Altadonna Darren and Susan Altadonna Chad Altadonna and Nicole Wochner Michael and Susan Altman Ameren Illinois

American Family Insurance American Legion Auxiliary Karen A. Anderson Nick and Gina Anderson Albert and Carole Anderson Richard and Lylia Andrews James and Rebecca Andrews Peter and Holly Andrews Coy and Jane Angelo Ralph and Susan Ankenbrand Timothy and Margaret Ansley Art and Phyllis Anthony Graham and Angela Anthony AptarGroup Charitable Foundation Steven and Jane Arbuthnot Fernando and Martha Arceo Forough A. Archer Jamie S. Archer Roger and Elaine Archibald Arends Brothers Inc. Taffy Arey Gina Arinyanontakoon Larry and Lauralynn Arney Stephen and Carole Arney James and Racheline Arnholt Kandace L. Arnold Don and Kathleen Arnold Steven Arrivo and Victoria Booth Arrow Travel Warren and Kara Arthur Joan S. Arzeni-Smith Willa M. Ashby Larry J. Ashley Jack and Lynette Ashmore Astakos Publishing Dennis W. Aten Nathan R. Atkinson

Muffadal M. Attarwalla William and Elsie Augustine Paul and Alice Augustyniak Back To Health Physicians Group Darrin and Denise Bacon Terry and Ann Bacon Gregory Baggerly Donna Baggerly Kim D. Bagwell Gary and Barbara Bahlow Paul and Holly Bailey Ryan and Maria Bailey Michael and Lana Bailey Louie and Deborrah Baker Randy and Carol Baker Richard and Susan Baker Brian and Mary Bakke John and Jeanine Balbach Jo A. Baldwin Janice Ballard Lance E. Ballard Bill and Donna Bandy Gary and Karen Bankston James and Bernice Barden Mary Anne Barlow Burton and Dixie Barnes Thomas and Diane Barr Steven and Jackie Barrett Robert R. Barrows Roger and Phyllis Barry David and Ruth Bart William and Linda Barter Herbert and Sharon Bartling John and Pam Barton Brad Bartram David and Debbie Bartz David and Carolene Bash 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Annual Giving Patron’s Society (continued) Wayne and Dorothy Basting Lonnie and Mary Bathurst Baughman and Associates Jerry and Judy Bauman Harry and Elizabeth Baxter Baxter International Foundation Thomas and Elizabeth Bayer Cindy Bayes Brian Beakley Gary and Joy Beard Noel and Laurie Beasley Larry W. Beavers John and Mary Beer Robert and Debra Beever Thomas and Jean Belcher Patrick and Susan Bell Harold and Mary Bell David S. Bell Joseph and Kris Bell Rocco and Jennifer Bellantoni Bill and Virginia Bender Reed and Julie Benedict Stephen and Deborah Benefiel James and Dorothy Bennett Richard and Terry Bennett Donald and Wauneta Benton Kristin M. Berdis David and Juanita Berdis James and Laurie Bergeson Patrick and Sandra Bernardi Daniel and Joyce Berra Matthew S. Berry William and Kathleen Besenhofer Bob Ramagnano and Regina Besenhofer John and Lorraine Best Hank J. Beurskens Chris and Ann Bezruki Robert and Jane Bielenberg Jeffrey and Tracey Bierman John D. Biernbaum David and Terri Biggs Doit and Elnor Biggs Bike and Hike Matt and Carrie Bills Hugh and Carol Birch Timothy P. Bird Tom Bottom and Joyce Bishop BKD LLP Robert and Ellen Black Sandy L. Black Roger and Deborah Black 34

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

John and Christina Blackburn Blackstone Kennel Mike and Cheryel Blackwelder James and Gina Blagg Philip C. Blair Paul and Janice Blair Stuart and Tracey Blake Wayne S. Blanchette William and Cathy Bland Jeff and Nancy Bloemker William and Ruthann Bloom Frank and Linda Blum Kenneth and Susan Blumberg James E. Blumthal Douglas and Karen Blunk Doug and Sally Bock Robert and Rita Bodart David and Elisabeth Boggs William and Lois Bonine Mark and Lori Bonnstetter Carolyn J. Boone Mike L. Boorom Rupert and Therese Borgsmiller David and Roberta Born Gail and Rosalie Borton Matt and Amanda Bos Tim and Kay and Bostwick Jeff and Tracy Bovee Bud and Gail Bower Brian and Mary Bower Darin and Jill Bowers Robert and Pamela Bowman Sandy E. Bowman Loren and Cindi Bowns John G. Boyer David A. Boyland Mike and Treva Bradd Eric V. Bradham Kelly D. Branch Larry and Ann Brandon Brankey and Smith PC Jerry and Brenda Brant George and Evelyn Brazitis Michael J. Breitner Bob Breving Eugene and Dorothy Brewer Alan and Margaret Brewer James and Susan Brice Vicky Bright Ceci Brinker Gary and Sharon Brinkmeyer

Teresa A. Britton Thomas and Susan Broderick Stuart and Anita Broeren William A. Brooks David and Kathryn Broquard Daniel and Terra Brosseau Brothers T Shirt Shop LLC Robert and Judith Brothman Brent and Peggy Brown John and Debra Brown Rob and Susan Brown Robert and Linda Brown Willie G. Brown Darrell and Susie Brown Byron Gross and Julie Brown William and Brigitte Brown Lorinda M. Browning Ann E. Brownson George and Donita Bruder M. Chris Bruell Frank A. Brummer Stanley D Brunn Glenn Watt and Deborah Bruns-Holzapfel Glenn and Wanda Brussell Ewen and Mary Ellen Bryden Steve and Andrea Buchanan Brenda J. Buchanan David and Susanna Buchanan Rosemary A. Buck Bob and Patricia Buehler Shawn and Denise Buford Rodney and Gina Bull David and Sandra Bunton Joseph Ibanez and Betty Burfeind Brad L. Burgett Thomas and Carolyn Burke Maggie L. Burkhead Bryan and Krista Burrell Raymond and Barbara Busboom Michael and Sherrill Busboom Barbara A. Busch Val and Annabelle Bush John and Michele Bushur Jeffrey and Mary Butler Scott and Linda Butler Buzz’s Automotive David and Karen Bydalek Tammie Byers Michael and Eileen Caddigan Patricia A. Caffery Jason and Amy Caldwell

Clayton Call and Sherry Strubel Barrett and Susan Callaghan Brian and Jennifer Callahan James and Amie Calvert Camelot Bowl Julie Campbell R. Joe Campbell and Mary Clayton Marvin and Donna Campbell Beverly A. Campbell Kevin and MaryBeth Cannon Chuck and Amy Card Matthew and Rebecca Carducci David and Janelle Carey Robert and Shelia Carlen Hazel E. Carlson Nathanael and Teresa Carmichael William and Helen Carpenter David and Barbara Carr Barbara J. Carr Justin and Robyn Carr Keith and Lea Ann Carson Scott and Kendra Carson Tom Cartwright Timothy and Darci Carver Andrew and Maria Caselli Lori A. Casey David and Neva Casstevens Richard E. Cavanaugh CBI Foundation College Matching Gift Program Central Illinois Family Health Center Century 21 Hutton and Matheny Realty Inc. Robert and Lisa Cepielik Julie A. Chadd Ronald and La Vonne Chaney John Chapin and Alicia Malloy Norman and Carol Chapman Charleston 4th of July Committee Charleston Appliance Center Charleston Community Theatre Charleston Country Club Charleston High School Activity Fund Charleston Service Center Charleston Stone Co. Cheddar’s Springfield Yuhuan Chen Ping and Brigitte Chen Deliang and Xvemi Chen Wesley and Betty Cherry Mark and Christine Childress Meriam Childress Chiropracticworks Murray and Frances Choate

Jeannine M. Christensen Jack and Barbara Christensen Kevin and Jennifer Christian John and Pam Christy Michael and Phoebe Church CI Select John and Kimberly Cichon City of Charleston Cizek R. O. I. Supply Inc. David and Virginia Claar Roy Clapp and Lauren Holsapple-Clapp Robert and Sally Clark Alexandra L. Clark Roger Greenawalt and Amy Clark William and Margaret Clary Penelope J. Clay Arthur and Donna Clayton Maxine Clayton Clayton Sales Company Inc. Clearlake Food Inc. James and Darla Clegg Robert and Debra Clement Bart and Mary Clifford Jerry Cloward Lois D. Cloyd Michael and Mary Cluver Stacy and Connie Coartney James and Janice Coartney Edward and Rebecca Cobau Patrick Coburn Coca-Cola Foundation Harold and Peggy Coe Barbara E. Coffey Drew J. Coffey Christina M. Coffey Owen and Lorean Coker Calvin and Beth Colclasure Coldwell Banker Classic Real Estate Steve and Kelly Cole Brent M. Cole James and Linda Coleman Marilyn J. Coles Coles County Democratic Committee Ewing and Carolyn Collier Collier Appraisers LTD Donald and Cynthia Collins Elizabeth A. Collins Jim and Pamela Collins Jon and Lynn Collins Combs Chiropractic and Wellness Center Leo and Jonell Comerford Robert and Janice Comiskey Community Brokers Insurance Group Inc.

Community Shares of Illinois Camille J. Compo Catherine A. Conder Michael and Eva Conlin John and Susan Conrad Irma L. Conrad Jackie Conrad Consolidated Community Medical Center James and Lou Conwell Jerry and Mary Cook Allyn A. Cook Eileen Cooney Brian and Anne Cooper Darrel and Margaret Coots Michael and Cori Copeland Robert and Charlene Corder Michael and Mary Corn Michael and Roxanne Cornebise Jerry and Sandra Cornelius Keith Cornille and Falicia Aguirre-Cornille Irene Coromina Linda C. Correll Corrie Appraisal and Consulting Inc. Mark and Cris Costantino Mark W. Costigan Steven J. Cote Dan and Sallie Cougill Max and Mary Cougill David and Marlyne Coulter Country Catering Inc. Country Financial Donald and Shirley Couzens Covidien Employee Matching Gift Program James and Diane Covington Michael and Melanie Cowling Bob K. Cox Wayne and Melissa Cox Janet Cox William A. Cox Delmar and Doris Crabill John and Joy Craft Jeffrey and Jodi Craig Cameron D. Craig Kenneth and Patricia Crawford Crawford County Jeff K. Creighton Daniel and Jessie Crews Randall and Nancy Crone Jeffrey and Dorothy Cross Michael and Cathy Croy Tim and Deborah Croy Bill and Joella Crum Max and Beverly Cruse 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Annual Giving Patron’s Society (continued) Robert and Lori Cudone Gary Ruck and Diane Cullen-Ruck Cullop Jennings Florist Alec and Susan Cumming Clark Cunningham and Aulikki KokkoCunningham Roy and Peggy Cuppy Howard and Sharlene Current Michael J. Nee and Barbara A. Currer-Nee Bob and Pamela Currey Charles and Denise Currier Brandon and Lynne Curry John and Dawn Curry Max Curtis William and Debra Cushing Jack and Dottie Cutlip David and Martha Cutlip D & N Enterprises LLC D Ghezzi Construction Co. Deanna P. D’Abbraccio Kari A. Dabrowski Mark and Pam Dagestad Polly A. Dahlstrom Mary E Dailey Dale Hendricks Plumbing Inc. Dane Investments Inc. Steven and Mary Daniel William J. Daniell Jerry and Frances Daniels Mai T. Dao Dean and Jeanne Dau Le Ann Daubs Patrick and Joanie David C. Michael and Janet David Tina Davidson-Leonard Jacqueline M. Davis Kirby and Angela Davis David and Jill Davis Michael and Karen Davis Joe and Peg Davis Roger and Lisa Davis Jim and Tammy Davis Kevin and Alyson Davis Keith M. Davis Alfonso and Marianna De Jesus Gary M. Dean Michael and Debra DeBord Dominic and Susan DeCarlo Decatur Food Inc. Lawrence and Patricia Dechant Daniel and Carol Deeken Chuck and Kelly Deitz 36

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Peter and Alison Delgado Charles Delman and Barbara Lawrence Michael and Donna Deluca Nancy A. DeMarco John Denker and Kelli Mayes-Denker Jonelle M. Depetro Bhupendra M. Desai Harold and Nancy Diamond James D. Dicenso Katharine C. Dickens Julie T. Dietz John and Linda Dilliner Tim and Debra Dimke Steven M. Dinaso Pete and Anne Dineen Discover Financial Services Timothy A. Dively Steven and Pamela Dively Bryan and Laura Dixon Gordon Dobner and Casey Bielenberg Richard and Donna Dobrovich Adam D. Dodge John and Betty Dodson David and Ann Doedtman Dave and Pamela Doerr Marty and Janice Dole Jeff and Nancy Dole Domino’s Pizza James R. Donaldson Dong’s Restaurant Inc. Brad and Kathy Donna Jerry Donna Jack and Demarise Doody Susanne M. Doran Madeleine L. Doubek Lynne L. Dougherty Christopher and Michele Douglass John and Reta Dowling Dan and Lyles Downs Keith Heimes and Dana Downs-Heimes W. John and Marian Dozier Robert and Mary Dozier Robert E. Blagg Drake Inc. Drake Remodeling and Construction Drake Roofing and Siding Inc. Leo and Sheila Dreisilker Donald and Sandra Drennan Jennifer A. Drolet Steve and Stephanie Dubail-Shaw Tom and Kimberly DuBois Dudley Foundation

Ron and Judith Duncan Robert and Gayle Duncan Claibourne and Madgetta Dungy Michael and Sue Dunifer Bradley and Deann Dunn Robert and Diane Dunn Christopher D. Dunn Kevin and Susan Durbin Robert and Theresa Durbin Steve and Kelly Duval Carroll W. Duzan E & F Distributing Co. Michael and Wilda Eade James and Sheryl Eadie Hannah A. Eads Howard and Janice Eads Barry and Dawn Eakle Mark and Patricia Ealy Ealy’s Real Estate Appraisals Bill Eardley Early Warning Services LLC East Central Illinois Shop Hop East Central Iowa Charitable Trust Ronald and Janice Easter David and Mary Eberspacher Michael and Amy Eccleston Craig and Amy Eckert Carolyn A. Eckhoff Eclipse Studio Ed Carter Construction Frederick and Becky Edgar Joel D. Edgington Perry Edinger and Amy Norton Terry L. Edlen Bob and Amy Edwards Pete Efstathiou John and Mary Jane Eichacker Bob R. Eigenbauer David and Donna Einhorn Rita B. Eisenmenger EIU American Federation of Teachers EIU Assoc of Honor Students EIU Economics Club EIU English Dept El Paso Corporation Darrell and Francine Elder J. R. and Christy Elder Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Inc. Bill and Jodi Elliott Chuck Elliott and Margaret Sullivan Thomas and Lucy Elliott Dean and Nida Elmuti

Merle and Nancy Elson Terry and Melodie Elston Nancy L. Elwess Martin and Mary Elzy Ralph and Paula Embry EnCana Oil and Gas (USA) Inc. Rich and Cathy Engelkes Nathan and Trisha Englehardt Doris J. Enochs James and Judith Erdmann Randy and Kim Ervin June Erwin ESI Consultants Ltd. Karen A. Estes Tom and Diane Ettelbrick Angela R Eubank Matt and Alyson Ewald Exelon Exxon Mobil Foundation Terry and Joy Fair Fred and Connie Fairchild Ronald and Tina Fairman Chad and Nicole Faller Carrol and Karen Farmer Frank and Marsha Farr Tony and Leslie Farrell Carl Herman and Randi Faust Phyllis A. Fay FBL Financial Group Inc. Jerry and Karen Fear Ronald and Barbara Fecso Bill and Joyce Fellers Dan and Katie Fellows Fellowship Center Gerald and Lois Felten Scott and Mary Ferguson Steve and Kathy Ferguson Tony and Alissa Fesler Patricia J. Fewell FF Mechanical Inc. Robert and Laurel Fick Sanford and LuAnn Field Christie and Theresa Fields David and Marian Fields Jeffrey and Vickie Fifield Adam and Karen Fifield Kevin and Marsha Figgins Matthew D. Fincher Barbara L Findley Beverly Findley Lee and Crystal Fiocchi First Federal of Champaign-Urbana First Mid Insurance Group

First National Bank First National Bank of Arthur First National Bank of Dieterich First Neighbor Bank First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church of Bement First State Bank Jack and Lynda Fishel David and Elizabeth Fisher Mike and Pam Fisher Joseph and Jan Fisher Fisher National Bank Billy and Courtney Fitzgerald Curt and Jamie Fitzgerald Ned and Tari Flack Sara B. Flaherty Patricia Flaugher Wes and Jana Fleming Randal and Sandra Flesch John and Hazel Fletcher Robert and Ann Flick Jack and Penelope Floodas James and Teresa Flynn Thomas and Chris Flynn Jon and Debra Follis Roy and Donna Fonda George and Deborah Forgea Stephen and Margot Forsyth Carl L. Fortner Robert and Susan Foster Joseph and Patricia Fox Ralph and Clarese Fox Kevin J. Fox Malcolm and Sharon Fox John and Barbara Fox French and Judy Fraker Leon and Ruby Francis Bill J. Frangieh Arnold and Roseanne Franke Eric and Erin Frankford Leslie and Faye Frankland Janet E Frazee Annetta M. Frederick Ronald R. Fredin Ellen L. Friese Bill Fritcher and Julia Krueger-Fritcher Donald and Susan Full Daniel and Sarah Fultz Richard and Barbara Funk Walter and Nancy Furlow George and Susan Furman Richard D. Furr Samuel and Pamela Furrer

Jeffrey and Vicki Furry Bill Furry Brian and Becky Furry Steven and Cynthia Gackstetter Sharon L. Gaesser Tom and Marlene Gaffigan Brent and Andrea Gage Thomas F. Gagnon John and Tina Galik Jeffrey and Elizabeth Gallichio Stephen Sum and Jean Galovich Richard and Carolyn Garbie Sam and Diana Garbis Ashley M. Gardewine Don and Carol Gardner Steven and Darcy Garfinkel Todd and Colleen A. Garner Don and Suellyn Garner Megan K. Garrity William and Carol Garver Derek and Jennifer Garza Gas Light Art Colony Edgar A. Gaskill Gaskill Church David and Patricia Gass Chris and Gwendolyn Gassmann Robert and Nancy Gebo Georgie Boys, LLC Allen and Ann Gerhold Dennis L. Gibbs Thomas and Teresa Gilbert Gary and Cheryl Gilbert Jane C. Gilbert Gilbert, Metzger and Madigan LLP Wendy L. Gillespie Norbert and Melanie Gilmore Bruce and Susan Gilpin GiveBack Foundation Eric and Heather Gleason Stephen M. Glosser Robert and Ginny Gochanour God’s Shelter of Love Inc. Ronald and Becky Goeckner Rick J. Goeckner Frank and Lisa Goldacker Golden Lyre Fndtn. IL Fed of Music Clubs Nicholas and June Goluba Vincent and Linda Good Robert and Brenda Good Richard and Evelyn Goodrick Neil and Julie Goodwin Judith Gorrell Martin and Tamra Gorski 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Annual Giving Patron’s Society (continued) Robert A. Gorzynski Jeff A. Gossett Timothy D. Gover Jason and Jill Grabiec Mark and Rene Grady Robert and Karen Graebe Joe Grande and Arnold Altamirano James and Barbara Grant Grant View Apartments Roy and Mary Jo Grasl Joseph and Thelma Grave Sandra Gray LeRoy and Margaret Greathouse John E Greathouse Gene and Carolyn Greek Joe and Tonya Green Green Media Service James and Mildred Gregory Vincent and Doreen Gregory Jeffrey and Jill Greig John and Carol Grieco Laura M. Griffin Carl L. Griffin David and Daphne Griffin Patricia E. Griffiths J. Kay Griffy William and Roberta Griggs James and Julie Grimes Karl and Dorothy Grisso Ronald and Linda Grissom Edmund and Marsha Gritton Robert and Kay Groll Robert and Rita Gronemeyer Nik and Kim Groothuis Monte and Nita Groothuis Dick K. Grosboll Nelson and Wilma Grote Stanton and Lena Grotenhuis Barbara Grotfeldt Hill Thomas and Elizabeth Grubaugh Tom Grunloh Colette R. Guerdet Michael and Linda Guidish Gregg and Ellen Guinard Robert and Jane Guinn Steven and Donna Gulley Richard and Sharon Gunn Stan and Margaret Gunter Freddie J. Gunzel Diane B. Gurnea Susan M. Haake Raymond and Retha Haas 38

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Roger and Brook Haebich Chris and Susan Hager Philip and Patricia Hahn Craig and Sheryl Haile Hairbenders of Charleston Inc. Dean and Kathy Hale Jennifer L. Haley Bill and Kris Hall Perry and Marilyn Hall Martha T. Hamand William and Glennadene Hamel John and Nancy Hamilton Jerry and Linda Hamilton John E. Hamlyn Brian and Debra Hamm T. Faye Hamman Wayne and Kay Hammer Ruth S. Hammerstrom Ronald L. Hancock Kevin and Lauri Harden Thomas and Peggy Hargis Claude and Jane Harmon Christine M. Harms-Stieren Richard and Rebecca Harrer Kurt and Geneve Harris Harold J. Harris Harris Metals Inc. Clarence and Carol Harrison Gaye M. Harrison Mary L. Harshman Laurence and Mariclare Hart Ted and Kelly Hart Ronald and Jill Hartsock Sue Harvey Jeff and Sara Harwood Tamara L. Hascek Aaron Haselhorst Brian and Wendy Hastings Bruce and Paula Hatfield Fred and Margaret Hattabaugh Douglas and Margaret Haumiller John and Ann Havey George and Shirley Hawk Gary Hawker Thomas and Jan Hawkins John and Sharon Hay Bill and Susan Hay Hay Construction Gene L. Hays Sheila Heath Heath’s Inc. Erin L. Heaton

Frank and Edith Hedges James and Elizabeth Heidel Anthony E. Heimann Dale R. Heiniger Mark and Richelle Heise Ronald and Mary Helms Larry and Christine Helsel Gail and Ruthann Helton John and Anne Henderson Susan M. Henderson Paul and Bridget Hengels Michelle A. Heninger Robert E. Hennings Leona M. Henschen Mark and Annette Hepner John and Judith Herder Darold and Elizabeth Herdes John W. Hering Joseph and Michelle Hess Anthony and Amy Hesseldenz Bill and Florence Heyduck Roger and Nina Hickman Brad and Peggy Hickox Chris and Saranja Hicks Ronald and Phyllis Higginbotham Donald and Patricia Higgins Bradley W. High Glenn and Susan Hild James and Jodi Hildebrandt Mark and Georgia Hillard Carla Hillman Charlotte P. Hillyer Gary and Vicky Hinds Daniel and Mary Hinkel Galen and Barbara Hinkel Royce and Jean Hinton James and Myra Hinze Historical Administration Program Assoc. Marsha R. Hiter John Hock and Cristin Lahey-Hock Dan and Lois Hockman Timothy and Karla Hodge Jeffrey Hodge and Carolyn Brown Hodge Thomas R. Hoehn Gary and Joan Hoffar Norman and Reba Hoffman Katherine L. Hoffmann John M. Hoffmann Chris and Sharon Holaves Jeffrey and Mary Holdsberg Joel and Joyce Hollingsworth Richard and Susan Hollwedel

Al and Cathy Holm Brenda J. Holmes Dale and Helen Holt John A. Homerin Dennis and Martha Hon Peter and Joan Hood Bryan and Kathleen Hood Waunetta Hood Mark and Kelly Hookstadt William B. Hooper Kenneth and Michele Hoover Clay and Sandra Hopkins David and Mary Anne Hopper Henry and Birgit Hoppin Brian and Merri Horn Kenneth and Rebecca Houdek Cellie M. Howard Howell Asphalt Company Inc. Tim and Maria Howie HSC Inc. Charles and Elizabeth Huber Jo Huber Steven and Becky Hudson Stanley and Maggie Huffman Daniel Huffman and Janna Oetting Julius and Pat Hufmeyer Geoffrey and Judith Hughes Gary R. Hull Scott D. Humbard Harold and Geraldine Humbert John and Lisa Humenik Rick and Julie Hunt Bruce Hunt and Mary Ruth Carleton Douglas and Linda Hunter Bernard and Audrey Huon-Dumentat Kyle and Jennifer Hurwitz Kevin and Kathryn Hussey Jean P. Hustad Glen and Carol Huston Diane K. Hutchins Susan M. Hutchinson Jeff C. Hutchinson William and Teresa Hutton Dannette R. Hutton Thomas and Karen Hysell Gregory and Susan Ikemire Ike’s on Lincoln Inc. Illinois Mennonite Relief Sale Illinois Police Association-Kickapoo Division Dorothy H. Inskeep Interiors Unlimited Interpublic Group Robert M. Inyart

Jim and Ann Isbell Justin and Adeline Isert Mahyar and Mojgan Izadi J and J Portable Restrooms Robert and Elaine Jachino Evan and Kay Jackson Yvette P. Jackson Moyo David and Kobba James Dick and Judy James William and Judith James Scott Flickinger and Janelle Janssen Jeff and Paula Jarrett Charles and Bernice Jenkins Jason Jensen Robert A. Jensen Mark and Hazel Jensen Jeremy J Richey Attorney at Law Raymond and Sheila Jeske Ione Jesse James L. Jessen Richard P. Johnson Mack and Donna Johnson Earl and June Johnson Mark B. Johnson Jay and Monika Johnson John and Terri Johnson Jacob and Ruth Johnson Maurice and Sandra Johnson Terry and Jana Johnson Darin and Sheri Johnson Barry and Elizabeth Johnson R Bradley and Dawn Johnson Pam Johnson and Katie Roane Johnson’s Automotive Service Jean P. Johnston Michael and Jacqueline Joines Jerry and Margaret Jones Keith and Patricia Jones Edmund V. Jones Joseph B. Jones Lance and Sarah Jones Daniel and Rachel Jones Marty and Brenda Jones Lawrence and Martha Ann Jones Annie Lee Jones Bob and Judy Jones Kevin and Tena Jonson James D. Judge Brian McPherson and Sheryl Jungblut Richard and Patricia Justice William and Judith Kaczor Paul Kamzelski Bob and Cathy Kapellas

Raymond and Theresa Karos Shirley K. Karraker Tom and Jeanette Katsimpalis Mark and Colleen Kattenbraker Lynda L. Kayser Valerie A. Keener James G and Betty Jean Kehias Larry and Lana Keigley Charles T. Keller Sarah Keller-Newby Kemper CPA Group LLP Ken Diepholz Chevrolet Inc. Wayne R. Keneipp Edward and Martha Kennedy Cam Kennedy Pat Kensil Jim Kenyon Philip and Peggy Kepp Kevin and Becky Kerchner James and Mara Kerr Mark and Tamara Kesler Robert and Susan Kessler Randall and Georgeanne Kestner Kestner Educational Services Joseph and Mandy Keusch Newton E. Key Joseph and Sheila Keys Jon and Sally Kibler Michael and Louise Kickels David and Deborah Kidwell Conrad and Janet Kies James L. Kimball Jerry E. Kimball Lynn E. Kimbrough Thomas and Margaret Kimmel Dennis and Eileen King David and Kara King Donald and Doris King Dave and Theresa King Chris and Caryn Kingseed David Kirgan and Kelsey Ballard William and Linda Kirk Phillip and Marilyn Kitchen Tom and Connie Kitzinger Dennis and Kathleen Klaeser Joseph C. Klapka Douglas Klarup and Amy Lynch Michael and Margaret Klaus Patrick and Debbie Klaus Evan R. Klees David and Mary Klemann Jeffrey and Suzanne Kline Jim Kline 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Annual Giving Patron’s Society (continued) Gary and Susan Kling Joel and Sara Freedman David and Eileen Knauss Bradley C. Knell Jonathan and Laurel Kniskern Glenn and Carla Knolhoff Joseph and Sandra Knollenberg Walter and Ellen Knollenberg Cary and Marge Knoop Delores Knott Randall and Patricia Kob Steven and Susan Koebel Darlene Koenig Robert and Marilynn Koester Greg and Kim Koester Keith K. Kohanzo Irving and Amy Kolker Cay A. Kolling Mary E. Komada Karl-Ludwig and Judith Konrad Donald and Pattie Koonce Ronald A Koopman Robert Dean and Roann Kopel Ann L. Koski Terry and Susan Koste Nathan and Cindy Kozil Charles and Eugenia Kozlowski Roger and Dana Krabbe Woody and Mary Kramer Roger and Mary Kratochvil James and Barbara Krehbiel Mel and Gale Krieger Al and Julie Krietemeier Gilbert and Jean Kroening Mike and Karen Krug Brooke W. Kruger Claire E. Krukenberg Ronald and Nancy Kruzic Peter and Betsy Kuchinke Larry and Judy Kuhar Michael and Susan Kuhn Logan A. Kuhn David and Judith Kulikowski Debbie S. Kull Stephen and Angela Kull Thomas and Mary Kunz John L. Kuruc, Jr. James R. Kyler L. Kaye Deselms Dent Attorney at Law Garland H. Lacey Robert E. Lael Jack and Laura Lafferty 40

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Christopher and Sam Laingen Bill and Cheryl Lair Russell and Carol Lake Lake Land College Kevin and Kathleen Lamb Lambda Chi Alpha Janet M. Lambert Thomas T. Lambirth Thomas and Jennifer Laming James and Betty Lammle Marie Y. Lamothe Joseph and Paula Lampen Martha C. Landis David and Christine Landmeier Eric Landrum Stephen and Raelyne Lane Teresa A. Lane Paul and Margaret Lange Lanman Oil Company Lanman Transportation Inc. David and Carol Larson Karen E. Larson Richard and Geraldine Larson George and Mary Lary Donald and Sheila Lauda Linda M. Lauwerens Michael and Jacquelyn Lawler Kyle and Gail Lawrence Kent and Kimberly Lawrence Robert and Joyce Lawrence Mark and Abby Linesch Ronald and Mary Leathers Ricky Lee William and Kelly Legg Charles and Norma Lehman David and Jill Lehrer Happy and Dianne Leman Marc and Michelle LeMoine Steve and Constance Lempera Patrick and Genie Lenihan George T. Lesica Jake and Kristin Lessen George and Beverly Letcher Barbara M. Leutz Thomas and Kathleen LeVeck Carl and Deborah Lewis Arbie and Anne Lewis Lonnie and Mary Lewis John M. Lewis Donald C. Leynaud Xin Zhao and Lina Li Keith O. Liden

Stephen and Betty Liedtke Susan Lief Lifetime Eye Care David and Dawn Ligon Kaleb J. Lilly Lincoln Garden Restaurant Lincoln Trail Motosports Inc. Lincoln Trail Place LP Richard and Debbie Linde Raymond and Mary Lindquist Chris Lindsay Todd W. Lindsey and Martha Cooper Mark and Marty Lindvahl Linebach Funkhouser Inc. David and Jeannace Linton John and Stephanie Lipp David E. Little Jimmy and Karen Littleford James C. Litzelman Rick and Kari Livesey Mark R. Lobes Nicole Lobring Joseph and Elegie Locascio Steven Dorr and Jane Lockett Lockheed Martin Matching Gift Program John and Mary Lockwood Jack and Carol Logue Lola’s Naturals Inc. Mike and Viki Loomis Yoshie S. Lord Phillip and Becky Lorenc William and Stacy Lotz James and Janice Louthan Pete and Anne Love Jean W. Lowe Chuck and Ronda Lowell Walter and Margaret Lowell Chad and Kristen Lowell Stephen and Emily Lucas Dennis and Cynthia Ludden Jeannie Ludlow Roxanne Luesse Amy Luo Julie A. Lupien Robert and Judy Luther Suzanne D. Lutkehaus Luxury Homes Michael and Judy Lynch Keith and Victoria Lyon Michael S. Lysaker M. Katherine Weber Steven and Mary Macaluso

Denise MacEachen Tom and Darlene MacGilvray Walter W. Mack Mack Moore Shoe Store Brigit Madonick Michael and Amy Madson Madura Concrete Inc. Steve and Linda Magill Beatrice K. Maguire Phillip and Ann Mahan William and Margaret Maher James and Janis Mahone Brenda L. Major Richard and Rhonda Makino Hal and Edie Malehorn John and Tracey Malkovich Tim and Jodi Maloy Leonard and Stacey Mandell Peggy Manley Robert and Janet Mann Patrick and Kathy Manning Marathon Oil Co. Foundation Charles and Karen Maris Marketing By Jones George and Anne Markezich David and Janet Markle Nick Markulin Ronald and Nancy Marlow Edward and Nancy Marlow Marmon Group Inc. Linda M. Marrs-Morford Ralph and Elaine Marshall Dean and Emily Marsland Sam and Neala Martel Richard and Rebecca Martin Tony and Gabrielle Martin Pete and Megan Martin Paul and Valerie Martin James and Iris Martin Vincent and Susan Martorano Marty Wilder Agency Marty’s P B H Inc. Tim and Jodi Marucco Thomas L. Marvelli Matt C. Marzec Dave and Brenda Massat Paul and Ashley Massat James and Joni Matese Laurie C Matheson Gail L. Mathews Rob and Noreen Matthews Mattoon Furniture Peter and Angela Mauch

Catherine R. Mauck Michael and Caroline Maurer David and Joyce Maurer William and Judith Maxam Darrell and Denise Maxheimer Donald J. Maxwell Michael and Cathleen May Michael and Michelle May John and Kim Mayer Nancy S. Mayer Larry and Linda Mayse William and Eleanor McCabe Kevin and Linda McCabe Connie A. McCammon Paul A McCann Sean and Sheryl McCarty Ralph and Joan McCausland Lisa J. McClure Paul S. McClure Betty S. McClurg John W. McConnell Frank and Christine McCormick Larry and Nancy McCoy Michael and Cynthia McCurdy Gene and Dee McDivitt Mark and Sarah McGee Elliott C. McGill McGrady Inn Larry and Melody McGrath McGraw-Hill Companies Michael and Cynthia McGuire Mark McHale Dale and Judith McHenry Thomas P. McHugh McHugh Hospitality Group Inc. Michael Mclnerney and Diane AdesMclnerney John and Peggy McInerney Robert and Kirsten McKee Jonathan R. McKenzie Willis and Marianne McKinney Michael and Mary McLean Dale and Barbara McMillan Stan and Janice McMorris Richard and Jeanne McMurray John and Connie McNary Andrew and Paula McNitt Sherry McRaven Richard and Sidney McWhorter Gregory and Mary Meador Keith Richmond and Melissa Meador Medical and Surgical Specialists LLC Bill and Darlene Medler

John M. Meehan Melinda A Meehling Megan’s Closet Robert and Kathleen Megginson Paul H. Meier Scott and Melissa Meiners Johnie and Carolyn Meisner Gary and Tess Melvin Alvin and Leanne Menninga Floyd and Betty Merritt Charles and Diane Meryman Denise A. Metcalf Andrew Methven and Cheryl Noll Done and Margaret Metsker Larry and Ellen Mettler Alan and Rebecca Metzger Michael J. Metzger Erich and Linda Meurer Robert M Meurer Greg and Eileen Meyer Arlyn and Amanda Meyer Keith and Rebecca Meyerholtz Kurt S. Michels Vincent and Alicia MicKey Mike J. Mikenas Joseph and Ting Mikrut John and Connie Milholland Jack and Doris Miller Glenn W. Miller Matthew Miller and Sarah Probst Miller Clara Miller Alice M. Miller Brenda S. Miller Alan Foster and Vanessa Miller Clarence and Linda Miller James G. Miller Larry and Barbara Miller Larry and Martie Miller Fred Miller and Karen Brookwell-Miller Tom Westcott and Karen Miller Michael and Kay Miller Rob and Julie Miller Kim and Cindy Miller Marilyn N. Miller Bob and Betty Miller Michael and Kelly Miller Charles and Deborah Miller Steve and Nina Milliner Dale and Rita Millis Kenneth B. Mills Timothy and Melanie Mills David and Elizabeth Milner William and Jennifer Minnis 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Annual Giving Patron’s Society (continued) John and Carole Mitchell James V. Miteff Svetlana Mitrovski Steve Mitze Dan and Lesley Mizer Steve and Shari Mleziva Violet A. Moergen Nancy S. Mohrman Donald and Judy Moler James and Vanessa Molzahn Patrick and Ann Monahan Ronald and Barbara Monge John E. Montgomery Donna S. Mooday Allen and Susan Moore Ruth A. Moore Timothy and Angela Moore Nick and Cheryl Moran James W. Morecraft James and Donna Morgan Robert and Cathy Morgan Herbert O. Morice Kit A. Morice Alison M. Mormino Todd and Linda Morning W. D. and Brenda Morris Justin R. Morris William R. and Wilma E. Morris Estate John H. Morrisey Dale and Susan Morrissey Mark J. Morrow Larry and Diana Morton Richard and Becky Moser Ali R. Moshtagh Abby E. Moulton Mount Zion Food Inc. John and Josephine Muchmore Dennis and Deborah Muchmore Paul and Christie Mugerditchian Mulligan Printing Frank A. Mumford Romeo S. Munoz Don and Frances Murphy Robin L. Murray Joel and Darlene Musselman Jack and Arlene Muthersbough Abbey J. Myers Ronald Bradley and Rose Myers-Bradley Myerscough Automotive Daniel and Kathlyn Nadler Jagdish L. Nanda David and Jean Nanney 42

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Dwain and Pamela Naragon Margaret Nauta Donald and Anne Neal Martha L. Neal Jack K. Neal Michael and Carla Neal Brian and Molly Necessary Needlework’s Inc. Cynthia L. Neff Jack and Eileen Nelson Sandra J. Nelson Tom and Dianne Nelson Alan and Lisa Nerone Larry and Margaret Neville New York Life Insurance Rick and Franda Newkirk Allen and Carol Newlin Cynthia D. Nichols Bruce and Kathy Nied Susan L. Nied Niehaus Construction Services Inc. Michael W. Niemerg Kate M. Niemiec Lakshmi Neelesh Nimmagadda Barry and Peggy Nixon Noble Flower Shop Michael H. Noelck John and Michelle Noll Harold and Barbara Nordin Kurt and Susan Norris Northern Trust John Speer and Grace Nunn Randy and Melissa Nyboer Jerry R. Nyckel Rex D. Nyquist Oakland Senior Center Timothy and Denise Oakley Dennis and Kelly O’Brien Don and Stacey O’Brien Kevinetta C. O’Brien Eugene and Margaret Ochs Michael and Michelle Ochs Martin and Karen O’Connor Mark and Denise O’Dell Mike and Maria O’Donnell Kristin M. Oelke Joyce A. Oglesby George and Marilee Evans June O’Hair Senteney Hugh and Meghann O’Hara Olmsted Brothers Insulation Inc. David and Susan Olson

Rick and Kay Olson Thomas and Cindy Oneal Frank and Jane O’Neill Molly K. O’Neill Orange & Blue Distribution Company Order on Treasurer of Atlanta Lodge Florence E. Orlik Dave C. Orr Geraldina M. Ortiz Jose and Amy Ortiz John and Marlene Ortman Howard and Alice Osborne Kenneth R. Osborne Nick and Cynthia Osborne George and Marilyn Osterkamp Dannie and Glorine Otto Dennis and Nancy Overmyer Janna S. Overstreet Maurice and Marie Owen Owen Motor Sports Stan and Deborah Owens Jack and Kamilah Owens Thomas J. Ozga Bill and Jayne Ozier Ronald and Lila Paap Paap Printing Lance Weiss and Leslie Pabst-Weiss Ryan and Stephanie Pace Lakshmikara and Kiranmayi Padmaraju Raymond and Lynn Padovan Vaughn J. and Nancy C. Page Don and Carolyn Paige Priscilla M. Palmer Rodney Blaney and Rosiland PalmerBlaney Pals Electric Panther Paw Bar and Grill Florence B. Pape Dick and Cheryle Parker Santa T. Parker Bonnie C. Parkhurst Lynn S. Parkinson David R. Parkinson Robert and Dorothy Parkison Darryl and Bonnie Parr Scott and Anne Parrish Ray and Barbara Pasini Thomas and Ruth Patchett Gary and Gayle Patrem Whitey and Linda Patton Barbara J. Paynter Kathleen A. Pechauer

Mark A. Pelham Robert and Jennifer Pendley Larry and Linda Penman Pierre Meunier and Julie Penne William and Dee Pennybacker Dwight and Kirsten Pentzien Monica J. Pepple Michael and Kimberly Peppler Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Steve and Julia Peralta Ben A. Perez Neil and Mildred Perington Naudja L. Pernell Daniel and Marge Perrino Keith Perry and Mary Herrington-Perry Kevin and Tina Perryman Personal Finance Co. Robert and Rosemary Peter Brian and Colleen Peterlich Warren D. Peters William and Sally Petersen Mark and Jodi Petersen Michael and Dana Petrie David W. Petrina Petropics Inc. Robert and Kara Pfeiffer Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Chad and Tiffany Phillips Meri L. Phillips Kathleen Phillips Greg and Teresa Phillips Kris and Heidi Phipps Pic-A-Place Travel Inc. James D. Pierce Matthew F. Piescinski Pilson Auto Center Inc. Paul C. Pinderski Frederick and Betty Piper Mark and Mindy Piper Loren and Carol Pixley Richard R. Plath Carl and Donna Platou Stephen and Diane Platt Anthony and Kathryn Pleasant Norman and Maria Plummer Elyn A. Pogliano James and Paula Pogue Jacob and Amanda E. Poland Deborah M. Polca Marc and Carole Poling Daniel and Julie A. Ponce Poor Boys John and Sherry Popp

Dave and Deborah Popp Pop’s BBQ David and Ann Poremba Peter and Pat Poshepny James R. Potter Joseph and Joan Pound Delmer H. Powell Jr. John and Marian Powers Prairie State Bank and Trust Dwight and Loretta Prater Bill Prather Thomas and Gail Preisser Scott and Denise Preston Fredrick and Sara Preston Ralph and Mary Prevo Robert and Mary Price Gary and Terrie Price Priceless Towing and Total Car Care LLC Alice E. Primack Robert H. Primmer David and Teresa Pritchard Pro-Mow Lawn Care Inc. J. T. and Kathleen Pschirrer Kevin M. Pugliese Louis Axeman and Kathleen Puhr Elmer and Frances Pullen QQ Buffet Pamela D. Quade Larry and Peggy Quick Tamara J. Quick Roger and Susan Quinlan James and Donnagene Quivey Douglas and Lara Quivey Susan E. Rachofsky David Radavich and Anne Zahlan Alan L. Raddatz Kevin and Stacey Rademacher Gilbert and Megan Rainey Socorro Ramirez Kenneth and Elise Ramsey Charles and Marjorie Ramsey Rantoul Fast Foods Inc. Paladugu and Laura Rao Ratio Architects Inc. Kenneth and Diane Ratliff David and Susanna Raybin James and Pamela Raymond Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund RBOPrintlogistix John and Phyllis Rearden Richard and Lori Rebholz Richard and Jacqueline Record

Nick and Vicky Redd James Van Popering and Nancy Redenius Caleb and Tanya Reed Martha M. Reed Kevin and Nancy Reed Jim and Marcia Reed Gary and Debra Reed Anthony and Anna Marie Reese Jan Reetz Regency Consolidated Residential LP Debra A. Reid Stephen L. Reinbold David and Kris Reisinger REM Enterprises Inc. Lucille M. Rendok Robin L. Rennels Sara E. Rennie Bart V. Rettberg Janet L. Reuter Kenneth and Paula Reveal Rexnord Foundation Inc. James and Cynthia Reynolds Roger and Mary Rhodes Rick Riccio and Nora Pat Small Doris Rice Michael and Racheal Rice Glenn and Vicki Richard Patrick and Mary Ellen Richards Carol A. Richardson John and Barbara Richmond Scott and Kelly A. Richter John and Audree Riddell J. David and Linda Riddle Bill T. Ridgeway Beth A Ridgeway Jacqueline Righter Dennis R. Riley Richard and Marilyn Ringenberg Rodney and Laura Ringger Curt W. Ringhofer Dana and Renee Ringuette Dan and Ann Riordan Brian J. Riordan Stanley and Sandra Rives Roger and Stephany Rives Dominik and Suzette Rizzi Emily R. Roane Tracy and Dana Roberts John and Juanita Roberts Kevin and Mary Roberts Rick and Elisa Roberts Gary and Librada Robertson Michael and Kathy Robinson 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Annual Giving Patron’s Society (continued) Jon and Kim Robinson Scott and Jillane Robinson Kent and Lisa Rodgers Moose and Marilyn Roe Robert and Adeline Rogers Allen and Deborah Rogers James and Lee Roll Jim and Janice Romack Mark W. Roman Ronald and Margo Romero Martha M. Romig Todd and Angela Romine Ron’s Automotive Charles and Patricia Root Deborah L. Rose Peter M. Rose Paul and Verlyn Rosenberger Donald and Kathy Rosenkrans Matthew and Amy Rosenstein Greg and Eva Rosol Perry and Erin Ross Edward J. Ross Mark and Christie Roszkowski Chris and Debbie Rotramel Terry and Alison Rotsch Joseph and Marlene Rotter Kristin E. Routt Bill and Kathleen Rowland Stan and Lauri Royer Daniel and Jane Rozek Karl and Ann Rudert Fred and Ellie Rudolfi Martin Ruhaak and Sarah DavilaRuhaak Linda L. Ruholl Bernard and Grace Runde Kelly A. Runyon Rural King Supply Inc. Paul and Phyllis Rusk Dojelo C. Russell Derek and Micaela Ryan Terrence and Mayra Ryan Ryan, Bennett and Radloff Michael and Ann Rylko Rick Rynke Craig and Melanie Ryterski S & K Air Power Tool and Supply David A. Sabatini Roy and Kathleen Sabuco Gregory and Francoise Sadlek Trish M. Saelens J. Sain 44

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Melesio and Paige Salazar Andrew and Doris Sallee Brady and Mandy Sallee Bob and Katie Salo Robert and Markay Saltmarsh Jeffrey and Amie Samp Bob Sampson and Christina Sipula Mary L. Sams George and Beryl Sanders Bud and Joann Sanders Walter and Betty Sanders Marc and Karen Sanner Sara Lee Foundation Roland and Carolyn Saucier Joel and Elaine Sauer David and Lorene Sawyer SBI Inc. Nancy Scappa Elizabeth A. Scarbrough Isobel Scavetta David W. Schaaf Gary and Jane Schaefer F. Michael Schaefer Donald and Jackie Schaefer Ray and Nancy Schaljo Kiel and Maranda Schaljo Jerry and Melanie Stokes Jane E. Scheer Schertz Farms Inc. Mark and Deborah Schiavi Ryan and Giuliana Schilling Michael and Mary Schmidt James and Nancy Schmidt Joan K. Schmidt Robert and Joan Schmitt Darrell Schmitt John L. Schmitz James and Kathy Schmitz Raymond and Carol Schmudde Tom and Julie Schnell Thomas and Patricia Schnick Melody S. Schniepp Stephen Schnorf and Jane Elmore Steven and Lori Scholes David and Stephanie Schreiner Harold and Elaine Schroeder Matt and Suzanne Schubert Timothy and Sharon Schuette Larry and Wendy Schuldt Joanne E. Schupbach Charles and Suzan Schuster Thomas and Amy Schutzbach

Tod G. Schwager Dennis and Paula Schwark Daniel and Beth Schwarz Keith and Laurie Schweigert Christ and Diane Schwelle Phil and Tracie Schwickrath Glenn and Mary Schwitters Irvin and Martha Scott Stephen W. Scott Tracy V Scott Dee A. Scott Richard and Sue Scott Mike and Helen Scuteri Robert and Kathryn Seaman Midge Seaman Wallace David Fancil and Anita Sego James and Jeanette Seidelman George and Valee Selby Steve Selcke Stephen and Debra Selle Eric W. Selstad Thomas and Carol Seng Sensient Technologies Foundation Inc John L. Serfling Joseph W. Seten Mike and Lesley Settles Mary L. Sexton Clayton M. Shaw Thomas and Erin Shaw Shelby Realty LLC Brian Shelton and Lisa Shumard-Shelton Anita K. Shelton Beverly J. Shelton David and Dottye Shepherd Maurice D. Shepherd Edward O. Sherman Linda S. Sherwood Robert and Juanita Sherwood Mitchell and Joda Shick Richard and Barbara Shields Jaysinha S. Shinde Steve Shirley and Fraun Lewis Steve and Brenda Shoaff Raymond and Ruth Shockley Joan S. Shoemaker Larry and Lora Short Rosamond Shorter Lewis Stephen and Ramona Shrake Larry Shumard Robert and Karen Sibert Bryan and Sandra Sibert Scott and Cheryl Siddens

Eli and Ann Sidwell Craig and Catharine Siefker Richard and Diane Siemer Sigma Pi Alumni Brian and Denise Simeur Vicky S. Simmons Steven and Ginger Simons Emilio G. Simons William and Jennifer Simonton Dennis E. Simonton Singleton Law Firm PC Rod and Lori Sink John and Jennifer Sipes Raymond and Carol Six Skeff Distributing Company Inc. Howard and Lois Skidmore David and Diane Slater Mike and Jill Slaughter David and Kathy Slazinik Bill and Marlene Slough Charles Costa and Toni Smith Gary and Patricia Smith Clarence and Jan Smith Glenn and Sherena Smith Jason Smith and Stephanie Lewis Julia Smith Catherine A. Smith Michael and Linda Smith Kenneth and Denise Smith Michael and Maureen Smith R. Wayne and Barbara Smith John and Deborah Smith Debra K. Smitley Blaine and Jean Smitley Smoky’s House BBQ Daniel J. Smyczynski Randy and Chris Snider Phyllis J. Snider Donald R. Sniegowski Rita J. Snodgrass Richard and Elizabeth Snowden Andy Snowden and Elise Morgans Keith and Elizabeth Snyder Joseph A. Snyder Jeanne R. Snyder Theresa M. Sobota Softball Central Bradley and Sara Solberg Hazel M. Sonderman Roger and Sue Songer Marian J. Sorenson Bill and Lori Sorrentino Lon Fulte and Sandra Spalt Fulte

Roland and Lois Spaniol K. Sarah Spaulding Spence Monuments Boyd and Cathy Spencer Dennis and Linda Spice Michael and Constance Spoden Louis A. Spomer Sprint PCS Wireless Scott and Donna Sremaniak SRL Consulting Inc. St Louis Print Group LLC Stan McMorris Insurance Carroll and Alma Stanhope Clarence E. Stanley Russell and Marjorie Stark Curtis and Glenna Starkey Donald R. Starwalt State Bank of Arthur Thomas and Jody Stautzenbach Paul Twigg and Janet Steele John J. Steiner Larry and Carolyn Stephens Thomas and Janet Sterling Jeff and Julie Sterling Robert and Debra Stern Kenneth and Salliana Stetina Chad and Brenda Stevens Scott and Jan Stevens Stewardson Strasburg 5-A School Activity Fund Leslie and Carol Stewart Stephanie A. Stewart Stewart’s Sewing Machines Inc. Stifel Bank and Trust Donald and Christine Stiger Charles A. Stigers Michelle M. Stillman John and Tracy Stine Ronda K. Stinemyer Richard and Lisa Stipe Louis Stivers John and Anne Stole Betty R. Stoltz Pauline C. Stoltz Michael and Jean Stone Ronald and Colleen Stoner Michael and Gayle Strader Gene Strandberg Kurt and Teresa Stretch Stretch’s Car Washes Monte and Vicki Strickland William and Carol Strode Paul Strommen

Dorcas W. Strong James and Anne Struebing Mark and Karlene Stuart Jo Anne Stuebe Stultz Landscaping and Concrete Andy J. Stupperich Sturdi Built Corporation William and Teresa Sturtevant Subway Lila E. Sullivan Kevin and Margaret Sullivan John and Mary Sullivan Mark and Terri Sullivan Richard L. Sumption James and Mary Sunday Sunset Landscaping and Trees SunTrust Atlanta Foundation Timothy and Amy Supan John Suter and Lauren Jaffke David and Marilyn Sutterfield Forrest and Joan Suycott Stephen and Jacalyn Swango Bruce E. Swart Alan D. Swim Charles and Helen Swinford John and Nanette Sykes Richard Sylvia and Ruth Hoberman T A Bacon Auto Rebuilder Jacob Maurer and Katherine Taake Maurer Samuel and Mary Taber Matthew and Leslie Taggart Brian and Jamie Talley Ralph and Gail Tanner William and Lela Tapella II Earl and Meg Tarble Stuart C. Tart William and Beverly Tatman Robert and Joan Taylor Dick A. Taylor Jack L. Terndrup Jr. The Fluor Foundation The Gym The Mangy Mousse The Northender The Office Sports Bar and Grill Inc. The P&G Fund John and Sandra Theriault ThermoFisher Scientific Gregory and Ruth Thom Tom and Vicki Thoma Michael and Shannon Thomas Thomas E Davey 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Annual Giving Patron’s Society (continued) Robert and Mary Thomason Harvey and Ruth Ann Thompson Marshall and Lelah Thompson Rodney and Carol Thompson Doug C. Thompson Clifford and Vikki Thomson Daniel and Adrianne Thornburgh James and Carolyn Thorne Michael Thornton and Brenda Adkins Rich and Mary Thrift Thomas and Barbara Thurman Roger and Verna Tice Dee M. Ticknor-Snapp Patrick J. Tierney Shawn and Kelly Timmerman Kenneth W. Timmons Quacy M. Timmons Benjamin and Kathleen Timson Maxine Tipton Elvis and Nancy Titsworth John M. Titus Chuck Titus Paul and Mary Todoric John and Barbara Tolch Toledo United Methodist Women Sean and Jodi Tomer Mark A. Tomse Joseph and Robin Tonkin Anthony and Barbara Torres James and Lena Torsiello Total Grain Marketing LLC Steven and Marie Toth Thomas and Dianne Totten William E. Tracey Karen C. Tracey Vanlou P. Trank Gary and Carolyn Traxler Bruce and Barb Trevor William and Trudy Tribbett Eldon and Karen Triezenberg Vicki L. Trimble Michael and Irene Tripkos TRM Management Vincent and Patricia Trosino Douglas and Pat Troyer Ken and Carol Truett Truist T. Brad Tucker Donald L. Tucker Neal and Barbara Tucker Mary Ann M. Tucker 46

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Patricia Tucker-Ladd Frank and Shannon Tugwell Terry and Marcia Tuley Randy and Lisa Tuomala Steven and Claire Tureff David and Annette Turner Twice Is Nice Robert and Carol Tyler Richard and Pamela Ulrich Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington Normal United Way of Champaign County Universal Business Supply Inc. Roger and Lennie Upchurch Upchurch Group Inc. Fred and Mary Ann Uphoff Richard and Lula Vail Sam and Tammy Valadez John and Kirsten Valenta Jerry Van Bellehem and Carol Lowry James and Francesca Vanaman Jeffrey and Janet Vanatta Thomas and Theresa Vandenberg Ronald F. Vaughn Dwight Vaught Tina K Veale Ronald and Rebecca Veenstra Dianne Venet Allen and Wendy Venet Daniel and Mary Venters Verizon Foundation Gary and Judith Vest Norma K. Veteto Dennis and Mary Vidoni David Viertel Todd and Kelly Vilardo Vision Electric LLC Vito and Virginia Vitulli Michael and Judith Vogler William and Sandra Volk David and Marie Volkers Paul and Pamela Volz John and Enid Voytilla Wabash Depot Antique Centre John and Carol Wade John and Nancy Wadie John and Stella Waggoner Elaine L. Wagner Randy and Linda Waldron Randy and Kathleen Walk Richard and Teresa Walk

Wesley and Carolyn Walker Ryan and Jennifer Walker Tyrone Brown and Daphyne Walker Brown Corey and Lindsay Wall Wall Street Management and Capital Inc. Berta L. Wallace Mary E. Wallace Jason Waller Michael and Stephanie Walling Wal-Mart Foundation David and Jean Walter Michael and Norma Walters Pierre Walters James and Jean Walters Russ and Barb Waltrip Michael and Pamela Wampler Richard Wandling and Maria FichterWandling Alex and Joan Ware Jon D. Ware Theodore S. Warnicki Kevin G. Waspi Phillip and Joyce Watson Nathan and Sarah Watson Rick and Jini Watson Richard and Charline Watts Michael and Barbara Watts Paul and Charlene Way Kevin and Suanne Waymack WB’s Pub N’ Grub Inc. Richard and Renee Weatherford John and Carol Webb Paul and Carolyn Webb Brad Tribble and Heather Webb Michael and Dorothy Weber Erik and Sarah Weber Frank and Wanda Weber Thomas E. Weemer Terry and Louise Weidner James and Sharon Weis Wells Auction Company Wells Fargo Foundation Steven and Linda Wente Philena B. Werden Katherine Wertz Merlin and Cheryl Wessels Roger and Frances West West and Co. LLC Sandra Westbrooks Stanford and Elizabeth Westjohn David and Tracy Wetherton

Tracey A. Whalen What’s Cookin’ Sue E. Wheeler Dick and Sandra Wheeler Philip and Diane White Ronald and Patricia White James and Mary White Tom and Amy White Donna L. White Ann E. White Bud and Mary White Steve and Michele Whitehead James and Elaine Whitkanack Steve and Jolene Whitley Ryan and Vickie Whitlock Roger and Miriam Whitlow Robert and Luz Whittenbarger Paul and Donna Wieck Peter and Sharon Wiesenmayer Joseph Wiest and Jeanie Annis Wiest J. Wendell and Kathleen Wiley Adam and Allison Wiley Allen and Mary Wilhite Raymond and Cheryl Wille Robert G. Willenborg J. F. Melnick and Eileen Willenborg William Randolph Hearst Foundation Robert and Nancy Williams Helen I. Williams Denise Williams David and Beth Williams Larry and Connie Williams Bill and Diana Williams Roger and Jamie Willis Leesa L. Willis Michael and Nancy Wilson William and Kelley Wilson

Verna J. Wilson Scott and Tory Wilson Larry D. Wilson Marvin and Jean Windau Loren David and Carla Wingert Eric and Elizabeth Wingler Max and Joy Winkler C Byron and Donna Winn Randy J. Wintner Karen L. Wise Richard and Ramona Wise Robert and Nell Wiseman Edward and Carolyn Wisneski Debra M. Witges Geraldine Witkovsky Steve and Allison Witt Roy and Patricia Wittke Ronald and Donna Wohlstein David and Jean Wolski Pit-Mann and Priscilla Wong Timothy and Gay Wons James and Mary Jayne Wood Wood Real Estate Wood Rental Thomas and Marge Woodall Gary and Marilyn Wooddell Robert B. Woods Bonita J. Woodyard Charles W. Wootton Jacqueline L. Worden Robert and Pasqualina Wrenn Thomas E. Wright Dusty and Michele Wright Jeffrey S. Wright Gregory and Eileen Wright Lt. Col. Steven E Wright, Ret. and Ms. Belinda Wright

WW Grainger Inc Walker and Eva Wyman Jenifer J. Wyss Ryan and Kristin Yager James and Lynn Yarbrough Peggy S. Yates Yawbus Inc. Jeffrey and Catherine Yocum Janice E. York Amy E. York Jeremy R. Yost You Look Marvelous Valorie T. Young Lisa M. Young Judith A. Young Chris and Sharon Young Charles and Mariann Younger Michael and Linda Yurek Jerry and Monica Zachary Joseph and Amy Zaher William and Dorothy Zales Leo and Susan Zappa Eric and Barbara Zarnikow Andrew and Gloria Zavarella Duane and Melinda Zehr Teresa Zeigler Monica Zeigler Jianqiang and Mingwu Zhou Steven D. Ziegler William and Jone Zieren John H. Zimmermann Stephen and Kathy Zink Allan and Rebecca Bathon John Sargent and Jennifer Zorn-Sargent Craig W. Zude Michael and Diana ZuHone

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Gifts in Kind Equally important are the non-cash gifts that support the mission of the University. These gifts come in various forms, from the donation of artworks to real estate, from historical collections to consumable supplies, or from equipment to technology and software. The campus community is dependent on these unique gifts that provide direct benefits and immediate enhancements to our academic, athletic and cultural programs. 5-Acre Farm Daylilies AgriFab Inc. Alamo Steakhouse and Saloon All American Aquatics Cindy L. Almon Tozer American Ace Hardware Andrew’s at the Westbrook Angelo’s Pizza Arends Brothers Inc. Julia R. Awalt Robert T. Babich Bahrns Equipment Battery Specialists Bella Vein Laser Center and Medical Spa Bidwell Candies Birkeys Farm Store Inc – Mattoon Birkey’s Farm Store Inc – Oakland Bloomington Extreme Valentine C. Buchmiller Gene and Gretchen Budig Cameo Vineyards Card’s Appliance Sales and Service Charleston Appliance Center Charleston Food Inc. Charleston Stone Co. Richard L. Chenault Chicago Bears Football Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Bulls Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox Cody’s Road House Commercial Electric Consolidated Communications Inc. Irene Coromina Country Bob’s Country Charm Inc. County Office Products David K. Coy W. Joda Crabtree J. P. Crail Peyton Walters and Tamara Crail-Walters Cross County Mall Merchants Craig and Melissa Cunningham Dairy Queen Daisy Lane Scrapbooking Dave’s Decorating Center 48

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

DeBuhr’s Seeds and Feeds Jeff and Nancy Dole Don Sol Mexican Grill Jay and Jill Douglas Douglas-Hart Nature Center Drake Excavating Drake Homes William and Carolyn Duke Dust and Son Eastern Electric Supply Eclipse Studio El Rancherito Elisa Roberts Interior Design and Spa Clifford and Ann Elzy Rob and Stacey Erdmann Tom and Diane Ettelbrick Express Drive-Thru Family Foot Care Center FC Dallas Ferrellgas LP Kevin and Marsha Figgins Final Touch Gallery Firefly Grill First Impressions First Mid-Ill Bank & Trust – Mattoon Flesor’s Candy Kitchen Fluff N’ Puff Gerald and Jean Forsythe Michael and Kathy Gandolfi Gateway Liquors Georgie Boys LLC Bradford and Kristine Gooch Green Bay Packers Karl and Dorothy Grisso Grunloh Construction Inc. Hackett’s Carpet Care Clifford R Harrison Home Depot USA Inc Teri L. Hoppensteadt Tom A. Hughes Hunan Restaurant Brian Hurst J D Blinds Jack and Bill’s Jimmy John’s John Boos and Co. Sarah L. Johnson

Robert and Mary Jorstad John Jurkovic Justrite Manufacturing Company Kelsey Furniture Co. Inc. Ken Diepholz Chevrolet Inc. Philip and Peggy Kepp Kesler Odle Properties Bill and Sandra King Kirchner Building Center Koerner Distributors Inc. Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Kull Lumber Ace Hardware Herbert and Jane Lasky Michelle Lassak Lawyer Richie Flower Shop George Lebron Lee’s Sports and Lee’s Variety Leisure Pools Lettuce Entertain You Lincoln Garden Restaurant Lincoln Springs Resort Little Mexico Restaurant Longbranch Grill Lorenz Wholesale Company M & M Recycling and Auto Sales Mack Moore Shoe Store Mahomet IGA James E. Martin Mattoon Farm Pride Mattoon Tire and Auto Repair David and Joyce Maurer Karen L. Mazza Mark and Sarah McGee Cindy J. McGrady Menards Merle Norman Cosmetics Andrew E Mertz Miami Dolphins Ltd. Mid-Illinois Newspapers Inc. Monical’s PIzza Morton’s Multi-Ad Services Inc Sally Murray Nancy’s Lettering Shop Dwain and Pamela Naragon Ne-Co Asphalt Co. Inc. New Orleans Saints

Niemann Foods Inc. Niemerg’s Steak House Noble Flower Shop Pat A. Odegaard O’Reilly Auto Parts Owen Motor Sports Lisa A. Page Pagliai’s Pizza Peoria Charter Coach Company Pet Shoppe Petropics Inc. Phelps Map Publishing Co. Phillips Interiors Picket Fence Pizza Hut Poor Boys Pop’s BBQ Prairie City Bakery Prior’s Furniture and Bedding Jerry C. Rankin Razorz Edge Richard’s Farm Restaurant

Rick’s Subs Inc. Ronchetti Distributors Rosebud Steakhouse RTBWW LLC Aldo and Julie Ruffolo Rural King Supply Inc. S & K Air Power Tool and Supply David and Phyllis Sardella Schutt Sports Michael and Peggy Shanahan Shimerz Glass and Mirror SJB Promotions Inc. SMT Golf Jessica A Sommerfeld St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Rams Staples Starbucks Coffee Company Lew and Patty Stiff Justin R. Stone Joel Stoner Storage Options and Solutions

Sunset Landscaping and Trees Sweet Designs T Garden Thai Restaurant Henry and Nancy Taitt Tampa Bay Lightning Tan Express Terre Haute Children’s Museum The Picture Patch To Golf Towne Square Jewelers Jeffrey and Janet Vanatta Vogue W Nuhsbaum Inc. Wal-Mart Supercenter – Charleston Wave Graphics Inc. What’s Cookin’ White Castle White Eagle Golf Club Walter and Jean Williams Winning Stitch Roy and Patricia Wittke Wrights Furniture

Corporate Matching Gifts

This society recognizes those corporations that match their employees’ or retirees’ gifts, increasing the value of an individual’s contribution to the University. Please contact your human resources office to see if your company has a matching gifts program. 3M Foundation Abbott Laboratories Fund AEP Service Corporation Ameren Corp Charitable Trust AptarGroup Charitable Foundation Archer Daniels Midland Company AT&T Foundation Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund Inc Bank of America Charitable Foundation Baxter International Foundation BKD, LLP BorgWarner Foundation BP Foundation Inc. Bunge Corp Foundation Caterpillar Foundation CBI Foundation College Matching Gift Program Chevron Texaco Coca-Cola Foundation Country Financial Covidien Employee Matching Gift Program Early Warning Services LLC

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Inc. EnCana Oil and Gas (USA) Inc. Exelon Corporation Express Scripts Foundation Exxon Mobil Foundation FBL Financial Group Inc. General Electric Foundation IBM Corporation Illinois Agricultural Association JPMorgan Chase Foundation Kraft Foods Inc. Lockheed Martin Matching Gift Program Marathon Oil Co. Foundation Marmon Group Inc. MassMutual Financial Group McGraw-Hill Companies McKesson Foundation Monsanto Fund Nationwide Foundation Northern Trust Northwestern Mutual Foundation Pearson Education

PepsiCo Foundation Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Rexnord Foundation Inc. Sara Lee Foundation Sensient Technologies Foundation Inc. Shell Oil Co. Foundation State Farm Companies Foundation SunTrust Atlanta Foundation Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Inc. The Boeing Company The Fluor Foundation The Hershey Company The Home Depot Foundation The P&G Fund ThermoFisher Scientific Verizon Foundation Williams Companies WW Grainger Inc.

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


As a former music teacher, Julie Nimmons ‘77 knows that, even in a large choir, each voice plays an important role in a concert’s success. As a supporter of Eastern Illinois University, Nimmons enjoys being part of the EIU ensemble not only by contributing individual gifts, but also by serving as a conductor, guiding others to bring their best attributes to the stage. After trading the music classroom for a board room, Nimmons became an astute businesswoman who led her family company, Schutt Sports, to national prominence as a sporting goods manufacturer. She now works at Vistage, where she mentors other top-notch business leaders to help them become even more successful. A former chairwoman of the EIU Board of Trustees and member of the EIU Business Advisory Board, she currently uses all of those skills in heading up the university’s recordbreaking “Expect Greatness” capital campaign. And just as she encourages others to do, she gives back financially to EIU. In fact, she has been a longtime donor, beginning many years ago with annual fund contributions, often for music programs. Through the years, she and her husband, Ken, have provided many large gifts, as well, including The Nimmons Family Scholarship in honor of their now multi-generational connection to EIU – their two daughters are now also proud EIU graduates. Helping students receive the same opportunities she was able to receive is a major motivating factor for Nimmons, who was fortunate that her parents made it possible for her to attend college without the burden of student loans, a luxury few have in these days of rising costs and decreasing state funding. “I got a lot from Eastern,” Nimmons said. “I had a wonderful opportunity to get a tremendous college experience, and I made lifelong friends.” Helping others achieve their full potential is a great way to give back, Nimmons said. “We’re just glad to be part of the team,” she said. “It just makes sense to do whatever I can to help.”

“I got a lot from Eastern. I had a wonderful opportunity to get a tremendous college experience, and I made lifelong friends.” – Julie Nimmons


2011 Honor Roll of Donors

you create

legacies 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Planned Giving The Eastern Illinois University Foundation recognizes donors who have indicated their support for Eastern Illinois University through bequests or other planned gifts. Donors of planned gifts such as charitable remainder unitrusts or gift annuities are also recognized in the lifetime societies.

Heritage Society

The Heritage Society honors those who make the commitment to support the University, its students and its programs through planned gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts, bequests from their estates, life insurance policies, etc. These contributions will ensure that the Eastern Illinois University tradition of excellence will be continued well into the future. Membership in the Heritage Society is non-binding. Arnold and Sigrid Aeschleman Gary R. Aldridge Eulalee L. Anderson Timothy and Margaret Ansley Austin A. Apgar Suzanne R. Ashmore Jeffrey M. Augustine Victor and Christine Balasi Donald and Becky Ballou Robert and Hilda Bandera Arthur and Judy Bartges Roger and Ann Beck Edmund S. Berchert Louise E. Boewe Gwendolyn Borah Michael and Rebecca Boyer James and Linda Bradford James and C. J. Bradham Donald E. Castles Larry and Annette Christy Michael H. Chron Patrick Coburn Stephen and Debbie Coleman Sara R. Coppernoll Dario and Madeline Covi Robert Baca and Nancy Douglas de Baca Ruth and Charles Dow Robert L. Dowdy Sean M. Drendel Leonard and Olga Durham Charles and Sharon Eberly James C. Economy Jason Noggle and Rhonda Edwards-Noggle Garry and Janet Ernst Hobart and Kathleen Eroh 52

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Patricia R. Farley Michael and Erin Feinstein H. Michael and Judith S. Finkle Raymond Fischer and Carolyn Miller Fischer Brian T. Foley Denver A. Foltz Delena G. Foster Richard A. Fox Amy R. Frank Stephen Sum and Jean Galovich Mary Lou Gaskill Marilyn J. Gerdt Michael Garcia and Gina Giffin Garcia Bruce and Susan Gilpin Robert F. Glover Stephen and Bonnie Gosselin Gordon and Mary Grado Dennis M. Grannan Percy and Angela Hale Perry and Marilyn Hall William and Glennadene Hamel Dale and Mary Anne Hanner Lynda R. Haring Jerry and Margery Heath Barbara Heise Clark Nancy E. Henn Living Trust Joshua and Stephanie Henry Steven and Leslie Hernandez Michael and Shirley Hicks William and Betsy Hine Rudolph and Kathryn Hlavek Thomas R. Hoehn Ray and Linda Hoops Bruce Hunt and Mary Ruth Carleton Jeffrey and Susan Hunt

Bob and C. Jeanie Ingram Rick L. Ingram Robert and Elaine Jachino Elmer and Nancy Jamnik Steven and Jennifer Jasinski Ron and Myra Jeffris John and Kathryn Jones James G. and Betty Jean Kehias Helen Krehbiel-Reed Carl and Mary LaLonde Demetrius and Latanya Law Curt and Barbara Leonard Connie J. Link Steven Dorr and Jane Lockett Lewis M. K. Long William K. Luckow Mark and Teri Luecke Terry and Carol Lundgren Barbara A. Maier Bob and Donna Martin David and Joyce Maurer Marquis and Mildred Maurer Robert and Julie McMillen Roy and Patricia Meyerholtz C. Edward and Georgeann Miller Marilyn N. Miller James and Jacqueline Mollet Lisa J. Moore Lucile M. Moore Shirley B. Moore Dennis and Deborah Muchmore Daniel and Micky Musser Brian and Trina Myerscough Burnham E. Neal Garry J. Nelson

Jim and Kelley Newkirk Harold and Barbara Nordin J. W. and Marilyn Oglesby William and Linda O’Rourke David and Sandra Paddock Vaughn J. and Nancy C. Page Terrance C. Parks Jack and Ann Payan Alex and Susan Peck Larry and Linda Penman Douglas and Judith Peters Frank and Leyla Pialorsi Kevin and Jennifer Piket Bill Prather Roy and Helen Price Paul and Mary Quinn John Reed and Helen Krehbiel-Reed Jan Reetz Rustin and Tonya Regentz Karen M. Rehwinkel Christine E. Reid Robertson Michael and June Reynolds Louis and Kathy Rhodes Carol A. Richardson Stanley and Sandra Rives Roger and Ramona Roberson

Barbara R. Roberts John L. Roberts Gary and Librada Robertson Charles and Janice Rohn Mel Rushton and Tom Polgreen Isolina-Maria Sanchez William and Marilyn Satterwhite Stephen Schnorf and Jane Elmore Jeffrey and Lila Scott Mark and Amanda Shatz Alice Shawver Steve and Kim Shirar Rod and Lori Sink Howard and Lois Skidmore Catherine A. Smith Greydon Smith and Lynn Durham Robert D. Smith Paul and Katherine Snyder C. Roger Sorensen Lon Fulte and Sandra Spalt Fulte David and Carol Stevens James Ray and Cindra Stiff Edward and Connie Taylor William and Lillian Thiel Victor and Lida Wall Mike Shelton and Linda Warmoth-Shelton

Robert and Sharon Warner Joseph and Margaret Weber William V. Weber Sheila A. Westcott Thomas Smith and Christine Westerlund Louis and Dean Weston Wesley Whiteside Ralph W. Widener Jr. Paul M. Willis Leslie A. Wilson Stephen and Julia Wilson Charles W Witters Mike and Laurie Yager Roger and Carleen Yates Robert and Shirley Zabka Harvey and Suzanne Zimmerle

Visionary Society

The Visionary Society recognizes those individuals and organizations who, during the previous calendar year, established endowments in support of the educational mission of the University. These visionaries are investing in the future of Eastern Illinois University by providing long-term support with funds for scholarships, faculty research grants and/or University educational and cultural enrichment programs. Glorivette Alegria Memorial Scholarship

Family and friends established this memorial to Glorivette Alegria for students of at least sophomore status, who have at least a 2.5 GPA, and who are in good standing with the Alpha Gamma Delta fraternity. The recipient must submit a narrative essay that describes their fraternity, campus and community involvement and relevant awards or honors, along with at least one letter of recommendation from a personal reference or EIU faculty member.

Coach Baker Memorial Award

This award, established by family and friends of Coach Merv Baker, will be for a full-time student who graduated from Charleston High School, who is able to demonstrate embodiment of character assets exemplified by Coach Baker’s life and career. The recipient may not be an “A” student, but shall show potential for success through the guiding principle that “hard work will bring future reward.”

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Planned Giving Visionary Society (continued) BSGSA Scholar Award

Established by the Biological Sciences Graduate Student Association, this scholarship will be for full-time graduate students in good academic standing in the biological sciences master’s program, be a member of BSGSA and is based on merit. The applicant must have submitted a study plan and thesis outline or provide documentation of a past or future internship, a curriculum vitae/ resume, a letter of support from a faculty advisor, and a summary of the need for the award.

John and Louise Boewe Scholarship

Established by Louise Boewe, this scholarship will be given to graduates of Edwards County High School (Edwards County, Illinois) who are full-time students at Eastern and have achieved a minimum GPA of 2.5 at the time of the award.

Robert Buzzard Memorial Scholarship in Geography

Established by GTU Honorary, this scholarship will be awarded to junior or senior geography majors who have exhibited excellence in the classroom in the field of geography, and who have an overall GPA of 3.0. Financial need shall be the determining factor in the case of two equally qualified students.

Anam Cara Scholarship Fund

Established by S.O.C.K.I.T., this scholarship is for a part-time student majoring in a program leading to teacher certification. The recipient will complete a goal statement that includes financial need, educational goals, and how the program will benefit them in society. Preference is given to applicants that are first-generation college students; demonstrate a commitment to the furtherance of issues related to the prevention of domestic violence; or who are single, working and head of household.

Phoebe and Mike Church Scholarship

Family, friends and colleagues of Phoebe and Mike Church have established this award for students enrolled in the physical education (kinesiology) teacher certification option, and who have plans to teach physical education in public schools upon graduation. The recipient must be active in one or more department service activities or clubs, and have the potential to be an excellent role model for children of all ages as a teacher and possibly a coach in public schools.

Julie A. Curry Political Science Leadership Fund

This scholarship, established by Julie Curry, is for full-time junior or senior students majoring in political science for tuition and fees, travel expenses or other expenditures directly related to approved local, state or federal government internships. Financial need is a consideration, and preference will be given to applicants who reside in either Macon or Madison counties in Illinois. 54

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Gerald F. & Anne E. Curtis Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship, established by James Curtis, is for a full-time student from any academic discipline who has achieved a high level of excellence in his/her chosen academic field. Any student meeting the criteria is eligible to apply, but priority will be given to those demonstrating the greatest financial need.

Joe Dunn Memorial Scholarship

Established by Jean Galovich and other friends of Joe Dunn, this scholarship will be for a student who goes beyond the minimal efforts involved in community service, as registered with the EIU Office of Student Community Service. A report of hours volunteered and the type of service provided shall be used to determine the recipient, with preference given to an individual who has been involved in student government in any form at EIU. Preference will also be given to a student who has had a break for financial or personal reasons, or who has overcome obstacles that prevented degree completion and has returned to EIU for the purpose of completing their degree.

Friends of Lake Mattoon Fund

Established by the Friends of Lake Mattoon, this fund is for student stipends and faculty and student research projects. It shall provide program funding for faculty, upperclassmen or graduate students to research and study the water supply and habitat of Lake Mattoon. Research study results shall be provided to the City of Mattoon.

Dr. John Guckert Memorial Scholarship

Established by friends and family of John Guckert, this award is for full-time juniors or seniors in good academic standing who are majoring in a program leading to teacher certification. Recipients must have taken and successfully completed one EDF or SED course at EIU and submit a one page essay discussing their educational philosophy and how the EDF/SED classed changed or broadened their views of education. Financial need is considered and may be used by the selection committee as the determining factor should all other criteria be equal.

Harlaxton Manor Study Abroad Scholarship

Established by Roger and Ann Beck, this endowment will provide a scholarship to a full-time student accepted to the Harlaxton College Study Abroad Program for tuition, fees, travel expenses, study materials and other expenses directly related to travel abroad.

Flora Saxby Hawkes Memorial Scholarship in English Established by the William E. Hawkes Living Trust, is for junior or senior students studying English with an overall GPA of 3.0. Recipients must be in good academic standing. Financial need will be the determining factor in the case of two equally qualified students.

Nancy E. Henn Memorial Scholarship

Established by a bequest from the estate of Nancy E. Henn, this scholarship is for an undergraduate student admitted to the teacher education program, majoring in a program leading to teacher certification. The recipient must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 and submit a short essay discussing his/her financial need and intent to become a teacher.

Brian Hurst Model Illinois Government (MIG) Fund

Established by Brian Hurst, this fund will provide annual support of the MIG program within the EIU Department of Political Science. The awards may be used for registration fees and/or travel expenses for students participating in the MIG, or for other needed materials or equipment that ultimately provides support of the annual MIG program.

International Business Fund

Established by alumni and friends of the EIU School of Business, this fund may be used for, but not limited to, student stipends, faculty development, special conferences, guest speakers, consultants, technology renewal, instructional improvement, recognition/ recruitment events, faculty and student research, support for student organizations and clubs and capital projects directly related to the support of international initiatives within the School of Business.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning and Allies (LGBTQA) Alumni Scholarship

Established by Richard L. Ingram, this scholarship is for a fulltime student with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Financial need is a consideration. Preference is given to applicants who demonstrate a commitment to the elimination of discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning persons.

*Lily, Abby, and Nate Fund

Established by Vaughn and Nancy Page, this fund will be used in even-numbered fiscal years for a continuing education, nontraditional student in good academic standing who demonstrates financial need, with preference given to a working parent. In oddnumbered fiscal years, the earnings shall be used by Booth Library to purchase recreational reading materials for EIU students. This endowment will be funded by a bequest from their estate.

Gail and Tim Mason Scholarship

Established by Tim and Gail Mason, this award is for graduates of Charleston High School who have a minimum GPA of 3.0 at EIU and at least junior standing. Preference will be given to those who were in a CHS musical and/or on the speech team. Preference is also given to those who work during school and/or during the summer to finance their education.

*Bobby Miller Scholarship

Established by Marilyn Miller in memory of her husband Bobby, this scholarship is for full-time students majoring in business. Financial need is not a consideration. The scholarship will be funded by a bequest from her estate.

Nilsen Graduate Research Presentation Award

Established by Hank and Jill F. Nilsen, this award will be given to a student seeking a master’s degree in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences who has demonstrated potential for undertaking independent research and who has been accepted to present his/her research at the state or national level.

Nimmons Family Scholarship

This scholarship, established by Ken and Julie Nimmons, will be rotated among the Department of Music, the Department of Kinesiology and Sports Studies, and the School of Business. The recipients must be full-time students majoring in music, athletic training or business and must have a GPA of at least 3.0, and hold at least sophomore status at the time the scholarship is initially awarded. Financial need is a consideration.

Dalias Price Memorial Weather Fund

Established Roger and Phyllis Barry and friends of Dalias Price, this award is for full-time students majoring in geology/geography with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Recipients must indicate an interest in the study of weather, weather reporting, and the impact of weather upon our society and economy. Financial need is a consideration.

*Barbara Rennels Roberts Scholarship

Established by Barbara Roberts, this scholarship is for graduates of a high school within Coles County or the surrounding counties of Douglas, Edgar, Clark, Cumberland, Shelby and Moultrie. The applicant must be in good academic standing. Financial need is a consideration.

Christine Reid Robertson and Maura A. Robertson Graduate Scholarship

Established by Christine Reid Robertson and Maura A. Robertson, this scholarship is established for graduate students in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences in even years, and the Department of Biological Sciences in odd years, to support students in thesis research or the internship experience required in the second year of graduate study. A recipient must have at least a 3.5 GPA at the time of the award and may receive the award only once.

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Planned Giving Visionary Society (continued) *Gary J. Robertson Endowment for English Honors

This endowment will be funded by a bequest from Gary Robertson’s estate to provide mini-grants to students to support their research projects, or to provide scholarships for full-time students in the English Honors Program. Recipients must have a GPA of at least 3.5 and should be able to demonstrate how the funds will assist them in the completion of their research. Financial need is a consideration.

Anna Roberta Sain Nursing Scholarship

Established by J. Sain in memory of his mother, this award is for full- or part-time students in the RN to BS in Nursing Program who are in good academic standing. Financial need is a consideration. Preference may be given to non-custodial parents.

Jeffrey G. and Lila M. Scott Scholarship

This scholarship, established by Jeffrey and Lila Scott, is for students majoring in marketing or management in the EIU School of Business in odd years, and for full-time students in the School of Technology in even years, who are majoring in career and technical education with a business education option. Recipients must have an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and be a graduate of a school district in Marion County, Illinois, or one of the contiguous counties surrounding Marion.

Mrs. Pratima Niranjan Shah Scholarship

Established by Niranjan S. and Pratima Shah, this scholarship is for a graduate student who has a GPA of at least 3.5 and has experience with and knowledge of the cultures, politics and religions of Asia. The recipient must submit an essay outlining his/ her plans to work in India upon graduation.

Man Singh Memorial MBA Scholarship

Established by Paramjit Sidhu, this award is for full-time students in the MBA Program who can demonstrate an extensive background and experience in international issues. A recipient must be in good academic standing and submit a one-page statement on why they feel deserving of the award. They must show academic promise and potential for success in their chosen field and serve as good ambassadors of their country through their involvement in the academic program, student activities, and participation in the classroom. Financial need is not a consideration.

Rachel Stapp Teaching Scholarship

Established by Jimmie Ann Stapp, this award is for full-time sophomores, juniors or seniors majoring in elementary or secondary education. Preference is first given to a graduate of


2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Brownstown High School. Secondary preference is a teacher candidate from any high school in Fayette County. If there is not a viable candidate from either of these preferences, the best overall applicant will be awarded. Recipients must be in good academic standing.

Sandra Boll Stone and Paul L. Stone Scholarship

This scholarship, established by Sandra and Paul Stone, is for a student in good academic standing who graduated from Sullivan (Illinois) High School. Preference will be given to a student pursuing a degree within the College of Education and Professional Studies.

L. Joyce Taylor Student Teaching Scholarship

Established by family and friends, this award is for full-time students in a major leading to teacher certification who are in good academic standing. In addition, recipients must have completed all requirements to become eligible to student teach, and must be approved to student teach within the next 12 months. Financial need is a consideration.

School of Technology Future Fund

This fund, established by alumni and donors to the EIU School of Technology, may be used for, but not limited to, technology renewal, instructional improvement, the introduction of new technologies, faculty development related to technology renewal and enhancement, capital projects that improve the technology, and other uses that are directly related to the technological support and enhancement of the School of Technology.

Volleyball Alumni Scholarship

Established by Betty Ralston in honor and appreciation of the student-athletes of EIU Division I Volleyball teams (1982 – 2001), this award will be paid to a returning upper-class member of the women’s intercollegiate volleyball team who is in good academic and team standing, has a minimum GPA of 3.0, and exhibits a strong work ethic and the principles of leadership and good sportsmanship. Preference will be given to the daughter of a former EIU volleyball student-athlete.

Dorothy E. Walden Short-Term Study Abroad Scholarship

Established by James M. “Mike” Havey, this scholarship is for a student with an overall GPA of at least 3.0 who is participating in a short-term faculty-led study abroad. The recipient must be one who has never traveled outside of North America, and must submit three letters of reference and a written statement explaining how this award will assist them in achieving their personal goals.

Dr. Robert and Lourdine Webb Piano Scholarship

Established by Robert and Lourdine Webb, this scholarship is for a full-time student admitted to the Department of Music as a music major with a GPA of at least 3.0 who demonstrates talent in piano performance or education.

Annie Weller Memorial Scholarship in Geography

Established by GTU Honorary, this scholarship will be awarded to junior or senior geography majors who have exhibited excellence in the classroom in the field of geography, and who have an overall GPA of 3.0. Financial need shall be the determining factor in the case of two equally qualified students.

Richard L. Wise – Lester B. Stoner Scholarship in Geography

Established by the Rho Chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon, the International Geographic Honor Society, this scholarship is for juniors or senior geography majors who have an overall GPA greater than 3.0 who have exhibited excellence in the classroom in the field of geography.

Charles W. Witters Tau Kappa Epsilon Class of 1968 Scholarship

Established by Charles W. Witters to ensure financial resources are available to students in the EIU School of Business and in honor of his fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, this scholarship is for undergraduate students who graduated from a school district in Coles County or surrounding counties, majoring in pre-business or in a business discipline, or for graduates students in business administration who have an overall GPA of at least 3.0.

Edith White Charlesworth Witters Library Enhancement Fund

Established by Charles Witters, this fund will be used for the acquisition of materials and resources of all media types for the collection to enrich student learning in Booth Library. Awards will be made annually.

Lincoln J. Woodyard and Florence M. Woodyard Accounting Scholarship

Established by Bonita J. Woodyard, this scholarship is for students in the EIU School of Business majoring in accounting. A recipient must be a permanent resident of Illinois at the time of application, have an overall GPA greater than 3.0, and be of good moral character as demonstrated through community service or activities in student organizations related to the field of accounting.

Working Student Scholarship

This scholarship, established by Jeffrey M. Augustine, will be for students who provide evidence of their significant efforts to financially support their attendance at EIU, with either a description of employment during the academic year, of employment during the summer months, and/or employment prior to their attendance at college. *An asterisk denotes those endowments that will be funded through pledges or planned giving.

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Foundation Endowments These are the named endowments created by generous individuals, families and organizations whose vision leaves a legacy for generations of students. These endowments provide scholarships, research grants and enhancements to the educational and cultural programs in support of the University’s educational mission. EIU Accountancy Advisory Board Endowment Fund William E. Adams Memorial Scholarship Gayle Hutton Adkins Scholarship Award Fund Glorivette Alegria Memorial Scholarship Jessie Voigt Allhands Mathematics Scholarship Alpha Phi Scholarship Dewey H. Amos Geology Earth Science Award Eulalee Anderson Fund for International Students Nate Anderson Scholarship Incentive Fund Rudolph D. Anfinson Scholarship Larry J. Ankenbrand Physical Education Scholarship EIU Annuitants Association Scholarship *Kalah Ann Rund Apgar Campus Beautification Fund Art Studio Endowment Charles B. Arzeni Tropical Biology Fund *Athenaeum Philosophy Scholarship Athletic Endowment Athletic Training Scholarship Fund Attainment Fund Scholarship Austin Endowment Dr. Valerie S. Averill Leadership Development Fund Dr. William Bailey Fund Grace T. Bair Business Scholarship Alan & Carlene Baharlou Distinguished Service Award Coach Baker Memorial Award Betty Lou Balasi Scholarship Altamont Lions Club/Ernie C. Ballard Scholarship Dwight and Bette (Leckrone) Baptist Scholarship E. H. & E. Z. Baumgartner Scholarship Fund in the Social Sciences I. Roberta Bell Minority Scholars Endowment Beta Gamma Sigma Endowment Fund BKD, LLP Accounting Scholarship Mary June Bland Blackford Nursing Scholarship Robert L. Blair Book Acquisition Endowment Amy Blumberg Collinsville High School Scholarship Amy Blumberg Memorial Scholarship Thomas A. Bonine Rainbow of Hope Fund Booth Library Enhancement Fund Botany Undergraduate Fund Stan, Dee, & Meagan Braden Scholarship Ruth E. Brandenberg Memorial Scholarship Brankey Scholarship Alexander Briggs Scholarship Award Margaret Briggs Mathematics Scholarship Broadcast Journalism Scholarship William Gene & Brigitte Johanna Brown Scholarship Ewen “Lefty” Bryden Award 58

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Balsaar & Ruth Bubeck Scholarship Dorothy Davis Bunge Scholarship Burgner Memorial Scholarship Burke Family Scholarship Business & Education Scholarship Dean’s Award for the Outstanding Business Student BSGSA Scholar Award Dr. Bill Butler Physics Scholarship Irene Couchman Buzzard Scholarship Robert G. Buzzard Presidential Memorial Scholarship Ruth Carman Scholarship Carpenters Local #347 Scholarship Cassity Industrial & Applied Mathematics Fund Caterpillar Homeland Security Scholarship William H. & Waneta Sedgwick Catey Scholarship Dr. Harold M. & Alice D. Cavins Scholarship Charleston Business & Professional Women Scholarship Charleston High School Class of 1958 Scholarship Charles & Barbara Clark Elementary Education Scholarship Edith White Charlesworth Library Fund *Michael Chron Women’s Basketball Athlete Scholarship Martha E. & Vernice E. Clark Memorial Scholarship Clay/Richland Scholarship Dr. Luis F. Clay-Mendez Scholarship Mary Jane Coartney Memorial Creative Writing Scholarship John P. Coffey Veterans Scholarship Kenneth E. Coffey Jr. Scholarship Walter & Lola Stephenson Cole Scholarship Charles H. & Dorothee Coleman Scholarship Coles/Douglas Scholarship COS Advisory Board Scholarship College of Sciences Distinguished Service Award CEPS Academic Excellence Fund Charles E. & Ferne Tingley Compton Botany Scholarship Donna Lynn Connelly Memorial Scholarship James E. & Joseph T. Connelly Scholarship School of Continuing Education Alumni Endowment Ruth C. Boyd Cook Memorial Award Carolyn Shores Cook & Allyn Cook Memorial Scholarship Cooley Family Scholarship David Coon Memorial Scholarship Rose Marie Coon CDS Scholarship Stephen Alan Coon Memorial Scholarship Mary Coon Cottingham Scholarship Calvin Countryman Memorial Award Joseph & Cecilia Covi Scholarship Sarah Wozencraft Cox Art Award Scholarship

Foundation Endowments (continued) Carol Schnick Coyle Elementary Teacher Education Scholarship *Crane Center for Creative & Innovative Leadership in Education Fund William J. & Mathiel B. Crane Scholarship Endowment Joyce S. Crouse Family & Consumer Sciences Scholarship Richard L. Crouse Scholarship in Spanish George L. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship Endowment Neil Cutright Memorial Scholarship Kenneth E. & Donelda A. Damann Award DEAN’s Ecological Sciences Scholarship Ellen Cutright Decker Scholarship Sally Bohs Delaney Scholarship Gretchen Sue Denton Scholarship Doug DiBianco Pride Scholarship Earl S. Dickerson Award DiPietro Memorial Mathematics Education Scholarship Distinguished Faculty Award E. E. (Gene) Dolson Fund for Mathematics Education President Doudna Memorial Scholarship Eunice W. Dougherty Scholarship Betty Wright Downing Award Roseann Watkins Drew Research Award in Early Childhood Education Thomas R. Drury Scholarship Professor Dean Dudley Faculty Fund G. B. Dudley Scholarship Lee E. & Fay C. Dulgar Mathematics Scholarship Dulgar Math Graduate Assistance Scholarship Ray C. & Evelyn B. Duncan Teaching Scholarship Gerald W. & Vivian L. Dunn Fund For Education Administration Leonard & Olga Durham Environmental Biology Fund Leo J. Dvorak Scholarship *Patricia Ann Dyrhaug Women’s Basketball Fund Economics Alumni Scholarship Edgar Speaker Series Brenda Edgar Scholarship for Women Edgar County EIU Alumni Scholarship Edgar County Lord Scholarship Education Financing Foundation of California Scholarship Education Scholars Award Roy E. Ehrsam Scholarship EI&U Leadership Fund EIU Classical Music Artist Series Fund Family & Consumer Sciences Elderhostel Scholarship Charles A. Elliott Technology Education Award Lois E. Elliott Industrial Technology Scholarship Thomas L. Elliott Scholarship Embarras Valley Quail Unlimited New and Emerging Artists Series John & Katharine England Currey Scholarship English Alumni Scholarship English Alumni Visiting Scholar Lecture Series English Faculty Development Fund

Richard G. Enochs Scholarship *Dr. Garry E. Ernst & Janet E. Ernst Endowment Ruth Miller Esbeck Scholarship *Judy Ethell Faculty Excellence Fund Mark “Atwood” Evans Memorial Art Scholarship Fund for Excellence in Family & Consumer Sciences Felstehausen-Boldrey Excellence in Career Occupations Fund 50th Reunion Fund Harold Dean Fildes Scholarship Finance Opportunity Fund Excellence in Fine Arts Endowment H. Michael Finkle Finance Endowment First Mid-Illinois Bancshares Student Entrepreneurship Opportunity Fund Raymond L. & Carolyn Miller Fischer Scholarship Connor James Flynn Children’s Diagnostic Equipment Fund Friends of Lake Mattoon Fund Carolyn A. Forbes Centennial Scholarship Foundation Operations Endowment Richard Icen Fourth Estate Award Commander Richard A. Fox Business Enhancement Fund Anne Frank Award Sponsored by Herb & Jane Lasky Dr. Elizabeth A. Franklin Music Fund Ann Frommel Memorial Scholarship Glendon Gabbard Theatre Arts Scholarship Lucina Paquet Gabbard English Scholarship Ruth Gaertner Scholarship Mary L. Carrico Gaskill Scholarship Gary A. & Marilyn J. Gerdt Memorial Scholarship Don & Mary (Hartke) Gher Scholarship Ronald E. Gholson Endowed Faculty and Student Service Award Gina Giffin Scholarship Jon & Diana Giffin Geologist Scholarship Elsie & Erson Giffin Scholarship Jim & June Giffin Scholarship Robert F. Glover Student Government Scholarship Gould Writing Award in Evolutionary Biology Timothy Gover & Clifford Fagan Scholarship Dr. Louis Grado Scholarship in Education & Service Sara Johnston Gray Endowment Lillian R. Greathouse Scholarship Marjorie Ingram Griffin Scholarship Vergil V. Gregg Memorial Scholarship Dr. Robert H. Griffiths Memorial Scholarship Steven & Teresa Grissom Donor Cultivation Fund William H. Groves Memorial Award Thomas Anthony Grud Memorial Scholarship Vincent P. and Pamela R. Gutowski Fund Dr. John Guckert Scholarship Fund Kenneth E. Hadwiger Foreign Cultures Award Kenneth F. Hadwiger Ph.D. Graduate Scholarship Liz Halbert-Edwards Memorial Scholarship Marthat & Lavern M. Hamand Memorial Scholarship 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Foundation Endowments (continued) Alexander Hamilton Paper Award in American History Sponsored by Herb & Jane Lasky Frances Meyer Hampton Graduate Scholarship Jim & Bess Townsend Hanks Scholarship Dorothy E. & DuWayne Hansen Music Scholarship *Dr. Morton B. & Mary F. Harris Scholarship Ruby M. Harris Scholarship Stephen L. Harris Business Scholarship Dorothy M. Hart Library Fund Dorothy M. Hart Memorial Scholarship Dorothy Hart Lounge Fund Jack K. & Marge Hatfield Scholarship Flora Saxby Hawkes Memorial Scholarship Betty J. Hawkins English Scholarship Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Heath Sports Medicine Scholarship Bryan & Adra Heise Elementary Education Scholarship Hobart F. Heller Scholarship Drs. Christine and Larry Helsel Public Relations Scholarship Carol Helwig Award Lou & Mary Kay Hencken Scholarship Louis V. Hencken Housing Services Scholarship Obed & JoAnn Henderson Music Scholarship Nancy E. Henn Memorial Scholarship Hennings History Fund Glen Hesler Memorial Fund Roger F. Hibbs Memorial Chemistry Scholarship Thomas A. & Gail M. Higgins Scholarship Dr. Barbara Hill Memorial Scholarship Historical Administration Program Association Scholarship Rudolph G. & Kathryn E. Hlavek Scholarship W. David Hobbs Piano Scholarship Bertha G. Hoedebecke Scholarship in Memory of George A. Gewe *Thomas & David Hoehn Campus Landscape Improvement Fund Frances Hoene Memorial Scholarship Bert & Janet Holley Scholarship Bertrand P. Holley Distinguished Professorship Charles A. Hollister Pre-law Award Margaret C. Hollowell Scholarship for Graduate Studies Mack W. Hollowell, MD Fund for Scientific Equipment Hoopman Endowment Jon J. Hopkins Memorial Speech Education Scholarship Stephen M. Horak Memorial Scholarship Forrest W. Howell Scholarship in Public Administration Eileen F. Hubbard Scholarship Glen E. Hubele Graduate Assistantship Charles & Elizabeth Huber Education Scholarship Debbie Kroening Hudgins Memorial Scholarship Richard & Kathy Hummel Sociology-Anthropology Scholarship Hunt Environmental Biology Award Brian Hurst Model Illinois Government Fund Robert W. and Laura M. Hussey Scholarship 60

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Nell C. Hutchason Scholarship Illinois Broadcasters Association Scholarship International Business Fund Theodore W. Ivarie Leadership & Innovation Fund Genelle Voigt Jackson English Scholarship Dr. Ann E. Jackson Catholic Scholars Program Scholarship Richard Jacques Rubber Chicken Fund Vaughn & Ruth Jaenike Access to the Arts Award Lori James Memorial Scholarship Ronald & Myra Jeffris Scholarship Fund Ronald & Myra Jeffris Music Excellence Scholarship James K. & Wanda L. Johnson Fund for the Arts and Humanities Bette L. Johnson Scholarship Dorothe L. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Charles L. & Kathryn Joley Dean’s Scholarship in Education Johnetta Jones Scholarship James Jones Chair in WWII Studies David & Audrey Jorns Business Scholarship Fund David & Audrey Jorns Directing Theory for the Theatre Award Florence Kaplan Foundation Endowment Kappa Mu Epsilon Calculus Award Ebrahim & Donna Karbassioon Graduate Economics Scholarship Kris Beedy Karner Scholarship Karraker Chemistry Scholarship Richard L. & Ellen A. Keiter Undergraduate Research Fellowship Keller Family Scholarship Fund John Kelley Scholarship Mary (Wohlrabe) Durkin Agency Scholarship Jack Robert Kelly Scholarship J. Y. Kelly Scholarship Endowment Stephen Wayne Kennard Memorial Scholarship John & Mary Kensil Delta Chi Scholarship Jesusa Valdez Kinderman Scholarship Bobbie King Memorial Scholarship Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Nancy King-Mertz Research/Creative Activity Awards Dr. & Mrs. Walter A. Klehm School of Technology Award Fund Judd W. Kline Memorial Scholarship Rosemary Bevis Knezovich Scholarship Verne B. & Edna M. Kniskern Scholarship in Life Sciences Dr. Robert Knollenberg Chemistry Fund Carl P. Koerner Jr. Memorial Scholarship Kenneth & Keith Kohanzo Industrial Technology Scholarship Eugene B. Krehbiel Scholarship *Helen J. Krehbiel Music Education Scholarship June Krutza Art Scholarship Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Founders Scholarship Lambda Chi Alpha Scholastic Incentive Scholarship Violet D. Lanham Memorial Fund Charles P. & Mary E. Lantz Scholarship Richard H. Larson Athletic Training Scholarship

Dr. Herbert Lasky Undergraduate Seminar in the Early History of the United States John LeDuc Mathematics Education Teaching Practicum Award Fund Lottie Leach Leeds Scholarship Glenn Q. & Mary Staley Lefler Memorial Fund Glenn Q. Lefler Physics Scholarship Dorothy Leggitt Archival & Genealogical Center Fund Lynn Karen Adams (nee Broholm) Memorial Scholarship Sarah Adams Leitch Elementary Education Scholarship Genie Lenihan Graduate Fellowship in Clinical Psychology Patrick Lenihan Graduate Fellowship in Economics Richard H. Levi Student Success Fund LGBTQA Alumni Scholarship *Lily, Abby and Nate Fund Livingston C. Lord Scholarship Margaret & Walter Lowell Voluntary Service Scholarship Lumpkin Distinguished Professorship Fund Lumpkin Foundation Endowment Enhancement College of Business *Terry & Carol Lundgren Scholarship John M. Luther Scholarship Lynch Lecture Series Robert Thomas Lynch, Virginia Gwin Lynch & Robert William Unger Scholarship MacGilvray Family Scholarship John N. Maharg Vocal Music Scholarship Management Opportunity Fund Thomas J. and Patrick J. Mangin Endowment Carol Manhart Scholarship Endowment Charles Gifford Manion Memorial Scholarship American Marketing Assoc Achievement & World Color Press Award *Dorothy and Harold Marker Fund Patricia Stal Markowski Science Scholarship William & Anna Crystal Markwell Memorial Fund *Martin Distance Running Scholarship Daniel E. Marvin Jr. WEIU Scholarship Mathematics Alumni Scholarship Mathematics Problem Solving Contest *David & Joyce Maurer Scholarship in Historical Administration May Award of Excellence Florence McAfee Scholarship Mary Bear McClay Graduate Assistanship Frances W. McColl Scholarship Glenn A. McConkey Scholarship McCoy Family Scholarship Terry McCullough Community Press Scholarship Walter H. & Dorothea V. McDonald Scholarship Dolly J. & H. Gene McFarland Kinesiology & Sports Studies Scholarship Ralph Y. McGinnis Scholarship W. P. McGown Award Fund McKenna Secondary Education Scholarship

Isabel McKinney Scholarship Sean R. McKinney Memorial Scholarship Miriam Bland McMahan Early Childhood Education Scholarship McNabb-Dow Graduate Scholarship Shannon McNamara Outstanding Physical Education Club Scholarship *Natalie McPherson Economics Scholarship Gary & Tess Melvin International Study Fund Gary & Tess Melvin Nursing Program Development Fund Harry J. Merigis Memorial Education Fund Messer Family Scholarship Hal Middlesworth Student Publications Alumni Scholarship Louise C. Miller Music Scholarship Iva P. Miller Special Education Memorial Scholarship MIS Opportunity Fund William V. Weber Minority Affairs/Trio Extra Retention Fund Carl & Marion Mito Excellence in Finance Endowment Fund Raymond L. Modesitt Mathematics Scholarship Carolyn Kluesner Modglin Memorial Scholarship Moler-Austin Scholarship Donald L. and Margaret A. Moler Memorial Scholarship Bruce White Montgomery Memorial Award Graphics/Journalism John Thompson Moore Scholarship Mary K. Moore Early Childhood Education Fund Neil & Shirley Moore Men’s Track Endowment Morris Family Endowment in Booth Library Morris Family Endowment in English Ahmad Murad Scholarship David R. & S. Lynn Murphy Psychology Scholarship Louise Murray Award for Children’s Literature Brian & Trina Myerscough - Chad Pfeffinger Sigma Pi Service Award S. L. Nanda Mathematics & Science Scholarship Neal Welcome Center Endowment Fund Winnie Davis Neely Scholarship Allen Neff Fund Kelly L. Neville Early Childhood Memorial Scholarship Lawrence & Emily Nichols Memorial Award Nilsen Graduate Reserch Presentation Award Nimmons Family Scholarship Dr. Janet L. Norberg Scholarship Ona Norton Scholarship Judge & Usha Oberoi Scholarship Sue O’Brien Scholarship Estelle Ruth O’Brien Memorial Scholarship Maynard “Pat” O’Brien Memorial Award J. W. & Marilyn Oglesby Scholarship *Oglesby Family Scholarship Old Main Memorial Academic Scholarship & Award Hans C. Olsen Scholarship Outstanding First Year Political Science Student Scholarship Ozier Child & Family Award Paddock Teacher Education Scholarship 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


Ray Padovan “Swim Early to Swim Fast” Swimming Athletic Scholarship Dr Joseph W Pankau Scholarship In Health Studies Parents’ Club Scholarship John “Smoke” & Mary Frances Pauley Scholarship in Industrial Technology Jack L. Payan Scholarship J. Robert Pence Memorial Scholarship Alice Groff Pennybacker Secondary Education Scholarship Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship Minnie Alice Phillips Scholarship Harris E. Phipps Chemistry Scholarship Political Science Graduate Scholarship Political Science Honors Scholarship Political Science Outstanding Senior Scholarship Frances Pollard Library Endowment George Preisser Memorial Scholarship President Phi Alpha Eta Scholarship Presidential Scholars Award Fund President’s Award Dr. Fred and Sara Jane Preston Award in Nursing Dr. Dalias Price Memorial Weather Fund John & Mary Price Scholarship Dr. James D. Price Delta Chi Business Education Scholarship Robert A. Pringle Memorial Scholarship Public Policy Institute Rodney Ranes Graduate Faculty Mentor Award Hugh C. Rawls Award John S. & Margaret Redden Undergraduate Instruction Fund Cyril D. Reed Mathematics Scholarship John David Reed News Editorial Journalism Scholarship *Jan Reetz Scholarship William B. Reid Jr. History Education Scholarship Emma Reinhardt Scholarship Barry D. Riccio History Fund Rachael Richardson Scholarship Helen Riley Scholarship Foster C. Rinefort Scholarship Lawrence A. Ringenberg Scholarship College of Sciences Ringenberg Award William G. Riordan Scholarship Stan & Sandy Rives Margin of Excellence Roberson Business Scholarship Jim, Tom, & Robin Roberts Scholarship *Dr. John L. Roberts Scholarship in Management *Dr. John L. Roberts Scholarship in Middle Education Betty Ronchetti Art Acquisition Fund Jerry Rooke Accountancy Scholarship Dr. J. Glenn Ross Scholarship Donald A. & Marie Rothschild Award Al & Vesta Rundle Scholarship 62

2011 Honor Roll of Donors

Ryland Hall Fund David Sardella Incentive Track Scholarship Sardella Family Elementary Education Scholarship Sardella Family Nurse Incentive Scholarship Paul Turner Sargent Scholarship James A. Saunders Scholarship Kevin & Pam Savoree Scholarship Lella Cox Schaaf College Student Affairs Fund Martin O. Schahrer Scholarship Wolfgang & Barbara Schlauch European History Scholarship Ruth & Ansel Schmalhausen Scholarship Omar Carl Schmeusser Memorial Scholarship Margaret S. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship John D. Schmitt Scholarship School of Technology Future Fund Eric Schuster Scholarship Michael A. Scott Memorial Fund Walter Merritt Scruggs Scholarship Security Analysis Center Enhancement Fund Reverend Joseph E. & Mrs Gloria S. Seiler Elementary Education Scholarship John F. Sellers Memorial Music Scholarship Carl Sexton Memorial Scholarship Gene Seymour Memorial Scholarship Mrs. Pratima Niranjan Shah Scholarship Charles C. Shaw Scholarship Edward O. Sherman Memorial Fund Sigma Alpha Iota Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. William Craig Simmons Scholarship Richard Smith Botany Department Incentive Fund William A. Smith Scholarship in Recreation Administration Robert “Dink” Smyser Golf Scholarship Marilyn Snearley Memorial Scholarship Paul and Katherine Snyder Faculty Development Fund Paul and Katherine Snyder Scholarship Alumni & Friends of Soccer Scholarship Sociology-Anthropology Alumni Scholarship Harry & Beulah Sockler Football Scholarship Gerardo J. Solis Latino/Latina Scholarship C. Roger Sorensen Business Scholarship C. Roger Sorensen “Completion of Degree” Scholarship C. Roger Sorensen Golf Scholarship *C. Roger Sorensen Supplemental Instruction Program Endowment C. Roger Sorensen Tennis Scholarship Bill Spaniol Memorial Scholarship Irvin L. Sparks Memorial Scholarship Carol Specht Memorial Scholarship Spice Entrepreneurship Fund Staff Partnership Scholarship Kate Booker Stapp Scholarship Rachel Stapp Teaching Scholarship Sidney R. Steele Graduate Student Summer Award

Robert & Julie Sterling History Scholarship Verne Stockman Graduate Scholarship in Education Technology Sandra Boll Stone & Paul L. Stone Scholarship Sue B. Stoner Scholarship Ernest L. Stover Scholarship Kate & Cliff Strandberg Study Abroad in Sweden Scholarship Strategic Capital Management Inc. Scholarship Ryan Struebing Distinguished Graduate Student Award Student Art Gallery Fund Student Success Center Fund William V. Weber Study Abroad Assistance Fund Gerald Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Robert N. & Barbara V. Sullivan Scholarship Donald & Pam Sundheim Study Abroad Scholarship Charles Switzer Memorial Scholarship Mary Ruth Swope Fund for Excellence in Home Economics Dr. P. Rex Syndergaard Scholarship Dr. Henry A. Taitt Physics Scholarship Dr. Nancy P. Taitt Mathematics Scholarship David Frank Tanner/Ronald Eugene Gholson Endowed Fund Celebrating the “Goodness” of Music Tarble Arts Center Endowment Tarble Arts Center Touring Exhibition Expansion Edson H. Taylor Scholarship *Edward & Connie Taylor Memorial Football Equipment Fund *Edward & Connie Taylor Memorial Scholarship Donald & Lucille Taylor Memorial Scholarship Teachers College/Eastern State High School Alumni Scholarship *College of Sciences Teaching Excellence Award Technology Alumni Scholarship Thornburgh Journalism Scholar H. F. Thut Award Tiffany Research Fund in Botany Mildred Grush Timmons Art Acquisition Fund Jeanne & Donald Tingley Memorial Scholarship Pierre Toussaint Journalism Scholarship Ruby Trimble Memorial Scholarship Dr. William B. Tym Scholarship United Graphics Scholarship Wesley J. Vala Student Athlete Scholarship Mary Cralley Vaupel Endowment Vogel Freshman Mathematics Award Volleyball Alumni Scholarship Robert & Leyla Peck Waddell Physics Prize Herman and Hazel Wagner Endowment Fund Dorothy E. Walden Short Term Study Abroad Scholarship Gladys & Keith Walden Scholarship Lida G. Wall Faculty Research Mentor Award Murray & Sallie Walters Memorial Scholarship John & Bina Jo Walters Music Scholarship Wang Thi-wu Scholarship Endowment Paul Ward Memorial Scholarship

Errett & Mazie Warner Presidential Awards Robert A. Warner Scholarship Lou Ann & Tom Waskom Scholarship Watson Memorial Scholarship in Memory of Dallas, Hazel, and Leland Watson Ivan W. & Mabel Blum Weaver Scholarship Marion Railsback Webb Foreign Language Scholarship Dr. Robert & Lourdine Webb Piano Scholarship Benjamin Weir-Eugene Waffle Journalism Scholarship Miranda Rice Weiss Art History Scholarship College of Arts & Humanities Welcome Fund Annie L. Weller Scholarship Annie L Weller Scholarship in Geography George S Westcott Band Award Richard L. Wise-Lester B. Stoner Scholarship in Geography Dr. Robert V. Wharton Scholarship John L. Whisnand Scholarship Lewis T. White Memorial Scholarship Wesley Whiteside Botanical Gardens Fund Robert & Luz Whittenbarger Scholarship Howard DeForest Widger Scholarship Joan & Glenn D. Williams Women’s Athletic Scholarship Endowment Glenn & Joan Williams Women’s Basketball Coach Endowment Ronald A. Wilson Scholarship Roy K. Wilson Excellence in Public Relations & Journalism Scholarship *Wilson Neuroscience Fund Winkleblack Family Fund Robert Edwin Witters Scholarship Amelia Daddazio Women’s Studies Fund Thomas Woodall Scholarship Jennifer Woods Memorial Scholarship Lincoln, Florence, & Bonita Woodyard Education Scholarship Lincoln J. & Florence M. Woodyard Accounting Scholarship John George Wozencraft, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Dr. Marian Wozencraft Flower Fund Marian Leitch Wozencraft Scholarship Brad Wright Memorial Scholarship Troyt York Memorial Scholarship in Geography & Earth Science Charles Jacobs & Mariann Dana Younger Scholarship Dr. Robert Zabka Special Education Scholarship Rose Zeller Excellence in Research Award Li Zhang Memorial Scholarship

2011 Honor Roll of Donors


What the Data Means The Foundation Board fulfills their fiduciary responsibility to manage the Endowment portfolio by exercising careful due diligence based on our risk tolerance, goals and investment horizon. Risk and reward are inextricably intertwined – there is no asset that is without risk – so while no one can control outcomes, one can control risk to a certain degree. Consequently, the portfolio is constructed by investing in a range of assets that allows adjustment of risk and reward depending on the relative attractiveness of the underlying assets. The year 2011 marked another year of recovery from the depths of the 2008-2009 financial crisis. The past year’s returns were more modest in scope than the previous two years, as 2011 proved more challenging due to large financial market swings. The Board, in conjunction with Mercer Investment Consulting, continued to make judicious asset allocation adjustments to take advantage of underlying market risk/reward opportunities. Despite the topsy-turvy year for financial markets, the Endowment Fund portfolio, once again, weathered the storm and returned 3.3% for the calendar year. More importantly, as our scholarship payouts are based on a 12-quarter rolling average, the three-year annualized return for the portfolio through year-end 2011 was 15.1%. That places the return nicely above both our Policy Allocation Index and Broad Market Policy Index annualized returns of 14.1% and 14.5%, respectively. As the nearby chart depicts, the year-end portfolio stood at $52.5 million, up from $50.6 million at year-end 2010. $55.0

Endowment Composite’s Market Value History

$50.0 In 5/08, the Endowment reached $41.9 MM.

$45.0 $40.0

$ Millions


7/31/98 Market Value = $17.0 MM As of 1/31/12, the Endowment Composite’s Market Value was $52.5 MM.

$30.0 $25.0 $20.0 $15.0 $10.0

$11,000 $10,000 $9,500 $9,000 $8,500 $8,000 $7,500 $7,000 $6,500 Awards

$6,000 $5,500

One semester tuition & fees $5,465

$5,000 $4,500 $4,000 $3,500 $3,000 $2,500 $2,000 $1,500






Jul ‘ 11

Jul ‘10

One year tuition & fees $10,930



Jul ‘09

Jul ‘08

Jul ‘07

Jul ‘06

Jul ‘05

Jul ‘04

Jul ‘03

Jul ‘02

Jul ‘01

Jul ‘00

Jul ‘99

Jul ‘98

$ 5.0


2011 Honor Roll of Donors

$25,000 $50,000 Endowment FMV


The graph to the left illustrates the reach of the Endowment dollars by a comparison of tuition and fees to scholarships and awards that are generated from a sample of Endowment values. The combination of everincreasing costs and lower state education funding means your gifts are more important than ever to the University and students.

Contact Information Office of Philanthropy Karla Watson ’93, 98 Assistant Vice President for University Advancement / 217-581-3315 Jennifer Callahan Director of Philanthropy / 217-581-5045

John Schmitt ’76, ’78 Director of Philanthropy / 312-914-3493 John Smith Associate Athletic Director for Development / 217-581-5831 Jana Zollinger Director of Philanthropy / 217-581-5250

Robyn Carr Director of Philanthropy / 217-581-5180

Cris Costantino ’04 Research Analyst/Scholarship Administration / 217-581-2212

Christina Donsbach Director of Philanthropy / 217-581-5190

Lori Creek Research Assistant / 217-581-7252

Vaughn Jaenike Consultant to Philanthropy / 217-345-6228

Cindy Hutchison Officer Manager / 217-581-5011

Jacqueline Joines, CFRE, ’88, ’96 Director of Philanthropy / 217-581-5184

Nancy C. Page ’75 Donor Relations / 217-581-3314

Stephen Kull Director of Philanthropy / 217-581-5113

Alisa Wohltman Assistant Scholarship Administrator / 217-581-5251

Michael Murray Director of Philanthropy / 217-581-3455

University Administration Robert K. Martin

William L. Perry

Vice President for University Advancement / 217-581-5983

President / 217-581-2011

Foundation Administration Leslie A. McDaniel, CPA

April D. Marchuk

Executive Officer / 217-581-3017

Executive Assistant / Assistant Secretary / 217-581-7380

Nancy R. Zytka

Outreach Coordinator / 217-581-7388

Accounting Paul McCann

Director of Business Services/ Treasurer Foundation Assistant Treasurer / 217-581-6047

Tami Babbs ‘87, ‘96

Interim Assistant Comptroller / 217-581-6455

Sara Harwood ’01

Sandra Wheeler

Foundation Accountant Account Technician II / 217-581-7829 / 217-581-6454

Alumni Association

Production / Design

Steve Rich ‘06

University Marketing + Communications

Assistant Vice President for University Advancement / 217-581-6616

217-581-7650 2011 Honor Roll of Donors


to make an online gift:

Neal Welcome Center 860 W. Lincoln Ave. Charleston, IL 61920-2405

Eastern Illinois University Foundation


Honor Roll of Donors 2012  

A list of all who have given philanthopic support to Eastern Illinois University in the 2011 calendar year.

Honor Roll of Donors 2012  

A list of all who have given philanthopic support to Eastern Illinois University in the 2011 calendar year.