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Be careful on Darke Co. roads April 12 and 13 DARKE COUNTY – Darke County Sheriff Toby L. Spencer and the Darke County Solid Waste Management District Director Krista Fourman advises motorists to use caution while traveling Darke County roadways during the upcoming weekend.

On April 12 and 13, Darke County Solid Waste Management District will be holding its seventh annual Trash Bash. Over 1100 volunteers and organizations will be cleaning up 635 miles of Darke County and Township roads. These volunteers

will be walking along roadways and picking up trash. The volunteer’s vehicles will be parked along or near the roads where the trash pickup is occurring. Participants should be wearing bright green colored shirts to increase visibility. Trash pickup is

scheduled to occur from dawn to dusk on Saturday and Sunday. Motorists are advised to slow down and pay attention to volunteers working near the roadway. As always you should not engage in distracted driving while operating a

vehicle and keep your attention focused on driving your vehicle. Practice defensive driving techniques by looking ahead and being prepared for any problems that may occur. Darke County deputies will be patrolling Darke County roadways and en-

forcing traffic laws. Always wear your seat belt and take the time to look both ways at intersections. Let’s all work together to make Darke County roadways safe for volunteers and other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Reid invests in Greenville with $10 million building project

BY RYAN BERRY MANAGING EDITOR GREENVILLE – A compliment to the services already being offered by Wayne HealthCare and Family Health is how Reid is billing its new facility on the corner of Meeker and Katzenbarger Roads in Greenville. A groundbreaking on the $10 million Reid Medical Office Building was held March 30 at the site. “We are working with our partners at Family Health and Wayne HealthCare to compliment the great care they provide,” said Craig Kinyon, president/CEO of Reid. He continued, “This is a new milestone in service to this community.” Reid and its physicians have long had a role in Darke County’s healthcare. Many of its specialty services, including cardiology and orthopedics, are already offered to area residents. “This new

location will provide expanded space and bring our physicians under one roof in a convenient location for our patients in the Greenville and the Darke County area. This is a natural progression for us and a physical sign of our commitment to Darke County,” Kinyon said. Greenville Mayor Mike Bowers was also excited by the commitment of Reid Hospital. “We have had good momentum in Greenville of late and this is just an addition to that. I’m proud to be a part of all of this.” Sharon Deschambeau, president of the Darke County Chamber of Commerce, added, “We welcome our friends from Reid to our community. Our area is a great place to live, work and do business. We appreciate Reid’s willingness to invest in our great community with this project.” The 34,000 square foot facility will house Bethel Cardiology/Dr. Chong

and other specialists from Reid’s Heart & Vascular Center, Reid Orthopedic Center specialists, Reid ENT, Reid psych services, Neurology and Rheumatology. Dr. Chong has been in the Greenville community for 18 years and is well respected in his chosen field. He is excited to introduce the area to his coworkers. “My coworkers at Reid are all about providing expert care with a personal and compassionate touch that is so often lost in larger cities,” he said. He believes Richmond, IN is the perfect choice for patients that don’t want the hassles of larger cities. Dr. David Jetmore, Reid ENT, is also excited about the facility. “I have always enjoyed working at Wayne HealthCare and treating patients in Darke County.” Construction is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2015.

Darke County Chamber of Commerce and Reid officials along with doctors planning to move into the new Reid Medical Office Building broke ground at the corner of Meeker and Katzenbarger Roads. (Ryan Berry photo)

Darke County Commissioners sign Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness Month proclamation. With Commissioners Diane Delaplane, Mike Rhoades and Mike Stegall, are (seated) Mayor Mike Bowers and DCJFS Social Services Administrator Rebeccas James. Back row: Union City Police Chief Jeff Baird, Children Services Investigative Supervisor Tim Tyo, Greenville Police Chief Dennis Butts, Darke County Sheriff Toby Spencer, Darke County Health Commissioner Terrence Holman, Children Services FCSS Coordinator Stephanie Lehman, CASA Director Kay Robbins, Children Services Ongoing supervisor Michelle O’Connor, Council on Rural Services Youth Programs Jeff Vaughn, and Greenville Schools Assistant Superintendent Laura Bemus. (Bob Robinson photo)

Child abuse and neglect awareness gets proclamation, pinwheels BY BOB ROBINSON ASSOC. EDITOR GREENVILLE – Fifteen community and elected leaders gathered around the Darke County Commissioners to proclaim April as Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness Month. Five hours later four members of the Banner Bound 4H Club, along with a few helpers, placed 462 pinwheels on the lawn between the Darke County Courthouse and the Commissioners Building. The purpose, according to Darke County Job & Family Services (DCJFS) Social Services Administrator, Rebecca James, was to raise public awareness of the issue.

Banner Bound 4H Club members and their helpers placed 462 pinwheels on the courthouse and commissioners lawn to promote awareness. (Bob Robinson photo)

The sign in the middle of the pinwheels said: “In 2013 Children Services served 1,950 adults and children. They had 901 intake concerns of abuse,

neglect and dependency.” Twelve children were

Child Abuse continued on page 5

Council hears resident’s concern over blighted properties

BY RYAN BERRY MANAGING EDITOR GREENVILLE – Tim Hodges addressed the issue of a blighted property near his residence at the April 1 Greenville City Council meeting. The Greenville resident shared the property at 119 Harrison Street, behind his home, is run down with holes in the roof and foundation. His grandchildren play in the backyard and he is concerned with the safety issues regarding this property. Although the home is vacant, the police department recently made a

drug bust at that address. Hodges questioned city officials regarding the public nuisance laws governing this and other blighted properties in the city. According to Safety/ Service Director Curt Garrison the city does have ordinances dealing with nuisance properties. He shared the process for a Nuisance Abatement Order (NAO) begins with the fire department. Once a NAO has been issued for a property it will stand until the property is sold or repaired. Part of the issue is determining how much time to give

property owners to make the necessary repairs. Mayor Mike Bowers asked, “Do you give them six months, a year, two years.” Bowers doesn’t want the city to look like the “bad guy” by going in and tearing down a property after the homeowner made a pledge to fix the property. Bowers and Garrison agreed they are concerned with several properties and have met with the city’s newest legal advisor, Eric Brand, to determine how to move forward. Brand is looking at ways of dealing with

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day; * learned the water meter project has reached the halfway mark with 29 days remaining. Approximately 3,000 water meters need to be changed; and * learned their assistance may be needed to have residents complete a survey required for grant funding. Only 125 of the 250 surveys sent out have been completed and returned. The next regular meeting of Greenville City Council will be April 15, 7:30 p.m., Council Chambers, Municipal Building.


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cost without notice. Red tags are not carried over from year to year. “Everybody gets a clean slate at the beginning of the year,” Garrison said. Hodges said he is hoping he doesn’t have to come back to council later this summer to learn nothing has been done to take care of the property near his home. In other business, council: * learned the city’s spring cleanup will be the week of April 14-18. Rumpke will be accepting large items on the homeowners’ normal pickup


Darke County Humane Society & St. Mary’s School presents:

EVERY WED. & THURS. 848 Martin St., Greenville Doors open at 5pm Bingo at 6:30

the property owners that have not been previously tried locally. Garrison also shared the city will be enforcing its noxious weed ordinance again this year. If a property owner has grass that is over 12-inches high they will receive a red tab and be given five days to mow. If no action is taken the city will mow the lawn and assess the cost to the property owner’s taxes. A red tag will only be issued once on the property. If future problems occur on the same property the city will mow and assess the





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PAGE 2 Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird

Greenville Police Beat

Police respond to domestic violence, harassment and more

On March 26 Christopher Schlamb was cited for Domestic Violence by Threat and arrested following threats made on the victim. Schlamb had been cited earlier for disorderly conduct

within the vicinity of a school after being in an intoxicated state and shooting a nail through his fingers with a nail gun. He also reportedly made suicide threats. When he returned from


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Versailles Savings & Loan welcomes H.B. Hole

Versailles Savings & Loan is proud to announce the hiring of H.B. Hole III. H.B. will be involved in all lending activities including mortgage, commercial & consumer lending. H.B. brings 25 years of banking experience to Versailles Savings & Loan. H.B. graduated from Versailles High School in 1981 and graduated from Miami University with a B.S. degree in Business Administration. Hole is active in the community as a member of the Versailles Lions Club, the Heritage Park board, Boy Scout Troop 79 and is a past chairman of the Poultry Days Festival. H.B. lives in Versailles with his wife Brenda and their two sons. The Versailles Savings & Loan staff and Board of Directors welcome H.B. Hole III to our organization.

Wayne Hospital he reportedly told the victim he was going to “beat the **** out of her.” He also reportedly told the victim now he has to go to court again and will not go “back to a courtroom unless it’s for felony murder charge.” Police were called. Witnesses also said he threatened the victim. The defendant denied threatening the victim. Schlamb fell down as he was being escorted to the police car, then accused police of pushing him. He said his back was hurt so Greenville Rescue transported him to Wayne Hospital after which he was taken to jail. HARASSMENT On March 31 police responded to Sugarmaple Drive regarding a harassment complaint. Robert Theibeau was arrested on March 29 for a CPO (Civil Protection

Order) violation. When he was released from jail he called the victim, reportedly several times. Theibeau was found at 1123 E. Main St. and confirmed the number was his but denied making the calls. He said his brother picked him up at the jail and used his phone to call the victim. The brother denied this. The victim’s sister confirmed the calls were made by Theibeau. The suspect was arrest for a CPO violation and taken to Darke County jail. CRIMINAL MISCHIEF On March 29 police were dispatched to Wal-Mart, 1501 Wagner Ave., regarding a male who opened and drank a beer in the store. They advised the suspect had gotten into a vehicle and headed south on Wagner Avenue. They provided a license number. One officer went to Wal-Mart to take the report; the store employee advised they weren’t allowed to sell the beer because it was after hours. The suspect became argumentative and left the store without paying. Another officer observed the vehicle and stopped it. The driver was identified as Danielle Woods while the passenger refused to identify himself. There was a baby in a car seat with them. The passenger repeatedly refused to identify himself and refused to exit the vehicle, locking his door of the vehicle. Officers opened the door from the driver’s side and advised the suspect, who had been identified by one officer as Steven Woods, they would remove him by force if necessary. Danielle admitted she had gone into Wal-Mart

with him. Based upon the open beer in the car and the employee statements, Woods was cited for Criminal Mischief, Open Container and Failure to Identify. DUS On March 31 police observed Brian Seats Jr. driving a vehicle when it was believed he did not have a driver’s license. Dispatch confirmed his license was under suspension. Police pulled Seats over. His passenger, Joe Smith, got out of the vehicle and began walking. Police drove around the block and called Dispatch for warrants; the officer found he had an active warrant out of Miami County. The vehicle was owned by Jennifer Green. She was advised Seats didn’t have a license and advised against allowing him to drive her vehicle. Smith was arrested and transported to the Miami County line for transfer to the Miami County Sheriff’s Office. Seats was issued a citation for DUS, Driving Under Suspension. TRASH On March 31 police were dispatched to 221 W. Main St. Apt. 4 regarding a large amount of trash and household items in the rear of the residence that Rumpke will not pick up. Police saw furniture, a television and other miscellaneous trash at the rear of the residence. Adrienne Kieffer acknowledged the trash belonged to her but also that other residents were putting trash there as well. She was given a trash notification giving her five days to have it cleaned up or she would be cited.

BURGLARY/THEFT On March 30 police were dispatched to 409 Anderson Ave. regarding a breaking and entering complaint. The victim, Matthew Moehl, said his detached garage had been entered between March 28 and March 30 and multiple items were taken. The victim stated the door had been locked but there were no signs of forced entry. No suspects at this time. On March 28 police were dispatched to 300 Tillman Ave. regarding a burglary. The victim’s roommate, Tyler Tubbs, said the television owned by Micky Meade was missing. Meade said no one had permission to take the TV; Tubbs later noticed the back door had been kicked in. No leads at this time. On March 31 police were dispatched to the Greenville Schools transportation building, 511 Markwith, regarding a Breaking and Entering. Someone forced entry into the building through the front door, then entered the cafeteria area where they took approximately $10 in cash and change, and a plastic container. Nothing else was found to be missing or disturbed in the building. Nothing else at this time. On March 29 police were dispatched to 943 Harrison Ave. regarding theft from a vehicle. The victim, Joseph Hanish, said someone entered his unlocked vehicle sometime between March 28 and 29 and took several items. There was also a small dent on the driver’s side of the vehicle. No suspects or witnesses.

Bolton gets community control for trafficking BY BOB ROBINSON ASSOC. EDITOR GREENVILLE – Noting Dayton resident Terrance Bolton, 55, had no prior record and the risk of recidivism was unlikely, Darke County Common Pleas Judge Jonathan Hein sentenced him to community control plus jail time served for two F4 counts of Trafficking in Heroin and one F5 count of Aggravated Possession of Drugs (Oxycodone). Darke County Prosecutor R. Kelly Ormsby

told the court Bolton has agreed to testify against Bobby House, hasn’t much of a prior record and seemed to normally be a law-abiding citizen. He said Bolton cooperated with police. “He was a driver for House,” Ormsby said, adding he was aware of House’s intentions. “He was being paid to provide transportation.” The state recommended community control plus local jail time (with time served). Bolton’s defense at-

torney David Rohrer agreed. “My client has no felony record,” he said. “He has a work-related disability, needed some money and made a bad choice.” Rohrer said Bolton would be a good candidate for community sanctions. Hein agreed with both attorneys. He order community control for up to 60 months, 63 days in jail (with credit for the 63 days served), 25 hours community service (which he can do in Dayton) and nine months in prison for each count (to be served concurrently) if he fails to comply with the terms of the sentence. Bolton and House were arrested on Dec. 11 buy/bust operation at 851 Martin St. in Greenville. House was arraigned on Jan. 7. There is a possibility of a trial as a suppression hearing on evidence has been set for next month.


Let’s Work Together

Wayne Fourman May Financial Group, Inc. 425 Memorial Dr Greenville OH 45331 Phone (937) 548-5035

Investment Advisory Services

Advisory services are provided through Creative Financial Designs, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor, and Securities are offered through CFD Investments, Inc., a Registered Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA & SIPC. May Financial Group, Inc. is not owned or controlled by the CFD companies.

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Greenville grads scholarship

GREENVILLE – A scholarship is available to Greenville High School graduates currently in college who have had an UNPAID INTERNSHIP within the last year or will have an unpaid internship this summer. The scholarship is made possible through the Nils and Collette Eikenberry Memorial Scholarship Fund, administered by the Darke County Foundation (formerly named the HOPE Foundation). Applicants must be GHS grads who have worked/ will work at an internship related to their career goals, but are not paid for the work. Other criteria will also be considered, such as grades, activities, community service and essay. Download an application at The deadline to apply is May 31. For more information, call the Darke County Foundation, 5484673 or e-mail cprakel@ darkecountyfoundation. org. The Darke County Foundation receives, manages and distributes charitable gifts as scholarships to Darke County students and grants to local non-profit organizations.

Greenville FFA Alumni BBQ to be held GREENVILLE - The Greenville FFA Alumni will be holding its spring barbecue April 25. It will be held in the high school Ag shop from 4 to 7 p.m., with all proceeds going to the FFA Alumni Scholarship Fund. The Greenville FFA Alumni awards up to 3 college scholarships to graduating Greenville FFA members who are furthering their education. The dinners will consist of ½ BBQ Chicken or 14 oz. BBQ pork chop. All meals come with additional sides. Meals are a donation of $7 and drinks and deserts will be available. All tickets are sold as presale only. Extra meals will be sold after 6:30 p.m. You may contact any Greenville FFA or FFA Alumni member for tickets or information. All tickets need to be purchased by April 18. Contact Greenville FFA at 548-4188 ext. 844 for tickets. Thank you for your continued support of our program!

Free Tdap vaccine for sixth graders given GREENVILLE – This is a reminder note from the Darke County Department of Health to all parents of current sixth graders. Before your son or daughter can enter the seventh grade this fall – they must have received the Tdap Immunization. This vaccine requirement for seventh graders went into effect five years ago in the state of Ohio and is necessary for all youngsters to have before starting their seventh grade year of school in the Ohio Public School System. The Tdap vaccine covers immunity for the tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (also known as Whooping Cough) diseases. This new immunization requirement came about after much research proved that the human body needs one more pertussis booster during its adolescent/young adult years. This decision was due to the fact that pertussis has shown to have made a comeback in the recent years – in some cases proving to be a very fatal disease - thus the need for a required booster shot. On April 12, the local health department will be offering the current sixth grade youngsters

of Darke County a FREE Tdap vaccine. This will be given at Spirit Medical Transport, 5484 South State Route 49, less than one mile south of the fairgrounds, as a drive-thru clinic between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. The vaccine will be free on this day only at this location. This is the only vaccine that will be available at the site. Youngsters must be accompanied by their parents or guardian or provide a written note from their parents of guardian that the adult in attendance with them is allowed to sign for their Tdap immunization. Take advantage of this easy and inexpensive way of receiving your Tdap immunization. If you procrastinate to a later date, you will likely face long lines, much waiting, and a greater cost. Registration Forms for this event were recently sent home via US Mail to each sixth grade household. Please present these completed forms at the clinic site to save time. For questions about this project, contact Dennis Wein, RN at the Darke County Department of Health, 548-4196 (ext. 202).

Hi-TEC Top Secret event ARCANUM – Join Hi-TEC Automotive on April 12, at noon. For a Top Secret Event. If you have been curious about the new colors the busi-

ness is sporting stop in to see what is going on. Hi-TEC Automotive is located outside of Arcanum on Alternate State Route 49 East.

removed from their home in 2013. This is the highest number in eight years, James said in a press release. In most cases, alcohol and substance abuse were contributing factors impacting child safety. “Drug abuse is taking its toll on children and families in Darke County,” she added. It “affects child safety, community wellbeing, and your wallet… Who do you think pays for those (JFS) services?” James also noted Children Services had 45 children in custody, the lowest in 11 years. Another 45 were able to remain safely in their homes with courtordered protective supervision. Two adoptions for finalized and the department provided service in several other areas. Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness Month is a national campaign with pinwheels being placed all over the country. It was started over 10 years ago by Bonnie Finney, whose grandchild was a victim of abuse. “There are many communities in Ohio doing what we’re doing right now,” James added. This

is the fourth year the Banner Bound 4H Club has taken responsibility for the placement in Greenville. The pinwheels will likely be in place for two to three weeks. Participating in the proclamation by the Darke County Commissioners were officials representing Children Services, Juvenile Court, law enforcement, community services, health, education, the Prosecutor’s office and CASA.

The 4H members placing the pinwheels were Skyler Marker, Makayla Hanes, Riley Hunt and Riley Marker. Their advisors were Matthew Marker and Adam Sturgill. Their helpers were Cooper Hunt, Meredith Hunt and a little girl who evidently found something more interesting and left later with her parents. None of the 4H members knew who she was. “I think she was just hanging out,” James said.

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Masonic District Deputy David Leytze recognized members of Fort Black Lodge 413 for their years of service. Shown with Leytze are Woody Ballard, Delbert Braund, Wilson Bunger and Master of the Lodge Dwight McClain.

Masons honored for service NEW MADISON – District Deputy David Leytze, of Masonic District 3, recently visited the Fort Black Lodge 143 in New Madison to recognize several members who were honored for reaching milestone service years. Topping the list was Delbert Braund with 60 years; Wilson Bunger and Woody Ballard were both honored

for 50 years. These three men were duly congratulated and received Grand Honors and year pins. Marking 40 years was James Eyer. Marking 35 years was Tommy Lawson. Also receiving pins for 25 years were Duane Newman and Daniel Stockton. A social hour along with refreshments followed the ceremony.

BOE meeting

GREENVILLE – The monthly meeting of the Darke County Board of Elections will not be held on its regular date (April 14). The meeting has been changed to April 8, 9 a.m.

Child Abuse continued on page 3

MAPLE SYRUP • MAPLE SUGAR 8138 US Rt. 36 West, Bradford, Ohio (937) 447-4925 Hours: Mon 8:30 ~ 8:00, Tues ~ Fri 8:30 ~ 5:30, Sat 8:30 ~ 4:00, Closed Sundays

PAGE 4 Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird

Easter Egg hunt

Good Friday services

Tricia Adams – Jamey Rismiller

Couple plans to wed May 10

ARCANUM – Tricia Adams, daughter of Debbie Adams, West Lafayette, Ohio, and Tim and Terri Adams, Coshocton, is engaged to marry Jamey Rismiller, son of Pat and Jack Rademachir, Greenville, and Allen Rismiller, Arcanum. The bride-elect is a 2002 graduate of Ridgewood High School and a 2006 graduate of The Ohio State University and is enrolled in the MBA program at Capital University. She is employed as a merchandiser for Bunge North America in Marion. Her fiancé is a 1995 graduate of Arcanum High School and a 2001 graduate of The Ohio State University. He is manager for Cardinal Transportation in Columbus. The couple plans to wed on May 10, at the United Methodist Church in West Lafayette and will reside in Delaware, Ohio.

One year has passed Mary Lou Marker April 6, 2013- April 6, 2014

GREENVILLE – The Greater Greenville Ministerial Association is sponsoring Good Friday services on April 17, noon to 2 p.m. They will follow Christ as he made his way to the Cross down the Via Dolorosa beginning with the first station where he was condemned to die. Join them as they walk and pray the steps that Jesus took to Calvary. They begin their journey at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church and will end at St. Paul Lutheran Church. All are welcome to join them at any stop along the journey. Please note the various locations and times of each station are approximate. Noon – St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, 233 West Third Street 12:20 p.m. – St. Paul United Church of Christ, 129 West Third Street 12:50 p.m. – First United Methodist Church, 202 West Fourth Street 1:20 p.m. – First Presbyterian Church, 114 East Fourth Street 1:45 p.m. – St. Paul Lutheran Church, 131 East Fourth Street

Spring Bazaar

GREENVILLE – The First Congregational Christian Church, 115 W. 5th St. (off of Broadway), Greenville, will host its Spring Bazaar on April 12, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Approximately 20 vendors as well as baked good and more will be available.

Heritage Goodhew Standing Seam Metal Roofing

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Owner: Vincent Goodhew

Jim and Rosemary Neiswander – 1964

Jim and Rosemary Neiswander - Present

HOLLANSBURG – A community wide “Easter Egg Hunt” has be set for April 12, 10 a.m. The children will be divided into three different age groups allowing all children a fair and fun egg hunt. Easter baskets will be provided. During the morning the children will enjoy a magic show by Pastor Dewayne Heck.  Easter crafts and fun games will also be provided.    A free lunch of hotdogs, chips, cookies and drinks will  be served to everyone at 11:30 a.m. The event is sponsored by the Beech Grove Church of the Brethren located at 3420 Harrison, Hollansburg.  If you have any questions please call 997-3336 or 996-0162.

50th Wedding Anniversary

EATON – Jim and Rosemary Neiswander will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on April 13. Jim Neiswander and the former Rosemary Harbison were married on April 18, 1964 at St. Paul Methodist Church in Eaton. They have four children, Cindy (Brian) Peck, Sandy (John) Bigham, Judy (Norman) Fudge, and Bob Neiswander, as well as 19 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Jim worked at Dayton Tire and Rubber in Dayton for 17 years followed by 32 years as a semi-truck driver. Rosemary attended nursing school and served with the Monroe Township North Central EMS for 10 years. The family is hosting an open house on April 13, 1-4 p.m., at the Eaton Church of the Brethren, Barron St. Campus, 1450 N. Barron St., Eaton, with light refreshments served. Your presence is the only gift requested.

Ask for Steve

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For Graduation Parties

is offering to the community an exciting two-day event, Hayday! Growing in Friendship with Jesus. Kids will be up to their elbows in farmin’ fun as they explore one simple Bible truth: Jesus will always love us! There will be lots of games, music, a craft, a Bible Adventure and of course the annual hunt for Easter eggs in memory of Brandon Arndts. Children up to 10 years of age are invited and it will be held rain or shine on April 11, 6:30–8 p.m. and April 12, 9–11 a.m. Contact the church office, 678-9945, if more information is needed or to register in advance.

GREENVILLE – The family of Lula Mae Suter is having a card shower for her 95th birthday on April 13. Lula Mae was born April 13, 1919 in Robbins, TN. Please omit gifts, but cards would be greatly appreciated. She has four daughters, Mona Isaacs, Lois Weese, Brenda Dudding and Mary Nell Worthen. The family has been blessed to have her as a mother, grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother. Please send cards to Lula Mae Suter, 750 Chestnut St., Room 312, Greenville, Ohio 45331.

Donald Horner

Card Shower for Horner GREENVILLE – Donald Horner will be celebrating his 80th birthday on April 14. His family invites you to share in the celebration by sending cards or letters to him at 511 Chestnut Street, Greenville. He would enjoy hearing from his family, friends, and acquaintances on this momentous occasion.


By Ansonia Scout Families. B.S.A. Troop Pack114

The Dalmatian Duo ask “Did You Know” There are around 15,500 home dryer fires a year. The financial costs come to nearly $100 million. Dryer Lint (a highly combustible material) builds ups in venting tubes and inside the dryer. This reduces hot airflow. Lint Traps Do Not catch all the lint. Your Dryer May be Failing If: Clothes are taking too long to dry or come out hotter than usual. Do the following 3 at least twice a year;


1st Check to see if the vent flapper opens. 2nd Disconnect, clean and inspect the dryer vent. 3rd Clean and inspect the dryer’s front, back, and underside of all lint and dust. BE SAFE AND SMART: Never let your clothes dryer run while you are out of the house or even worse, when you are asleep. If all else fails, you can always use the clothesline. We have never heard of any clothes line fires! :o)

Jim Shuttleworth Evelyn Shuttleworth Joe Shuttleworth Richards Edwards


Greenville. The third person with a Greenville connection is Deacon Doctor Connie McCarroll, who is  Deacon at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Greenville. Connie is also a pediatrician. The team provided care to over 162 Guatemala people in the village of LaLabor San Pedro Auyumpuc over a three and a half day period. Care was provided that is not accessible or is very expensive to the poor of the country. It was the 10th surgical mission trip for the Team.

Suter turns 95

Easter VBS HANDYMAN Weekend CASTINE – Castine of the Brethren, ODD JOBS Church 624 U.S. 127, Arcanum, Small Electrical Carpentry • Plumbing Repairs

GREENVILLE - February 22 found a team of medical personnel arriving in Guatemala City, away from the wintry cold of Ohio, for a medical mission. On that team were three people with connections to Greenville. Dr. Brent Bamberger is an orthopedic surgeon with Orthopedic Associates of Southwest Ohio with an office in Greenville and practices out of Wayne Hospital. Accompanying him was his physician’s assistant, Carla Robinson who also is located in

Lula Mae Suter


Mary Lou has gone, but the love, devotion and good memories of our wonderful wife and mother will forever live on! Dale M. Marker & Family

A Greenville Guatemala connection


45th Year!


NEWSPAPERS ONLY - NO SLICKS Put in Grocery Bags or Tie-Up SEMI in Greenville at old Lo-Bills parking lot on Martin St. or in Ansonia at East High Street

PHONE 937-337-4742



First United Methodist presents The Twelve GREENVILLE – First United Methodist Church, corner of 4th and Sycamore Streets in Downtown Greenville, will be the site of the dramatic presentation of “The Twelve.” The reenactment will be performed on Maundy Thursday, April 17, 7:30 p.m., at the church. This will be the 38th reenactment of the “Last Supper” acting out the drama of the meal Jesus shared with his disciples in an Upper Room on the eve of his suffering. The drama unfolds around a living tableaux of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece painting of “The Last Supper.” This service of drama and worship is free of charge and open to the public. Reservations are recommended to help ensure adequate seating’. Holy Communion will be served and all who wish to share the bread and cup are invited to do so. The church is accessible to all persons with limited mobility and special needs and welcomes everyone in the community to worship at all their Holy Week services.   Palm Sunday, April

Scout Breakfast

PITSBURG – Boy Scouts of America Troop 185 will host a Pancake Breakfast on April 26, 8-11 a.m., at the Pitsburg Fire House. The cost is $5. Come and support the troop.

Gospel Sing ROSE HILL – Rose Hill Country Church will host a Gospel Sing on April 13, 4 p.m. Take SR 49 North from Greenville (15 miles) to McFeely Petry Road, turn left and the church is on the left. A light supper will follow.

13 - Traditional Worship, 9:30 a.m. and Contemporary Worship, 11 a.m. Good Friday, April 18 – Join the Community Good Friday   Services beginning at St. Mary’s Catholic Church at noon. Easter Vigil Saturday, April 19, 8:30 p.m., at The First United Methodist Church, which  begins in the church parking lot and proceeds into the church in celebration of Jesus’  resurrection.   Easter Sunday Celebration, April 20 – Traditional Worship, 9:30 a.m. and Contemporary Worship, 11 a.m.  The Easter Egg Hunt for children, ages toddler to sixth grade will be at 10:30 a.m.  For more information or to make reservations for The Twelve, call the church office, 548-3075.

SLHD raffles golf cart

UNION CITY – An E-Z-GO 2009 Electric RXV Golf Cart with Charger, purchased from CARTS & PARTS, LLC of Union City, IN is being raffled this year by the State Line Heritage Days Festival Committee. Tickets are available at the following businesses in Union City: CARTS & PARTS; Jo’s Corner Florists; State Farm Insurance Agency; and Shockney Electric.   Chances will also be sold during various events throughout Randolph and Darke Counties. Tickets are $10 each and no more than 500 will be sold. The drawing will be held on the Main Stage during the final night of the festival, Aug. 2. You need not be present to win! All proceeds go to support the SLHD Festival.

SAT., APRIL 12 9AM - 2PM







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Stop in to see Barb & The Green Faced Girl

Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird PAGE 5


Disputing the safety of fracking

(Submitted by Anne Vehre, WOFAC) Will they be as successful as they were in the past? The Western Ohio Fracking Awareness Coalition (WOFAC) asks this question as it prepares to present the “Toxic Truth” on April 15, 7-9 p.m. at Memorial Hall on Fourth St. in Greenville. Featured will be three leading experts who have had first-hand experience with the dirty reality of fracking, its resulting waste-injection wells, and its unparalleled usage, contamination and disposal of water. Because of the serious nature of the program, the public is urged to attend, be informed, and take heed. After they had worked hard in 2009 to successfully stop a proposed carbon dioxide sequestration project in Greenville, little did the Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration know they would be wearing another hat in 2014. Now going by the name of WOFAC, they are up against a much more aggressive adversary – an adversary that has not only caused earthquakes and lowered property values but has polluted and depleted water, which is the earth’s most precious natural resource that sustains all life forms on this planet. According to WOFAC leaders Jan Teaford, Susan Spille and Rita McCans, this project is far more serious than the CO2 project because it has already gained a strong foothold. With 262 fracking sites now operating in eastern Ohio, and 2,000 more in the planning stage, they say that it won’t be too long before western Ohio will be involved as well. However, they say, it won’t begin or end here. Spreading from state to state and country to country, fracking and

its off-shoots are posing even more problems in states such as California and Texas that are already suffering from lack of rain and severe drought. In these states, fracking is competing with farming for a diminishing water supply. Even though the signs are clear that water must be preserved and protected at all costs, billions of gallons of waste water from fracking are transported each day by truck, train or barge to be injected deep below the earth’s surface where it will never again be naturally recycled to come back down to earth as rain. As the fracking wells grow in number so will the need for Class II disposal wells, where the polluted water will be injected. While officials at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) have stated that it is unlikely that this area will get a wasteinjection well, the word “UNLIKELY” does not mean the same as definitely. With the volatile and ever changing policies that are now raging within the State, the word “UNLIKELY” is not reassuring. In the meantime, public-relations representatives from the oil and gas industry have effectively utilized their marketing expertise to promote what they want the public to hear and know. they are not lying but are stating facts in a way that can be misleading or are omitting important negative points which are vitally important for the public to know. An example is the statement that fracking has been done safely for 60 years without ONE confirmed incident of water contamination. Highly sophisticated technology proves otherwise. Ignoring the fact

that spills, leaks and water contamination were not recorded 60 years ago, there is also the fact that while hydraulic and horizontal drilling methods were used back then, they were used separately and were not combined together. It wasn’t until recently that they were combined to become the new technology called horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking). Jim Zehringer, Director of ODNR, verified this fact in a recent statement he made that was reported in the local news. Nevertheless, the statement THERE HASN’T BEEN ONE confirmed incident of water contamination is true -THERE HASN’T BEEN JUST ONE. THERE HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN HUNDREDS, which again demonstrates how words can be stated to mislead and manipulate the public. Another promotion that is used purposely to mislead the public is the statement that natural gas is the clean and plentiful energy of the future. Would people have as readily accepted it, invested in it, and extolled its benefits IF they had known THAT NATURAL GAS IS METHANE? Produced from decaying organic matter and garbage, it is dirty and it stinks. Unlike wet gas from which we get butane, ethane, and propane, it is a dry gas. When released into the environment, it contributes 87 to 100 percent more to air pollution than carbon dioxide. Because it is a hydrocarbon, it also releases carbon dioxide and soot when it burns – making it a triple whammy. In the oil fields of North Dakota, it is burned off as a waste. For more information, please go to WOFAC’S web site at www.wofac. org.

Readers Write

The American Worker Dear Editor, Lately I’ve noticed that some of us have bought into the media’s lip service that no one wants to work in the country anymore. Well, I’m going to let the good people of Darke County decide for themselves; here are some things I’ve seen lately. Last winter I witnessed thousands of people on the interstate at the hours of 5:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. in record snowstorms trying to get to and from work. Also, there have been some major employers nationwide holding job fairs where there are thousands showing up for just a few job openings as well as major universities and colleges with record enrollment. Wow! And the one that hits home with me is the fact that this winter in record snow and cold, myself and thousands of constructions workers that never stopped one day because of the elements, these are all people that work: period! I still believe in American and the American worker. I hope you do too! Ryan Rader Arcanum -----------------------Distinction Between Man and Animal Dear Editor,

“Legalize same sex marriage” is the present cry. The moral question is ignored. Proponents and exponents alike quote the Bible. Do the functions of the body have a relationship to our soul? It seems to me that the relationship of the actions of the material part of man to the immaterial part defines morals. That agrees, in my opinion, with modern Psychology. Webster’s American Dictionary of 1828 defines Psychology as “A discourse or treatise on the human soul or the doctrine of the nature and properties of the soul.” That is expanded in the 1993 American Heritage Dictionary. [Psychology is] 4. “The branch of metaphysics that studies the soul, the mind and the relationship of the soul to the functions of the body.” Secondary education, by law, employs a team of psychologists in testing various student actions. School psychologists do not counsel students but only test them. Trained educators counsel students. That makes perfect sense as psychology deals with the relationship of the soul to the functions and actions of the body. In the biology class students are

taught by implication to ignore the soul. To admit the existence of the soul smacks of religion and that is not politically correct. Even if we dare not say there is a breakdown in morals in our culture we all know there is a breakdown. There are no moral standards being depicted by society but we blame parents. On the other hand Hebrews 12:9 states, “Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live?” That is telling us that while it is natural for children to be subject to parents it should also be natural for you to be subject to God. Contributing to our cultural decline is the insistence in how close we physically resemble animals when the real distinction lies in the radical difference in the soul of man and animals. America’s only hope is facing the fact that man is composed of body and soul. Yours praying and teaching the real distinction between man and animals. Charles J. Arnett, Union

5312 Sebring-Warner Rd, Greenville, OH 45331

(937) 548-3330 Toll Free: 1-800-548-5312 Fax: (937) 548-3376

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I’ll take two Grumpy Side of 60

by Bob Robinson Associate Editor

NEWS FLASH!!! I just found out my granddaughter was accepted to American University in D.C. She got a $48,000 scholarship to boot! Congratulations, Monica!! Okay. Proud grampa done. Now… back to “I’ll take two.” “If you could get an A in this class without showing up, would you still come to class?” Less than half the class raised their hands. “How many of you would NOT show up?” Most of them. That’s the answer I get from every class. Nothing to learn, especially in a public speaking class. “You’re going to college to get a better job. Right?” All nod. “You already know what you need to know. Right?” Hesitation, partial nods. “Your boss looks at your resume… Hey, you got an A in Public Speaking. Maybe you’re management material. How about talking to the managers in the other departments about how you would…” At that point I saw a few faces go pale. Students had already had two assignments requiring them to stand in front of the class and speak. A few looked like they were going to pass out. One later told me she almost threw up she was so scared. Some stuttered.

Some forgot what they were going to say. It was a perfectly ordinary start for a perfectly ordinary class. And just like their predecessors, they got the message. I asked a third time. Nearly all students said they’d be back. It was one of the Edison Core Values… Respect for Learning. Human Diversity. Ask most of my students and they’ll be happy to tell you there is none in rural, homogenous Darke County. No ethnic or big city diversity. Sure, we have both genders, go (or have gone) to different schools, live in town or in the country, not to mention individual diversity… Other than that? Pretty much the same. Only one student got close to something they’d been dealing with for eight weeks… having to interact with someone a half century removed from them. Most of these kids could be my grandkids. He noted the problem… “The instructor has a larger vocabulary than his students, and he sometimes uses words the students do not understand.” I grinned, remembering a comment I made in class. A student raised her hand. “What does that mean?” I used a different word. “Okay?” She shook her head. “I don’t know what that means, either.” I finally managed to come up with a word she understood. They’re dealing with a major human diversity

factor; they just haven’t figured it out yet. I made a comment once to an educator that one of my jobs was to get my students to ‘think’ and ‘question’ before offering their thoughts or opinions. He grinned and said “good luck with that.” Our classes have had several exercises… I offer the scenario then ask what they would do. First time around? They were decisive… “I’d do this! Or I’d do that!” Until they realized they were missing information. In some cases even putting themselves or others at risk. Eight weeks later they aren’t so quick to make that judgment call. Critical Thinking. I often tell my students I expect to learn from them as I expect them to learn from me. I think some get it, but not all. I also hope what they learn in their classes stick. My own experience as a kid was otherwise… like a dummy most of what I learned was in the school of hard knocks. Two student comments stood out. One young lady remembers the respect for learning lesson and now equates it to all of her classes. The other comment came from a student I had to chastise, along with his buddy, for talking while I was talking. Recently he said: “I did that all the time at school,” he said. “Nobody ever called me on it before.” He doesn’t do it now. Teachers love to say “one student at a time.” I totally agree. In this case, however, I’ll take two.

Buchy announces passage of Tax Overpayment Bill COLUMBUS—State Representative Jim Buchy (R-Greenville) yesterday announced legislation requiring the Ohio Department of Taxation to notify Ohio businesses when they overpay their taxes and provide automatic refunds in the form of credits toward future taxes has passed the Ohio House. Ohio Tax Commissioner Joe Testa has demonstrated strong support for the bill during its process through the House. Am. H.B. 402 adds the requirement to the tax commissioner’s statutory duties and functions that taxpayers be notified of overpayments so they can claim a refund or allow the money to be credited toward their future taxes. Under current law, overpayments may be refunded, but only upon request and only during the first three or four years, within the statute of limitations. The bill updates the law to ensure that taxpayers are notified no later than 60 days before the end of that three- or four-year period. Rep. Buchy said, “Business owners in this state are the backbone of employment and they make our economy thrive. They operate on thin margins, and it is only appropriate that the state government should not knowingly take mon-

ey from these ‘salt of the earth’ people. I look forward to the Senate’s further consideration of this bill because it is good for Ohio’s continued economic growth.” The bill seeks to protect Ohio taxpayers, specifically guaranteeing that businesses that overpay

their taxes get that money back into their hands, rather than in the hands of the state. With more money invested in Ohio’s businesses and workers, the state economy can better flourish.” Am. H.B. 402 now awaits consideration by the Ohio Senate.

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PAGE 6 Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird

news from

Greenville career tech center

Public speaking participants included Thomas Shaw, Victoria Nadar, and Hannah Grisez.

FFA participates in Public Speaking GREENVILLE – Thomas Shaw, Victoria Nadar, Jack Garland and Hannah Grisez represented Greenville FFA in the Public Speaking Contests that was held on Jan. 30. They each spoke at the District 5 Sub-district Public Speaking Contest held recently at Tri-Village High School. Garland and Grisez participated in the Creed Contest while Shaw participated in the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest and Nadar participated in the beginning prepared speaking contest. The Extemporaneous Speech Contest consists of researching and writing a 5 to 7 minute speech on an agricultural topic in 30 minutes. The contest is designed to stimulate the interest of the FFA member in agriculture and leadership by giving them an opportunity to speak before an audience. Shaw placed second in this sub district contest and went on to the district 5 finals where he placed first in the district. He then progressed to the state semifinals where participated in the final four where he placed third in the State of Ohio. The Creed Contest consists of a student memorizing the five paragraphs

of the FFA Creed and presenting it to a panel of judges. This contest is designed to develop leadership and the ability to appear before a group by freshmen students as they become members of the FFA. He then answers three minutes worth of questions over his presentation. They are evaluated on his presentation, memorization, and response to the questions. Jack Garland received a gold rating and was fourth in the sub district contest. Hannah Grisez placed first in the sub district and placed second in the district where she then went on to the state semifinals placing her eighth in her division. Beginning prepared speaking is a contest made for members to practice their memorization skills. Members write their speech on an agricultural topic and then present it to a panel of judges where they are quizzed and questioned over their knowledge of the topic. Victoria Nadar placed first in the sub district contest which moved her into the district contest where she then received third place. Congratulations to all members involved in the public speaking contest!

Pictured is Mahala Howard with Roxanne Willman, Greenville City auditor.

C-Tec students ready

GREENVILLE – Greenville Career Tech Center has been working diligently with local business and industry to prepare students to be both college and career ready. Inclusive of this is an emphasis on providing internship and job shadowing experiences for students so that they can gain real-life job experience. Greenville High School senior Mahala Howard has worked at the Greenville City Auditor’s office for six months now. She has worked there through Margie Heitkamp’s Financial Specialist program as an intern. Seniors in the program have the opportunity to be released from school in the early afternoon if their attendance and grades meeting the program guidelines. Mahala stated, “It has been a great experience and reinforces the classroom material.”

Margie Heitkamp, instructor of the program commented, “It is always a plus for students to gain valuable work experience while they are learning in high school.” Career Tech Director David Peltz added, “We appreciate the efforts of our community to provide internship and job shadowing experiences for our students. We want our students to be job ready and experiences like working with Roxanne Willman at the Auditor’s office are fantastic opportunities for our students.” For more information about intern opportunities in business or finance contact Margie Heitkamp at mheitkamp@greenville. For information about a wide variety of intern positions please contact David Peltz, CT Director at

Med Tech seniors get experience

BY DANIELLE MARKER GREENVILLE – President Dani Marker expresses “Opportunities are endless in Medical Tech Prep!” Four weeks out of our senior year, every student has the chance to job shadow in almost every desired career. Our instructor, Emily Powers, has done her absolute best to have us experience four different areas whether they are in the medical field or not. One could find us exploring any career from the hospital setting, to the police station, to a veterinarian’s office. This helps us figure out which occupations we may want to pursue or maybe even a job that do not suit us as well as another could.

These rotations are very significant to us as individuals, especially when we all came into this program with little idea of what we wanted to do after graduation. Vice president, Shelby Cassity states, “Coming into Med Tech my junior year I was never one to like the blood

Jade Anthony is shown with her mentor, Col. Cassie Bowling

and guts, now that I have gone through rotations I have realized that being a critical care nurse is my calling.” Powers has created professional relationships with area healthcare workers to provide them with quality opportunities. Powers adds, “The purpose of the rotations is

for students to explore careers they are interested in, hopefully these experiences lead them to make a decision about their future.”Now, after our exposure, we are all leaving with more experience, confidence, and a plan to start the next chapter of our lives.

Tylor Bowman is suiting up to disarm a bomb with SSgt. Gardner

Greenville SCM students job shadow at WPAFB GREENVILLE – On March 28, nine students from Greenville Career Tech Center’s Supply Chain Management were selected to participate in Wright Patterson Air force Base’s Annual Job Shadowing day.  The students were nominated by their instructor, Dara Buchy to participate in nine different career areas at WPAFB. The experience allowed students to work side by side with enlisted military people and live a day in their job. Some positions were, Supply Chain Management, Base Commander, Bomb Disarmament, C-17 and Contracting-Acquisitions. All of the students enjoyed their experience at the base. Students were met by their mentor for the day and escorted to the

job site. Many students enjoyed a driving tour of the base seeing, the multiple golf courses, the flight line and hangers, some base housing, the churches and other recreational locations. Junior Tylor Bowman was placed with SSgt Rachel Stadsvold of the 88th Bomb Disarmament. Mr. Bowman learned about the daily activities of being a member of the Bomb disarmament unit including the maintenance of equipment, training on robotics and what active field experience is like.   While visiting the group Mr. Bowman maneuvered a pobit, donned a disarmament suit and witnessed the detonation of a bomb.   “I loved everything about the day,” explained Bowman. “It was a great experi-

ence,” said Tanika Ray, “Seeing first hand helps when making decisions about my future.” Ms. Ray was placed with Major Kandi Bowling in Acquisitions. The day included learning the enormity of purchasing huge quantities of goods for everyone in the military.   Not only buying the goods, but then getting the goods delivered to the right location and at the right time. “Major Bowling was an awesome mentor to shadow. She explained her process and was really excited about  her job,” said Ms. Ray. Other students participating were Keisha Warner with   Doug Fields, Analyst,   Brady Dowler with  SSgt. Jerry Proctor, Contracting and Sales, Sydney Alcaraz with the Meteorology

department, Natalie Esarey with Major Michael Sierra, Supply Chain Management, Michaela Colby with SSgt. Roy, C-17, Anai Gutierez with Sgt. Lewis of the Security Forces,   and Jade Anthony with Col. Cassie Barlow, the base Commander for WPAFB. The Supply Chain Management program at Greenville’s Career Tech Center is a business program that teaches students business processes and procedures while encouraging them to experience many different   types of work through job shadowing experiences.   If your business is willing to host a student for a job shadow experience please contact  Dara Buchy   via email dbuchy@

Wave Channel 5 brings broadcast to Greenville GREENVILLE – Soon you, your neighbor, or anyone in Greenville will have the opportunity to be on television thanks to Greenville High School’s “Interactive Media Television” and the gracious support of the Career Tech Center. Coming soon, Greenville Public Access TV will have a working television studio. “We have the channel, we have the talent, we have ability, but we didn’t have the studio. It is with the studio that we pump the blood into the lifeline of bringing the community together through the medium of television” said Kent Holmes, a GHS 2011 graduate who is helping complete this project. Kicking off last month, GHS’s Interactive Media Television has been taking on a task for the good of the community; building a full-service television studio. A studio that can be used by anyone in the community to create their own television programming to be aired on Greenville Public Access TV, Wave Channel 5. The goal of any public access TV station is to not just inform the public about community events, but to educate the public through local programs, debates, interviews, and government meetings. It allows you to be involved in the community with-

Quality at Its Best

out leaving your couch! GHS’s “Interactive Media Television”, an immersive multimedia classroom, has taken programming control of GPAT (Greenville Public Access Television) for over a year. Run mainly by students, GPAT has adopted the nickname “Wave Channel 5”, and has created local programming such as high school sporting events and city council meetings. “A green screen, studio wall, cameras, lights, production equipment, and an infinite amount of ideas. This studio is your canvas. We will teach you how to hold the brush, and you become the artist,” Holmes said. The studio is being built in Greenville High School and those wanting to have their own show will have to reserve a time. Students in the Interactive Media Television program will learn the “ins” and “outs” of the studio, creating local live news programming. “Nothing beats creating live television. The excitement, the jitters, and the fast-paced environment. It’s the deciding factor for which side of multimedia these kids want to purse in college,” Holmes added. Kent Holmes, a senior at Ball State University studying Telecommunications Sales and Promo-

Students are nearly ready to show the community the ropes to create their own television program.

tions, decided to use his senior capstone project to give back to his community. “In the honors college at Ball State, you have to complete an honors thesis project. This is anything you can imagine. Some write musicals, some make studies for a government agency, and some give back to their communities. The only requirement is that it must be tied in with your major. As I began to ponder, it came clear to me that helping IMTV was a perfect fit! Most Indiana high schools offer student run TV and radio stations. Students from Indiana wanting to study communications have an upper hand by having real experience at their high school. I was saddened that Ohio doesn’t push immersive

learning the same as Indiana. That’s when it hit me, I can help Greenville High School create a real immersive learning environment while giving back to the community that helped foster and grow my love of film and television.” Alongside the studio, GPAT Wave Chanel 5 is excited to offer opportunities for companies to sponsor programming, weather, and other elements of the station to brand themselves to the community. Prices are available upon request. For more questions, please contact Kent Holmes at kdholmes@bsu. edu, IMTV instructor, Lori Hoover at lhoover@, or Director of Greenville Career Tech Center, David Peltz at dpeltz@

Get your Farm Equipment ready for the season!

ALIGNMENT, BRAKES, MECHANICAL REPAIR 1-800-979-8473 (937) 548-4151 801 Front St., Greenville, OH 45331


GEDDES – Helen W. Geddes, 97 of Greenville formerly of Centerville, passed away peacefully Thursday, March 27, 2014. She was preceded in death by her beloved husband W. Hayward Geddes and her parents Harold A. Sr. and Olive (Dull) Withrow. Helen is survived by two sisters Martha Deeter and Jeanne Barr, several

nieces and nephews. She was the owner – operator of Withrow Secretarial Services in the Dayton area from the early 1940’s to the late 1980’s, was a 1932 graduate of Palestine High School and a 1939 graduate of Miami Jacobs Business School. Helen was also a member of the Westminster Presbyterian Church and Altrusa of


Dayton. Private services will be held at the convenience of her family. Contributions if desired may be made to: Westminster Presbyterian Church, 125 North Wilkinson Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402 of in memory of Helen. Arrangements entrusted to the Tobias Funeral Home Englewood Chapel, 675 West Wenger Road. Messages of sympathy and support to her family may be made at


– Carl Edger Tee82, of Veteran ter, Union City, died Thursday, March 27, 2014. A service was held Monday, March 31, 2014 at the Reichard Funeral Home, Inc.. Burial is at Lisbon Cemetery.

COOK – Dorthea Faye Cook, 88, of Matlacha, FL and formerly of Greenville, died Monday, March 31, 2014 at her home in Matlacha, FL. Services will be held at 2 p.m., Monday, April 7, at the Oliver-Floyd Funeral Home, Greenville. Burial will follow in the Greenville Cemetery. The family will receive friends at the funeral home Monday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird PAGE 7

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– Bob White, 76, of Veteran Greenville, died Thursday, April 3, 2014. A service will be held Tuesday, April 8, 2 p.m., at the Oliver-Floyd Funeral Home, Greenville. Burial will follow in the Greenville Township Memorial Gardens. The family will receive friends at the funeral home on Tuesday from 1-2 p.m.


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GHS principal Ken Neff (left) introduced Kiwanis Students of the Month Ryan Simons and Paige Tester.

November Kiwanis SOM

GREENVILLE - The November Kiwanis of Greenville Students of the Month were Greenville High School seniors Paige Tester and Ryan Simons. Their families were present to see them presented with plaques by GHS Principle Ken Neff at the Dec. 18 meeting. Paige is senior class vice president, Science Club president, Engineering Technology treasurer, and is involved in varsity volleyball, basketball, and calculus, NHS, Band of Pride, Varsity G, Student Council, Spanish Club, SADD Club, and the Homecoming Court. She is a Youth Deacon

and teaches Sunday School at the First Presbyterian Church. Paige has been accepted at the Ohio State University to major in engineering. Ryan is in varsity track, cross country, and soccer, Science Club, Spanish Club, Art Club, SADD Club, NHS, National Technical Honor Society, Engineering Technology Prep, and Varsity G. He is a People for People Student Ambassador and participates in First Presbyterian Youth Group, Serves Darke County, and Big Buddies mentoring. Ryan plans to major in Graphic Design at the Ohio State University.

Elks Breakfast April 13

GREENVILLE – The Greenville Elks, 214 W. Third St., Greenville, will host a Sunday Breakfast Buffet on April 13, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. They will

have eggs and omelets to order, waffle bar and more. The cost is $8 for adults, $7 for seniors and $5 for children under 12. The event is open to the public.

AHS Drama Dept. will present Harvey

ARCANUM – The Arcanum High School Drama Department is proud to present Harvey by Mary Chase with special permission of Dramatist Play Service, New York, NY. The play will take place on April 11 and 12, 7 p.m. in the school cafeteria. When Elwood P. Dowd starts to introduce his imaginary friend, Harvey, a sixand-a-half-foot rabbit, to guests at a society party, his sister, Veta, has seen as much of his eccentric behavior as she can tolerate. She decides to have him committed to a sanitarium to spare her daughter, Myrtle Mae, and their family from future embarrassment. Problems arise, however, when Veta herself is mistakenly

assumed to be on the verge of lunacy when she explains to doctors that years of living with Elwood’s hallucination have caused her to see Harvey also! The doctors commit Veta instead of Elwood, but when the truth comes out, the search is on for Elwood and his invisible companion. When he shows up at the sanitarium looking for his lost friend Harvey, it seems that the mild-mannered Elwood’s delusion has had a strange influence on more that one of the doctors. Only at the end does Veta realize that maybe Harvey isn’t so bad after all. Come support the AHS Drama Department in their production of Harvey. Maybe you’ll see Harvey too.





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PAGE 8 Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird


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Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird PAGE 9

Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum will reopen for 2014 BRADFORD - The Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum will reopen for the 2014 season April 13 at 2 p.m. with a dedication and ribbon cutting for the Children’s Learning Center. The museum purchased the historic 1919 former bank building at the corner of Miami Avenue and Main Street in 2006. Since that time efforts have concentrated on transforming the interior into the exhibit and meeting space for the museum. The museum was formed in 2002. Marilyn Kosier approached the Bradford city council on Good Friday of 2002 regarding the desire to create a railroad museum to preserve the railroad heritage of the town. The idea for the museum was planted by her father Herbert Kosier at a Bradford Railroader’s basketball game that she and her dad attended while watching a game her neph-

ews and his grandsons were playing. A board of local residents was formed and the museum incorporated as a 501 c 3 nonprofit corporation. The first goal was to purchase and restore the only remaining railroad structure the BF Tower. This was accomplished in 2003. Representative Diana Fessler saw the potential of the museum as an economic stimulus to the revitalization of the downtown. She was on board with the mission of the museum and helped secure a capital appropriation to restore the tower. This was finished in 2008. Efforts turned once again to the main headquarters building. Representative Fessler again helped secure funding to restore the outside of the structure. This was accomplished and plans were made to renovate and restore the interior. Architect Candace Goodall came to the

bank building shortly after the exterior was completed and saw the potential. Her vision to open up the mezzanine level for additional exhibit and meeting space was completed in 2010 by the Swafford Construction Company of Troy. It soon became apparent that a separate children’s area devoted to K- 6 was needed. Once again the museum turned to Architect Goodall for guidance. She met with the Miami County building inspector and a plan to convert the basement into the children’s area was underway. The museum retained the Swafford Construction Company to complete the work. The museum will be dedicating and opening the children’s area April 13, at 2 p.m. The dedication will recognize the donors who have contributed to the interior restoration and renovation. The museum is working with Exhibit Concepts

of Vandalia on permanent exhibits that will tell the unique history of Bradford. Few today are aware of the vast railroad operation that once occupied the center of the Village. The museum has been working to build a model of the railroad yards to convey that part of the railroad history. Thanks to the hard work of Rick Miller and Mike Desch the model is nearing completion. The N- Scale model will be ready for display at the opening. The Salute to the Railroader’s will be held to honor the past, present and future railroaders at the opening. The Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum could not be as far along in development if it were not for the generous donation from its supporters and the countless hours of the members and volunteers. The dedication is a moment to pause and recognize and thank all those who contribute to his preservation effort.

Stewart/Slack earn promoter’s award ROSSBURG – Eldora Speedway owner Tony Stewart and general manager Roger Slack were named the 2013 Promoters of the Year by the North American 410 Sprint Car Poll. The voting panel of media members, promoters, sanctioning officials and manufacturers selected Stewart for the first time in the promoter catego-

ry. Slack was previously named Promoter of the Year in 2007 while at The Dirt Track @ Charlotte (N.C.) Motor Speedway. The duo joins Eldora founder Earl Baltes, who received the award six times between 1986 and 2004, until selling the legendary half-mile high banked clay oval to Stewart in time for the 2005 season.

“This is a real honor to be recognized in the Promoter category. Owning a historic facility like Eldora is a huge responsibility and not something we take lightly as we plan for the future,” said Stewart, the three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion. “I am especially proud of Roger and everyone at Eldora.  They complement each other, work together



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PORK LOIN CHOPS 2.99lb ...................................................................... 04/7/14-04/12/14

as a team and the gains we have made the past few years enhancing the fan experience demonstrates their commitment to excellence each time we open the gates.” This marks Stewart’s eighth honor by the North American Sprint Car Poll dating to 2001. His Tony Stewart Racing (TSR) teams have each been voted Team of the Year in the 410 and non-winged ranks on three different occasions. Stewart garnered the Outstanding Contribution to Sprint Car Racing award in 2003. This year’s voting tally ended in a tie with Knoxville (Iowa) Raceway, where Stewart has earned eight Knoxville Nationals titles as an owner.  TSR driver Donny Schatz has seven Nationals triumphs over the past eight years, five of which were for TSR. Schatz was also honored this week with the 410 Sprint Car Driver of the Year award.

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PAGE 10 Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird

Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird PAGE 11

Democrats host Mark Whittaker POST #245 FISH FRY GREENVILLE – There will be an early riser breakfast at the Brethren Retirement Community cafeteria on April 12, 8 a.m. The speaker is Chief Deputy Mark Whittaker from the Darke County Sheriff Office. He will

Stelvideo Christian Church

speak about the drug problem in Darke County. It will be very informative to everyone. Come and enjoy the meeting, fellowship and breakfast. For reservations, call Tom Hans, 273-3865 or David Niley, 548-4517.

Sunrise Service 7:00 a.m. Breakfast Following Sunrise Service Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Church Service 10:00 a.m. Pastor Tracy Brown 937-316-8198

Located six miles northeast of Greenville. Near the intersection of Horatio Harris Creek Road and Arcanum-Bears Mill Road

Football team now forming GREENVILLE – The Ohio Cardinals, Darke County’s semi pro football team, is seeking players for this season. Although Darke County has had a semi-pro team

Safe for Sensitive Ears!



While Supplies Last

Wieland Jewelers 548-3620

414 S. Broadway, Greenville

in the past, organizers remind prospective players this is a new team, under new management. Practices are held on the weekend with the regular season beginning in June. Home games are played at North Park in Greenville and practices are held in Gettysburg. For more information, call Doug, 564-2975.

NEW MADISON – Commander Jim Cassity and Harold Hoover of Post #245 American Legion, 242 Fayette St., New Madison, are busy with preparations for the annual All-You-Can Eat Spring Fish fry on April 19, beginning at 5 p.m. The menu will be Pollock, green beans, apple sauce, slaw, coffee, bread and better. The cost is $7 with carryout available by calling 996-0095.

Edison hosts RN to BSN fair PIQUA – Edison Community College will host

Easter Fair Supper & Bazaar Saturday, April 12

ELDORADO UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CHURCH SERVING BEGINS 4:30 P.M. BAZAAR OPENS AT 4:00 P.M. $9 for adults; $4 for children 6-12; under 5 free “All You Can Eat” supper includes ham loaf, roast chicken, chicken & noodles, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, salads and desserts. Bazaar features homemade Easter candy (filled and plain), noodles, cakes, cookies, snack mixes and more. Also handmade items such as ruffle scarves, dishcloths, scrubbies, table runners, wreaths, baby items and much more. Four prizes will be raffled: a handmade afghan, 2 gift baskets valued at more than $50 each, and an Easter floral arrangement from Today’s Harvest Floral Shop.





105 W. Ward St., Versailles, OH 937-526-4194 VCC’S EASTER CELEBRATIONS 2014 PALM SUNDAY CELEBRATION Sunday – April 13, 2014 9:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. The worship & celebration services will include uplifting music… the Parade of Palm Branches with the VCC children… and the Palm Sunday message “Last is First”. EASTER WEEKEND CELEBRATIONS Sat., April 19, 2014 5:00 p.m. Sun., April 20, 2014 9:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. These three worship opportunities will include joyful Easter music (and introducing VCC’s all-new Praise Band!)… sharing in Communion… and the inspiring Easter message by Pastor Dennis “Death is Life!”. The exciting “Kids Club” for preschool thru 5th grade is available on Easter Sunday @ 9:00 a.m. &10:30 a.m. Also, an Easter Egg Hunt for all children is taking place on Easter Sunday @ 10:00 a.m. on the church lawn. Nursery care (birth thru age 3) will be provided at all three Easter worship services. VCC is located at 105 W. Ward Street - Versailles, Oh. For additional information please visit the VCC website: http://www. or contact the church office: 937.526.4194. 


8058 Horatio-Harris Creek Rd. Bradford (2½ miles north of Gettysburg) 937-448-2287 EASTER SERVICES LOVE FEAST April 17 at 7pm SUNRISE SERVICE, April 20 at 7:30am Breakfast following Sunrise service Worship Service at 10:30am All are welcome 

$3 OFF

Expires 4/30/2014

Greenville, Ohio HOLY WEEK SERVICES MAUNDY THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 7:00pm Tenebrae Service, Holy Communion PALM SUNDAY SERVICE, APRIL 13 Sunday School Hour 9:30pm Worship 10:30am EASTER SUNDAY SERVICE, APRIL 20, 2014 Sunrise Service 8:00am Breakfast Sponsored by Youth Group 8:30am Sunday School Hour 9:30am Easter Celebration 10:30am Special Music *Nursery provided for all services An EPC Congregation Please come and rejoice with us. All are welcome! Pastor John Person, 114 E. 4th Street, Greenville, OH (937) 548-3188 Cable Channel 5Wednesdays 8-9pm & Sat. 11am 


131 EAST FOURTH STREET GREENVILLE, OHIO 45331 937-548-5770 HOLY WEEK WORSHIP SERVICE SCHEDULE PASSION/PALM SUNDAY, April 13 8:00 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. Worship & Confirmation MONDAY, APRIL 14 Holocaust Presentation 7:30 pm - In the Upper Room Pastor Peter Menke WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16 Community Lenten Service 12:00 p.m. With Lunch Following WEDNESDAY EVENING SERVICE 7:30 pm “Final Word From the Cross” MAUNDY THURSDAY SEDER MEAL April 17, 6:30 p.m. - with Holy Communion FRIDAY, APRIL 18 Good Friday Services Community Good Friday Service Noon – 3:00 p.m. Tenebrae Service -7:30 p.m. CELEBRATION OF THE RESURRECTION OF OUR LORD Sunday, April 20, 2014 7:00 a.m. Sunrise Service 8:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast 9:15 a.m. Sunday School Easter Party 10:30 a.m. KFC 10:30 a.m. Festival of the Resurrection Holy Communion at Both Services


“The Episcopal Church with the Red Doors” At the corner of Broadway & Water Sts. 201 S. Broadway Greenville, OH Where all are cordially invited. SUNDAY, APRIL 13 The Sunday of the Passion, PALM SUNDAY With United Thank Offering Ingathering 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16 12:00 Noon Stations of the Cross 12:30 p.m. Holy Eucharist THURSDAY, APRIL 17 7:00 p.m. MAUNDY THURSDAY SERVICE FRIDAY, APRIL 18 GOOD FRIDAY Services 6:00 p.m. Stations of the Cross 7:00 p.m. The Service of Liturgy SUNDAY, APRIL 20 The Sunday of the Resurrection EASTER SUNDAY 9:30 a.m. The Lighting of the New Fire 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist Father Jim Larsen, Vicar Phone: 937.548.5575 


7418 St. Rt. 121 N., Greenville 937-548-5404 PALM SUNDAY-APRIL 13 9am “The Cry of the Whole Congregation” You’ve read the printed words countless times. Now allow them to  come alive in this dramatic readPLEASANT VIEW ing as we follow Jesus from His MISSIONARY CHURCH triumphal entry into Jerusalem-the the Upper Room -to His agony in 5231 Gettysburg/Pitsburg Rd. the Garden-to the farce of His Greenville trial-to the Cross and the Tomb. 937-447-3885 MAUNDY THURSDAY-APRIL 17 7pm Worship with COMMUNITY EGG HUNT Holy Communion Saturday, April 19, at 11am in Gettysburg, Pitsburg & Laura and GOOD FRIDAY-APRIL 18 7pm Worship at 2:30pm in Arcanum. (All Egg EASTER SUNDAY-APRIL 20 Hunts will be held in each town’s 8-8:45am Easter Breakfast city park) 9am Festival Worship with EASTER SUNDAY SERVICES Holy Communion 8:25 and 10:45am 


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CountyStart Networks, LLC $29.95 / first year

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401 Wagner Ave. Greenville 548-1997

Special Mexican Buffet

on Easter Sunday 11am-2pm

Regular Menu Purchase $25.00 or More Enjoy Your Favorites Plus New Mexican Dishes Coupon not valid with other discounts




Regular Menu Purchase $15.00 or more

$5 OFF* WAYNE LAKES 564-1153



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BY THE BAG OR BULK “Lawn Spreading Available”

CALL US TODAY 937-423-3367

representatives from area colleges to participate in a Registered Nursing (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) information fair. The event will be held April 11, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Emerson Center. The information fair is free and open to the community. For further information regarding the event contact Rick Roberts, assistant professor of nursing, at 381-1513.

521 Wagner Avenue, Greenville OPEN DAILY 11AM

3420 Harrison Rd. Hollansburg, OH 997-4895 Pastor DeWayne Heck PALM SUNDAY April 13 at 10am Service GOOD FRIDAY April 18 at 6:30am Service EASTER SUNDAY April 20 at 9am Breakfast 10am Worship Service


GREENVILLE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN 421 Central Ave. 8:00am-Sunrise Service 8:45am-Sunrise Breakfast 9:30am-Sunday School 10:30am-Easter Celebration Service “He Came Back”



7210 State Route 118 Greenville, OH 45331 937-548-5445 EASTER SUNDAY SERVICE April 20th, 10:30am Special Music and Easter Message Please join us! 

Join us at TRINITY


204 East Wood St. - Versailles For our journey to the cross Weekly Lenten Service each Thursday at 7:00 pm Sunday worship services at 10:30 am HOLY WEEK: Palm Sunday. 10:30 am Worship Maundy Thursday: • Soup N’ Sandwich Supper serving 5:00-6:30 pm • Worship with Holy Communion and the Traditional Stripping of the Altar Service begins at 7:00 pm Good Friday: • 12:30 pm Community Service at Trinity • 7:00 pm Service at Friedens Lutheran Church in Bloomer (Miami County) Easter Vigil: 9:00-11:00 pm EASTER CELEBRATION: 10:30 am Easter Sunday, April 20th 


FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH TRUE LIFE CHURCH 740 Russ Road, Greenville, OH Easter Sunday, 10:30 AM Service No Sunday School or Evening Service 937-548-1808

Pastor Chris Barhorst 5990 St. Rt. 36 East, Greenville 937-548-3558 EASTER SUNDAY SERVICES 10am Discover the Reality of Resurrection Life at  True Life Church


202 W. 4th Street, Greenville, OH (937) 548-3075 Rev. Angela Meeks, Pastor April 13, Palm-Passion Sunday Worship 9:30 am (Traditional) & 11:00 am (Contemporary) April 17, Maundy Thursday 7:30 pm “The Twelve”: Reservations Recommended April 18, Good Friday Community Stations of the Cross, beginning at St. Mary’s Catholic Church April 19, Easter Vigil 8:30 pm April 20, Easter Sunday Worship 9:30 am (Traditional) & 11:00 am (Contemporary) 10:30 am Easter Egg Hunt for children



9462 St. Rt. 571 (1 mile west of Laura) 937-947-1978 EASTER SUNDAY SUNRISE SERVICE 8am FELLOWSHIP BREAKFAST 8:30am SUNDAY SCHOOL for all ages 9:30am MORNING WORSHIP 10:30AM featuring special program by Church Choir 


72 W. Main St., Versailles 937-526-4567 Pastor Steve Harmon SPECIAL EASTER SERVICE TIMES  9am and 11am All are welcome ST. MATTHEW’S



6825 St. Rt. 722, Ithaca PALM SUNDAY-APRIL 13 9 am worship with a special gospel reading and Holy Communion MAUNDY THURSDAY – APRIL 17 7:30 pm Foot Washing and Holy Communion GOOD FRIDAY – APRIL 18 7:30 pm EASTER SUNDAY – APRIL 20 6:30 am Sunrise Service with Holy Communion 7:45 am – Easter Breakfast with free-will offering 9:00 am – Easter Service with Holy Communion




624 U.S. 127 Arcanum, Ohio 45304 Phone: (937) 678-9945 Website: Thursday, April 17, 2014 Love Feast & Communion @ 7:00 P.M. Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014 Sunrise Service @ 7:30 A.M. followed by Breakfast @ 8:15 A.M. Sunday School @ 9:30 A.M. Worship Service in the Life Center @ 10:45 A.M.  Sunrise Service is led by the Senior High Youth NEW MADISON Breakfast is served by the UNITED METHODIST Junior High Youth CHURCH A nursery is available for all 149 N. Main St. services except Sunrise Service New Madison  996-5341 ANSONIA Pastor Carol Duffiled CHRISTIAN CHURCH We invite you to join us for 123 West Weller Street worship. You might just find what Ansonia, OH 45303 you are looking for this Easter! Pastor Lowell Miller PALM SUNDAY EASTER WEEK SCHEDULE April 13 at 10:30am PALM SUNDAY SERVICE, Parade into church followed by a April 13, 2014, 9:30am reading of the Passion Story. Adult Sunday School, 10:30am EASTER Message: “A Great Revelation” April 20 at 10:30am Worship as MAUNDY THURSDAY SERVICE: we celebrate, The Lord is Risen!  April 17, 7 pm Easter Sunday TRINITY UNITED April 20, 2014 METHODIST CHURCH COMMUNITY EASTER 112 West South Street SUNRISE SERVICE, 7 am Arcanum, Ohio 45304 With breakfast to follow, Sunrise 692-8350 Services held at Ansonia Doug Baker, Pastor Methodist Church. HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE EASTER WORSHIP SERVICES, APRIL 13TH Easter Worship Service 9:30 am, Palm Sunday Worship: 9am Adult Sunday School 10:30 am Sunday School/JAM Club: 10am Easter Morning Worship Service Lent Services: 7pm featuring Jana Deeter signing APRIL 17TH (ASL) a song of praise. MAUNDY THURSDAY SERVICE Solo by Megan Gard. Pastor Doug Baker at Grace UMC Praise songs by the congregation APRIL 20TH The Pastor’s message entitled: Hallelujah! He is Risen “The Event That Changed the EASTER SUNDAY Destiny of Man For Ever!” Light Breakfast 8-9am You are invited to all these Easter Worship 9am special services.

PAGE 12 Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird

LOCAL Support for Red Cross is a laughing matter

SUNDAY, april 6, 2014

BY RYAN BERRY MANAGING EDITOR GREENVILLE – While the University of Dayton Flyers were appearing in the Elite 8 NCAA Basketball Tournament for the first time in 30 years the Darke County Chapter of the American Red Cross was hosting one of the largest crowds ever for its 14th annual Comedy and Caring fundraising event. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed good food from Romer’s Catering, raffle and silent auction prizes from local busi-

nesses and individuals and a great night of comedy with Steve Iott. Prior to Iott taking the stage, Alex Mikos, local radio personality and funny man, took the stage to warm up the audience with his brand of comedy. Iott, a Michigan native, has appeared on A&E, Comedy Central and is a regular guest on the Bob & Tom radio show. A new feature to Comedy & Caring was the Third Act. According to Lynne Gump, executive

director of the Darke County Chapter of the American Red Cross, four local “Everyday Heroes” agreed to enter into the “most dangerous of battles.” Matt Aultman, Steve Baker, Mike Stegall and myself agreed to enter our names in the battle. The person who raised the most money would have the opportunity to appear on stage with Iott. Aultman, Baker and I proved to be the best campaigners and earned Stegall the opportunity to appear on

stage in an improvisational sketch. The chapter thanked supporters of the event, “We hope you have learned a little more about the programs and services of the American Red Cross and that you’ll continue to support the wonderful work of our dedicated volunteers. We will continue to proudly serve Darke County, our Country and the world with life-saving services, preparedness and disaster response.”

Comedian Steve Iott is joined on stage by Darke County Commissioner Mike Stegall in the Third Act. (Ryan Berry photo)

EZ ID event coming to county

Approximately 2,000 students, parents and community supporters attended the annual Greenville City Schools annual Waves of Pride and Art Expo. (Bob Robinson photo)

Waves of Pride showcases student talent

BY BOB ROBINSON ASSOC. EDITOR GREENVILLE – Approximately 2,000 students, family members and community supporters attended Greenville City Schools’ annual Waves of Pride and Art Expo March 27. They were entertained throughout the evening by student music groups as they viewed displays of art, completed projects by students at all grade levels and discussed the different programs with Greenville teachers. “This is a huge event,” said Greenville Supt. Doug Fries. “It’s probably our biggest annual event to get our community involved with what their local district is doing.” The teacher who started

Greenville Schools art teacher Jane Cleary started this event 32 years ago. She plans to retire at the end of the year. (Bob Robinson photo)

it 32 years earlier, Jane Cleary, was honored by the students as she will be retiring at the end of the year. “It seems like yesterday,” she said of the inaugural event. “The first year we had 110 parents and kids. It kept growing… more and more popular. Other groups asked to join in. We’re one of the few schools that does anything like this.” After 35 years of teaching Cleary said it was time to retire and explore other pursuits. “This is such a wonderful showcase,” she said. “I just really would appreciate continuing to support the arts… all of them.” Fries welcomed parents and supporters as

they arrived. He also noted the upcoming renewal levy in May, making sure all knew it was simply a continuation of the currently ongoing levy. “There will be no new taxes,” he emphasized. “Everything stays the same.” Musical performances were provided by Jazz Scene I, Choir 7 Ensemble, Philharmonic Strings, Choir 8 Ensemble, Jazz Scene II and the Wavaires. A representative of the high school’s NJROTC was on hand and individual students had display booths to show their artwork. Throughout the high school gym various types of art, including a huge box of “tissues” were on display.

Students logged in all visitors to the event; one seemed to be caught off guard by the camera. (Bob Robinson photo)

BY BOB ROBINSON ASSOC. EDITOR GREENVILLE – “In the old system black and white photos were used. Ink fingerprints were often smeared… information sometimes hard to read,” said Ed Floyd, Greenville Moose Lodge volunteer. No longer. Technology now allows parents and caretakers to obtain a CD with a high quality color photo, a physical description (including distinguishing features), digital fingerprints and a list of scars, tattoos, artificial limbs, birth marks and so on. And the technology is coming to Greenville courtesy of Moose Lodge 329. On May 3 the Lodge will hold an “EZ ID” event from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. A special laptop computer will be used to “register” children and seniors. Information is burned onto the CD which is then turned over to the parent or guardian. Nothing is retained on the laptop so the CD would have to be stored in a safe place. In addition, a DNA swab can be provided by the Darke County Sheriff’s Dept.,

one of several local agencies planning to be on hand for the event. Also expected are the Greenville Police, Greenville Fire, Greenville Township Emergency, Darke County Red Cross, Darke County EMA (Emergency Management) and Darke County Veterans Services. “Kids get to come in and meet Rage and Rocko,” Floyd said, “Sparkey the fire dog and the police department’s McGruff the Crisis Dog will be here.” He added Tommy the Moose is scheduled to be there, along with Care Flight between noon and 2 p.m. As always the Care Flight schedule could be altered if an emergency call occurs. “It will take about 10 minutes per individual,” Floyd said. “We’re serving a free lunch of hot dogs, chips, cookie and drink. Kids can eat while parents fill out the forms.” Floyd is hoping to create CD’s for 500 to 600 kids and seniors, noting if needed the Lodge will even extend the event another day. “I’m proud of the Greenville area,” he said.

“Whenever I’ve asked for help I’ve received it. All the Greenville schools are on board with this; I’m hoping the county districts will also want to be involved.” He called for volunteers from the community as they will need help with parking and hospitality. “Moose is about public service,” he continued. “Helping your brothers. Looking out for the kids. This is something we need to be doing.” The system was developed by Safe Surfin’ EZ Child/Elderly ID System. It is co-sponsored by Moose International. Floyd noted the two organizations are attempting to address the 1.3 million children who go missing, and the 125,000 elderly who wander away from home each year. “Moose is a Family Fraternity,” Floyd said. “Our goal is to serve Greenville and Darke County.” Schools and volunteers wanting to be involved should contact Floyd at or leave a message for him at the Greenville Moose, 548-2662.

Sheriff’s Patrol has good attendance for annual show BY RYAN BERRY MANAGING EDITOR GREENVILLE – Darke County Sheriff Toby Spencer, Commissioners Diane Delaplane, Mike Rhoades and Mike Stegall and State Representative Jim Buchy welcomed visitors to the 52nd annual Darke County Sheriff’s Patrol Home & Sport Show on March 28. The Sheriff’s Patrol is the volunteer arm of the Darke County Sheriff’s Department. Zero tax dollars are used to fund the unit, which relies on fundraisers, such as the Home & Sport Show, and providing security for events such as high school athletics, Eldora Speedway and the Darke County Fair. Patrol volunteers are required to patrol the roads of Darke County one weekend a month. Spencer praised the patrol, “This is a valuable unit to have under my control.” He continued, “Without them we could

Dale Musser sings the National Anthem while Scott Riffle, patrol member, salutes the flag. (Ryan Berry photo)

not do some of the jobs we do.” Rep. Buchy continued the accolades by pointing out Darke County is a great place to live because of the service provided by the Patrol. Commissioner Rhoades called the Patrol, “an essential part of law enforcement.” According to Gaylen Blosser, co-organizer, this year’s event was the largest of the past few years. He noted all of the booths were full with plenty of displays and vendors. The highlight of the event was

entertainment from Higgins-Madewell, voted the Dayton area’s best rock band for three consecutive years. Joining Darke County Sheriff Patrol deputies as the other co-organizer was Jerry Bunch. With fairly decent weather, attendance seemed to be up. Blosser believes Friday night was the best attendance the show has seen in years and there was a steady stream of visitors on Saturday and Sunday.

Twisters All Stars earn first national championship BY RYAN BERRY MANAGING EDITOR ARCANUM – Since taking the floor as a competitive cheer squad in 2004, the Arcanum based Twisters All Stars have had a lot of success, but none as great as this year. On March 29, the squad traveled to Indianapolis, IN to compete in the US Finals. The result was a national championship in Prep Senior Level 2. Coached by Tonya Mikesell, of Tip Tap Toe School of Dance, the Twisters have earned bids nearly every year to compete in the championship, but were never able to go. She pointed out it is sometimes hard to work around the schedule of some of the

families. However, they were able to replace a couple of the members with substitutes to make this year one to remember for the cheerleaders. The Twisters range in age from 10-18 years old and attend area schools, including Arcanum, Franklin Monroe, TriVillage, Greenville and St. Mary’s. This year’s team had its ups and downs, but “They worked through some issues with injured athletes, substitute athletes, scheduling conflicts, and changing choreography,” Mikesell said. The team competed in seven competitions and came away with six first place wins and a second place finish. They earned

two bids to national competitions. In addition to the U.S. Finals they could have competed at THE ONE Cheer and Dance Championship. Although their season is over, the team could still finish as the Overall U.S. Champion. Beginning this year, the U.S. Finals is using its Real Time Rankings to determine teams in the Champions Challenge round of competition. The performance videos of the first place teams from the divisions are re-judged to determine the highest scoring team. That team will move on to the next round – The Champions Challenge. The top teams from all locations will be re-judged to determine

the Overall U.S. Champion. These teams will be rewarded with custom

rings. This year, each of the Twisters earned two

jackets and a t-shirt for their victories at various competitions.

The Arcanum Twisters All Stars came home from Indianapolis on March 29 with a national championship at the U.S. Finals.

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TERMS: Cash or check with proper ID, out of state with bank letter, VISA and MasterCard (with 3% clerking fee), sales tax applies on all items. This auction will not contain a buyer’s premium for on site buyers. Additional terms will apply for online internet bidders at . Loading is available. Inventory is subject to change up to sale date Please contact Flory Landscaping at 937-548-2200 for updated listing prior to sale date.

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The lands, lots, and parts of lots, in the county of Darke, forfeited to the state for the nonpayment of taxes, together with the taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest, and costs charged on them, agreeably to law, and the dates on which the lands, lots, and parts of lots will be offered for sale, are contained and described in the following list: Parcel ID# B11-4-214-03-02-01-11200 F27-2-212-35-01-08-12900 F27-2-212-35-02-06-106-00 B11-4-214-03-02-01-11800

Taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest & costs 508 Main St., New Weston $4,676.38 307 Green St., Greenville $37,722.23 521 Martin St., Greenville $22,984.84 300 Olive, New Weston $15,088.47 Property Address

The properties will be offered for sale at the Auditor’s Office, Darke County Courthouse, 1st floor, Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. Notice is hereby given to all concerned, that if the taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest, and costs charged on the list are not paid into the county treasury, and the county treasurer's receipt produced for the payment, before the respective dates mentioned in this notice for the sale, each tract, lot, and part of lot, so forfeited, on which the taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest, and costs remain unpaid, will be offered for sale on the respective dates mentioned in this notice for the sale, at the courthouse in the county, in order to satisfy such taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest, and costs, and that the sale will be adjourned from day to day until each tract, lot, and part of lot specified in the list has been disposed of, or offered for sale. If the tract, lot, or part of lot, so forfeited, is sold for an amount that is less than the amount of the delinquent taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, and interest against it, the court, in a separate order, may enter a deficiency judgment against the last owner of record of the tract, lot, or part of lot before its forfeiture to the state, for the amount of the difference; if that owner of record is a corporation, the court may enter the deficiency judgment against the stockholder holding a majority of the corporation's stock. Carol Ginn, Darke County Auditor March 21, 2014

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Services Offered TREE REMOVAL within 20 mi. of Gettysburg. Call Joe for Free Estimates 937547-2161

Help Wanted “Seeking Class A & B CDL Drivers for seasonal dump trucks & OTR tractor/trailer dumps. Experience & clean MVR preferred. I will officiate your Call Greg @ 937-459wedding ceremony 9131, if no answer, free. Licensed and or- leave message” dained. Stan Ray 937- “Finish carpenter, 5 548-1502 or aj481x@ yrs. experience mum. Full or part-time. “GOFORTH’S LAWN 548-2307”

“INDUSTRIAL CONCRETE SALES Well established, successful, local concrete contractor seeks a highly motivated individual to produce sales and maintenance contracts to area industry. Unlimited commissions, full company support. For consideration contact Chip @ 937-573-7588 or chip@adcconcrete. SERVICE. Landscap- “Residential Construc- com” ing, clean-up & re- tion Laborer. Versatile, “GENERAL CONmoval. Ron 937-564- knowledgeable. Exp. STRUCTION, EXCA3219” preferred. Call 547- VATION, AND SIN3051” GLE-PLY ROOFING POSITIONS available MISSING TORTOISE SHELL FEMALE CAT Bruns Building & DeWent missing velopment. Apply in evening of person at 1429 CranMarch 13 berry Road, St. Henry. Westbury EOE” Drive area, in Wayne Lakes is hirGreenville ing lifeguards for our • Spayed community beach. & declawed We will need 6-8 certifront paws Name is fied lifeguards for the Charlie 2014 season. Please email your resume & references to layma030201@yahoo. PROBATE COURT OF com

Contact 937-478-8077


ESTATE OF HELEN PAULINE HICKS, AKA PAULINE KICKS, AKA HELEN P. HICKS, DECEASED, CASE NO. 2014-1-011 “TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF HELEN PAULINE HICKS, AKA PAULINE HICKS, AKA HELEN P. HICKS, DECEASED, DARKE COUNTY PROBATE COURT, CASE NO. 2014-1011. You are hereby notified that the decedent died on December 24, 2013, and that the decedent’s Will was admitted to probate on January 13, 2014 by the Probate Court of Darke County, Ohio. You must bring an action to contest the validity of the Will within four months after the Executor files an affidavit stating that the Executor has given this notice” Jana Kiser, Executrix of the Estate of Helen Pauline Hicks, aka Pauline Hicks, aka Helen P. Hicks Michael Rieman, Attorney for the estate

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53 1 2 S EB R I NG -WA RNER R D . G R E E N V I L LE


“Hiring Sales, Supervisors & Laborers to work in Feed & Grain industry. Compensation w/experience. Welding knowledge & tools is a plus. First Rate Industries, 2079 Hollansburg-Richmond Rd, Hollansburg, OH 45332; call Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm 937-997-5315. E-mail resume to:”

OTR Driver’s Needed

Regional Route 450 miles radius of Indianapolis, IN Dry Van, 75% Drop and Hook, 1 day Orientation $50,000 + year, subsidized medical, paid vacation Call Tim @ 937-594-0456


54 team oriented people to fill positions in our new office. We need to fill positions from Customer Service to Sales and Advertisement to Management. Up to $500/wk to start! CALL TODAY!



Local/Over the Road

Tanker (Hazmat) * Flatbed * Reefer * Van * Hopper *

Great Pay * Home Time

SmartWay Transport Partner Inquiries Call:


Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. 3078 Washington Rd. Rossburg, OH



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Positions open in our Pullet Production Dept. Looking for good people to handle & care for our Poultry. Must have a vehicle & driver’s license. Insurance & Other Good Benefits.

Apply in person: 3078 Washington Rd Rossburg, OH

Or Call

937.337.9576 Hrs. 8 am-5:00 pm EEO/M/F/V/II

Help Wanted LOCAL CONCRETE CONTRACTOR hiring Concrete Finishers & CDL Drivers. Immediate openings. Contact Chip 937-573-7588 or chip@adcconcrete. com

“Local Hog Farmer looking for hardworking, motivated adult to help with daily chores & variety of agricultural-related duties. 937273-2731” “VETERINARY ASSISTANT. Job duties include all of the following: cleaning cages, exam rooms & instruments, walking dogs, holding patients for exams. Must have excellent language & computer skills as will be interacting with clients & using veterinary-specific software. Must be able to lift 40#. Hours: Mon, Wed, Thur 11:30am7pm, Fri 11:30am-6pm, & alternating Sat 8am-1pm. Must be flexible as emergencies do come in. Do not apply if you cannot meet all of these requirements. Send resume: Help Wanted-VA, c/o The Early Bird, 5312 SebringWarner Rd, Greenville, OH 45331”



CONTRACT RATES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST BUSINESS LINE ADS $1.75/line, $7.00 min. IN MEMORIAM, CARD OF THANKS 45¢ word “Homeowner” ads are $1.75/line, $7.00 minimum Use the handy order blank appearing on this page.

Ohio Cardinals semipro Football Players needed. 18 & up. Call Coach Edwards at 937-564-2975 “The Early Bird is looking for reliable walking route carriers and motor route carriers. Persons applying must be able to deliver to our specifications. Please call 937547-0851 & ask for Becky. If no answer, leave message with your name, address & phone number”

Help Wanted YMCA of Darke County. Work with great people. Assistant teacher needed for infant room. Will train the right person. Must be available Mon-Fri 1-6. Complete an application at the Y to be considered.

“LOCAL DUMP TRUCK DRIVER, Class B CDL, 2 years experience. Drug screen, DOT physical. 937-564-6624”


Fitzwater Tree and Lawn Care of Greenville, Ohio, one of the area’s largest growing tree and lawn care companies, is now accepting applications for full time employees. Company offers great company benefits such as medical, 401k, paid vacations and much more. Must be able to pass a drug test and have a valid drivers license. Fitzwater Tree and Lawn Care is a drug free company and an equal opportunity employer. (EEOC).


Please send resume to:

Fitzwater Tree and Lawn Care 4617 Jaysville St. Johns Road Greenville, OH 45331 Or fill out an application between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday-Friday NO PHONE CALLS

Family Health is seeking a CMA

(Certified Medial Assistant) For the Front Office, Full Time M-F/40 hours a week & Saturday rotation EOE Qualified applicants should send resume to: Family Health Attn: HR Director 5735 Meeker Road Greenville, OH 45334

AUTOMOTIVE SALES PERSON Dave Knapp Ford Lincoln has an opening for an automotive sales person. This will be a great year in the car business! Dave Knapp is in its 20th year and is the leader in Darke County. We have a huge inventory and the advertising to bring in customers. If you enjoy talking to people, and want a career in a successful, positive environment, contact us today. Call 547-3000 or email us at

Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird PAGE 17

Help Wanted “MECHANIC - Farm Drainage & Excavation Co has an immediate opening for full-time mechanic position. Competitive wages & benefits based on experience. Prehire drug screen required. Mail Resume to: Cy Schwieterman Inc, 1663 Cranberry Rd, St Henry, OH 45883 or email to: brad@� Wanted to Buy Good used furniture & appliances. 937621-3899 or 937-3378652

“Cars/Trucks, running or not. Up to $500. Will pick up. Also all types of metal. 937423-2703, 937-6215809� “BUYING VINTAGE GUITARS, Banjos, Mandolins,Trumpets, and Amplifiers. Bring them in to Bach to Rock for an offer. Bach to Rock Music, 334 South Broadway, Greenville, OH; 937-547-1970, email:� Wanted Wanted: Used house trailers in good condition. Please call 937448-2974 Yards to mow in a 10mile radius of Rossburg. 937-338-5673 Agriculture 200 first cut & 200 second cut alfalfa orchard grass. 937564-5542 or 937-4673131

Livestock Brown egg laying pullets. 937-526-4541

For Rent “COMMERCIAL SPACE for rent. Great location on East Main St, high visibility. Call for more details, 5485264�

For Rent Motorcycles 1 bedroom apt in Arcanum. Range & re- “2 BR, 1-1/2 bath, w/d, 2005 black Honda frig. Furnished. Phone c/a, stove. Deposit Helix scooter. 250 cc. 937-678-5002 required. Greenville. $3200. 765-964-4577 or 765-587-8012 “Nice 3 BR house, 1.5 564-1125� bath, 1 car garage. “Several 2 BR apts “2007 Harley-DavidNear hospital. Avail- starting at $445. In- son Ultra Classic, able early April. No cludes water/trash. 73,000 miles, black Pets. No Smoking. Also have efficiency cherry pearl, security Large yard. Credit apt, $335. Includes system, lots of extras, checked. $575/mo + water/trash. New $12,500. 419-305$575/deposit. 548- Madison. 564-1402� 1804, leave message� 4448� “2 BR apt, W/D hook- 2000 Suzuki Intruder “2 BR, 2 bath apt. up, all electric. Water LS-800. Many extras. $600/mo + deposit. included. 1 car ga- Runs & looks great. 2 car garage. W/d rage. Ask about free 765-964-4291 hookup. Stove includ- rent. $400 rent, $400 Equipment ed. 702 Berkshire, deposit. 765-964Greenville. 937-423- 4291� “1995 Case IH 1644, 2604� new AFX rotor, 90% Wanted to Rent tires, 2762 hrs, good “Large 2 BR duplex condition, 17.5 1020 Wanting to rent gaw/garage, in nice neighborhood. W/D rage in Greenville bean head, 943 corn hookup. No pets. area for vehicle stor- head, $47,950. 1982 $450/mo. 5390 Tama- age. Call 937-467- 2390 Case IH, 3756 hrs, new fuel pump, rack Trail, Gnvl. 937- 0225 new outer duel tires, 547-9871� Motorcycles $16,000. 1996 Wil“Large 3 BR, 2 bath “2003 H.D. 100 Anni- mar Sprayer 745, 60 apt. Big yard. NO versary Softail Deuce, ft boom, 2297 hrs, PETS. $475. 548- exc. cond. 15,000 $29,500. 937-621miles, $9000. Call 5987� 9302, 417-0360� 997-3533� “2 BR duplex, attached garage, Greenville. Laundry 203 & 205 W 2ND ST., ARCANUM Investment property close to ballpark. Each room, A/C, appliside currently rents for $390.00 per month. ances, covered patio. Main roof is metal, replaced 1 yr ago. Lawn care/snow re2140 STINGLEY RD., GREENVILLE moval. No pets. $485. Great country property for all the 4H projects 937-423-2337� or for the garden you always wanted. Numer-

For Rent “Very nice 2 bedroom apt, 503 West 2nd St, Arcanum. No pets. $425/month. Call “Top Notch 2 BR, 2 bath apt. Attached 547-0370� garage. $650/mo. No Warehouse or indus- Pets. 548-2307� trial bldgs in Greenville. Call 548-3121 or “Nice 2 BR 1 floor apt in Greenville. W/D 417-2796 hookup. No pets, no “Half duplex, 2 BR, smoking. $375/mo Union City, IN. Very + deposit. 937-548nice. Immediate occu- 2397� pancy. W/D hookup; utililty shed. Parking “LAND CONTRACT. in front or back. 937- Very nice 1 BR house w/garage. 10K ad459-8156� ditional reno costs “COUNTRY HOME available. $357/mo. east of Greenville. 312 Warren St., Gnvl. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. 937-547-9871� Propane heat. $450 per month plus $450 “IN ARCANUM, 2 security deposit plus bedroom, 2 bath halfutilities. NO PETS! double brick ranch. garage. Call 548-9940 for Attached $575 per month plus Rental Application� $575 security de“Storage for personal posit plus utilities. NO and business use. PETS! Call 548-9940 Penske Truck Rent- for Rental Applicaals. Call Greenville tion� Stor and Lock. 5481075, 5328 Michelle “LAND CONTRACT. Newly remodeled, St.� spacious 3 BR house. “Willow Place Apart- Front & back porch. ments - We’re better Garage. W/D hookup. than ever! 3 bed- $2500 down, $553.66/ rooms, 1.5 baths. mo. 770 Martin St., Call 937-316-8025 or Gnvl. 937-547-9871� 937-316-8489. Equal Housing Opportunity.� “Totally remodeled duplex upstairs apt, “IN GREENVILLE at 3 BR, 1 bath, laundry 329 E. Water, 2-3 bed- room, all appliances room home, 2 baths. included. Historical Range & refrigerator Greenville. 937-547furnished. $525 per 3051� month + $525 Security Deposit + utilities. 3 BR house. W/d NO PETS! Call 937- hookup. Metro ap417-4546 for Rental proved. In Bradford. 417-6649 or 621Application� 1399

“2 BR upper apt, heat/ water included. $450/ month + deposit. No Pets. 548-8676�



“New Duplex, large living room, two full baths, kitchen with all appliances included. Two car garage. W/d hookup. Central heat/ air. Call 692-5278 or 459-2172�

We have an immediate opening for a Lawn Mowing Foreman. In search of selfmotivated, reliable individual with great attention to detail. One year minimum lawn mowing experience and valid driver’s license required. Send resumes to: 10912 Reed Rd. Versailles, Ohio 45380



R&S Reck Mobile Home Park

ous updates and lots of character. 304 E MAIN ST., UNION CITY, OH $39,900 Not a Misprint! That’s all the owner wants for this 3 BR, 1 bath home in a quiet Union City neighborhood. The home has a nice size kitchen, attached garage, and a fenced in back yard and a great deal more. With possibly no down payment it will likely sell to the first caller.

NEW LISTING 202 S. 2ND ST., UNION CITY, OH Well maintained home on a big corner lot with your own in-ground pool for your private enjoyment.

First Choice Realty The Right Choice 1400 Wagner Ave. Greenville, OH 45331



New Paris, Ohio

“COUNTRY HOME, Arcanum/West Manchester area. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. Propane heat. Security deposit plus utilities. NO PETS! Call 5641151 for Rental Application�

Mobile Homes for Rent Or Rent to Own Call




Sam Schwartz

WANTS ANY TYPE OF: • Carpentry Work • Room Additions • Garages • Siding • Foundation Replacement • Crawl Space Work • Restoration • Roofs/Re-Roofs FREE ESTIMATES

We are here to meet your storage and moving needs! 5328 Michelle Rd. Greenville, Ohio

937-548-1075 Mention this ad for a special offer


QUIET COUNTRY LOCATION! Easily maintained stone/vinyl sided home offering 3 bedrooms. Updated bath. Oversized living rm opens to the dining rm. Newer roof, water heater, entry door, ceiling fans thru-out. 10x12 storage shed. 100x205 lot. Priced at just $82,500! MLS 578200 PRICE HAS BEEN REDUCED on this 1-story home with 3 bedrooms. Living rm, dining rm & family rm. Screened patio. 2-car attached garage. $67,900! MLS 577350 ------------------------------------------------OPEN TODAY! APRIL 6 1 – 2:30 PM 3995 Schnorf-Jones Rd, Arcanum MLS 577982 Visit

Call Brett Tillman,

Immediate Openings

For Experienced *Registered Nurses Full Time

548-0506 5420 State Route 571 Greenville

Service Directory AUTO REPAIR

We Specialize In Complete Auto Repair including...


$25 OFF LABOR GREENVILLE TRANSMISSION & ENGINE REPAIR Glen Bryant 30 yrs-ASE 625 Martz, Greenville 937-541-6116 cell BBB Accredited - CC Accepted

Realtor Cell 286-0600


Lyle Bixler Realty


3452 Co. B U YS. H E RRd.E 25A ďƒŞ •PI-75 AYatHExit E R69E




Buyers of scrap steel Cars-Washers-Dryers Delivered to the yard 8031 Mercer-Darke County Line Rd.

No Pick-Up Service We Do Not Accept Aluminum



Fully Insured Rick Gunckle (937) 547-0922



Call Today: 937-564-9216 800-451-3767

BED BUG CONTROL WITH HEAT • Safe Computer Monitored Electric Heating Units • Effective One Day Treatment • Discreet Unmarked Trucks • Kills All Life Cycles • Cost Effective No Need To Throw Items Away


2 BEDROOM HOME at 813 Spring Street ready for a new family! Updated with newer vinyl windows; newer furnace and central air; 1 car detached garage. Mid 60s WOODED LOT with this 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick ranch home at 1000 Kings Drive! Oak woodwork throughout; lots of storage; deck out back. $179,900 1.8 ACRE LOT with new septic system at 8216 Ryan Road! Older home needs repair; 80x40 barn with lean-to. Mid 50s IN GETTYSBURG this double at 302 E. Main has 2 bedrooms each side. 1 car detached garage. Low 60s IN WOODBRIAR ESTATES there are 2 lots on 5K Avenue! Each 140’x175’. Both for $32,000 IN WAYNE LAKES at 1180 East Drive you will find a 2 bedroom home on WOODED, CORNER LOT! Corner fireplace; attached garage. Upper 50s NEW ROOF on this 2 bedroom, 2 bath brick ranch at 910 Manchester! 2½ car attached garage, plus shed. Upper 90s 5 ACRES M/L includes a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on FULL basement on 127 just north of Greenville! PLUS 2 barns, one with concrete floor, 2 overhead doors, bath room and electric. $159,000 APPROVED BUILDING LOT at corner of Bur Oak and Aspen! Improved with drilled well; grass; trees and sidewalks! Mid 30s YOURS DAY OF CLOSING when you purchase this 3 bedroom, 1½ bath brick ranch at 5858 Folkerth Road! Fireplace in family room; enclosed front porch; appliances included! $114,900


Jim Shuttleworth Evelyn Shuttleworth Joe Shuttleworth Richard Edwards

Household “PILLOWTOP Twin bedding set $149. Full bedding set $169. Queen bedding set $199. King bedding set $299. New in plastic/warehouse liquidation with warranty. Factory Furniture/ Mattress and More, 11 East Main St., Phillipsburg, 1-937884-5455�

“Love seat, multicolored tweed, $50. 937-564-1354�

Very nice used Rainbow vacuum sweeper. Warranty. Call 548-0870 Real Estate “Beautiful large log home on 2.4 aces w/3 BRs, loft, pellet boiler, pond & much, much more. Located on SR 571 on the edge Filter Queen vacuum of Greenville. Call in exc condition. New Trump Realty, 678motor. $400 OBO. 5687, for your per937-526-5289. sonal showing.�




OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY APRIL 6 1-2:30 PM 7447 STATE ROUTE 118 GREENVILLE COUNTY LIVING, CLOSE TO TOWN. This single story, three bdrm, 1 bath home has a large 2 car Detached garage. 8060 2455 RAILROAD ST. GREENVILLE COMPLETELY REMODELED 2 story maintenance free home located on approx .4403 acre lot m/l with covered front and back porches. A 1 1/2 car detached garage, 10X12 shed, chain linked fenced in back yard. New in 2009, well pump, elec. heat pump and central air, dishwasher, front storm door, water heater, 200 amp elec. service, new 2011 flooring in kitchen and downstairs bath, large kitchen with oak kitchen cabinets, lazy Susan, kitchen hood vent, and large utility rm with storage closets. Many large rooms with an open floor plan. A Must See!! Bedrooms have lots of storage closets. 8478 HABER RD., CLAYTON, OH 60 PRODUCTIVE ACRES, 58.4 acres tillable, located at the North end of Montgomery County, between Phillipsburg and Union, with frontage on both Haber and Phillipsburg Union Rd. 8560

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! OPEN SUNDAY APRIL 13TH 3530 POPLAR LANE GREENVILLE OPEN 1-2:30 PRICE REDUCED! Immediate possession for this ranch style home. Consists of living room, kitchen, dining room, 4 bedrooms, utility room. Dining area or 4th bedroom could be easily utilized as family room. Chain link fenced back yard. Two car attached garage. Quiet off street in Wayne Lakes. Stop in for your personal tour with REALTORŽ Elaine Laux. (109730) #5952 2894 STATE ROUTE 503 GREENVILLE OPEN 1-3 WELL MAINTAINED 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch style home located on 2 acres. This home also features a 40x30 pole barn with concrete floors and 2 overhead doors. Don’t miss out on the chance to call this home! Stop in for your personal tour with REALTORŽ Eric Brown. (109901) #5991




937-548-5750 800-878-5751

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GREET SPRING IN A NEW HOME 2433 GRNVL/NASHVILLE RD – GREENVILLE Looking for a 4 BR 2.5 bath home on 1.5 acres in Greenville School District? Call today 316 ORCHARD DR – GREENVILLE East section of Greenville. Excellent one owner brick ranch. LR, Kitchen, FR/ fireplace, 2 ½ Baths, Bonus room, Utility rm, large 2 car garage and many more fine features. 320 N BROADWAY – GREENVILLE Wow this home is huge! Could be a 5 bedroom, 2 bath single family home or a 2 family duplex. Many possibilities. Lots of updates. 7584 RAVENWOOD DR – GREENVILLE 3 BR brick ranch just 2.5 miles NW. Please call for the many improvements made on this home. 601 S MAIN – ANSONIA Not a drive by, much larger than it appears. 3 BR 1.5 baths, basement and a 2 car garage.


NEW LISTINGS 601 W. MAIN – NEW WESTON 4-5 Bedroom, 1 ½ Baths, LR, FR, DR and eat in kitchen. 274 DOGWOOD – GREENVILLE 3 Bedroom 2 bath brick home with over 1700 sq ft. Covered Patio and 2 car garage. Call today to see this property. 347 TIFFIN – GREENVILLE 2 BR 1 bath home with wrap around porch on corner lot. 1 car garage.

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 2014 1:00-2:30 107 PINEWOOD – GREENVILLE Must see this beautiful 1 owner home located on a quiet cul-de-sac! Many updates including roof, air conditioner, AND an absolutely beautiful addition! 1303 Chippewa Dr. Greenville


PAGE 18 Sunday, April 6, 2014, 2013-The Early Bird

Real Estate “FOR SALE BY OWNER: 4695 Jaysville-St Johns, Greenville. Live in this newly remodeled 4 BR home. Includes 85x55 heated shop w/concrete floor. Located in F-M SD with easy access to St Rt 49. PRICE REDUCED. 937-4370299, 459-6981” Automotive “2004 Chevy p/u, reg cab, V6 auto, good cond $5200. 2004 Suzuki PW50 $650. 548-8676”

“2002 Impala $3900, 2002 Grand Prix $3400, 2001 Malibu $3300, 2001 Grand Caravan $3000, 2003 Windstar $2900, 1999 Windstar $2600, 2000 Bonneville $1400, 1994 Escort $900!!! Many more $3500$1500!!! POEPPELMAN AUTO, 127 north to 274 east 1 mile, Carthagena, 419-925-4747, Weekdays 9 to 5, Saturdays 9-3! We also BUY!!!”


Wed Apr 9 , 5-7 pm th


3-4 Bedrms, 1.5 bath, Dining, Living, Sun Rms, Appliances, C/A, Partial Finished Basement-Fresh PaintHdWd floors-Sheds Immediate Possession

Larry Martino Auctioneer 937-526-4402

Professional Realty 511 E. Main Street Greenville, OH


OPEN TODAY! SUN, APRIL 6 1 – 2:30 PM 621 TREATY WAY, GREENVILLE MLS 565013 Host: Lyle Bixler 692-5139 ----------------------------------------------------3995 SCHNORF-JONES RD, ARCANUM MLS 577982 Host: Brett Tillman 286-0600 ----------------------------------------------------SPRINGTIME RETREAT! 2-ST home w/2 BR, 2 BA. FRM. Covered porches & patios on each level. 3 docks. 7 lots on 4 acres in Wayne Lakes! #4357 RENTAL PROPERTY IN ARCANUM! 1½-ST vinyl sided home. 3 BR. Oak KIT cabinets. Pergo flooring in KIT. Whirlpool tub in BA. Built-in entertainment center in LRM. FRM. Newer windows, furnace. #4396 GREAT COUNTRY HOME! 1-ST vinyl sided home offering large LRM & FRM (pool table stays). 3 BR. 2-car attached garage. 24x35 shop. 1+ acre lot! #4397 2+ ACRES! Updated 4 BR home w/LRM & FRM. Hickory cabinets, granite counter tops in KIT. 2-car attached garage + 40x63 barn & add’l 16x30 garage. #4398

Automotive “2007 G6 GT $7995. 2006 PT Cruiser $5995. 2005 Cobalt $4995. 2008 Aveo $6995. 2004 Aztek $5495. 2005 Cavalier $3195. 2010 Fusion $10,495. 2005 Equinox $7495. 2002 Explorer $4995. 2003 Silverado ext 4x4, 109,000 $9995. 2002 Mountaineer $3195. 2002 Escape $5995. 2002 Dodge Ram Crew 4x4 $7995. 2002 TrailBlazer, 105,000 $6495. 2002 Rendezvous $4495. 2005 E350 12 pass van $6495. 2005 Envoy $7995. Buy - Sell - Trade! COUNTRY AUTO SALES 548-1337”

“Brethren Retirement Community Spring Garage Sale. 750 Chestnut St. April 10, 9-5; April 11, 9-12. Ice cream cart, ceramic kilns, furniture, house“2001 Chevy TrailBlaz- nold items, too many er 4x4, new parts, low treasurers to list.” miles 107,000, $4800. 937-581-1666” “1999 Dodge Durango 4x4, $4000. Call 937547-1947” Mobile Homes “Grand Lake St Marys, remodeled mobile home. 2 BR, bath, kitchen, living room. 14x20 covered porch, dock, 14x10 shed & deeded property. Call for price! 937-4370299, 937-459-6981” Misc. for Sale “Professional SOUND SYSTEM Sales & Installation & Rental. Free quotes to your business, church or home for sound system updates & improvements. JBL, EAW, QSC, PEAVEY, CROWN. Bach to Rock Music 547-1970, email: bachtorock@ Also Renting sound systems for Weddings, Graduations, Business Meetings, or any other engagements!” FURNACES $285 While Supplies Last. TUNS 1-877-4738867 “Hoveround Indoor/ Outdoor Mobility Chair, newer batteries, great shape, $650. 513-5940648”


7120 MILLER RD. GREENVILLE OPEN 1-2:30 QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP that provides gracious and comfortable living. Built by the highly respected John Trick, this private setting offers a beautiful newer brick home sitting on 6 acres. Boasts 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a gourmet kitchen with eat-in area, island, custom cabinets, Corian countertops, tiled floor and S/S appliance package. Open floor plan flows into Great Room with woodburning fireplace, custom bookshelves and hardwood floors. Stop in for your personal tour with REALTOR® Lisa Francis. (109694) #5943 207 E. MONUMENT ST. PLEASANT HILL OPEN 1-2:30 LIKE TO TINKER? Do it in style in the spacious garage/workshop of this splendid 4 bedroom, 1 bath home. Offers kitchen, formal dining room, formal living room and beautiful foyer. Beautiful woodwork throughout this 2 story brick home. Priced to sell in Newton school district. Stop in for your personal tour with REALTOR® Everett Hocker. (109761) #5959 309 MARION DR. GREENVILLE OPEN 2-3:30 THIS PROPERTY WOULD MAKE A GREAT STARTER HOME. Great location on the north end of Greenville. Offers 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and attached garage. Recent updates include roof, vinyl windows, central air unit, furnace, hot water heater. Possession at closing! Stop in for your personal tour with REALTOR® Darren Leis. (109740) #5955




937-548-5750 800-878-5751

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“2004 Dixon lawn mower, 42””, 16 hp, hydro. 937-338-5673” “2010 Simplicity Citation 61”” zero turn mower, less than 100 hrs, asking $4500. 2011 DR wood chipper, elec start, handles 3”” limbs, asking $1000. 548-0187” “AR-15 new PTAC-16 -1:7, M-4 profile 5.56 w/BCG/ changing handle, $575. 548-9302” “Riding mower, Craftsman 17.5 hp, 42””, automatic transmission, $350. 548-9697” “1 carat diamond solitaire white gold wedding ring set. Custom made at Roth Jewelers. Both have diamond accent stones on front half of bands. Beautiful rings! Appraised at $4000+, asking $2500 OBO. 548-5588” Garage Sales “3892 SR 121 South, Greenville; April 1112, 8-5. Large 4 family garage sale. Childrens & adult clothing; household, furniture & much more.”

AUTUMNWOOD ESTATES offers several lots in terrific neighborhood. (106006) #4607 CHILDREN HOME BRADFORD features 2 acres, with trees, close to new school. (100450) #4225 HOLLANSBURG SAMPSON RD offers 10 acres, high ground, wooded tract. (108026) #5529 HORATIO HARRIS CREEK RD has secluded, gorgeous lot with trees and stocked pond. (105991) #5107 STATE ROUTE 118 offers nice 3.8 acre lot overlooking Eldora Speedway. (109697) #5947 STATE ROUTE 722 offers 2 beautiful 2acre wooded building lots in Arcanum School District. (109589) #5917 SUNSET AVE in Bradford, with 8 acres, with potential for good farm ground. (103836) #4749 WASSON ROAD features 17 acres of woods, perfect for the outdoors man or just getting away. (109043) #5779 WEAVER STATION ROAD has 10 acres of open rolling land with great potential for pond. (98829) #3960




937-548-5750 800-878-5751

Garage Sales “COUNTRY GARAGE SALE; 9708 Painter Creek-Arcanum Rd; Antique green cupboard, lg wardrobe, chairs, bench, coffee table, door closet, garden benches, green Sellers table, kitchen items, Longaberger baskets, Kerosun heater, books, clothes, lots & lots of misc. FREE coffee & doughnuts until gone. Come & Shop!”

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“Moving Sale; 450 E 4th St, Greenville; April 10-11-12; 9a-5p; 2 Garages of items! Outdoor vintage house shutters, wall mount TV shelf, antique furniture, sofas & love seat, Whirlpool washer, decorating items, antiques, glassware, wide variety of other merchandise!” “22nd Annual New Bremen Community Garage Sales; Fri-Sat, April 11-12; Listings available for $1.00 on April 7th at Schwieterman’s, Cardinal Express, Minster State Bank & library” “Huge Barn Sale at 1055 St. Rt. 503, Arcanum; April 11, 12, 13; 10-3. Tools, fishing gear, guns, misc.”

ESTATE TAG SALE Thursday – Friday – Saturday April 10 – 11 – 12 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day 5743 Kruckeberg Road, Greenville Antiques and Vintage, Furniture, HHGs, riding mower, tiller, tools and much more!


LOCATION: SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 2014: 415 SOUTH STREET, PIQUA, OHIO UPPER MIAMI VALLEY STORAGE 9:00 A.M. SECOND NATIONAL BANK 04 DODGE DAKOTA 06 DODGE CARAVAN 04 CHEV COLORADO 4 DR 03 DODGE 1500 06 GMC 3500 VAN 01 TOYOTA SCION 08 JEEP GR CHEROKEE 98 FORD RANGER 07 DODGE CALIBER 05 FORD EXPLORER 08 CHEV TRAILBLAZER 07 CHEV UPLANDER GREENVILLE NATIONAL BANK 00 MERCURY GR MARQUIS 04 DODGE RAM 2009 Forest River Cherokee model. It has 3 bedrooms including the master and two other rooms that have 2 bunk beds each. Fireplace. Large living space. Stove, microwave, refrigerator. MID OHIO ACCEPTANCE 05 MITSUBISHI GALANT 06 MAZDA 06 DODGE CARAVAN 03 BUICK RENDEZVOUS 02 DODGE CARAVAN 07 CHEV UPLANDER 01 FORD ESCORT 02 CHEVY S10 04 CHEVY VENTURE CAR FINANCE COMPANY 04 FORD FOCUS 98 DODGE DURANGO 01 CHRYSLER 300 99 BUICK CENTURY UNITY NATIONAL BANK 09 CHEVY MALIBU OTHERS AS TITLES COME IN ***************************************************** Please see Auction ID Code #6480 for listing and photos.. TERMS OF THE SALE ARE THIS: CASH. No personal checks no credit cards. No children. Please call with questions. All vehicles sold 100% as is. Bankruptcy units have separate terms. Again, please call with questions before the auction. We are only responsible for selling units, we cannot answer, verify or guarantee any condition of any unit in auction. All units including boats, skis, trailers, vehicles, anything sold is 100% as is.

House & Garage are FULL. Everything Must Go – Priced to sell.

Anthony Bayman, Auctioneer 937-606-0536 937-773-5702

List & photos at

2 Public Auctions Sat Apr 12th 8:55 am

11527Reed Rd Versailles,Oh 45380 Antiques- H-Hold-Primitives Furniture-Appliances -Jewelry Tools-Glass-Advtzn-Air Cond’s Craft/Sewing Supls.- Dickens Camper-Brooder House-Glass R-Mowers-Shoprider Sport Accordian-Longaberger

Sun Apr 13th Noon TOY AUCTION

Farm Toys-Planes-Trains Seating-Heated Building COMPLETE LISTING @ See AUCTIONZIP.COM #3859 4 pictures-terms

Larry Martino

Auctioneer 937-526-4402


Located at 233 South Columbia Street, Union City, Indiana (watch for signs) on:


Whirlpool refrig; G. E. upright freezer; Maytag washer & dryer; Duncan Fife table w/2 leaves & 4 chairs; round kitchen table w/leaf & 4 chairs; Formica table & 4 chairs; vintage China cabinet; Samsung microwave; microwave carts; Nesco roaster; misc. pots, pans, dishes, corning ware, stemware, utensils, sm. elect. appliances, etc; 6 pl. setting Netherlands dishes; 6 Royal Venton Ware plates; 3 pc. E.A. full bedroom suite; 3 pc. full boy’s bedroom suite; Lane waterfall cedar chest; 5 dr. chest; lighted curio cabinet; elect. lift chair; couch; loveseat; recliners; swivel rocker; desk & chair; coffee & end tables; card table & chairs; stereo; records; New Home cabinet sewing machine; metal closet; lots of costume jewelry; luggage; oil painting by L. Sickles; misc. knick knacks, lamps, bedding, linens, fans etc; 8 channel Craig scanner; wicker table & chairs; 2 gliders; lawn chairs & ornaments; bench; push mower; garden cart & tools; metal shelf & items too numerous to mention. Check website for complete listing & pictures or #2005


RONNIE KAUGHER #AU19800052 UNION CITY, OH 937-968-7279


JEFF SLYDER #AU19900023 UNION CITY, OH 937-968-5993

TERMS: Cash or Check w/Proper ID. Statements made day of Auction take precedence over printed matter. Lunch. Port-a-Jon NO BUYERS PREMIUM

Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird PAGE 19

Garage Sales “1279 Oaktree Dr., Greenv.; April 10-12, 10-6. Kids name brand clothes, baseball/ football cleats, Sperrys, games, wii & wii Fit, night stand, rolltop desk, camping stove, books, knick knacks, lift chair & lots more.”

St. Mary’s lists honor students

GREENVILLE – St. Mary’s School announces its second quarter honors. First Honors Eighth Grade – Emma Jennings, Paige Kreusch and Hayley Maher Seventh Grade – “Estate - 745 Central Ave., Greenv. - in alley Bella Hartzell, Cole behind house. April Kramer and Valerie 16,17,18,19 - Wed to Myers Sixth Grade – Fri 9-6; Sat 9-2. Black Tyler Beyke and fridge w/ice maker, kitchen table/4 chairs, Jaida Kelly some antiques, cast iron stove & trivet collection, books, lots of misc.”

Fifth Grade – Carlos Badell, Landen Kreusch, Jacob Maher, Isabelle Rammel, Evan Saylor, Aubree Sutherland, Kary Tollefson and Logan Witwer Fourth Grade – Carmen Badell, Matthew Edwards, Ben Hartzell, Kali Meyers, Wyatt Rammel, Mitchell Schmitmeyer, and Josie Winemiller Second Honors

Eighth Grade – Sajoel Hauberg Seventh Grade – Pablo Badell, Chloe Cox, and Athan Whitney Fifth Grade – Carleigh Cox, Roman Dircksen, and Chris Hadden Fourth Grade – Billy Clopp, Jacob Dircksen, Justin Hadden, Faith Henry, Madison Werner, and Koller Winterrowd


SAT. – APRIL 12TH, 2014 - 10:00 A.M.

EKU Dean’s List

GREENVILLE - Joseph Charles Conrad is one of 2,976 Eastern Kentucky University students who earned Dean’s List honors for the Fall 2013 semester. Conrad is a senior Anthropology major at EKU.

Dean’s List

SPRINGFIELD - Four local students made Wittenberg University’s Fall 2013 Dean’s List, maintaining a 3.5 grade point average for the semester. They are: Katie Harman, class of 2017 of Arcanum, Hannah Lehman, class of 2017 of Pitsburg, Rebecca Shreffler, class of 2016 of Versailles, and Christina Tomlin, class of 2014 of Pitsburg.

Kettering College Dean’s List

GREENVILLE - Kettering College is pleased to announce that several area students have been named to the school’s Dean’s List for the fall semester 2013. The local students include Kayla Rose Beisner, Christopher Dale Cantrell, Sarah Jane Rimmer, Greenville. JoEllen Leigh Fisher, Laura. Erica M Gehret, Yorkshire. Mary Anna Grillot, Versailles. Ashlyn Hemmelgarn, Ansonia. Kirstin Lane Jessup, Union City. Van Alfred Spitler, Arcanum.

Doors open at 8:30 A.M. 5862 Kruckeberg Rd. Greenville, OH 45331

DIRECTIONS: From downtown Dayton, Ohio Take I -70 West to St. Rt. 127 North to Greenville to Kruckeberg Rd. Turn right on Kruckeberg go approx. 1 mile to sale site on left. (Watch for signs) Auctioneers Note – Now Featuring Live Audio & Video so you can bid at home or on the go with your smart phone or tablet. Go to, enter auctioneer ID # 3426, click on the current auction date, click on bid now button to enter auction, register if you want to bid. No buyer’s premium charged for attending the live & collectible auction. Convenience Fee applied to online bidders only. ANTIQUES – COLLECTIBLES – DOLLS FURNITURE - HOUSEHOLD Furniture – Smith Brothers Berne Ind. Floral Sofa; Mauve Wing Back Chair; Oak Kitchen Table & 4 Chairs w/Extra Table Board; Cherry Full size Bed w/Mattress & Box Springs; French Provincial Full size Bed w/Mattress & Box Springs; High Boy Chest of Drawers; 3 Drawer Chest of Drawers; Spinet Desk; Round Parlor Table; Antique Wooden Truck; Frame Oak Beveled Mirror; Ball & Claw Organ Stool; Tiger Oak Fern Stand; Oak Fern Stands; Oak Parlor Stand; Ball & Claw Oak Fern Stand; Oak Childs Chair; Mule Ear Childs Chair; Hand Painted Gone w/Wind Style Lamps; Hand Painted Electric Hurricane Style Lamp; Antique Oil Lamp; Gone w/ Wind Candlestick Lamp, Hand Painted Shade; Oil Lamp w/Bracket & Mercury Reflector; Victorian Style Table Lamp; Hanging Lamp; Arvin Tube Type Am/Fm Radio in/Wood Case; Philco Special Edition Am/ Fm Reproduction Radio; 3 Legged Valet; RCA Tru-Flat TV; Black TV Stand; Paintings/Pictures- Round Antique Bubble Glass Picture W/ Photo of Elle Ritenour; Goofus Glass Last Supper Plate Reverse Painting; 1983 Framed & Matted Watercolor by Nancy Fourman; Wood Framed Oval Picture w/Girl & Kitten; Framed Picture of Young Man & Young Girl; Samuel Shiff Company Antique Framed Picture Girl/Bird; Oak Framed Picture of Two Little Girls; Several Pictures; Kitchenware/ Glassware - Vintage Kitchen Aid Pink Mixer w/SS & Glass Mixing Bowl; Osborne Royal Semi Porcelain England, Johnson Brothers Platter; Flow Blue Platter, Plates, Cup & Saucers; Blue Milk Glass Hen on Nest; Hull Basket; West Mooreland Milk Glass Hen on Nest; Yellow Slag Milk Glass Hen on Nest; Clear Pressed Glass Cake Plate; Baret Ware England Metal Plates “Cottage” & “Arbor”; Majolica Bird Plates; Pressed Glass Pitcher & Bowl; Hand Painted Bowls; Blue Ridge Stan Home Ivy Plates; Green Tiara Glassware; Blue Ridge Creamer Stan Home Ivy Design; Pressed Glass Fruit Bowl; Plastic Retro Wicker Bowls; Wagner Cast Iron Stock Pot; P.K. Silesia Pitcher 14; Dolls - Composition Dolls W/Moving Eyes; Armand Marseille Germany 990 A-15.M. Bisque Doll w/Moving Eyes; Armand Marseille Germany 370am-6-dep Bisque Doll in Blue Dress w/Teddy Bear; Antique Bisque Doll; Antique Composition Doll;1978 Black Eugene Doll w/Stand; Saucy Walker Plastic Doll By Ideal w/Original Clothes; Sm. Twig Baby Doll Rocker; Misc-Germany Adolph Wizenslaus Circa 1900 Vintage Baby/w Infant Coat; Wooden Doll High Chair; 2 Chalk String Holders Boy & Girl; Porcelain Rooster & Hen Figurines; Cootie Game; Butterfly Full Size Quilt; Double Wedding Ring Quilt; Pinwheel Quilt, Enesco Wall Duck Wall Pocket; Jumbo Coal Shovel; Slate Chalk Board; misc. Dishes; Misc. Pots & Pans; Corning-ware; Tupperware; Sm. Kitchen Appliances; Cookware; And Much More.


TERMS: CASH or local checks w/proper ID. Visa & Master Card Accepted w/3% Clerk Fee. Auctioneer licensed in Ohio. Auction held INSIDE facility. We must collect sales tax.


Ronnie Kaugher

1546 Cox Rd., Union City, OH (937) 968-7279

Weekly Auctions now featuring audio/video bidding. Convenience fee for on-line bidders only.


SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 2014 9:00 AM


LAWN TRACTORS – POWER EQUIP. – GUNS & AMMO – TOOLS – FURNITURE & APPLIANCES – SCOOTERS – PORTABLE SHED – COLLECTIBLES – HOUSEHOLD & MISC. Directions: Approx. 30 miles NORTH of Dayton, Ohio. From the intersection of S.R. 49 and U.S. 127 Bypass, take U.S. 127 NORTH approx. ¼ mile to Sebring-Warner Rd. and turn RIGHT or EAST to auction site, just 2 buildings EAST of the “Early Bird”. (WATCH FOR AUCTION SIGNS ON SALE DAY) LAWN TRACTORS & MOWERS JOHN DEERE 112 GARDEN TRACTOR w/ 48” Deck, Rear Whl. Weights, 42” Snow Blade; CUB CADET LTX 1046 LAWN TRACTOR V-Twin, Hydrostat, 42” Deck, Rear Bagger; CRAFTSMAN LT-2000 17 ½ H.P. LAWN TRACTOR Hydrostat, 42” Deck, Rear Bagger; SNAPPER 700 SERIES SELF-PROPELLED MOWER with Rear Bagger (like new); CRAFTSMAN 6 H.P. SELF PROPELLED MOWER with Mulching Deck; CRAFTSMAN 7 H.P. SELF-PROPELLED MOWER with Rear Bagger; WEED EATER 3 H.P. Walk Mower. LAWN & GARDEN & POWER EQUIPMENT Craftsman 6 ½ H.P. 17” Rear Tine Tiller (like new); M.T.D. 5 H.P. Chipper/Shredder; Weed Eater (Gas) Lawn Edger; Elite Series 3500 Watt (Gas) Generator (like new); 10 Gal. Pull Type Yard Sprayer; Yard Machine 8 H.P. (Gas) 26” Elec. Start Snow Blower (like new); SnoFlite 5 H.P. 20” Snow Blower Elec. Start; Clean Machine 1600 P.S.I. (Gas) Pressure Washer; 4 Ft. Pull Behind Yard Thatcher; 2 Wheel Dumping Lawn Trailer; Poly Lawn Cart; Child’s Radio Town & Country Wagon; Mo Jo Lawn Mower Jack (like new); (2) Craftsman (Gas) Chain Saws; Remington (Elec.) Chain Saw; (Gas) Weed Eater; (Gas) Leaf Blower; (2) B&D Elec. Hedge Trimmers, John Boat; Trolling Motor. GUNS SAVAGE 16 G.A. Model #: 220A Shotgun 2 ¾” Chamber; WINCHESTER 22 CAL. Model #: 62A Rifle, Short or Long; LYMAN 50 CAL. Deer Slayer Muzzle Loader, Hammer Cap & Ball 24” Barrel (Italy); CROSSMAN 2200 MAGNUM .22 CAL. Pellet Rifle; DAISY TRAIL BOSS B.B. RIFLE. AMMO & RELATED Lots of Reloading Equip. & Supplies; Lyman Reloading Dies; Brass Cartridges; Lyman Reloader; Brass Cleaner; Hunting Stools; Targets; 22-250; 22 Cal.; 12 G.A. Slugs; 32-20 Lead; 20 G.A.; 12 G.A.; 6 MM; 8 MM; 32-40; 38 Cal.; 9 MM; 50 Cal.; Gun & Ammo Cases; Bow & Rifle Cases; Holsters; Sights; Scopes & Scope Parts; Cleaning Rods; Gun Stand; Shooting Gloves; Toe Guards; Hunting Cloths; Vests; Boots; Shooting Slings; Oil; Gun Stock Parts; Back Packs & Totes; Shell & Ammo Bags; (4) Soft Sided Rifle Cases; Ammo Boxes; Gun Vise; Cleaning Kit; (3) Lg. Boxes of Gun & Hunting Books; Rain Gear; Sporting Pictures; Hunting Ball Caps & more. ELEC. & GAS SCOOTERS The Whiz 3-Wheel Elec. Scooter; Go-Ped Folding (Gas) Scooter; Reese Hitch Type Scooter Carrier w/ Ramp. PORTABLE SHED 5’x10’ Portable Building on skids. APPLIANCES Estate Refrigerator/Freezer (White); Kenmore 30” Elec. Range Flat Top Stove; Maytag Elec. Washer (White); G.E. Elec. Dryer (White); Amana Elec. Trash Compactor; Microwave Oven (Black); Microwave Cart. FURNITURE (2) Blue Matching Vinyl Recliners; Brown Swivel Rocker; Lt. Green Lazy Boy Recliner; Tan Recliner; Sm. S Roll Top Desk; Floral Love Seat; 2 Pc. Dining Room China Cabinet w/ Glass Doors; Computer Desk; 4 Dr. Blond Chest of Drawers; (2) Desk Chairs; (4) Ornate Pedestal Plant Stands; Rush Bottom Side Chair; (4) 5 Dr. Chest of Drawers; 7 Dr. Chest of Drawers; (2) Twin Beds; Lane Cedar Chest; 3 Pc. Queen Bedroom Suite with nice Beauty Rest Mattress’, 5 Dr. Chest, Dresser & Mirror (very nice); Early Glass Door Kitchen Cupboard; Early Sellers Type 2 Dr. Kitchen Cupboard; Oak Curved Glass China Cabinet; LG 23 IN. Flat Screen Color TV; TV Entertainment Center; Hitachi & Lloyds Port. Color TV; several Lamp Tables; Record Player; Lowrey #44 Elec. Organ; 4 Dr. Filing Cabinet; (2) 2 Dr. Filing Cabinets; several Wood & Metal Storage Cabinets; Gone with the Wind Style Lamp; misc. Lamps; Quilt Rack. TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 1 ½ & 2 ½ Ton Floor Jacks; Craftsman 1 H.P. 3 Gal. Portable Air Compressor; Craftsman Roll-A-Round Tool Box; ¾ H.P. Dbl. Bench Grinder; ½” Elec. Impact Wrench; several Organizer Units w/ Inventory; 19.2 Battery Craftsman Circ. Saw; 4 IN. Vise; Elec. Drills; Jig Saws; Circular Saws; Elec. Sanders; Elec. Grinders & Buffers; (2) ½” Elec. Drills; new Jack Stands; Craftsman Chop Saw; Allen Wrenches; Pipe Wrenches; Btl. Jacks; Car Ramps; several Wet/Dry Shop Vacuums; C-Clamps; (2) Wheel Barrels; Sockets; Wrenches; Hammers; Hatchets; Pry Bars; Ext. Cords; Water Hoses; Shovels; Rakes; Pitch Forks; Saw Horses; (2) Nail Pullers; Spoke Shaver; Fence Stretcher; (2) Battery Chargers; Drill Bits; Nails of all types; Pipe Vise; Anvil; several Poly Pump Sprayers; B&D Workmate; Router & Table; 1-Ton Chain Hoist; Pulleys; (2) Hand Trucks; Pr. Loading Ramps; Alum. Ext. Ladder; Step Ladders; misc. Lumber; Hand Saws; Roll of 12-2 Wire; Tarps; Wood Work Bench; several Tool Boxes; 4’ Level; Hand Tools of all types; Cement Tools. HOUSEHOLD & MISC. Sm. Elec. Kitchen Appliances; Sunbeam & Hand Mixers; Kitchen Hand Utensils; SS Bowls; Pots & Pans; Baking Dishes; Corning Baking Dishes; Corelle Dishes; Glass Measuring Cups; Glasses; Cups; Choppers; Tea & Coffee Pots; Thermos’; Kitchen Knives; Silverware & Flatware; Mobility Flatware (in wood case); Grapefruit Spoons; Pictures & Wall Decorations; Corelle Holiday Collector Plates; Seven Portable Sewing Machine (in case); Dish Towels; Bath Towels; Oven Mitts; Pot Holders; Aprons; Pillow Cases; Dbl./Full/ Twin Sheets; Throw Pillows; lots of Sewing items: Thread, Yarn, several sets of Sewing Needles; Crochet Needles; Queen Sheets; Mattress Pads; Table Covers; several Camera’s; Rag & Throw Rugs; lots of Blankets, Afghans, Quilts, Bed Spreads; Elec. Blankets; Lace Hankies; boxes of Material; Wash & Hand Towels; Flannel Sheets; lots of Bed Pillows; Throw Pillows; Curtains; Gloves; Scarves; Ball Caps; Heating Pads; Tupperware; Record Albums 33’s & 45’s; Drying Racks; Christmas items; SS Canner; Stock Pot; (2) Vacuum Cleaners; Cleaning Supplies; Adv. Yard Sticks; Tradition Wall Clock; lots of Wall & Mantle Clocks; Board Games; Childs Toys; Stuffed Animals; Desk items; Figurines; Knick Knacks; Radios; new 36” Ceiling Fan; Standing & Oscillating Fans; Leather Hand Bags; Card Table & Chairs; Folding Lawn Chairs; Concrete Goose & clothing; Yard Ornaments; 7x50 Binoculars; Sentry Locking Safe; Paper Shredder; Jewelry Box; lots of Costume Jewelry including: Bracelets, Necklaces, Pins, Broaches, Pop Beads, Watches, Rings; Fishing Reels & Poles; Harley-Davidson Video Game; Wheel Chair; Walker w/ Seat & Brakes; Bath Chair; Port-A-Pot; Canes; Propane Grill; Fuel Cans; several Elec. Heaters; boxes of new Gloves; misc. Rolls of Carpet; several Card Tables; Picnic Table; lots of Lawn Chairs; Canning Jars; Poly Trash Cans; Lawn Jarts; Bird Bath; (2) Snow Sleds; Brass & Porcelain Door Knobs; Half & Half Tobacco Tin; 1968 Palladium Item (Blast & Fire) in Richmond, IN.; 1952, 1963 & 1964 Greenville Advocate; Cast Footed Pot; Corning Books; Pillsbury Dough Boy.

THE ESTATE OF LESTER “GENE” ENOCHS Delores J. Lawrence, Executor

Randall Breaden, Attorney. DC Case #: 13-1-359 Terms: Cash or Good Check with Proper Photo ID; Visa / MC / Discover accepted with a 3% Clerk Fee added. • We must collect sales tax. • Visit us online: USER I.D. #8673 for photos and information. • AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: This looks to be a really great auction with lawn tractors, power equipment, guns & ammo, tools, furniture & appliances, scooters, portable shed, collectibles, household & misc. • Good Food & Good Times Available on Site! • Open Friday, April 11, 2014 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM for Inspection. REMEMBER: +++Never, Ever a Buyer’s (Penalty) Premium at our Auctions…What You Bid Is What Office: (937)316-8400 Mobile: (937)459-7686 You Pay! We work for our sellers, we appreciate our buyers, and we love our profession! Kirby & Staff

PAGE 20 Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird


Rest Haven donates to HOPE Foundation

GREENVILLE - Rest Haven Nursing Home in Greenville recently made a donation to the HOPE Foundation of Darke County. The donation will support scholarships to Darke County students NEW MADISON – On Jan. 13, two new members were added to the New and grants to local Madison Public Library Board of Trustees. Amy Hollinger and Ed Koenig non-profit organiwere sworn in by newly-elected Mayor Steve Eadler at the meeting.  zations. Hollinger and Koenig are both longtime patrons of the library and look Rest Haven forward to this new opportunity to serve. gave the gift as a result of a wellness event at the facility. During a 24-hour period, residents, employees, family and friends took 6129 Reed Road, Ansonia, OH 45303 turns walking laps Directions: North of Greenville, Ohio on US 127 at York Woods around the facilHeld in conjunction with ity outdoors. As Darke County Steam Thresher’s Swap meet an incentive, Rest Taking consignments of Lawn and Garden Equipment. Steam Haven agreed to and gas engine related articles. Good clean farm Equipment. make a donation Nice selection of Lawn equipment already consigned. Call to a Darke County 937-417-4799 now to consign your items. Items to be organization that delivered to auction site on Friday April 11. 8 AM-8 PM. shared Rest HaLawn and Garden ven’s philosophy 1995 Toro Wheel Horse of assisting the 520 Hydro lawn tractor 60”


power lift deck; Dixon 4423 ZTR mower; Craftsman GT 14 Varidrive lawn tractor 42” deck; 42” snow blower for lawn tractor; Craftsman 5 hp 22” self-propelled mower; Yard Machine 21” snow blower; 16” Toro snow blower; Approx. 40 3 and 4 foot Evergreen trees (White and Norway SpruceWhite and Scotch Pine); several John Deere fixer upper lawn tractors; lawn tools. Farm Equipment 1951 AC WD; 1939 AC WC; 1942 AC B w/Woods belly mower; Dearborn 2 bottom 3 pt plow; 1 row 3 pt cultivator. Household and Shop Items. Wood dining table w/6 chairs; pine 3 pc bedroom suite; roll top desk; small chest freezer; end tables; paper shredder; furniture clamps; lathe gouges; machinist’s chest; material handling roller stand; window AC; Nelson golf clubs; misc. scrap. Collectibles and Sound Equipment 2 antique wash stands; small antique school desk; camel back trunk w/till; Jay B Rhodes glass oil measure w/spout; wooden carpenters chest; Lionel train set w/track and transformer; Atari game; Life-Like model train; Dale Earnhardt collectibles; NASCAR items; Corvette collectibles; diecast Matchbox cars; 4 Optimus speakers; 2 Audio Centron speakers; 1650 watt Peavey amplifier; 2 Pioneer 25 disc CD players; Peavey monitor; PA system; Bailey timer system; Minolta 35 MM camera w/lenses and tripod.

Owners R. David Weaver Estate

Brittany Pepiot, Administrator Dan Schipfer Attorney

Darke County Probate 2013-1-326 And Others Terms: Cash or good check w/proper ID. Discover, Visa, MC accepted w/ 3% fee. Never a buyer’s premium. www.auctionzip. com User ID 11883 Complete Auction Service Bradford, Ohio For pictures and 937-448-2589 additional items. Cell: 937-417-4799


community. Participants voted and chose the HOPE Foundation as the recipient. In all, 113 participants walked a total of 1,640 laps around Rest Haven, which added up to 328 miles! Two employees walked 16 miles each, one employee walked 15 miles, 2 employees walked 10 miles, and multiple employees walked between 6 and 10 miles. “What a generous way to recognize the dedication these walkers showed,” said Christy Prakel, president of the HOPE Foundation. “While the HOPE Foundation strives to enrich the lives of Darke County res-

ARCANUM - Students of the Month for December from Arcanum High School are Logan Wilson and Abbie Bruns. Selections were made by the faculty on the basis of accountability, honesty, and service demonstrated at Arcanum High School. Logan and Abbie were nominated because of the service that they demonstrate at AHS. Both Logan and Abbie constantly go above and beyond the call of duty to assist fellow students. Both students are willing to lend a helping hand to their peers and teachers here at AHS. The Student of the Month program is sponsored by McDonald’s and Hot Head Burritos.

GREENVILLE – The Monarch Legacy Fund of the Community Foundation of Shelby County recently awarded $3,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Shelby and Darke County. Big Brothers Big Sisters was chosen to receive funding because of its

continued efforts to make a positive impact in “at risk” children. The funding will be used for the school mentoring program that pairs high school sophomores, juniors and seniors with elementary aged students twice a month and for the Mentoring

Two students receive BPW scholarships

Amy Midlam – Executor Travis Fliehman, Attorney. Darke County Case #: 2013-1-245




Office: (937)316-8400 Mobile: (937)459-7686

937-548-5750 800-878-5751

View all listings at

For photos and additional information on this offering please visit us at Enter User I.D. # 8673. Remember, Never, Ever a Buyers (Penalty) Premium at our Auctions *WHAT YOU BID IS WHAT YOU PAY* “We work for our sellers, appreciate our buyers, and love our profession”

GREENVILLE – Recently, Darke County Park District and Greenville Wal-Mart Manager Josh Wagner, partnered up to help make holiday wishes come true for local children. Wal-Mart donated gently used bicycles to the Friends of the Darke County Parks Phoenix Committee and they eagerly went to

work repairing the bicycles. The Park District contacted the Regional Coordinator for Toys for Tots, Winnie Rader, to ensure the bicycles would be given to Darke County children for a special surprise this holiday season. “Once again this shows the collaborative efforts that can be made between government agencies,

local corporations and non-profit agencies to benefit families in our community,” said Roger Van Frank, Director of the Darke County Park District. Nine bicycles were donated this year. For more information on the Darke County Park District, call the Park Office at 548-0165 or visit

Monarch Legacy Fund gives to BBBS

Shown are the finalists and winners of the Greenville Business & Professional Women’s Club scholarship program.


For more information, contact Christy Prakel at 548-4673 or visit HOPE’s website at

Teaming up for kids

Directions: Located at the South end of New Madison, Arnold Street is just South of the High School. (WATCH FOR AUCTION SIGNS)

And by appointment: Call: Kirby Lyons (937) 316-8400 Everett Hocker (937) 417-0748 Leis Realty Co. (937) 548-5750 Terms: $4,000 Down on Day of Auction w/ Complete Balance Due Within (30) Days of Auction. Taxes will be figured short term pro-ration to Closing. Possession is given at Closing. Visa & MasterCard accepted w/ 3% clerking fee added.

Darke County, the HOPE Foundation receives, administers and distributes charitable gifts for the benefit of area residents.

Shown are representative from Toys for Tots; Darke County Parks’ Staff; Laura Schwieterman and Friends of the Darke County Parks; Lynne Gump.


Open Houses: SUN., APRIL 13, 1:00 – 2:30 PM WED., APRIL 16, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

idents, the walkers were making an effort to better their health,” she added. As the community foundation of


SAT., MAY 3, 2014 11:00 AM

This Frame Ranch Style Home features (2) Bedrooms (with room for a 3rd), Living Room w/ Hardwood Flooring, Eat in Kitchen, Bathroom, Full Unfinished Basement, (2) Car Attached Garage, Front & Rear Covered Patio’s, Natural Gas Forced Air Furnace, Central Air Cond., Nice Rear Yard w/ Hip Roof Storage Bldg. & Much More. This could be a really sweet property with just a little TLC. Check out our Open Houses and see for yourself. Attend Open Houses - Inspect This Property Make Financial Arrangements Be Prepared to Buy on Auction Day

Pictured from left: Megan Foster, registered nurse; Tara Rutschilling, administrator; Christy Prakel, HOPE Foundation president; Vicki Wuebker, office coordinator; Teresa Meredith, activities assistant.

GREENVILLE – Two Darke County Senior High Students were notified they are winners and will receive scholarships from the Greenville Business & Professional Women’s (BPW) Club. The Scholarship Committee consisting of Dorothy Poeppelman, Brenda Miller and Shelly Sander canvassed all eight Darke County high schools for applicants for the scholarship. The senior girl finalists gave a speech about herself and her goals for the future to the BPW Club members at the March 13 meeting. The winners are Taylor Bergman from Ansonia High School and Sarah Herzog from Greenville High School. The winners received scholarships in the amount of $500. Other finalists included Taylor Amburgey and Nicole Manges from Greenville High School, Miranda Huddle,

Kacie Lawrence, Olivia Schlater and Brooke Wehrkamp from Versailles High School and Cortney Moody and Samantha Shook from Ansonia High School. The Greenville BPW Club’s mission is to achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education, and information. The Club holds fund raisers throughout the year to raise money to grant scholarships to the young women of Darke County. The Club meets the second Thursday of every month for a dinner meeting. The next meeting is April 10. The Membership Committee is planning a luau themed meeting with a special guest from the Darke County Y. Those interested in learning more about the club can contact membership chair Gail Snyder at 4234854 or gails669@

Children of Prisoners program. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Shelby & Darke County is a nonprofit, United Way member, social service organization whose mission is to develop and mature quality relationships between children and volunteers. The relationship is meant to guide each child towards becoming a confident, competent, and caring individual. Efforts are currently underway to recruit teams and corporate sponsors for the agency’s annual “Bowl For

Kids’ Sake” event. The event is set for March 7 and 8, at Bel-Mar Lanes in Sidney and Treaty Lanes in Greenville. Bowl for Kids’ Sake is open to the public and local community members can form 4 – 5 person teams. Each team member collects donations and comes out to enjoy the party. Corporate sponsorships are available for $325 where a company enters a five-person team of the company’s employees; this includes a company lane banner. A Lane Sponsorship

for $150 includes the company name placed on a large banner above one of the lanes during the day-long event. Corporate sponsor names are announced throughout the day. Many other prizes are involved including Gift Certificates to local restaurants and retail gift certificates. Anyone interested should call the office at 547-9622 or 4927611 to obtain more information. Registration forms are available on the web at www.



Directions: Approx. 30 miles NORTH of Dayton, Ohio. From the intersection of S.R. 49 and U.S. 127 Bypass, take U.S. 127 NORTH approx. ¼ mile to Sebring-Warner Rd. and turn RIGHT or EAST to auction site, just 2 buildings EAST of the “Early Bird”. (WATCH FOR AUCTION SIGNS ON SALE DAY) FURNITURE – APPLIANCES – ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES – HOUSEHOLD – HAND TOOLS GARAGE ITEMS – MISC.


Amy Midlam, Executor Travis Fliehman, Attorney. DC Case #: 2013-1-245 PHYLLIS KNICK & OTHERS

Terms: Cash or Good Check with Proper Photo ID; Visa / MC / Discover accepted with a 3% Clerk Fee added. • We must collect sales tax. • Visit us online: USER I.D. #8673 for photos and information. • AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: This looks to be a really great auction with Furniture, Appliances, Antiques & Collectibles, Household, Hand Tools, Garage Items & Misc. • Good Food & Good Times Available on Site! • Open Friday, April 18, 2014 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM for Inspection. • Check next week’s ad for complete auction listing.

Office: (937)316-8400 Mobile: (937)459-7686

REMEMBER: +++Never, Ever a Buyer’s (Penalty) Premium at our Auctions…What You Bid Is What You Pay! We work for our sellers, we appreciate our buyers, and we love our profession! Kirby & Staff

Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird PAGE 21

Tri-County Board commits funds for residential opiate treatment Director of Operations – Program Services of Goodwill-Easter Seals Miami Valley, to facilitate the process of determining what services will be located at the one-stop shop. In other action taken in line with the Strategic Plan, the Board committed $100,000 through June 30 to purchase residential treatment for opioid and other substance addiction at Nova Behavioral Health in Dayton. The action is in accordance with the Board’s goal to expand the array of addiction services available. “An average length of stay is


Thurs. April 24, 2014 @ 6:PM 603 STATE ROUTE 49 S., LAURA, OH 45337


3 acres m/l featuring a 2,400 sq. ft. attractive restored farm home and 3 outbuildings. Home has original exposed primitive log cabin style living room/dining room combo with stone fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, newer eat-in kitchen with island, utility room, back covered porch, and attached 1 car garage. Property also features a large livestock barn and 2 other large outbuildings, and fenced in yard. This property is located in Darke County, Franklin Monroe school district. Make plans now to inspect, bid, and buy this property! TERMS: 3,000 required down day of auction and the balance due within 35 days of auction date. Complete detailed bidder packets with maps and complete property information are available by contacting the auction office by phone, email, or fax. Please visit our website for more info, pictures, and contact information.


Prevention and treatment of opioid abuse and addiction is gaining significant attention from Ohio’s law enforcement agencies and legislators. McDaniel reported that as many as 11 bills have been introduced in recent weeks to address opioids from a wide variety of


GREENVILLE – Dale Royer, dressed as Elvis, serenades Brethren Retirement Community residents and guests in the Brick room recently. Elvis would have been 79 years young this month and, despite being gone, his music lives on and is enjoyed by many.


RICHMOND, IN – The Wayne County 4-H Fair of Richmond, IN recently held its annual appreciation banquet to thank workers and sponsors for another great year. Duane Edwards, of Black Sheep Announcing, of Greenville, was awarded a plaque for 25 years of service to Wayne County 4-H Fair, where Duane got his start announcing tractor and truck pulls. Within two years of his first pull, he started announcing Demo-Derbies and Mud Bogs. He is at Richmond five out of eight days doing their fair activities at the track area. In addition to the Wayne County Fair, Edwards does about 40 more events in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan over the summer. Shown are Sandy House, president of Wayne Co. 4-H Fair, Edwards and Amy Fouche, past treasurer of Wayne Co. 4-H Fair.

Mike Baker, Auctioneer/Broker 220 E. 4th St., Greenville, OH • 937-548-2640 •



Available for showings anytime! This is a beautiful older estate home converted to a nice 5 unit income investment property. The building and all units are in above average condition with original woodwork throughout. This well built brick block and concrete building has an annual gross income of $26,260, offering a strong positive cash flow and significant return on investment. Includes one 2 bedroom unit, three 1 bedroom units, and one 3 bedroom unit, off street parking, and laundry with coin operated washer and dryer. Each unit includes appliances & window coverings. Located close to both downtown Greenville and south town business areas. This property has been extremely well maintained and owner-occupied by the current owners with many recent improvements, some of which include: new replacement windows, new gutters & down spouting, painting and apartment updates, including the owner-occupied suite. Terms: $3000 down day of auction with balance due within 35 days. Disregard any and all previous asking prices, sellers are moving and offering this property with a minimum bid of $125,000. Please visit for additional interior pictures and more information.



Auctioneers & Realty, Inc

Mike Baker, Auctioneer/Broker 220 E. 4th St., Greenville, OH • 937-548-2640 •


Wednesday April 23, 2014 @ 6:PM


Thurs., April 17, 2014 6 PM 100 PINE ST., GREENVILLE, OH

Located at one of Greenville’s busiest South town intersections. Intersecting State Routes Include 49 and 121 and others, Currently zoned GB, (general business) With a lot size Lot Size of 66 x 87, or 5700 square feet. Included is a 1150 sq. ft. building formerly used as an auto repair shop But could be remodeled to suit many business/commercial needs. TERMS: a 10% buyers premium will be in effect. $3000 required down day of auction, with balance due within 35 days. Please visit for more info.



Auctioneers & Realty, Inc

Mike Baker, Auctioneer/Broker 220 E. 4th St., Greenville, OH • 937-548-2640 •

Shown are Kelsi Sleppy, Sophia Navas Davis, and Paige Tester

GHS Career Tech SOM GREENVILLE – Greenville Career Tech Center, in order to honor outstanding accomplishments and leadership in Career Tech Education, is proud to announce the latest honorees for Career Tech Student of the Month. Sophia Navas Davis, senior member of Financial Specialist, Paige Tester, senior member of Engineering Tech Prep, and Kelsi Sleppy, senior member of Computer Information Systems, received a plaque to honor their selection, a gift certificate from Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe, and a preferred parking spot for a month by the Career Tech Center. Sophia Navas Davis, Financial Specialist 12 taught by Margie Heitkamp, serves as the Financial Specialist 12 class president. Sophia works hard, and she has a positive attitude that helps to foster

teamwork within the program. Paige Tester, Engineering Tech Prep taught by Chris Sykes, serves in a leadership role as an officer in the program. Paige is a team player and is well respected by her peers and faculty. Kelsi Sleppy, Computer Information Systems taught by Robert Warner and Nathan Sharp, recently helped to represent the program at the Ohio School Boards Association state conference. Kelsi also attended a leadership conference and displays her leadership qualities in the program and around campus as the students work to help facilitate the technology for the Greenville School District. Special Thanks to Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe for providing gift certificates and their continued support of Career Tech Education.



St. Rt. 33 at the Midway Plaza (8793 Twp. Rd. 239) Lakeview, OH 43331 Approximately 15 miles Northwest of Bellefontaine, Ohio


Auctioneers Note and Terms: Some items are subject to prior sale with additional units traded in on a daily basis. The auction listing will most likely have a few changes and many additional, NOT LISTED, units will be added by sale day. TERMS: All items sell “as is” some items may have warranties. A 10% buyer’s premium will be applied to all purchases. All Ohio state sales tax laws apply. Cash or good check accepted with proper ID. Master Card and Visa accepted with 3% clerking fee added. All items must be paid for in full day of auction. See photos and more info at and www. auctioneer ID #12379.


Auctioneers & Realty, Inc

Mike Baker, Auctioneer/Broker 220 E. 4th St., Greenville, OH • 937-548-2640 •



Investment Real Estate Auction

GREENVILLE – Greenville National Bank donated $5,485 to the United Way for the local community. Through the generosity of GNB’s employees and corporation, the United Way is coming closer to their goal of $360,000 to help over 24,000 residents this year including seniors, youth, those in crisis and those seeking self-sufficiency. GNB supports the United Way golf outing each year and provides wonderful volunteer leadership for United Way. GNB is a great local partner that supports many wonderful causes in the community bringing hope to many residents in the need. The Darke County United Way thanks GNB and its associates for supporting Darke County residents in need, strengthening education, health and stability needs. Shown is Steve Burn, president of GNB, presenting at check to Lauren Henry, executive director of Darke Co. United Way. To learn more about United Way visit www.


Auctioneers & Realty, Inc


perspectives, from prescription screening databases to disposal protocols for hospices and other end-of-life caretakers to first responders. One bill in particular, HB 369, introduced by Rep. Robert Sprague (R-Findlay) of the 83rd House District, would if enacted create funding for the purchase of an array of services related to opioid abuse. The Strategic Plan is available for download from the Board’s website, www. mdsadamhs. or from the Board’s office, 1100 Wayne St, Suite 4000, Troy.





28-30 days,” McDaniel said, “and at the average rate in the agreement with Nova, that works out to about 20 people. It just barely begins to scratch the surface of the need, but it’s a start.” McDaniel said Board staff is developing a referral protocol for the program.


goals turned out,” McDaniel said. “We received quite a bit of feedback, and were able to match that feedback to other things going on” at the local, state and federal levels. Among the key points in the plan is the development of a one-stop shop concept, bringing together a spectrum of behavioral health services in one location. That process began in earnest in December with the Board’s purchase of five acres of land on County Road 25-A north of Troy, and took another step forward by retaining Steven Kopecky,


TROY - At its regular meeting Jan. 15 the TriCounty Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services approved a strategic plan to guide the Board through 2016 and beyond. Effective immediately, the plan outlines key activities for Board directors and staff to plan, fund, monitor, and evaluate mental health and recovery services in Darke, Miami and Shelby counties. Executive Director Mark McDaniel thanked the Board, staff and guests in attendance for their input on the plan. “We are pleased with how the


PAGE 22 Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird


Greenville Youth Team Tennis registration

Winter Crisis, PIPP Plus programs continuing

State of the Heart will honor volunteers

GREENVILLE – This summer kids will again have a blast playing Midwest Youth Team Tennis, which returns to Greenville for the 4th year. 10 and Under Tennis, Sophia Navas-Davis is shown with using the Quick- Coach some students from a previous event. Start Tennis play format, features kid-sized 10th and June 1st. Register online at equipment, court dimenwww.midwestteamtensions, and scoring. The six-week Green- Volunteers and ville “Quickstart” pro- coaches are always welgram for children 10 and come. For more information, under will be held on Sunday evenings start- please contact Suzanne ing June 8 through July Brown, 547-9904, email 13. Depending on the at suzanne1119@gmail. number of registrants, com, or text 459-9219. All are welcome to parchildren in Kindergarten through second grade will ticipate. The participant play from 6-7 p.m., and package includes: new children in third through tennis racquet (21 or 23 sixth grade will play from inch for 8-and-Under, 25 7-8 p.m. For students 11- inch for 10-and-Under), 15 years old, the six-week team t-shirt, and an age “Futures” program will be appropriate tennis ball. held on Tuesday nights, For players returning to June 10-July 15 from the program who have 6:30-8 p.m. The cost of not outgrown last year’s the program is $60 if reg- racquet, the option of a istered by May 9, and $80 racquet bag or water jug if registered between May or will be offered.

GREENVILLE - Community Action Partnership will continue accepting appointments for the Winter Crisis Program through April 15. Under the Winter Crisis Program, eligible households may receive a one-time payment of up to $175 for a utility emergency and $750 for bulk fuel. The Winter Crisis funds can pay a customer’s initial payment for the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP Plus), a PIPP Plus default, a reconnection fee or a deposit. Users of bulk fuel, propane or bottled gas or solid fuels may also be eligible for assistance. A customer may receive a delivery of fuel if their tank contains 25 percent or less of its capacity. Income eligibility for the Winter Crisis Program is 175 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. For a family of four, household income cannot exceed $41,212.50 a year. They must be on PIPP Plus or sign up for PIPP Plus or another payment plan. Darke County customers may call 548-8143 to make an appointment. Customers may be seen at 1469 Sweitzer Street in Greenville. Customers must bring all of the following items to their appointment: Social Security cards for all household members; picture ID for the person whose name the account is in; current utility bill/disconnect notice/account number; proof of income received by all household members age 18 or older for the last

GREENVILLE – Last year, State of the Heart H o s p i c e volunteers contributed nearly 9,000 hours to the nonprofit agency, saving State of the Heart Pictured is Bruce Miller, holding the box over $80,000 containing the ceramic heart, and Brittany Roeckner. in services provided by the volun- and taking office mail to teers. State of the Heart the agency’s various ofwill thank the agency’s 120 fices. He also helps other volunteers with two recog- volunteers deliver small nition events in May. ceramic hearts to funeral “Our volunteers give so homes after a patient has much and seek no recog- died. nition for the great things “Perhaps the best they do for our patients words to describe volunand families,” stated Pau- teering,” said Miller who line Faller, Volunteer turns 80 this year, “is Manager for State of the that volunteering is an Heart. “This is a way for outward expression of an us to gather and thank inner feeling.” He enjoys and honor them for all his volunteering and espethey do.” cially likes the interaction There will be a lun- with patients and their cheon beginning at noon, families. May 6, at the Turtle Creek Working closely with Golf Course on U.S. Route Miller is State of the Heart 36 east of Greenville, and, Medical Secretary Brittany a dinner, May 8, 6:30 Roeckner. “Anytime I call p.m., at the Harmony him, he is excited to hear Café, 121 N. Meridian St., me with a request,” she in Portland. Volunteers said. “I can always rely on can choose which event him. And, he will keep me they want to attend and aware of his own schedule are asked to respond to and when he might not be Faller by April 21. available. Also, when he Typical of the State of completes a task, he asks the Heart volunteers is me if there is anything else Bruce Miller, of Green- that needs done.” ville who has volunteered For more informafor a little over a year. He tion, call Faller at 1-800averages about six hours 417-7535. Volunteers can a week of volunteering, chose the hours they want delivering flowers to pa- to volunteer and what they tients in nursing homes would like to do. For more and assisted care facilities, information about State delivering medications of the Heart, visit www. and supplies to patients,

We BUY GOOD clean USED CARS and TRUCKS Ask for Diller.


Great Spring Leases at HITTLE

2014 BUICK VERANO (Base)



Lease 39 months, plus tax & title, 10,000 miles per year, 25¢ per mile for over mileage. 1st Payment due at signing, Must qualify for credit. No extra money down. MSRP $24,625

2014 GMC ACADIA (Base) Lease 39 months, plus tax & title, 10,000 miles per year, 25¢ per mile for over mileage. 1st Payment due at signing, Must qualify for credit. No extra money down. MSRP $35,275




548-1147 • 1-800-589-4531 •


13 weeks, including child support, weekly or biweekly pay stubs, Social Security, pension, Workers’ Compensation or unemployment benefits; tenant eligibility and rent procedures for those living in HUD housing; financial aid breakdown and tuition and fee bills for students; landlord’s name and telephone number for renters and any income from odd jobs. If laid off, documentation from the previous employer is required. If a household is claiming no income for the past three months, then documentation must be provided to show how the household has been supported for the last three months. Anyone providing support for a household must provide a notarized statement of support that specifies the type of support provided, dollar amounts, and the time period of support. Customers who falsify their account status will not be seen.

Greenville FFA to open greenhouse on April 21

GREENVILLE - The Greenville FFA and Greenville FFA Alumni are proud to announce the opening of the greenhouse for 2014 will be on April 21. We are excited to house this year several new varieties of plants, vegetables and specialty items. Flowers that are available include: multiple colors of geraniums, petunias, vines, argyanthemum, pink shimmer, begonias, and angelonia. This year’s vegetable selection includes: Better Boy, Big Boy, Juliet and Roma tomatoes; Jalapeño (Hot), Garden Salsa (Hot), and Hungarian Wax (Sweet) peppers. Specialty plants and new varieties available are: Mosquito plant citronella, sweet blue sunrise osteespermim, dahlinova Louisiana improved, adessa purple, spikes, Persian shield, French lavender, and rosemary. Have a hanging baskets or floral arrangement? Bring it in and we will fill it with our flowers! Come see us Monday through Friday, noon to 5:30 p.m., and Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon, we are closed on Sundays. You can find us behind Greenville High School, 100 Green Wave Way, Greenville, or just follow the signs! Pricing information is available upon request. Any more questions? Call us at 5484188 ext. 844.

President and Dean’s List

GREENVILLE - Joseph Charles Conrad of Greenville is one of 1,248 students to earn President’s List honors for the Fall 2013 semester at Eastern Kentucky University. Conrad is a senior Anthropology major at EKU. Joseph is also one of 551 Eastern Kentucky University Dean’s Award recipients for the Fall 2013 semester.

Winner’s Meats wins four OAMP awards GREENVILLE – Winner’s Meats which is located in both Osgood and Greenville, participated at the Ohio Association of Meat Processors Convention in Columbus this past weekend. Meat Processors statewide entered their best homemade products into a competition between other Ohio meat processors. Judges used various criteria such as appearance, aroma, texture, and of course taste to base their decisions on the anonymous entries. This year’s judges were representatives from the Food Science Division from Ohio State, and other prominent members of organizations that deal in the food industry. There also where many ven-

dors sharing their newest spices, equipment, packaging, and other supplies utilized in the meat processing industry. Winner’s Meats proudly came home with FOUR awards this year. Winner’s received two first place awards for their homemade Beef Smokey Sticks and Home Cured Slab Bacon. A Reserve Champion for their Blue Ribbon Bologna. And a Grand Champion Award for their Winner’s Wieners! Check out Winner’s new website, for stories and pictures from the event with a list of other great homemade products and services Winner’s Meats has to offer.

Serving Us ARCANUM – Navy Seaman Dylan W. White, son of Alfred W. White of Greenville, and Katrina A. Gibson of Arcanum, recently completed U.S. Navy basic training at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Ill. During the eight-week program, White completed a variety of training which included classroom study and practical instruction on naval customs, first aid, firefighting, water safety and survival, and shipboard and aircraft safety. An emphasis was also placed on physical fitness. The capstone event of

boot camp is “Battle Stations”. This exercise gives recruits the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the fleet. “Battle Stations” is designed to galvanize the basic warrior attributes of sacrifice, dedication, teamwork and endurance in each recruit through the practical application of basic Navy skills and the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. Its distinctly ‘’Navy’’ flavor was designed to take into account what it means to be a Sailor. White is a 2010 graduate of Arcanum Butler High School.

Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird PAGE 23


Rape and drugs lead Grand Jury activity

Pets of the Week GREENVILLE – The Darke County Animal Shelter, 5066 County Home Road, Greenville, has Jess available. He is a three year-old Sheltie mix, brown and white with long hair and is a friendly little guy that only weighs around 20 pounds. He loves people and is looking for a good home. They also have Sammy; a two year-old Shepherd/ Boxer mix. She is brown and white with short hair, loves to play and is housebroken and current on shots.

Also available are a hound mix, Walker, a couple of Chihuahua’s, Spitz mix, Springer Spaniel and numerous other dogs. Cats and kittens are available for adoption. The Shelter is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday. For more information, call 547-1645. ALL DOGS OVER 3 MONTHS OF AGE MUST HAVE A LICENSE. To see the dogs available, visit

Lawn & Garden Tip GREENVILLE – Brought to you by Flory Landscaping and Lawn Care Inc., Greenville, Your Landscape/ Gardening tip of the week: Having Great Soil Soil is a plants essential source of moisture, air, and nutrients. There are many small creatures in the soil such as earthworms, wood lice, centipedes, etc. that contributes to a healthy ecosystem by converting dead material into useful material. One great way to improve your soil is cultivate 6 to 12 inches deep which is your richest layer of soil. This layer is where the plant’s roots

grow, and cultivating the soil deeply will allow air and water to penetrate the soil to the plants’ roots. A lot of home owners have great soil for their gardens, but some gardeners have sandy or too much clay in their soil. You can improve your sandy or clay soil with compost, manure, and peat. Plus, even good soil can always benefit from these amendments. Before gardening, make sure to remove all excess stones, any remaining clods, and weeds. These are just a few modifications for a healthy producing garden for this coming year!


GREENVILLE – Wilbur Mullen, a resident at the Brethren Retirement Community, recently turned 96 and is going strong! Wii Bowling is one of his favorite hobbies and it shows. He recently bowled his 13th 300 Wii Bowling game! BRC congratulates Wilbur on his birthday and his 13th 300 game.

Ag Days in Randolph Co. WINCHESTER, IN – Randolph County Ag Days will be held April 9 and 10 at the Randolph County Fairgrounds. Activities are planned for both days. April 9 will include a breakfast from 6-10 a.m., sheep hearing, booths, lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., craft workshops, wind turbine speaker, chicken dinner from 5-7 p.m., swine and cattle workshops, baked goods auction and more. April 10 will include breakfast from 7-9 a.m., booths, sheep shearing, lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., and a drawing for a patio dining set. The event

COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE. Crankshaft Grinding Block Boring Aluminum Welding Flywheel Grinding Connecting Rod Service Pressure Testing Cylinder Head Service Engine Parts



will end at 3 p.m. This is not a complete list of events. For more information, contact any Ag Days Committee member or cochair Jessica Cheesman, (765) 625-1341 or Amanda Grow, (765) 417-4696.

GREENVILLE – R. Kelly Ormsby, III, prosecuting attorney for Darke County, released the following report on Grand Jury activity conducted by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Bruce D. Baldridge, Greenville – Indicted on a charge of Theft based on an investigation by the Greenville Police Department. James E. Smith, Jr. – Greenville – Indicted on a charge of Passing Bad Checks based on an investigation by the Union City, Ohio Police Department. Jeremiah D. Burkhart, Greenville – Indicted on a charge of Domestic Violence based on an investigation by the Greenville Police Department. Ebony S. Redditt, Greenville – Indicted on a charge of Unlawful Sexual Contact with a Minor based on an investigation by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. Carissima T. Rapier, Greenville – Indicted on a charge of Possession of Heroin based on an investigation by the Greenville Police Department. Kenneth A. Kniess, Greenville – Indicted on a charge of Improper Handling of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle based on an investigation by the Greenville Police Department. Robert G. Lambert, Arcanum – Indicted on a charge of five counts of Rape and five counts of Gross Sexual Imposition based on an investigation by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. Lindsey T. Bolton, Arcanum – Indicted on a charge of Theft based on an investigation by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. Tiffany M. Thompson, Greenville – Indicted on a charge of Possession of Drugs and Permitting Drug Abuse based on an investigation by the Greenville Police Department. Alexandro Tony Honesto, Greenville – Indicted on a charge of Failure to Register based on an investigation by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. Arlie L. Combs, Arcanum – Indicted on a

charge of Having Weapons While Under Disability and Possession of Drugs (Alprazolam) based on an investigation by the Arcanum Police Department. Shaun M. Ginter, Greenville – Indicted on a charge of Aggravated Burglary based on an investigation by the Greenville Police Department. Bryan D. Wombolt, Versailles – Indicted on a charge of four counts of Sexual Battery based on an investigation by the Greenville Police Department. Troy J. York, New Madison – Indicted on a charge of Forgery based on an investigation by the Greenville Police Department. Kyle M. Pearson, Union City, IN – Indicted on a charge of Possession of Heroin based on an investigation by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. Janae N. Hatfield, Portland – Indicted on a charge of Possession of Heroin based on an investigation by the Union City, Ohio Police Department. Timothy Sanders, Dayton – Indicted on a charge of two counts of Trafficking in Cocaine based on an investigation by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. Shanna R. Cates, Greenville – Indicted on a charge of Domestic Violence based on an investigation by the Greenville Police Department. David E. Steen, Union City – Indicted on a charge of Domestic Violence based on an investigation by the Union City, Ohio Police Department. Williams S. Cameron, Lancaster – Indicted on a charge of Grand Theft and Telecommunications Fraud based on an investigation by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Getting a tax refund? Let a financial planner help BY JOHN NORTH PRESIDENT/CEO BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU DAYTON – It’s tax time. Every year, millions say they’re going to save at least some of their tax refund. If you’re one of millions who don’t know what to do with your tax return, consider a financial planner if you don’t already have one. Your Better Business Bureau offers tips to help you find a reputable financial planner. According to, more than 83 million Americans file a tax return each year. Each year, the average tax refund is $3,000 per family. Last year, more than 25,000 inquiries were recorded locally about financial planners. The previous year, about 14,000 inquiries were made, an increase of 44 percent about this industry. Nationally, more than 5,200 complaints and 956,000 inquiries were recorded in the U.S. and Canada against financial planners with your BBB. When choosing a financial planner, you’ll want to choose one offering objective, reliable advice for you and your money. To help you find one that best fits your needs, your Better Business Bureau offers these tips: * Research the financial planner and set up an in-person interview. * Check with friends and family. A great way to find a trustworthy financial planner is by word of mouth. * Ask the financial

planner for references from satisfied customers. * Find out what kinds of services and products are offered. * Ask if the financial planner belongs to any professional organizations. * Check qualifications and if they’re current. A certified financial planner (CFP) has passed a rigorous exam and is required to pursue continuing education credits. Also, check if they’re registered with the Ohio Division of Securities (SEC) if a planner gives out investment advice. * Set up future meetings with your financial planner to make sure your plan still fits your goals. * Don’t give into high-pressure sales tactics. Any reputable investment company will let you take your time to make a wise decision. * Get everything in writing and don’t sign anything until you understand it. Remember, there’s several types of financial planners, some charge by the hour or a flat rate. Other financial planners earn money through commission on projects sold or a combination of fees and commissions. If you have any questions regarding this industry, get help from your BBB, such as a list of BBB Accredited financial planning services and reviews on ones you’re considering. Visit or call (937) 222-5825 or (800) 776-5301.

Ansonia chicken BBQ

ANSONIA – The Ansonia Volunteer Fire Department will hold its annual Chicken BBQ on April 13. Dinner will be served at the firehouse from 11:30 a.m. until gone. It includes a half chicken, chips, apple sauce and roll. The cost is $6.50 per dinner.

• CARS • 12 Focus SEL, loaded, black. .................................$13,995 11 Milan Premier, V6, Leather ..............................$16,995 10 Focus SE, 34 MPG, ..........$12,250 05 Pontiac Grand Prix, 4 dr ....$5,995 04 Taurus SEL, 4 dr. ................$1,700

• SUVS • 13 Explorer FWD XLT, Leather, Moonroof, Red ....................... $26,495 13 Edge SEL AWD, Red, 28,000 mi ............................... $25,995 13 Lincoln MKT, 7 pass., Leather .................................. $29,995 12 Expedition 4x4 XLT, Black ...................................... $30,495 11 Escape XLT, Sunroof ............ $18,250 10 Dodge Journey, Leather ...... $17,995 10 Escape 4x4 XLT, 2.5, Gray ....................................... $17,995 09 Edge SEL, Moonroof, ........... $15,495 09 Jeep Laredo SLT, 4x4, loaded..$12,995 07 Jeep Liberty 4X4, Clean......... $8,995 07 Saturn Outlook AWD, XR, Leather, ................................. $13,700

• TRUCKS • 11 F250, Reg Cab 4x4 XL, 6.2 Gas, 1 Owner, ............................... $22,000 08 F250 Super Cab 4x4 Fx4 Diesel, 20” Wheels, Black, Clean, 4.6 V8, Clean ..................................... $20,900 05 F350 Dually Lariat 4x2, Bright Red, 1 Owner 76,000 mi ................ $19,995 04 F350 Dually Lariat 4x4, White, 1 Owner, 98,000 mi................ $18,495 00 Chevy C1500 4x2, 91,000 mi ................................ $4,995 84 GMC ¾ TON, 4x4............108,000 mi

• VANS • 04 Chev Venture AWD, Tan ........................................ $4,895 04 Dodge Grand Caravan, Clean .................................... $4,495 02 Olds Silhouette Premium, Nice ..................................... $3,250


1535 Wagner Avenue Greenville, OH 45331

(937) 548-4020

PAGE 24 Sunday, April 6, 2014-The Early Bird

Outstanding 2014 Values


Stock #14054, Silver Ice Metallic, 1.8L 4 Cyl., Auto, Air

MSRP $19,180 Troutwine Discount -$480 Sale Price $18,700 Rebate -$1,000

Total Price

2014 CHEVY SILVERADO ½ TON Z71 LT CREW CAB 4X4 Stock #14068, Blue granite metallic, 5.3L V8, All Star Edition



MSRP $43,175 Troutwine Discount -$2915 Sale Price $40,800 Rebate -$3,500

Total Price



2014 CHEVY EQUINOX LT FWD Stock #14142, Silver Topaz Metallic, 2.4L 4 cyl., Drivers Convenience Pkg.

MSRP $27,540 Troutwine Discount -$1,240 Sale Price $26,300 Rebate -$1,000

Total Price

2014 CHEVY MALIBU LS 4 DOOR Stock #14097, Ashen Gray Metallic, 2.5L, 4 cyl., Protection Pkg




MSRP $23,240 Troutwine Discount -$640 Sale Price $22,600 Rebate -$2,250

Total Price



*Total price does not include sales tax, title fees or documentation fees. **General Motors employees, retirees and family members are eligible for additional discounts. See dealer for details

Outstanding Vehicles. Lower Prices.




2013 GMC ACADIA FWD, 3.6L V6, one owner, loaded, like new, white, 8,951 miles .$31,995 .....$30,900 2013 CHEVY CAPTIVA LT FWD, 2.4L 4 cyl., leather, loaded, exc. cond., maroon, 21,750 miles ..........................................................................................$20,995 .....$19,900 2012 GMC TERRAIN FWD., 2.4L 4 cyl., leather, loaded, sharp, black, 19,886 miles .$24,995 .....$23,500 2012 BUICK ENCLAVE CXL FWD 3.6L V6, leather, loaded, exc. cond., gray, 19,666 miles ................................................................................................$34,995 .....$33,500 2012 CHEVY ½ TON SILVERADO LT CREW CAB 2WD P.U., 5.3L V8, loaded, one owner, exc. cond., gray, 20,514 miles ...........................................................$26,995 .....$25,500 2012 CHEVY ½ TON 2WD EXT. CAB P.U., 4.3L V6, air, auto, cruise, one owner, like new, blue granite, 34,786 miles .....................................................................$20,995 .....$19,900 2011 CHEVY EQUINOX LT FWD, 2.4L 4 cyl., all power, super nice, maroon, 20,267 miles ..........................................................................................$19,900 .....$19,500 2011 CHEVY EQUINOX LT FWD, 3.0L V6, sunroof, loaded, exc. cond., brown, 28,724 miles .............................................................................................$20,995 .....$19,900 2011 CHEVY TAHOE LTZ 4WD, 5.3L V8, leather, one owner, loaded, super nice, maroon, 89,944 miles ..........................................................................................$32,995 .....$30,900 2011 CHEVY AVALANCHE LT 4WD, 5.3L V8, one owner, leather, loaded, like new, black, 11,473 miles ...................................................................$36,995 .....$33,900 2011 CHEVY HHR LT, 2.2L 4 cyl., all power, like new, white, 40,175 miles .................$16,995 .....$15,500 2010 CADILLAC SRX FWD, 3.0L V6, leather, sunroof, loaded, like new, white diamond, 28,879 miles ...............................................................................$26,995 .....$25,900 2010 CHEVY ½ TON CREW CAB LT, 4x4, P.U., 5.3 L V8, loaded, very nice cond., blue, 202,681 miles ..............................................................................................$18,995 .....$17,500 2010 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SXT, 3.8L V6, all power, Stow & Go seating, exc. cond., maroon, 46,116 miles.......................................................................$16,995 .....$15,500 2009 JEEP PATRIOT 4WD, 2.4L 4 cyl., sunroof, loaded, super nice, orange, 67,755 miles .........................................................................................................$13,995 .....$12,900 2009 GMC YUKON SLT 4X4, 5.3L, V8, leather, sunroof, DVD system, sharp, black, 92,347 miles ..............................................................................................$25,995 .....$24,500 2009 FORD F15O LARIAT CREW CAB 4X4 P.U., 5.4L V8, leather, loaded, very nice, maroon, 62,029 miles ..........................................................................$28,995 .....$26,900 2007 CHEVY TAHOE LT 4WD, 5.3L V8, leather, loaded, exc. cond., maroon, 99,025 miles ..........................................................................................$22,995 .....$21,500 2007 FORD F15O XLT EXT. CAB 4WD P.U., 5.4L V8, loaded, very nice, gray, 100,068 miles ..............................................................................................$18,995 .....$15,900 2006 CHEVY EQUINOX LT FWD, 3.4L V6, all power, very nice, maroon, 99,440 miles ..$8,995 ....... $7,900 2005 GMC YUKON DENALI 4X4, 6.0L, V8, leather, sunroof, loaded, exc. cond., beige, 135,582 miles ............................................................................................$13,995 .....$12,500 2005 DODGE RAM ½ TON QUAD CAB, 4x4 P.U., 5.7L, Hemi V8, Big Horn Edition, leather, loaded, exc. cond., gray, 66,860 miles....................................................$16,995 .....$15,500 2003 PONTIAC MONTANA EXT. VAN, 3.4L V6, leather, loaded, very nice, white, 216,247 miles ..............................................................................................$5,995 .......$3,900 2003 HONDA ODYSSEY VAN, 3.5L V6, all power, nice cond., white, 215,737 miles ...$6,995 .......$4,900 2002 CHEVY VENTURE LS VAN, 3.4L V6, loaded, good cond., blue, 185,647 miles ................................................................................................$4,995 .......$3,500 2002 CHEVY TRAILBLAZER LT 2WD, 4 dr., one owner, cloth seats, loaded, exc. cond., beige, 142,478 miles ...........................................................................$9,995 .......$8,900 2002 OLDS SILHOUETTE VAN, 3.4L V6, leather, loaded, good cond., maroon 182,558 miles.........................................................................................................$4,995 .......$3,500 2002 CHEVY ½ TON SILVERADO REG. CAB 2WD P.U., 4.3L, V6, auto, air good cond., beige, 199,833 miles.........................................................................$5,995 .......$4,500 2000 CHEVY ½ TON EXT. CAB LS 2WD P.U., 5.3L V8, loaded, good cond., red, 223,718 miles .................................................................................................$5,995 .......$4,900 2000 CHEVY VENTURE VAN, one owner, V6, good cond., silver, 188,476 miles ........$5,995 .......$3,900 1999 PONTIAC MONTANA VAN, cloth seats, all power, nice cond., green, 144,748 miles .............................................................................................$6,995 .......$5,900 1998 PONTIAC TRANSPORT EXT. VAN, V6, loaded, exc. cond., white, 146,014 miles.. $6,995 ........$4,900 1998 GMC JIMMY SLE 4X4, 4.3L V6, loaded, good cond., beige, 287,069 miles ............ $4,995 ........$3,900


2012 CHEVY MALIBU LT, 4 dr., 2.4L 4 cyl., one owner, loaded, nice, gray, 47,193 miles ................................................................................................$15,995 .....$14,900 2012 CHEVY CRUZE LT, 4 dr., 1.4L 4 cyl., RS package, one owner, loaded, exc. condition, blue, 39,705 miles ........................................................................$16,995 .....$15,500 2011 CHEVY CRUZE LT, 4 dr., 1.4L 4 cyl., one owner, loaded, exc. cond., maroon, 21,388 miles ..........................................................................................$15,995 .....$14,900 2011 CHEVY MALIBU LTZ, 4 dr., 2.4L 4 cyl., leather, loaded, like new, red jewell, 11,173 miles .......................................................................................$17,995 .....$16,900





2011 CHEVY IMPALA LT, 4 dr., 3.5L V6, leather, loaded, super nice, gold, 20,595 miles ................................................................................................$17,995 .....$16,500 2011 CHEVY MALIBU LT, 4 dr., 2.4L 4 cyl., one owner, loaded, exc. cond., black 34,336 miles ........................................................................................................$15,995 .....$14,900 2010 CHEVY CORVETTE COUPE, 6.2L V8, leather, loaded, like new, black, 1,924 miles ................................................................................................$41,995 .....$40,900 2009 CHEVY MALIBU LT, 4 dr., 2.4L 4 cyl., one owner, loaded, super nice, silver, 64,304 miles..............................................................................................$14,995 .....$13,900 2008 CHEVY COBALT LT, 4 dr., 2.2L 4 cyl., loaded, exc. cond., red, 125,242 miles .................. $8,995 ......... $7,500 2008 CHEVY IMPALA LT, 4 dr., 3.9L V6, sunroof, loaded, very nice, maroon, 115,528 miles .. $10,995 ......... $9,500 2006 CHEVY MALIBU LT, 4 dr., 2.2L 4 cyl., all power, exc. cond., white, 132,199 miles .. $8,995 ........$7,500 1992 CHEVY CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE, 5.7L V8, leather, loaded, super nice, maroon, 54,083 miles ..........................................................................................$16,995 .....$15,500


2009 PONTIAC G5, 2 dr., 2.2L 4 cyl., all power, one owner, exc. cond., maroon, 90,562 miles ............................................................................................$9,995 .......$8,900 2003 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE SSEI, 3.8L supercharger, V6, leather, sunroof, loaded, sharp, black, 105,042 miles ......................................................................$8,995 .......$7,500 2000 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX GT, 4 dr., 3.8L sunroof, loaded, good cond., red, 169,703 miles .................................................................................................$5,495 .......$3,900


2012 BUICK LACROSSE CXL, 4 dr., 2.4L 4 cyl., leather, loaded, super sharp, black granite, 15,197 miles ........................................................................................$24,995 ......$23,900 2012 BUICK VERANO FWD, 2.4L 4 cyl., one owner, loaded, like new, silver, 6,843 miles ......................................................................................................$19,995 ......$18,500 2012 BUICK LACROSSE, 4 dr., 3.6L V6, leather, loaded, like new, brown, 9,638 miles..$24,995 ......$23,900 2012 BUICK REGAL, 4 dr., 2.4L 4 cyl., leather, loaded, like new, white diamond 8,581 miles ...............................................................................................................$21,995 ......$20,500 2012 BUICK REGAL, 4 dr., 2.4L 4 cyl., leather, loaded, sharp, crystal red, 15,217 mi......$21,995 ......$20,900 2011 BUICK LACROSSE CXL, 4 dr., 3.6L V6, leather, loaded, super nice, gray, 24,190 miles......................................................................................................$22,995 ......$21,500 2011 BUICK REGAL CXL, 4 dr., 4 cyl., leather, loaded, sharp, silver, 9,842 miles ...........$19,995 ......$18,500 2008 BUICK LUCERNE CXL, 4 dr., 3.8L V6, leather, sun roof, loaded, sharp, crystal red, 68,660 miles............................................................................................$15,995 ......$14,500 2007 BUICK LUCERNE CXL, 4 dr., 3.8L V6, leather, loaded, exc. cond., beige, 178,737 miles ...................................................................................................$8,995 ........$7,900 2006 BUICK LUCERNE CXL, 4 dr., 3.8L V6, leather, loaded, exc. cond., green, 112,282 miles .................................................................................................$10,995 ........$9,500 2006 BUICK LUCERNE CXL, 4 dr., 3.8L V6, leather, loaded, exc. cond., silver, 80,600 miles ....................................................................................................$10,995 ........$9,900 2005 BUICK LACROSSE CX, 4 dr., 3.8L V6, one owner, loaded, exc. cond., black, 84,769 miles ......................................................................................................$9,995 ........$8,900 2002 BUICK LESABRE LIMITED, 4 dr., 3.8L V6, leather, loaded, very nice, silver, 125,876 miles ....................................................................................................$9,995 ........$8,500 2002 BUICK LESABRE CUSTOM, 4 dr., 3.8L V6, all power, good cond., white, 166,894 miles ..............................................................................................$5,995 .......$3,900 2000 BUICK LESABRE CUSTOM, 4 dr., 3.8L V6, cloth seats, loaded, exc. cond., beige, 157,232 miles ..............................................................................................$8,995 .......$6,900 1972 BUICK SKYLARK CUSTOM CPE., 455 V8, show car, sharp, green, 103,507 miles . $11,995 ...... $10,500


2012 HARLEY DAVIDSON SOFT TAIL CLASSIC, one owner, many extras, like new, maroon, 1,307 miles ..............................................................................$22,995 .....$21,500 2009 DODGE AVENGER SXT, 4 dr., 2.4L 4 cyl., leather, loaded, sharp, red, 59,082 miles . $11,995 ...... $10,900 2008 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5S, 4 dr., 2.5L 4 cyl., loaded, super sharp, maroon, 90,681 miles ..$11,995 ...... $10,900 2006 CADILLAC CTS, 4 dr., 3.6L V6, leather, sunroof, loaded, sharp, gray, 74,041 miles..................................................................................................... $16,995 .....$14,900 2005 FORD TAURUS SEL, 4 dr., 3.0L V6, leather, loaded, exc. cond., silver, 171,771 miles .........................................................................................................$6,995 ........ $4,900 2004 CADILLAC CTS, 4 dr., 3.6L V6, leather, sunroof, loaded, exc. cond., maroon, 115,970 miles ..........................................................................................$9,995 .......$8,500 2004 FORD TAURUS SES, 4 dr., 3.0L V6, all power, fair cond., blue, 185,129 miles ...$5,995 .......$3,900 1997 CADILLAC DEVILLE, 4 dr., 4.6L V8, leather, loaded, exc. cond., green, 119,533 miles ................................................................................................. $4,995 ........$2,900 1996 CADILLAC SEDAN DEVILLE, 4.6L V8, leather, loaded, nice car, beige, 163,266 miles.........................................................................................................$4,995 .......$2,500

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Early Bird 04-06-14