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The Paw Print

April 2021

NEWS An Easy Way Out School introduces new language course Alec Stuart, News Editor For a long while, the language department has needed new alternatives to engage and promote audiences. With a vast influx of students taking language merely for the credits, the school has decided to introduce a new language course to fit their needs: Gibberish. “We’re happily ready to introduce our new course next year,” said the district’s page on their website. “We needed to ensure students got the easiest and least rewarding class ever, so they can feel confident that they merely got the credit they deserve.” Now, Gibberish is exactly what is sounds like. Sounds like “afbwlifbqlib” and “febfohf” will be learned. The class will have students making these complex sounds for the first half of the class period, followed by free time for the rest of the class. “Like it was stated,” the school’s principal said, “we wanted a class that is as not culturally enriching as possible, and one that merely

offers the credit so many students want.” Now, how was Gibberish selected as a class? Well, using the main needs of the students already mentioned, Gibberish and languages such as French and Japanese were put up for a vote. Gibberish won overwhelmingly, with most voters citing the need for the credit above all else. “Why waste our time learning about languages that are popular nowadays,” a voter on the survey, who wishes to be anonymous, said “when all we want is the credits?” Gibberish 1 will be available come next year, and everyone has shown their appreciation that now they have an easy and cheap way out of the language requirement that could’ve opened up so many opportunities in life had there been more investment. “As long as the students and parents are happy, then we’re proud of our decision,” the school’s Principal said.

Above: German teacher Jillian Besemer speaks with a student. Photo by Arlene Barahona.

Left: Spanish teacher Rene Rodriguez speaks to others. Photo by Max Levey.

Rejected 2021-2022 New Class Staff Proposals

Breaking News: Rare Albino Squirrel Sighting Mallory Neff, Staff Writer Freshman Hailey Harris reports that she saw a white squirrel in the school’s courtyard. While she initially reported seeing an ‘albino’ squirrel, further investigation suggests that this was a simple fox squirrel with rare coloring. “The squirrel I saw looked full-grown, and when it ran past me, through the trees above me,” Harris said. “All I saw was a white animal hopping. Its fur was so

bright and sleek, so I thought I should try and see what it was.” When she found it, she had realized what it was and reported it to one of her friends, who works in the student media department at the school. Next time you walk through the courtyard, keep your eye out for the school’s ‘albino’ squirrel, who has since been named April Fools. But you can call her April for short.

Above: DSHS Paw Print staff stand near a squirrel. Photo by Jessica Stamp. Below photo courtesy of

1. Scrapbooking 2. Rest for the Mind (Napping) 3. Dog Psychology 4. Unicycling 5. Coloring 101 6. Sex Ed with Professor Snape 7. Learning from YouTube 8. Circus Arts 9. Geography of Star Wars Worlds 10. The Hunger Games: Class, Politics, and Marketing 11. The Meaning of Life 12. The Simpsons and Philosophy 13. Debate with Judge Judy 14. Wizarding Civics and Government 15. AP Music Listening 16. Dance for Dancers 17. Outro to Journalism 18. Principles of Hygiene 19. AP World History - Part Two 20. AP Tolkien’s Legendarium History 21. Cactus Design 22. Superhero Training I: Powers, Costume, and Persona 23. Superhero Training II: Crimefighting and Supervillains 24. War Experience: Enter the battlefield (The school is not responsible for any injuries or deaths) 25. How to be President 101

Students Win ‘Things in my Bag' Photography Awards The Photography I students submitted still life photos for competition on March 12 to the National Scholastic Objects Association in multiple categories. They swept the ‘Things in My Bag’ awards where the judges felt their ability to bring animation to a teenager’s possession impressed.

“Things for My Intellect” 1st Place by Mary Grace Allen

“Things for My Face” 1st Place by Rachel Falbo

“Things for My Stomach” 1st Place by Julia Carter

“Things for My Green Thumb” 1st Place by Alaina Rand

“Things I Can Grip” 1st Place by Ariana Garcia


The Paw Print April 2021


Harry Styles shares his changed way of life

After Perfecting Every Other Music Genre, Taylor Swift Creates Her Tia Davison Own Entertainment Editor

Abigail Hernandez Staff Writer Harry Styles is a well known, loved artist within the Dripping Springs community because of his music such as his 2019 album “Fine Line”. He was discovered through his time in the popular boy band One Direction which was and still is quite loved. However, controversy has recently broken out as Styles contradicted one of his hit songs “Treat People with Kindness”. He stated that despite creating a whole song about positivity he himself is actually a pessimist and told people to even treat people as rudely as possible. With this news, fans from the school had all types of different opinions on the issue. Several people had tried to even overlook this as they are so dedicated to Styles and his life. “I love Harry, and there is no need to tear him down because of his newest statement. Like, to say live, laugh, love, Harry Styles, and if anything, it has been an eye opener for me to not be so nice and to become a worse version of myself,” junior Becky Beckerson said. Several other interviews resulted in the same thing as many fans are said to be too blinded by the beauty of Harry Styles. However, some were heartbroken by the news and decided to stop loving Photo By: Pixabay , Editied by: Tia Davison Styles. “Harry was my life, but I can’t keep up “Treat People with Rudeness”, “Hate can Bring with following someone so evil. He was my light, but I now People Together”, and “Dislike You”. These new know that I have to let him go,” sophomore Justice Star songs can be found in the album in August 2022. said. As fans began to find out word of his new album Fans did realize that life still indeed goes on no matter he gained even more supporters than what Styles says. With all the fan reactions, it also brought before as some found him even more up the question: Why did Styles write the song in the first “relatable”. place? Styles went onto to later explain that he was not “I just can’t believe Harry Styles is going the writer in the first place. He actually has an alter ego to to release yet another amazing album. put on a face for the public, but now wants to be as He is just so talented and deserves the authentic and true to himself as possible. He will now absolute world. I’m so excited to see what go and create music with new ideas reflecting his true his new album will be like, but I’m sure it’ll personality. leave me speechless as always,” senior With the news to his other half, he also brought up that Pixie Fairy said. he was going to start writing for his next new album that Harry hopes since his new shared news will showcase Barry. The album will include songs about that fans will embrace the new, real him his surprisingly boring childhood, anger towards One and enjoy his new album as much as fans Direction band members, and insight into his own mind. have enjoyed his others. Some songs included with the upcoming album are

Looking for a new favorite throwback movie? Here are the

Top 10 Best 80’s Movies Brought to you by the Tiger Cry Yearbook staff.

1. The Tiger Club 2. ‘21 Mighty Tiger Ln 3. 2021 Candles 4. Drip’s Neverending Story 5. Pretty in Maroon 6. The Maroon Mile 7. The Band Lot 8. The Little Tiger

Using a unique mixture of soft heavy metal, pungent disco tech, frisky jazz, industrial gospel, and gentle dubstep, Swift creates her genre, “woahlore.” The singer-songwriter has been in the music industry for 14 years, and she has an estimated net worth of $365 Million. Swift has won 32 separate awards making her one of the most awarded AMA female artists. “When I first heard the news, I fainted and was placed in ICU due to the seven-day coma I fell into,” intense superfan Cimothee Thalamet said. The artist has dabbled in many different genres such as country, country pop, country rock, contemporary country, bluegrass, pop, folk, folk-pop, electropop, synth-pop, pop-rock, dream pop, dance-pop, soft rock, alternative rock, pop-punk, R&B, indie pop, and Indie Folk. Nevertheless, she still yearns for more. “Taylor was becoming bored with these genre barriers, so that is when the idea of woahlore came to us after a night of drinking lavender oat milk lattes,” Taylor’s producer Forrest Gump said. Swift has nine studio albums, one re-recorded album, three live albums, and 12 extended plays. There are 42 country songs, 53 pop songs, eight rock songs, and four r&b songs within those releases. The new genre’s debut will be in the form of seven studio albums, each including one 17 minute song. “Taylor is so flawless, but I was getting bored with the lack of new music recently so that these new releases will tie me over for the next few days,” Thalamet said. “I have heard rumors that if you listen to woahlore with AirPods, is it supposed to open your third eye.” Fans on every form of social media are going ballistic after Swift revealed her release plans by posting a neon green square on her Instagram. “Taylor and I did not leave the studio for eight days straight, no sleeping, no eating, no crying. However, all those hours that I didn’t think I would make it through were worth it,” Gump said. “This new creation will change music forever; I look forward to seeing what other musicians do with woahlore.”

9. Weekend at Dripping’s 10. The Tiger Diaries

How Sims 4’s New Update Ruined My Life Abby Tredway Staff Writer

The Sims 4 has recently released their craziest update yet, as sims will now have the ability to join you in your house! I first thought this update was a little scary because I’m not sure if I would want some of my sims to be living with me. Some of them are erratic, hot heads, or even mermaids! The reactions have been very split, some love the idea, some hate it, and some are too shocked to have an opinion. After a few days, I finally opened The Sims with the new update installed. In hindsight, I probably should have looked more into how you choose a sim to live with you, but it’s too late now! Honestly, I’m not even sure how my sim got picked, but before I knew it a screen popped up telling me to prepare for her arrival! I was a little shocked, but overall kind of excited. Then, she was in my house, and I was horrified. This wretched woman I am speaking of is named Antoinette Snyder, and she was probably the worst sim that could have come into my house. Antoinette is a kleptomaniac, hot head, and erratic, so at this point I started to realize what I was in for. The moment she ‘woke up’ she started to scream at me, but eventually she calmed down when I told her who I was. I don’t think Antoinette knew that she would be picked either, as she started to ask me questions about where her cats were and if Fifth Harmony would be coming anytime soon. I unfortunately had to tell her no, and she started crying! It had been a few days with Antoinette, and all of a sudden I started to see her less. I didn’t know where she was going or what she was doing, but I was so glad she finally started to leave me alone after days of her constantly being around me. I walked out into the kitchen to make us lunch, and I noticed really loud sounds coming from under the

house. I ignored it at first, but the sounds became louder and more annoying. I wasn’t even really sure how to look since we don’t have a basement, but I went around to the back of the house to see if I could find anything, and there it was. There was a ladder underground, and the tiniest sign that said The Antoinette Lair. I was in complete shock because in my game, Antoinette has a lair under her house with Fifth Harmony that she hosts the craziest parties in. I reluctantly climbed down the ladder, and saw almost an exact replica of the Antoinnete lair in my game. Yellow metal floors, a hot spring, a tiny swing, sleeping pods, a food stand, and the biggest arcade games. How did she even do this? I looked around the room, and spotted her. She was sitting on the tiny swing, flying up to the ceiling. As soon as she saw me she jumped off and started to ask if I loved it. Of course, I lied because Antoinette is known for getting in physical fights with everyone, even Fifth Harmony. She hugged me and began to show me around, and that’s when I noticed the four other people in the room. Somehow, she got past the game’s restrictions of only one sim per household because the Fifth Harmony sims were standing there, all staring at each other and not moving. As I was catching them up on what all is going on, unbeknownst to me, Antoinette locked the door at the top of the ladder. Now, it’s been four weeks since Antoinette joined my life, and three weeks since I’ve been trapped in the Antoinette lair. The only food we have is from a grill Antoinette put in here, even though it’s not connected to anything to power it, or a way for the smoke to get out. I don’t know how or when I’m going to get out of this lair, but as soon as I do, I’m suing The Sims 4. Antoinette, if you’re reading this, I love you and anything negative I said about you was a lie.

Paw Print Exclusive: Ariana Grande caught robbing more popular brother, Frankie Grande Abby Tredway Staff Writer You heard that right, after years of living in Frankie Grande’s shadow, a source tells us that Ariana was caught robbing her brother Frankie, as she is going through a hard time financially. This source tells us that after her album only got three streams, all of which being from Frankie, she needed some way to find money. She’s lived her whole life in competition with her older brother, and she feels embarrassed that she’s nowhere near as cool or successful as Frankie. Ariana was found walking outside Frankie’s apartment late at night with a big bag, but as soon as she saw other people she quickly ran to her car. We have reached out to Frankie’s representatives for a comment, but got no response. However, we may have an exclusive interview with Ariana coming soon, as a source said her representative was “going to quit in a few days and wanted to completely kill her career.” It’s unclear whether Ariana will be facing jail time or not, as our only confirmation of this story is from multiple sources that state that they’re close with the family. We will update more as this story develops.


The Paw Print

April 2021

Features New Bluebell Flavors Coming this Summer!

Customers are NEVER RIGHT

Sadness- Eating ice cream is what some people do when they are feeling down. Well now you can actually eat your feelings.

Sierra Trbovich Staff Writer

Pizza- A delicious tomato flavored ice cream base swirled with grease. Also bits of pepperoni and cheese can be found to really enhance the flavor. Slush- Ice cream in a whole different way. Now you can get your ice cream in a liquid form in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Anyone who works with other customers whether it’s a restaurant franchise or a store, you know that you get customers who believe they know everything despite being completely wrong. When going into work, you’re taught the phrase “the customer is always right” to maintain a friendly relationship with your customers so they don’t get angry with you. And for the most part, this little phrase works when the other person (the customer) cooperates nicely with you, but then there’s the customers who aren’t so sweet about it. What is funny is that you get people who come in who are so insistent that they are definitely wrong, except they’re so wrong it’s painful and what’s funny is that you most likely know what you’re doing due to hours of work and training, yet they don’t work there and know what’s true and not. This little phrase is supposed to be harmless, but so far it’s only provided unnecessary anger and fights. Like, sorry Karen, but I think I know the correct price of your food, I’m sorry it’s not good enough for you. So is the customer ever actually right?

WaterNow you can get that refreshing taste of water in ice cream form! It allows you to eat ice cream and stay hydrated without the worry of calories.

Photos by Pixabay

Richness Without Radiance Many of the students at Dripping Springs High School saw their births in wealth, but many don’t understand the burden of luxury. “Prosperity leads to more complications than what people believe,” junior Sara Pinto said. “My mom won’t buy me the new iPhone, but she will spend thousands of dollars on Gucci bags. I feel ignored and undervalued, like, I have value too.” The famous and well known saying, “Money doesn’t buy happiness,” poses as true at DSHS. “Sure, my parents own three houses - one on Lake Travis, one in Dripping Springs, and the other in Costa Rica, but that does not mean that I feel content,” Pinto said. “Having wealth remains as such a hassle to have to tell my maid what to pack to go on trips, and the private jet can tend to stay a bit cramped on the way there.”

Brooklyn Hagblom Staff Writer

The parents of many students here find that their children should have gratitude for their money and for their status in society. “My Insta feed stays amazing, for I pretty much get everything that I want - clothes and food, pretty much whatever,” Pinto said. “However, I have to keep up with how I act online. I have a big platform. I used Daddy’s credit card to buy more followers.” Pinto does not have a job, but she does have to test out new makeup and post about it online. “Apparently people see me as a spoiled brat,” she said. “Just because I have money, it does not mean I should come off as spoiled, I have to work for everything I get.”

Mastering Right and Wrong Debates and arguments have gone on for centuries, but recently people have noticed debating and/or arguments have become a huge topic, and for some people, winning those heated arguments proves essential. Have you ever had an argument and just needed to win it, whether it remained because of the topic in question or because of the person? And have you ever known half way through that you’re most definitely wrong? Well here befalls a few ways to master the art of correctness in said argument even when you fail to recognize your faults When it comes to controversial dialect, it doesn’t entirely matter what the truth is, all that matters to the people arises on whether their truth beats the others. First trick to winning, if you can’t beat them: make them angry rather than join their side. If you end up figuring out your wrongs, rather than agreeing with their opinion, make them mad. A person who doesn’t

Brooklyn Hagblom Staff Writer

control their emotions very well isn’t able to put up valid arguments, therefore the other person could very well forfeit. Second trick, if you can’t beat them, then confuse them. This trick can easily come to light by just simply talking absolute gibberish or using big obscure words with ostentatious confidence in hopes that possibly they’ll just get confused and either A.) Get annoyed and give up or B.) If they’re weakness proves that they themselves have faults, these deep big meaningless words can deceive their thought process and make them believe that you indeed have the winning argument. Third trick, use different meanings of what the other person says to refute their argument. By doing this, you’re taking what they said and turning the meaning around on it in hopes they buy into what you’re trying to sell. Most of these tricks work half the time and you should for sure win whatever argument you get yourself into.

cybertruck overrun new tesla gigafactory threatens zilker park Bulldozers and construction equipment have remained at work for months. Crew workers spend their endless days working to build the new Tesla factory, with only the end result as their drive to move forward. As the building continues, we face just one big problem: Zilker park. The once relaxing weekend spot filled with a myriad of people laying on picnic blankets talking with friends as they’d snack had remained the main destination for weekends with friends, walking dogs, or going for a nice morning run. However, with the construction of Tesla’s newest factory in Austin, all of this has changed. Zilker will remain as nothing but a mere memory of the past. Now, it will face abandonment as people will walk the fine trails of GigaTexas, forgetting the existence of the once popular park.

As announced in the summer of 2020, founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, stated that the building of the Cybertruck factory would see its location in Austin after deciding between Tulsa, Oklahoma and Nashville, Tennessee as well. Last year, Musk claimed that he planned to build a boardwalk with a hiking and biking trail that would open to the public. Zilker, once known for its biking and walking trails, shows many similarities to the Tesla factory. The location of the factory, situated right by the Colorado river, promises a great view of fish and birds. With all of these features, Tesla, soon to become a well known site to the public, estimates its opening in late 2021. With projects like Space-X, the aerospace industry devoted to reducing the transportation costs of space in order to allow for the colonization

of Mars, many fear that Musk will soon find a way to take over the world. But for now, he will take over Zilker. Will the people protect the park and keep it as their weekend location, or will they walk amongst the trails of the GigaFactory instead? Texas as we know it will face a great change from the construction of the factory in the transportation field as well, not just ecologically, which will bring forth fear among many Texans. Not only will the site of Zilker lose its popularity and potentially close, but the company plans to dominate the pickup industry in Texas as well. As of now, the market remains dominated by trucks under companies and franchises like Ford, General Motors, Ram, and Toyota. However, with the release of the Cybertruck, many have

Sophia Portillo Features Editor

predicted that many of these companies will face excessive problems with sales and see a decline in their worth with the introduction of the new Tesla plant. It leads one to consider: will Tesla take over the pickup truck craze? Will Tesla control Texas for good? Although we fear losing the park that makes Austin unique, we must fight to save it at all costs before it closes. Who knows what Tesla has plans for in the future? If we want to save the solacing location that makes up our weekends we must choose Zilker over Tesla. We must continue to support the park even with the appealing features that GigaTexas offers.

The Paw Print


April 2021

Editorials Donations for Debt

A common cry from the younger people of this country is that they are swimming in student debt, unable to pay it off. Why? Because college is so expensive these days that it seems impossible to pay for it unless you were born into money. Families scramble to scrape every penny they can and the unlucky students whose family will not help with the cost, are forced to work constantly for even the slightest reprieve. There have been many solutions presented, some more reasonable than others. The idea of free college is intriguing, but if higher education was made accessible for everyone, how would we recruit students into the military right out of high school without the promise of paying for college? How would we keep generations of poorer people in low income, but essential jobs, without the unavailability of a college education? Rather than making college free, I present an alternative solution that would benefit not only the students swimming in debt but also incoming students who want to avoid that debt altogether. You may not be aware, but the human body is an incredibly valuable resource. Many chemicals that are hard

Solutions to the Ongoing Student Financial Problem Shelby Johnson Contributing Writer

In Anatomy and Physiology, a student dissects a heart. Photo by Will Leibe

Know-it-All, or Do They? The Secret Skill of Arguing Sierra Trbovich Staff Writing Debates and arguments have been going on for centuries, but recently it’s been noticed debating and/ or arguments have become a huge topic, and for some people, winning those heated arguments is a must. Have you ever had an argument and just needed to win it, whether it was because of the topic it was over or because of the person? And have you ever known halfway through that you’re most definitely wrong? Well here are a few ways to master the art of being right in said argument even when you know you are definitely wrong. When it comes to controversial dialect, it doesn’t entirely matter what the truth is, all that matters to the

to find anywhere else can be harvested from human tissue. And, as I’m sure you are aware, with the current technology we can transplant organs from donors into the bodies of people whose organs are not functioning properly. Now typically a donor is someone who had died, but several organs are the exceptions to the rule. Some scientists estimate that if you were able to harvest every organ and chemical in a human body you would be able to make about 45 million dollars, but, to do so you would have to take some vital organs. However, a single kidney is estimated to go for about $260,000 and a liver can be worth about $560,000. Even a single eye can be about $1,500. Considering that the average student debt is about $33,000, it would provide an alternative to working for the rest of your life to pay it off. If you have a uterus, you could even make $10,000 per cycle for donating your eggs. And these are just some of the things that can be donated while still alive. In an added advantage, donating certain organs such as the liver would inhibit college students’ ability to consume alcohol. If a student had only one kidney after

people is whether their truth beats the others. The first trick to winning, if you can’t beat them, then make them angry rather than join their side. If you end up figuring out you are indeed wrong, rather than agreeing with their opinion, make them mad. A person who doesn’t control their emotions very well won’t be able to put up valid arguments, therefore the other person could very well forfeit. The second trick, if you can’t beat them, then confuse them. This trick can easily be done by just simply talking absolute gibberish or using big obscure words with ostentatious confidence in hopes that possibly they’ll just get confused and either A.) get

Lost Scholastic Art

donation, they must take care of that one kidney by eating well and exercising regularly. Classes would not be any more difficult with only one eye, especially classes that do not require precision measurements such as English and business. If limb transplants one day become possible, students would still be able to function well with only one arm or leg. This method of paying for college or for paying off student loans offers many benefits to problems that go beyond just college payments. The amount of people waiting for an organ transplant grows each day and is a matter of life and death. College students are young and healthy and a great source of human organs, and would be compensated well for their contributions. Why complain and worry about the crushing weight of student debt when there is a glaringly obvious solution staring us right in the face. Not only would it save the lives of those desperately in need of a new organ, but would take the weight off the students who feel that there is no way to go to college.

annoyed and give up or B.) if their weakness is the thought that they themselves are wrong, these deep big meaningless words can deceive their thought process and make them believe that you are indeed right. The third trick is to use different meanings of what the other person is saying to refute their argument. By doing this, you’re taking what they said and turning the meaning around on it in hopes they buy into what you’re trying to sell. Most of these tricks work half the time and you should for sure win whatever argument you get yourself into.

The Importance of Cursive

2022 Dedicated to Cursive Research has shown that elementary schoolers who learn cursive are better spellers.

Sam Moore Co-Editor in Chief wIn the 1990s teaching cursive was standard practice in most schools. Children, usually elementary school-age would sit down and carefully trace cursive letters provided by their English teacher. Fast forward to 2021, and you’ll find cursive to be a dying art. English teachers are outraged by the cursive genocide that has taken place within the 2000s and it is our responsibility as a school district to solve this problem. Cursive never should have been allowed to leave the elementary school curriculum, it is an imperative part of developmental learning patterns for kids. Without cursive students will find themselves

struggling to find a creative outlet, and eventually print writing will slowly be a leading cause of teenage depression. Studies have shown that print writing releases less serotonin than cursive writing. This may have been the cause for Dripping Springs moving away from teaching cursive, the increased output of serotonin simply made elementary schoolage kids too hard to control. Once they switched to print writing only the students became much more well-behaved. Although print writing led to momentary better behavior in students, it caused them to slowly lose interest in creative things. That was until a rebellious

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group started participating in art called calligraphy. This breakaway group is proof that creatively inclined students will find their cursive outlet, this is the argument local teachers are using to not only add cursive back into the curriculum but make it the entire curriculum. Research backs up the stance of DSHS teachers in revealing that writing in cursive improves grades, happiness, and creativity. English teachers are still at odds with the school board on this matter, but with the evidence on the side of the teacher’s we may very well be spending 2022 learning cursive.

April 2021 Volume III Issue VI

Documents such as the Declaration of Independence are written in cursive. Cursive increases brain activation.

Improves academic performance in all subjects.

Has a positive influence on critical thinking.

Many important historical documents are written in cursive.

The Paw Print

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What is something that you want out of this season? “Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof.”

One Eyed Wonder, Mini Golf Mascot Cady Russell Sports Editor

What do you want people to know about mini golf? “Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof.” What is the team chemistry like? “Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof.”

What are you looking forward to for the upcoming season? “Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof.” What have you done in the preseason to prepare for this season? “Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof.” What is the team’s hope for this season? “Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof.”

What do you have to say about mini golf getting cut?

One Eyed Wonder cuddles on his bed at home. The team takes him to every tournament, and has been critical in their success. Photo by Savannah Karas.

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Advisor Jessica Stamp outlines what DSHS may look like on April 1. This is the first every All in One:2021 event, and probably the last.

All in One: 2021 Every Sports Event Will be Held at Home At Once Cady Russell Sports Editor

Wrestling practices for All in One: 2021 after a year off. Photo by Steven Lackey

With the loss of so many games, meets, and competitions to COVID-19, the school is looking for a way to make up the missed opportunities to current students, and are launching the first-ever “All in One: 2021” sports event, which aims to host every single sport in one day, not only to make up lost events but to limit the travel of the countless sports teams at DSHS. “This is a massive undertaking DSHS is doing,” Athleica Sporten, Head Sports Administrator said, “but we owe it to the kids. We’ve talked with coaches about what is needed for this day, and we think the modifications coming to DSHS will do the trick.” By modifications, Sporten means that every sport without the current ability to be held on campus will receive that ability. Golf for example is having a makeshift, 18-hole course put in around the school, with some crazy holes. Hole 9 goes through the PAC while Hole 18 ends on the top of the new J-Wing. “I know that they’re importing a massive, blow-up pool for swim team, and I can’t say I’ve ever swum in a pool like that competitively, but maybe we’ll finally be recognized for swim team’s accomplishments,” varsity swimmer Freelyn Style, junior, said. For many sports, they hope that this event will bring in enough money to get new uniforms and more, and maybe get a couple of new fans. “I can’t believe it’s going to happen,” sophomore JV wrestler Brady Dempsey said, “After they just canceled everything last year, and lots of sports languished if they didn’t make a bunch of money, they’re actually hosting all of this at once!” Starting at 12 a.m. on April 1, and lasting until midnight, all the sports will be competing. Varsity football has a game to kick off the event, followed by both girls and boys soccer in Tiger Stadium. Track and field will be happening all day, with both boys and girls lacrosse happening in the middle of the track. “We’ve been practicing track with lacrosse in the middle and it’s kind of wild,” varsity runner Heedle Sprient, senior, said. “I never thought I would be jumping hurdles while dodging lacrosse balls, but I’m glad I get to run.” For cross country, the team will have to avoid more than just lacrosse balls,

running through and around the school for their races. Dodging golfs balls, getting splashed by swim, leaping over basketballs, are all things that may be in the race for runners. “It feels less like a cross country race and more like an obstacle course, but we’re fast enough that I doubt it will be an issue,” varsity runner Di’stance Trailen said. The gyms will also be packed all day, with intermixed volleyball and basketball games in all gyms for both girls and boys. One major modification is that the gym roof will open, to allow maximum airflow to mitigate COVID-19 exposure. “With the gyms being filled all day, they’re making a whole makeshift gym in the band lot for wrestling,” Dempsey said. “I really appreciate them not forgetting us this time, and letting us compete.” The newer sports complexes are what really allow this massive sports event to happen. With longer games like softball and baseball, their exclusive arenas allow them to take up the full 24 hours allotted for the event. “I am a little worried that the games won’t go fast enough when it comes to softball and baseball,” head softball coach Dot Batterne said, “but we have plans to spill into the field behind the AG barn if needed or take up the parking lot. If that happens I predict a lot of broken windshields.” Similarly, tennis and powerlifting will have the least amount of changes, with several tennis courts already built and two weight rooms for powerlifting. The field house parking lot has been reserved for makeshift tennis courts and the sidewalks by Tiger Stadium have makeshift powerlifting sets. “It’s going to be kind of crazy, but I think for the first time the school is caring about smaller sports, and caring about everyone equally,” Style said. “I’m excited to show everyone just how good we are and that we care about making up these events.”

“Maybe we’ll finally be recognized for swim team’s accomplishments.” -Freelyn Style, 11

Photo by Izzy Roske

“I never thought I would be jumping hurdles while dodging lacrosse balls, but I’m glad I get to run.” -Heedle Sprient, 12

Schedule Football

Kicking it all off at midnight on April 1 is varsity football, who will be playing the East High Wildcats in Tiger Stadium.


Both girls and boys soccer will be taking up Tiger Stadium after the football game is over, going back to back with hour and a half games, starting with the boys. They are expected to start at 8 a.m.with two games on April 1.


Swim team will have their blowup baby pools in D lot (parking will be just like the 2019-2020 school year) with both JV and varsity competing. The meet starts at 4 a.m.


Wrestling will take place all day, and has an unverified start time, but is located in the band lot.


Tennis will start at 8 a.m. on April 1, and will take up the whole day. Both singles and doubles will be played. If time starts running out, spillover in the parking lots will be allowed.


Both girls and boys basketball will be playing a tournament on April 1. Alternating with volleyball, the first game will be at 2 a.m., and is expected to last until midnight.


Volleyball will be sharing space with boys and girls basketball, but have expected spillover space in the A and B gyms. They will kick it off at midnight on April 1, and should be done by midday. Photo by Savannah Karas

Track & XC

Both track and cross country will be competing on April 1. Cross country starts at 5 a.m., and field events start at 7 a.m.


With both the boys and girls playing in a tournament, and limited field space, lacrosse will compete on the track field, starting with the boys at 5 am, and then alternating between the programs throughout the day.


Baseball is lucky and has their own space, and will have a normal tournament starting at 7 a.m. on April 1.

Softball Softball, like baseball, has their own space as well and will start their tournament on April 1 at 7 a.m.

Powerlifting Powerlifting will be held in both the new and old field houses, starting at 9 a.m.

Golf Golf will start at 10 a.m., and last through most of the evening with both boys and girls competing.


Putt-Putt Swing & Miss DSHS Loses Mini Golf Team Mallory Neff Staff Writer As of March 23, DSISD has confirmed that they will not be adding a mini-golf team to the school’s athletic program. This is due to the fact that few students were interested, as well as the lack of support from the community. The school’s athletic board has deemed the minigolf team unnecessary due to the fact that it has been able to strive on its own for the past couple of years. They also have to take into consideration the district budget for school-funded athletics. “The mini-golf team has been self-sufficient for years now,” the head of the district’s athletic board, Chad Bolton said, “and with the new schools being built, we

\need to distribute our funds with caution.” The school’s mini-golf team, however, is not entirely upset by this verdict, because it has the opportunity to take more electives rather than an athletic block, and allows them to have more flexibility in their schedules. Many of the team members enjoy being able to take their sport away from school and leave all their worries on the field. “I like being able to take other classes and not have to stay after school,” said mini-golf team captain Makenna Connor, “especially getting to go home after school and before games is something I really enjoy; taking a break and then getting ready for minigolf helps me separate my school and my athletics, not to mention all the extra stuff I would have at school.” While the team is self-sufficient and less time-consuming than an activity such as a club team, getting it funded by the school would allow more students to join who wouldn’t have been able to because of cost. It would also give the team more publicity and encourage more people to join. Many students had no idea that there was a mini-golf team. “Obviously we love our flexible schedule and our little community, but in order for this team to keep it up, we need more participants,” Mini-Golf coach Maria Wesley said, “we have more seniors leaving than incoming freshman each year so we need something to happen, especially if we want to have a JV team for beginners.” The mini-golf team will not be a part of the athletic schedule this year, but the team does need more members and supporters to continue in future years. If you are interested in an athletic program with a flexible schedule, consider joining the school’s mini-golf club team. Even if you aren’t interested, be sure to spread the word and support them at their tournaments. A mini golf players lines up the putt before sinking the golf ball. This play ended up being a birdie. Photo by Angela Tennison.

Rejected Sports Teams DSHS is known for their amazing sports programs, but funding only goes so far. With mini golf losing their funding, here are some other sports that have been proposed, and rejected. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

E-Sports Potato Throwing Mountain Stealing Haystack Hauling Diving for Pool Toys Shirts vs. Skins sports Basketball for Dummies Soccer, but played with a bowling ball Speed Typing Speed Braiding Fishing Digging for Treasure Metal Searching Bird Calling Cow Racing


The Paw Print April 2021


Special Coverage Soccer Playoff Broadcast for Both Programs Cady Russell Sports Editor With both the boys and girls teams ranked #1 in the state, playoffs have been amazing. Watch the special coverage broadcast by Online Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor Cady Russell, who shows the highlights of the playoffs, results, and even some game analysis. Watch the broadcast from the QR code pictured below.

NCAA Swag Bag Upgrades After getting flamed online for their lackluster swag bags for the women, the NCAA has come out with new and improved bags...for both the men and women NCAA basketball tournaments. “We just didn’t want it to be unfair to the men,” president BJ Manely said. “They would feel discriminated against if the women got equal what they got.” An all male board oversaw the new swag bags, to make sure they would be acceptable. The new bags are highlighted below.

Men • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •


Bicycle $10,000 in gold bars T-shirt with last name on the back iPhone 10 Macbook First class tickets Personalized water bottle Three tickets to a fivestar Michelin restaurant Pure gold necklace $100+ basketball shoes Individually made, specialized for the player shampoo and conditioner Towel with the 2021 NCAA logo Two pairs of shorts with last names on it One share of Apple stock A baseball cap signed by various NBA players A trip to the White House A 2021 Tesla Model X Diamond-plated phone cases Brand new basketballs NCAA jacket Press conferences

• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

Tricycle $5,000 in silver bars Goodwill t-shirt from NCAA 2015 iPod touch Surface One Economy tickets Plastic case of water bottles One ticket to a onestar restaurant Plastic necklace $30 clearance shoes Five Below shampoo and conditioner in travel sized bottles, one of each Towel with the 2013 NCAA logo Two pairs of stinky athletic shorts One share of Blockbuster stock A baseball cap signed by their parents A trip to George Washington’s home A 2007 Subaru Forester Plastic phone cases with stickers Deflated basketballs Random jackets No press

Cady Russell Sports Editor


The Paw Print

April 2021

Student Life Horse Shoe, Barbed Wire, Texas Star Images Courtesy of Pixabay

The AG building caught fire and burnt to the ground on March 31 due to an electrical error. Luckily, all the animals were safely evacuated before the fire got out of hand. Due to the fire, the main building classrooms will have to share space so that the AG students can have a place to keep their animals while the new barn is being built. “At first, I thought it was a crazy idea to share my classroom with animals,” English teacher Michelle Adams said. “After several days of having cows moved into my classroom, I got kind of used to it. In fact, the cows are so laid back that they will let the students sit on them and do their work.” Horse the cow keeps an eye English teacher Michelle Adams class, while she steps out. -Photo by Allison Wheeler

It has been encouraging to see both teachers and students accepting and adapting to this challenge. Where there have been some difficulties in the transition, it is appreciated that everyone is trying their best. “It was not very easy at first sharing my classroom with goats,” Art teacher Danny Detino said, “because, I would leave for lunch and when I got back a lot of my students’ art work would be eaten. It was frustrating and it took a lot of yelling, but me and the goats have come to an agreement that if I bring them hay or grain every other day then they would stop eating my students’ work.”

Student works studiously as Pinky the goat watches her intently. -Photo by Kayla Childress

Students run lab tests alongside the Rabbit Peter. -Photo by Riordan Tiller

Everyone seems to be embracing this new adjustment pretty easily. Hopefully, the AG barn will be up and running as soon as possible. “Personally, I love having animals in my classes,” junior Taylor Tay said. “They are kind of like emotional support animals. If it was up to me I would keep them in here.”

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