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Court Street Medical Building


9 Court Street Downtown, St. Catharines ON L2R 4R3 Tel: 905-346-1100 • Fax: 905-346-1199 Email:

2 spring 2011

letter from the editors


Photography, Jen Semple.

hen I can feel the warmth of the sun and see the green grass, leaves and flowers starting to grow, I know that festival season is just around the corner! Downtown St. Catharines will soon be filled with crowds of visitors enjoying the various entertainment and food offerings that these festivals are famous for. It doesn’t really matter what festival it is — they are all good and allow me to participate in one of my favourite pastimes: people watching. These festivals attract thousands and thousands of people every year from all over Ontario. If you haven’t been to one, or any of them for that matter, mark the dates down on your calendar and make sure you don’t forget! The Folk Arts Festival weekend in Montebello Park (May 28 & 29) is returning this year, and with expanded entertainment and children’s areas, it’s sure to be a great weekend! S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival (June 26) returns with close to two hundred of the best and brightest independent musical acts performing in over a dozen venues. 500 classic and custom vehicles line the downtown streets, which are closed to pedestrian traffic for the day, at the Downtown Classic Car Show & Jazz Fest (July 9). Guests are also able to enjoy over 200 restaurants and shops that will be open for business during this fantastic event. The newest addition this year is an International Busker Festival (Aug 12 – 14), sure to be a huge hit with over 100 artists from around the globe performing on 6 different stages over the three days. There is something for everyone at all of these events so be sure to get outside and soak up the fun! Check out the Arts & Culture listings in the back for more information on these and many more happenings in Downtown, St. Catharines this summer.

Tisha Polocko

Elizabeth Fritshaw

Executive Director

Events and Communications

St. Catharines Downtown Association

St. Catharines Downtown Association

spring 2011


streetseen: event

get those motors running Photography, Danielle Polocko.

Rev-up for the 9th Annual Downtown Classic Car Show. By Courtney Meyer


ummer is coming, and with it brings one of Niagara’s largest automotive events: The Downtown Classic Car Show. Going into its 9th year, The Downtown Classic Car Show has grown considerably in the past eight years attracting more participants and guests, every year. On July 9, 2011, up to 500 classic cars will line historic St. Paul Street on this one-day event that attracts automotive enthusiasts and families from all over Ontario. Guests are invited to attend free of charge, and have the opportunity to take part in a variety of attractions that will be taking place during

Photography, Bonna Rouse.

4 spring 2011

the day. What better way to spend a warm July day than to take a leisurely stroll through downtown St. Catharines and experience up to 500 incredible vintage cars! This year’s Downtown Classic Car Show will feature some old favourites, as well as new attractions to satisfy guests of every age. The immensely popular Low Rider Hop-Off event will once again take place during the show, where low-riders will go head-to-head in a competition to win prize money of up to $1000. A low rider car is a car which has had its suspension system modified with hydraulic suspension so that it rides as low as possible. These custom hydraulic systems allow drivers to alter the ride height at will, and are measured by the number of hydraulic pumps the car has. These pumps are then powered by multiple batteries. A skilled switch operator can manipulate his controls to raise or hop one end of the car completely off the ground. The competition will have two categories, single and double pump, and whichever car can “hop” the highest wins. This competition is always exciting and is clearly a crowd favourite attracting hundreds of people to the contest. The Downtown Classic Car Show is not just about the cars, however. Jazz enthusiasts will love the live entertainment provided outside of the Silver Spire Church. A variety of jazz acts from all over Ontario will be on hand to entertain the crowd while they take a break from walking around. The Downtown Classic Car Show also features activities for mini-car lovers. An interactive children’s area will be available for children to enjoy complete with a variety of activities to keep them engaged and entertained. Due to the success of last year, children will once again have the opportunity to express their artistic side and paint an actual car. Guests young and old will also enjoy the variety of street performers that will be on hand to entertain the crowds as they wander the downtown streets. The Downtown Classic Car Show offers the perfect opportunity for guests to experience all the local businesses and flavours this area has to offer. Businesses will remain open for the day, allowing guests the opportunity to explore and enjoy over 200 restaurants and shops that make up the downtown core of St. Catharines. So on July 9, 2011 grab the family and come downtown for this fantastic one-day event. Shop, listen to music, grab a bite and stroll through the streets as you peruse hundreds of classic cars on a warm July day.

JULY 9 2011 th







122 St. Paul Street Downtown, St. Catharines 905-988-9575 HOURS Monday - Wednesday: 10am - 6pm, Thursday and Friday: 10am - 9pm, Saturday: 10am - 5:30pm JOIN US ON FACEBOOK Photography, Danielle Polocko.

spring 2011


your very own outdoor oasis

Photography, Aura Landscaping.

Creating your own outdoor space of beauty. By Megan Pasche

Photography, The Watering Can.

streetseen: at the core


pring is upon us once again and to the delight of many outdoor lovers that means it’s time to get out in the yard, start landscaping and get the gardens in tip top shape. After all, nothing says Spring quite like the scent of freshly churned soil and flats of flowers just waiting to take root. Lucky for us, businesses in Downtown St. Catharines have all the expertise needed for flowers, landscaping and floral design, and are a great place to start if you need some new ideas or some know-how.

The Watering Can is a European style flower shop located on James Street that always has a beautiful selection. If you need inspiration, take a stroll around the store, or attend one of their floral workshops. Aura Landscaping has an office on Court Street, and is committed to creating landscapes that will “illuminate your soul”. They have been creating these awe-inspiring landscapes for the last 15 years, so whether you need a little assistance or a lot of help, Aura Landscaping is up to the task. BBBlooms is the place to go for floral design. Whether it’s a large scale event, a wedding or a dinner party, BBBlooms, located on King Street, has some of the most innovative and beautiful designs around. Aura Landscaping 18 Court St. - by appointment only 905-228-3733

Photography, Aura Landscaping.

BBBlooms Flowers & Gifts 128 King St. – by appointment only 905-682-5525 The Watering Can Flower Market 28 James Street – 905-704-0088

6 spring 2011

streetseen: at the core

Photography, Aura Landscaping.

outdoor trend-setting Gardening & Landscaping trends for 2011. By Megan Pasche


e all have our favourite colours, flowers, plants and arrangements and we tend to use them over and over again, year after year. However, as with anything, there are always new and trendy ways of doing things. While you may not want to completely redo your garden to keep up with the latest looks, there’s nothing wrong with trying a little something different. One of the biggest garden trends for 2011 is growing your own vegetables. Whether it’s in a huge garden or a small pot, more and more people are realizing the benefits of growing their own food. With the amount of chemicals that often come into contact with store bought veggies, growing your own vegetables can not only save you money, but it’s a healthier alternative. Don’t be afraid to mix in your vegetables with some flowers; doing so can create some beautiful colour combinations and make your garden really stand out. In terms of popular colours for Spring 2011, think bright. The best way to retaliate against a brutal, cold winter? Spring and Summer flowers that pop! Deep reds, vibrant blues, earthy greens and dark purples. If it’s bold and bright, it’s in. Want to add a little whimsy to your garden? How about a garden gnome? Once seen as kind of tacky, gnomes are enjoying a comeback in 2011 thanks to the recently released animated feature, Gnomeo & Juliet. Since its release in mid-February, sales of garden gnomes have significantly increased. Another emerging trend is to incorporate a little Mother Nature into your garden. Bird feeders and baths, butterfly bushes, and certain plants can attract a wide array of life to your yard.

hardscapes like patios, decks and paths which reduce the need for water and pesticides. Nightlighting is another quickly growing trend. LED lights are available for outdoor use and can be used to highlight your house and your landscaping. Not only that, but increased light will give your home a little bit more security. Vertical gardening, a garden that grows upwards instead of outwards, is something else that is starting to become very popular. These can be made indoors or outdoors, and are often used to provide a sense of tranquility. This is also a great alternative if you have limited space, but still want to have a garden. With so many options and great ideas available to you, why not head downtown and talk to some of the experts. They can guide you on your way to creating your very own beautiful outdoor oasis.

Rings To Fall In Love With

LANDSCAPING While the concept of “green” landscaping may seem redundant, what this trend is referring to is environmentally friendly landscaping. Many home owners are looking for ways to incorporate environmentally friendly trends into their landscaping designs, and not only save themselves money, but increase their curb appeal. Whether it’s a complete re-design, an add-on, or just a different project to try, there are an endless amount of new ideas out there! Ecoscaping is one way to achieve these environmentally friendly goals. It makes use of green solutions, without actually compromising the health of the land. Ecoscaping includes such things as rainwater harvesting and decorative

“Serving Niagara for 50 Years” 261 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines, ON • 905-685-0122 Hours: Mon. to Thurs. and Sat. 9am-5:30pm, Fri. 9am-9pm spring 2011


streetseen: do-it-yourself

a touch of personality

Photography,The Watering Can.

Creating your own hanging basket and spring wreath adds that personal touch. By Megan Pasche


ne of the best ways to spruce up a patio or deck for springtime is with a beautiful hanging basket. While they can be expensive to purchase, once you get the knack of it, making one of these displays can be fairly easy. STEP ONE: Choose a hanging basket which will complement the surroundings. Generally, the baskets are either going to be wire baskets or solid baskets. Wire baskets will probably need to be lined with something, but the advantage to these types of baskets is that you will be able to add plants to the basket from all angles. Solid baskets are usually plastic and come in all different colours. These will retain water much better than the wire baskets. STEP TWO: Purchase quality potting soil and some fertilizer. It’s important to fertilize hanging baskets because so much water drains out the bottom of the container when they are watered. There is potting soil that is specially made for hanging baskets, or you can always mix your own. STEP THREE: Decide what type of plants you want to put in your hanging basket. When choosing your plants, try to group them based on their growing requirements. For example, all sun worshippers should go together in one

8 spring 2011

basket while all shade lovers should be grouped together in their own basket as well. You’ll want to choose a good combination of trailing vines, bushy plants and plants that will add height to your basket. STEP FOUR: Begin your basket. If you’ve gone with the wire baskets and want to have plants on the sides as well as the top, you should start from the bottom up. Add a little bit of soil to the bottom of the basket. Insert your plant through the outside, and gently pull the roots from the inside of the basket. Add whichever plants you want for the first layer, followed by some soil to cover up the roots. Repeat this until you’ve reached the top of your basket. You’ll want to arrange your plants so that any dangling vines are near the edges and the taller plants are closer to the centre. Once you’ve filled your basket, make sure to water it thoroughly. STEP FIVE: Maintaining your hanging basket. Every two or three days make sure to remove any dead flower blooms and pinch back leaves and leggy runners. You will soon have a beautiful, personalized hanging basket made for a fraction of the cost!

Spring wreaths are a great way to spruce up the front of your house, but they can be quite expensive to purchase in a store. The good news is if you have all the right materials, they can actually be really easy to make by yourself at home. Things you will need to create your own wreath are: scissors or wire cutters, brown or green floral tape to match the stems, hot glue gun, twist tie for hanging the wreath, and the wreath base itself. Grape vines or straw wreaths are the most common. You’ll also need to purchase silk flowers to go on the wreath. STEP ONE: Choose the main colour you want your wreath to be, or the main type of flower you want to use, and then pick some other flowers that will complement the others well. Varied shapes and sizes work well together. STEP TWO: In terms of how many flowers to buy, it is really a personal preference. If you want to cover the entire wreath base, you’ll need considerably more flowers than if you just want to add some colour to it. Other things you may want to consider purchasing for extra decoration include ribbons, bows and other such items. You can get as creative as you want! STEP THREE: Once you are ready to start your wreath, lay it down on a table as you would like it to hang on your door. Add the twist tie to the top back, so you have a spot to hang the wreath from. STEP FOUR: Next you’ll want to prepare all your flowers. Remove the tags, and cut the stems to a length of about 4 to 6 inches. Once the flowers are prepared, you can

Photography, BBBlooms.


start by grouping them together by color or type. Start with one group of flowers and secure them to the wreath on at a time by twisting the stems or by gluing them. Repeat the process for all the different groups of flowers. After all the flowers are on, you can add any finishing touches. Decoration like bows and ribbons can be added on with hot glue or with the floral tape. Now you can take a step back and see how the wreath looks, and make any adjustments you see fit before hanging it on your door.

spring 2011




% *


Our entire selection of fashion frames. Valid until May 31, 2011. All vision care plans accepted!

*With the purchase of lenses and frames. Maximum discount $100 per pair.


10 spring 2011

streetseen: community

community corner Victim Services Niagara is here to help. By Courtney Meyer


ictim Services Niagara is an organization dedicated to providing short-term emotional and practical support to victims of crime and tragedy. VSN works in conjunction with Niagara Emergency Services, and provides help, hope and healing when you need it most. Some of the services offered include safety programs that arm victims with the knowledge to plan for their future, and on-scene crisis intervention. VSN has expanded their services to provide emergency financial assistance to victims of violent crimes. Everyone faces a crisis at one point in their lives. Victim Services Niagara is there to help. If you have some available time and are a caring and committed individual who wants to give back to your community, visit to fill out an application.

streetseen: community

Anyone who receives crisis care is able to receive a teddy bear which are generously donated at events throughout the year such as the the Niagara IceDogs’ Annual Teddy Bear toss held in December. For more information or to donate, please contact the VSN office at 905-688-4111 ext. 5084, or visit the website at

spring 2011


streetseen: out and about

sundays downtown Many downtown businesses are opening their doors on Sundays. By Courtney Meyer


HOURS OF OPERATION Mon & Tues: 7am - 4pm Wed to Fri: 7am - 5pm Saturday: 8am - 3pm Sunday: CLOSED *closed on all statutory holidays

50 JAMES STREET, ST. CATHARINES • 905-685-0452

12 spring 2011


he weather is warming up and you find yourself bored on a Sunday afternoon itching to get outdoors and take advantage of the warmth you have been waiting for all winter. What better way to spend a sunny spring day than to take a walk in historic Downtown St. Catharines. Kick-off your Sunday with brunch at Dom’s Pasta & Grill or get your groove on with a typical bacon & eggs at Christina’s newly remodelled diner! For something fun and different to do, SUD Skates is open every Sunday afternoon with Niagara’s only indoor skate park and retail shop for patrons to browse around 5000 sq.ft. of skateboards, footwear and apparel. Sunday evenings offer a variety of restaurants and cafés to satisfy every craving and taste. With so many restaurants catering to exotic tastes, there is something for everyone.

If you are in the mood for sushi, there are four ‘all you can eat’ Japanese restaurants open on a Sunday or maybe try a little Middle Eastern cuisine at Nights of Damascus. Downtown St. Catharines boasts a variety of restaurants specializing in exotic fare such as Mexican, Indian, Italian and more. If it is a coffee or cappuccino you are craving, there are a variety of cafés open to serve you. Stop by Coffee Culture and sit outside on one of their many patio tables, or visit Fine Grind Café and enjoy a variety of books, games, people and music. If it is nightlife that you seek, come by City Lights open Sunday nights until 2 am, and have a drink with some friends. If you’re looking for something different on a Sunday, Downtown St. Catharines is the place to be. Carlos’ Cantina (12p-8p) 204 St. Paul St. Christina’s Eatery (8a-4p) 52 St. Paul St. City Lights (2p-2a) 67 St. Paul St. Coffee Culture (7a-10p) 196 St. Paul St. Dom’s Downtown (10:30a–9p) 22 Academy St.

East (12p–10p) 129 King St. Fine Grind Café (12p-close) 37 James St. La Scala Ristorante (5p-close) 26 Church St. Mai Vi Restaurant (5p–10p) 55 St. Paul St. Nights of Damascus (12p–10p) 131 King St.

Real Sushi (12p-10p) 259 St. Paul St. Sahla Thai (5p–10p) 270 St. Paul St. Strega Café (11a–5p)19 King St. SUD Skates (12p–5p) 26 St. Paul Cres. Sushi Jade (11a–10p) 219 St. Paul St. Sushi Ai (12p–10p) 75 St. Paul St.


FINE BRITISH IMPORTS MARKS & SPENCER PRODUCTS NOW IN STOCK! • British Foods & Sweets • Coronation Street • Celtic Jewellery • Guinness Memorabilia & Clothing...

PLUS! Tons of Other Odds & Sods!




50 Russell Avenue, St. Catharines • 905-685-9075

spring 2011


streetseen: feature

bright side of spring Shake off the winter blues and say a big, bright hello to spring... with your wardrobe! By Courtney Meyer


etire those long winter coats and put those boots away; spring is finally here. After a

particularly harsh winter, there is something so satisfying about being able to finally pack away those heavy wool sweaters in favour of something lighter and more appropriate for the balmy temperatures. However, as you take inventory of your spring and summer clothing, you may realize that your wardrobe is lacking. continued on Page 16

14 spring 2011

streetseen: profile

heart & sole of a family The Boot Shop is on its third generation of family ownership with Carrie, Amy and Tim Morrison, preparing to embrace the reins from their father Larry. By Megan Pasche


or the Morrison family, shoes are not just something they sell; shoes are a passion. In fact, shoes have been a passion for the entire family since the store opened 69 years ago in 1942. The Boot Shop is now on its third generation of ownership with Carrie, Amy and Tim Morrison, preparing to take the reins from their father Larry. Having literally grown up in The Boot Shop, they already know the business inside and out, and are excited for what the future holds. It’s not just that long-standing expertise that keeps the company growing and changing, it’s a culmination of a number of factors. Amy notes that the combination of “knowledgeable staff with years of experience, great quality footwear and a comfortable, family environment”, has allowed The Boot Shop to get to where it is today — where exactly is that? Well, in addition to the Downtown James Street location, there are two other stores: one in the Grantham Plaza that serves as a clearance store, and one in The Pen Centre, which is their busiest location. The Downtown store was once located on St. Paul Street, but made the move to James Street several years ago. Amy

says that the move to 46 James Street has opened up “a whole new world”. The move saw the combination of three stores into one, with the James Street location now selling athletic, specially fitted and high fashion shoes all in one location. Every single pair of shoes you see displayed at The Boot Shop is handpicked by a member of the Morrison family, and thus they stand behind all their products. Right now is the perfect time to go check out that handpicked selection as the Spring 2011 line is in stock, on display and is just waiting to be worn. This is the kind of store where you shop once and are remembered from then on. That’s the great thing about downtown shopping; you get unparalleled customer service. When a business is family run, the passion for it and knowledge of the products is evident to all customers who walk through the door. As Amy puts it, “as customers, we crave customer service.” The Boot Shop is one of the only places you’ll find that still measures your feet when you go shoe shopping and is one of the only shoe stores in the area that has served several generations of customers. Customers who frequented the store in 1942 and have sent their kids and then their grandkids there as well. The customer base has grown up right alongside the Morrison family. Shoe styles may change by the season, but one thing that won’t change at The Boot Shop, not now, and not anytime in the future; is the way they treat their customers. Amy says that “customer service is our business. When you come to The Boot Shop, we want you to feel not only that you are buying great quality shoes, but that you are getting the kind of service that everyone deserves.”

spring 2011





That time when we step out of the shadows of winter into the light and warmth of spring's transition into summer.

OUR DOWNTOWN BOUTIQUES HAVE EVERYTHING TO OFFER. Everything from decorating trends, to one-of-a-kind gift giving ideas.


The word may be soft in its use here, but so many of my peers travel far and wide to ensure the products and services you seek are unique. Not just a "box store" purchase.


WILD,CONSERVATIVE, jewellery, shoes, and all accessories are no exception to quality and diversity here.





— David Haskell, photographer and downtowner.


hose trucker hats and cut-off shorts that once seemed so stylish are suddenly outdated and inappropriate. It soon becomes apparent that you need to update your wardrobe to accommodate the temperature and the times. Thankfully, Downtown St. Catharines offers a variety of fashionable shops and boutiques to satisfy every taste. The key to any spring wardrobe this year is colour, and every shopper’s spring mantra should be “the brighter the better”. Take a walk through any downtown shop such as Honey’s and Audrey Rose, and it soon becomes apparent that bright is what is in this spring. Key colours this year mimic the newly growing flowers outside, especially coral, bright orange, yellow and tropical blue. Look for pieces with splashes of colour, or pick one piece with a vibrant colour to liven up your outfit. If you are really bold, hang up that little black dress and go for a little red dress. Forget those drab winter colours; a new season demands a new colour palette. It comes as no surprise that florals are everywhere this spring in Downtown St. Catharines. It seems that every

16 spring 2011

spring season, clothing stores are filled with pieces adorned with flowers and floral prints. This spring is no exception. The floral trend comes straight off of the runway and is featured heavily in shops downtown this year. Honey’s suggests trying a floral print in a top or dress; however the look is not limited just to clothing. As you stroll through KLOZ etc., it soon becomes apparent that the trend also applies to accessories such as shoes, earrings and even purses. This year’s floral trend is brighter and bolder. To avoid looking outdated, try florals that are bigger and brighter, and remember to keep in mind the “in” colours for the spring. Hesitant about wearing a floral print? Try a sandal with a floral decal, or a floral handbag to keep up with the trend. Every spring season sees some repeating trends, and Spring 2011 is no different. Lace is making a comeback this spring and summer and although lace isn’t exactly new, the style has evolved for 2011. To rock this look for spring, look for pieces that are classic and have an antiquated look to

Photography, Lousje & Bean Design Studio.

streetseen: feature Audrey Rose - 80 King St. The Boot Shop - 46 James St. Honey’s - 1 St. Paul St. Kloz Etc. - 122 St. Paul St. Lousje & Bean - 39 James St. Verity - 30 St. Paul St.

spring 2011

Photography, Lousje & Bean Design Studio.

With such a variety of shops in Downtown St. Catharines, shopping for a new spring and summer wardrobe is easier than ever. Keep in mind all these tips and trends for the Spring 2011 season, and you will be in fashion and look great. Happy shopping!

Haskell Photography ©

them. This trend is less about doing all-over lace, but looking for pieces with lace accents that are feminine and subtle. Try a dress with lace cut-outs, or pair a simple black top with a lacy skirt. Remember that with this trend; a little goes a long way. Another repeating trend this spring is stripes with a twist. This year’s stripes are bigger, bolder and more nautical. To pull off this look for the spring make the stripes the focal point of your outfit. Try lighter accessories and let the pattern demand all of the attention. To fuse this style with another spring trend, try a long maxi dress in a striped pattern. Last but certainly not least, who could forget ruffles? Ruffles seem to be a staple in many different shops downtown, including Honey’s and Lousje & Bean who both feature ruffled pieces in their spring collection. Ruffles are a fun way to make any outfit look lighter and more feminine. Try pairing a ruffled top with a pair of cropped jeans or cargo shorts. Ruffles are also a great way to create movement, so try this look in a dress or a skirt to create shape and flow. Accessorizing is vital for any spring outfit. Accessories add the finishing touches to your outfit and give it that extra boost of style. This spring, keep in mind a few key tips. When accessorizing your new spring wardrobe, remember to also keep your accessories bright and bold. What better way to spice up that little black dress than to pair it with a coral clutch and earrings? Colours like yellow and bright blue are also popular choices for handbags and jewellery. Mixing and matching colors like yellow and coral is a fresh and fun way to jazz up any spring outfit. Bright accessories will give any spring outfit that added pop of colour to make you stand out in the crowd. Wide-brimmed hats are back, so expect to see them all over downtown this spring. This style has dated back to the Audrey Hepburn days, and celebrities such as Kate Hudson are frequently spotted sporting this look. Both classic and cool, this look will make any woman feel chic and sophisticated. Wide-brimmed hats look best when paired with a maxi dress or shorts to give your outfit that whimsical and romantic look. When shopping for a wide-brimmed hat, look for a soft brim that has movement, and remember that bigger is better. Now that your outfits are chosen and properly accessorized, you are still missing one thing: shoes. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are frequently seen sporting the nude heel look, signalling this spring season’s shoe trend. Nude heels are a vital staple to any woman’s closet. Not only do they make this season’s colours pop, but they also give the illusion of a longer leg making women appear taller and leaner. This look is best when paired with a dress, skirt or shorts, but the versatile colour means you can wear them with almost anything.


streetseen: out and about

downtown after dark Photography, Elizabeth Fritshaw.

Historic Downtown: A haunting of a time! By Jennifer Wallace


ow often are you doing things downtown at night, between the hours of six o’clock and ten? Not sure where to go or what to do on an evening downtown? Let me help! Did you know that there’s a cemetery in Downtown St. Catharines? As someone who is familiar with downtown, it was fascinating to learn of a small haunted cemetery tucked away. This discovery is just one of many you’ll find on a Full Moon History & Haunts Walk presented by the St. Catharines Downtown Association. In top hat and full-length coat, tour guide Wayne took the group on an informative hour-long walk of our beautiful downtown at night, sharing with us the stories from past and present of ghostly encounters through the ages at over a half-dozen locations. Some stories are age-old legends and tales passed down through generations. Others are fact-based with a great historical value to the city. Can you guess which historic downtown sites are haunted? I’ll never tell. You’ll have to take the tour and find out for yourself. It’s true that there are many historic buildings downtown to explore, appreciate and experience – haunted or not. What’s your favourite? Fortunately, many of the notable structures are open to the public as businesses or places of worship such as the Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria at the corner of Church St. and Lyman St. which is one of the only remaining churches with its doors open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stop in and admire this 1823 architectural gem.

18 spring 2011

Haskell Photography ©

If you’re looking for a delicious meal in a building circa the 1800’s, then La Scala Ristorante at 26 Church Street is the place to go. Serving authentic Italian cuisine in a rustic setting, Head Chef Bill Horwood presents a dinner menu, well, good enough to eat. Whether you’re in the mood for the finest meats or fresh made pasta, La Scala has it all. With summer just around the corner, why not venture on to the Tuscan-inspired patio at the back, one of this patron’s favourite patios downtown! Be sure to keep your senses heightened while you’re visiting 26 Church Street… you never know what you may see. Just don’t leave without trying the Tiramisu. Although the History & Haunts Walks only happen on full moons, you can be sure to find something exciting to do on any given evening downtown. As an historic anchor downtown, the Old Courthouse (aka Sullivan Mahoney Courthouse Theatre) currently houses the Downtown Alliance of Performing Artists (DAPA) – one of downtown’s fine culture clusters. Throughout the season you’ll be able to see performances being presented by one of the now ten theatre groups involved in DAPA. Dinner and a show – what a great night to spend downtown! As you bring your evening to a close, grab a late night coffee and snack at one of the many downtown cafés and coffee shops, and take a stroll through the streets of Downtown St. Catharines. Even at night, there’s much to experience.

La Scala Ristorante There is a place you can dine where once inside, Italy comes alive. This is La Scala Ristorante. This 30-seat tiny restaurant out of the renaissance past is the ultimate authentic Italian cuisine and wines. Situated in Downtown St. Catharines in an 1800's era building on Church Street that was magnificently restored by owners Joe and Lori Marchese. Visit their website at for complete menus or call 905-684-5448 to make reservations.

Courthouse Theatre presentations Professional theatre and dance companies performing in the Courthouse are proud be partners of eyeGO to the Arts, encouraging high school students to attend live performing arts through an imaginative $5 ticket program. Visit and click the “At The Courthouse” page for listings.

St. Catharines Downtown Association The St. Catharines Downtown Association is focused on the improvement and beautification of St. Catharines, as well as the promotion of its downtown core as a great place to live and conduct business. Visit for everything downtown!

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still a unique S.C.E.N.E. Celebrating its 16th birthday on June 26th, S.C.E.N.E. is still one-of-a-kind. By Matt Bresee. S.C.E.N.E. presents over 160 acts on numerous indoor and outdoor stages in venues all over the downtown core, within walking distance of each other so you can maximize your festival experience. Use the auto-scheduler on the S.C.E.N.E. website to design your own custom-made plan for the day. Check out the many artists, vendors and the numerous booths at the Market Square, and watch out for artist meet-and-greets. Drink plenty of water, don't forget to eat (there’s a wealth of restaurant choices downtown), plan ahead and pace yourself. If you've done it before then you know what I'm talking about, and if not then give it a try! This is your festival. The 16th annual S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival takes place on Sunday, June 26th, 2011. Doors open at the Market Square headquarters at noon the day of the Festival. Tickets will be available at the gate and advance tickets will be available starting May 1st online at and at numerous locations across Southern Ontario and beyond. Visit for all things S.C.E.N.E.


Photography, Josh Moody.

s someone who has attended, performed at, and even worked the festival from sunrise to sunset, I will be the first to say that S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival is a vital part of St. Catharines' culture. The St. Catharines Event for New-Music Entertainment is still one of a kind and let me tell you, it’s not too often that you can see rock, punk, folk, rap, and a fourteen piece jazz fusion band all in the same day. Through S.C.E.N.E. I've met people from all over the country, and even some folks from other countries, and everybody who I’ve encountered along the way was there for one reason — the love of music. The first S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival, started back in 1995 by Cashmere, lead singer for now defunct Revenge of The Egg People, a very popular local act, as a way for local unsigned bands to get exposure. It has now become one of "THE" summer destinations for music fans. Past performers include Bedouin Soundclash, City and Colour, Down With Webster, The Creepshow, Saint Alvia, Alexisonfire, Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene), The Midway State, Billy Talent, Arkells, Constantines, Lights, Teenage Head, illScarlett, Cancer Bats, Shad, Silverstein, and many of the best and brightest talents in independent music today.

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culture listings Alakazam – is the Human Knot!

MAY ROUGH COUNT DEIRDRE LOGUE MAY TO JUNE, 2011 During the simple act of counting a bag of confetti – piece by piece – memory thresholds are found and failures amass. The performer begins each count where she left off last. NAC - 354 St. Paul St. THE BIRD IS THE WORD MAY TO JUNE 4, 2011 Poets and visual artists from across Canada delving into the conceptual, spatial, and material presence of the written word. Showcasing video projection, onsite installation, collage, sculpture, and micrography. NAC - 354 St. Paul St. OFFENSIVE FOULS BY JASON LONG MAY 7, 2011 Christine is mad at Joey, her high school boyfriend. She suspects he knows something about a racial incident in their neighbourhood and he’s not telling. For audiences 12+. Presented by Carousel Players at the Sullivan Mahoney

Courthouse Theatre, 101 King Street. Performances at 11am and 2 pm. Tickets $12, eyeGO $5. Box Office 905-682-8326 x26. BBBLOOMS WORKSHOP SPRING PLANTERS MAY 11 & MAY 12, 2011 Learn how to create gorgeous planted designs to spruce up the exterior of your home. All workshops take place at the studio from 6:30pm to 9pm. BBBlooms provides all supplies, as well as refreshments and snacks. Call us at 905-682-5525 or send us an e-mail at to register today. “TRANSFORMATION” MAY 13 TO JUNE 24, 2011 Gallery Onefortyfive presents Transformation - a unique juried art show of various mediums reflecting the multi-faceted theme of transformation. Opening Reception: Friday, May 13 at 7pm. Free admission. 145 King St. Visit

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streetseen: out and about NIAGARA FOLK ARTS FESTIVAL MAY 14 TO 29, 2011 Niagara Folk Arts Festival celebrates multiculturalism and allows visitors to experience and enjoy unique dances, exhibitions and live music from various different cultures. Location of Opening Ceremonies: Front steps of St. Catharines City Hall. Festival Location: Montebello Park.

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FULL MOON GHOST WALK MAY 17, 2011 Take an eerie stroll through downtown exploring history and haunted tales of some of the city’s oldest buildings, under the magic of a full moon. Walk starts at 9pm, tickets $8 pp. Reservations required. 905-685-8424 x21

JUNE Who is a victim? A victim is anyone, any time, anywhere... • who is in crisis • whose life has been

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emotional and practical assistance

24/7 Crisis Assistance: 905-682-2626

NIAGARA DANCE COMPANY PRESENTS VERITY, AN EVENING OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE. JUNE 3 TO 5, 2011 Sullivan Mahoney Courthouse Theatre. Performances Friday to Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2pm. Tickets $20, Students/Seniors/ CADA $16, eyeGO $5. Box Office: Centre for the Arts – Brock University. Call 905-688-5550 ext 3257 or visit NEW VINTAGE FESTIVAL JUNE 18 TO 26, 2011 Internationally acclaimed wines, fresh produce, and a culinary experience unique to Ontario are at the centre of this two weekend wine and culinary extravaganza.

More info at: or by phone 905-688-0212. FULL MOON GHOST WALK JUNE 15, 2011 Take an eerie stroll through downtown exploring history and haunted tales of some of the city’s oldest buildings, under the magic of a full moon. Walk starts at 9pm, tickets $8 pp. Reservations required. 905-685-8424 x21 NEXT COMPANY THEATRE PRESENTS MARCH OF THE FALSETTOS JUNE 23 TO 26, 2011 Performances Thursdays to Saturdays at 8pm. Matinees at 2pm on Saturday and Sunday. Box Office 905-688-5550 x3257. Visit or S.C.E.N.E. MUSIC FESTIVAL JUNE 26, 2011 2011 celebrates the 16th annual S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival.One full day and night with over 170+ of the best and brightest indie music from Niagara and beyond. Over 15 stages in over a dozen venues. The festival is one the biggest one-day, all-ages independent music festival's in Canada!

JULY CANADA DAY FAMILY STREET PARTY JULY 1, 2011 Taking place at Market Square from 11am to 4pm. Enjoy free entertainment, children’s activities, Citizen Ceremonies, and free birthday cake. Free admission. KIDS SUMMER CAMP DOWNTOWN EVERY WEEK IN JULY. Physical activities, creative crafts & games. Daily academics based on your child’s educational level and trips to the park. St. Catharines Martial Arts Centre, 4 Queen Street, 2nd floor, call 905-688-5071. Ages 5 to 12 years old. Beginners welcome! No membership required. The cost is $125 +HST per week. Bring your own lunch. * REGISTER WITH A DEPOSIT BY JUNE 15. SPACE IS LIMITED.

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streetseen: out and about DOWNTOWN CLASSIC CAR SHOW & JAZZ FESTIVAL JULY 9, 2011 The main streets will be filled with hundreds of classic cars and a cool jazz festival taking place throughout the entire day on the lower end of St. Paul Street. Fun for the whole family. Free admission. 905-685-8424. DRAMA & ARTS PROGRAMS JULY 4 TO 29, 2011 Offered by Carousel Players at Sullivan Mahoney Courthouse Theatre. Camps for ages 5-8: July 4 to 8 and July 11 to 15. Shaw Festival camps for ages 10-14: offered July 18 to 22 and July 25 to 29. Registration: 905-682-8326 x26. CONCERTS IN MONTEBELLO PARK JULY 5 TO AUGUST 28, 2011 Enjoy free performances every Tuesday and Sunday at the Band Shell in Montebello Park. Visit “H2O” JULY 8 TO AUGUST 19, 2011 Gallery Onefortyfive presents a summer art exhibit of diverse mediums reflecting a myriad of unique perspectives on H2O. Artist Submission Deadline: July 3, 2011.

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Email for artist application and/or more information. Opening Reception: Friday, July 8 at 7pm. Free admission.Visit FULL MOON GHOST WALK JULY 15, 2011 Take an eerie stroll through downtown exploring history and haunted tales of some of the city’s oldest buildings, under the magic of a full moon. Walk starts at 9pm, tickets $8 pp. Reservations required. 905-685-8424 x21 ANNUAL ROTARY RIBFEST JULY 29 TO AUGUST 1, 2011 Enjoy Ribs, Blues Band music and family entertainment in Montebello Park. Free admission. (Fee for food & drink). Website:

AUGUST DRAMA & ARTS PROGRAMS AUGUST 8 TO 19, 2011 Offered by Carousel Players at Sullivan Mahoney Courthouse Theatre. Acting camp for ages 9-12: August 8 to 12. Camp for ages 5 to 8: August 15 to 19. Registration: 905-682-8326 x26.

DOWNTOWN DEE-LISH AUGUST 12 TO 21, 2011 Downtown restaurants open their doors over these two weeks offering fabulous fixed price 3 course menus. Make plans to dine out every night during this mouth watering event. Prices range from $10+ lunch menus and $15+ dinner menus. Menus and prices posted online at: THE ST. CATHARINES INTERNATIONAL BUSKER FESTIVAL AUGUST 12 TO 14, 2011 Presented by Lyndesfarne Theatre Projects. We are proud to welcome artists from around the globe, with over 100 acts performing on six different stages over three days. Food, drink and artisan vendors will line the streets as well as an inflatable playground for children. This is a free community event for all ages. FULL MOON GHOST WALK AUGUST 13, 2011 Take an eerie stroll through downtown exploring history and haunted tales of some of the city’s oldest buildings, under the magic of a full moon. Walk starts at 9pm, tickets $8 pp. Reservations required. 905-685-8424 x21

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