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The SmartLipo Laser Advantage Please Visit SmartLipo is a newer laser assisted liposuction procedure being performed in most parts of the world. It is a tried and tested laser therapy which was initially practiced in Italy in Europe. Now other countries like Japan, USA and South American countries have started performing this laser liposuction which has many added advantages. It was approved by the Food and Drugs Administration in November 2007. SmartLipo involves using a laser body sculpting workstation. This is manufactured by Cynosure which is an American Company that produces laser and light-based source equipment for the health industry. The device was approved by FDA for laser assisted liposuction. The SmartLipo procedure involves introducing a laser probe through a tiny incision in the skin at the treatment site and passing laser pulses to liquefy the fat at that site. The Smartlipo LaserBodySculpting Workstation delivers a 1064-nm Nd: YAG laser fiber through a probe. The laser probe is very delicate and thin. It is about 1mm – 2mm in diameter. So the skin incision that is needed to introduce this probe is very small. Laser liposuction or SmartLipo is an outpatient procedure and is done under local anesthesia. There is no need for any special preparation at the beginning of procedure. The doctor after examining the candidate to see whether he is fit, injects a fluid at the treatment site. This injection contains anesthetic drug to make the procedure painless, other drugs to


make the site bloodless to prevent blood loss. The laser probe after insertion in to the treatment is operated by doctor to deliver laser pulses. These laser pulses melt the fat at the treatment site which is removed by the blood. A few doctors also suck the excess liquefied fat not removed by the blood through a cannula introduced through the skin. In this procedure, there is no need to move the equipment to and fro to the extent done in the traditional liposuction procedure. This obviously decreases the tissue trauma and subsequent bleeding. Moreover the laser pulses coagulate the tissue around the treatment site and this again helps in controlling the bleeding. The laser in addition to liquefying the fat also induces the tissue to lay down collagen. This collagen contracts and makes the skin over the treatment site tight. This prevents the formation of any loose skin folds and makes the treatment site perfectly blend with the body contour. The procedure of SmartLipo takes relatively less time. Each session of treatment lasts for approximately 45 minutes to one hour. Since the laser probe is very small, the incision made does not require any suturing. Since no suturing is done, no ugly scar results. Also the results become evident within a week and the results are permanent since the fat cells are destroyed and removed. Read More.. The SmartLipo Laser Advantage

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The SmartLipo Laser Advantage  
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