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How To Avoid Those Holiday Pounds! Please Visit If you believe the old stories about much weight people put on during the holidays, youre rightpartially. In a recent study conducted by The National Institute of Health, the researchers discovered that, in reality, most people tend to only put on just slightly under one pound. But a person who is already overweight will average a whopping five pounds extra after the last horns have been blown. But its not all good news for even those who put on the minimum because the study also shows that we all tend to keep the pounds put on. In other words, over ten years, those not-so-much pounds, could lead someone to being overweight. So, what can we do in order to keep those extra pounds off? After all, our homes are usually filled with holiday pies, cakes and other goodies, and they can be pretty temptingeven for the most faithful of dieters! Heres a few tips to get you through the holidays. Just A Nibble! Have you ever noticed that when you start eating a rich dessert it tastes so good, but by the last bite, youve had enough? One way to keep the pounds down is just to enjoy a few bites that delicious cheesecake or chocolate fudge brownie. No one says that you have to completely deprive yourself of holiday treatsjust limit how much you eat! Enjoy the Company, Not The Brownies! Many people think of holiday parties in terms of the foods that theyll get to eat (or have to avoid) instead of the real reason for the celebrationthe company and conversation. If you keep yourself busy chatting with friends, youll be less likely to invade the snack table. Go Full Youve likely heard the grocery store trick; dont go shopping when youre hungry because youll only end up buying more. Well, the same can work for holiday parties! Eat a lot of raw vegetables, and other healthy foods that will stick with you during the party and youll be less tempted to binge on the bad stuff. Drink Water If you were to add up the calories that youve probably consumed in sodas, fruit punches and alcoholic beverages at parties, you would likely be amazed. You can gulp down hundreds of calories without even realizing it if youre not careful! Instead of one of these high-calorie drinks,


make it a habit to drink waterwhich in itself will help flush out extra water weight. Create An Eating Schedule It wouldnt be funor realisticto try and get through an entire party without at least sampling some of the treats. But instead of heading instantly to the food table and loading your plateand then suffering the rest of the party because you want moretry spacing out your snacks for the entire time of the party. Plan on taking a nibble of something about every thirty minutes. Not only will it help you eat less, it will be a fun game that you can play with yourself! Most importantly, remember that the holidays are meant for enjoyment. Dont be too hard on yourself, and if you make a mistake, talk an extra long walk to work off those extra calories instead of beating yourself up over it! Read More.. How To Avoid Those Holiday Pounds!

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How To Avoid Those Holiday Pounds!  
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