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Diet Not Working? The Yo-Yo Diet Please Visit Does it seem like no matter how little food you eat, you never lose a pound? You start your day out with an apple, eat vegetables for lunch and have a tiny dinner. You have all week, but youre still the same weight. Why? It seems to be the first thought in someones mind when they decide theyre going on a diet: I need to eat less. The general rule is eat less and exercise more. In all actuality, this will do nothing but cause you to gain weight and become fatigued. When you eat less your body believes that it is being starved and will hoard every fat cell it can. It will do whatever it takes to keep these fat cells and no matter how many calories you burn, you wont lose weight. Your metabolism slows greatly. Your body is in starvation mode. People who start these diets will quickly end them when they realize they arent losing weight and they will return to their normal eating habits. Because the body still thinks it is in starvation mode, it will hoard all the fat cells of which there is twice the amount being eaten now, and the dieter will actually gain more weight back than they lost. This will prompt another diet and the process begins again. This is called a yo-yo diet. The number way to avoid yo-yo dieting is to see a nutritionist. They will create a proper diet plan tailored to your needs and they have all the know-how to create a healthy and safe diet. Diets are not about eating less, theyre about eating better. A nutritionist will help you balance what types of food youre eating, when youre eating and how much youre eating. The second way to avoid yo-yo dieting is proper exercise. It is recommended to visit a personal trainer in order to receive a personalized workout plan to properly introduce you to regular exercise and muscle building. It is also imperative to ignore diet pills at all costs. Eating better, not less, and exercising properly will lead you to weight loss! Read More.. Diet Not Working? The Yo-Yo Diet

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Diet Not Working? The Yo-Yo Diet