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August 2017, Ages 2-4


Word of the Month

When you give something or let someone borrow something that is yours, it’s called sharing.


Your gifts

Your toys 1 2


Your clothes

Your money


Let's Trace

You can share anything you want. Allah


 loves those who share with others.

Who is Allah  ?


Al Wahhaab “Allah

 is the Giver of Gifts”

Allah  is the One who gives us everything. Share with others or take turns so that you can make others happy!


SHARE SHARE SHARE Islam teaches us it’s important to share. We should share our food, our clothes, our toys, our money and our time. We can share with our family, friends, neighbours and everyone around us. This is a good way to make people happy.

You can also share by taking turns with other kids. When you are at a park, at the mosque or at home, learn to share your things with the kids around you. Sharing will make the world a better place. Prophet Muhammad  said:

“Love for ‘others’ what you love for yourself.” {Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim}

Always try to share what Allah  gave you. When you share, it shows you care!



There are four coins for you to help your child to cut out. As you go through the magazine with them you will find where the coins belong. Help them glue/tape it on top of the outline of the coin. As you work through this activity, teach them about the importance of sharing and giving money.



Let’s Share



SHARING IS CARING Ibrahim loves to share his things with others. He wants to give some of those things to different places that can give them to children who need it. Follow the lines with your finger and see if you can find where each item went.

Donation Centre


Musaab wants to donate some of his clothes to kids who don’t have enough. Help him find his way to the mosque through the maze to drop off his donation.


THE SHARING POEM It’s always better when we play together

When you have ONE You should take turns with everyone When you have TWO One goes to me and one goes to you When you see someone NEW Don’t forget to include them too And always remember that when you share It shows you care!


Hands are for Helping and Sharing

Right Hand

Left Hand 11

L e t ’s g o t o the Farm

A fun way to enjoy the summer with your children is to spend some time at a farm. 1. Find a local farm that’s open for picking fruits/veggies. 2. Try to organize it so you can have a picnic too after you are done. 3. Bring home your basket of goodies and wash them before you enjoy!

Here are some ideas that can go along with your trip: 1. Create a few baskets or bundles with different kinds of fruits or vegetables in them to give away to either another family member, or possibly a neighbour. Sharing a basket with your neighbour will allow you teach your child many lessons, one of which is the rights of a neighbour on us. Take this opportunity to teach them about how their good actions are also a form of dawah. 2. You can also ask them if they want to share with some of their friends etc.

We like to encourage parents and families to do activities and learn together, however if you can adapt this exercise to fit your family while still focusing on teaching them to give and share withothers please go ahead.



These robins love to share! Draw with a pencil or your finger three lines from each robin to the three different types of fruits. The robins can only have ONE of each fruit.



‫ت‬ Taa

‫تـفاحة‬ Let 's

Tra ce


Alif Baa Taa Poster


Every month we will have a new Arabic letter for your kids to colour and cut out. You can also tear off the whole sheet first before colouring/cutting the letter to make it easier. Paste it on a big bristol board or construction paper, and after 26 magazines they’ll have a full alif baa taa poster! If you would like previous letters, please email us at,






Bilal Ariyah


Taking Turns With a parent or another child, take turns and colour the shapes below. Make sure each shape is a different colour. Once you colour one wait until the other person is done before you colour again.






This is a two player game and each of you will need to pick a colour. Take turns colouring in the circles with your child to make three-in- a-row. The person who makes three-in- a-row horizontally or vertically wins. It’s very easy to draw this out with different shapes too if they would like to play more.


STORY TIME Taking Turns

Bilal and Sophia are siblings and very good friends. They play together everyday and they always have lots of fun! They play hide and seek all the time. First Bilal goes to hide and Sophia tries to find him, then Sophia goes to hide and Bilal tries to find her. Sophia is very good at this game, masha’Allah. They also play tag and take turns being it. Bilal is very fast and Sophia has a hard time catching him, but she still loves to chase him around. When they play on the tree swing, Bilal is always stuck pushing Sophia because it’s her favourite thing to do. She likes to stay on the swing for a long time. Bilal loves playing with Sophia but sometimes he gets tired of pushing and wants to go on too.


“Sophia, when is it my turn?” asked Bilal with a frown on his face. “Just a few more minutes Bilal. Push me higher, I want to go higher!” said Sophia. “But Sophia, it’s been ten minutes already. Whenever we play other games, we take turns. I have my turn and you have your turn.” explained Bilal. Sophia knew that she was not being fair. Bilal always shares his toys and games with her. They always have fun playing together, except for when they play on the tree swing. “Here you go Bilal. I had my turn and now it’s yours. Let me push you so you can go higher and higher like me!” Sophia exclaimed as she jumped down from the swing.


The two friends played for the rest of day together trying to be fair and take turns. When Sophia went home, she told mama what happened. Sophia’s mother nodded her head and said:

A game is only fun when everyone gets a chance to play. Sometimes it’s my turn, sometimes it’s your turn and sometimes we must give up our turns so other kids can enjoy too. You might feel sad when your turn is finished, but a good Muslim must always try to be fair and share. Wait quietly and sooner or later, it will be your turn again, in sha’Allah. Prophet Muhammad  said: “… Love for others what you love for yourself.” {Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim}

If you have any toys or games that you really love, then take turn with others so that they can play with them and love them too!


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