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No matter how many mince pies you’ve already consumed, Christmas isn’t Christmas until the decorations go up. Whether you want to deck the halls with this year’s popular Scandinavian look or add a gorgeous bauble to your annual collection, shopping for new decorations to mark the year is the feel-good festive tradition that just has to be embraced. Happy Christmas.

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Scandinavian decorations Natural decorations Folk decorations Bright decorations

Scandinavian Cool and clean Scandinavian design has surged in popularity throughout 2011 and is ending a prosperous year by adding a crisp Nordic twist to the traditional Christmas decoration. View more Scandinavian Christmas decorations >

Heart Decoration £6

Heart-Shaped Christmas decoration £6

Merry Christmas in gift box £39

Red and white Christmas Bauble £5

Christmas Stocking £7.50

LSA Ania Berry Tumbler, set of 4 £15

Natural Gone are the gaudy days of accordion foil garlands hanging limply from the ceiling. We’ve gone back to nature to create a country Christmas with these rustic decorations and accessories. View more Natural Christmas decorations >

Advent Figures £3

Branch Wreath £30

Paper Ornaments £19.50

Curl Tail Peacock £13.50

Pine Cone Garland £16

Rustic Lantern £22

Folk These lovely decorative Folk accessories aren’t just for Christmas; the warm purples and paisley patterns will add charm to your Yuletide and look great in the New Year too. View more Folk Christmas decorations >

Folk Baubles £25

Purple Floral Tablecloth £53

Slate Napkins £30

Folk Tales Peacock Cushion Cover £45

Woodland Cushion £65

Woodland Baubles £25

Bright We’re dreaming of a bright Christmas! Forget white snow-scapes and winter wonderlands, have some festive fun with this collection of colourful decorations. View more Bright Christmas decorations >

String Lights £25

Multi-Coloured Christmas Wreath £60

Multi Coloured Spot Garland £6.50

Patchwork Christmas Stocking £20

Lumin Light, green £30

Sparkly Felt Ball Decoration £4

Christmas decorations by 2011  

No matter how many mince pies you’ve already consumed, Christmas isn’t Christmas until the decorations go up.Whether you want to deck the ha...