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Merry Xmas

Tis the Season

Hello my lovelies! So it’s the season of celebrations again and MDAM wishes you well. Malaysia Dark Alternative Movement (MDAM) was established as a way to reach out to individuals with an intense passion for dark alternative cultures. Alright! Here comes our second issue of the newsletter with more content! If you have Goth or Alternative stories you’ve written, artworks and music you have created, do send us an email to and we’ll have them featured in our upcoming February newsletter! Haunting you always, Matrika

Greetings from The Krampus The time of the year is near where children expect a jolly old man but it’s also the time a creature will appear and it’s far from the Christmas cheer! Krampus is it’s name, half-goat & half-demon with a long tongue, goat horns and fangs. It goes after children that are most likely on Santa’s naughty list and punishes them. He is said to whip them and stash these naughty boys and girls into his sack or basket to either drown them, eat them or transport them straight to hell. Originating from German paganism, it seems to be gaining popularity with the public and Krampus festivals are being held every year! So why not celebrate Christmas this year with a little spice of horror with The Krampus (movie)? Psss....! If you are up for something old school, why go on the memory lane with popcorn and enjoy the jolly season with The Gremlins?

Recently, on a bright sunny afternoon, I decided to pay Rocky a visit at his main parlour at Komtar Walk. Humming along to the background music, I sat on the cozy couch next to the Consultation Counter waiting for him to finish his errands. I was captivated by the bold red walls and tribal decorations, paintings and plants adorned the walls and ceiling. “Sorry for the wait”, he said with a smile as he handed me a bottle of cold water. I had gotten my last tattoo in 2014, and hadn’t spoken to him since then. So, it had certainly been a while. Rocky had organised the very first Wen Tao Charity Art Exhibition in 2013. It was held just outside his parlour. I had been lucky enough to attend and to meet tattoo artists from Malaysia and other countries, even as far as China! When I saw him this time, he beamed and said, “It’s our fourth time having this Exhibition. We are blessed to have the venue sponsored this time around. We want to do what we can to give back to the community”. Rocky hopes through this event to help Malaysian public understand the tattoo culture and to build a stronger community for tattoo enthusiasts.

Penang's Charity Tattoo Convention Is Back! Malaysia is a country of diverse culture and ethnicity. However alternative theme based events are scarce. For the third year running, Rocky Ooi of Mandala Tattoo & Piercings, one of Penang’s pioneer tattoo artists, is organising the Wen Tao Charity Art Exhibition in Penang. Mandala Tattoo & Piercings, one of the oldest tattoo parlours in Penang, is the joint achievement and pride of Rocky Ooi and his beloved wife, Tracy Neo. Mandala Tattoo & Piercings was established as a tattoo and body piercing business in 2002. Over the years, it has grown from its humble beginnings. Mandala Tattoo now offers tattoo supplies, piercing accessories and even has its very own tattoo academy. En Tze, one of the MDAM founders, began her tattoo journey with them! Located at Komtar Walk and in Prangin Mall, Mandala Tattoo can be intimidating to step into. Reminiscing about the early days, I recall that I was a little fearful about getting my first tattoo. En Tze had just started her apprenticeship with Rocky. The fear dissipated as soon as I entered the parlour and was greeted by warm and friendly people.

This year’s event will showcase 21 tattoo artists from around Malaysia: Yang Lee Yang Lee Tattoo, Petaling Jaya Andrew Ong The Skin Canvas Tattoo, Penang MC Ng • Jenn Neo • Darren Wen Skin Nation Tattoo, Penang Diao Wen 彫纹创作刺青 Diao Wen Tattoo, Johor HaiYuan Sun • Apoh Apoh haiyuan tattoo 海源刺青, Kuala Lumpur Priscilla Tan PCLAINK, Kuala Lumpur Unclewater Tattooz • Hanzhi Zhen Han • Aric Chen Iron Bunny Tattoo, Kuala Lumpur Rocky Ooi • Tracy Neoh • Mirrick Yeoh • Nessy Voon Mandala Tattoo & Piercings, Penang Pit Fun • Shawn Nyam • Misi Chea Pitt’s Tattoo and Piercing, Penang Maxx TBM • Goh Fong Ning 针功夫刺青 Needle Of Legend, Johor

For each tattoo sale, 50% of the earnings will be donated to The Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Children’s Association of Penang and Koperasi OKU Pulau Pinang Berhad. Rocky Ooi, founder of Wen Tao Charity Art Exhibition

The exhibition will also showcase a few local artists such as Marimaro, Maniac Mary, ZL Art Workshop and Bold Plans. There will also be performances by several notable local bands - S.I.C.K, WHITE CROW, Project Familia and Wake Up Sleeping.

So... Already got a tattoo or thinking of getting one? Join us at the Wen Tao Charity Art Exhibition on 3-4 December 2016 (Saturday and Sunday) at QEII from 11am to 6pm. For more information on the line-ups of the tattoo artists, artists and musicians; head on to our Facebook and check out the post here!

MDAM Community features For this time round, we will be featuring a few of our talented members from the MDAM community!

Rezza aka The Other User

As far as I could remember I’ve started drawing ever since I was able to read the Sunday comics in the newspapers. Growing up in Kedah, majority of my influences were brought in by my parents. Everyday I would involuntarily listen to my dad hammer away The Eagles & Santana on his keyboard or guitar. The best parts of my childhood was growing up binge watching VHS tapes with my parents. Every month if my dad could afford them, he would rent several VHS tapes for us to watch. The first ever film (and my all time favorite sci-fi movie) that I watched was Blade Runner and among those few batches of tapes that was rented was a gem called ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. Came out the same year I was born. The younger me didn’t really fancy dark spoopy things and liked robotic things. I guess that’s where my initial fascination of steampunk came about. Never really knew steampunk was a thing when I started reading the works of Jules Verne. Facebook Art Page: PIXELNATION Rezza whom goes by the artist name, The Other User, spends Soundcloud: The Other User his time creating intricate pixel art pieces. Apart from his Website: colorful artistic pieces, he also dwells in 8-bit music. MDAM is proud to showcase an awesome peiece produced by Rezza himself, The Cold Cold Truth, which was part of his college assignment on game development. Wowzah! Detailed pixel art to music and now majoring in games development - he’s definitely Pandora’s Box! Psst...! By the way, you can also grab some of this awesome T-shirts on his website! Click play to listen to his masterpiece on Soundcloud

Tau Ew

I started drawing comics at young age and has been a big fan of western comics. My first encounter of horror movies, was a video tape of Friday the 13th from my cousin. From then on, I love horror movies and devoted myself to B-grade horror and slasher movies. There are A-grades that made it to the cinemas, and there are also those cult favourites that never get the attention they deserve. Aliens are great horror films as well, The Thing, Alien, Predator, Alien vs Predator. Horror films are a great adrenaline rush and helps for my blood circulation.

Facebook Page: Tau Ew

Apart from being a horror-ful illustrator, Tau Ew is a graphic designer by profession and can also be found lurking around Penang at some art markets dress up as Billy from the SAW series, selling his horrorble masterpieces on t-shirts and prints.

Check out his portfolio and shop for tees on his website

Taryn Lim

What got you into cosplay? Well it all started with watching loads of anime and falling in love with the Japanese subculture. The thought of knowing you could become somebody else instead of yourself captivated me. To imagine you have extraordinary powers; to act a part that was only meant to be in fiction; to bring smiles to fellow cosplayers/art lovers/craft lovers and of course most importantly to feel happy and satisfied with myself. You are also into Gothic Lolis and Steampunk culture. How did you develop the interest? I was always into the Goth/Steampunk culture. When growing up, I was very fascinated with the outfits of the Victorian era not to mention the science fiction and steam machines/guns incorporated outfits. Story books and my imagination contributed a lot to how I got into owning the outfits that I have as well. But of course Google played a big role into getting inspired and getting ideas to create your own outfit/learn about the culture. How long does it take you to design your costumes/clothing? Well there are good days & then there are bad days. Most of the time the designing or planning of an outfit happens at the weirdest moment. Like while waiting for my meals to be served at a restaurant or when I am reading story books. Or right now when am answering this question. Well coming up with the designs are fast and most of the time simple sketches done on draft paper/on my phone. It is the part of bringing it to life, is where it becomes hard as procrastination kicks in quite often. The fastest time frame for an outfit was 24 hours before an event.The longest was‌ it’s still happening!

Contact Taryn on Facebook

MDAM December 2016 Newsletter  

We here at the Malaysia Dark Alternative Movement (MDAM) hopes to bring you events and gatherings of the dark culture. You can discuss on al...

MDAM December 2016 Newsletter  

We here at the Malaysia Dark Alternative Movement (MDAM) hopes to bring you events and gatherings of the dark culture. You can discuss on al...