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From your Brother Loving greetings to you in the wonderful name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. “The Peace Festivals” which we started last year as led by God's Spirit is gaining momentum. All glory goes to God. Last year we started from Tirupati, Madanapalli and Tenali of Andhra Pradesh and this year at Trichy and Madurai. Of course in the city of Chennai every month we have “Peace Festivals” in different areas. As I mentioned in the last month's issue, this month's “Peace Festival” will be conducted at Small Market Ground, Opp. th th VOC Petrol Bunk, Salai Main Road, Tuticorin-8 from 15 to 17 June 2018 every evening at 6 p.m. Kindly inform your friends and relatives in Tuticorin to come and receive the blessings of the LORD. As according to God's plan and will we are planning to have other branches in this year at Tirupati, Trichy, Madurai and other places. If you come across any good places with a hall and two rooms kindly contact our prayer centre. Last month we have sent in the May issue of our magazine a “Family Form” to be filled and returned to us. This is a reminder for you to send it immediately as we are updating our records to keep in touch with you and pray for you. For your information all our TV programmes are coming live in My Daily Strength Website, Facebook, You Tube and @ Watch these programmes if you are outside Chennai and be blessed. We would like to remind you to pray for an own place for our ministry in the city of Chennai. If the Spirit of God leads you, you can contribute your lands for the purpose of God's Kingdom. Our prayer warriors will keep in touch with you to update you on the programmes of our ministry through telephone and letter correspondence. Be assured of my prayers. Closing with prayers. His servant, your brother, Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / JUNE 2018 / PAGE 03

Rejoice Message by: Rev. Dr. John Joseph “Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why are thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God” (Psalm 42:11). Praise be to the name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ, for God is good and His mercy endureth forever. GOD'S FAITHFULNESS AND FORGIVENESS Every child of God will undergo a testing period in his or her life. When we examine the Word of God closely, we can infer that the testing period was allowed by God not to destroy that individual but to help him draw closer to God. When we recollect instances in our life, we can also testify that our testing periods were used as bridges to draw us nearer to God. Christian life is full of experiences. It is never a bed of roses for a believer. Difficulties and trials enable us to place our faith in God and taste His love. Faith in God brings us to the realization of God's existence whereby we can lean on Him and trust in Him for everything. God draws us towards Him through cords of love. Jonah was a prophet of God, commanded by Him to proceed to Nineveh. Jonah knew the mind of God that He was long suffering and a forgiving God. He also knew that God will pronounce judgment, but the moment the people of Nineveh repent, He will reverse His judgment. Instead of proceeding to Nineveh, Jonah headed towards Tarshish fleeing from

the presence of God. We need to remember these two words, “long suffering and forgiving.” Satan will always whisper to us that we will never be forgiven. But we have to confess that we have a God who is long suffering and forgiving. God loves us and will never let us down however great a sinner we may be. A negative thought that God will never forgive us troubles Christians today. When we sin, satan watches but the moment God starts working in us, he plants negative thoughts in our heart. All our disqualification comes before us which makes us falter in our faith in God. But we have to remind ourselves repeatedly that God is a God of love. When we go to Him with the Blood of Jesus, He sees us through the Blood and forgives us. This faithful God has mercy on us and forgives us of all our sins and remembers them no more. The Blood of Jesus Christ is the token given for us. Forgiveness is not an act. It is a conviction that comes from our heart. When we ask for forgiveness, He is a forgiving God. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive all our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Though Jonah was fleeing from the presence of God, God's plan was for Jonah to fulfill the purpose for which he was sent. The Bible tells us that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of God. Once we fall into the hands of God, our attempts to come out of that situation will be futile. Hence we need to always abide in the call of God. God was not prepared to leave Jonah though he disobeyed Him. He allowed


the ship to get into the mid sea and allowed everything to seem comfortable for Jonah. God teaches those who try to leave His plan and then draws them back to Him. When the ship was rocked by a tempest, Jonah could not hide himself but confess that it was his sin that caused all the trouble. So he asked to be thrown into the sea. God sends His cords of love in the form of a fish and saves Jonah. GOD'S PLAN Jonah was God's chosen vessel. How could God give him up? God's plan was in him. He said, “I have chosen you, how will I give you up?” Look at the life of Moses. Though he was of a stammering tongue, God's plan was in Him to be used by God. All things work together for good for those who love the LORD. God chose Moses for His great plan to be fulfilled. It would not have taken long for God to heal Moses but God desired that Moses be more ready to hear than to speak. A disadvantage in our life may be a plus point in God's plan for us provided we totally surrender ourselves into the hands of God. God did not leave Jonah. The Psalmist says, “If I go to heaven, thou art there. If I make my bed in hell, thou art there.” When God's plan is in us, we cannot escape God's eyes. Jonah repented and proceeded to Nineveh. The people of Nineveh fasted and cried out to God and God's judgment was stopped. Jonah's pride was hurt. We must realize that we will bear a good testimony by doing God's will and fulfilling God's plan. God's plan for us is always for our good. When we walk according to God's plan, we will be protected from the restless days that have set into the world which is ushering in the great tribulation period. We, the bride of Christ are getting prepared by the Word of God. We are getting perfected for

that great day. When we fulfill God's plan in us, we will face the wrath of satan. Satan will provoke us with thoughts of unbelief. He will question us about our problems thereby trying to destroy our faith in God and ultimately leading to God's plan not being fulfilled in our lives. But we are living in days when we can see Jesus and hear from Him. We can feel the power of God working through us by His anointing. We should be able to stand up and proclaim boldly that God is with us. We need to realize that we face these problems because God is with us. When we overcome such problems and come out victoriously with God's help, satan gets exposed. GOD'S HAPPINESS AND JOY Where the Spirit of the Lord is there we find liberty. In Psalm 42 and verse 11, the LORD asks His children, why they are cast down? God knows what it is to be weary and cast down. He knows that the agony of the soul is greater than the agony of the body. He experienced this emotion when He was betrayed in the garden of Gethsemane. He said, “My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death.” Visualize the extent of anguish He would have felt. Jesus said, “what shall it profit a man if he was to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” The body will go to dust but the soul will stand before God. That is the representative of an individual. Our souls prospers by the Spirit of God. The spirit cannot be destroyed because it comes from above. “Hope thou in God for I shall yet praise Him who is the health of my countenance and my God.” When we hope in God, He pours out His happiness and joy on us. He is the health of our countenance brightens up our face and reveals His glory in us. We should never give room for our soul to


get disquiet for our hope is in God. Rejoice always for our waiting on the LORD will never be in vain. Rejoice in God's happiness and joy will be our portion. We need to gather the blessings we have been waiting for. The One who said, “You will never be forgotten by Me” will surely reward us with His joy always. Challenges will come but God will never let us down. “His eyes are on the sparrow and I know He watches you.” To enjoy God's joy and happiness, we need to repeatedly claim His promises. GOD'S REWARD God's servant Moses did not bring the children of Israel out of Egypt as paupers but made His covenanted people empty the uncircumcised people. When we are the covenanted children of God, that which belongs to the uncovenant people will become our possession. God will make such situations possible. In the Old Testament we read that after all the battles the kings fought, they just left everything and fled. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He does the same things today. He rewards His children with prosperity and all good gifts. When we ask of Him, He will reward us. God rewards His children with His liberty also. He used Moses to bring His children out of Egypt. He showed the Israelites that He would fight their battles and give them their liberty. He allows their enemies to chase them but defeats them to prove He is their God who is the only one who can free them. He always puts an end to those who target the children of God. God rewards us with answers for every situation we go through. We witness it in the life of every child of God. Moses was disquieted when He was blamed by the

children of God. He cried to the LORD and the LORD gave him the solution. Similarly when the king of Syria came against Elisha with all his chariots and horsemen, the soul of Elisha was not discomfited but the soul of his servant was cast down. Though his servant saw all the miracles and wonders done by his master, his eyes were not opened to see God's protection. Then Elisha had to make a prayer, “LORD, open this man's eyes.” The LORD heard his prayer and the eyes of the servant were opened to see the fiery chariots and the host of heaven around them. God executed His plan and purpose in the life of another prophet of God Elijah. Elijah's life was hunted by Jezebel. Elijah was a powerful prophet who brought down fire from heaven by his prayers. He was exhausted to proceed which made him tell the LORD it was enough. But God had a greater plan and purpose in his life. He was given heavenly manna when His soul was cast down. God knew that the earthly food could not sustain him. God rewarded him with strength and energy he needed as God said, “you have a long way to go.” Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God. God had determined glorification and not death for His prophet. Elijah's flesh was weak and circumstances made his soul disquieted and cast down. But God did not let him down. He rewarded him with strength and revived him with encouragement till his mission was complete on this earth. Our God is a God of faithfulness and forgiveness. For those who place their trust and hope in Him and surrender their lives totally into His hands will be rewarded with His joy, His happiness and strength, thereby paving the way for His perfect will to be done in their lives. God bless you.


Mass healing of Jesus

After returning from Healing Series


Galilee to Judea

Read: Luke 7:21-22, Matthew 11:4-5 “And in that same hour He cured many of their infirmities and plagues and of evil spirits; and to many that were blind He gave sight” Luke 7:21. Praise be to the name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ, for God is good and His mercy endureth forever. SHOULD WE LOOK FOR ANOTHER? Men from John the Baptist came unto Jesus saying John the Baptist had sent them asking whether, “Thou art He that should come or look we for another?” Though John was the forerunner of the LORD Jesus Christ and he is the one who baptised Him and testified about Him saying, “Behold, the Lamb of God”, now the same John sent his disciples questioning about His existence as Messiah or to look out for another. Doubts always arise in every human being but as His children be firm and have firm faith upon the LORD Jesus Christ and His Word. Once you follow the Word distinctly each and every day, the LORD will open your eyes and your heart will have a deep calleth unto a deep experience. THE ANSWER OF THE LORD JESUS The LORD proved His very existence as the Son of God, healing many of their infirmities and plagues, evil spirits coming out of the people and delivering them and at the same

Message by: Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar time the blind receiving their sight. Seeing is believing to the disciples of John the Baptist. To many people Jesus has to prove through miracles and wonders to accept Him as their Saviour right from Thomas who wanted to see and believe and to the people who are living now they want to see the LORD and His very existence and also through signs and wonders. But the LORD said, “Blessed are those who believe and see.” In these last days as men lack faith in the LORD, you give your heart to the LORD to believe Him with your whole heart. SEEING AND HEARING The disciples after asking Jesus doubts were watching Jesus demonstrating the works of God through Him. Till then the LORD never replied but began to do His work glorifying God. As the disciples of John were witnessing, mighty miracles were performed. Today, there are many number of people who still deny the LORD Jesus Christ but that in no way affects the Kingdom of God because whether the people believe or not the LORD will continue to do His work among the human race. For those who believe Him are blessed. The disciples of John recorded in their mind what they saw and what they heard. The disciples of John departed after seeing all these things.


BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO ARE NOT OFFENDED IN JESUS Before the disciples of John could leave Him the LORD uttered this truth that blessed are those who accept Him in all simplicity and humility that Jesus Christ is the LORD and they are not offended in Him. Today you see when the gospel of God is preached, only a handful of people accept the Word with all truth and humility but others are offended because Jesus is the Way, Truth and the Life and is the way of salvation.

HOW IS YOUR FAITH? Today, as you live in this 21st century the LORD is asking you today, how much will you trust Jesus and His Word? How are you being on this earth whether as His witnesses or His own? A handful of people believe Jesus at His Word, He died for them, rose again from the dead and He is going to come again. Those who are in the Word will be ready to meet the LORD in the mid-air. Are you ready today? The LORD will bless you.

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29th June 2018 Time: 10


PILLAR OF FIRE DELIVERANCE AND MIRACLE MONTHLY Skidmore Hall, Balar Kalvi Nilayam (BKN), Anita Mat. School Campus, Off Ritherdon Rd, Vepery, Chennai-60007.

God’s Word:

PM to 2.30 AM Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar

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"... be content with such things as ye have: ..." Hebrews 13:5. Leonard and Lincoln were good friends. They studied together from the 1st Std. and were doing their 2nd year in a college together. Right from their younger days though both of them came from rich families, yet, Leonard was jealous of Lincoln as Lincoln used to wear clothes brought from other countries since his father was a captain of a ship who used to bring him good gifts. Sometimes Lincoln used to give his friend gifts that he got but yet Leonard used to be envious of his friend's wealth and the imported goods that he had in his house. It was not that Leonard was poor as he too was the son of a rich landlord who had acres of land and many houses. But his heart longed for more material things. One day as they were going together to college, Lincoln showed Leonard his money purse which was full of other countries currencies which his father gave him. Lincoln was waiting to show this to his friend as he thought he would be very happy but when he showed it to him Leonard's face changed which went unnoticed by Lincoln. But there was another friend Leon who saw Lincoln's face change. After some time, Leon met Lincoln and told him that he saw Leonard's face change when he saw Lincoln's purse and had asked whether Leonard liked it for which Leonard nodded his head. Leon was not a good boy and gave wicked advice to Leonard to rob Lincoln's purse when he went out to play football. Though Leonard disliked the idea of robbing yet his desire conquered his conscience. Though the Spirit of God was telling him that he should not lust after other people's things but to be content with what he had yet he yielded to the devil's advice. That

Be content

evening as Lincoln went to play football, Leonard robbed Lincoln's purse and hid it in his bag. As soon as Lincoln returned after playing, he searched for his purse but he could not find it. He asked both his friends whether they had seen it but they also acted as if they were worried and started searching along with him. They could see sadness on Lincoln's face. As they were walking home, Lincoln wished Leonard in advance for his birthday as the next day happened to be Leonard's birthday. He did not know what to say to his best friend. That night Leonard could not sleep because of his evil act. He could not celebrate his birthday the next day. His parents saw his sad face and he had to tell them what happened. Leonard's father pointed out to him the verse from Hebrews 13:5, to be content with what he had and not to lust after worldly things. He told him to return the purse and ask for his friend's forgiveness.

Leonard ran to his friend's house and told him what happened yesterday and returned the purse to him and told him to forgive him. His friend hugged him and told him that the purse was meant only for him as a birthday gift. As soon as he heard it, Leonard was shocked and ashamed. Then Lincoln gave it back to him and told him the same things that his father said to be content with the things he had. My dear youth, even in your life, remember to be content with what God has given you. If you are not content, the lust will force you to do something evil and finally you will land in a situation which will bring you a bad name. Take a decision today that you will not lust after other people's things. God will bless you.


For Women

Maternal prayers

“And she vowed a vow, and said, O LORD of hosts, if Thou wilt indeed look on the affliction of Thine handmaid, and remember me, and not forget Thine handmaid, but wilt give unto Thine handmaid a man child, then I will give him unto the LORD all the days of his life, and there shall no razor come upon his head” (I Samuel 1:11). Once, an eminent preacher in his message spoke about the prayers of his mother. During the fruitful years of his consecrated ministry, he came across an old bundle of letters faded with age in which a mother who was long dead then set down all her longings for her wonderful baby boy. The preacher as he read it blushed red for the writer of those letters was his mother and baby boy was him. He realized that his mother's longings and prayers became the inspiration of a more consecrated ministry. It was her prayers that had followed him through all his years. The letters showed how much she upholded him in her prayers. He saw that his mother prayed for him without ceasing. He also found that his mother while holding him in her arms looked to the LORD to make him a minister of God. She longed and prayed for a consecrated

ministry for her son. The preacher said that he saw the fruits of the prayers she offered to the LORD in his ministry. He reaped the fruits of the seed his mother had sown. Another example of the fervent prayers of a mother came out of World War II. A young soldier dying on the battle field asked his Padre to do him a favour. The chaplain readily agreed and asked him what was it? The soldier drew out a ring from his finger and said in a faltering voice, “My mother gave me this ring to remind me that every time I looked at it she would be praying to God for strength to keep me straight. Will you give it to her Padre, and tell her that I have been greatly helped to keep straight.” A bundle of letters and a precious ring are lovely tokens of a mother's intercession for her children. Dear sisters, are these not wonderful examples of mothers who stood in the gap and cried out for their children? How many sisters pray fervently for their children every day? May the LORD grant us the vision of the power of fervent, effectual praying (James 5:16). God bless you.


Deliverance and Miracle Monthly Fasting Prayer Day:

Held every second Saturday Venue: This month’s fasting prayer on Skidmore Hall,

9th June 2018 Time: 10

AM to 3.00 PM

God’s Word:

Balar Kalvi Nilayam (BKN), Anita Mat. School Campus, Off Ritherdon Rd, Vepery, Chennai-7.

Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar

(Sick and needy will be prayed for individually) (Lunch will be provided) TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / JUNE 2018 / PAGE 10

or FChildren

Luke 10:25-37

Parable of the Good Samaritan paralysed man

A certain lawyer asked Jesus what Jesus asked him what was written He replied that one should love the he should do to inherit eternal life. in the law. LORD with all his heart, soul and strength and all his mind.

Jesus agreed, “Do this and you Jesus saw the faith of the people On his way, a band of thieves shall live.” But the lawyer trying to who brought the sick man. robbed and wounded him, leaving justify himself asked, “Who is my him half dead. neighbour?”

A while later a priest walked that way and saw the man. He didn’t stop to help but continued in his way.

Likewise, a Levite passing that way, walked right past the wounded man.

A Samaritan finally stopped when he saw the man. He bound his wounds.

Placing him on his donkey, he took The Samaritan gave the inn keeper Jesus asked, “So who was a him down to an inn. two pence, saying, he would repay neighbour to the man?” The lawyer anything the keeper paid for the replied, “The man who showed wounded man’s well being. mercy.” Jesus said, “Go and do the same.” TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / JUNE 2018 / PAGE 11


of the Century


A biography of late Rev. Dr. John Joseph

(Part 81)

In the year 1982 when the first “Festival of Peace” was conducted in the Nurses Association Hall there were a lot of young men, enthusiastically working with the vision of Bro. John Joseph. It was only these young people who nearly a month before the convention which was going to be held in that year from the 7th to 9th of August stuck wall posters and put up banners in streets of Chennai and upto Chengelput. There was one particular young boy who was nearly 5 ft. 9 inches coming from a good family from the State of Kerala, who graduated in Chennai, was addicted to all the wicked habits especially drugs and women. Many nights Bro. John Joseph dealt with him in counselling and prayers. Bro. John Joseph normally fasted when he had to counsel and deliver young people. After much fasting and many days of counseling this young man after asking many questions to Bro. John Joseph was delivered completely and miraculously. His parents were truly in a state of shock when they saw their son completely changed. His relations were amazed and testified as everyone thought this person was doomed to hell and if at all he changes truly Jesus is alive and the man of God who prayed is truly God's servant. His friends were also surprised because he was their gang leader. Many of his friends also accepted Jesus as their LORD and Saviour. This young man is now in a far off country boldly preaching the Word of God that Jesus is alive. ... to be continued

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y n o m i Test

“But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name” (John 20:31)

“He sent His Word, and healed them...” (Psalm 20:4).

Word of God at the Night Prayer fulfilled My name is Parvathi. At the age of 19, I found that I had fibroids in my uterus. I went to the doctor and took medicines for it to shrink. But years went on and for 6 years it continued and I had many side effects one of which was white discharge. Three years after marriage I still did not conceive. I went to the doctor but she said that I can never bear a child. I was very upset. At that time a sister told me about the “Pillar of Fire Night Prayer”. In January 2017, I attended the night prayer. The Word of God was that the LORD will increase my generation as the stars of heaven. I went home believing and often claimed the promise of God what was spoken through Bro. Samuel Sudhakar in the night prayer. In September 2017, I felt I had conceived, so I went to the doctor. She saw the scan and said I had not conceived and that it was urinary infection. I went for a second opinion to another doctor and he also said I did not conceive. But not satisfied with the report and believing the LORD had blessed me, the third time I went once again to another doctor who tested me and said I was pregnant. Now I am 9 months pregnant. I praise and thank God for His Word through Rev. Dr. Samuel Sudhakar which was fulfilled. Sis. Parvathi, Chennai.


Every Friday


(Except last Friday)

7 PM to 9 PM

God’s Word:

Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar (Sick and needy will be prayed for individually)

4/N2, 3rd Floor, Prof. Subramaniam St., Kilpauk, Chennai-10. Behind Ega Theatre, Near Right Hospital

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Every Tuesday

7 PM to 9 PM

God’s Word:


Skidmore Hall,

Balar Kalvi Nilayam (BKN), Anita Mat. School Campus, Off Ritherdon Road, (Sick and needy will be prayed for individually) Vepery, Chennai-600 007.

Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar


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cºï^ ļïV>«M¦tòÍm...

þ¤üm¡Âz^ ¸öB\Vª kìï¼e, gõ¦kòD ¶òç\ Ö«âÄïò\VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ ¶uA>\Vª åV\Ý]_ ¶[¸[ kVµÝmÂï^. ¼>k gsBVª kö[ kaå¦Ým>o[ý ï¦Í> gõ½_ åVD å¦Ý>Ý mkºþB “Ä\V>Vª © ØÃòswVÂï^” x¿¼kïÝ]_ x[¼ª ¤ß ØÄ_KþÅm. ¼>kмï \þç\¥õ¦Vk>Vï. ï¦Í> gõ½_ gÍ]«\VWéÝ]K^e ]ò©Ã], \>ª ©Ã^¹, \u®D Ø>ª VlKD, ÖÍ> gõ½_ ]òßE, \mç«lKD å¦Ý>©Ã⦪ . \â|\[¤, ØÄ[çª l[ ÃéÃz]ï¹KD \V>ͼ>V®D Ä\V>Vª © ØÃòswVÂïçe å¦Ý]kòþ¼ÅVD. ï¦Í> Ö>a_ åV[ í¤BkV®, ÖÍ> h[ \V>Ý]_ 15, 16, 17 gþB ¼>]ï¹_ #ÝmÂz½l_ E¤B \VìÂØïâ þ«¡õâ, k.c.E. ØÃ⼫V_ ú ¨]ö_, ÄVçé Ø\l[ ¼«V| ¨[Å Ö¦Ý]_ ÎËØkVòåVÓD \Vçé 6 \èÂz “Ä\V>Vª © ØÃòswV” åç¦ØÃÅ¡^em. #ÝmÂz½lK^e cºï^ åõÃìï^, \u®D cÅsª ìïÓÂz Ömz¤Ým Ø>ös¥ºï^. ¶kìïÓD ÖÂí⦺ï¹_ úzØÃu® ïìÝ>òç¦B gæìkV>º ïçe©ØÃuÅÐÃsÂïß ØÄF¥ºï^. ¼>kÐç¦B ]â¦Ý][ý ]ò©Ã], ]òßE, \mç«, \u®D Ãé Ö¦ºï¹_ å\m þçeïçe W®kÝ ]â¦tâ|^¼eVD. ÖÍ> Ö¦ºï¹_ ÇV_, \u®D Ö«õ| ¶çÅï^ ØïVõ¦ å_é Ö¦ºï^ cºïÓÂzÝ Ø>öBkò\Vª V_ å\m ØÛÃç\BÝç>Ý Ø>V¦ìAØïVõ| Ø>öB© Ã|Ýmºï^. ï¦Í> ¼\ \V> Ö>a_, z|Dé ýkÝç> Àºï^ ¯ìÝ]ØÄFm ¶Ð©ADý ¼ïâ½òͼ>VD. ¶>çª c¦ª ½BVï ¶Ð©ATìïeVl[ ¨ºïÓç¦B gkðºï¹_ Ã]¡ØÄFmØïV^e¡D, cºïÓÂïVïÝ Ø>V¦ìÍm ØÛ¸Âï¡D °mkVlòÂzD ¨[Ãç> Wçª ¡Ã|Ýmþ¼ÅVD. å\m Ø>VçéÂïVâE WïµßEï^ ¶çª ÝmD “¨[ ¶Ð]ª ØÃé[” ( ÖçðB>eÝ]KD, xï±_, R½R©, \u®D gþB ÖçðB>eÝ]KD ¼å«½BVï ιë©Ã©Ã| þ[Ū . Àºï^ ØÄ[çª Âz Øk¹l_ kE©¬ìïeVl[, ÖÍWïµßEïçe ïõ|, ¼>k gæìkV>D Øîºï^. ØÄ[çª © Ãâ¦ðÝ]_ å\m »aBÝ]uïVïß ØÄVÍ>\Vª Îò Ö¦D þç¦ÂzDý ØÛ¸Âï Wçª Æâ|þ¼ÅVD. å\m »aBºï¹[Jé\Vï åç¦ØîD WïµßEïçeÂz¤Ým Ø>Vçé¼ÃE, \u®D ï½>ºï^ kVléVï å\m ØÛÃT«ìï^ Wçª ¡Ã|ÝmkVìï^. cºïÓÂïVï ¨©¼ÃVmD ØÛ¸Âþ¼Å[. ØÛúïÓ¦[ WçÅ¡ØÄFþ¼Å[. ¼>k »aB[, cºï^ ļïV>«[, (Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì) TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / APRIL JUNE 2018 / PAGE 15

\þµßEBVlòºï^ “¨[ gÝm\V¼k, À °[ ïéºzþÅVF? °[ ¨ª Âz^

]BºzþÅVF? ¼>kçª ¼åVÂþ ïVÝ]ò; ¨[ xïÝ]uz Ö«âE©AD ¨[ ¼>kÐ\VlòÂþÅkç« åV[ Ö[ÐD m]©¼Ã[” (ĺÿ>D 42:11). gõ¦kòD Ö«âÄïò\VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ åV\D ü¼>VÝ]öÂï©Ã|k>Vï. ïìÝ>ì å_ékì, ¶kì þòçà ¨[®x^em.

ïìÝ>ö[ cõç\¥D, \[M©AD ¼>kÐç¦B ¸^çeï^ ÎËØkVòkòD >ºïem kVµÂçïl_ ¼ÄV>çª l[ kaBVF ï¦Ím ØÄ_é ¼kõ½lòÂþÅm. ¶Í> ¼ÄV>çª Â ïVéD ïìÝ>«V_ ¶Ð\]Âï©Ã|þÅm ¨[Ãç> ¶kòç¦B kVìÝç>çB g«VFÍm ÃVìÝ>V_ ¶¤ÍmØïV^ex½¥D. ¶m, >M©Ã⦠Îò åÃç« ¶aÂzDýBVF ¶Ð\]Âï© Ã|þÅ]_çé. \VÅVï, ¼>kM¦Ý]_ ¶kìïçe Øåòºþß ¼ÄìÂzDý c>¡þÅm. åDxç¦B kVµÂçïl_ å¦Í> Wﵡïçeß Äu¼Å Wçª Ým© ÃV쩼ÃV¼\BVª V_, åVxD ÄVâE ØÄV_éx½¥D. ¶Í> ¼ÄV>çª ÂïVéºï^ ¼>kM¦Ý]_ Øåòºþß ¼Ä« å\Âz Îò ÃVé\Vï ¶ç\Í>m. þ¤ü> kVµÂçï ¨[Ãm xŤKD ¶ÐÃkºïeV_ WçÅÍ>>VzD. þ¤ü>k kVµÂçï \éì©Ã|Âçï ¶_é. ïi¦ºïÓD, ¼ÃV«V⦺ïÓD åDxç¦B s·kVÄÝç> ïìÝ>ì ¼Ãö_ çkÂzDýBVï \Vu®þÅm. ¶kòç¦B ¶[çà òEÝm© ÃVòºï^. ¼>k[¼\_ çkÂzD s·kVÄD åDxç¦B kVµs_ ¶kì Öò©Ãç> seÂzþÅm. ¶>ª V_ åVD ¨_éVku¤ uzD ¶k竼B ÄVìÍ]òÂïx½¥D. ïìÝ>ì ¶[¸[ ïl® ïeV_ åDç\ ¶kòÂz© ÃÂïÝ]_ Ö¿ÝmÂØïV^Ó þÅVì. ¼BVª V, ïìÝ>òç¦B yìÂï>öEBVlòÍ>V[. ¶k[ WM¼kÂzß ØÄ_KDý ïìÝ>ì ïâ¦çelâ½òÍ>Vì. gª V_ ïìÝ>ì ¨©Ã½©Ãâ¦kì ¨[Ãç>¥D, ¶kì À½B ÄVÍ>xD, \[MÂþÅ ¼>kÐ\Vª kì ¨[Ãç>¥D, ¶kì WBVBÝyì©çàí¤sâ|, WM¼kl[ \Âï^ \ª D kòÍ]ª V_, >VD ØÄFBsòÍ> WBVBÝyì©çà \Vu¤s|kVì ¨[Ãç>¥D ¶k[ å[z ¶¤Í]òÍ >V[. ¨ª ¼k ¶k[, WM¼kÂzß ØÄ_Kk>uz© Ã]éVï ïìÝ>òç¦B ÄxïÝç>sâ| séþ, >ìU·Âzß ØÄ_é xB[ÅV[. À½B ÄVÍ>D, \[M©A gþB ÖËsò kVìÝç>ïçe¥D åVD ¨©ØÃV¿mD

Wçª suØïV^e¼kõ|D. ÄVÝ>V[ åDxç¦B ïVmï¹_, c[Ðç¦B ÃVkºï^ Îò¼ÃVmD \[MÂï©Ã¦x½BVm ¨[® ØÄV_oÂØïVõ¼¦ lò©ÃV[. gª V_, å\Âz Îò gõ¦kì cõ|. ¶kì À½B ÄVÍ>xD, \[MÂþÅkò\VlòÂþÅVì ¨[® åDxç¦B kVlª V_ ¶¤Âçïlâ|ÂØïVõ¼¦ lòÂï¼kõ|D. ïìÝ>ì åDç\ ¼åEÂþÅVì. ¶kì Îò¼ÃVmD çïs¦\Vâ¦Vì. åVD ¨©Ã½©Ã⦠ÃVsBV lòÍ>VKD, åDç\ ¶kì \[MÂþÅk«VlòÂþÅVì. ïìÝ>ì ¨[çª \[MÂï\Vâ¦Vì ¨[þÅ ¨]ì\VÅVª ¨õðÝ]ª V_ Ö[® ¶¼åï þ¤ü>kìï^ ïéºþ ØïVõ½òÂþ[Ū ì. åVD ÃVkÞØÄF¥D¼ÃVm, ÄVÝ>V[ ¶ç>©ÃVìÝmÂØïVõ½òÂþÅV[. ¶>ª V_, ¼ > k [ å D t _ Ø Ä B _ à ¦Ý Ø > V ¦º þ ª ¡ ¦[ ¨]ì\çÅBVª ¨õðÝç> åDxç¦B Öò>BÝ]_ sç>ÂzDý ÄVÝ>V[ xBuEÂþ[ÅV[. åDxç¦B >z]BuÅ ïVöBºïçe å\Âz x[ÃVï ØïVõ| kÍm, ïìÝ>ì¼\_ åVD çkÝ]òÂzD s·kVÄÝç> ÃéTª ©Ã|Ý> xBuEØÄFþ[ÅV[. gª V_, ¼>k[ ¶[ÃVª kì ¨[Ãç> åDt_ åVD Wçª ¡Ã|Ý] ØïV^e¼kõ|D. ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ Ö«Ý>Ý][Jé\Vï ¼>kçª Øåòºþß ¼ÄòD ØÃV¿m, ¶kì åDç\ ¶Í> Ö«Ý>Ý]û¦Vï© ÃVìÝm, åDç\ \[MÂþÅVì. cõç\¥^e ¼>kª VþB ¶kì åD¼\_ Ö«Âï\VlòÍm, ¨_éV© ÃVkºïçe¥D å\Âz \[MÝm, Îò¼ÃVmD ¶çkïçe Wçª BV ]ò©ÃVì. Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ Ö«Ý>D å\Âz ¶ç¦BVe \Vï ØïV|Âï©Ãâ|^em. åDç\ \[MÂzDý ¼ïâzDØÃV¿m, ¶kì åDç\ \[MÂþÅ ¼>kª V lòÂþÅVì. “åDxç¦B ÃVkºïçe åVD ¶¤Âçï lâ¦V_, ÃVkºïçe å\Âz \[MÝm, ¨_éV ¶WBVBÝç>¥D ÀÂþ åDç\ß ·Ý]ïö©Ã>uz ¶kì cõç\¥D À]¥D c^ek«VlòÂþÅVì.” ¼>kÐç¦B ÄxïÝç>sâ| ¼BVª V {½©¼ÃVª VKD, ¶k[ ¨>uïVï ¶Ð©Ã©Ãâ¦V¼ª V ¶>çª WçÅ ¼ku®DýBVï¼k ïìÝ>òç¦B ]â¦D seºþª m ¨[® ¼k>D Ø>¹¡Ã|ÝmþÅm. ïìÝ>òç¦B çïl_ s¿þÅm ÃBºï«\VlòÂzD. ïìÝ>ö[ çïl_ ÎòxçÅ s¿Ímsâ¦V_, ¶Í>ß óµWçéloòÍm Øk¹¼B k« åVD ¨|ÂzD xBuEï^ ÃBª uÅ>VF© ¼ÃVzD. ¨ª ¼k, ¨©ØÃV¿mD ïìÝ>òç¦B ¶çw©¸ ¼é¼B >ºþlòÂï¼kõ|D. ¼BVª V ïìÝ>òÂz


s¼«V>\Vïß ØÄ[żÃVmD, ïìÝ>ì ¶kçª sâ|s¦ s_çé. ï©Ão_ °¤ª ¼BVª V¡Âz, óµWçéïÓD ÄÍ>ì©ÃºïÓD ÄV>ï\Vï ¶ç\Í>ª . gª V_, >Dxç¦B ]â¦Ýç>sâ| séþß ØÄ_KþÅkìïçe ïìÝ>ì \®Ã½¥D >D ÃÂï\Vï Ö¿ÝmÂØïV^ÓþÅVì. ØÃòºØïVÍ>¹©A ï©ÃçéÝ >VÂþBm. ¶Í> ¼kçel_ ¼BVª V >[çª \çÅÝmÂØïV^e s_çé. >[Ðç¦B ÃVkÝ]MtÝ>\Vï¼k ¶Í>Ý m[ÃD ¼åöâ¦m ¨[Ãç> ¶k[ ¶¤Âçïlâ¦V[. >[çª Â ï¦o¼é #Âþ ¨¤¥Dý ï©Ão_ ÖòÍ>kì ﹦D ¼ïâ|ÂØïVõ¦V[. ïìÝ>ì >\m ¶[¸[ ïlu¤çª Îò *M[ k½s_ gBÝ>©Ã|Ý], ¼BVª Vçk *â|ÂØïVõ¦Vì.

ïìÝ>òç¦B ]â¦D ¼BVª V ïìÝ>«V_ Ø>öÍmØïV^e©Ã⦠ÃVÝ]«\V lòÍ>V[. ¶kçª Â ïìÝ>ì ¨©Ã½Â çïs|kVì? ïìÝ>òç¦B ]â¦D ¶kM_ ïVð©Ãâ¦m. “åV[ c[çª Ý Ø>öÍmØïVõ¼¦[. ¨©Ã½Â çïs|¼k[?” ¨[® ïìÝ>ì ØÄV[ª Vì. ¼\V¼Äl[ kVµÂçïçB ïkMÝm© ÃVòºï^. ¶k[ ]ÂzkV¥^ekª VF ÖòÍ>¼ÃV]KD, ¶kçª © ÃB[Ã|Ýmkm ïìÝ> òç¦B ]â¦\VlòÍ>m. ¼>kM¦Ý]_ ¶[AíòþÅkì ïÓÂzß ÄïéxD å[ç\Âz °mkVï å¦ÂþÅm. ïìÝ>ì >\m \VØÃòD ]â¦Ýç> Wçżku®Dý ¼\V¼ÄçBÝ Ø>öÍmØïVõ¦Vì. ]ÂzkV¥^e ¼\V¼ÄçB zð© Ã|Ý> ¼>kª V_ ÖBéV>m ¨[Ã>_é. \VÅVï, ¼\V¼Ä ¼Ã·kç>© ÃVìÂþKD, >VD ØÄV_kç> ¼ïâ|, ØÄB_æ¼kõ|D ¨[Ãç>¼B ïìÝ>ì sòD¸ª Vì. åDxç¦B kVµÂçïl_ ¼åö|D Eé ¼>V_sï^ ïìÝ>òç¦B ]â¦Ý]_ ÄVÝ]B\Vª çkïçe åV|Dý å\Âz c>¡þ[Ū . åDç\ xu¤KD ¶kòç¦B ï«Ý]_ ΩA ØïV|Ý]òÂzDØÃV¿m ¶©Ã½BVzD. ï ì Ý > ì ¼ B V ª V ç k  ç ï s ¦s _ ç é . “ å V [ kVª Ý]uz °¤ª VKD, Àì ¶º¼ï ÖòÂþSì; åV[ ÃV>VeÝ]_ Ã|Âçï ¼ÃVâ¦VKD, Àì ¶º¼ï¥D ÖòÂþSì” (ĺÿ>D 139:8) ¨[® ĺÿ>ÂïV«[ í®þÅV[. ïìÝ>òç¦B ]â¦D åDt_ ÖòÂþ[ŠýBV_ ¶kòç¦B ïõïÓÂz åVD >©¸ÝmÂØïV^e x½BVm. ¼BVª V \ª Í]òD¸, WM¼kÂzß ØÄ[ÅV[. WM¼kl[ \Âï^ cÃkVEÝm, ¼>kçª ¼åVÂþ ¶¿>ª ì. ïìÝ>òç¦B WBVBÝyì©A W®Ý>©Ãâ¦m. ¶]MtÝ>D ¼BVª Vs[ \ª D AõÃâ¦m. åVD Î[çÅ cðìÍm ØïV^e¼kõ|D. ïìÝ>òç¦B EÝ>Ýç>ß ØÄFm, ¶kòç¦B ]â¦Ýç> Wçżku®D ¼ÃVm, åVD å_é ÄVâEBVï seºz¼kVD. ïìÝ>òç¦B ]â¦D ¨©ØÃV¿mD åDxç¦B kVµÂçïl_ å[ç\ ïVï¼k ÖòÂþ[Åm. ïìÝ>òç¦B ]â¦Ý][ý åVD å¦ÂzDØÃV¿m, céïÝ]_ ïVð©Ã|D ØïVù«\Vª , Ä\V>Vª \uÅ åVâï¹_ åVD ÃVmïVÂï©Ã|þ[¼ÅVD. ïìÝ>òç¦B kVìÝç>lª V_ þ¤üms[ \ðkVâ½ BVþB åVD gBÝ>©Ã|Ý>©Ã|þ¼ÅVD. ¶Í> \VØÃòD

åVÓÂïVï åVD ¯«ð©Ã|Ý>©Ã|þ¼ÅVD. åDxç¦B kVµs_ ïìÝ>òç¦B ]â¦Ýç> Wçżku®D¼ÃVm, ÄVÝ>VM[ ¼ïVÃÝç>ß ÄÍ]Âï ¼åö|þ[Åm. ÄVÝ>V[ åD*m ¶s·kVÄD ¨[ÐD g¥>Ýç>ÝÂØïVõ| >VÂzkV[. åDxç¦B ¸«ßEçª ïçeÂz¤Ým ¼ï^sï^ ¨¿©AkV[. ¶ËkV® xBuEÝm, ïìÝ>ö_ åVD ØïVõ½òÂzD s·kVÄÝç> ¶aÂï xuÃ|kV[. åVD kVµþ[Å ÖÂïVéÝ]_, Ö¼B·çk ïVð¡D, ¶kì í®D kVìÝç>ïçe ¼ïâï¡D x½¥D. åDtK^e ¶¸¼rïDJé\Vï ¶kòç¦B k_éç\ åDt_ ØÄB_Ã|kç> cð«x½¥D. åVD ¨¿Ím W[®, ¶kì åDt_ ÖòÂþÅVì ¨[®, ç>öB\Vï ¶¤sÂï¼kõ|D. ïìÝ>ì åD¼\V| Öò©Ã]ª V_ >V[ ֩ý©Ã⦠¸«ßEçª ïçe åVD ¨]ìØïV^ þ¼ÅVD ¨[Ãç>¥D åVD AöÍmØïV^e¼kõ|D. ïìÝ>ì åD¼\V| Öò©Ã>V_, åVD ÄÍ]Âþ[Å ¸«ßEçª ïçe ¼\uØïVõ|, Øk¹¼B kòD¼ÃVm, ÄVÝ>V[ Øk¹B«ºï\VÂï©Ã|þ[ÅV[.

ïìÝ>ö[ Äͼ>VrxD \þµßE¥D “ ïìÝ>òç¦B gsBVª kì ¨º¼ï¼BV ¶º¼ï s|>çé¥xõ|.” “¨[ gÝm\V¼k, À °[ ïéºz þÅVF?” ¨[® ĺÿ>D 42:1 í®þ[Åm. åDxç¦B ¼ÄVì¡ ¨©Ã½©Ãâ¦m ¨[Ãç>¥D, çïs¦©Ã⦠óµWçé ¨©Ã½lòÂzD ¨[Ãç>¥D ïìÝ>ì å[z ¶¤Í]òÂþÅVì. ÄZ«¼k>çª çB ïVâ½KD, gÝm\ ¼k>çª tï¡D ¶]ïD ¨[®, ¶kòÂz å[ÅVïÝ Ø>ö¥D. ÖÍ> ¼k>çª çB, ØïÝÄ\¼ª ¼>Vâ¦Ý]_ >VD ïVâ½ÂØïV|Âï©Ã|D¼kçel_ ¶ÐÃsÝ>Vì. “¨[ gÝm\V \«ðÝm¼ïmkVª mÂïD ØïVõ ½òÂþÅm” ¨[® ¶kì í¤ª Vì. ¶kì ¶ÐÃsÝ> sBVzéÝç> cºï^ ïõïÓÂz x[ÃVï W®Ý] ¼åVÂzºï^. “ \Ðr[ céïD x¿kç>¥D g>VB©Ã|Ý]ÂØïVõ¦VKD, >[ ýkçª åi¦© Ã|Ý]ª V_ ¶kÐÂz éVÃD ¨[ª ?” ¨[® Ö¼B· í¤¥^eVì. \M>Ðç¦B ÄZ«D \õbÂzÝ ]òDAD. gª V_ gÝm\V¼kV, ïìÝ>òÂz x[ÃVï WuzD. ¶Í> gÝm\V, >MåÃö[ ¸«]W]BVF ïVð©Ã| þ[Åm. åDxç¦B gÝm\V ïìÝ>òç¦B gslª V_ ØÄaÂþ[Åm. gsçB ¶aÂïx½BVm. °Øª M_, ¶m c[ª >Ý]oòÍm kòþ[Åm. “¨[ xïÝ]uz Ö«âE©AD, ¨[ ¼>kÐ\VlòÂþÅkç« åV[ Ö[ÐD m]©¼Ã[” ¨[® ĺÿ>ÂïV«[ í®þ[ ÅV[. åDxç¦B åD¸Âçï ïìÝ>ö_ ÖòÂzDØÃV¿m, ïìÝ>ì >Dxç¦B Äͼ>VrÝç>¥D \þµßEçB¥D åD¼\_ ØÃVaÍ>òÓþ[ÅVì. ¶kì åDxç¦B xïÝ]uz Ö«âE©A\Vª kì. ¶kì åDxç¦B xïÝç>© ¸«ïVEÂï©Ãõè, >Dxç¦B \þç\çB åDxç¦B xïÝ]_ Øk¹©Ã|Ýmþ[ÅVì. åVD Îò¼ÃVmD åDxç¦B gÝm\V ¼ÄVìkç¦B Ö¦º ØïV|ÂïÂí¦Vm. °Øª M_, åDxç¦B åD¸Âçï


ïìÝ>ö_ ÖòÂþÅm. åVD ïìÝ>òÂïVï ïVÝ]ò©Ãm ÎòåVÓD TðVF© ¼ÃVïVm. ¨ª ¼k, \þµßEBV lòºï^. “ïìÝ>òÂz^ \þµßEBVF Öò©Ã¼> åDxç¦B ØÃé[.” ïVÝ]ò©Ã>uïVª gæìkV>º ïçe åVD ØÃuÅÐÃsÂï¼kõ|D. “À ¨[ª V_ \ÅÂï©Ã|k]_çé” ¨[® ØÄV[ª kì, WßÄB \ V ï ¼ k > D x ç ¦B \ þ µ ß E l ª V _ å \  z © Ãéª ¹©ÃVì. ÄkV_ï^ k«Ý>V[ ØÄF¥D. gª VKD, ¼>k[ åDç\ çïs¦¼k \Vâ¦Vì. ¶ç¦ÂïéV[ z ò s ï ç e ¥ º í ¦ ï k M Ý m , à «V \ ö  þ [ Å ¶kòç¦B ïõï^ ¶çkïçe© ÃVìÂþKD s¼Ä´Ý>kìïeVlòÂþÅ cºïçe¥D ¨[çª ¥D ¼åVÂþ© ÃVìÝmÂØïVõ¼¦lòÂþ[Ū . ¼>kÐç¦B \þµßEçB¥D, Äͼ>VrÝç>¥D ¶ÐÃs©Ã>uz, åVD ¶kòç¦B kVÂzÝ>Ý>ºïçe ¨©ØÃV¿mD cöç\BVÂþ ØïV^e¼kõ|D.

ïìÝ>ì ¶òÓD Ãé[ ïìÝ>ö[ »aBÂïV«ª Vª ¼\V¼Ä, ¨þ©ç>sâ| Öü«¼k_ Ûª ºïçe Î[®t_éV>kìïeVï ¶çwÝmÂØïVõ| k«s_çé. \VÅVï, sòÝ>¼Ä>ª t_éV> ¨þ©]Bç«, c¦[ýÂçïl[ Ûª ºï^ ØïV^çelâ¦Vìï^. åVD ¼>k¼ª V| c¦[ýÂçï ØÄF> ¸^çeïeVlòÂzDØÃV¿m, c¦[ý çïl_ Ö_éV> Ûª ºï¹[ cç¦ç\ï^ åDxç¦B >VzD. ¶©Ã½©Ã⦠Îò óµWçéçB ¼>k[ å\Âz °uÃ|Ý] ØïV|©ÃVì. ÃçwB °uÃVâ½_ åVD kVEÂþÅ kõð\Vï, ¥Ý>Ý]_ ¼>V_sBç¦Í> «VÛVÂï^ clì>©ADý, >ºïÓç¦B cç¦ç\ïçesâ| {½© ¼ÃVª Vìï^. ¼åu®D Ö[®D ¨[®D \VÅV> ïìÝ>ìé, Ö[®D ¶¼> ïVöBÝç>ß ØÄFþ[ÅVì. ¶kì >Dxç¦B ¸^çeïÓÂz ØÄa©¸ª VKD, å_é Ãö·ï ¹ª VKD tzÍ> Ãéçª ¶òÓþ[ÅVì. åVD ¶kö¦Ý]_ ¼ïâzDØÃV¿m å\Âz© Ãéª ¹Âþ[ÅVì. ïìÝ>ì >Dxç¦B ¸^çeïçe ¨þ©]oòÍm Øk¹¼B ¶çwÝmkòDý, ¼\V¼ÄçB© ÃB[Ã|Ý]ª Vì. Öü«¼k_ Ûª ºïÓç¦B ïõï^ ïVð, ïìÝ>¼« ¥Ý>ÞØÄFm ¶kìïÓÂz s|>çéçB© ØÃu®Ý >Í>Vì. Öü«¼k_ Ûª ºïçe ¶kòç¦B ÄÝmòÂï^ m«Ý]kòDý ¼>k[ ¶Ð\]Ý>Vì. ¨>uïVï? ¨þ©]Bç« \¦ºï½Ým, Öü«¼ko[ ¼>kª VþB ïìÝ>¼« ïìÝ>ì ¨[® ¶kìï^ ¶¤¥Dý ¶©Ã½ß ØÄF>Vì. ïìÝ>òç¦B ¸^çeïÓÂz z¤çk©Ãkì ïÓÂz ¶k¼«x½¡ïâ|kVì. åVD ï¦ÍmØÄ_KD ÎËØkVò óµWçéïÓÂzD Ã]éVï, ïìÝ>ì Ãéçª ¶òÓkVì. ÎËØkVò ¼>kÐç¦B ¸^çel[ kVµÂçïlKD ¶>çª Â ïõ|ØïV^ex½¥D. ¼>k Ûª ºïeV_ ¼\V¼Ä zuÅ© Ã|Ý>©Ã⦼ÃVm, ¼\V¼Äl[ c^exD ïéºþBm. ¶Í>ß óµWçél_ ¼\V¼Ä ïìÝ>ç« ¼åVÂþÂ

ï>¤ª V[. ïìÝ>ì ¶kÐÂz© Ã]çé ØïV|Ý>Vì. ¶m¼ÃVé¼k, ¨oÄV yìÂï>ößz s¼«V>\Vï æöBV «VÛV Ö«>ºïçe¥D, z]ç«T«ìïçe¥D ¶Ð©¸ª ¼ÃVm, ¨oÄVs[ c^eD ïéºþs¦s_çé. \VÅVï, ¶kÐç¦B ¼kçéÂïV«M[ c^eD ïéºþª m. >[ ¨Û\Vª V_ WïµÝ>©Ãâ¦¶çª Ým ¶]ÄBºïçe¥D, ¶uA>ºïçe¥D ¶k[ ïõ½òÍ>¼ÃV]KD, ¶kÐç¦B ïõï^ ¼>k[ ¶òÓD ÃVmïV©çàïVbDýBVï ]ÅÂï©Ã¦s_çé. ïìÝ>V¼k, Ök[ ÃVìÂzDý Ök[ ïõïçeÝ ]ÅÍ>òÓD ¨[® ¨oÄV ØÛ¸Âï¼kõ½lòÍ>m. ïìÝ>ì ¨oÄVs[ ØÛÃÝç> ¼ïâ¦Vì. >ºïçeß ·u¤KD ÖòÍ> ¶ÂþM\B\Vª Ö«>ºïçe¥D, ïìÝ>òç¦B ¼Äçª çB¥D ïVbDýBVF ¼kçéÂïV«M[ ïõï^ ]ÅÂï©Ãâ¦m. ïìÝ>ì >Dxç¦B \uØÅVò yìÂï>öEBVª ¨oBVs[ kVµÂçïl_, >\m ]â¦Ýç>¥D yì\Vª Ýç>¥D Wçżku¤ª Vì. ¨oBVs[ kVµÂçïçB ¼kâç¦ BV|Dý ¼BļÃ_ ¼ÃV«V½ª V^. ¨oBV k_éç\BVª yìÂï>öEBVlòÍ>V[. ¶k[ >ª m ØÛÃÝ]ª V_ kVª Ý]oòÍm ¶ÂþMçB Öźþk«ß ØÄF>V[. gª V_ ¶kкí¦, ¼ÄVìÍm¼ÃVF, ïìÝ>V¼k, ¼ÃVmD ¨[® ØÄV_éÂí½B óµWçéÂzÝ >^e© Ãâ¦V[. ïìÝ>¼«V ¶kÐç¦B kVµÂçïl_ ØÃöB ]â¦Ýç> çkÝ]òÍ>Vì. ¶k[ Ø>VFÍm¼ÃVª ¼kçel_, ë¼éVï \[ª V ØïV|Âï©Ãâ¦m. céï© ¸«ïV«\Vª cðsª V_ ¨oBVçk ]ò©]©Ã|Ý> x½BVm ¨[Ãç> ¼>k[ ¶¤Í]òÍ>Vì. ¶kÐÂz© ÃéÝç>¥D, ØÃéçª ¥D ¶ò¹ ¼>k[ Ãéª ¹Ý>Vì. À Ãõð¼kõ½B ¸«BVðD Økz#«D ¨[® ïìÝ>ì ¶kM¦D í¤ ª Vì. “ \Ðr[ ¶©ÃÝ]ª V¼é \VÝ]«\_é, ¼>kÐç¦B kVloòÍm AÅ©Ã|þÅ ÎËØkVò kVìÝç>lª VKD ¸çw©ÃV[” (\ݼ>¥ 4:4). ïìÝ>ì >Dxç¦B yìÂï>öEÂz \«ðÝç>B_é, \þç\çB¼B yì\VMÝ]òÍ>Vì. ¨oBVs[ ÄZ«D ØÃéTª \VlòÍ>m. óµWçéï^ ¶kçª Â ïéºïß ØÄF>m. gª VKD, ïìÝ>ì ¶kçª Â çïs¦s_çé. ¶kÐÂz ïìÝ>ì >\m ØÃéçª ¶ò¹, cl쩸Ý>Vì. ¯tl_ ¶kÐÂØï[® çkÝ]òÍ> »aBD Wçżk®\e¡D, ¼>kÐç¦B ØÃé[ ¨oBV¼kV| ÖòÍ>m. åDxç¦B ¼>k[ cõç\¥^ekòD, \[MÂþÅ kò\VlòÂþÅVì. BVØ«_éVD >ºïem åD¸ÂçïçB ¶kì*m çkÝm, >ºïçe xu¤KD ¶kòç¦B ï«Ý]_ ΩAsÂþÅVìï¼eV, ¶kìïçe \þµßElª V_ ¶kì Öç¦ïâ|kVì. ÎËØkVò >MåÃö[ kVµsKD, ¶kì ¶òÓD Äͼ>VrxD ØÃéÐD ¶kòç¦B EÝ>D Wçżk®\e¡D ÖòÂzD. ¼>k[ cºïçe gæìk]©ÃVì.


gõ¦kì Ö¼B·s[ ]«eVª ·ï\¹Ý>_ï^ ·ï\¹ÂzD ØÄF]ï^


ïo¼éBVsoòÍm R¼>BV¡ÂzÝ ]òD¸B¸[ªì åç¦ØÃuÅ ¶uA>ºï^

kVEÂï¡D: ÙÂïV 7:21d22, \ݼ>¥ 11:4d5 “ ¶Í>ß

Ä\BÝ]¼é ¼åVFïçe¥D ØïV½B sBV]ïçe¥D ØÃV_éV> gsïçe¥D ØïVõ ½òÍ> ¶¼åï競kì zð\VÂþ, ¶¼åïº zò¦ òÂz©ÃVìçkB¹Ý>Vì” (ÙÂïV 7:21). ïìÝ>òD Ö«âÄïò\VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ åV\Ý]uzÝ m]¥õ¦Vk>Vï. ïìÝ>ì å_ékì, ¶kì þòçà ¨[®x^em.

¼kØÅVòkì k«Â ïVÝ]òÂï¼kõ|\V? ¼BVkV[ üåVª [ ¶Ð©¸ª \M>ìï^ Ö¼B· s¦D kÍm, “ kòþÅkì Àì>Vª V? ¶_ém ¼kØÅVòkì k«Â ïVÝ]òÂï¼kõ|\V?” ¨[® ¼ï⦪ ì. ¼BVkV[ üåVª [ ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm¡Âz x[¼ª V½BVlòÍ>k[. ¶kòÂz ¶k[ QVª üåVª D ØïV|Ým\[¤, “Ö¼>V, ... ¼>k gâ|Âzâ½” ¨[®D ¶kç«Âz¤Ým ÄVâE ØïV|Ý>kÐD ¶k¼ª . Ö©ØÃV¿¼>V, ¶k[ >ª m ærìïçe ¶kö¦Ý]_ ¶Ð©¸, ¶kì>V[ ¼\EBVkV? ¶_ém, ¼kØÅVòkì k«Â ïVÝ]òÂï ¼kõ|\V ¨[® ¼ïâ¦V[. ÎËØkVò \M>M[ c^eÝ]KD Äͼ>ïºï^ ¨¿DAþ[Ū . gª V_, ¼>k ¸^çeï^ ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[¼\KD, ¶kòç¦B kVìÝç> l[¼\KD c®]BVª s·kVÄx^ekìïeVlòÂï ¼kõ|D. xÍç>B åVâï¹_ Àºï^ ¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç>çB xu¤KD ÄVìÍm, ¸[Ãu¤Ììï^. gwÝç> gwD í©¸|þÅ ¶ÐÃkD cºïÓÂz cõ¦VzDý ïìÝ>ì >V¼\ cºï^ ïõïçe¥D, c^eÝç>¥D ]Å©ÃVì.

ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üms[ Ã]_ ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm >VD ¼>k z\V«[ ¨[Ãç> WÔ¸Ý>Vì. ¶Í>ß Ä\BÝ]¼é ¼åVF ïçe¥D ØïV½B sBV]ïçe¥D ØÃV_éV> gs ïçe¥D ØïVõ½òÍ> ¶¼åïç« ¶kì zð\VÂ

¼>kØÄF]: Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì þª Vì. ¶¼åïº zò¦òD ÃVìçkBç¦Í>ª ì. ¼BVkV[ üåVª M[ æ¦ìï^ ïõ﹪ V_ ïõ¦ç> s·kVEÝ>Vìï^. ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B·çkÝ >ºï^ Ö«âÄï«Vï °u®Â Ø ï V ^ Ó D à ½ , ¶ ¼ å ï ò ç ¦B k V µ  ç ï l _ gõ¦kì Ö¼B· ¶uA>ºï^, \u®D ¶]ÄBº ﹪ V_ >Dç\ WÔ¸Âï¼kõ½lòÂþÅm. ïõ| s·kVEÝ> ¼>V\Vs[ åVâï^x>_ ֩ý©Ã⦠ïVöBºï^ ÄDÃsÂþ[Ū . ÖÍåVâï¹K^ekì ïÓD ¶uA>ºï^, \u®D ¶ç¦BVeºï¹[Jé \Vï¼k ïìÝ>ç«Â ïVð sòDAþ[Ū ì. ïìÝ>ì¼\K^e s·kVÄD zçÅÍm ïVð©Ã|D ÖÍ> ïç¦E åVâï¹_, cºï^ x¿ Öò>BÝ ¼>V|D ¶kç«s·kVEÂzDý cºï^ Öò>BÝç> ¶kòÂz ΩAÂØïV|ºï^.

ïõ¦Vìï^, ¼ïâ¦Vìï^ Ö¼B·sM¦Ý]_ kÍm ¼ï⦠¼BVkVM[ æ¦ìï^, gõ¦kì Ö¼B· >\mJé\VF WçÅ ¼ku¤ª ¼>kÐç¦B þöçBïçe©ÃVìÝmÂØïVõ ½òÍ>ª ì. ¶mkç«lKD ¶kìïÓÂz ïìÝ>ì Ã]Kç«Âïs_çé. gª V_, >\m þöçBïçe Wçżku¤ ¼>kçª \þç\©Ã|Ý>Ý mkºþª Vì. ¼BVkVM[ æ¦ìï^ ÃVìÝmÂØïVõ½òÂçïl_ ֩ý©Ãâ¦ÃéÝ> ¶uA>ºï^ åç¦ØÃuŪ . Ö[®, ¶¼åï Ûª ºï^ ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤ ümçk \®>oÝmÂØïVõ½òÂþ[Ū ì. gª V_, ¶m ¼>kÐç¦B Ö«Vë÷BÝç> ¨Ës>Ý ]KD ÃV]©Ã]_çé. °Øª M_, Ûª ºï^ ïìÝ>ç« s·kVEÝ>VKD, s·kVEÂïs_çéØB[ÅVKD ¶kì >\m þöçBïçe \M>ìï^ å|s_ ØÄFm ØïVõ¼¦lòÂþÅVì. ¶kç« s·kVEÂþÅkìï^ ÃVÂþBkV[ï^. ¼BVkVM[ æ¦ìï^ >Vºï^ ¼ïâ¦ç>¥D ïõ¦ç>¥D c^eÝ]_ Ã]Ým ØïVõ|, ¶Ës¦D sâ|©AÅ©Ã⦪ ì.


gõ¦kì Ö¼B·çk z¤Ým Ö¦Åéç¦ BV>kìï^ ÃVÂþBkV[ï^ ¼BVkVM[ æ¦ìï^ gõ¦kì Ö¼B·çksâ|© AÅ©Ãâ|ß ØÄ_k>uzx[, Äïés> >Vµç\ ¼BV|D ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤ümçk °u®Â ØïVõ|, ¶kö¦Ý]_ Ö¦Åéç¦BV>kìï^ ÃVÂþBkV[ï^ ¨[þÅ ÄÝ]BÝç> ¶kì ¶kì ïÓÂz ¨|Ýmç«Ý>Vì. ¼>kÐç¦B ·s¼ÄrD ¨©ÃÂïxD ¸«ÄºþÂï© Ã|kç> ïVõþSìï^. Eéì \VÝ]«¼\ Äïés> >Vµç\¼BV|D cõç\¼BV|D ¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç>çB °u®ÂØïV^Óþ[Ū ì. gõ¦k «VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm¼k ka¥D, ÄÝ]BxD, ýkÐ\VlÂþÅVì ¨[þÅ ÄÝ]BÝç> z¤Ým ¶¼åïì Ö¦Åéç¦þ[Ū ì.

cºïÓç¦B s·kVÄD ¨©Ã½©Ãâ¦m? 21D ±uÅVõ½_ kVµÍmØïVõ½òÂþÅ cºï¹¦D Ö[®, ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm ¼ïâÃm ¨[ª ØkM_, Àºï^ ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤ümçk¥D ¶kòç¦B kVìÝç>çB¥D ¨Í> ¶e¡Âz s·kVEÂþSìï^? Ö©¯tl_ ¶kòÂzß ØÄVÍ>\Vª kìïeVF, ¶kòç¦B ÄVâEïeVF Àºï^ ¨Ës>Ý]_ kV¿þ[Sìï^? ïìÝ>«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤üm >Dxç¦B kVìÝç>l[ý¼B, å\m ÃVkºïÓÂïVï \öÝm, ¶¦ÂïD Ãõð© Ãâ|, J[ÅVDåV¹_ \öݼ>VöoòÍm cl¼«V| ¨¿D¸ª Vì ¨[Ãç> s·kVEÂþÅkìï^ E鼫. ¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç>l_ WçéÝ]òÂþÅkìï^, \ Ý ] B g ï V B Ý ] _ ¶ k ç «ß Ä Í ]  z D à ½ gBÝ>\VF ïVÝ]òÂþ[Ū ì. Ö[® Àºï^ gBÝ>\V? ïìÝ>ì cºïçe gæìk]©ÃVì.

ØÄËkVFÂþwç\ z|DÃÖ¦gæìkV> nÂþBD D:

ØÄËkVFÂþwç\¼>V®D üþâ¼\Vì ÇV_ ÃVéì ï_s WçéBD \Vçé 7 \èx>_ 9 \èkç« ¶M>V Ø\âöÂz¼é­[ Ã^¹ keVïD, ¼>kØÄF]:

öÝ>ì¦[ ÄVçé, ¼k©¼Ãö,ØÄ[çª-7.

Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì

sBV]Bü>ì \u®D ¼>çk¥^¼eVòÂïVï >MØÛÃD °ØÅ|Âï©Ã|D

¶[ÃVª ""½«DÃâ gà©Ø«üئV¼«­['' kVÄïìïÓÂz, cºïem gõ|ß ÄÍ>VkVª Ô.100/- nß ØÄKÝ], cºï^ ØÃBç«©Am©¸ÝmÂØïV^Óºï^. cºïÓç¦B åõÃìï^, \u®D cÅsªìïÓÂz ÖÍ>©AÝ>ïÝç> ¶¤xï©Ã|Ýmºï^. cºïÓç¦B xïköÂz Î[®ÂzD ¼\uÃâ¦AÝ>ïºï^ kòØ\M_, >B¡ØÄFm å\m ¶KkéïÝ]uzÝ Ø>öB©Ã|Ýmºï^. Ø>Vçé¼ÃE ¨õï^ 044-26402222, 26403333, 26472645

¶ÂþMü>DÃD s|>çé, ¶uA>ºï¹[ \V>VÍ]«Ö«¡ØÛÃD

åV^: ¸«] \V>D ïç¦E Øk^¹Âþwç\


üþâ¼\Vì ÇV_

ÖD\V> Ö«¡ ØÛÃD åç¦ØîD åV^: ÃVéì ï_s WçéBD ¶M>V Ø\âöÂz¼é­[ Ã^¹ keVïD, 29 h[ 2018 Ö«¡ 10 \èx>_ 2 \èkç« öÝ>ì¦[ ÄVçé, ¼k©¼Ãö, ØÄ[çª-7.

Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì sBV]Bü>ì \u®D ¼>çk¥^¼eVòÂïVï ¼>kØÄF]:


ØÛÃD x½Í>¸Åz T|ïÓÂzß ØÄ_é z¤©¸â¦ Ö¦ºïÓÂz ¼k[ kÄ] ØÄFB©Ãâ|^em.


E®kìïÓÂïVï... ÙÂïV 10:25-27

WBVBÄVü]ö Îòk[ Ö¼B·s¦D kÍm, WÝ]Býkçªß ·>Í>öÂï ØÄFB¼kõ½Bm ¨[ª ¨[® sªsªV[.

Ö¼B· ¶kM¦D, “À¥D ¶©Ã½¼B ØÄF, ¶©ØÃV¿m ¸çw©ÃVF” ¨[ÅVì. c¦¼ª ¶k[, “¨ªÂz© ¸Å[ BVì?” ¨[ÅV[.

å_é Ä\VöBçªÂz¤Ý> ckç\

Ö¼B· ¶kM¦D, “WBVB© ¶k[, “¼>kM¦Ý]_ x¿\ªm¦[ ¸«\VðÝ]_ ¨¿]lòÂþÅm ¶[Aí«¼kõ|D, c[M¦Ý]_ ¨[ª? À kVEÝ]òÂþÅm ¨[ª?” ¶[Aíòkm¼ÃVé© ¸ÅM¦Ý]KD ¶[Aí«¼kõ|D” ¨[ÅV[. ¨[ÅVì.

Ö¼B· ¶kM¦D, “Îò \M>[ ¨òļétoòÍm ¨ö¼ïV¡Âz© ¸«BVð\VF© ¼ÃVªV[.”

“kal_ ¶k[ ]ò¦ìï^ çïl_

¶ï©Ãâ¦V[. ¶kìï^ ¶k[ kü]«ºïçe cöÍm, ¶kçªÂ zu®l«VF sâ|ß ØÄ[Ūì.”

“>uØÄBéVF ¶Í> ka¼B kÍ> Îò “¶Í>©Ã½¼B Îò ¼ésBÐD ¶Í> ¸[A, ¶ËkaBVF kÍ> Ä\VöB[

gÄVöB[, ¶kçªÂ ïõ|, ÃÂïkaBVF séþ© ¼ÃVªV[.”

Ö¦ÝmÂz kÍm, ¶kçªÂ ïõ|, Îòk[ ¶kçªÂ ïõ|, \ªmòþ, ¨õØð¥D ]«VâÄ«ÄxD kVìÝm, ÃÂï\VF séþ©¼ÃVªV[.” ¶k[ ïVBºïçe ï⽪V[.

Ö¼B· WBVBÄVü]öl¦D, “¶Í> ¸[A ¶kçªÝ >ªm ï¿ç>l[ \M>ÐÂz© ¸Å[ BVì?” ¨[® ¼ïâï, ¼\_ °u¤, ÄÝ]«ÝmÂzß ØïVõ| ïVBDÃ⦠¶Í> \M>窩 ¶k[ “¶kÐÂz Ö«ÂïD ØÄ[®, ëV\öÝ>V[. ¶k[ ëV\öÂzDý í¤ªV[.” ” ¨[ÅV[. “À¥D ¼ÃVF ïVõ¸Ý>k[ ÄÝ]«ÂïV«M¦D Ö«õ| ¶©Ã½¼B ØÄF” ¨[® Ö¼B· ÃðÝç>ÂØïV|Ý>V[. TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / JUNE 2018 / PAGE 21 í¤ªVì.

¼ÃVmØ\[Å \ªm¦[ Öòºï^ “ “ ... cºïÓÂz ÖòÂþÅçkï^ ¼ÃVmØ\[® ¨õbºï^;...” (¨¸Ø«Bì 13:5). o¼BVª Vì|D oºïÐD EÅÍ> åõÃìïeVlòÍ >ª ì. Î[ÅVD kz©¸oòÍm Î[ÅVï© Ã½ÝmkÍ> ¶kìï^ ï_Ùö Î[¤_ Ö«õ¦V\Võ| Ãl[® kÍ>ª ì. E®kB]oòͼ> ¶kìï^ Î[ÅVF keìÍm kÍmD, ¶kìï^ Öòkòç¦B z|DúïÓD ÃðD Ã ç ¦Ý > k ì ï e V l ò Í > ¼ à V m D , o º ï M [ ¼ \ _ o¼BVª Vì| Îòs>© ØÃVÅVç\¼BV¼¦ ÖòÍm kÍ>V[. °Øª M_, oºïM[ >ï©Ãª Vì Îò ï©Ão_ \VKtBVï ÖòÍ>ýBV_ ¶kÐÂz Øk¹åV| ï¹oòÍm EÅÍ> Ãö·©ØÃVòâïçe ØïVõ| kòkmõ|. Eé¼kçeï¹_ oºï[ >ª Âz þç¦Ý> Ãö·©ØÃVòâïçe >ª m åõÃìïÓÂz ØïV|© Ãmõ|. gª VKD, o¼BVª Vì| >ª m åõê VþB oºïM[ Tâ½K^e ØÄ_kÝç>¥D ¶k[ Tâ½K^e Øk¹åVâ|© ØÃVòâïçe¥D ÃVìÝm ¶k[¼\_ ØÃVÅVç\©Ãâ¦V[. o¼BVª Vì| °çwBVlòÍ> ýBV_ ¶kÐÂz© ØÃVÅVç\ cõ¦Vïs_çé. ¶kÐç¦B >ï©Ãª Vì °«Ve\Vª WéºïÓD, ¶¼åï T|ïçe¥xç¦B tï©ØÃöB WéÂþwV«VlòÍ>Vì. gª VKD o¼BVª Vì½[ c^eD Øk¹åVâ|© ØÃVòâïÓÂïVï °ºþª m. ÎòåV^ ¶kìï¹òkòD ï_ÙöÂzß ØÄ[® ØïVõ½òÍ>ØÃV¿m, oºï[ >ª m \èÃìçÄÝ ]ÅÍm, >ª m >ï©Ãª Vì >ª ÂzÂØïV|Ý> Øk¹åVâ| ÔÃVFïçe o¼BVª V콦D ïVõ¸Ý>V[. >ª m åõÃ[ ¶kuçÅ© ÃVìÂzDØÃV¿m \þµßEBç¦kV[ ¨[® oºï[ Wçª Ý>V[. gª V_, ¶kuçÅ ïõ¦¡¦[ o¼BVª Vì½[ xïD \V¤Bm. Äu® ¼å«º ïaÝm, o¼BV[ ¨[ÐD \Vðk[ oºïM¦D, ¶kª m \èÃìçÄ ïõ¦¡¦[ o¼BVª Vì½[ xïD \V¤Bç> z¤Ým í¤sâ|, ¼å«Vï o¼BVª V콦D ØÄ[® ¶k[ ¶Í> \èÃìçÄ sòDAþÅVª V ¨[®D ¼ïâ¦V[. ¶>uz ¶k[, “gD” ¨[Ãm¼ÃV_ >çé BV⽪ V[. o¼BV[ å_ékª _é. ¨ª ¼k, oºï[ ïV_ÃÍm sçeBV¦ß ØÄ_KDØÃV¿m ¶kÐç¦B \èÃìçÄÝ ]ò|Dý o¼BVª V콦D g¼éVÄçª Â í¤ª V[. ]ò|D g¼éVÄçª çB o¼BVª Vì| sòDÃVs½ÐD, ¶kÐÂz^¹òÍ> gçÄ ¶kª m \ª ÄVâEçB ¼\uØïVõ¦m. \uÅkìïÓÂzöBç> ÖßEÂïV\_, ¼ÃVmØ\[þÅ \ª m¦¼ª kVw¼kõ|D ¨[® ¼>k gsBVª kì ¶kM¦Ý]_ cðìÝ]B ¼ÃVmD ¶k[ ¶>uz ÿµ©Ã½BV\_, ÄVÝ>VÐç¦B g¼éVÄçª Âzß ØÄsØïV|Ý>V[. ¶[® \Vçél_ oºï[ ïV_ÃÍm sçeBV¦ß ØÄ[ÅØÃV¿m, ¶kÐç¦B \èÃìçÄ o¼BVª Vì| ]ò½, >ª m

çÃÂz^ \çÅÝm çkÝmÂØïVõ¦V[. oºï[ sçeBV½ x½ÝmÝ ]òD¸BmD, >ª m ÃìçÄÝ ¼>½ª V[. gª V_ ¶m ¶kÐÂz þç¦Âïs_çé. >ª m åõÃìï¹òkö¦xD ¶mz¤Ým ¼ïâ¦ØÃV¿m, ¶kìï^ >ºïÓÂz Î[®¼\ Ø>öBV>m¼ÃV_ å½Ým, ¶k¼ª V|í¦¼ÄìÍm ¶>çª Ý ¼>|km¼ÃV_ ÃVÄVºz ØÄF>ª ì. oºïM[ xïÝ]_ ¼>V[¤B ¼ÄVïÝç>¥D ¶kìï^ ïVðÝ>kÅs_çé. ¶kìï^ Tâ½uzÝ ]òD¸ÂØïVõ½òÂçïl_, ¶>uz ¶|Ý>åV^ o¼BVª Vì½[ ¸ÅÍ>åVeVlòÍ>ýBV_ ¶kÐÂz oºï[ ¸ÅÍ>åV^ kVµÝmÂïçeÝ Ø>ösÝ>V[. ¶ç>¼ï⦠o¼BVª Vì|Âz >ª m ¶òç\ åõÃÐÂz ¨[ª ØÄV_KkØ>[¼Å Ø>öBs_çé. ¶[¤«¡, o¼BVª Vì|Âz ¶k[ ØÄF> yç\çB Wçª Ým cźï¼k x½Bs_çé. \®åV^ ¶kª m ¸ÅÍ>åVçe ØïVõ¦V¦¡D x½Bs_çé. ¼ÄVïD óµÍ> ¶kª m xïÝç> ïõbuÅ ¶kÐç¦B ØÃu¼ÅVì å¦Í>ç> sÄVöÝ>ØÃV¿m, ¶kª V_ å¦Í> ç> íÅV\_ ÖòÂïx½Bs_çé. o¼BVª Vì½[ >Íç>, ¨¸Ø«Bì 13:5 Ö_ íÅ©Ãâ|^e kĪ Ýç>ß ·â½ÂïVâ½, ¼ÃVmØ\[þÅ \ª m¦[ kVw¼kõ½B][ ¶kEBÝç>¥D, céï© ØÃVòâïçe ÖßEÂïÂí¦V Ø>[Ãç>¥D seÂþ, ¶Í> \èÃìçÄ ¶kÐç¦B åõÃM¦¼\ ]ò©¸Â ØïV|Ýmsâ|, ¶kM¦D \[M©A ¼ïâzDý í¤ª Vì. o¼BVª Vì| >ª m åõê Vª oºïM[ Tâ|Âz {¼¦V½ß ØÄ[®, xÍç>B ]ª D å¦Í>kuçÅ í¤, ¶Í> \èÃìçÄ ¶kM¦¼\ ]ò©¸ÂØïV|Ýmsâ|, >[çª \[MÂzDý¥D í¤ª V[. ¶©ØÃV¿m oºï[ ¶kçª Â ï⽩¸½ÝmÂØïVõ|, ¶kÐç¦B ¸ÅÍ>åV^ ÃöÄVï ØïV|ÂzDýBVï¼k >V[ ¶Í> \èÃìçÄ çkÝ]òÍ>>VïÂ í¤ª V[. ¶ç> ¼ï⦡¦[, o¼BVª Vì| ¶]ìßE¥D Økâïx\ç¦Í >V[. oºï[ ¶Í> \èÃìçÄ o¼BVª V콦D ]ò©¸Â ØïV|Ýmsâ|, ¼ÃVmØ\[þÅ \ª m¦¼ª kVw¼kõ|D ¨[® ¶kÐç¦B >Íç> í¤B ¶¼> ïVöBºïçeÝ ]òDáD í¤ª V[. ¶[ÃVª kVoé ¸^çeï¼e, cºï^ kVµÂçï lKºí¦, ¼>k[ cºïÓÂz ØïV|Ým^eku¤_ ]ò©]¼BV½òÂï \ÅkV]òºï^. ¼ÃVmØ\[þÅ \ª m cºïÓÂþ«Vsâ¦V_, ØÃV_éVºïVª ç>ß ØÄF¥Dý ÖßçÄ cºïçeÝ #õ|D. ¶]MtÝ>D Àºï^ ØÄF¥D ïVöBºï^ Ö®]l_ cºïÓÂz ¶k© ØÃBç«Â ØïVõ|kÍms|D. ¨ª ¼k, \uÅkìïÓç¦B Ø Ã V ò â ï ç e Ö ß E ©Ã ] _ ç é ¨[ ® Ö [ ¼ Å yì\VM¥ºï^. ¼>k[ >V¼\ cºïçe gæìk]©ÃVì.€


Îò >Vl[ ØÛúï^

“”¼Äçª ï¹[ ïìÝ>V¼k, ..., c\m ¶½BV ÓÂz Îò gõ ¸^çeçB ØïV|Ý>V_, ¶k[ cl¼«V½òÂzD Äïé åVÓD åV[ ¶kçª Â ïìÝ> òÂz ΩAÂØïV|©¼Ã[; ¶k[ >çél[¼\_ Äk«ï[ ïÝ] Ã|k]_çé ¨[® Îò ØÃVòÝ>çª Ãõèª V^” (1 ÄVx¼k_ 1:11). tï¡D ¸«EÝ]ØÃuÅ ¼>k »aBì Îòkì >ª m >VF °ØÅ|Ý> ØÛúïçe© Ãu¤Â z¤©¸â¦Vì. ¶kòç¦B »aBD tï¡D EÅ©ÃVï åç¦ØÃu®Â ØïVõ½òÍ> åVâï¹_, ï½>ºï^ Î[ÅVï ¼ÄìÝm ï⦩Ãâ½òÂþÅ Îò ïâç¦Â ïõ¦Vì. ¶çk tï¡D ÃçwBª kVlòÍ>ª . ¶çkï^ \öÝm©¼ÃVª ¶kòç¦B >VBVì ¶¼åï gõ|ïÓÂz x[ÃVï ¶kòÂz ¨¿>©Ã⦠ï½>ºïeVlòÍ>ª . ¶kì {ö¦Ý]_ ¶\ìÍm, >V[ E®kª VlòÍ>¼ÃVm >ª m >VBVì ØïVõ½òÍ> gçÄïçeØB_éVD ýÂïÝ mkºþª Vì. ¶kòÂz^ ïõ§ ì >mDÃÝ mkºþBm. >ª m >VBVö[ gçÄïÓD ØÛúïÓ¼\, >[ª V_ ÖËke¡ Ãö·Ý>\Vï, Ãé[ >òD »aBÝç>ß ØÄFBx½þÅm ¨[Ãç> ¶kì AöÍm ØïVõ¦Vì. ¶Í> >VBVì °ØÅ|Ý> ØÛúï¼e ÖÝ>çª gõ|ïeVï >ª Âz gæìkV>\Vï© ¸[Ø>V¦ìþÅm ¨[Ãç> ïõ|ØïVõ¦Vì. ¶kòç¦B >VBVì >ª m ØÛúï¹_ ¨ËkekVï >ª m \ïçª Ý >Vºþª Vì ¨[Ãç>Ý Ø>öÍm ØïVõ¦Vì. Öç¦s¦V\KD, ¼ÄVìÍm¼ÃVïV\KD >ª m >VBVì °ØÅ|Ý> ØÛúïçe ¨õè, gª Í>D ØïVõ¦Vì. \â|\[¤, >ª m \ïçª Â ï«ºï¹_ °Í]ª k«Vï, ¶kçª ¼>k[ Îò »aBÂïV«ª Vï \Vu®Dý ï>¤ ØÛ¸Ý>ç>¥D ¶¤ÍmØïVõ¦Vì. >ª m \ï[ Ãö·Ý>x^ekª Vï ¼>kÐÂz »aBÞØÄFB¼kõ|Ø\[þÅ kVÞçÄ¥D gçÄ¥D ¶Í>Ý >VBVòÂz^ Öç¦s¦V\_ ïVð©Ãâ¦m. >ª m >VBVì °ØÅ|Ý> ØÛúï¹[ Ãéçª ¥D å[ç\çB¥D >ª m


»aBÝ]_ >V[ ïõ|kòk>Vï ¶Í> »aBì z¤©¸â¦Vì. >ª m >VBVì ØÛÃÝ]_ sç>Ý>çk ï¹[ Ãéçª >V[ ¶®kç¦ ØÄFk>Vï¡D ¶kì \þµßE¥¦[ í¤ª Vì. Îò >VBVì °ØÅ|Ý> »Âï\Vª ØÛúïÓÂz c>V«ð\Vï ¼kØÅVò ÄDÃkxD cõ|. x>_ cé塚ÃVö[¼ÃVm, ÖekBm^e T«[ Îòk[ ïVB©Ãâ½òÍ> Wçél_, >ª Âz ¶òþ_ kÍ> Ö«VbkÝ]oòÍ> ¼ÃV>ïö¦D, >ª Âz Îò c>s ØÄF¥Dý ¼ïâ|ÂØïVõ¦V[. ¶k[ ¼ï⦠c>s çBß ØÄFk>Vï ¶Í>© ¼ÃV>ïì í¤B¼ÃVm, ¶k[ >ª m s«ooòÍ> ¼\V]«Ýç> ïwu¤ ¶kö¦D ØïV|Ým, Ø\_oB z«o_, “¨[ >VBVì ÖÍ> ¼\V]«Ýç> ¨[M¦Ý]_ ØïV|Ým, ¨©¼ÃVØ>_éVD ÖÍ> ¼\V]«Ýç> À ÃVìÂþÅV¼BV, ¶©¼ÃVØ>_éVD åV[ cª ÂïVï »Âï\Vï ØÛ¸ÝmÂØïVõ½ò þ¼Å[ ¨[Ãç> Wçª Ým ØïV^” ¨[® í¤ ª Vìï^. \â|\[¤, ¶Í> ØÛÃD c[çª © ØÃé© Ã|Ý], ¼ïVðéVª çkïçeß ØÄËçkBVÂzD ¨[® í¤ª Vìï^. ÖÍ> ¼\V]«Ýç> ïVbD ¼ÃVØ>_éVD ¶m ¨[çª ¶ËkekVF©ØÃé©Ã|Ý ]ª m” ¨[®D í¤ª V[. ÃçwB ï½>ºï¹[ ïâ|D, sçé¼BÅ©ØÃuÅ ¼\V]«xD Îò >VF >ª m ¸^çeÂïVï °ØÅ|Ý> »Âï\Vª ØÛúï¹[ ¶ç¦BVe\Vï ïVð© Ã|þ[Ū . ¶[ÃVª ļïV>öï¼e, Öçkï^ >ª m ¸^çeïÓÂïVï ]Å©¸[kVÄo_ W[®, »ÂïÝ m¦[ ¼ÃV«V½ ØÛ¸Ý> >VBVìïçe© Ãu¤B ¶uA> \Vª c>V«ðºï^ ¶[¼ÅV? ¨Ý>çª Ä¼ïV>öï^ >ºïem ¸^çeïÓÂïVï ÎËØkVò åVÓD »ÂïÝm¦[ ØÛ¸Âþ[Ū ì? Öç¦s¦V\_, »ÂïÝ m¦[ ØÛ¸ÂzD ØÛÃÝ][ k_éç\çB ¶¤Ím ØïV^ÓDý ïìÝ>ì >V¼\ å\Âz ¸«ïVÄx^e \ª ÂïõïçeÝ >Í>òÓkV«Vï (BV¼ïVA 5:6). ïìÝ>ì cºïçe gæìk]©ÃVì.


¼k>ÃV¦D \u®D s|>çél[ íâ¦D Øk^¹Âþwç\¼>V®D (ïç¦E Øk^¹ >s«)

¼å«D:\Vçé 7 x>_ 9 \èkç« sBV]Bü>ì \u®D ¼>çk¥^¼eVòÂïVï >MØÛÃD °ØÅ|Âï©Ã|D.


ÄV«V ¼\ªì

4/N2, 3km

\V½, Prof.·©¸«\èBD Ø>ò ÿµ©ÃVÂïD, ØÄ[çªd600 010. ~ïV ]¼Bâ¦ì ¸[AÅD, ç«â \òÝmk\çª ¶òþ_


Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J.


ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì


“Ö¼B· ¼>kÐç¦B z\V«ªVþB þ¤üm ¨[® Àºï^ s·kVEÂzDýBVï¡D,

s·kVEÝm ¶kòç¦B åV\Ý]ªV¼é WÝ]Býkçª ¶ç¦¥DýBVï¡D, Öçkï^ ¨¿>©Ãâ½òÂþÅm” (¼BVkV[ 20:31). “¶kì >\m kĪ Ýç> ¶Ð©¸ ¶kìïçe zð\VÂþ...”

Ö«¡ØÛÃÝ]_ Øk¹©Ã⦠¼>k kVìÝç> Wçżk¤Bm

(ĺÿ>D 107:20)

¨[ ØÃBì ÃVìk]. ¨[Ðç¦B 19km kB]_ ¨[ ïì©Ã©çÃl_ àçé«Vlâ ïâ½ï^ Öò©Ãm ïõ|¸½Âï©Ãâ¦m. \òÝmkö¦D g¼éVÄçª ØÃu®, ¶Í> ïâ½ï^ \çÅk>uz \òÍmï^ câØïVõ¼¦[. gª V_, kò¦ºï^ còõ¼¦V½ª . g® kò¦ºïeVï ÖÍ> Wçé À½Ý>m. ¶>[ ÃÂïsçekVï Øk^çeÃ|>_ câæ Ã_¼k® ¸«ßEçª ï^ cõ¦Vlª . Ö]MtÝ>D ¨ª ÂzÝ ]ò\ð\Vï J[® gõ|ïeVï zwÍç>l_éV\oòÍ>m. \òÝmkö¦D ØÄ[® g¼éVEÝ>¼ÃVm, åV[ zwÍç>ØÃÅ kVF©¼Ãl_çé ¨[® í¤sâ¦Vìï^. åV[ tï¡D ïkçé ¥u¼Å[. ¶Ë¼kçel_ Îò ļïV>ö ¨[M¦Ý]_ ¶ÂþMü>DÃD Ö«¡ ØÛÃÝç> z¤ÝmÂ í¤ª Vìï^. 2017D gõ|, Ûª kö \V>Ý]_ åV[ Ö«¡ØÛÃÝ]_ úzØÃu¼Å[. ¶[® ïìÝ>ì ØïV|Ý> kVÂzÝ>Ý>D, ¨[ ÄÍ>]çB kVª Ým åâÄ]«ºïçe©¼ÃVé© ØÃòï©ÃõbkVì ¨[Ã>VzD. ¶Í> Ö«¡ØÛÃÝ]_ ļïV>«ì ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì ¶kìï^ Jé\Vï ïìÝ>ì ØïV|Ý> kVÂzÝ>Ý>Ýç> s·kVEÝm T| ]òD¸¼ª [. ¶Í> kVÂzÝ>Ý>Ýç> ¶½Âï½ ¶¤Âçïlâ|ß ØÄVÍ>D ÃV«Vâ½¼ª [. 2017D gõ| ØÄ©¦DÃì \V>D åV[ ïòÝ>öÝ>m¼ÃV[® cðìÍ>>V_, \òÝmkö¦D Ãö¼ÄV>çª Âzß ØÄ[¼Å[. ü¼ï[ ö©¼ÃVìâ禩ÃVìÝ> \òÝmkì, åV[ ïòÝ>öÂïs_çé ¨[®D, ¶m E®ÀìÝ Ø>Vu® ¨[®D í¤sâ¦Vì. åV[ ¼k® \òÝmkö¦D ØÄ[® ÃVìÝ>¼ÃVm, ¶kòD ¶>çª ¼B í¤ª Vì. gª V_, ¶kìï^ í¤B kVìÝç>l_ ]ò©]Bç¦BV> åV[, ïìÝ>ì ¨[çª gæìk]Ý>Vì ¨[® s·kVEÝm, J[ÅVkm xçÅBVï ¼kØÅVò \òÝmkö¦D ØÄ[® ïVõ¸Ý>¼ÃVm, åV[ ïì©Ãxu¤ò©Ã>VïÂ í¤ª Vì. Ö©ØÃV¿m åV[ 9 \V> ï쩸èBVï ÖòÂþ¼Å[. Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì ¶kìï^Jé\Vï ïìÝ>ì í¤B kVìÝç>ï^ Wçżk¤BýBV_, ¼>kçª ü¼>VÝ]öÂþ¼Å[. ļïV>ö. ÃVìk], ØÄ[çª

¶[ÃVª kVÄïìï¼e, ¼>kÐç¦B Ö«Vë÷BÝmÂØï[® gÝm\VÂïçe g>VB©Ã|ÝmD Ãèl_ mö>\VFß ØÄB_Ã|D ¨[ ¶Ð]ª ØÃé[ »aBºïÓÂïVï cºïÓç¦B ïVèÂçïï^, \u®D å[ØïVç¦ïçe, ¼å«½BVï kºþ ïðÂþ_ ØÄKÝ>éVD. kºþ ïðÂz sk«D: MY DAILY STRENGTH MINISTRIES Indian Overseas Bank, Purasawalkam Branch S.B. A/c No. 007501000123456 IFSC: IOBA0000075

¨[ ¶Ð]ª ØÃé[ »aBºï^ ¦V¦ì ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ© Wçª ¡ ØÛÃç\BD, Ø>VçéÂïVâE »aBºï^, \u®D kwÂïD¼ÃV_ åç¦ØÃu®kòD å\m í⦺ï^ ¼ÃV[Å Ã_¼åVÂz »aBºïçe å¦Ý]kòD ¨[ ¶Ð]ª ØÃé[ »aBºïçe \V>ͼ>V®D Ô.1,400/- ØïV|ÝmÝ >VºzD 300 úïVeìï^ ¼>çk. ÀºïÓD Ö]_ úzØÃÅéV¼\! ¼\KD sk«ºïÓÂz: 044d26402222, 26403333, 26472645 TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / JUNE 2018 / PAGE 24

±uÅVõ½[ yìÂï>öE

\çÅÍ> Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ©¶kìï¹[ kVµÂçï Äöç>

Ø>V¦ìßE (Ãz]-81)

1982D gõ|, x>[x>o_ åìÄü ¶¼ÄVE¼Br[ ÇVo_ Ä\V>Vª © ØÃòswV å¦Ý>©Ã⦼ÃVm, ¶¼åï ÖeD kVoÃìï^ ¶ºþòÍ>ª ì. ļïV>«ì ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ©¶kìï¹[ >öĪ ݼ>V½çðÍm, ¶kìï^ tï¡D cuÄVï\VFß ØÄB_Ãâ|ÂØïVõ½òÍ>ª ì. ¶Í> gõ| gïüâ \V>D, 7 x>_ 9D ¼>]kç« åç¦ØÃuÅ ¶Í>© ØÃòswVsuz °ÅÝ>Vw Îò \V>Ý]uz x[ÃVï¼k, ØÄ[çª loòÍm Øĺï_Ãâ| kç« Ø>òÂï¹_ ·kØ«Vâ½ïÓD, ¼Ãª ìïÓD çk©Ã]_ ÖÍ> kVoÃìï^ x¿JßÄVF ¼kçéØÄFm ØïVõ½òÍ>ª ì. ¶kìï^ å|s_ Îò 5 ¶½ 9 ¶ºzé cB«D ØïVõ¦ Îò z¤©¸â¦ kVoÃ[ ÖòÍ>V[. ¶k[ ¼ï«eVsoòÍm kÍm, ØÄ[çª l_ Ã⦩ý©A Ãl[Åk[. ¶k[ yç\BVª ïVöBºïÓÂz, z¤©ÃVï ¼ÃVç>©ÃwÂïD, \u®D ØÃõï^ Ø>V¦ìA ¼ÃV[Å ÃwÂïºïÓÂz ¶½ç\©Ãâ½òÍ>V[. ¶¼åï åVâï^ Ö«¡¼kçeï¹_ ļïV>«ì ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ© ¶kìï^ ¶Í> kVoÃÐÂz ØÛÃݼ>V|, g¼éVÄçª ïçe kwºþkÍ>Vì. kVoé ¸^çeïÓÂz g¼éVÄçª kwºþ, ¶kìïÓç¦B s|>çé ïVï ØÛ¸Âï¼kõ½lòÍ>¼ÃVm ļïV>«ì ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ© ¶kìï^ ØÃVmkVï cÃkVÄtò©Ãmõ|. tzÍ> cÃkVÄD, \u®D ¶¼åï åVâï^ ØÛÃÝ]uz© ¸[ª ì, ļïV>«ì ÛV[ ¼ÛVÄ© ¶kì﹦D ¼ï^s¼\_ ¼ï^sï^ ¼ïâ|ÂØïVõ½òÍ> ¶Í> kVoÃ[ ¶uA>s>\Vï xu¤KD s|>çéBVÂï©Ãâ¦V[. >ºïÓç¦B \ï[ kVµÂçïl_ cõ¦Vª Ãö¯«ð \VuÅÝç> ïõ¦ ¶kÐç¦B ØÃu¼ÅVì tzÍ> gßÄöB\ç¦Í>ª ì. ¶kÐç¦B cÅsª ìïÓD tzÍ> gßÄöB\ç¦Ím, ¶kçª Âz¤Ýmß ÄVâE íÅéVlª ì. °Øª M_, ¶k[ WßÄBD å«ïÝ]_ úïç¦kV[ ¨[® ÎËØkVòkòD Wçª ÝmÂØïVõ ½òÍ>ª ì. ¶k¼ª \ª D \V¤sâ¦Vت [ÅV_ WßÄB\Vï¼k Ö¼B· ýsÂþÅVì ¨[®D, ¶kÐÂïVï ØÛ¸Ý> ¼>k \M>[ Ø\FBVï¼k ¼>kÐç¦B »aBì>V[ ¨[®D ÄVâEBVïÂ í¤ª ì. ¶kÐç¦B åõÃìïÓD tzÍ> gßÄöB\ç¦Í>ª ì. °Øª M_, Ök[>V[ ¶kìï^ íâ¦Ý]uz >çékª VlòÍ>V[. ¶kÐç¦B åõÃìï¹_ ¶¼åïì gõ¦k«VþB Ö¼B· þ¤ümçkÝ >ºïem ØÄVÍ> Ö«âÄï«Vï °u®ÂØïVõ¦ª ì. Ö©ØÃV¿m ÖÍ> kVoÃ[ #«¼>ÄÝ]oòÂþÅVì. gõ¦kì Ö¼B· Ö[®D ýsÂþÅVì ¨[Å ¼>kÐç¦B kVìÝç>çBÝ ç>öB\VF©¸«ÄºþÝmkòþÅV[. (Ø>V¦òD)

¼\ïü>DÃD s|>çé \u®D ¶uA>ºï¹[ \V>VÍ]«cÃkVÄ ØÛÃD ¸«] \V>D Ö«õ¦Vkm ÄMÂþwç\ ÖÍ> \V>D åç¦ØîD åV^:

9 h[ 2018

ïVçé 10 x>_ \]BD 2.30 \èkç« sBV]Bü>ì \u®D ¼>çk¥^¼eVòÂïVï >MØÛÃD °ØÅ|Âï©Ã|D.

üþâ¼\Vì ÇV_ ÃVéì ï_s WçéBD

¶M>V Ø\âöÂz¼é­[ Ã^¹ keVïD, öÝ>ì¦[ ÄVçé, ¼k©¼Ãö, ØÄ[çª-7.


Ø«k. ¦V¦ì. J. ÄVx¼k_ ·>Vïì

z|DÃ\Vï© ÃºzØÃu®, ¼>k gæìkV>ºïçe© ØÃu®ÂØïV^Óºï^. ØÛÃD x½Í>¡¦[ \]B cð¡ kwºï©Ã|D. TRUMPET OF RESTORATION / JUNE 2018 / PAGE 25

\òÝmk\çªï¹_ ¨òļét_ ¶Ø\öÂïÝ #>«ïÝmÂz c^¼e¼B \òÍm ïç¦: ¨]ì©A: Öü¼«_ Ãç¦ï^ >VÂz>_ Wì©ÃÍ]Âï©Ã|D å¦Ý]B_ 41 ÃVéüyªìï^ Ão ¼åVBV¹ï^: \Ý]B, \VWé ¨òļét_ ¶Ø\öÂïÝ #>«ïD ]Å©Ã>uz ¶«·ïÓÂz cßÄÀ]\[ÅD ¶Ø\öÂïV x½¡ØÄFm, °uÃV|ïçeß ØÄF>m. ¼åVâÏü ¶>uzx[Ak競Ø\öÂïÝ #>«ïD ئ_ ¶sË \òÝmk\çª ïÓÂz^¼e¼B \òÍmÂïç¦ çkÝmÂØïVõ| ¼åVBV¹ïçe ¶º¼ï¼B \òÍm kVºþBVï¼kõ|D ¨[®D kuA®ÝmD Îò åç¦xçÅÃu¤ cßÄÀ]\[ÅÝ]_ Îò ØÃVmåé \Ð >VÂï_ ØÄFB©Ãâ|^em. Ö>[*>Vª sÄV«çðl_ cßÄÀ]\[ÅD \Ý]B, \VWé, RMB[ ¸«¼>Ä ¶«·ïÓÂz seÂïD ¼ïâ| ¼åVâÏü ¶Ð©¸¥^em.

Öͼ>V¼ªEBVs_ ¼>kVéBºïçe z¤çkÝm >VÂz>_: 11 ¼Ãì Ão Öͼ>V¼ª EBVs_ þ¤ü>k ¼>kVéBºïçe z¤çkÝm ys«kV]ï^ å¦Ý]B >VÂz>o_ 11 ¼Ãì ØïV_é©Ã⦪ ì. Ãéì Ã|ïVB\ç¦Í>ª ì. ÖÝ>VÂz>_ ÄDÃkÝmÂz n.¨ü. ys«kV> ¶ç\©A ØÃV®©¼Ãu®^em. x>o_, ·«ÃBVs_ c^e ÄV[¦V \öBV ¼«V\[ ïݼ>VoÂï ¼>kVéBÝ]_ >VÂz>_ å¦Ý>©Ãâ¦m. Ö]_ >uØïVçéÝ ys«kV] câæ 4 ¼Ãì ÃoBVþª ì. 41 ¼Ãì ïVB\ç¦Í>ª ì. Ökìï¹_ 2 ¼Ãì ¼ÃVÜü ïVkéìï^. ¶|Ý> >VÂz>_ ½©ØÃVت ¼«Vs_ c^e Îò ¼>kVéBÝ]KD, J[ÅVkm >VÂz>_ Îò ØÃÍØ>ØïVü¼> ¼>kVéBÝ]KD å¦Ý>©Ãâ|^em. ÄDÃkÝç> ¼åö_ ÃVìÝ> ¼ÃVÜü ¶]ïVö Îòkì, “¼\Vâ¦Vì çÄÂþ¹_ ØÃõ Îòkì kÍ>Vì. ¼>kVéB© Ãz]Âz^ ¶kì ØÄ_é xuÃâ¦Vì. ¶kç«Ý >|Ým W®Ý]¼ª VD. gª V_, ¶kì ¨]ì©Aïçe ï¦Ím ØÄ[ÅVì. ¶ºz kVïª Ýç> W®Ý]sâ| ØÃVm \Âï¹_ Îòkç«Â ï⽩ ¸½Ý>Vì. ¸[ª ì Øk½zõç¦ Øk½Âïß ØÄF>Vì. ¶Ëke¡>V[. ¨_éVD x½Ímsâ¦m” ¨[ÅVì. Öͼ>V¼ª EBVs_ ï¦Í> 2002D gõ| ÃVo y¡ï¹_ tï©ØÃöB ys«kV>Ý >VÂz>_ å¦Ý>©Ãâ¦m. ¶©¼ÃVm 202 ¼ à ì Ø ï V _ é ©Ã â ¦ª ì . ¶ > [ ¸ [ ª ì Öͼ>V¼ª EBVs_ ys« ïõïVè©A c^em. Öò©¸ÐD Ä*ÃïVé\Vï ¶ºz n.¨ü. >VÂz>_ï^ ¶]ïöÝm kòþÅm.

åïö_ ÖBºþ kÍ>m. ÖÍ> Wçéç\l_ Ö>uz ¨]ì©AÝ Ø>ösÝm Öü¼«_ ïVÄV ¨_çé©Ãz]l_ ·\Vì 35,000 ÃVéüyª ìï^ >ºï^ ¨]ì©çÃÝ Ø>ösÝm gì©ÃVâ¦D å¦Ý>Ý Ø>V¦ºþª ì. Öç>B|Ým Öü¼«_ ÃVmïV©A© Ãç¦lª ì ÃVéüyª ìïçe ¼åVÂþÝ m©ÃVÂþBV_ ·â|, ¼ÃV«Vâ¦Ýç> ïçéÂï xB[Ū ì. Ö]_ 41 ¼Ãì clöwÍ>ª ì. ·\Vì 1,900 ¼Ãì ïVBç¦Í>>Vï ÃVmïV©A© Ãç¦lª ì Ø>ösÝ>ª ì. ¼ÃV«Vâ¦D å¦Ý]Bkìï^ *m m©ÃVÂþß ó| \â|\_éV\_, ïõ§ ì AçïÂzõ|ï^ \u®D Øk½zõ| ïçe¥D ÃVmïV©A© Ãç¦lª ì TEª ì. x[ª >Vï þwÂz ¨òļéD åïö_ ¶Ø\öÂïÝ #>«ïD ¶Ø\öÂï ¶]Ãì ئVª V_â â«D¸[ \ïeV_ ]ÅÍm çkÂï©Ãâ¦m.

ys«\ç¦þÅm ~«V[dÖü¼«_ ¼\V>_ EöBVsK^e ~«V[ «Vbk Wçéï^ *m Öü¼«KD, Öü¼«_ «Vbk Wçéï^*m ~«VÐD \V¤ \V¤ >VÂz>_ å¦Ý]kòkm ¶Í>© ¸«VÍ]BÝ]_ Ã>uÅÝç> °uÃ|Ý]¥^em. EöBVs_ Öü¼«éV_ gÂþ«tÂï©Ã⦠Ãz]BVª ¼ïVé[ çÇâE_ Ãz]l_ ~«V[ >VÂz>_ å¦Ý]Bm. Ö>uz© Ã]é½ ¶¹ÂzD kçïl_ EöBVsK^e ~«V[ «Vbk Wçéï^*m >VÂz>_ å¦Ý>©Ã|D ¨[® Öü¼«_ í¤ lòÍ>m. ÖÍWçél_ ~«V[ Ãç¦ï^*mD ¶>[ Wçéï^ *mD 20 «VÂØïâ|ïçeß ØÄKÝ] Öü¼«_ >VÂz>_ å¦Ý]B>Vï >ïk_ Øk¹BVþ¥^em. Ö>çª Öü¼«_ c®]©Ã|Ý]¥^em. Ömz¤Ým Ö ü ¼ «_ ¸ «> \ ì Ø Ã [ Û t [ Ø å > [ B V z í®D¼ÃVm, “~«V[ ¶>[ ¨_çéïçe *¤sâ¦m. åVºï^ ¶>uz© Ã]é½ ¶¹Ý¼>VD. ¨ºïçe ïVB©Ã|Ý]Bkìïçe© Ãé\¦ºz åVºï^ ïVB©Ã|Ým¼kVD” ¨[® í¤¥^eVì. gª V_, ÖÍ>Ý >VÂz>_ z¤Ým ~«V[ >«©¸_ ¨Í>s> Ã]KD ¶¹Âï©Ã¦V\_ c^em. ¨MÐD Öü¼«_ å¦Ý]B ÖÍ>Ý >VÂz>o_ ØÃVm\Âï^ 15 ¼Ãì ÃoBVª >Vï¡D, ¶]_ 8 ¼Ãì ~«Vçª ß ¼ÄìÍ> kìï^ ¨[®D »¦ïºï^ ØÄF] Øk¹lâ|^eª . (] ÖÍm 15d05d2018)


Trumpet of Restoration - June 2018  
Trumpet of Restoration - June 2018